Suicide at Notre Dame a Warning to the West

Marjorie Jeffrey, Crisis Magazine, June 18, 2013

The mainstream American right has remained almost entirely silent about the recent suicide of the French historian, Dominique Venner. The reasons for this, I do not know—perhaps it is a squeamishness about the symbolism of his final act, or a lack of understanding of it. Perhaps it is a refusal to see what the people of France already see, and are rising up against.

Venner shot himself on the altar of the Cathedral of Notre Dame on May 21st, 2013. The image of this act ought to make us pause in awe. The American left immediately dismissed him as a discontented right-wing Catholic crank, simply angry at the recent legalization of gay marriage in his country. None of them examined his last article, or his suicide note, which tell a different story: and one which ought to be heeded by the rest of the West.


Just maybe, there is something we can learn from the spirit of his deed, if not from the deed itself. It certainly seems clear that Venner did not mean for men of the West to follow his example and commit mass suicide; he meant for it to shake them out of their malaise. It was a cri-du-cœur against the modern age.

Dominique Venner was, from my understanding, neither Catholic nor formally pagan: his spiritual life was found in a kind of reverence for the heritage of Europe; that heritage includes both pagan and Christian religion, and so he admired both. His suicide in the cathedral was a final act of respect, as well as a powerful setting for the message he intended to convey. He saw the cathedrals of Europe as artistic manifestations of the genius of his people. In his suicide note, “Reasons for a Voluntary Death,” he explained,

I am healthy in body and mind… However, in the evening of my life, facing immense dangers to my French and European homeland, I feel the duty to act as long as I still have strength. I believe it necessary to sacrifice myself to break the lethargy that plagues us. I give up what life remains to me in order to protest and to found. I chose a highly symbolic place, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris,which I respect and admire: she was built by the genius of my ancestors on the site of cults still more ancient, recalling our immemorial origins. [Emphasis mine.]


The final piece that he wrote on his personal blog, “The May 26 Protests and Heidegger,” gives a clearer explanation of his death than does his suicide letter. It contains a warning and a call to arms. He addresses this warning to the French anti-gay marriage protesters, who, in his opinion, have addressed their rightful indignation at the wrong thing. Venner himself expressed horror at the notion of “gay marriage,” but his objection to the culture of relativism goes deeper than that. He relates the words of an Algerian blogger,

“In any case,” he said, “in 15 years the Islamists will be in power in France and will remove this law.” Not to please us, we suspect, but because it is contrary to Sharia (Islamic law).

This is the only superficially common point between the European tradition (that respects women) and Islam (which does not respect them). But the bald assertion of the Algerian is chilling. These consequences will be far greater and more catastrophic then the detestable Taubira law.

Ultimately, the objections of the May 26th protesters will be moot. Gay marriage is a smaller symptom of the disease. In the end, the suicide of Europe will result in conquest by Islam. He continues, “The May 26 protestors cannot ignore this reality. Their struggle cannot be limited to the rejection of gay marriage. The ‘great replacement’ of the population of France and Europe, denounced by the writer Renaud Camus, is a far more catastrophic danger for the future.”

“Polite street protests,” as he puts it, are not enough. He calls for “real intellectual and moral reform,” which ought to begin as quickly as possible. And it is here that Dominique Venner tells us (what he hopes will be) the meaning of his death:

It certainly will require new, spectacular, and symbolic gestures to stir our somnolence, shake our anesthetized consciousness, and awaken the memory of our origins. We are entering a time when words must be authenticated by deeds.

What does Venner’s revolt mean for Americans? We are not as far down the suicidal road as is Europe. We have more time, but just a little. His warning should be a source of reflection for us, just as much as it is for France and for Europe.


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  • David Ashton

    Never forget this man who laid down his life for our entire European civilization and people, greater love hath no man than this….

  • Archimedes_777


    I understand the frustration and anger we feel at the war against culture and civilization by our criminal politicians, but, though I admire Venner and feel sorry for him, I feel that that was not the correct way to awaken the gullible public, the sheep asleep.

    Because suicide is just a waste of life.

    I think there are better ways to rattle the system and awaken the public with better in your face methods than suicide, such as educating the public (and the armed forces are a subset of the public) about the fact that the western govt. are our biggest enemy and why it is our legal moral and ethical duty to rebel and fight back with the maximum force and even exposing and fighting back and speaking out aggressively against alienist politicians and media.

    We, the good, have to fight incessantly, because evil never rests. And we can only do this by staying alive and well.

    Death is not an option.

    • The__Bobster

      If you take yourself out, you’re news for a day. If you take out your oppressors, you’ll be news for decades.

      • Romulus

        My sentiments exactly.

    • A few quotes from George Patton

      “Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of the men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory.”

      “In the second place, Harrison and his ilk believe that the Displaced Person is a human being, which he is not, and this applies particularly to the Jews, who are lower than animals.”

      “Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.”

      Sure, we want to go home. We want this war over with. The quickest way to get it over with is to go get the bastards who started it. The quicker they are whipped, the quicker we can go home.”

      “Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning.”

      “You don’t win wars by dying for your country!! You win wars by making the other silly son of a b*tch die for HIS country!!”

      • RisingReich

        “In the second place, Harrison and his ilk believe that the Displaced
        Person is a human being, which he is not, and this applies particularly
        to the Jews, who are lower than animals.”

        This is the primary reason he was killed in a hospital after an ‘auto accident’. To prevent him from coming home and dispelling some truth to the masses. Had he made it stateside he had plans for office – and would have won in a land slide.

        Patton is just one patriot on a long list of patriots assassinated by the tribe to prevent the truth from coming out. Congressman McDonald on JAL flight 007 also comes to mind as does JFK (anti-Fed. Reserve)

        • David Ashton

          Re JFK: (1) Was Oswald involved at all? (2) If so, did he act alone, or was he used by an external agency? (3) Was this agency the CIA, the Mafia, Mossad, or some combination of them?

          Was the Bircher Congressman shot down by the Israelis?

          Why not the Soviets as assassins in both cases?

          • RisingReich

            As far as I’m concerned ‘Soviets’ and the tribe are one and the same.

            Mossad and the Mafia is also a possibility to be sure.

          • David Ashton

            I think you have a “unitarian” conspiracy theory about the so-called “lower than animals” that exceeds the available evidence.

          • RisingReich

            Fair enough. Might it be possible we just haven’t stumbled on the ‘evidence’ yet? Or the evidence was destroyed?

          • David Ashton

            I would require either evidence or obvious anomalies that indicate the suppression of evidence. There was a significant change in opinion among influential Jews away from Russia and Communism towards Israel and Neo-Conservatism. The history and explanation of all this is complicated and detailed and, though of interest, not quite relevant to the primary concerns of AmRen or easily summarised in short posts.

            On the assassination of JFK, you might be interested in Ion Pacepa’s “Programmed to Kill” (2007) especially ch.38.

          • RisingReich

            I’ll check it out, thanks.

    • Romulus

      All depends on whom. Clearly not the French.

    • Mark Hillyard

      Archimedes_777 I agree, wrong method, but this man was attempting to do something. I read a lot and write a bit and talk to people when the occasion arises but there seems to be an attitude that may go like this, “I can’t do anything about it so I’ll just hunker down with my supplies and weapons and wait until they come for me.”
      A young couple visits me and I hire them to do work occasionally, they see some of the stupid things politicians do but they don’t vote. They were complaining to me that they couldn’t find any .22 Long Rifle Ammo here in Calaveras County, CA. The girl saw my case of ammo and asked where I’d gotten them. I told her I purchased them some time ago. They had zero .22 LR left so I gave them a box and told them to count their shots.
      They feel powerless to do anything therefore they just take care of themselves and don’t bother to yell and scream at the polling booth. It’s something anyway.

  • The__Bobster

    The American left immediately dismissed him as a discontented right-wing Catholic crank, simply angry at the recent legalization of gay marriage in his country. None of them examined his last article, or his suicide note, which tell a different story: and one which ought to be heeded by the rest of the West.

    You can’t let the left write the news for you. They blame all unfortunate events on crazed right wingers. When the truth finally comes out, they bury it.

  • The__Bobster

    Gay marriage is a smaller symptom of the disease. In the end, the suicide of Europe will result in conquest by Islam.

    On a positive note, the muzzie conquest will result in the end of poofter marriages.

    • RisingReich

      It’s going to be the end of a lot of things….

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      That’s kinda what I was going to say, but not in those exact terms. Since i’m not gay i don’t know gay lingo.

      • Jotun Hunter

        the peter puffers will be hung

  • Spartacus

    “The American left immediately dismissed him as a discontented right-wing
    Catholic crank, simply angry at the recent legalization of gay marriage
    in his country. None of them examined his last article, or his suicide
    note, which tell a different story: and one which ought to be heeded by
    the rest of the West.”


    Why would anybody care what the left thinks ? Wars are not won by reading the enemy’s propaganda.

    • BostonMary

      You have to “Know thy Enemy” to defeat him.

      • Spartacus

        If you want to learn about non-whites in a non-filtered, non-politicized way, all you have to do is turn on Animal Planet. No need give CNN ratings or the New York Times readers.

        • Camielle Belle Poole

          That’s a rather low blow even for this site, don’t you think? If you want to know about another people. Go interact. It seems the best way. All of my opinions about every race has come from either interacting with them here, or going to their country. I advise you save the plane fare. Most of the time it’s not worth it.

  • Conservative man commits suicide on church altar, media silent.

    White teen calls limp-wristed lisping black teen a homosexual slur, charges of bullying on the evening news all across the nation. Bias crime if he doubled up on the slurs. College rescinds acceptance, loses summer job.

  • RisingReich

    He should have taken out some of the traitors, IMO.
    Doesn’t belittle his act in the slightest, however.

  • IKantunderstand

    People demonstrate against gay marriage because they have the shield of religion. It is merely a substitution for what they really want to protest: wide scale immigration into their countries and their replacement by hordes of ignorant, I.Q. deficient, culturally backward, stone age savages, who would delight in making Notre Dame a mosque, cover the Arc de Triomphe with grafitti, blow up the Eiffel Tower and rip out the plants of every vineyard in Bordeaux etc. But, in this pc fascist world that exists in White countries, on what ground do they feel they can stand to “legitimately” make their feeling known? It has been decreed that being concerned about your White culture, your White families and friends, and keeping your White country White, makes you an EVIL, VILE, RACIST MONSTER. Since we don’t have the time to change the narrative, do like Paul Weston of the U.K. has done: Simply say: “I am a racist.” I would even suggest we capitalize it. I am a Racist. There, I’ve said it. You should do the same.

  • je suis paganisme

    If Islamicists had killed this man, like they killed van Gogh and that British soldier, I think it would have played better.
    It is somewhat baffling.
    This article is from a Catholic magazine. That is somewhat baffling, also.
    The Church seems to have let down Europeans.

  • jeffaral

    I don’t waste my time with gay bashing. The real issue is race replacement; bear in mind that in most Western countries White school children are already a minority.

  • Whirlwinder

    This man was a coward. He saw the problem clearly and he checked out. A national saviour is needed for France and he could have led the charge against Islam, died in battle and would have gone down in French history and world history as a hero.

    • David Ashton

      That sort of role must fall to someone else.

      He did something.

  • k8

    I feel a sort of schadenfreude about this whole affair, since the Muslims will probably brutally execute the degenerates that got Europe into this mess.

  • There is time for much hand-wringing in this country over a possible rogue officer in a crime 20 years old, there is time for silly news articles about something like a budgie rescuing a goat, there is time to analyse to death the latest micro-scandal of some stuffed suit in parliament that 80% of the nation has never even heard of, but when a man takes a drastic measure to highlight a political and principled point – all you get is silence, like it never happened.

    When it is mentioned, it is smoke and mirrors as to the real reasons, or otherwise sidelined to a a brief mention. The mainstream media is absolutely shocking in its agenda and selection of the news. Most people in England will not have a clue who he is, what happened to him, or why he really did it.

    That, I fear, might have been this man’s tragically fatal mistake – if he expected the controlled media to care, or to even accurately report on the act he was to carry out.

    I did not read all the media on this, if there actually was any here in Britain. It was certainly, to my recollection, not a main news event or even all that covered on smaller news broadcasts.

    It is a tragedy to think that it can be swept away under the carpet like this and made into mere “chip wrappings”.

    I can only hope it had more of a desired effect in France – and that we can all take stock of what this man believed in so we can try and make sure that we get some kind of recompense for him.

    Given the way our opposition work, killing oneself is not really a good idea to me though. They do not care, and will certainly not change their track. Nor would I wish for any others at the end of their tether taking a similar stand. We need everyone we can get, and there has to be a better way.

  • Ella

    We have a struggle but it is not hopeless. Plus the media will play on it like he’s a fanatic lunatic since they lack any sense of patriotism. I really disagree with his suicide making the “New Right” look like suicidal “Nazis” during the Berlin invasion. There is no honour to shoot yourself at Notre Dame Church filled with tourists regardless of the times. GOVERNMENTS have always sold us OUT…so what’s new? We established America for this reason.

  • Paleoconn

    “We are not as far down the path of national suicide as France is”?! You kidding me? The US is worse off and hopeless, given bipartisan support for Amnesty and having nothing even remotely equivalent to France’s Front National party and its leader Marine Le Pen who garners almost 20% in polls and electoral support. Not to mention youth grass roots like Generation Identitaire. France has a future, the USA is dead.

  • Paleoconn

    In the French media, his message got out. This guy, in life had cojones enough to spare for all the commenters on this site, and in death was true to the life he chose to live. His suicide wasn’t one of despair or sadness; it was inspiring. And as Alex Kurtagic recently said in a speech and interview on Alternative Right, our leaders must inspire before informing.

  • Camielle Belle Poole

    Same stands for all of those saints the Catholics seem to love so much. I’m not sure how praying to a patron saint is any different than praying to a god or goddess.