150 People Arrested in NAACP Protest Against NC Republicans

CBS Charlotte, June 3, 2013

More than 100 people were arrested Monday at the largest demonstration yet of the North Carolina NAACP’s weeks-long protest of the conservative policies of the Republican-led General Assembly.

Police estimated that roughly 1,000 people attended a rally late Monday afternoon behind the Legislative Building on Halifax Mall. Hundreds then entered the building. Upwards of 150 people were arrested outside the doors to the state Senate chambers, where demonstrators chanted, sang and delivered speeches decrying what they called a regressive agenda that neglects the poor.

Activist groups estimated the crowd at about 1,600.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has been holding weekly protests in Raleigh since mid-April, and what started with 17 arrests and tens of supporters back then has grown every week, bringing the total number of arrests to nearly 300 after five weeks of protests.


Protesters have been seeking to call attention to the rightward shift of the state legislature, which was dominated for decades by moderate Democrats.

In the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans captured both chambers of the legislature for the first time in more than 100 years. They’ve since built veto-proof majorities and taken control of the governor’s mansion while lawmakers have pushed a conservative agenda on social programs, criminal justice, taxes, education, voting rights and other areas.


Darren Hunicutt, 33, an accountant from Chapel Hill, said he brought his wife and 8-year-old twin boys to the demonstrations because he believes decisions to block a Medicaid expansion, cut the number of teacher assistants, limit eligibility for pre-kindergarten and expand sales taxes go too far.

“The Republicans have taken a progressive state that prioritizes education for young people, prioritizes economic justice, prioritizes access to health care and basically in the last six to 12 months done a complete 180,” he said.


Those arrested have been charged with second-degree trespassing, failure to disperse and violations of building rules. The NAACP chapter president, the Rev. William Barber, has said his group is researching challenges to those arrests based in part on constitutional provisions that say citizens have a right to “instruct” their legislators.

Barber is among those arrested in the first wave of protests headed to court in late June.

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  • rebelcelt

    The NAACP chapter president, the Rev. William Barber, has said his group is researching challenges to those arrests based in part on constitutional provisions that say citizens have a right to “instruct” their legislators.

    Instruct is not intimidate with violence and threat of violence.

    • Morris LeChat

      they do not have the same brains we do, they do not think like we do. They only know intimidation.

  • Jefferson

    [QUOTE]“The Republicans have taken a progressive state that prioritizes
    education for young people, prioritizes economic justice, prioritizes
    access to health care and basically in the last six to 12 months done a
    complete 180,” he said.[/QUOTE]

    We all know what Black folks means when they say they want so-called “economic justice”.

    • The__Bobster

      That they want YT’s stuff?

      • MikeS

        All of it.

      • Romulus

        They can have my federal premium, Nosler,black hills, and Winchester!

        • Non Humans

          The business ends of such that is!!

      • Morris LeChat


  • A Freespeechzone

    “Economic Justice” to blacks means that they TAKE from those who contribute and earn in the economy—those who became educated and gained employable skills and earn their way. This crowd neither wants to become educated or work to gain employable skills–just take and take.

    The fall out against this nonsense is coming very soon…..just watch.

  • a multiracial individual
    • Oom Paul

      I believe those are called “useful idiots”.

      • libertarian1234


        Like Steve Martin in “The Jerk,” he will probably tell you that he was raised a poor, black child.”

        God, that’s funny.

    • Video with that article: “State NAACP Leader Blasts GOP Tactics”

      Reprehensible tactics like debating legislation, voting on it, signing it into law and enforcing it.

      He’s so upset that you’d think the state revenue agency was capriciously and abusively auditing and collecting information on liberal and Democrat groups. Oh wait…

    • Morris LeChat

      mischling says what?

      • a multiracial individual

        Another brilliant post from Mr. LeChat. The most ill-mannered person on this website. Very amusing.

        • Morris LeChat

          you labelled yourself a mischling, I am just going with it

        • “Mr. LeChat is “The most ill-mannered person on this website”? Now you’ve hurt my feelings; I was hoping that would be me. Please note, though that you were allowed to pick your own name here. If you are thus displeased with the result, that fact is no more the fault of any of us than burns to your fingers would be the fault of the obviously hot range burner you keep touching. Your feelings belong to you and have nothing whatever to do with us.

          Gentility might be the mark of a good finishing school, but I doubt any of us went to one.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “bringing the total number of arrests to nearly 300 after five weeks of protests.”

    It seems they have all the time in the world to protest, but no time for work. I guess to them protesting for “economic” justice is their job and they feel entitled to a reward.

    • The__Bobster

      The leaders want to be rewarded (paid off) with community organizer “jobs”.

      • Jefferson

        Have you ever met a White guy who is a “community organizer” ? It seems like those types of “jobs” overwhelmingly go to Bantus.

        • So CAL Snowman

          A White community organized is commonly referred to as a racist Nazi.

          • Romulus

            Did you see the article in the NY post with the new jersey guy who’s kids were taken away because he named his son after der fuhrer. He went to court for visitation rights in full stormtrooper regalia.

          • Morris LeChat

            I am REALLY becoming FOND of racist NAZIs!!!!

        • The reason why I’ve never met a white community organizer is that white communities don’t need to be externally organized for some odd reason.

  • libertarian1234

    Take their unfair advantages, unjust privileges and uncontrolled freebies away from them, and the natives get very restless.

  • The__Bobster

    This is just a hint at what will occur when the “gibs me dat” money runs out. Zulus have no concept of where money really comes from but they’ll keep shaking the money tree by ooking and screeching..

    • Jefferson

      Zulus certainly don’t know how to manage money. That is why the majority of Black sports athletes and Black rappers go broke before they even turn 40 years of age.

      There is a slang term for them and its called [email protected]@a Rich.

      • Seek

        Back in the Nineties the black rapper M.C. Hammer, if I recall, went through $30 million in almost no time and declared personal bankruptcy. How does one lose all that money in so short a time? Is there a magic trick?

        • Rhialto

          Black men like to be the “big man”. A black man becomes a “big man” by distributing benefits, cash, jobs, power, etc. to his followers. I guess MC wanted to be a big big man, so his 30 mil evaporated rather quickly.

        • Pete

          Mic Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac did the same thing. It as not just Blacks who have no discipline when it comes to money.

        • OlderWoman

          While working in the music business in Los Angeles, I learned that blacks often hire their family members to be their managers and agents. They mishandle the money. All their family and friends latch on to them for the money. They also make purchases like limousines when it would be best to lease them. My company was business managers for Donna Summer when she moved from Germany to L.A. The first thing she asked for was three limousines to be purchased for herself and her back up singers. We had to intervene in all her decisions or she would have gone broke. Blacks abuse money.

          • Almost none of the people who suddenly come into a lot of money are smart enough to spend a few hundred dollars to see a professional financial planner. Their success goes to their heads, even when it is pure luck (lottery winners are notorious for this).

            A hilarious example was when my ex-father inherited a few hundred thousand dollars from his mother’s estate. Instead of spending $200 to see a tax attorney about the matter, the doofus simply had the money wired to him in England, where the British tax people took more than half of it. Being a successful university physics professor had him thinking he was also a lawyer.

    • Romulus

      They are closest to the “tree”!

  • dave

    these people have no shame or pride. the country gives then everything on a silver platter. and they still want more. an armed march in texas for gun rights with gun owners carring guns, guns and more guns. no arrests,no one was shot. the people carring the guns were white.immigine if a bunch of blacks were marching armed, the carnage that would be left behind. there is a big difference between the races in both academics and socially. affirmative action,diversity and multiculturalism is white genocide. period…

  • bigone4u

    The black tactics of the 60s don’t work anymore because after 50 years it’s plain to see that black leaders are just race hustlers after an easy buck. If only Jesse and Rev. Al join the group and get thrown in jail too. That’s a youtube vid I would enjoy.

  • Gay Black Man

    As a political consultant , I have said time and time again that changing demographics will demand that the GOP become more attentive and sensitive to the needs and concerns of to Blacks, women and other non-White males. Otherwise, the party will eventually absolve into political extinction.

    • robinbishop34

      Becoming more sensitive to the needs of blacks (I assume this means cradle to grave entitlements?) is what will destroy the GOP. Their only hope is to become more attentive and sensitive to the needs and concerns of whites.

      • Gay Black Man

        Not at all. What it means is that the party will have to reexamine its largely parochial mindset and move in a direction that is more diverse and pluralistic.

        • The dumbo-crats have already monopolized that, and began to do so when they abandoned working class whites in the late 1960s and early 1970s. What you are proposing is that conservative voters acquiesce in the transition from our current one-and-a-half party system to a true one-party system.

    • Ah yes, the timeless wisdom of the focus group.

    • Jerrybear

      Neoconservative types are more than happy to hammer the final nail into the American coffin but you can keep your ‘advice’ on this forum. We are aware of the plan to balkanize and destroy America through race baiting and the invasion of the third world. Just keep in mind, you’ll be begging for the good ole days when white males ran organized successful societies. All you have to do is look to Africa and South America if you want a good premonition of the future.

    • ncpride

      What more, pray tell, would you have them do? The money is running out, many states are facing bankruptcy and the future of this country looks grim, whether Democrat or Republican.

    • Strong Rugged White Man

      Why don’t you go suck some dick or go get your ass banged you Black queer!?

      • Confederate Veteran

        To the moderators. This comments needs to be removed immediately! It is a disgrace!

        • Dana

          I agree. I can’t believe someone would vote to give such a disgraceful comment a thumbs up!

        • Morris LeChat

          His response was to a person that defines himself by such actions, if the comments should go, the person who defines himself by such actions should go.

          • Patrick

            While I do not condone the lifestyle, it’s not a crime to be Gay in America. Moreover, at least Gay Black Man’s post was civil unlike the vulgar, tasteless, homophobic one posted by an obvious misfit. I agree with those who say such disgusting comments have no place on this website.

          • Ivan Leroux

            It used to be. That is why they kept their lifestyles quite. Miscegenation was also illegal. Multiracial individual is here to shove that into our faces daily too.

          • Reality

            Then by your logic than all the gay posters on this board should go as well. Get over your homophobia.

      • Richard

        This is not Stormfront or one of those similar websites. You need to watch what sort of comments you post on this website. The Gay Black Man comes across looking much better than you do.

        • Will


        • Morris LeChat

          not really though

          • Beverly

            In fact, he comes across looking better than both of you.

        • Beverly

          Richard, I agree with you. I was referring to LeChat and Strong Rugged White Man .

      • Frank

        Are you out of your mind?! You are sick! This is a website for civilized people. Take your crude self elsewhere!

    • libertarian1234

      What you’re suggesting is for political parties to compromise their principles to do and say whatever is necessary to garner votes.
      Do you understand that such an attitude would render a party a meaningless group of butt-kissers who want only a free paycheck from the public dole?
      As it stands now, the GOP platform is inclusive to anyone who believes in conservatism. Anyone who doesn’t should go elsewhere.
      But your extinction warning is a bit off, old boy. Just a couple of years ago when conservatives literally dominated in a massive turn out people like you were crying about the dangerous Tea Party who were close to taking over the country.
      And, one word of advise. You might drop the “Gay” label from your handle, because people on these forums get so much rabid deceit and manipulation from homosexuals they don’t give much credibility to their opinions.

      • Longtime Amren Poster

        If I am not mistaken, Gay Black Man has been posting on this website for at least a year. He is not the only one who uses the term “gay” in his posts. Gay Conservative does so as well.

        • Fester’s Uncle

          Like blacks, latinos, tribesmen, etc, gays aid in the destruction of traditional white societies. Your brain has been washed with tolerance and acceptance.

          • Longtime Amren Poster

            I would argue that many heterosexual Whites have been just as problematic in our ongoing destruction as well.

          • Morris LeChat

            as a group, gays are overwhelmingly against traditional white societies. In fact, their very definition is 100% against traditional white societies. Your ability to name a few individuals does not change the fact that whites are necessary for the existence of a traditional white society, gays aren’t

    • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

      “. . .absolve into political extinction.” WTF does that mean Gay Black Man?

      Learn how to talk boy!!

      • Renee

        Is it necessary to use the term “boy” in the manner that you have? You diminish your argument by engaging in such brash, juvenile language.

    • Rhialto

      As a political consultant, you must know the powers of the internet. Before the internet, the politicians could say one thing to one group and few from other groups would be aware. Because of the internet that is not possible; hostile forces will ensure the statements are widely broadcast to damage the politician. Also, increasing numbers of white men no longer will vote for the “lesser of two evils”. Which means they don’t vote Republican. This was a significant element in the 2012 prez election.

      So even if the Repubs throw non-liberal white male support under the bus, and totally pander to Feminists and Minorities, they can’t outpander the Democrats, and they lose more more votes than they gain.

      I believe the Repubs are in a lose-lose situation.

    • Greg Thomas

      The GOP needs to become extinct! It has betrayed White Americans in favor of illegal invading mexicans and affirmative action diversity. The GOP has become an extension of the democrats. Democrat lite!

    • Glicksteen45

      Gay Black Man meet multiracial individual. Welcome and thanks for your inpit.

  • Frank Wheeler

    Shouldn’t they be complaining to their President?

  • StillModerated

    For more On Rev William Barber:


    He needs a severe reduction on the food coupon end of things!

    On Judgement Day he might just hear,”depart from me, I never knew you, and be cast into outer darkness.”

    • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

      You beat me to the photo op presentation StillModerated. What could this guy ever do in the private sector to earn a paycheck? He’s the King of The Golden Coral Buffet Line. If his body fat were rendered to bio-diesel, the entire Wake County public school system bus fleet could run for a year.


    “Economic justice” is Nutzi codespeak for “theft” or “black supremacy”.

  • Romulus

    Black speak: investigating challenges to arrests!
    Translation: racism

  • White Mom in WDC

    Black people and their tribe enablers in the USA are just going to have to accept that the gravy train of freebies is running out of gas. It is not like these groups of people who just differ in the area of IQ really endear themselves. The SPLC labels anyone with an independent thought a ‘hater’ and the groids go on killing sprees. Gee, maybe they would get more bees with honey.

  • Mr. E

    I’d guess that less than 5% of the protestors knew the policies the NAACP brought them there to protest.

  • RHG

    Sounds like these people have no intentions of abiding by what the majority citizens of N Carolina have decided they want done by putting these ELECTED officials in office. Even if you are a Republican they demand you run the state like a Democrat and if you don’t they will stomp their feet and act up and break the laws to get what they want.

  • Beetlejuice

    This is how race riots are fomented.

    How many of the protesters can name one specific conservative policy or even one Republican in the general assembly? What were they promised by the NAACP after they were rounded up? — a trip to Golden Corral for all you can eat?

    Looks like the Republicans in NC are doing something right. They won, the Dems lost the NAACP needs to get over it.

    The NAACP and the protesters will get a pass, just like the black panthers in Philly.

  • Morris LeChat

    The monkeys saw that “gibs-muh” was coming to an end.

  • JohnEngelman

    Raleigh, N.C.- PPP’s latest North Carolina poll reveals that the Republican government is receiving poor marks…

    Voters oppose the House and Senate tax plans by 41%-11% and 44%-14%, respectively. When told the details of these plans, opposition soars to 68%-13% for the Senate’s plan and 55%-21% for the House’s. 81% of North Carolinians oppose raising the sales tax on groceries from 2% to 6.5%. Only 10% support it…

    Environmental deregulation is no more popular. Voters think the General Assembly should encourage renewable energy use with incentives by a margin of 68% to 16%. 73% favor promoting renewable energy production to 14% who stand opposed. Repealing environmental protections at Jordan Lake is unpopular by a margin of 49%-14%…

    Q7 Generally speaking, if there was an election for
    the state legislature today, would you vote for
    the Democratic or Republican candidate from
    your district?
    Democrat ……………………………………………….. 46%
    Republican……………………………………………… 42%…

    Q10 Would you support or oppose a proposal which
    would reduce the state personal income tax by
    3.25% and reduce the corporate income tax by
    0.9%, while also raising the state tax on
    groceries by 4.5% and expanding the sales tax
    to cover goods and services not currently
    covered by a sales tax, including prescription
    drugs and auto repairs?
    Support ……………… .13%
    Oppose ……………… .68%


    • Morris LeChat

      you hear to bore people again?

      • JohnEngelman

        Facts bore you when they conflict with your prejudices.

        • Gay Black Man

          You are so correct in this case.

        • Morris LeChat

          no, you bore me when you start spouting “facts”. You look for a pat on the head for a lazy man’s “research”

  • Next time plan the rally when EBT cards are mailed out.

  • “Social justice”, huh? Don’t we already have the democrat party for that sort of socialist silliness?

    In related news, the NAACP is announcing a planned protest against the unwillingness on the part of cats to bark at mailmen and chase cars.

  • Fr. John+

    You know, if you care so much about the ‘poor’ why not all get jobs, and eliminate the class at once? But, of course, that would mean getting up off your…. well, ‘the continent of Africa’ comes to mind, and cease taking the FEDGOV Massa’s handouts…. oh, I see….
    Once a slave, always……

  • Clement R Knorr

    Neocon wars, bailouts and leftist welfare schemes have bankrupted the USA. The plethora of benefits that are lavished on Americans of all races and classes, including Medicare, Medicaid, ADC, Subsidized housing, Pell Grants, Food Stamps, and hundreds of other programs will be but a distant memory. It is just a matter of time before our citizens will have to assume responsibility for themselves and their families. Just as our grandparents did.
    Consider Libertarianism as an alternative to the madness of Democrats and Republicans!