All-White Town Fights to Preserve Segregation in Mandela’s ‘Rainbow Nation’

F. Brinley Bruton, NBC News, June 20, 2013

An all-white enclave less than an hour from South Africa’s capital is fighting to hold on to a segregated life reminiscent of the country before Nelson Mandela toppled the apartheid regime.

“We feel that our culture is being threatened and we want to protect it and we want to nurture it,” said Marisa Haasbroek, a writer and mother who serves as voluntary spokeswoman for a gated community called Kleinfontein.

Kleinfontein does not hide its ties to South Africa’s divided past, nor its mistrust of the country’s present: At its entrance stands a bust of Hendrik Verwoerd, who is seen as the father of apartheid.

A fence surrounds its almost 2,000 acres and guards in fatigues police at the entrance of the community condemned as “racist” by some critics. Among the reasons that Haasbroek and others in the cooperative town cite for walling themselves off are the country’s high crime rates and institutionalized affirmative action, which they say results in white people being frozen out of jobs and university places.

Before moving to the town of some 1,000 residents, applicants must embrace the community’s “core values,” which are about being a Protestant Christian, an Afrikaner–the group descended from Dutch settlers–and speaking Dutch-based Afrikaans. No non-whites or Jews live or work within its boundaries.

Less than 25 years after the end of the apartheid regime run by white Afrikaners, Haasbroek said their specific identity was under threat.

“My son is the tenth generation with the Haasbroek name in South Africa,” she said. “We are not colonists. We have been here for generations and generations building up the roads, making the infrastructure.”

“And suddenly we don’t feel welcome anymore,” she added.

So the residents of Kleinfontein have dug in and built a community that they say reflects their heritage. Residents have to be approved by a committee. And all the work is done by Afrikaners. Signs declaring “We are here to stay” in Afrikaans dot the property.


While the community has been in existence in the outskirts of Pretoria since 1992–two years after anti-apartheid icon Mandela was released from prison and two years before blacks were allowed to vote–criticism of it has grown recently.

In late May, a black man was blocked from buying a house there. Demonstrators protested outside its gates and local officials launched an investigation of the community, saying discrimination on the basis of language, race and color is illegal.

But along with the criticism, there has been sympathy.

Subscriptions to its “Friends of Kleinfontein” newsletter jumped by around 20 percent in the last three weeks, Haasbroek said.  At least 10 people called the community saying they wanted to move there immediately.


Residents of Kleinfontein respond to criticism by saying it is they who were being squeezed out of Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation.”

Johan Foley, a former bank manager, did not mince his words about why he moved to Kleinfontein about 20 years ago.

“We are worrying about black people,” said Foley, 76.

“Every time they get their hands on something, it is going bankrupt, there are troubles,” he said. “White people gave them clothes, an education.”

Foley said he moved to Kleinfontein after he built a “pretty house” in Nylstroom – renamed Modimolle by the post-apartheid government.

“We found something strange happened – all of the empty lots in town suddenly they built up with these 40-square-meter houses. And then we found out they had sold out the whole of Nylstroom to the black people,” he said.  “And at that moment, I decided I had to sell my house.”

He is entrenched and will never leave, he said, because his vision of South Africa is being ruined.

“Since 1994, since black people are taking over this country, everything has gone wrong,” Foley said.

The community is a shadow of the country’s former mighty ruling class.


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  • borogirl54

    Good for them, I hope that they can keep their whites only settlement. I wonder who is providing services to the community such as police, fire, water, electricity etc. The scary thing is that services to this community could be cut off because they do not want to be part of the “rainbow nation” that South African claims to be.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Saint Mandela’s Rainbow Nation is like Jesse Jerkson’s Rainbow Coalition:
      a multiracial name for something dominated by and controlled by blacks.

      • MadMike

        Yep there is no pot of gold for whites at the end of that rainbow…

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes good for them but does anyone believe this will be allowed to continue?

      Without blacks the town will thrive. Their success will be drive blacks mad. Blacks will look at them with jealousy, envy, and hate. The media, like this article, will slander the township as ‘segregated’.

      The powers that be will not let this stand. It will likely be declared illegal, forced to integrate, dismantled, or outright destroyed.

      I wish them all the best but I just see this ending badly. It’s only a matter of time.

      • Sick of it

        And every action on the part of the ANC government will completely ignore the fact that this is PRIVATE land. Just like in Zimbabwe, they will simply steal the land and give it to their political supporters/family.

  • bubo

    Whites are a tiny minority in SA. Yet the world media is doing it’s best to try to destroy this small white town. It shows the absolute rabid hatred the anti-whites have toward us.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Yeah, good luck to them, because they’ll need it. I hope they are considering an escape plan, or at least a plan to go out fighting.

  • I remember this. A black female Affirmative Action reporter did a segment about it. It was even on Amren recently.
    The cancer of diversity starts with ONE black wanting to move into an all white area.
    As soon as he gets in, he will start complaining about being the only black in town, and that more need to come.
    Next, he will complain about not enough blacks in certain jobs, and more need to be hired, even if that means hiring the ones who failed the entrance exams.

    • BonusGift

      If you ever hear blacks talk about what they strive for it is to be like YT (i.e., at least with respect to material wants, and at least the version they think of in their minds). Someone here has already hit the nail on the head as the kindest thing we could do as humans is really to wall them off in sub-Sahara Africa (and clear them out of South Africa and Rhodesia, and give that back to the original settlers that arrived there before the current black tribes that now dominate). No gibsmedat anymore, no communication, patrol the seas to make sure they don’t have contact, shoot on sight, etc. No more of this camel’s nose under the tent stuff, just cut it all off before it gets near the tent as we know where they are headed and it sure as heck isn’t their own tent.

    • MadMike

      Hence the saying “There goes the Neighborhood.”

    • Erasmus

      In short, diversity does not work.

  • bigone4u

    I am not an Afrikaner and so I would not be welcome in Kleinfontein. It doesn’t bother me a bit. In fact I am happy to see a group of similar persons banding together in their mutual interest. But it sure as hell bothers the blacks, now doesn’t it? Black jealousy and envy in this and similar situations prove they have the minds of 5 year olds. Sad that whites cannot be allowed to have something of their own without libtards and blacks demanding they share it.

    • The__Bobster

      It bothers another group even more, the one that fears White solidarity.

      • me

        Yup. The tribe have done so much dirty dealings that they’re afraid of the backlash that would come if the majority of the White races got their heads out of their butts. (The ‘Federal Reserve’, AIPAC, mass immigration, the kosher tax, IRS taxes in general, Affirmative Action and other anti-White laws, etc.) They’re fanatical in their belief that there’s a Whitey hiding behind every tree and bush, ready to Holocaust them. I wish that the tribe would just leave us alone, so that we could have self-determination. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

    • Oil Can Harry

      I was going to mildly criticize Kleinfontein for not allowing in White Catholics or atheists but on second thought I have no problem with their policy if it strengthens their solidarity.

      Those other whites can move to Orania or start up their own separate communities.

      • Paul

        We, as Protestants, fled from our beautiful countries in Europe after Catholic Persecution. We became the Afrikaner in the Cape and then the British tried to colonize us. We moved further East and North to escape this and fought two wars against terrible odds. We were protecting our culture and not our whiteness.

    • Erasmus

      Black jealousy and envy in this and similar situations prove they have the minds of 5 year olds.

      That appears to be the mindset of most leftists: They’re jealous because they’re such losers, and other people’s successes only make their failures that much more bitter.

  • Alexandra1973

    Their town, they can let in (or keep out) whomever they want. Good for them.

  • ncpride

    The hate and ignorance displayed in the comments section of the original article are stunning. However, as per usual, the media makes them out to be a bunch of mindless ‘racists’ while conveniently ignoring the slaughter of thousands of White farmers, and the oppression Afrikaner’s face daily in the country THEY built. That they are simply trying to survive in such a hostile environment is totally lost on the White- hating morons posting on this story, who apparently think they should just die without a fight.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      I have tried several times to post the comments of a certain kosher commenter over on WND’s brief post on this story, but have been blocked. I would urge you to check it out. I would post the link but my comment would be blocked.

    • borogirl54

      From what I have read, there have been a number of white South African farmers that have moved to the nation of Georgia, a former Soviet Republic. They have been able to buy cheap land and start farming again. They were encouraged by the government who sought out the farmers because of their extensive farming experience.

      • ncpride

        Yes, and thank goodness at least one nation has welcomed them and see their value. From what I’ve heard though, most nations make it impossible for them to move there. Infuriating.

      • Sick of it

        It’s probably one of the few nations that will let them in, sadly.

  • The__Bobster

    No non-whites or Jews live or work within its boundaries.

    Good move. They have identified those who would plot the destruction of their community.

  • Danimalius

    Notice how it isn’t institutional racism, but “institutional affirmative action” that the government engages in. Of course, because blacks, even when in power, cannot commit the cardinal sin of racism.

    I was surprised though that this article was relatively fair to the Afrikaner community. Hold fast, brothers and sisters.

    • WhiteGayMale

      I was pleasantly surprised about that as well. That’s why I submitted it to Amren. I’m glad they posted it. It’s a good story.

  • Spartacus

    I thought “minorities” can’t be racist, just because they’re minorities. Isn’t that the official jewish line ?

  • Anon

    These people are stupid. Surrounded by scum, they rely on moral arguments to defend what they should not have to defend. Evil people, especially retarded monsters could care less about moral arguments….assuming they can understand them. What evil monsters understand is power.

    Being a heavily armed, gated community, is a good start. But what they really should do is engage the SA government on a realistic level. The SA government is completely and thoroughly corrupt. The rule of law there is a joke. So….how do you get anything done in such a country, where everyone is completely impoverished compared to any normal economy? You control the government through bribery.

    No black in SA gives a damn about the life, welfare, or recognizes any racial solidarity whatsoever. That is a liberal conceit and convenient way for these people to squeeze economic aid out of communist nations like the US. The local police will happily maim, murder and torture anyone who dares to say anything about the white community, who regularly gives them “gifts” and opportunities simply not available in any negro economy. And that is exactly what whites in SA should do.

    Think about this for a second. Not a single black in SA is worth a damn or can produce any wealth or provide a single thing a corrupt ruler would want. Only whites can do that. So what whites should do is separate themselves, create wealth, keep it away from anyone who is black, except for the lush bribes they give “elected” officials to handle the rest of the black population with an iron fist. Everyone is happy. Whites are safe and happy to live their lives and produce a high standard of living, minding their own business without so much as ever seeing a black. The corrupt ruling negro class gets to live high on the hog, protected by their strongmen and vicious thugs. And the typical SA blacks? Who cares. Certainly not them. They traded prosperity, normalcy, the rule of law, safety, security and a first world existence so that a few of them could steal from whitey. THEY LIKE IT THAT WAY. The only people who care about them are whites. Well…..whites didn’t care enough to tell them no. So now, everyone has to live with the situation. This is the best way. Admit what type of country you live in and engage it on that level.

    And pay attention to this as europeans, canadians and Americans. Because, soon, we may have to do this. Detroit is the prototype. Detroit looks like it was thoroughly nuked with atomic weapons…..that is how bad the negro is when allowed to take over. But detroit also has what amounts to an iron curtain. Behind the iron curtain, white people have built giant corporate centers where rich professional people live and work. The iron curtain is thoroughly manned by professional mercs and jackbooted thugs who, make no mistake, would murder the entire black population of detroit if they decided one day to riot there (they can riot and burn anywhere they wish in detroit….just not there). Black people…..except for a few professional blacks (who would be shot on sight anywhere else in detroit) are simply not allowed past the iron curtain.

    How does such a “racist” situation exist in an area completely controlled by blacks? Through hefty bribes, of course. Blacks may rule detroit. But the common black scum’s life is not worth anything to the blacks who rule detroit. What matters to them is how much money they can squeeze out of the position. And without the “white” part of detroit, there wouldn’t be much for them to line their pockets with.

    Everyone understands this…yes? The democratic party has been dealing with blacks this way for 50 years and more. When corruption is a way of life, and you can’t do anything about it, you deal on that level….and play to win.

    It’s not like you really have a choice.

  • gemjunior

    Richard Levin is a hopelessly liberal mental case with one rule for his people and one rule for everyone else, which he and his people plan to enforce to the fullest extent of their ability.

    • ncpride

      Exactly. Even as Israel expels thousands of Africans because they are destroying the ‘Jewish’ character of their country, and
      caused crime to rise, this two-faced hypocrite says those poor people in SA deserve what’s happening to them. Indeed, two sets of rules here.

  • OlderWoman

    ‘…a black man was blocked from buying a house there.’

    Good for them for refusing him as a neighbor. And good for them for keeping their group Protestant Christian. I pray for their protection and guidance.

  • IstvanIN

    Has anyone ever asked them why they just don’t build their OWN nice community? Just copy what YT did!

    • cancerous bananna

      That would require work, effort and realistic goals. Bantus want to lay on the couch covered in cherios, imagine blonde white girls fanning and feeding them grapes.. they may steal your tools but never use them.

      • IstvanIN

        Interesting that blacks can not achieve what ants can.

  • borogirl54

    Unfortunately, because of gentrification, this is changing, there is a growing white population in Harlem. Also in Chicago, whites have bought units that replaced former public housing high rises.

  • Greg Thomas

    Apartheid was not meant to punish blacks, but rather protect Whites from the savagery of blacks.

  • Sick of it

    They were transferred to a certain other nation…

    • The__Bobster

      That nation was one of the very few that would trade with SA.

      • Sick of it

        After engineering the economic sanctions themselves. They probably used that trade as a way to start taking control of parts of the government, which then allowed the ANC to take over. People just do whatever they say, over and over again, like fools.

        It’s interesting that the SA government allowed them to transfer funds to Israel in 1967. It’s also interesting that the richest man in South Africa and chairman of De Boers was Harry Oppenheimer. If you look into the one world government crowd, you will find that the Oppenheimer family is one the players, though possibly still employees rather than leaders.

  • IstvanIN

    And you know that they were laughing and hooting while the baby screamed. Soulless creatures.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Every White person in this country should see this horrific photo. It should be spread all over the net. I’ve also seen pictures of women’s corpses where they had been gang raped and their breasts hacked off.

      IstvanIN is right. They ARE souless. A cockroach has more of a soul than they.

      It’s not JUST Africa. Similarly hideous things were done to the couple in Koxville and to the five young people in Wichita to site only two examples. Anne Pressley’s murder was equally horrible.

  • jeffaral

    Never forget the traitors who sold out White South Africa: the supposedly racist conservatives of the Apartheid era ruling National party -people like Frederick de Klerk – and the Christian churches.

    • Sick of it

      You’re looking at the wrong religion for the cause.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    wonder if there are all black towns in the usa, englad or sa? If there are, you can bet no one is telling them they must integrate, quite the opposit

    • watling

      Not in England, although some city districts are very dark, like Brixton, Tottenham and Harlesden. I believe for US cities Detroit has the highest proportion at about 83% black. For the US as a whole there are apparently two towns with a 100% black population: Birdsong, Arkansas and McMullen, Alabama. I don’t know about South Africa.

      As Jared Taylor pointed out in his book White Identity, blacks in the US are in favour of diversity in their neighbourhood right up until the point that they are expected to accommodate an influx of hispanics.

  • WhiteGayMale

    It’s not selective reporting. The story is about the Afrikaners of a small town in South Africa. The incident you’re describing sounds completely unrelated.

  • watling

    Let’s assume (wrongly, of course) for a moment that the black man genuinely wanted to move to Kleinfontein. Can you blame him? Even blacks don’t want to live among blacks.

  • Sick of it

    Thus the build up of military forces all over the globe. Those in power must be prepared to take on the peoples of the world when they revolt.

  • Spartacus

    I don’t think you can manufacture ammo with that thing. You could probably make bullets, but you’ll still need to make the gunpowder yourself,and add it to each individual “casing”(Sorry if that’s not the proper term, English is not my native language).

  • watling

    The home of the Jacksons. When Michael died a camera crew went to Gary to get some comments from the people there. They were all black. And fat. It’s ironic that in later life Michael turned white.