Does the South Belong in the Union?

Pat Buchanan, Townhall, June 28, 2013

Is the Second Reconstruction over?

The first ended with the withdrawal of Union troops from the Southern states as part of a deal that gave Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency after the disputed election of 1876.

The second began with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a century after Appomattox. Under the VRA, Southern states seeking to make even minor changes in voting laws had to come to Washington to plead their case before the Justice Department and such lions of the law as Eric Holder.

Southern states were required to get this pre-clearance for any alterations in voting laws because of systematic violations of the 14th and 15th amendment constitutional rights of black Americans to equal access to polling places and voting booths.

The South had discriminated by using poll taxes, gerrymandering and literacy tests, among other tactics. Dixie was in the penalty box because it had earned a place there.

What the Supreme Court did Tuesday, in letting the South out of the box, is to declare that, as this is not 1965, you cannot use abuses that date to 1965, but have long since disappeared, to justify indefinite federal discrimination against the American South.

You cannot impose burdens on Southern states, five of which recorded higher voting percentages among their black populations in 2012 than among their white populations, based on practices of 50 years ago that were repudiated and abandoned in another era.

You cannot punish Southern leaders in 2013 for the sins of their grandfathers. {snip}

Does this mean the South is now free to discriminate again?

By no means. State action that discriminates against minority voters can still be brought before the Department of Justice.

Even the “pre-clearance” provision of the VRA remains. All the court has said is that if Congress wishes to impose a pre-clearance provision on a state or group of states, Congress must have more evidence to justify unequal treatment than what “Bull” Connor did in Birmingham back in 1965.

Congress could pass a bill today authorizing Justice Department intervention in any state where the registration of blacks, Hispanics or Asians fell below 60 percent of that electorate.

What Congress can no longer do is impose conditions on Southern states from which Northern states are exempt. Washington can no longer treat the states unequally–for that, too, is a violation of the Constitution.

The Roberts court just took a giant stride to restoring the Union.

Yet the hysterical reaction to the decision reveals a great deal.

What do critics say they are afraid of?

While conceding that immense progress has been made with the huge turnout of black voters in the South and the re-election of a black president, they say they fear that without the pre-clearance provision this would never have happened. And now that the provision no longer applies to the South, the evil old ways will return.

On several counts this is disheartening.

For what the critics of the court decision are saying is that, no matter the progress made over half a century, they do not trust the South to deal fairly and decently with its black citizens, without a club over its head. They do not believe the South has changed in its heart from the days of segregation.

They think the South is lying in wait for a new opportunity to disfranchise its black voters. And they think black Southerners are unable to defend their own interests–without Northern liberal help.


Many liberals not only do not trust the South, some detest it. And many seem to think it deserves to be treated differently than the more progressive precincts of the nation.

Consider Wednesday’s offering by Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson. The South, he writes, is the home of “so-called right-to-work laws” and hostility to the union shop, undergirded by “the virulent racism of the white Southern establishment,” a place where a “right-wing antipathy toward workers’ rights” is pandemic.


“If the federal government wants to build a fence that keeps the United States safe from the danger of lower wages and poverty and their attendant ills — and the all-round fruitcakery of the right-wing white South — it should build that fence from Norfolk to Dallas. There is nothing wrong with a fence as long as you put it in the right place.”

Harold looks forward to the day that a surging Latino population forces “epochal political change” on a detestable white South.

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  • This is Hunter Wallace’s new strategy: Convince northern libs that the presence of the South in the Union is holding them back from their neo-Marxist utopia.

    • storibund

      I like it. Although if you read lefty blogs and posting threads on this subject, they’re already pretty convinced.

      It’s just the many-tentacled USFedGov leviathan that would really have a problem letting go.

    • Romulus

      I read that as well. Pretty good strategy.

  • Anglokraut

    “The South had discriminated by using poll taxes, gerrymandering and literacy tests, among other tactics. Dixie was in the penalty box because it had earned a place there.”

    And now the opposite is true. I learned from a political scientist who did his thesis in redistricting, that gerrymandering now was the tool of the Democratic Party to ensure that Non-Whites ARE elected, and that the White Vote (whatever THAT is, anymore) is diluted whenever possible.

    • Racial gerrymandering started out as a function of the VRA to ensure Congressional jurisdictions that are so heavily black that only a black could get elected from it. However, what fell out of the design accidentally was that with most blacks clumped up in their own districts, white liberals didn’t have a reliable voter base in white districts to beat white conservatives. Ever since then, white Republicans and black Democrats have joined forces to gerrymander Congressional districts to benefit both of them, with the white liberal getting the short stick. This kind of thing was practiced to a symphony-style artform in 2011 when state legislatures re-drew the Congressional map.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Then why isn’t it called jiggymandering?

    • The__Bobster

      No, the Democrats clump all the Bantus together to ensure that White Democrats can still get elected. That’s how we get all these low-IQ radical Zulus in the House. They come from 98% Zulu districts where no one runs against them.

      • Anglokraut

        Perhaps so, though I don’t see that helping the Democrat brand–especially when that shrill rodeo clown Sheila Jackson Lee opens her mouth and lowers the IQ of all who hear her.

        • TheAntidote

          C’mon, don’t be rayciz. Maxine Waters is real smart and what would we do without Fredricka Wilson’s cowboy hats?

          • She even has the “Vashon verve.” She even bragged about it. St. Louisans (she’s a native, ugh), will know what that means. It’s not anything good.

          • IstvanIN

            Do explain, I couldn’t come up with a definition on BING.

          • Major

            Oh boy…isn’t Wilson a piece of work? That shrill, falsetto, whiny voice…makes me want to lose my hearing…A real FlaDuh clown. And that’s the best they have…like little Jaba the Hut who testified at Zimmermans trial who can’t read or write ( after being born here…so much for assimilation…she choses creole?? ) but uses racist terms…and doesn’t think ( she doesn’t think ) it’s racist? Next year she’ll run for Congress….watch the Zulu’s vote her in.

  • Revived Patriot

    I don’t know if I’d take the new South over the old South as all the blacks are concentrated there now. But maybe they’d hit the road if the South left the Union…That would be glorious. This northerner would proudly join in that secession.

    • JustSomeDude888

      It’s true. Traces of functioning black communities can be found in the rural South, where many elderly blacks act like white people. Unfortunately, most Southern blacks are concentrated in urban areas like Atlanta and Savannah. It would present a huge problem for an independent South. It’s an interesting thought experiment: What would Southern blacks do if the new South seceded?

      • tech

        They would follow the gravy train of course.

        • Non Humans

          Or be hunted down for recreation. I can’t see the gangsta nonhumans leaving wilfully, “Dis beez my turffs!” Only out of a serious threat and for self-preservation would they leave.

        • Sick of it

          I have to agree. If secession occurred and welfare programs more or less shut down, many would leave. Affirmative action programs shut down, more would leave. The more the race hustlers made a big deal out of ‘evil white racists’, the more would leave in droves.

          Also, no more support of failing cities,pumped up government salaries, etc. would incline a lot to leave for bigger game up North.

  • You cannot punish Southern leaders in 2013 for the sins of their grandfathers.

    Pat needs to personally send a letter to anyone who ever uses the phrase “the terrible legacy of slavery” to justify any thing. “The legacy of slavery” does not exist. We are not responsible for the actions of our great great great great great great great grandparents.

    • newscomments70

      Were your great great + grandparents slave owners? Only a fraction of one percent owned slaves. Furthermore, some slaveowners educated their slaves and eventually freed them. After the war, many freed slaves stayed with their masters for employment and elder care. On youtube, there are several audio interviews with former slaves. Many talk about their former masters like they were saints. Many masters actually left their homes to former slaves. I have met such people first hand. For some reason, the movie “Roots” did not cover that part.

      • storibund

        My great-great (?? I lose count) grandparents owned a few slaves. most of whom did indeed stay on after they were freed, and were actually considered almost part of the family.

        Thanks for pointing this out – it’s not very widely known.

      • BonusGift

        Also, forgotten/suppressed is the fact that many free blacks owned black slaves.

      • The__Bobster

        “Roots” was a plagiarized work of fiction.

      • Sick of it

        The official history doesn’t cover how often black slaves in the South, even once freed, supported and even continued to work for the same family. How they were brutalized alongside southern whites by that POS Sherman and others like him. How they were more unwelcome in other regions of the nation than in the South. But the lies continue.

    • The “legacy of slavery” was wiped out after the WBTS. The economy that was created as a function of slavery was dismantled.

      • The Final Solution

        You mean the cotton industry which the entire nation was built on?

        • The cotton industry did recover, but its agricultural archons were never as rich or powerful as they were pre-WBTS for two big reasons: One, free slave labor was no longer available, and two, with the supply interruption during the WBTS to the outside world, England cultivated cotton in Egypt, and after the war, southern cotton was not in demand as much from the rest of the world because someone created another supply.

        • Which “entire nation” was the cotton industry built on?


    • I am very sorry, but surely you mean “De turrble, turrble legacy ob de slabery.”

  • Per #5, you think absence will make the heart grow fonder?

    I highly doubt whites in the Deep South will soon forget the nature of Bellcurvius. If they ever do, it would take them dozens of generations.

  • sbuffalonative

    The “progressive”-left hates us. Minorities hate us. Yet they demand to be around us.

    If they believed anything they say, they would be the ones demanding we leave.

    However, they won’t because they know they can’t fund their Utopian fantasy without people who actually produce.

    • BonusGift

      Bingo; the harsh truth that only a few of the braver cultural Marxist elitists would admit.

  • Gislia Jackson

    Eric Holder is a “lion of the law?” Good god. These people actually believe these things.

  • storibund

    it should build that fence from Norfolk to Dallas. There is nothing
    wrong with a fence as long as you put it in the right place.

    I suspect you’d have a good percentage of the southern population offering to help build said fence for free. I got my tools and truck at the ready.

    • The__Bobster

      If they build it, I will come.

  • ncpride

    You cannot punish Southern leaders in 2013 for the sins of their grandfathers.

    What Pat calls ‘sins’ of our grandfathers, I call common sense, and self preservation.

  • jane johnson

    Only taxpaying citizens should be permitted to vote. Welfare or voting rights: no one should have both.

  • Luca

    We have a nation of illiterate, immoral, programmed, ignorant, indoctrinated, voters who have been manipulated with gifts and promises of gifts to sway elections. FDR first proved that if you give people gifts they become selfish and abandon all conscience when voting. Blacks completely forgot that the GOP helped end slavery and gave them a multitude of legislative Rights. They want more than Rights, they want stuff without working for it. And now the Liberals have added Gays, hispanics, single women, students, Unions etc. to the manipulation list by promising them gifts and Rights. The fact that they are destroying and dividing the country is of no consequence to the master manipulators.

  • newscomments70

    “4. Northerners increasingly become vile racists” Many of us are already there. We have about 30% more to go for conversion.

  • Jesse James

    Oh please throw me in that there briar patch, I promise never to go north of the Mason-Dixon line again.

  • The__Bobster

    6. Seeing less racism in the South, the Congoids return.
    7. Rinse and repeat.

  • The__Bobster

    Most people don’t know who the Northern carpet baggers were.

    • Sick of it

      We’ve had more recent ones like Dubya and his dad…

  • haroldcrews

    I think a fence from ‘Norfolk to Dallas’ is a great idea.

    • Sick of it

      Let’s not exclude the decent people in Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Missouri. Kick the liberals out of course.

      • Include Colorado if I get to keep it.

        It doesn’t even look like a real state on the map – just some lines someone drew, but it’s mine. The Union can keep Denver, or we could dump the socialists’ bodies in empty quarries.

        • Sick of it

          Maybe we could transport Denver to Southern California…perhaps one of their landfills. It would be appropriate.

  • The Final Solution

    Just sign with an X on the dotted line. Or a – . The dash don’t be silent.

  • Spartacus

    “If the federal government wants to build a fence that keeps the
    United States safe from the danger of lower wages and poverty and their
    attendant ills — and the all-round fruitcakery of the right-wing white
    South — it should build that fence from Norfolk to Dallas. There is
    nothing wrong with a fence as long as you put it in the right place.”

    Harold looks forward to the day that a surging Latino population forces “epochal political change” on a detestable white South.”


    Harold Meyerson – Jew

  • Bobbala

    Do you really think the Yankees don’t know this already?

  • jane johnson

    I was thinking taxes paid on earnings. The working poor shouldn’t be disenfranchised because they need help with food or health care. Retired people, likewise, would retain their rights. Welfare would automatically disqualify people because they would invariably vote themselves more benefits, and they contribute nothing.

    • Non Humans

      Any current reception of welfare should dq voting eligibility, with the exception of those 65yo and older. I would also dq those who have received welfare in the past 3 years.
      That would be a way to keep people who have no plans of ever getting off of welfare from having much say in their level of benefits.

    • Hmmm; I pay property taxes, but refuse to work full-time.

      Overall, I can’t say I dislike the idea.

  • Epiminondas

    Go ahead and build the fence. We can decide which Northerners to accept and which to reject. We’ll mainly be trying to keep Northerners out. Not too many Southerners want to live up north any more.

  • IKantunderstand

    Harold Meyerson, you undiluted, smug, effluvium of liberal hypocrisy, Please stop the pretension that you care about American workers. You don’t. You are probably one hundred percent in favor of “amnesty”. Do you care what that will do to American workers? Are you aware of the fact that the unions in this country are in support of amnesty? Check out Trumka’s participation with the “gang of Eight”. So, Meyerson, do you have children? Where do they go to school? Do they attend a diversified school? A public school? Do you live in a diversified neighborhood? Or are you one of those: I absolutely don’t put my money where my mouth is? I already know the answer. Trust me, the South would be more than happy to secede(again). And, there would be a hell of alot of Whites who would be more than happy to move to the South and get away from your anti-Christian, anti morality, pro homo agenda. Let me make it real simple for you: Homosexuality is perverse and disgusting, sex with children is perverse and disgusting, sex with animals is perverse and disgusting, and let’s face it, that is where your lib agenda is leading. Also, Blacks and Hispanics are stupid, Asians are little non creative automatons, red sea pedestrians are over sexed perverts and insanely jealous of WASPs, because no matter what, you know they will never ever accept you as one of them, and despite the fact that you are are smart as hell, it still rankles that WASPs think they are better than you, and you know what? They are. Just like Blacks will forever be mad that they are not White. Jews will be forever mad that they are not WASPs.

  • newscomments70

    German/Austrian immigrants in the US tend to be far-left leaning liberals. I have been banned from my former friends’ homes for not praising Obama, and for discussing racial issues. Germans and similar LOVE black American icons. It is their religion.

    • Johnny Clay

      I have a friend in Germany, and she’s very conservative and anti-Obama. Many in her circle are the same way, but she says she’s not in the majority.

  • IstvanIN

    Interesting how the Southern Black man sounds more like a southerner than the black thug who just sounds like ghetto trash.

  • Major

    “Many liberals not only do not trust the South, some detest it…”

    So much for…errrr…”progressive-ism” eh, friends? The VRA worked….and it was “successful”. They got what they wanted and now….there’s no reason to keep them on the plantation any longer. They say once a federal law takes on a life…it never, never ends.

  • Svigor

    If it’s so “backwards,” perhaps Northern liberals should let it go.

    That cuts right to the heart of the matter, of course. This liberal thing about wanting to get rid of the south, or any other part of any white living space, for that matter, is just defamation, nothing more. It’s like when an abusive husband tells his battered wife that he wants to divorce her, but they both know full well he’ll beat her to death if she even mentions the subject, much less actually files for divorce; he just wants to beat her down mentally, too.

    Libs, especially Yankees, would gleefully invade and burn the south before letting it secede and go its own way. Libs are nothing if not imperialist – against the white race(s).

    • IstvanIN

      They, white libs, would gleefully burn any white nation that tried to become independent of the NWO and the black/brown invasion.

  • I dislike that idea. This works in Israel for many reasons that do not obtain in the United States. In the IDF, one does not become an NCO without some time as a PFC. One does not become an officer there without exceptional service as an NCO followed by a series of special schools.. Curiously, they copied this from Germany; German armies have done this since before World War Two. Here in the USA, the academies and ROTC produce US officers, some excellent, some miserable.

    The quality of Israeli enlisted conscripts are of a far more uniform level than would obtain here in the United States. Ethnic solidarity also helps them; we don’t have that. Would you want to go on patrol with brown Spanish-speakers who can’t understand what you’re telling them or blacks who are already high, neither of whom will bust his hump for you?

  • Can we get the mountain West involved? I so dislike packing up to move.

  • Yes, we actually had naval patrols off west Africa to intercept slavers.

  • The problem there is that whites are not a monolithic bloc. AmRen is not the League of the South, although back in 1997, that was how I found AmRen, using one of the lab’s computers after hours.

    As a discussion tip, Derek, I would strictly avoid any use of “You people”. It places everyone else in the discussion on the defensive, after which they are less inclined to agree with whatever else you wanted to tell them. I’ve lived in Colorado for most of the last 41 years, and Colorado has been a recent habitual, “blue-state” offender. I feel no need to make excuses for what they do in Denver; I don’t live there.

    We’re all more-or-less on the same side here; perk up. It’s the left who won’t tolerate a slightly different take on things.

  • Dave4088

    Why should Congress pass a law authorizing (in)Justice Dept. involvement if registration of diversities falls below 60%, Pat? Whose side are you on?

    We are nearing the point where voting rights violations against whites will become commonplace in states and cities dominated by non-whites.

  • WR_the_realist

    If any part of this country was allowed to secede from the criminal enterprise known as Washington, D.C. I would be happy to move there. Then if whatever is left of the “United” States decides to wage war thousands away it won’t be *my* country dropping depleted uranium on some hapless women and children. And it won’t be my country being hated in return by millions of foreigners.

    • Depleted uranium isn’t “dropped”. It is used as armor-piercing anti-tank solid shot because it is exceptionally dense. Even tungsten (wolfram for our continental European cousins) must be alloyed to keep it from being so brittle it shatters, and ends up less dense because the specific gravity of steel is only something like 7.8.

      And yes, if we could secede, I’d pack us up and move, so long as I was sure nobody would do anything stupid like shelling another Fort Sumter.

      • WR_the_realist

        I am aware that, strictly speaking, depleted uranium isn’t “dropped”, it is fired at high speed into enemy armor. But then it vaporizes, and the uranium dust is breathed in by whoever is unfortunate enough to be in the general area. It then causes all sorts of health problems, including severe birth defects.