The Not-So-Veiled Threat to Non-Muslims in Tennessee

Janet Levy, American Thinker, June 7, 2013

The attempted snow job by the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) of Tennessee which sponsored the joint Department of Justice/FBI event, “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society,” Tuesday night in Manchester, Tennessee, did not work with the 2,000 attendees. Claims that American Muslims are loyal citizens, partners in counterterrorism investigations, part of radicalization prevention efforts, and an integral part of American society for centuries fell flat, especially coming from the host organization that was formed only two years ago in response to anti-shariah legislation in the Volunteer State.

A well-informed crowd responded with calls of “taqiyyah” when members of AMAC, a group that bills itself as “a bridge between the Muslim community and law enforcement,” touted Muslim contributions to U.S. society and their dedication to upholding American values. (Taqiyyah doctrine obligates Muslims to deceive infidels as part the required effort or jihad to institute Islamic doctrine or shariah). In actuality, Muslim organizations have specifically instructed Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement and have demanded that all counterterrorism-training materials be expunged of critical references to Islam and Muslims, as well the training instructors fired or retrained who fail to follow along.

When it became clear at Tuesday’s event that the promulgation of lies was falling on deaf ears, one AMAC speaker resorted to shaming the audience for their alleged rudeness and intolerance. In the crowd’s defense, the passionate response was one of righteous anger against a doctrine that increasingly threatens Western civilization and values in the wake of the Boston bombings and the murder and beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby. That indignation was also a response to the hypocrisy of a program designed to falsely portray Muslims as victims of prejudice in dire need of special civil rights protection from hate crimes. No mention was made of jihadist acts, honor killings, demands for special accommodations, and the Muslim disinclination to assimilate to American cultural norms.

To further insult the crowd, the AMAC speaker showed a condensed version of the video “Welcome to Shelbyville” in which Tennesseans were portrayed as ignorant, bigoted rednecks. The rejection of the Muslim presence in Tennessee was explained away by previous resistance to integrating blacks and Hispanics. The situation was addressed as one of racism and fear of the unknown rather than a very real fear of what Islamic doctrine requires Muslims to do. This was an educated crowd well aware that Islamic doctrine clearly states that Muslims must not befriend non-Muslims and are required to wage jihad to establish a global Islamic government under shariah. Attendees appeared very familiar with the enemy threat doctrine, Muslim aspirations to replace the Constitution with shariah, and ubiquitous calls from Muslims for “death to America” and “death to Christians and Jews.”

It is particularly telling that no other group in the United States has been the focus of such a degree of attention and outreach, although FBI religious hate crime statistics from 2009 indicate that Jews are more than eight times more likely to be victims of religious hate crimes than Muslims. Yet there is no special protection afforded to Jews, no events announcing the prosecution of individuals who post material offensive to Jews, nor outreach programs to the American Jewish community to better serve their interests. When it comes to Jews and Christians, offensive remarks and portrayals are permitted under the First Amendment.

It is truly remarkable that the mission of an entire government agency, NASA, was reconfigured from space exploration and aerospace technology to Muslim outreach by the Obama administration in 2009. At that time, Obama required NASA to reach out to Muslims and help them “feel good about their historic contributions to science, math, and engineering.”

Recently, Obama announced that he was launching the Muslim Outreach Summit to elicit feedback from American Muslims on how the government can better serve them. It is unprecedented for any group in the U.S. to receive this level of special consideration.

Following the Benghazi attack, Obama went to the UN and announced, “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” and that “Intolerance is a form of violence.” He didn’t reference the desecrations of images of Jesus Christ and churches or voice concern about Holocaust denial. He mentioned only the criticism of Islam as a cause for concern and a reason to curtail free speech rights. Let us not forget that in the “Audacity of Hope,” Obama avowed, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

DOJ attorney Bill Killian addressed the crowd by reading statutes verbatim from PowerPoint slides that defined hate crimes, civil rights violations, and federally prescribed violations and penalties. Prior to the event, he had released this statement: “This is an educational effort with civil rights laws as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion…. This is also to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are.” However, the DOJ and FBI have not scheduled meetings addressing the concerns of any other group but Muslims. Twelve such outreach sessions are planned for Tennessee alone.

FBI Special Agent Kenneth Moore ridiculed the idea that the evening was intended to threaten citizens with the possibility of prosecution and imprisonment for offending Muslims. He pointed out that despite the raucous conduct exhibited during the event and the protests, no one would be arrested that evening as evidence of the government’s commitment to the First Amendment. However, the crowd remained unconvinced that their free speech rights were not in jeopardy at some future point as part of the government’s program to accommodate the demands of Muslim and Islamic doctrine.

The event presented messages on two levels. Overtly, Muslims attempted to airbrush their image in America as having nothing to do with supremacy, triumphalism, and terrorism. A few hijabed members of the AMAC even sported T-shirts with messages supporting the First Amendment to apocryphally showcase their dedication to American principles and laws.

As for government officials, they ostensibly conducted an informational session on legal statutes related to offensive statements and reassured the crowd that arrests would not take place. But the covert message was clear: This event was held to reinforce the supremacy of Muslims and their civil rights as no other group has been afforded this level of deference or accommodation. It was a veiled threat to non-Muslims that Muslims and Muslims alone will receive special protection by the government and hate crime prosecutions are on the table at some future point. Americans beware.

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  • StillModerated

    An ominous portent at best. But it’s good to see Tennesseans standing up against mohammedan lies.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Note that the Muslims appeared at this event wearing First Amendment t-shirts.

      However their cousins in Europe demand that all critics of the Religion Of Peace receive jail sentences for “hate speech”,

      • David Ashton

        How about turning up on such occasions, with identical false masks with beards, and identical pyjamas, and carrying the “Eurabian” placards: “BEHEAD ALL ENEMIES OF ISLAM”, “INFIDELS BURN IN HELL”, &c

  • PesachPatriot

    The religion of peace may have bitten off a bit more than they could chew here. Tennesseans are not gullible new yorkers or michiganers who will allow muslims to strut around like they own the place and cause the kind of trouble they cause in London or Paris. There are probably more AR-15 rifles in the volunteer state than in NY, NJ, CT and MA combined….any attempts to impose shari’a there will be over in about 45 minutes….any good old boys reading this, save your bacon and sausage grease and use it to coat your ammo.

    • [Guest]

      Ever hear of Murfreesboro, Tennessee?

      • PesachPatriot

        They were trying to build some mosque there I think and the local community protested it….I don’t know too much else about that situation. I never knew there were a lot of muslims in TN….i thought most of america’s arab/muslim population was in dearborn michigan, jersey city, LA, San Francisco and the NY metro area.

        • Ice Queen

          They’re everywhere. A friend of mine asked me if I knew where the first Mosque in America was built. I guessed a big city. The answer is Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1934. It’s actually the second, the first one built in Ross, North Dakota in 1929, but was torn down and replaced.

          • MuslimFreeAmerica

            About 20 miles south of Toledo, Ohio, on the east side of I-75, there it is, a gold domed mosque in the middle of a field. This thing is huge and looks 100% ALIEN to America. Totally foreign and grotesque.

          • Ice Queen

            It makes you wonder. I suppose if you are going to take over a country, it would be strategic to plant Mosques and Muslims all over the country in smaller towns, and not just big cities. Reminds me of the game of Risk. I don’t think it’s an accident.

          • hastings88

            I drove by the mosque in Toledo. It is an enormous eyesore, and I had the same reaction you did: this is utterly alien. I honked my horn as I went by. Hope I didn’t disturb anyone shouting “death to Amrika.”

        • [Guest]

          Well, the Muhammadans built their mosque in Murfreesboro over any and all objections. And, of course, those who dared object were portrayed nationally as evil bigots. The Muhammadan won in a rout on both fronts.

          Have you heard of Shelbyville, Tennessee?

          The Muhammadans, often funded by the Saudis and with full support of the federal government of the United States, are fundamentally transforming many small and midsize U.S. towns. And while doing it they’re living off of taxpaying citizens.

          • NM156

            The Murfreesboro Mohammedans know they are unwelcome and have experienced great prejudice by the locals. Sounds like a victory.

    • Jackryanvb

      Yeah, but these same AR-15 types strongly support ridiculous Neo Con wars against Iraq, even against our kinsmen the White Serbs. I worked very hard innTennesse opposing Bush Sr’s first war against Iraq, quoted Buchanan, Lindbergh, George Washington and outside of a small group of solid Populist Party activists, most people in Tennessee believed and supported all the Neo Con nonsense that we were…

      Fighting for Democracy and Freedom

      • Devil’s advocate: Iraq the First was the first such belligerent action, and it is debatable whether neo-conservatism was the driving force behind it, because neo-cons and Bush 41 didn’t exactly see eye to eye. Neos were actually upset that 41 didn’t march all the way into Baghdad and topple Saddam the first time; he called it a win after the Iraqi military was driven out of Kuwait.

        Would the same people of Tennessee, if you asked them now, support belligerent action against Syria?

        • jackryanvb

          Pat Buchanan had this one cold straight out.

          The only people pushing for this war were….

          (not a topic that can be discussed on

      • ATBOTL

        That’s the problem with conservative whites, especially Southerners. It doesn’t do any good how heavily armed they are if they can’t tell friend from foe. Conservative Southerners are not politically sophisticated people and are easily manipulated by neocons and other elements of the establishment into going against their own interests.

        • OTOH, the white southerner is the only kind of person who has historically (even if not presently) demonstrated the ability to organize and sustain a multi-generational region-wide political movement revolving around white racial consciousness.

          Unless you and I are on different wavelengths about the definition of “white racial consciousness.”

        • OlderWoman

          ATBOTL: Get your head out of your ass and stop your condemnation of Conservative Southerners. We’re far more sophisticated than you. We can smell the enemy from a mile away. We stick up for our own kind. And we don’t like being forced to live among anyone not of our beliefs. You and your asinine attitude aren’t welcome here.

        • Nate

          Take it easy there friend, thats like saying all northerners are easily swayed by radical PC ideologies. Lose the carpet bagger mentality from the 19thhigh century already..

          • MikeofAges

            I thought the carpetbaggers were in the North these days, posing as community oriented conservatives in order to get elected. I think they are rife in the state legislatures and city councils all over the Northeast, and in any place there is a middle class community all over the northern tier. In California, they don’t have to masquerade so much.

        • whitecross

          That’s what I keep saying. We need a political consciousness based on the promotion of our race,culture, and law.

          Something like that, if coupled with the proper education, cannot be perverted,because those who would do so would not be welcome in the first place.

    • sbuffalonative

      Correction: That’s The Religions of Pieces (as is blowing things up into pieces).

      I sure hope you’re right about Tennesseans fighting the good fight. They could easily win if not for the next moves of the federal government. Will the feds force them to include and tolerate Mooselimbs?

      These people wouldn’t be a problem anywhere if it wasn’t for the meddling of the government. They’re not wanted and they shouldn’t be welcomed.

  • David Ashton

    The future does not belong to those who criticize Muhammad?

    Is the POTUS now a self-appointed Sword of the Prophet PBUH?

    • Mr Plankton

      I try to pay as little attention to rambling, nonsensical tripe that spews forth from the idiotic mulatto’s mouth as I possibly can. It makes for a much more pleasant day.

      • gemjunior

        Longlegged MacDaddy Halfbreed.

      • Jesse James

        Unfortunately no matter if you ignore his “nonsensical tripe” or not it is his thoughts and those of progressive socialist like him that is determining governmental policy. It is the insane left who are appointing judges, making law and ordering the huge federal executive branch to take all manner of actions that would have been undreamed of by earlier president’s. Actions that are clearly illegal and yet consistently unchallenged by the Republicans, the Press or our Judiciary.

  • gordon ramsey

    Funny look how long it took for the justice department to admit that the Mafia which is an exclusivly a organization composed of italians even existed.Ever the since the movie the Godfather dozens of movies have been made about the Mafia.Yet the justice department made no effort to convince people to not stereotype italians or make jokes about italians being gangsters.But in the movie Sum of All Fears they replaced muslim terrorist who set off a nuclear bomb at the super bowl with neonazis.They did not want to offend muslims.But if you are white its open season.Offend away.Even cheerios stands by its offensive television ads.

    • MBlanc46

      The FBI’s refusal to acknowledge the mob had nothing to do with political correctness. Hoover wanted to concentrate on infiltrating radical groups and gathering dirt on politicians so that he had something to use on them to increase his own power. He had little interest in real criminals. If he said they didn’t exist, he didn’t have to bother himself catching them.

      • Bill

        Actually, Jedger (Hoover) was two things: a compulsive gambler and a flaming homo. The mob had his markers, and the mob had pics of Hoover dressed in drag and fornicating with men. Hence, Hoover left the mob alone. He DID, however, learn from them, spending his entire career compiling files on those he wished to control, or wished to destroy in like manner. He absolutely hated the Kennedys.

        • IstvanIN

          He absolutely hated the Kennedys.

          See, everyone has a good side!

          • Hoover particularly hated Bobby. Bobby was Attorney General from 1961 to 1964, so technically Hoover worked for Bobby. Bobby wanted to go after the Mafia, and that was something Hoover simply couldn’t do.

          • jane johnson

            If RFK had lived and become president, he would’ve gone after the mob AND Hoover. So…did Sirhan act on his own? We’ll never know for sure, but the fact that he was Palestinian makes me think that there was a third player who’d had enough of Kennedys in the White House.

          • MikeofAges

            Interesting. After all this time, a motive. I did support Robert Kennedy in 1968, and would have voted for him if there had been an 18-year-old voting age back then. But I lived in Chicago (in Mr. Obama’s neighborhood) at the time, It was almost impossible there to be other than a Democrat. In retrospect, I have to say that you didn’t really need a reason to dislike Robert Kennedy.

            Actually, in spite of his many primary wins, notably in California, there is reason to doubt that Kennedy would have been the Democratic nominee. Reportedly, Hubert Humphrey, who had the support of Lyndon Johnson and apparently Richard J. Daley, already had enough delegate votes lined up to win the Democratic nomination.

            The New Left-counterculture crowd disdained Humphrey because he represented the Old Left and labor-oriented nationalist liberalism. They, as a result, facilitated the election of Richard Nixon, and ended up, within limits, getting much of what they wanted out of Nixon. Above all, the institution of the disparate impact (affirmative action) system.

          • jane johnson

            The gift that keeps on giving! Incidentally, you have a few years on me, but my first presidential ballot was in ’76 for Jimmy Carter. My Dad was also a Navy guy, and liked him because of his military service. After Nixon, Carter came across as honest, if somewhat naive politically. Needless to say, he’s been a much better ex-President than he was as an incumbent.

          • MikeofAges

            I can’t say agree with your evaluation of Jimmy Carter as an ex-president. He has been a far worse ex-president than he was president, and he was darn bad as president. The executive summary of his career as ex-president might go like this: “Never met a dictator he didn’t love.”

            I credit him with a couple of accomplishment as president, however. He did seek to create some kind of reconciliation post-Vietnam war, and was successful to the extent that there is no great reservoir of personal bitterness between the two large factions, pro and against.

            He also put pressure on the Soviet Union to adhere to the human rights protocols in Helsinki Accords. The Soviet Union, needing to curry the favor of leftists in the West, allowed liberalization in Eastern Europe in matters like travel and freedom of expression. This started the chain of events which led to so-called Fall of Communism. The fact that the Soviet Union survived less than two decades after Helsinki is not lost on the Maoist regime in China. They are in no hurry to work out a similar strategic settlement of the post-World War II issues in the Far East.

            Another accomplishment I attribute to Carter has nothing to do with his political career. I believe the concept for the Star Trek television series was based on the nuclear navy. Maybe you can draw a line from Jimmy Carter to Captain Kirk. Carter served in the submarine service, but apparently never served on a nuclear submarine or, as is seemingly believed, commanded a nuclear submarine. He left the Navy in 1953 subsequent to the death of his father that year. He was not all bad. He had a successful career in the military and in farming and business after that. But he was an abysmal failure in high politics.

        • MBlanc46

          The cross-dressing has been alleged, and maybe it’s so, but the evidence is far from overwhelming.

          • jane johnson

            I’ve seen vacation videos of him and Clyde Tolson, and believe me, they were more than friends. Wonder if they’d go the gay marriage route today; they were companions for many years. Spent a lot of time at racetracks. As for the Kennedys, the mob had plenty on them, too, going back to old Joe and bootleg liquor.

          • MBlanc46

            There was certainly something between Hoover and Tolson, but no one really knows what it was. The cross-dressing reports are something else, it’s possible that they’re accurate but they might well be fabricated. Joe Kennedy certainly had sleazy connections. I don’t know to what extent Jack was involved with hoods, but he did share Judith Exner with Sam Giancana.

          • jane johnson

            There are so many rumors and conspiracy theories, not to mention “tell-all” books, relating to those days, and the various connections involved that I don’t think that anyone knows the whole story. Plus, the media, such that it was, considered it unseemly, and possibly unhealthy, to reveal what they knew about certain situations. The JFK-Marilyn Monroe thing is a cottage industry in itself.

          • MBlanc46

            You’re right, and my life is too short to pay much attention to the Kennedys. I’ll be glad when Caroline shuffles off so that the last of them will be gone and, if not forgotten, at least no longer in the news. (As I’m older than she is, alas, I might not live to see that.)

          • MikeofAges

            Hoover and Tolson possibly could have been just friends. You have to understand the old school way of life, something I have a little foot in, but most other people don’t. In the old school, it was quite possible for two bachelor men to have dinner together daily and share other activities and not have any relationship other than as friends and, in their case, as business or professional associates. Not that the possibility of their having a more intimate relationship is precluded either.

            What you have to be aware of, however, is that it is possible for an individual to have a “kink”, that is to say, a preference for a particular sexual activity or type of partner. The idea of a “kink” can cover a broad spectrum of predilections, but usually includes both the actvity and the gender, age and physical characteristics of the partner. An example of a “kink”, and let’s stick to one that’s legal, would be a professional man who wanted to hook up with buxom, undereducated 20-year-old redheads and who had very specific activities he wanted to engage in.

            Apart from the suspicions about his relationship with Tolson, the one single thing I have heard about Hoover that seems the most ominous was his ostentatious friendship with Fr. Edward Flanagan, the founder and director of Boys Town, an orphanage and residential school for troubled and abandoned boy located near Omaha, Nebraska. Before anybody runs off with this idea, I studied the issue of Flanagan himself, and concluded that he, personally, had never engaged in any misconduct with boy or any young people and did not functions as an enabler of the same on the part of other people. But there was some at the institution, no surprise. He may, like many other people, have been in denial about the issue.

            Hoover apparently visited Boys Town several times a year, although that fact either is not played up or overlooked entirely in today’s accounts of his life and career. What I do remember myself is decades ago seeing an old black-and-white documentary in which a Hoover visit to Boys Town was recounted, replete with dramatic nighttime shots of a passenger train pulling through a rail yard on the way to Omaha station.

            At the time the documentary was made, which might have been in the 1950s, his friendship with Flanagan would not have led to the same suspicions it would today.

        • jackryanvb

          Right wing homos are a special type.

          Ernst Rohm
          J Edgar Hoover

          • jane johnson

            Yep….how conservative can you be with a…oh, never mind.

        • Meyer Lansky and Joe Costello were the ones who “fixed” Hoover. They did pay him for favors, however. He would be told when to bet at certain horse races and which horses to bet on, so his payoffs could be conveniently disguised as race winnings.

          • jane johnson

            Being of 100% Italian descent, I’ve always been fascinated with the Mafia, and read pretty much every book written by or about them, and the guys who’ve been after them for so long. How did we get from DaVinci to Gotti, anyway? While a lot of made guys, even bosses, were pure thugs like Genovese and Gotti, others were Fortune 500 material, had they gone legit. Luciano and Gambino Sr. come to mind. Meyer Lansky, though not a paisan, fit in that category, too. All three were ruthless, and didn’t shy away from using violence when necessary, but tended to use it sparingly since it was considered bad for business.

          • I knew a Mafia boss in prison, Vincent “The Chin” Gigante. He didn’t talk much, and finally died in there.

            There was another one of “those types”, approximately my age, who played the most beautiful game of chess I’ve ever seen, and who used to plan out small business start-ups in meticulous detail. He’d send off for any extra information he needed. I really thought he wanted to go legit, and figured he’d get himself a government small business loan and just do one of his start-ups once he was out.

            Nope; he went straight back to that “stuff” and from there straight back to federal prison, all this before I was released in 2003. His new out-date is sometime in 2036. It is a complete shame and a total waste. There’s no “romance” in that lifestyle: only tragedy.

          • jane johnson

            The Chin was an interesting guy. While he was head of the Genovese Family, he was often seen wandering his neighborhood in a bathrobe mumbling to himself. He was attempting, unsuccessfully, as you know, to establish grounds for an insanity defense, in the event that he was ever arrested. The NY media dubbed him “the Oddfather”. To this day, many of his relatives are “involved” in the longshoremens union, and draw astronomical salaries. Last year, his daughter married her long-time girlfriend, and claimed that her father had given his blessing from beyond the grave.

          • I met him without knowing who he was at first. Prison manners are such that one asks whether it is OK to sit and eat with strangers. The chow hall was full, so I asked. Mr. Gigante said it was OK, so I sat and ate with them.

            One of my friends later asked me “What were you eating with him for?”

            “Him?” “Him who?” I replied.

            In my secret identity as Captain Oblivious, I just didn’t know who he was.

          • jane johnson

            I’m pretty sure you mean Frank Costello, but good point.

          • About Hoover? Yes. My bad.

    • Jefferson

      The difference between The Italian Mafia and Islamic Jihadists is that the Italian mob overwhelmingly murdered people who are in the same business profession as them, meaning other criminals. The Italian Mafia rarely murdered non criminals.

      Muslim Jihadists will murder ANYBODY, which in the vast majority of cases include innocent civilians.

      The vast majority of people who died in Muslim terrorists attacks in Barcelona, London, New York City, etc were NOT criminals.

      Islamic Jihadists are like serial killers on steroids, because they murder on a much bigger scale than serial killers.

      • jane johnson

        Um…Italian Mafia members did not have a policy, no, make that a categorical imperative, to destroy everyone who refused to join their organization.

        • PesachPatriot

          Good point…the only non made people who were ever on the receiving end of mob violence were gamblers who welched on their debts, people who couldn’t cover the vig to loan sharks or guys who caused trouble in mob run strip clubs and bordellos….I don’t recall Gambino’s or Luciano’s ever taking random civilians hostage and beheading them on TV, flying planes into building or strapping dynamite to their kids to blow up buses.

          • jane johnson

            They were really good at “enhanced interrogation”, too. Could you even imagine some raghead trying to build a mosque in Little Italy back in the day?

          • PesachPatriot

            I could definitely see a few goombah’s in track suits beating muhammad and ahmed senseless with some gabagool and prosciutto if they called italian girls sluts and whores for dressing in something other than a burlap sack.

          • jane johnson

            That’s a GREAT visual! Thanks!

    • The__Bobster

      When in doubt, those who run Hollywood will insert a Nazi villain – better yet, a White Nazi from South Africa. (Check out one of the “Lethal Weapon” movies.)

  • Cue the accusation that we shouldn’t care about this, that it’s all a matter of “The Jooooooz” goading us to hate Muslims in three, two, one…

    • Largo

      You can be sure that “The Joooooz” are fine with Muslims in Tennessee. It is the Christians they loathe. Muslims in North America, Europe, and Australia now that a very good thing. Organize Jewry is all for the unlimited immigration of all the third world’s dross to all the Primarily white formerly Christian countries. Of course, Muslims in Palestine is a different matter entirely..

    • drekkkkk

      A lot of people ( myself included) think thats whats going on. You said yourself jewish groups support muslim immigration. That ” we shouldn’t care” bit is all you. I’ve never heard anyone else say that. They play both sides and rule by division, it’s not that complicated. Obviously their not monolithic, but the idea their not behind this is ridiculous.

  • wattylersrevolt

    The whole point of importing millions of high fertility muslims into our America is to have a very large and rapidly growing muslim voting block that will vote in every election to make Native Born White American Christians a racial minority as rapidly as possible within the borders of America. It is an all-out-and -out race war against Native Born White Americans.

    If the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had not been passed and if there had been a National Origins Immigration Policy that had been in place that completely excluded Muslims…9/11 would have Kolomogor0v’s 0-1 law…0 probability of occuring.

    The treasonous subhuman scum who are cheerleaders for massive levels of muslim legal immigration would have us believe that Native Born White Americans would never be able to manage without the muslims comming here…and would actually have a much lower standard of living if the muslims weren’t a bold-faced lie. There are no economic,demogrpahic,cultural and ecological reasons for importing even one muslim into our America..never was!!!

    When America was 90 percent Native Born White American…NASA…99 percent Native Born White American Male…America managed to put 12 Alpha Native Born White American Christian Males with advanced engineering degrees on the Moon..there hardly any muslims in our American during this time period.

    Anyone who claims that we need to import millions of high fertility muslims into our America to fight the war on terror should be put on trial for treason.
    What I have written above is exactly what Jared Taylor should be saying in public incessantly..we are in a state of emergency..instead he goes around the nation lecturing Native Born White Americans that they are intellectually inferior to the the asian legal immigrant. Am I being too harsh on Comrade Jared? I don’t think so.
    The day will come when every muslim in our America will be kicked out. I can’t think of a more unnatural presence in our America..on the level of the repellant Hmong.

    • seapeaMP

      You used a lot of words talking about White genocide w/o actually stating “It’s White genocide!” Let me help you out.

      Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians but White countries for EVERYBODY?

      That’s genocide, White GeNOcide!

      Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    • wattylersrevolt

      There is a very terrifying ecological dimension to muslim legal immigration. Muslims are another nonwhite blattaria species that will cause hyper-exponential nonwhite population growth in our at time when the White Liberal corporate endowed environmental organizations are demanding that Native Born White Americans to effectively stop breeding. Steve Sailer has written extensively about affordable family formation for young White Couples. Without a doubt, young Native Born White American Christian Males are competing for the scarce living and breeding space of our America with young muslim legal immigrant males looking to start a muslim blatarria geneline in our America. I can’t think of anything more outrageous than this. Shall we pave over Cherokee National Forest so that the young muslim male immigrants can have breedng and living space for their muslim blatarria geneline? Who is onboard with this? The “US” Military and its toady high ranking officer corp whose members includes degenerates such as General George Casey. Everyone here should be in favor of cutting the Pentagon budget by 90 percent..put the Pentagon out of bizzness…I’d rather be governed by pro-White-pro-Heterosexual Christian Mother Russia than subsidize this cabal of treasonous degenerates. The Pentagon is thoroughly evil.
      muslims =blattaria

  • wattylersrevolt

    The limitless greed of the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class reequires the demographic destruction of the Native Born White American Christian Majority via the importation of high fertility muslim legal immigrant scab labor…and this limitless greed of the psychopathic Greed Cheating White Liberal Class also requires defecating on America’s enormous natural beauty by allowing its muslim legal immigrant scab labor to build mosques from sea to shinning sea..mohammad..a filthy pig degenerate..smiles from his perch on a bright moon tonight.
    As far as the psychopathically degenerate White Liberal Greedy Class is concerned…the greatest crime being committed by millions of Ordinary Native Born White Christian Americans is their demand for a high wage economy…for this “terrible” crime…we must be demographically destroyed by mohammad the blattaria and his muslim legal immigrant high fertility blattaria infestation of our America.

    • wattylersrevolt

      Unless the muslim is deported out of our Christian America..the Native Born White Christian Southern Women of Tennesse will be gang raped by them to such a scale that every Native Born White American Male in Tennesee will have emerged from a White Mother whose Southern Male White Christian Husband was forced to wait behind a pack of paki muslim vermon before he could initiate the conception of the future Sothern White Chrstian Male Geneline.
      This is exactly the paki muslim strategy in Sweden,Norway, and England…the mass gang rape of European Women.
      If you are sitting in a college football stadium this fall in the American South..all you Southern White Christian Males will be directly responsible for this high probability future occuring. You can either revolt against the future gang raping of the White Mother of your future White Son..or, you can sit in a college football stadium this fall and yell..Roll Tide!!!! You can’t do both. Are you a faggot or not a faggot?

      • Jackryanvb

        That’s a bit rough. White Southerners like football, too bad SEC Football players are now all Black slave gladiators, except for my school -Vanderbilt.

        Try to get White Southerners to move away from football to supporting hockey.

        But Whites in the South are generally solid White people, very solid on immigration. Make bad Muslim immigrants the poster bad guy immigrant invaders and you/we will win.

        Opposing Muslim immigrant terrorism, rapists is easy – don’t make things complicated. Osama Bin Laden ain’t one of us just because he hates Israel.

        • jane johnson

          UF isn’t like that at all, and has turned out some decent men, not just football players. Tim Tebow, Danny Wuerffel, Chris Collinsworth, and Emmitt Smith come to mind. Can’t recall a single Vandy ex-jock that did much of anything. And don’t even get me started on Vanderbilt himself. You know he was in shipping, right?

          • jackryanvb

            The Bears QB Jake Cutler is from “Vandy” (hate that name). Well last New Years Eve I was on Broadway in Nashville with lots of pretty young gals, Vanderbilt was playing in a bowl game (We won our first bowl game since World War II) and we were acknoweldged as THE best college football team in the great state of Tennessee….

            That was at least enough to get the pretty gals to talk with me.


          • jane johnson

            Works for me. Peyton Manning’s ego turned me against the Vols forever. I’m so glad he lost the Heisman (twice), and never beat Florida once.

          • edwina

            Peyton Manning is the greatest role model, esp. for white kids, in the last 50 yrs.

          • jane johnson

            He was an egotistical jerk at the University of Tennessee, but I think that the humbling experience of being passed over twice for the Heisman, despite the fact that his dad was on the committee, made him a much better person. His athletic talent and leadership skills were never in question, but his character was. As he matured, though, he did become the excellent role model that you describe.

  • guest

    Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society. Don’t you just love how these clowns use touchy-feely names like that to mask their real malevolent intentions?

    It’s great to know that those in Tennessee aren’t falling for this. These diversity lies can’t fool people forever. Some might catch on to it eventually, and others were never fooled by it to begin with.

  • OnGuard

    If belief is decisive, Islam is militant, Christianity milquetoast. In population, Islam is exploding, the West dying. Islamic warriors are willing to suffer defeat and death, the West recoils at casualties. They are full of grievance; we, full of guilt. Where Islam prevails, it asserts a right to impose its dogma, while the West preaches equality. Islam is assertive, the West apologetic – about its crusaders, conquerors and empires. ref. Patrick Buchanan

    Muslims come as wolves in sheep’s clothing, but start to show their true colors as they grow in numbers, in any country. At 1%, as in the US, Canada and Australia, they are seen as peaceful and even “colorful”.
    2-3%, Germany, UK, Denmark, they begin to recruit from disaffected groups, as in jails and youth gangs.
    5%, as in Holland, Sweden, France, they start to exercise an inordinate influence, pushing for halal foods, thereby securing food prep jobs for Muslims, and pressure on supermarkets to sell their products. Then they start pushing for Shariah law. At 10%, increased lawlessness and threats as a means of complaint about their conditions, or “offence” against Islam, as in India, Israel, Kenya. At 20%, hairtrigger rioting, jihad militia formation, church and synagogue burnings (Ethiopia). 40%, widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, ongoing militia warfare (Lebanon, Chad, Bosnia). From 60%, unfettered persecution of non-believers, ethnic cleansing, use of Shariah as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels (Sudan, Qatar, Albania).

    • Jackryanvb

      Is “Jizya” the name for the tax Muslims impose on us non-Muslims?

      This is a powerful propaganda subject for our side as American Conservatives are always obsessed with “taxes”. So try to find some ugly, racially alien Paki Muslim cleric who wants to put a big Jizya on Whites in Middle Tennessee to pay for child care services for the hordes of ugly Muslim devil childs in Bangledesh, Somalia – pay for these Muslim child centers in the Tennessee home town of Charlie Daniels. Also, try to have public displays of Christmas banned in Tennessee because it offends Muslim immigrants, who census projections indicate will be the majority in Tennessee. Also put up posters soliciting contributions for Muslim immigrant relocation to Tennessee. Use pictures of really large, dirty Afghan Muslim families, support extending affirmative action preferences to polygamist Muslim immigrants – warn White 20 something’s to cover up legs, arms and even faces as Muslim culture is that this shows the women are whores and deserve to be raped. Have some fun out there.

  • evilsandmich

    FBI religious hate crime statistics from 2009 indicate that Jews are more than eight times more likely to be victims of religious hate crimes than Muslims.

    2009? Nice transparency Obummer. As well, it’d be interesting to know the percent of Muslims responsible for the Jewish religious hate. My guess would be: “disproportionate”.

  • Jackryanvb

    Our message works great in Tennessee, I lived there for 6 years – though White are prone for falling in to accepting Neo Con propaganda for foreign wars against Iraq, Iran etc. The Christian Zionist Religious not so Right is particularly bad.

    Most regular White folks in Tennessee are strongly against bad third world immigration, bad Muslims being the worst.

    Encourage nasty Muslims to threaten, insult regular White people in Tennessee, do the same with anti White cultural Marxists. Try to get them to ban Christmas in Tennessee, present Bapust Christianity as a “false religion” who’s priests are mostly homosexuals that molest children. Don’t try to get local Whites to accept wild conspiracy theories supposedly making Muslim immigrants look like terrorists.

    Make Muslim immigrant terrorists the main propaganda enemy, the reason to keep out all non White, 3rd world immigrants. It’s easy for regular folks in Tennessee to understand. Don’t make life complicated.

    14 Words

    • evilsandmich

      Just be grateful if you don’t have a Saudi Oil Mosque like the last two places that I lived. They like to set them up where white people live so that the muzzies can live in a nice neighborhood for a spell.

  • jeffaral

    Interestingly the all-powerful Jewish outfits and Media support Muslim mass invasion . Divide and conquer i guess.


    We see this every day, on every issue. From Islam being given special treatment above and beyond Christians, Jews and non believers. To illegal aliens being given special treatment above and beyond the American people themselves. Folks, it’s clear to see. Our Government has chosen sides, and it has sided with the enemy!

    Our Diversity Is Our Stremph – Its What Holds Us Together – O u r D i v e r s i t y I s O u r S t r e m p h – I t s W h a t H o l d s U s T o g e t h e r – O u r D i v e r s i t y I s O u r S t r e m p h – I t s W h a t H o l d s U s T o g e t h e r – O u r D i v e r s i t y I s O u r S t r e m p
    h – I t s W h a t H o l d s U s T o g e t h
    e r – O u r D i v e r s i t y I s O u r S t r e m p
    h – I t s W h a t H o l d s U s T o g e t h
    e r – C a n t Y o u T e l l ? ( Diversity’s Not Pulling Us Apart, Diversity is What’s Holding Us Together – Don’t Believe Your Eyes, Believe The Mantra! )

  • Romulus

    Having honored my country in the past, this blatant deceit offends me more than i can put into words. As reported last night on fox news, govt surveillance iz reaching new heights of deception. The moderator and NSA spying discourage me from saying how i really feel. So, i will say this! When people have nothing to lose, americans will remember who they are. The sand people arent the only ones with conviction. I dream of economic collapse, for in the ensuing chaos, Darwin will be proven right. All who betray the soul of america better pray that nothing goes awry with the economy. “From hells heart i stab at thee, for h###’s sake i spit my last breath at thee” HERMAN MELVILLE.

  • Q-ship

    If you examine their doctrine, you see it is literally impossible for a devout Muslim to be a loyal citizen of this country.

    End Muslim immigration.

  • MikeS

    It’s time for the pressure to be turned up on the muzzies. Start putting them on the spot in front of cameras with a large audience and ask them some questions concerning their “faith.”

    A few questions that could be asked are:

    1. What’s the punishment for apostate?
    2. Where are the so-called moderate muzzies?
    3. Would you perform or be involved in an “honor killing”?
    4. Would you marry a non-muslim? If not, why?
    5. How do you feel about videos on the internet showing children beheading “infidels” with swords, machetes or knives” in front of large audiences of fellow muzzies?
    6. Doesn’t it get old living in the 7th century while in the 21st century?
    7. And, oh yeah, what the hell is wrong with you people? I mean, really, come on, wth.

    • Spartacus

      “Where are the so-called moderate muzzies?”

      Extremist muslims are the ones that want to kill non-muslims. The moderates are the ones who only want to send them to prison or whip’em.

      • Strider73

        Unfortunately I can’t recall where I read it, but I vividly recall the sentence several years later: “The only peaceful Muslims are apostate Muslims.” Not recalling the source means I can’t properly credit the author, but if he/she reads it here, consider credit given.

        • OlderWoman

          I live in Tennesse. There is an Iranian woman who is a neighbor of mine. She claims she was a Sunni Muslim who converted to Catholicism. Bet she did that just so Catholic Charities would put her on the UNEARNED ‘gibs me dat’ roll. At any rate, I still don’t trust her one bit. Born a Muslim, always a Muslim as far as I am concerned.

  • bigone4u

    It’s good to see that many whites have a “bull detector,” otherwise known as a brain. Mine goes off every time anyone defends muzzies and when Obama speaks.

  • The__Bobster

    Yet there is no special protection afforded to Jews, no events announcing the prosecution of individuals who post material offensive to Jews, nor outreach programs to the American Jewish community to better serve their interests.

    Really? Ever been to NYC? The Chosen even have their own enforcers there.

    • Jackryanvb

      Google john Derbyshire’s very honest interview with the Jewish cultural magazine “Jewcy” on this subject.

      The witty Brit – “The Derb” is honest that he appreciates the positive contributions of the American Jewish community, but lives with a virtual sword across his neck prepared to have his career destroyed if he somehow got on the wrong side of the Jews. The Derb was subsequently fired and purged from respectable Conservative Inc. society for expressing common sense about Black crime realities in America.

      Neo Conservative Jews at National Review are not the only people persecuting Whites for speaking the truth about racial realities, but it’s a big problem.

  • HamletsGhost

    “Recently, Obama announced that he was launching the Muslim Outreach Summit to elicit feedback from American Muslims on how the government can better serve them. It is unprecedented for any group in the U.S. to receive this level of special consideration.”

    Manifestly FALSE! There is one such group that gets far above this level of consideration and has been for decades.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    A well-informed crowd responded with calls of ‘taqiyyah.’

    So patriotic Americans are supposed to defer to hostile Muslims whose organizations tell them “not to cooperate with law enforcement?”

    Looks like those “well informed” Tennesseans aren’t the ignorant, backwards rednecks the lefties in the media constantly tell us they are.


  • IKantunderstand

    My fellow (White) Americans: Make no mistake about what is happening here. Our government is doing everything it can do to wrest America away from us. It no longer matters that most of us have had ancestors who died in battle for this country. I don’t know about you, but if my ancestors who fought and died and lost limbs in the defense of this country, would have known ahead of time, that this country would end up like this, they would NOT have volunteered to fight. This country has become a scam. A scam perpetrated on our ancestors, and on us. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison would never EVER stand for this! Why are we?

    • teaisstronger

      We are the governments worst enemy and Muslims are our enemy too so Muslims are now the Governments best friend.

      • Other Guest

        It’s not the government per se. The orders are coming directly from one man who is in control of the government and we all know who that is. A man who was raised a muslim, is counted as a muslim because of his heritage, favors muslims in all things over all others, bows to them, directs govt resources specifically to muslims, goes out of his way to appoint them to high positions, wipes any negative inference to muslims from our enforcement agencies, doesn’t allow us to shot back at them in wars… Actions speak louder than claiming not to be one. We have been infiltrated.

        The UN (the creepiest place I have ever been) with a huge muslim block specifies who is a refugee and guess who they are also pushing into first world countries aka where the money is.

        • DiversityIsDeath

          Yes but that man, Obama, is just an in-over-his-head puppet who takes HIS orders from Tel Aviv.

          During an argument between the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, Peres said that Israle’s policies of continued violence might “turn the US against us”. To this Sharon retorted, “EVERY TIME WE DO SOMETHING, YOU TELL ME AMERICANS WILL DO THIS AND WILL DO THAT. I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING VERY CLEAR: DON’T WORRY ABOUT AMERICAN PRESSURE ON ISRAEL; WE, THE JEWISH PEOPLE, CONTROL AMERICA. AND THE AMERICANS KNOW IT.”

          — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001
          (IAP News)

  • Dagworthy
    • jane johnson

      Maybe it’s a ploy to get muzzies interested in the space program as a first step toward shipping them all off to Mars. I can wish, can’t I?

  • 5n4k33y35

    In America and Europe, both Jews and blacks are more special than Muslims. Muslims are not first tier of the ‘Progressive Elite’. (Muslims are a tier above ordinary straight white men in Prog Elite caste system… But they’re not 1st tier like Jews, Blacks, LGBT, Feminists.)

  • Lila Dennis

    Now I am confused. I thought that only one religious sect is in control of everything? Aren’t we under the complete control of the chosen ones? What has happened to the supreme and mystical power to those that possess the God-like ability to influence all behavior, all opinions, all laws, and all Gentiles?

    • White Elmo

      As stated in the article, unlike Muslims, Jews and Christians are given no special treatment by the government. Why you ask? Simple, race trumps religion and its open season on Whites. Whites of European descent.

      • MikeofAges

        Actually, Christianity is treated under antitrust law as a monopoly religion subject to special sanctions other religions are not subject to. This particularly is the case with evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity, which, as opposed to Roman Catholic and mainline Protestant Christianity, is unwilling to impose voluntary restrictions and “self-punishment” upon itself.

        Of course, if you were going to apply antitrust concept to religion, you would have to treat Islam likewise as a monopoly religion. See how far you get with that one.

  • Bubba

    “Obama required NASA to reach out to Muslims and help them “feel good about their historic contributions to science, math, and engineering.””

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    I know the outreach program wasn’t a law but this treads dangerously close to the line of separation of church and state. Ahh, the hypocrisy of leftist.

  • Major

    “the murder and beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby…”

    And thankfully many, many Brits have had enough and the EDL, English Defense League is getting into the streets and into their disgusting mooslem faces. It’s our turn and Tennessee has fired the first shot in the war against moooslem aggression and intolerance.

    Let it happen here.

  • Bob

    I and my entire extended family are Scots-Irish out of Tennessee and Kentucky…those Muslims will have no idea what hit them.

    • Major

      And they’re bruising for a bit more lash back I hope.

    • tombarnes

      Generally these kind of things are media wars. It is played out in the press which is usually biased.

      I watched the Orange in Ulster, my wife’s family is Orange, grandpa was in WW1 in the North Irish Horse(yes the Cavalry!), during the two decade media war, the “Troubles” 1970-1990, in Northern Ireland. These people, only about a million as I recall, gave the middle digit to the media for twenty years. It was Green v Orange and lets face it, the Green write all the stories out of New York. My impression was the Scotch Irish were real lousy Public relations types but unparallelled at not caring what others think. This latter characteristic is probably the most important armament in a media war.

      It also helped to have the English behind them who, at the time, were not willing to cut them loose. The Somme and the 36th and all that you know.

  • Southerncross

    “Yet there is no special protection afforded to Jews, no events
    announcing the prosecution of individuals who post material offensive to
    Jews, nor outreach programs to the American Jewish community to better
    serve their interests. When it comes to Jews and Christians, offensive
    remarks and portrayals are permitted under the First Amendment.”

    Really? Give me a break!

  • John Smith

    The three stages of Jihad:

  • Snowhitey

    “It is particularly telling that no other group in the United States has
    been the focus of such a degree of attention and outreach, although FBI
    religious hate crime statistics from 2009 indicate that Jews are more
    than eight times more likely to be victims of religious hate crimes than
    Muslims. Yet there is no special protection afforded to Jews, no events
    announcing the prosecution of individuals who post material offensive
    to Jews, nor outreach programs to the American Jewish community to
    better serve their interests. When it comes to Jews and Christians,
    offensive remarks and portrayals are permitted under the First

    Jews, not whites, are included in hate crimes laws. And, they sponsored many, if not most, of them. I do not know if I buy this little tidbit. Especially when it is part of a piece written by a woman named Levy. Just my opinion.

    • John

      Funny, your thoughts literally mirror my own.

  • HoneyBee

    Of course the traitor in chief will stand with a group that presents itself as a religion, but is actually a political activist enemy of America and our way of life and liberties. How dare he use our governmental agencies to promote a hate filled organization that is political in nature. Remember the liar in chief is in no way interested in the protection of America. His only goal is to fundamentally change the United States. That is by lying, cheating, and using his office to kill Americans inside of our own embassy’s. To use his position of power and cripple our country. He has no other ambition than to promote hate mongers that kill Americans, all the while he looks you in the eye and tells you tolerance for their violence is acceptable. It is time to evict the president from our highest office. He has qualified for impeachment, and now has qualified as a traitor of the United States. If this was a member of our military they would have been tried and convicted as an enemy of the state. Our congressional leaders need to move swiftly and use the constitution the president has attempted to executive order out of existence, and let the chips fall where they may. He has already created an air of volatility by pitting the races against one another. Now he is going to threaten every American that if they stand up and speak openly about their beliefs they will be arrested for hate speech. The very same thing he is doing! Make sure you say it loud and clear. Tennessee do not back down to the threat of a president that is doing the exact same thing. Only his way is by threatening to shove down our proverbial throats a political terrorist group.

  • wattylersrevolt

    I just read’s James Fulford’s response to someone who wrote in to today about the the Rigby murder in England. For the record the Afghanis who are being slaughetred in drone strikes by the US Military are in fact not terrorists. What exactly did they do to your family? Especially the Afghani kids who either blown to pieces and their parents in drone strikes. And you support this? What a loathsome character you are Fulford. And you seriously believe that Jorge W Bush’s intentions in Iraq were benign? Again, what a loathsome character you are.

    There was never any need to invade and occupy Afghanistan and slaughter Afghanis. A simple National Origins Immigration Policy that completely excluded Muslims would have completely prevented 9/11. And even after 9/11, A National Origins Immigration Policy and expulsions would have prevented every post-9/11 terrorist attacks on US Soil…with 0 need to occupy and slaughter Afghani Civilians. What a sicko you are.

    The beheading of Rigby was absoultely in response to the eviceration of Muslim Civilians by Blair,Bush and Obama. The English and Native Born White Americans are too lazy to think about the toxic interaction of immigration policy and foriegn policy.

    I saw a photo of a seven year old Afghani boy runnng around screaming after his parents were eviscerated in an drone strike. He as a sandy-hair little boy who looks like a nephew of mine and thousands of other White American kids…this photo haunts me to this day. just created another recruit for AL-Queda.

    James Fulford and Brenda Walker=war criminals!!

    • Perhaps that whole Taliban stuff wasn’t what that couple planned. Go cry me a river. The Taliban said they would allow Al Qaeda to use Trashcanistan as a sanctuary, so the gloves came off.

      Climb under your mommy’s skirts if you don’t like the way men fight real wars.

    • jackryanvb

      Piss off.

      Your kind always makes some excuse when nasty non White Muslims rape our women and murder our people. Murder and mayhem, terror, conquest and enslavement is what Islam does, has always done.

      100% of the rapes of Norwegian women in Oslo Norway are done by Muslim immigrants. Norway never made wars on Afghans or any Islamic nation.

      Do you ignore this months mass rioting by Blacks, Muslims in Sweden? Do the Swedes deserve to be terrorized, raped and killed in Sweden by Muslims because of some Swedish imperialism against Muslims?

      What utter rubbish. I detest White apologists for the worst Muslims.

    • Unperson

      James Fulford and Brenda Walker=war criminals!!

      And wattylersrevolt = lunatic.

  • libertarian1234

    If the authorities ever embark on a psy-ops strategy to create enough turmoil within the Muslim community to cause them to divert their entire attention away from conspiring to make Sharia law the law of the land all they have to do is “Westernize” their women.

    Just turn the feminists loose on them and in no time the men would be aghast at the large number of women who demanded to be imams. Or want to drive, etc.

    And of course in extreme cases there would be a sizeable number who insisted they be allowed to wear bikinis.

    And how much chaos and disunity would occur within the entire group if the men happened to stray into a nude bar and see their women pole dancing in the nude?

    I doubt there would be much of a push to Islamize this country if they encountered that.

    The West has much power and ability to create angst and turmoil that could well split the entire community apart.

    • I saw Iranian women in bikinis in Australia. They were cheering the Iranian soccer team when it came to play in Sydney. Once most of their clothes are off, young Iranian women actually look quite nice. Am I allowed to say that here?

      • jackryanvb

        There are higher caste, Whiter Iranians/Persians – mostly living abroad in places like Australia, California.

        Iran, is after all names after the “Aryans”.

        Westerners think all Iranians are dark, hairy Muslims like the dwarf leader of Iran and the masses of poor Iranians have bad genes are ugly. Iran became Muslim because they were conquered by ugly, nasty Muslim Arabs. Similar bad things happened to Whites in Sicily when Sicily was conquered by Arab Muslim Moors.

        London English people will not look good in Bikinis in a hundred years, unless our kinsmen find a way to expel the Muslim bad genes.

      • MikeofAges

        Yes you are. I have friend who agrees with that sentiment very strongly. An Italian Catholic, by the way. Normally, I would preface my remarks with “you may not know it”, but in your case you probably do. You have hit on one of the fault lines of the world conflict here. Cosmopolitanized and assimilated non-Europeans break away their culture and breed. Upwardly mobile Arab girls (or young women if you prefer) in European countries often have European boyfriends. Same for similar Arab guys. Both dress in contemporary clothing, go to clubs and work in offices. The Islamist response is a cultural response by those who are left behind. You can say the same thing about the drug gangs in Latin America. You can find the same thing even among Whites in America. All of these are manifestations of “blood and soil” cultural conservatism. In the case of Arabs in Europe, the “blood” part is portable, but still “blood” and the hope is to make the soil theirs one fine day.

        Back to Iran specifically, I have heard that the percentage of the Iranian population that is actually Persian is in decline and that Persians soon may be in the minority in their own historic land.

    • jackryanvb

      Sounds fun, but de-Islamicized Paki, Arab, Somalians tend to fall down in to low life criminality, become pimps, drug dealers, ghetto scum.

      It’s a lose, lose situation whatever way we allow these scum in to our White nations.

  • canto

    If you think devout Muslims might really be OK with free speech keep in mind that their perfect model for Muslim behavior, their beloved Muhammad, had a number of poets assassinated for criticizing him in their poetry

    Criticizing Muhammad will get you arrested & executed, per their laws, in a number of Islamic countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen.

    But Obama will defend Islam and help it along in the USA.

    • Ahem.

      Muhammad lost his virginity to his drunk mother in a pigsty.

      Bring it.

      I suspect after the first 30 or 40, the rest of Pisslam will find something else to do.

  • puller

    I, as a vet of marine corps and christian,although I fall short in my Christianity, have sat back and read comment after comment on various sites about the state of this country and I agree with most. But all I hear is if this happens or if the potus does that ,then we won’t stand for it. We all know this potus is either to stupid,just doesn’t care or has a very intricate plan for us. I pray its the former. In any case, my point is ,it’s way past time for words. Something has to be done before the path we are on spins out of control. I may offend some people but I as a christian believe in the support of Israel,we are all created equal and in life liberty and pursuit of happiness for all Americans. BUT when I see Islamic,muslim communities rooting in my back yard I think the time for talk is over. I will not sit back and watch as they pave the way for sharia law for my children. I am no racists and I know I will be labeled as such. I have seen what they are capable of and it has to stop. I see org that say they are gonna do lots of things but all it seems to be is talk. A lot of hard talk and no follow through. I’m through talking but I stand alone,it seems