Marco Rubio: Immigration Bill Short of 60 Votes

Seung Min Kim, Politico, June 4, 2013

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) doesn’t believe the Gang of Eight immigration bill–which he authored—has enough votes to break a possible filibuster on the Senate floor.

When asked on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday whether the bill has 60 “yes” votes, Rubio replied: “No, and I think even the Democrats would concede that.”

“There’s a few reasons for it, but one of the things we’ve learned over the last few weeks through the open process that happened through the committee process and all the public input that we’ve gotten is how little confidence people have that the federal government will enforce the law,” Rubio continued.

The full Senate will begin considering the legislation, which passed the Judiciary Committee last month on a 13-5 vote, next week.

Rubio, considered critical to the success or failure of immigration reform, is mulling a measure that would put Congress – rather than the Department of Homeland Security—in charge of drafting the border control strategy that is tied to the pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the United States.

“We don’t want to be back here in two years, in five years, 10 years dealing with another 5 or 10 million illegal immigrants,” Rubio said. “And so that’s the key. And people don’t trust the Department of Homeland Security to do this job or to come up with a plan that will do the job.”

Fellow Gang member Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) has also said that the bill’s backers did not yet have 60 votes in its favor, but he was optimistic that they would get there. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is confident he has 60 votes to clear the bill.

Reid said recently on a Nevada television show that at most, he’ll lose two or three of his fellow Democrats. Four of the bill’s sponsors are Republicans, and Reid said it would be “pretty easy” to pick up the few additional GOP votes to reach the 60-vote threshold. With Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s (D-N.J.) death Monday, there are now 54 Democratic votes in the Senate.

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  • The Gang Bangers of Eight bill passed 13-5 in committee, yet Rubio says it might not get 60 votes in the full Senate, and Bob Menendez thinks it might not even get 50 votes. Strange for a bill that passed so easily in committee by a more than 2-1 margin won’t even get a filibuster-proof or even passing majority overall. Or maybe most of the 82 Senators who aren’t on the Judiciary Committee are really hearing it from us. Or maybe there’s something particularly wrong with the kind of Senator that winds up on Judiciary.

    • Bobby

      For anyone who really pays close attention to the excellent questions you brought up, it has got to be obvioius by now, that the corruption in D.C. is waste high. These people are serving some agenda that has nothing at all to do, with the average American citizen.

      • Bobby

        “waist” high. ….sheesh. This topic so gets to me that I think I’ll stop commenting on it altogether!!

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          Just claim it was a pun. 🙂

          • Bobby

            Never thought of it until you brought it up.LOL……

    • evilsandmich

      I thought that was odd too. I would guess that if they wanted a real bill that they would have put it together differently than having eight idealogues slap something together; but then the immigration zealots would no doubt hate such a bill.

    • The__Bobster

      The “committee” was stacked with open borders traitors.

    • Sick of it

      Just like there’s something particularly wrong with the people who wind up in the Department of Justice?

    • sbuffalonative

      As Rubio said Representatives know that the voting public has no confidence in this “immigration reform” (AKA: AMNESTY). We aren’t as stupid as they hoped or want us to be.

      They went to their town meeting and NO ONE supported this. But they kept telling us ‘this is good for America’.

      They tried to rush this through because they knew that the longer people talked about it, the more time people would have to ask the right questions and see through the lies.

      Wherever you post comments, repeat this mantra:


      But don’t be fooled into being complacent. Until this is officially over, it’s not over. Rubio may just be trying to trick us so we won’t be as vocal. If he can calm the public outcry, he might be able to get people to vote for it.

      • Tucker

        The Trotskyite Communist neocons used the same tactic when they rushed through the treasonous and Soviet-flavored totalitarian Patriot Act.

        See what happens, my fellow White male nose pickers? These kinds of sneaky maneuvers are how this enemy operates, and they do this kind of stuff when you are all busy focusing your immature and misguided full attention on sweaty, IQ of 75-80, inner city ghetto blacks who sport dredlocks and who are covered with nasty looking tattoos and who usually have criminal records as long as your arm, running around on various football fields or basketball courts, playing stupid children’s games and getting paid ridiculous sums of money that attract coal burning White females the way a pile of fresh cow manure attracts flies and maggots.

        Hence, do your race a favor. Examine your TV remote control device under a bright light. I will bet you it has an ‘off-button’. I recommend that you press that button asap.

        Unless, of course, you want to wake up one day soon – and find yourself tied to a chair and forced to watch as 5 or 10 black thugs take turns violating your wife, daughters and young sons – which is exactly what has been happening over in the former Rhodesia since the White males of that nation lost their interest in securing their ability to rule their own people and decided to turn things over to Mugabe and his crew.

        Your choice, White man. Better decide soon.

    • Bossman

      No! They are planing on a surprise. It is better to talk that way in this stage of the game.

    • Paleoconn

      Almost 3-1 actually, but I pick nits for a living 😉

      If it goes to the population, this thing doesn’t have a prayer.

  • Greg Thomas

    Why is “securing our border” predicated on giving some 25 million illegal invaders amnesty? The answer is because these traitors have no desire to secure the border. Securing the border is simply a carrot the open border zealots dangle before the
    American people whenever they are trying to ram another amnesty down our throats.

    If they wanted to secure the border, it would have been done long ago and we would not have 25 million illegal invaders demanding another amnesty. In fact, we are still owed
    a “secure border” from the last amnesty of 1986. Look how well that went. Screw
    these traitors and their amnesty!

    • gordon ramsey

      Not to mention that 40 per cent of illegal aliens are people who come legally and overstay their visas.Maybe we should just enforce the law.This is a new trick the government uses.They refuse to enforce the laws on the books.Say that the current system is broken because they broke it.And then come up with an alternative. I think Obamcare is a result of the fact that so much medicaide fraud was permitted to occur.This amnesty is a result of the intentional lack of enforcement of our immigration laws.

      • MikeS

        “This amnesty is a result of the intentional lack of enforcement of our immigration laws.”

        Exactly. Amnesty is the admission from our supposed representatives that illegal as well as legal (3rd world) immigration has gotten completely, totally and utterly out of control and that they and their fellow invertebrates have sat on their hands and held their tongues for so long that they see it as pointless to do anything at all.

      • The__Bobster

        They could’ve enacted E-Verify years ago, but the open borders traitors intended to use it as a bargaining chip.

    • The__Bobster

      Enforcement now! Amnesty never!

      It’s as simple as that. Granting amnesty to 30-38 million ugly brown squat monsters will only make the problem worse.

    • guest

      Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that this bill passes and the border is secured 100%. They make this border so tight a skinny mouse can’t get through, an eagle can’t fly over it, a worm can’t dig under it. They also implement a system for catching visa overstayers, and every single one is apprehended and on one-way flight out within 24 hours of the visa running out.

      Let’s say they do those things.

      It wouldn’t make any difference, because after chain migration, we will soon have 30mil or more new Hispanic “Americans” and they would have enough political power to take control of our immigration policy. Our 100% secure border wouldn’t make a difference because they would hand out visas / work permits / green cards freely to all their amigos, who would then not need to sneak through a back door because they would be allowed in the front door.

      Of course the truth is, the border will not be secured, chain migration will happen, they will quickly gain control over immigration policy, and Mexico will be able to unload its entire poor underclass on American taxpayers.

      • Bossman

        Have you not heard of the concept of North American integration? It is something that is happening now and more of it will happen in the future.

  • The__Bobster

    Here are the 22 [!] lies in the Third Zuckerberg radio ad—first heard on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Tuesday, May 28th. [ Immigration Ad Targets Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity Fans, Huffington Post, May 30, 2013] I listened to less than half an hour of talk radio today and heard the Zuckerberg ad three times. They must have polling feedback showing that it’s working.

    M = Man’s voice

    W = Woman’s voice

    M: Our immigration system is a joke, and the whole world knows it.

    W: Our borders aren’t secure; our laws aren’t enforced. We don’t know who is here, what they’re doing, or even why.

    M: What we have now is a national security nightmare waiting to happen.

    W: But conservatives [Lie No. 1] like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan …

    M: They’re working on plans to change that. [Lie No. 2]

    W: It all starts with real border security [Lie No. 3]: more fencing [Lie No. 4], more manpower [Lie No. 5], and high tech surveillance. [Lie No. 6]

    M: Next, deport any illegal immigrant guilty of a serious crime [Lie No. 7], and the rest, no amnesty. [Lie No. 8]

    W: IF they have a job [Lie No. 9], IF they pay a fine [Lie No. 10], and IF they learn English. [Lie No. 11]

    M: They can go to the back of the line [Lie No. 12], with no federal benefits. [Lie No. 13] That means no welfare [Lie No. 14], no Obamacare [Lie No. 15], nothing. [Lie No. 16]

    W: It’s a tough approach. [Lie No. 17]

    M: And conservatives are working to make it tougher. [Lie No. 18 – “conservatives” defined above as Rubio and Ryan.]

    W: But it’s fair [Lie No. 19] and enforceable. [Lie No. 20]

    M: And that’s the opposite of what we have now. [Lie No. 21]

    W: Call Congress. Tell them to fix our broken immigration system. Paid for by Americans for a Conservative [Lie No. 22] Direction.

    • HJ11

      Nice analysis. Hopefully, you’ll post this on as many sites as possible.

    • Sick of it

      The fact that Zuckerberg is associated with it ALONE tells one that it’s not true, that it won’t benefit Americans, and that we’ll probably get screwed in the deal.

    • HJ11

      And, yes, brown racist Rubio has bought time on the Limbaugh program. This will shut Limbaugh up about this amnesty scam (and Limbaugh was already too soft on this scam amnesty), and will fool some easily suggestible Ditto Heads who always try to hide behind a minority instead of standing on their own two feet.

  • The__Bobster

    With Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s (D-N.J.) death Monday, there are now 54 Democratic votes in the Senate.

    Let’s hope Christie Kreme fills the Lout’s seat with a patriot, but I don’t have much faith in it.

    • Krispy Christie is going to chicken out and not appoint a replacement, instead will call an October special election. He was too worried about his own political fortunes to appoint a replacement himself. He could have appointed a Democrat, and that would have made him more popular at home but less nationally, or appointed a Republican and vice versa.

      I wanted him to appoint his own Lieutenant Governor, a woman who was a county sheriff before, and signed her department and county jail up for all the immigration enforcement programs.

      • IstvanIN

        Christie took the cop out route to be sure. NJ could have had a Republican Senator for the next 18 months, but no, he called for an election. I am surprised he didn’t appoint Corey Booker. Christie would have really been a hit with that appointment: Democrat, black and gay.

    • blight14

      Lauttenbergs death was tragic…….tragic in that it was about 80 years too late……..

  • HJ11

    Rubio wants to flood the U.S. with Brown people who will treat him as their hero.

    He is not a true Republican nor a conservative. He is for La Raza. Period.

  • bigone4u

    Wrapping my mind around immigration, Obamanomics, foreign policy, etc., I conclude that the best defense against a predatory Federal government is to assume that everything is a lie, starting with Obongo’s birth certificate and going from there.

  • Frank Wheeler

    Wow! I did not know that breaking immigration laws was a civil right. Silly me, because I thought that we already had more than enough Mexicans here in the US.

  • Bobby

    Rubio is considering a bill that would put Congress in charge of drafting border security instead of the DHS!! I applaude the guy for this, it’s democratic and the right way to go. Having said that, HE’D BETTER WATCH HIS BACK IF HE’S SERIOUS. THE ELITE, ALONG WITH THE ETHNIC INTEREST GROUPS, CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE,ETC., DON’T WANT CITIZENS TO HAVE CONTROL OF THE BORDERS!!! THAT’S WHAT THIS WHOLE FIGHT IS CENTERED AROUND!!

    • HJ11

      Don’t be fooled. Politicians always put up ideas that they know won’t pass so they can then say “Well, I tried.” And, in this case brown racist Rubio is hellbent on browning America–that’s his goal.

      • Bobby

        Of course your’e right and I’m not fooled at all. I just hear these people out for the sake of argument but I realize how utterly full of it they all are. I can’t even imagine an American with two brain cells to rub together, who still believes a single word these polticians say about “border security”etc. They are all obvioulsy serving some agenda that hasn’t the slightest thing to having citizens best interests at heart.

  • HJ11

    If amnesty passes–and that’s what brown racist Rubio and weak seed McCain (whose family is going black)–it’ll put millions of people who identify as being very different from Whites and who do not, generally like Whites, and consider us to be oppressors in a postion that they will eventually be able to vote Whites out of office, while making us pay taxes to support them.

    • guest

      Rubio isn’t racist neccessarily. He’s just considering his future and how by catering to hispanic issues, his future might be bright. Now I’ll bet that statement is causing all kinds of people, and especially white fairness and equality handwringers included, to fidget and shuffle and start stuttering. They might actually be faced with a shocking(only for them) revelation!!

      • HJ11

        I disagree. I say he’s a brown racist, a social climber, and is also a liar. Just listen to him lie about his amnesty plan. He’s using conservative terms–probably after a focus group told him which terms to use to get some dumb, and easily manipulated weak seed Whites–who constantly look for a Latino or Black to put in the window–to agree with his amnesty scam.

      • MBlanc46

        Catering to Hispanic issues, yes. And catering to the economic elite (who are mostly Republicans), who demand a never-ending supply of cheap Latino labor. Not a bad way to launch a presidential campaign in 2016.

    • Tucker

      I heard a rumor, yet to be confirmed, that General Mills has been trying to get in touch with McCain’s son, Jack and sign him and his new wife up for a long term advertising contract to sell Cheerios.

  • Epiminondas

    Rubio for President!…of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

  • Gomez_Addams

    If Rubio was sincere in addressing Illegal Aliens, then he shouldn’t pander them by speaking in Spanish! Otherwise, he’s telling them that assimilation is unnecessary and it’s OK, the government will speak to you in your pig-latin tongue. Disgraceful….

  • Dave4088

    Gee, given that the bill gives the government 5 years to secure the border and the Obama administration and DHS’s steadfast refusal to enforce existing law….even prosecuting border patrol agents for doing their jobs, it’s no wonder Americans aren’t buying this steaming pile of excrement.

    Rubio is either stupid or a willing accomplice in race replacement (methinks the latter). Passage of this bill will ensure a left wing Democrat super majority in Congress and guarantee a Democratic president starting no later than 2020.

  • Tannhauser

    if this garbage passes there will be no need to secure the border. Due to chain migration we could be swamped by 50 million plus illegals. That’s the Trojan horse of this bill and why enforcement comes last. Not only will legal immigration be increased through more visas green cards and expedited citizenship process, but the families of all the newly legal will be included. Any traitor who signs on to this should be voted out on their can.

    • Bossman

      Only their immediate family such as children or parents could come; no sisters or brothers.

  • RHG

    Gee, people don’t trust the feds, there’s a shocker.

  • George White

    Call your Senators and others as well. use *67 and say that you are a constituent, and have a zip code at the ready.

  • Beetlejuice

    Don’t let your guard down yet. I do not trust congress –with good reason. The Rubio amnesty bill isn’t dead YET. There are arms being twisted, bribes being offered and threats being put forth, Schumer said it WOULD pass with 70 votes.

    But… Rubio’s presidential chances are dead. That means a win for American citizens.

    “I’m Mark Rubio and I’m here to stab my supporters in the back and shove amnesty down your throat.”

    • Bossman

      If amnesty passes and the economy improves, then his chances are good.

  • Morris LeChat

    Rubio, a man who should get off the stage and get a job at a McDonalds

    • Tucker

      I think he could make more money and rise to the position of manager sooner, if he applied at Taco Bell or maybe the El Azteca chain.

  • remember the alamo

    Rubio is the son of white Batista Cuban immigrants who fled in the early 60s and were given political amnesty citizenship. Why in the hell does he care about 50 million Mexican peasants anyway? Cuban whites are of European caucasoid heritage. Mexican peasants are of Asian mongoloid heritage and their ancestors were conquered by the Spanish conquistadors 500 yrs ago and forced to speak Spanish living under white Spanish rule for 325 yrs until 1821.Rubio is nothing but a liberal democrat poser in the brainwashed modern pc mold. His parents are ashamed of him.

    Remember the Alamo. Never forget the 50k US troops who died defeating the Mexicans in 1849 under the leadership of top US Military Academy graduates with General Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis. It less than a few months with brilliant leaders like this. Lincoln enlisted for a few weeks but went AWOL and deserted as a scrub. He went back to Springfield and entered politics at the statehouse level. The rest is history.

    • Bossman

      I don’t think that you know Latin Americans. They stick together more than you think especially when they are in the USA.

    • HJ11

      Rubio is the product of miscegenation. He is not White.

      • Morris LeChat

        Democracy is coming to an end in this country. I believe that either the whole territory, or a good part of it will end up being a military state controlled by white males. In that state, assessments like yours will be made and that will determine a persons place in the country. If a person is not white, then they can not vote, they can not hold office, they can not teach, they can not practice law, and they of course, would not be able to work in media nor get anything published. Of course, they would always be free to leave.

      • Bossman

        Yeah, but he looks white and that is good enough to be an American.

        • HJ11

          American? What is an American? As I look back in history and prehistory as White people evolved, I find nothing called an American. I see my people–White people–living on different pieces of dirt. They are not the dirt. They are not the artificial nations that grew up on that dirt. They are White people. That is who and what they and we are.

  • kjh64

    ““We don’t want to be back here in two years, in five years, 10 years dealing with another 5 or 10 million illegal immigrants,” Rubio said. “”

    Well, you don’t have to. Just enforce our existing immigration laws so the illegal invaders will go home.This can be done by securing the border now; enforcing e-verify for all job applicants as well as those applying for any type of welfare; getting rid of birthright citizenship; getting rid of “sancturary cities”; enforcing the federal law so that police can check the papers of foreign nationals stopped for some violation etc. If people in this country illegally can’t find work, get welfare themselves or through anchor babies, they’ll go home and would-be illegals won’t come. Problem solved.

    • Ella

      Another way is to remove illegals from our govt welfare programs, period. They commit fraud from start. If legal immigrants are on citizenship paths, then they cannot apply for any programs for 8 yrs. or they return to nation of origin. The “host” family supposed to cover some costs. Govt. created this problem for power and to please big businesses with cheap labour. So how can you ethically stick the tax bill on our working and middle class groups? You can’t! We’re talking about millions and millions of people!

  • native

    rat bastards tried to slip in more h1b visas on this one to allow out of work tech folks even less options.screwing natives over from blue to white collar.

  • Tucker

    I want everyone in the AmRen community to understand and acknowledge the debt we will owe to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, if this amnesty fiasco does manage to die the death it so richly deserves. Sessions has probably been the most courageous voice of opposition on this insanity, and I would ask that if it does wither and die on the vine, that every single member of the AmRen community place a call to Session’s office or send him an email and praise him for his courage and his outstanding efforts to fight against the planned Cultural Marxist final stake through the heart and soul of White Western Civilization.

    BTW: I do realize that George C. Wallace turned into a backstabbing sellout in the end, and let us all down when the most important chips were on the table – but, when we see the virulently anti-White, White genocide craving, Cultural Marxist left writing articles that are calling Sessions the new George Wallace – I think we need to view those vomit dripping insults as a glowing and extremely positive analysis of Jeff Sessions.

    • HJ11

      Slightly off topic: The problem with George Wallace and so many others is that they came to their beliefs about race with incorrect ideas. Then, when these ideas were shown to be wrong, they switched sides. It’s such a classic deprogramming technique that you may have even seen it in SciFi movies where the basic assumptions of a robot are questioned and the robot says “Will not compute,” just before it shorts itself out and shuts down.

      Some of us, on the other hand, have come to our beliefs about race based on the truths of nature and evolution and we will no sooner give up our beliefs in this regard, than we will give up our ideas that the sun, not the Earth, is the center of the solar system. What is real and true does not change because human trends change. Our beliefs do compute. We will not short outselves out and we will not shut down as did George Wallace.