Lawmaker: Hire More Whites to Run Government

Phil Kent, WND, June 9, 2013

Robb Pitts, a county commissioner in Atlanta, Ga., says the county needs to hire more whites.

What? Not really?


Pitts, a black, said, “I would encourage the county manager to find ways to inform all ethnicities when new positions arise and make a concerted effort to diversify our employee base.”

That was in a recent email to constituents, and Fulton County Personnel Board Chairman Paul Zucca says still today the workforce “needs more diversity.”

“It is important for the people of Fulton County to feel empowered, to feel equal,” he said.

The issue is that the county employees have become heavily weighted in favor of blacks, and that has generated a series of costly court cases.

“There has been a pattern against white job applicants that has been going on a long time,” said Dick Williams, longtime host of “The Georgia Gang” Sunday broadcast on Atlanta’s WAGA-TV.

“Racism is wrong no matter where it comes from,” added Mo Ivory of Atlanta CBS radio and a prominent black voice in sprawling Fulton County where the capital of Georgia is located.

They were referring to the most recent federal court settlement of a high-profile lawsuit by a white person charging discrimination on the part of the black-dominated Fulton County government.

Former Human Services Deputy Director Doug Carl was awarded $1.7 million of taxpayers’ money in a racial discrimination lawsuit against his county employer, according to the May 22 Atlanta Journal-Constitution. {snip}

Carl filed the lawsuit six years ago, saying he was passed over for a director’s job because he is a white male. The newspaper reported that jurors heard testimony that a former county manager called employees “white marbles” and “black marbles” in making personnel decisions.

“They also heard second-hand testimony that County Commissioner Emma Darnell allegedly told a deputy county manager that there were ‘too many white boys’ in Human Services and that the new director should be black and female,” the paper reported.


Census figures put Fulton County’s population at 48 percent white and 45 percent black, yet 83 percent of the county government’s 5,500 employees are black and 14 percent are white.

“There are indications that the imbalance is exacerbating resentments in a county polarized along racial lines and leading to discriminatory employment practices that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars in lawsuit payouts,” Constitution reporter Johnny Edwards says.


Prominent attorney A. Lee Parks, who represents Carl and who has successfully represented numerous white victims of job discrimination over the years, says Fulton County has developed a reputation “for having a patronage-driven workforce that doesn’t work very hard and has too many people on its payroll.”

White people, he says, have problems working there because they fear the discrimination that blacks once faced decades before.

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  • White people should say, “Thanks, but WE can handle our own problems. Unlike YOU, we don’t have to rely on another race to provide employment opportunities for us.”

    So, what is Pitts’s real angle? Staving off a white backlash? Burying a black rival with clueless white support? Is he smart enough to know that it takes whites to prevent Fulton County from becoming Haiti?

    • JesusHDevil

      I’m living in this s***hole, and I assure you most of the whites here are fervent “anti-racists.” They might as well be black; they hold the good of non-whites above that of their own.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      “Is he smart enough to know that it takes whites to prevent Fulton County from becoming Haiti?”

      Some blacks do get it. God loves the few Ruckuses in civil service and I got along well with them. It was always a funny moment when realized I was dealing with a black that would have gotten the job without AA. Most, however, were misplaced if they held positions too far up the ladder.

      What ever happened to civil service merit exams? Oh…tests be racist…

    • Romulus

      Good observation.

  • I think this is all a lame last minute hail mary to the end zone on the part of blacks in Fulton County to head off the (implicitly white) secession of the northern part of the county into a new county, called Milton County. SBPDL has been following that story for months.

    • White Mom in WDC

      So true. Any black with half a brain cell recognizes that’s by whites are fed up with their crap and gibsmedat attitude. Too little too late. Like no other black person took notice of this black croneyism before this point in time.

    • MBlanc46

      Whatever the actual motivation, it’s delightful to see someone, anyone, actually saying this sort of thing.

    • Spartacus

      Good to hear, they need to get away from these things as soon as possible.

  • joemcgee

    They probably just don’t want to go the way of Detroit and Birmingham.

    • dukem1

      Too late for that.

      • evilsandmich

        I think the timeline might be backwards as well.

  • MekongDelta69

    For a second, I thought a good news story was finally posted.

    Then I saw it was said by… a black guy.

    • Greg Thomas

      They are the only ones allowed to say it and still keep their job.

  • The__Bobster

    To give AA the appearance that it’s working, the gubmint has to hire a White along with a diversitoid. The White gets a desk with a pile of work stacked on top of it. The diversitoid, a desk with bowl of bananas on it.
    Of course, this makes gubmint cost twice as much as it should. And naturally, there is great consternation in the ranks when the nana muncher gets promoted over the White.

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      well, you’re half right, bobster. in other words, you’re a genius compared to most leftists.

  • Eddie Lutz

    Hire the most qualified and to hell with diversity. This isn’t my world, that’s for sure.

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot

    Does anyone have the yearly income breakdowns for these two populations? I would honestly like to know how much of the population is split on demographic as class lines before I judge whether or if there are major adjustments in governance mandated civil service jobs as equal shares for equal input to the tax base.
    It would also tend to say a lot about the quality of the white workers who themselves depended on government services for a living that they choose to associate with that kind of lifestyle as working relationship when they could be doing /anything/ else. Dependence on unreliable services from Other Populations is of course the flip side.
    IMO, it is just as wrong and dangerous for whites to commit too much to the “But let me be a victim too, pleeeease!” condition of begging Big Government for equal protection under the law because this makes us as much a subject to caretaker arbitrary dependence as OPs. When the big crash comes by the end of 2014, many of those positions will be as unpaid as any civilian market ones.
    I find it also interesting (and sad) that nobody notes the obvious here: affinity group bonding as power base consolidation through cronyism and ‘patronage’ is perceived as a natural thing among OP ‘communities under pressure’ and yet there is -no- mechanism for acknowledging a break-even condition which requires a return to merit based or reverse quotaism because the assumption is that of sleeping dogs as status quo avoidance of OP loud and proud racial complaint.
    By liberal policy standards, this double standard is not seen as innately evil.
    Which is the height of hypocrisy.
    What people need to start doing, especially in rural areas, is establish networks of trust that equate to the same organized system capabilities but which, because they have no power pyramid, job code classification or tax dollar stamp of officiality involved, don’t have to obey quota systems to begin with.
    Only then can we begin to recreate white power bases as quietly extending Kindred groups who look after each other in a patchwork of communities running between high concentrations of Other Populations.
    These people would not look to local bureaucracy for everything from snow removal to laying water phone and utilities lines. They would just work trades based on commonly held equipment as skills.
    They would also begin to screen exurb fleeing urbanites with useful training (doctor, lawyer, computer tech) to bring -them- into a community.
    Such a move is essential to maintaining balanced population standards as freedom from incorporation across county lines with high birthrate Other Populations. And it has the added benefits of rejuvenating aging white rural populations while using Go like tactics to occupy land and backfill in the patchwork against further OP infiltration.

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      I’m sorry, i couldn’t read to the end of your post like i normally do, however, there was a news article a few years back, underground right-wing publication, one that pat buchanon quoted from. . the article tabulated that whites were underrepresented in federal government jobs (some cases vastly underrepresenting) in 15 of 16 federal government agencies (this is before norming for the age of the workers – the diversity population if often too young to even have a job)

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    “The Christie administration wants to do away with civil service exams in NJ so only “the best and brightest” will be hired”

    In other words, more naked discrimination against white men but instead labeled ‘a commitment to excellence’.

  • Morris LeChat

    Time for the white parts of that county to secede, and let the blacks wallow in their mess.

  • evilsandmich

    yet 83 percent of the county government’s 5,500 employees are black

    Heaven forbid that blacks find a job in a productive sector of the economy.

  • Alexandra1973

    “Mo Ivory.” You can’t make this stuff up.

  • Scotch Rebellion

    White people have problems working there because they are meritocratic , highly intelligent and rational people..