‘Whites Need Not Apply’ at D.C. Labor Board?

Hans A. von Spakovsky, Washington Examiner, June 3, 2013

Ondray Harris, the African-American executive director of the Public Employee Relations Board of the District of Columbia, stepped down last week.

His resignation letter provides a disturbing look at alleged discriminatory and partisan conduct by the members of the board tasked with overseeing labor issues and the D.C. government’s relations with public employees.

Harris claimed in his letter that two members of the board, Don Wasserman and Ann Hoffman, complained over his hiring of a white female, Erin Wilcox, because they perceived her “as being conservative or politically right-of-center.”

According to Harris, at a meeting on Nov. 8, 2012, Hoffman declared that “somebody with a resume like hers doesn’t belong here” and “should never work here.”

Harris said he was “rebuked” by Wasserman for hiring white male employees despite the fact that no challenge was ever made by the board members to their professional “qualifications, competency, or efficiency.”

In fact, Wasserman told Harris to “refrain from hiring white men” in the future to fill open attorney slots, according to Harris.

As a civil rights lawyer and the former Deputy Chief of Employment Litigation in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department, Harris vehemently opposed these “illegal, unconstitutional, and discriminatory comments and hiring demands,” telling the board that it was asking him “to hire in a discriminatory fashion based on race, gender, and political associations.”

He warned the board that he would resign rather than carry out such policies.


At another executive session of the board, Harris claimed, when he informed the board that he would be losing the services of Ms. Wilcox for several months because she was pregnant, Wasserman commented, “good, maybe we can get rid of her that way.”

When Harris hired another white male, board members were “hypercritical” of that new employee. And Harris said he was highly offended by other remarks made by Hoffman such as the claim that “the military is full of people belonging to white supremacist groups.”


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  • BonusGift

    In the fictional race between Orwell’s dystopian future where good is bad and bad is good, black is white and white is black, etc. etcetera vs. Huxley’s dystopian Brave New World of Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons the clear non-fiction winner seems to me to be Orwell. After all, Huxley had our cultural Marxist order of things reversed, as we now know that it isn’t the Alphas lording over the Betas who lord over the Gammas etc., but that it reversed (i.e., possibly with a few Alphas pulling the strings but allowing the natural order to be inverted) and the key drivers of society are destined to be phased out with DC, LA, Detroit, Chicago, Birmingham, etc. leading the way toward our Brave New World without YT.

    • anarchyst

      Thank you for your insightful treatise. I would like to add that your perception of Orwell is spot on. However, we have the internet which (at the present) allows us to disseminate our “message”, something that was not possible in Orwell’s novel. Orwell’s “telescreens” were one-way propaganda machines . . .

      • Bobby

        You couldn’t be more right and hit upon the salient point. Ever since the invention of the internet, it has been hoped by the inventers of this miracle, that it would lead to the total enlightenment of mankind,etc. It could, if people had the will to protect it’s freedom, also a wish that the fathers of the net expressed. However, having observed the general attitude of so many people in this country, it will all be for naught. It will have been another technological miracle usurped by and used to serve the elite only. I pray it won’t be so.

        • So CAL Snowman

          “It will have been another technological miracle usurped by and used to serve the elite only. I pray it won’t be so.”

          The internet already largely serves that purpose through CNN.com and the mind boggling amount of porn.

          • Bobby

            Very interesting take. I believe your’e on to something of the utmost importance. I really do. Congrats!! I was criticized on another topic by someone who felt I was being too harsh in judging my fellow Americans. But, aren’t we all to blame when we literally make things so easy for this evil elite?

          • World_War_Me

            Your assessment of your fellow Americans is not too harsh at all. To most people, Internets=Facebook/Pinterest.

            Although I fully support the cat memes and videos

      • roger

        so how long do you think we will continue to have the internet?

        • Romulus

          Another option of the elite,will be to have internet traffic heavily “moderated”

      • The__Bobster

        Wasn’t one of Winston’s thought crimes the reading of “forbidden” books?

        • StillModerated

          Yes, a book written by Emmanuel Goldstein.

          • BonusGift

            Yes, who was working for Big Brother.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I agree partially, but Huxley absolutely nailed the whole pharmaceutical/chemical control of humanity and how easily we could be manipulated by chasing endless pleasure over anything of substance or value.

    • Reverend Bacon

      I agree with you, anarchyst, and some others. But some of Huxley’s ideas survive: The drug “Soma” for the Betas et al may be internet porn; and the powers that be are creating epsilon minuses with “immigration reform” and many strong incentives for the lower IQ’s to breed.

      I haven’t read BNW in years, but I thought that the alphas were simply tools of the state? I don’t remember the heads of the state being alphas, just evil. Um, sort of like we have now.

      If it weren’t for the internet, we would all be like Winston Smith, completely smothered by Big Brother with our metaphorical teeth so impotent that, like Winston, we could pluck them out with our fingers.

      CNN, NBC, and the rest of the MSM that is the “Ministry of Truth” would have effective state control of the media. We’d never know anything other than what Big Brotha wanted us to know. To the extent that I have any optimism, like Bernard Marx or Winston Smith, it’s because the internet has kept alive the pockets of resistance, including this website.

  • Bobby

    So………this is what is happening in government positions across the board. European Americans by the millions don’t understand or believe this yet. Stupid is as stupid does, or in cases like this doesn’t do—-whites who care should beging dumping the GOP and get with a party that can challenge this stuff, this anti-white, democrat party treason.. Tha’s my opinion.

    • Johnny Clay

      This is the unwritten policy in some federal law enforcement agencies, according to a few friends I have in the community.

  • bubo

    This will get no press, besides here and a few other places online. The majority of whites will still believe that there is no such thing as discrimination against whites of any kind and even bringing up the subject is considered taboo.

    Sometimes it just feels as if there’s no hope things will change.

    • ms_anthro

      That’s how they want you to feel. Defeated, hopeless, ready to give up and lick your chains.

      They’re outgunned and outnumbered. All they have going for them is the fact that their intended victims are demoralized. So shake it off and start thinking. Use your brain. Get creative. Network. Don’t fully trust anyone you haven’t known for years, but stay ready to reach out to help your own kind. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. The Party will not tolerate dissent; there is no reasoning with the Wassermans and Hoffmans of the world. They want you dead. They want a world with no more beautiful White children. They will not stop until they are forced to stop.

      We will stop them. Historically, White Europeans have always stopped them. But we must be smart, prepared, and utterly ruthless when the time comes. And it will.

      Have faith, my brother. It starts with each one of us.

      • Romulus

        Strength and honor! when the conflict comes, I only hope im still in my fighting years.

  • Sloppo

    I suppose it’s a crazy coincidence that Hoffman and Wasserman are both common Ashkenazic Jew names because Jews are the ones who always stand strong against the evils of discrimination. I learned that by watching TV.

    • The__Bobster
    • HadEnough

      Beat me to it, Sloppo. The blacks are too dim to be a real threat. The Hoffmans and Wassermans are the serious enemy.

    • Steven Bannister

      No, it’s not a coincidence.

      I completely understand (and respect) the fact that Jared Taylor doesn’t want Amren to be a forum for bashing Jews. Nevertheless, this is a significant story.

      Here we have Ondray Harris, a civil rights attorney and a black executive officer of a major government hiring board who was “rebuked” by two Jewish females for not discriminating against white people, particularly conservative white people.

      Setting aside the fact that Harris is, no doubt, an Affirmative Action hire, he should be commended for his principled stand against anti-white discrimination: He stepped down rather than discriminate against someone based on their race and political affiliation. AND he blew the whistle.

      This incident is confirmation of everything Professor Kevin MacDonald writes about: That Jews (many, but not all) have become a “hostile elite” who are firmly embedded within our government and who’s interests are diametrically opposed to the interest of the white majority.

      It also shows how left-wing Jews often attempt to DOMINATE blacks by guiding them towards a pre-set agenda of anti-white behavior. The early years of the NAACP are a prime example of this.

      Most blacks are too simple minded to figure it out. But Ondray Harris did.

      “Kudos” to him.

      • Fester’s Uncle

        You are assuming Harris is telling the truth. He may not be. Many Jews are extreme lefties and act accordingly. Many blacks will murder and rape whites based on racial hatred and act accordingly. Neither is good. To deal with one requires intelligence and political will. The other requires large calibre firearms.

        • Steven Bannister

          Yes, I am assuming he is telling the truth.

          After all – why would he lie about this? He’s got a great job that pays well, so why rock the boat by making up a total lie about discrimination against WHITE people?

          It’s far more likely that Wasserman and Hoffman did exactly what he says they did. They didn’t want white attorneys working there. They didn’t want white conservatives working there.

          And Ann Hoffman’s statement that “the military is full of people who belong to white supremacist groups” is exactly the kind of thing that a Jewish civil rights attorney would say.

          I believe him.

  • MikeS

    Whites need not apply and cases need not be won.

    • roger

      I’ve been living that nightmare for 40 years……….
      so what’s new?

      this era will go down as the dark ages

  • joemcgee

    Black board member was told to “refrain from hiring white men.”
    What’s the chances, Ondray had to be told to not hire White guys???

    • gordon ramsey

      Funny my wife was just telling me how unhappy one of her coworkers was when ever a brother was in charge.Some black people do get it. Especially the really black ones.

    • ATBOTL

      If you read the story, he got in trouble with some Jews because he DID hire a white man.

  • The__Bobster

    If this situation were reversed, you’d never hear the end of it, but Whites are just supposed to suck it up because of their eeevil past.

    • Romulus

      Atonement for our supposed sins. Being a true fan of the evolutionary biology(the sacred as well) any group expecting an apology from me can go pound sand.

    • guest

      I just hope that many whites will still wake up to this kind of discrimination as it continues. Once they realize that they and every other white person of this day and age have nothing to “atone” for and should not have to throw their own lives away for people who are against them, they won’t be fooled again.

  • bigone4u

    Why is Harris resigning? When Harris, who seems to be a fair-minded black guy, hires qualified whites, he gets a beatdown from Wasserman and Hoffman, who are clearly not fair-minded. Shouldn’t Wasserman and Hoffman be called out as anti-white and be forced to resign or better yet, be fired on the spot? It seems that Wasserman and Hoffman are above the law because they are Jews. I know damned well that a white non-Jew would get his/her career ruined by any hint of racial animosity. I guess the rules are that Jews can be racist but everyone else can’t be.

    • Romulus

      The Jews ARE the law. From w. Robertsons book the dispossessed majority ,67% of all lawyers are uden. 55%of Yales staff ,70%of Harvard law. The next time you have to watch your TV, count up how many law,money and political “experts ” are tribe.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Look, pretty soon members if the tribe will be booted outta the States. History repeats itself time and again. These people have been kicked out of every country on this planet because they are a royal pain in the arce.

        White people just need to flip the script. Do cash based business, then file for food stamps, Section 8, and all the gimmes. Just bankrupt the system, the the Steins will pack up.

        The tribe is anti white because European Americans jam up their scheme to enslave the world. We don’t make good serfs.

        By the way, the IQ thing is BS. Oh, because folks like Wechsler invented the IQ test.

        • Romulus

          If you can find a copy of “Defensive Racism” by Edgar j. Steele, its well worth the read. He had to go through a private publisher to get it printed.

    • Fester’s Uncle

      This all assumes Harris is telling the truth. I have doubts about that.

    • Fester’s Uncle

      With Wasserman et al it would be political discrimination, i.e. they would have no problem with a flaming gentile white liberal. With blacks its racial. Everything is racial with them.

  • Spartacus

    “…Don Wasserman and Ann Hoffman…”

    Gee, wonder what tribe they’re from…

    • dd121

      Be careful Spartacus, can’t say the word or you’ll be deleted from this racially sensitive site.

    • StillModerated

      I don’t know about the tribe, but I’m pretty sure they’re devout Unitarians — with shekels!

    • Xerxes22

      I’m sure they are fine upstanding idealists who are just trying to end all that evil White priviledge.

      Don Wasserman Ann Hoffman

  • john white

    its mostly the jewish that are against whites i noticed…

  • Romulus

    Once again we see the “tribe” at work behind the scenes. Wasserheeb must have been confounded that an African didn’t honor the conditions of the “treaty” between their two groups.

  • StillModerated

    OK, I take it to mean that in DC gubmint the problems are not the bumbling blacks, but the Wassermans and the Hoffmans. With German names like that can I assume they are both nazis?

    • Romulus

      Nine! Mein herr.

  • sean

    Jews are so patronizing to black folks. These two Jewish leftists are telling this black guy that he cant hire white people. I’ve noticed that many Jews always feel the need to “teach” blacks the right thing to do. They always seem to make decisions for the black community because they feel that they are so “enlightened” and poor black people just don’t know any better so Jews are there to “guide” them and show them the right way. Why do black people put up with this nonsense?

    • Romulus

      Because the UDEN control 2/3 rds of the planets wealth. The bros. Know who has the money(power). The power of the press(uden) and the courts bolsters the bantus leverage.

  • PitBoss711

    So they want to play that game, huh? Okay!

  • Mr. E

    This is the DC Labor Board that oversees labor issues of the thousands of DC public employees. If the head Board members are making sure that whites are discriminated against within the Board itself, just imagine what they were doing with the legitimate discrimination complaints from what DC employees that they were supposed to investigate. Complaints from the rare white DC employee likely found there way to the bottom of the waste basket while discrimination complaints from non-white employees were fast-tracked.

  • IstvanIN

    The Black American man can not hire White American man because the Jews told him he couldn’t and now the Black man has to resign? Shows who runs things.

  • Nocturna

    Human nature takes its course…

    Lesson: When you are on top stay on top. The altruism exclusively possessed by those of European ancestry is not, never has been, and never will be reciprocated by non-whites toward whites. Never confuse genuine altruism with the alterior motives of blacks and others.

    Here is something I found ovrr at CoCC, a group of blacks who claim they are the true “Hebrews” have two white girls kiss their feet to prove they are not racist. Of course they comply amd even say “I love you” to Mustafa Mohammed. Video provided…


    • Athling

      Non-whites, especially African Americans, are very much aware of this altruism and play on it so as to use it against whites. I have observed that frequently. Having a white “prove” they are not racist is an example of the manipulation. It works all too well on younger white females.

  • Hunter Morrow

    You can’t spell screw without jEW.
    Wasserman, Hoffman and their ilk are making our lives Hell.
    Do they still look White to you, Mr. Taylor?

    • BonusGift

      Hunter: He appears to not be ready to face the truth. Remember, the brainwashing/tales told in the MSM, school, etc. is very hard for the average person to overcome. Also, for most people statistical probabilities are a tough to get their minds around (e.g., the percentage of tribe members in the general population vs. in politics pushing for our genocide). In short, I am not absolving him, just saying that making the correct analysis and getting the cause and effect roughly right is not an easy task when most of the noise outlets and even posters on your own website keep telling you not to believe your own eyes.

    • No Kwan Noway

      You don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Hunter.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Does anybody ever get told not to hire jews, or would that be
    “gainful employment Holocaust?”

  • Mick

    “Ondray Harris”

    His mom couldn’t spell Andre.

    • gemjunior

      OMG. LOL that is so funny. I didn’t even attempt to pronounce that lunacy, I just took one look at it and was reminded of crazy names like D’Ontavious and stuff like that.

      • OlderWoman

        They try to French-ify their names. I chuckle when they talk about their Ont (aunt).

    • World_War_Me


  • righty tighty

    Its all coming from the top and the Obama tyrant radical white hating socialist who was smuggled in the heels of Bush barking in the 2012 campaign to get revenge that ultimately is translated as kill whitey.

  • No Kwan Noway

    I’m surprised the PC police have let many of the comments stand here. Usually they delete the more truthful posts……….

  • OlderWoman

    Wasserman and Hoffman. Two American Jews who want White Christians to be eliminated. It was Whites who brought them to America and made them safe and secure in our homeland to start their businesses and become prosperous. It’s no wonder that anti-Semitism is growing.

    • Ella

      Oddly, a few ethnic Jews told this to me directly that those negatives attitudes prevail in Synagogues against Whites; maybe they were anti-semetic themselves or letting the word out? 74-85% Jewish people still vote Left, surprised?

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    “the military is full of people belonging to white supremacist groups”

    White supremacist: those considering climbing up the fence to sit on top and then straddle the fence, wondering if affirmative action might not be a good idea.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    The guy resigned rather than ‘discriminate’ against whites and men? Generally this kind of thing is done and all parties feel proud of it after. Then they are well-rewarded and recognized for their great sensitivity.

  • Larry Klein

    “And Harris said he was highly offended by other remarks made by Hoffman such as the claim that “the military is full of people belonging to white supremacist groups.”

    This is the real motivation behind the circus in congress regarding the fictitious sexual assault crisis in the military.

  • Fr. John+

    This is nothing but the Communist Party at work. With a dash of ‘chocolate covering’ as pseudo-justification for the Highland School’s revolutionary tactics, learned by operatives such as Rosa Parks, and one Michael King, Jr. back in the day.

    Can we call BULLSHEvism, for what it is? An ideology (and now a race) whose utter goal, is our annihilation? Even when one of their own, is derelict of duty, as President of the USA?

  • jay11

    Last time I was at the DMV, which is located in a mostly white area, all the employees (about 15) were black. For that matter, the closest Target store to me is in an area with almost no blacks, but lo and behold, last week when I was there every single employee at the 19 or so checkouts was black. Most on the floor were black too. What? No white people want to work?


    I bet that Wasserstein and Hoffman don’t think of themselves as being white. Lots of Jews are on record saying similar things. As Jewish power increases and white power declines, we can expect to see more open hostility from these people and for them to be less concerned with blending in. Remember, they have a strong desire to humiliate us, which comes out all the time in their writings, words and of course, in which movies their studios choose to produce.


    This is the kind of stuff that just boils my blood. White people are subjected to REAL racism and in your face discrimination on a daily bases. Yet all we hear from the media is the flimsy vague claims of “perceived” racism that black people come up with. They speak of institutionalized racism against blacks which simply does not exist. While completely ignoring the blatant and once again REAL institutionalized racism against whites. Which, as we all know couldn’t be anymore in your face than if it were literally standing on it.

  • Racism against whites ,,okay,,,,,,,,,racism against blacks , bad very bad………..

  • Paleoconn

    At the Labor Board no less! As Bart Simpson would say ‘the ironing is delicious’