A new study by researchers at the University of Michigan, the University of Illinois, and the University of Florida disputes the findings of earlier research published in the American Economic Review that suggested that Major League Baseball umpires discriminated in favor of pitchers of their same race in making calls for balls and strikes.

The new study examined ball and strike calls for millions of pitches between 1997 and 2008. The study used new data and reexamined the data from the previous study.

Jason Winfree, associate professor of sports management at the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology and a co-author of the study, states, “Based on what we found, it’s (discrimination) certainly not conclusive, and we could make an argument that there’s actually reverse discrimination if you look only at averages. Our point is that with something like this you want to look at the data a lot of different ways and see if you get a consistent result each time with each method. It’s a pretty bold claim to say there is racial discrimination.”

The study appears on the website of the Journal of Sports Economics and may be accessed here.


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  • The dork in Orlando with a fax machine is crying in his beer.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Hey, leave Richard Lapdog alone. He could someday head the $PLC when Morris Sleaze retires.

  • a multiracial individual

    Baseball lovers have more respect for their game than any other sports fans.

    • MBlanc46

      Which is why I gave up on major league baseball two decades ago.

  • MBlanc46

    If it were true, it would be a sound reason for re-establishing segregated leagues.


    Just another example of how the “racism industry” will set out on a crusade to find racism, and whether it’s there or not, they’ll find it. In other words, genuine white racism is so rare that the “racism industry” has to make it up as they go. Otherwise, they’d be out of a job.

    • Romulus

      Exactly! Case in point, the rev. Al and j. Jackson!

      • The__Bobster

        The $PLC.

        • Romulus

          Oh yes! I almost forgot!


            Well, if we’re gonna make a list here lets not forget about the Grand Daddy of the “racism industry”, the NAACP. Ah yes, the NAACP, old enough to remember what actual white racism looked like, and now that there’s so few cases of genuine white racism to feed off. They’ve been reduced to gaining their sustenance by pointing at talking graduation cards, hearing things that aren’t there, and screaming “RACIST”!!! ( As Seen In The Photo Below )

            If you’re not familiar with the case just Google “NAACP says Hallmark card is racist”. And you’ll see the ridiculous lengths to which the aging NAACP is willing to go to validate their existence.

          • Romulus

            I laugh now when people call me named. I don’t care what anyone thinks. Liberals believe that if we all just bend over backwards and embrace the whole world well all just come together dude! They are are so blind. Why would we trade the rule of our majority to anybody else? I know the past and so what? Can anybody say with a straight face that the world is going to produce one people or somehow give 7.2 billion people the American dream. The only people who’s birthrate is crashing is ours. Even if we were racist in the past, would I trade that for black racism, or muzzy domination? Hell the muzzies cousins now run the country.
            FUN FACT: Guess what “tribe” all 16 original members of the NAACP belong to!

          • texasoysterman


          • Luis

            I know! The sons of Abraham, right?


            All apologies for the delayed response friend, but as it often does life came calling and it was once again off to earn a living for me. Regrettably I must confess that I don’t know what tribe the original 16 NAACP members belonged to. However, I can say that I am certainly quite curious to find out. So what tribe might that be Romulus?

  • JackKrak

    Is there anything too ridiculous, too absurd, too utterly bizarre that can’t be the basis for charges of “racism”?

    Balls and strikes? Really?

    How about “racism” in the way that traffic lights change? The frequency of car commercials on tv? The subject of Final Jeopardy?

    (BTW – remember that the same people who see racism in the way that cereal is packaged don’t see any racial aspect whatsoever to crime, the knockout game or a billion other indices of black social pathology…)

    • MekongDelta69

      Is there anything too ridiculous, too absurd, too utterly bizarre that can’t be the basis for charges of “racism”?

      Short answer – NO
      Long answer – I’m gonna go with NO for a thousand, Alex.

      • clorox power

        “whew we were worried” … Jared Taylor is def Improv comedian material. So what about this white baseball? Isnt that racist? What about using a black baseball? Isnt it true that blacks like football better because the ball is not white but a dark brown color? They also liked basketball better because the ball was orangish brown too? So if footballs and basketballs were white the black players would yell racism and leave the game? Didn’t blacks hate lynching mainly because a white rope was always used? What if they had used only black ropes? We know blacks refuse to buy white cars and paint their homes anything but white too.

        • Strider73

          They also liked basketball better because the ball was orangish brown too?

          Well, the old ABA used a red/white/blue ball (feeble attempt at patriotism?). And the WNBA uses a white & bright orange ball.Perhaps in the near future they will adopt pink & white or all pink, given how lesbians are its #1 target demographic.

  • Bobby

    Your hard earned tax dollars at work.

    • Mr Potato

      This rubbish really has to be culled from universities. I mean a study over eleven years from three different universities for this?
      What ‘discipline umbrella’ does this baseball umpire discrimination thing fall under?

      • Bobby

        It’s lunacy. These universities should never be funded by taxpayers. It’s no different than how the surfs of the dark ages in Europe, had to fund the church and the monestaries, while they often lived the high life and justified it by the souls they were going to get to heaven,etc. The leftist universities in contrast, are taking taxpayers and other whites to hell.

  • WowReally

    I am an avid baseball fan, and I could have told you this using the eyeball test. White pitchers get screwed everyday by white umpires. Same with hitters. It really is a disease that people feel the need to search for racism where there isn’t any.

    Now, why don’t we look into a REAL issue regarding racism. Let’s look into why there are almost no white people in the NBA or NFL these days. Surely it can’t be that blacks are superior athletes in such sports because “we are all the same!”. Therefore, racism is the only other option.

  • bigone4u

    As an economist, I can share a joke about my profession: If all economists were laid end to end they would never reach a conclusion. Here’s another that may be a true story: Harry Truman once said, “Bring me a one-armed economist. I’m tired of hearing ‘On the other hand …'” No one said economists are a laugh a minute.

    • Economics is a social science, and as such, often lends itself to inexact answers. It’s not the neat kind of hard science which states that two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen at anywhere between 32 F and 212F at 1 atm pressure is liquid water.

      • bigone4u

        As we economists like to remind others at the university, we are the “queen of the social sciences.” It really is amazing how in every area, studies with conflicting conclusions are produced.

        • Rhialto

          An economics prof told my class that economics is the hardest of the soft sciences, and the softest of the hard sciences.

        • a multiracial individual

          I find it very disturbing that there are entire academic disciplines that appear to be in direct contradiction of each other.

          • bigone4u

            The sociologists usually toe the PC line since they are mostly Marxists or progressives. Economists tend to be more conservative and have higher standards of proof than sociologists and some of the other disciplines. There’s more truth in economics, even when economists disagree with each other about an issue.

  • Nathanwartooth

    “Based on what we found, it’s (discrimination) certainly not conclusive, and we could make an argument that there’s actually reverse discrimination if you look only at averages.”

    This is what I read from this sentence:

    We found out that Hispanic and Black umpires were discriminating against Whites. So we decided it would be better to just sweep the whole thing under the rug and say there is no discrimination period.

    • r j p

      There is no such thing as “reverse discrimination”, it’s discrimination against white people plain and simple. By calling it “reverse discrimintion” it only makes it sound someway justifiable.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Yeah, I completely agree.

        Thanks for replying because I got to reread my comment and I came away with a revelation.

        The Black and Hispanic umpires were NOT discriminating against Whites like that data shows. They were showing favoritism towards their own race!!

        I know that sounds stupid, but they would call things normally for Whites and call another thing for members of their own race. Very interesting.

    • BonusGift

      Bingo; I read the abstract (refused to pay for the article) and read the same thing into the ‘results’. Just as when the race of the criminal and victim are not reported we can infer by the weasel wording the following (also probably depending on the race of the batter as well):

      1) on average white umpires favor non-white pitchers, and/or

      2) non-white umpires favor their own.

      Translation, there is discrimination against YT, but this is not the type of thing we can write about. This also happens with teachers when they know the race of the student (e.g., on average, white teachers give about one to one and one half full grades better to ‘minorities’ than they do to white students.

  • IKantunderstand

    Seriously? With everything that is happening in this country, we are supposed to care about this? I used to love baseball. You know, when it was America’s pastime. Now, it is another victim of the killing of America. Oh, and, by the way, my cable provider now has a soccer channel. One world government needs a sport the “people” can rally around. That’s why there is a movement underway to rid the United (for now) States of America of football. (NFL). Oh, and by the way, appropos of nothing in this article. I refuse to give back! Give back? Give back? I have been doing nothing but giving! And, furthermore, why is it only Whites giving back? Why don’t I see all this “diversity” walking/running for assorted diseases? Why don’t I see all this great for us diversity showing up to clean rivers and parks? As far as I can see, the “diversity” are the one who dirty the parks up. White People, whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not, give “back to the community”. You, my fair skinned lovely people not only created the community, but you “give back” by merely living there. Fight back against this BS meme.

    • gemjunior

      You’re right, we do nothing but give give give. None of the “cultural enrichers” do anything. Too busy feeling sorry for themselves and if there isn’t any discrimination they will try as hard as they can to “pretend” it’s true by concocting a “racial discrimination” hoax. Walk for a cause when you get get much more attention and possibly money by pretending? They are like children, honestly.

  • Jim G

    If there is any racial discrimination going on it is as always
    in favor of the non-White males.

    But there is discrimination going on in Major League Baseball, MLB. It is discrimination that has been going on for the last 80 years. It is discrimination infavor of the New York Yankees. This blatant pro-Yankee discrimination has led to many pennants and World Championships for the Yankees.

    Her’s how it works The home plate umpire calling ball and strikes controls the game. As we all know the success of the hitter and pitchers depends on the ball / strike count. Hitters’ counts are two balls no strikes, and three balls one strike, (2-0, 3-1). Pitchers
    count are no balls, two strikes, one ball two strikes, and two balls two strikes,
    (0-2, 1-2, 2-2)

    You can see that if the count is 2-1 and the umpire rules the next pitch a ball, he has given the hitter a decided advantage, but if he calls it a strike the pitcher has the advantage.

    If umpires do a bad job of calling balls and strikes they are call on the carpet in New York City, home of the New York Yankees. So throughout MLB history the umpires have made sure to keep their jobs they always give the Yankee batters a break and the Yankee pitchers a break.

    • That pro-Yankee “discrimination” has really worked out so well in the last nine seasons, all of one pennant and one WS championship.

  • Let me ask Channon Christon and Christopher Newsom what they think about this horrible racist baseball scandal.