Black Leaders: Immigration Bill Will ‘Harm’ American Workers

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart, June 2, 2013

Several black leaders of various political persuasions have banded together to warn Congress of the harm they think the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill will inflict upon black workers if passed. The group, the Black American Leadership Alliance, wrote to members of the Gang of Eight, the Congressional Black Caucus, and members from states with the highest levels of black unemployment.

“Given the fact that more than 13% of all blacks are unemployed–nearly double that of the national average, it is our position that each Member of Congress must consider the disastrous effects that Senate Bill 744 would have on low skill workers of all races, while paying particular attention to the potential harm to African Americans,” the letter argues. “Credible research indicates that black workers will suffer the greatest harm if this legislation were to be passed. We are asking that you oppose Senate Bill S.744 because of the dramatic effect it will have on the availability of employment for African American workers.”

Perhaps more significant than the argument being made is the political diversity of the letter’s signers. These facts have been presented to members of Congress before by select members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, but those efforts did not result in changes to the immigration reform bill. Now, there are at least some black community leaders who represent the political left who have signed onto this argument–a new development that may help connect with Democrats in Congress.

T. Willard Fair, the President and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Miami, signed the letter. Though Fair is a Republican, President Obama appointed him in 2010 and 2011 to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships-Miami Regional Selection Panel.

Former U.S. Department of Justice immigration attorney and current executive director of liberal group Progressives for Immigration Reform, Leah V. Durant, signed the letter as well. Frank Morris, PhD, a board member of Progressives for Immigration Reform and the former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, put his signature on the letter as well.

Conservative signers include Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND) founder and president Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and radio host and The Black Sphere executive director Kevin Jackson.

“Many studies have shown that black Americans are disproportionately harmed by mass immigration and amnesty,” they wrote. “Most policy makers who favor the legalization of nearly 11 million aliens fail to acknowledge that decades of high immigration levels has caused unemployment to rise significantly, most particularly among black Americans. They further fail to consider how current plans to add 33 million more legal workers within ten years will have an enormously disastrous effect on our nation’s jobs outlook.”


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  • Puggg

    Okay, so black people should vote for candidates who are against open borders and amnesty.

    And that will happen the same day that pugs become handsome.

    Until then, all talk.

    • Jefferson

      I think pugs are adorable looking. Don’t insult pugs by comparing them to Bantus.

    • evilsandmich

      They might if such candidates existed; most whites might sympathize with that part of their plight.

  • Yeah right. I like how black leaders only voice their concerns if the immigration bill is not beneficial to blacks. Forget whitey, his own leaders don’t even care about him.

  • The__Bobster

    Maybe the spoonies should’ve thought about that before they supported open-borders candidates so they could stick it to YT.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      They do not have the ability to think, only to follow mindless orders from their marxist leaders like jackson and sharpton who continue to tell them that whites are their biggest enemy and keep them “down and poor”. There is no worse enemy for blacks than black leaders.

    • Alexandra1973

      You know what kind of logic that is.

  • jay11

    The ONLY reason businesses want more latino immigration is precisely because they can fill the diversity quota with more docile workers than blacks who have developed a reputation for poor work habits, theft and surly attitudes. Of course any and all third world immigration invitations will harm black workers. Did black people just discover this fact? Where is AL Sharpton and good ‘ol Jesse Jackson?

    • edie

      yes, if mexicans, etc become the new, biggest minority, blacks will once again be in the back of the bus, figuratively speaking of course.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        No, they won’t be in the back of the bus. I agree with the comment above that says blacks will be liquidated by whoever gains control of the government (and it won’t be blacks).
        Blacks are violent parasites on any society they live in outside of Africa. We whites have been forced to fund them for live and tolerate their savage presence in our neighborhoods, schools and cities which they tear asunder.
        After the evil tribe has genocided us or vastly reduced our numbers (which is happening now in ALL white countries), whoever is left will clear worthless blacks from their societies.

    • They also want to create an artificial labor surplus as a means of controlling wages. In his book “Civil War Two” Tom Chittum predicted that the average US wage will be minimum wage by 2071. This was not idle speculation, but is based on US Bureau of Labor statistics. As for $harpton and Jack$on, their livelihood stems from pimping black poverty, so the worse off blacks are financially, the better life is for them. An educated, affluent black America would have no use whatsoever for Al and Je$$e.

  • sbuffalonative

    Maybe some black leaders watched Mr. Taylor’s video.

  • bigone4u

    “Oreos, nothing but oreos.” I can hear in my mind the rank and file blacks dismissing these blacks as oreo cookies, black on the outside and white on the inside. Isn’t it odd that when blacks reach intelligent conclusions about something they are accused of acting white. It’s like the black race prefers to self destruct above all.

    • IstvanIN

      No one beats us whites for self-destruction, however.

      • bigone4u

        I am optimistic that white self-destruction is temporary due to the influence of the mass media. With the Internet people are taking the red pill, pulling the plug on cable, and waking up. At least, I hope that’s the case.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      IF a black can buoy its intelligence and reach a logical conclusion, it IS in fact acting white.

  • libertarian1234

    Although it’s apparent that leftist blacks want immigration and amnesty, I truly doubt they’re aware enough to understand what the full ramifications of increasing the non-white citizens will be.

    Every decision they’ve made in the last many years has been the wrong one, probably due to the fact that wisdom just doesn’t seem to be a part of their make-up.

    They fully expect to increase their clout by increasing the numbers of “people of color, ” but everywhere they share territory with Hispanics they wind up getting side-stepped or ignored and replaced. And the Asians hate them, because of their violence, crime and bullying.

    Inter-group fighting between blacks and Hispanics in Southern Calif. is so bad some are describing the chaos as a race war.

    If amnesty does come about, rather than realize Hispanics as comrades in the fight against whitey, the black leadership is going to find out they’ve been supporting their demise as a people all along. In fact some analysts are saying that the replacement of blacks is the reason so many people are supporting immigration.

    • edie

      it gets confusing for them.

      they know mass immigration hurts whites, they just can’t understand that it hurts them too.

      so it’s a classic win-lose situation once again for the troubled ones.

    • Erasmus

      Lefti$t black$ and civil right$ leaders are pimp$. Understand that and the behavior of people like Je$$e Jack$on and Al $harpton becomes clear.

  • joemcgee

    Black Leaders: Immigration Bill Will ‘Harm’ American Workers
    In that the word “Workers” is in the Bill, it doesn’t have anything to do with the average black, “employed” or otherwise situated.

  • No More Swinging

    Blacks are not in this for us. Illegal immigration hurts us, so they are for it. What many black “leaders” do not understand, is that this is the peak of black America. After this generation, the Mexicans are going to increase, and unlike Whites, they do not worship blacks.

    This is the kind of thing blacks should have thought of before they decided to throw in 100% with anything that hurt Whitey.

    It’s the end of the gravy train. With the ascendancy of Mexicans and the future lack of any need to “unite the minorities” against the hated Whites (as Whites will not be significant politically), blacks are doomed to remain an underclass after America falls.

    At some point Whites are going to head out on our own. And if the blacks think they are going to follow us and we will allow another South Africa, they are going to be disappointed.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Blacks won’t remain an underclass; they’ll be eliminated.

      Asians, Mexicans and any other group of non-Whites are NOT going to tolerate black violence and terror against their people. They will also NOT pay for blacks’ EBT cards, housing, medical needs, cell phones and any other things Whites are forced to fund for blacks. Blacks can riot all they want after we’re gone, there won’t be any PC BS to contend with — black riots will be met with an immediately, instant liquidation of any/all rioters.

      Why? Because ALL OTHER races are ethno-centric and not willing to sacrifice or even share resources that should go to their own children first.

      Blacks think we Whites are racist? Wait until they face Mexicans or Asians.


  • IKantunderstand

    Who the hell cares? Every race for themselves. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say every person for themselves. I lament the fact that there seems to be no White solidarity. As that dude who wrote “Bowling Alone” indicates, the greater the diversity, the less social capital. In fact, we do not trust our fellow Whites. Why? Because they will tell on you. They will tell the powers that be that you have expressed a racist thought. Even though they kinda think the same thing themselves. But they are brainwashed, they have been trained to ignore their lying eyes. I want to see a graphic symbol of Whiteness. Perhaps the symbol Golden Dawn uses. I have been appalled by the graffiti “urban youth” employs, and which is now considered “art” by the elites (Cleverly co-opted?) Whatever, now is the time to employ similar tactics. Spray paint “White Power” at least. We have to do something. If we do enough visible indicators of our discontent, the media will notice, they will condemn, but it will get other Whites to think. We need more thinking Whites.

    • BlackFreeAmerica

      We have weaklings who need the big tough black man on their side. How pathetic can you get? We don’t need them fot ANYTHING.

    • Andy

      Runes, maybe? I use the eihwaz rune as an avatar sometimes. Othala has to do with ancestors and homeland.

      • IKantunderstand

        Give me some examples. Please do not quote “fairies” or “elves”.

        • Andy

          “Eihwaz” and “othala” were examples. You can find a lot of others online but I don’t really have any other specific suggestions. What does this have to do with fairies and elves?

  • pcmustgo

    I’m so angry at Blacks at this point, it’s hard for me to align with them against Latinos, even though I worry about the Latino numbers.

    Basically we’re worried Latinos will become Blacks.

  • Archimedes_777


    This is good news that blacks are finally waking up. We must do all we can to wake them up. All their gains in the civil rights movement are being erased through immigration. Black unemployment is over 20%, due to the immigration flood.

    First of all, the US is the third most populous nation on earth, after China and India. Still, the US govt. not only issues more visas (6+ Million per year) than any other country (probably more than the rest of the world combined), but also lets in more people illegally than the rest of the world combined.

    The alien flood is causing congestion and urban sprawl, shortages of land, water and food, more pollution, more cultural clashes and more crime. Jobs are becoming scarce and wages are falling due to a larger labor pool while the true unemployment rate, home, food and other prices keep rising due to a bigger supply labor and more consumers. As a result, more and more people are slipping into poverty.

    The aliens are stealing jobs and welfare that would have gone to especially blacks. Welfare checks would be double today were it not for immigration, as aliens are stealing welfare from blacks.

    It is odd that the blacks have not been more assertive in fighting against the biggest crime against them–immigration. A black but aggressive version of Minutemen fighting at the border would be welcome by a lot of people and could make heroes out of many black men.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Mexicans Tell Black Minutemen To Leave Their Continent

    • White Mom in WDC

      It is going to be a civil war, but one of many factions going at each other. Tribal gang warfare at its apex. Whites should play it smart, lay low, and let the other tribes have at it while we conserve, save, and make more white babies

    • BlackFreeAmerica


    • HJ11

      We don’t need to hide behind Blacks.

    • Bossman

      There are greater avenues for Blacks to rise and better themselves in Hispanic cultures. Historically, there has been less discrimination against Blacks in Latin America.

  • Jefferson

    Many low I.Q Blacks are delusional enough to believe that they only race on the planet that hates them are Whites. And that if Whites ceased to exist, racism against Blacks would finally end.

    They truly believe all Brown and Yellow people love Blacks.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “African-American Leadership” is an oxymoron.

    While blacks were screaming about ‘back of the bus’ and ‘racist Whites,’ they were being systematically cleansed out of Los Angeles by tens of millions of Mexicans that THEIR elected leaders welcomed — leaders they keep electing like Maxine Waters (grade F from NumbersUSA) who fully support open borders.

    Many studies have shown that black Americans are disproportionately harmed by mass immigration and amnesty.

    These black leaders are racists!! They want to keep the spoils from the Great Society ONLY for their OWN people. So racist…


    • Austin Healy

      Bingo. They want to make sure that the wealth transfers from whites goes to them and no one else. They know they have a good thing going.

      • Henry

        Bantus cannot create wealth, they can only steal it.
        They are too lazy and stupid to do otherwise.

        • Bossman

          Even when they acquire great wealth through singing, dancing, jumping and running, they still have trouble holding on to it.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Well look at that! Good for them! This is what should be happening! Our country has enough damn problems. Why should we take on anymore third world turds? Let their own homelands feed them and clothe them. We should support this effort by black leaders 110%

    • Onion Field

      Oh yes, we should support the number one murderers of white folks in the USA. Right.

      • White Mom in WDC

        It’s strategy here. They and the turds should just fight among themselves while whites focus on other things, like preserving the 2nd amendment

    • Carolyn E

      Blacks are third world turds in my opinion. I wont be supporting them. Sorry, that’s how strongly I feel about their savagery against whites.

      • Andy

        America has a much better chance of solving its race problem with just whites and blacks. The black population isn’t growing like the Hispanic one, and has no ambitions to take over large sections of the country. We could probably work out a solution that works for everyone. Hispanics are a much graver threat to America. If we want to keep our country, we need to stop immigration and get up our birthrates. Rejecting the help of another group with interests in stopping immigration is cutting off our nose to spite our face.

        • Bossman

          I’ve to agree that Hispanics are a real threat to Whites. White and Black males can’t resist the charms of the sexy Mestizas.

    • Don’t cheer them too loudly. I suspect this is another case of a broken clock being right twice a day.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Good news. Sit back whiteys and enjoy the show. Best strategy here is to lay low and let the groids and third worlders go at it. Yeah buddy.

  • Kathy M

    Oh praise the Lord. Blacks are against amnesty. /sarc

    I care about what Whites think. Not blacks.

  • Aston Martin

    I see some here are all too willing to use the tactics they ascribe to the “trbie.”

    Pity that. I would have hoped we had more honor than that. As far as I can determine, Blacks are the biggest physical threat to Whites, hands down. I want nothing to do with them. Many of their murder victims are fresh in my mind. I see their faces. I cannot forget them.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Our enemies have no honor and deserve no respect from us, this especially includes those you mentioned in your first sentence.

      Fighting them will require putting all sense of honor aside. Just look what they’ve done to us: destroy the culture, heritage and civilization we created for ourselves by opening up America’s borders to 3rd world animals who prey on our children.

      They who practice genocide against the white race for fun and profit for themselves deserve nothing but double the savagery in return.

      • Andy

        Whoever our enemies, rejecting honor will hasten, not prevent, the demise of our civilization.

    • Bossman

      Yes, the Black male still commits the most crime. They are more physical, more sexual, more violent than any other race. I really don’t know if their basic physiology can be changed through education.

      • Henry

        It can only be changed by a brain transplant from a European donor.
        But it is awfully difficult to shoehorn in a large and luxurious brain in that tiny Congo coconut brain case of theirs.

  • These folks only just now realized that amnesty for 33 million low-skilled illegal aliens would hurt low-skilled blacks? What were these dopes doing during the last several months while this travesty has been hyped in the Senate?

    I would go farther, though. By intensifying the competition for entry-level jobs, this amnesty would hurt young people of all races, but (again) especially young blacks – who are most likely to drop out of high school.

  • 5Sardonicus

    Blacks are foolish to support this bill. It will only increase competition for low wage jobs. With high unemployment, why import more workers? Black leaders, like white leaders, don’t really represent the interests of their constituents. As the number of Hispanics increases, black influence declines.

    • Bossman

      Is an immigrant who does not speak English well and is not a citizen still preferable to a US black citizen?

      • libertarian1234

        Almost ANYONE is preferable to a black citizen.

        Blacks are the curse of mankind the world over.

    • WR_the_realist

      Yup, black politicians sell out their black constituents almost as eagerly as white politicians sell out their white constituents.

  • Bossman

    Where is that 33 million number coming from? That is a bogus number. No one can prove that 33 million people will be added in the next ten years. Legalizing those with established connections to the country and tightening chain migration would be an improvement to the situation that now exists.

    • WR_the_realist

      It is not a bogus number. Not only will 11 million illegal aliens get amnesty, they can then bring in their relatives. Also, the bill greatly increases legal immigration, including a big increase in H-1b workers. So it’s not just unskilled workers who will be hurt. Big Tech complains that not enough Americans study engineering. Why would they, knowing that after they obtained a Master’s degree at great expense, and hired in their mid 20s, they will be laid off in their early 30s after being replaced by cheap H-1b workers?

      That bill is the worst piece of legislation ever conceived by congress, and that says a lot.

      • Bossman

        How can anybody put a number on illegal immigrants when they are not registered in any data bank? These are just wild guesses. The new bill intends to substantially cut chain migration and in the long run will be better than the situation that we have now.

        • evilsandmich

          I’m guessing that you either live in Vermont or you don’t leave the house.

        • 5Sardonicus

          Not true, the new bill will do nothing to limit chain migration. “Family Unification” will still be a major factor for determining legal immigration eligibility, not education or skills. As to the number of illegal immigrants currently in the United States, it may be higher than 11 million. As you said, no one really knows. By the way, the new bill increases overall legal immigration during a time of high unemployment.

  • for LEGAL immigration

    At first I had a feeling that even today, years after being given equal rights, blacks are still being discriminated against but now I know for sure. Blacks have always been treated as second class citizens because of the color of their skin. You call them savages but lets not forget that they were brought from their homeland by whites and treated as if they were less than human. They were violently beaten, starved and killed. The ones that made the journey to America alive were forced to work as slaves against there will. They were forced to work unpaid for whites and if they didn`t they were beaten. Blacks were on their own home land minding there own business and they were forced to America by whites with guns all because they looked different. They did nothing to whites, they did not owe whites anything, Then all they got was an apology and still to this day are treated as second class citizens. If you want to see a movie that shows the awful treatment of blacks when they were captured watch “la amistad.” Just listen to your disgusting comments. You people sound like the savages. Why would people who get treated like this want to be a part of society. Instead of the government spending money on programs to help black low income people better themselves, they want to spend money on people who broke our laws to come here (blacks were brought here by whites against there will). I guess hispanics look close enough to whites so they would rather help them than blacks. Americans are getting dumber thats why our country is falling apart. Its time to stand up. Stop blaming others and start coming up with ideas to fix this country