Would-Be Chicago Backpack Bomber Gets 23 Years

Michael Tarm, San Francisco Chronicle, May 30, 2013

A judge raised the specter of the Boston Marathon on Thursday as he sentenced a young Lebanese immigrant to 23 years in prison for placing a backpack he believed contained a powerful bomb along a bustling city street near the Chicago Cubs‘ baseball stadium.

Everyone at Sami Samir Hassoun‘s sentencing in a crowded courtroom in Chicago could not help but think of the bombs that went off a month ago concealed in backpacks on the East Coast, killing three people and wounding hundreds more, U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman said.

“Let’s give the elephant in the room a name: It’s called the Boston Marathon,” he said. “What would have happened had (Hassoun’s) bomb been real would have made Boston look like a minor incident.”

Earlier, prosecutor Joel Hammerman held up the ominous-looking but harmless device fashioned from a paint can that Hassoun put in a trash bin near Wrigley Field, placing it in front of the judge. Hassoun was told by undercover FBI agents, the prosecutor said, that it would destroy half the city block and kill dozens of people.

Minutes before the sentence was announced, Hassoun, a 25-year-old one-time Chicago baker and candy-store worker, apologized for what he’d done in a five-minute statement. {snip}


During the hearing, prosecutors played secret video recordings of Hassoun during the sting in which he talks about killing people. He explains that one reason to stage the attack along bar-strewn Clark Street is that late-night revelers will be so drunk they wouldn’t notice him dropping a bomb into the trash bin.

In another chilling video shown in court, Hassoun smiles and hums a tune to himself on the night of Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010 — moments before heading off to what he thought would be a major terrorist attack.

“You feel good?” an undercover agent asks.

“Yeah, I’m (doing) great man,” Hassoun responds.


Prosecutors also played a surveillance video of Hassoun, wearing a black hoodie, dropping the device into a trash bin at about 12:20 a.m. on Sept. 19, 2010—while people crowded the sidewalk and music blared from area bars. FBI agents arrested him moments later.


The Beirut-born Hassoun blamed his actions in part on childhood trauma living in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. During civil strife there, Hassoun, then 11, witnessed machete killings from an apartment balcony, he wrote.

His family moved from Lebanon to the U.S. in 2008.

To dampen his lingering emotional pain, he wrote that he drank alcohol “all day, every day” for months before the would-be stadium attack in 2010. He favored whole bottles of Johnnie Walker Black, he wrote.


Undercover agents also repeatedly asked Hassoun if he wanted to back out, telling him there would be no shame in doing so. But he repeatedly declined, saying he wanted to press ahead,” Hammerman told the court Thursday.

“It was his understanding that in 15 minutes (after placing the backpack in the bin), there would be death and carnage all over Clark Street,” the prosecutor said.

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  • Puggg

    Will they deport him after he’s out of prison?

    • MikeS

      Send him to me.

    • bigone4u

      You’re assuming the Aryan Brotherhood will let him live.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Let’s hope they are different than portrayed by National Geographic, i.e., common drug dealing thugs, and that they really do give a rat’s about the white race.

        Can anyone spaek from experience?

        • I never met any AB types in the feds. There was a guy from Detroit Mafia who used to plan out in minute detail small business start-ups and who seemed to want to go legit afterward. He called blacks “moulies” to their faces, but he went back for dealing coke. There was some variety of neo who was the white shot-caller in my unit, but since I never caused any trouble, we never even spoke. I was just told that the unit was peaceful because of the three shot-callers, and if I ever had trouble with someone – especially with someone of a different race – I was to see that guy.

          I suspect that part of the pressure on white inmates is that because they are relatively few – compared to blacks and Mexicans – that whatever they did to get locked up, they close ranks for self-protection. On the outside, after release, the less “institutionalized” ones relax quite a bit.

          They’re inside the Happy Fun Place, so whatever they did to get there – so long as it wasn’t sexual – doesn’t really matter.

  • MikeS

    “Let’s give the elephant in the room a name: It’s called the Boston Marathon,” he said.”
    Wrong. The elephant’s name is ISLAM, and it’s time it gets put down.

    • The__Bobster

      The elephant’s name belongs to the people who increased muzzie immigration after 9/11.

      • [Guest]

        That’s what gets me, Bobster. The Muhammadan mass murders of 9/11 were a HUGE public-relations coup for “the religion of peace.”

        It’s unadulterated madness, and I take it to be sure proof that the U.S. has no will to live.

        • Paleoconn

          Good point. It seems the first statement that gets uttered by liberals and neocons alike after one of these mass murders is that this is a stain on Islam and in no way represents this noble religion of peace.

          When will people realize that when dealing with Islam, religion is irrelevant. Islam is NOT a religion, it is a political system and ideology. As such, just as with communism, whatever in its teachings we disagree with (and there is a lot to condem and combat in this world view and philosophy) we should labor to stamp out from our countries, like we did with communism.

          • [Guest]

            The stamping out would happen, I think, if Americans (by which I mean American-Americans) held an abiding love of their own culture. Or maybe it’d be more accurate to say that no stamping out would even be necessary if that love of culture had not died out in the first place.

            Thank you for your post.

      • MikeS

        The people you reference are the elephant’s handlers. They deserve and will, in time, share the elephant’s fate. It’s time for a public demonstration of what “alternating current” can do.

      • Paleoconn

        And the people who imported them even before 9/11. If Muslims are unhappy in their own country, they have about 50 Muslim countries they can feel free to go to. No need for them to come to White western countries.

        • Sloppo

          Exactly. If the asylum seekers must move to another place because of cultural incompatibilities, the logical destination would be a place where their own belief system is the traditional one.

    • Whirlwinder

      The muslim’s action was an act of war and he should be executed by a military action. You do know that Islam is at war with America and we take the jihadist to court? Our Muslim-in-Chief has put America in grave danger with his actions to help Islam gain a foothold here.

  • The__Bobster

    The Beirut-born Hassoun blamed his actions in part on childhood trauma living in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

    Ah, the PTSD defense. We’ve heard a lot of that recently.

    • StillModerated

      He’d have done better to blame his woes on living in close proximity to South-side Chicongo. I feel pretty sure Judge Gettleman would concur.

    • Brian

      If he really were a victim, he’d know better than most not to act like that. In fact. he’d be dead against it.

      That’s what the media and the courts should be throwing straight back at these animals.

      • There is no bottom to the depth of hatred I reserve for my ex-father, but the faults other folks display bother me much less. I will accept their shortcomings if they can allow me my own. I was the victim in my old July 2000 case, but I don’t take it out on other people. There will be no secondary victims because as President Eisenhower said “The Buck Stops Here.”

  • [Guest]

    >>>The Beirut-born Hassoun blamed his actions in part on childhood trauma …

    I’m not interested in excuses. I’m interested in stopping the federal government from importing people such as this from alien cultures.

  • MekongDelta69

    …And here I thought he would have been a perfect candidate for the NoBama Cabinet.

    Doh – Shows you what I know…

    • Sherman_McCoy

      No, you are quite correct. He WOULD be a PERFECT candidate.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    “Let’s give the elephant in the room a name: It’s called the Boston Marathon,” he said. “What would have happened had (Hassoun’s) bomb been real would have made Boston look like a minor incident.”

    And he gets only 23 years? We’re rapidly hurtling towards the point where a nonwhite will never be punished for any crime, no matter how egregious it is, because, after all, they’ve had to “endure centuries of oppression at the hands of the white man.”

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Yes, at least in Massachusetts, self-proclaimed Nazi Keith Luke (really just a psycho enamored of Nazi symbols) has been given what ought to amount to a life sentence for killing two people, raping and attempting to murder a third, and some other mayhem. But I guess as he was a white fellow, they did not feel the need to hold back on the sentence.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        Well, it sounds like Luke deserved every second he got. I’m just saying that someone who tried to kill dozens and possibly hundreds of people should have gotten more than 23 years. Does anyone really believe that this guy will ever be “reformed?” Is that a risk we want to take? Plus subtract time off for “good behavior” and we may be looking at far less.

      • ms_anthro

        He should be executed, not fed and housed at our expense. You aren’t defending that monster just because he’s White, are you? One thing that separates Europeans from other races is our willingness to take out the trash and destroy the predators among our own kind.

        • He should not be executed, precisely because our law forbids this for not actually killing someone. It is insane to have one law for us and a different one for everyone else. Who gets to decide who is “us” and who is “them”? On 23 years in the feds, he’ll have to do 7/8ths of that, as there is no parole. So he’s in for almost 21 years. He’s 25 now. He’ll be almost my age at release, his whole youth and early middle age gone.

          I “get even” every day. My lettuce is coming up, the weather is glorious, my blackberry bush is coming along, and the wood glue in the fence posts I’m repairing for the HOA is drying.

          My FBI file says I am a violent federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List. It says things like “firearms expert, explosives expert, chemist, ex-mercenary”. Every day I leave my anger farther behind is glorious victory.

          • ms_anthro

            To clarify, I’m saying rapist/murderer Keith Luke should be executed, not this moron who was entrapped by the feds. I’d rather see him sent back to his country and never allowed to return. It’s not our job or responsibility to mete out justice to foreigners and aliens. Let their home country deal with them.

  • bigone4u

    Not all Middle Eastern immigrants want to kill us, but why in the h*** does the government insist on taking the chance and putting us all at risk? We send good white boys over to that region to fight and sometimes die and then turn around and invite the enemy to come live among us. FDR certainly did not allow Germans, J’s, and Italians to immigrate to the USA during WWII. There’s a conspiracy here and I think most of us know who’s behind it and what the intention is.

    • Romulus

      Yes,we most certainly do. I had thd misfortune to stumble across Betty White’s new show, set in Austin, Texas. Another city of vibrant ethnic garbage. Seems like the midwest and the country will be targeted for colonization, now that the coasts are way beyond carrying capacity. A drive through the south will illustrate that a lot of the northern stein, man, bergs and witzs’ are spreading out. Demonstrated by the propaganda on the history channel show called “You dont know Dixie”

  • Luca

    I can hear the “Geraldo-type” in the room chanting “Let’s not condemn a whole religion of people based on the acts of this one isolated, lone-wolf, random, crazy, madman guy. After all, Timothy McVeigh was not a Muslim..blah blah blah”.

    Yeah, …. but when this happens like 87 times in a row you would think Liberals would see the trend. Nah! Facts, figures, statistics, reality, common sense and logic only tend to obscure the Liberal agenda. They will not see, or will not admit they see.

  • John

    Blacks belong in Africa. Mestizos belong south of the border. Muslims and Arabs belong in the Middle East. Pakistanis and Indians belong in Pakistan and India. Those are the first and foremost political resolutions that I am interested in.

    Anyone with eyes and a brain can see the undesirable outcomes in North America and Europe following 60 years of compromising with the egalitarians and finally outright yielding to their insidious demands for a non-White takeover of civilization.

    Let’s also remember that numerous world leaders including Blair, Sarkozy, Merkel and Howard, among others, have stated in no uncertain terms that multiculturalism is a failure. What should happen when a practice is deemed a failure? Logic certainly dictates that the practice should be terminated at once. To wit, Blacks belong in Africa. Mestizos belong south of the border. Muslims and Arabs belong in the Middle East. Pakistanis and Indians belong in Pakistan and India. Again, that is the first and foremost political solution that I am interested in. I am not interest in compromise, etc. We’ve already had far too many compromises for far too many decades. There never should have been compromises in the first place. Look around at the horrific outcome.

    What will it take to make North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand White homelands, purely for Whites only? Imagine how much more advanced civilization would be today without the deleterious effects of the burdensome presence of the dead-weight of millions upon millions of Blacks, Mestizos, mongrels, and various other non-White undesirables.

    What a tragic end to civilization, as miscegenation, amalgamation and multiculturalism eradicates our race, the White race, while we stand around like cowards doing nothing to stop it and millions upon millions of self-loathing Whites dedicate their lives to accelerating the end of Whites. It’s both tragic and disturbing, literally beyond words.

    • IstvanIN

      As a boy in the 1960s I always thought I would see a man on the Mars before I died. Now, over 50 years later, not only is there no moon base, there may soon be no civilization.

      • Paleoconn

        I was in the local Lowe’s the other day. I saw two women with burqas at the cash. I didn’t flinch, but then I thought to myself, only 10 years ago, this would have been quite the sight. We have been numbed to accept this as normal which not so long ago was a freaky aberration and something we instinctively opposed or at least resisted.

        I also heard the loudspeaker at the JC Penney say something in Spanish before the same message in English and I don’t recall the last time I saw anybody who looked remotely hispanic in this mall, possibly months ago.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          JCP is going bankrupt. Good riddance.

          • IstvanIN

            I always liked Penney’s, good quality at a fair price.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        We could not only have been to Mars, but likely could have cured cancer, and dare I say it, perhaps even conquered death via study of the causes of aging, but instead, we’ve spent trillions on parasites in the name of diversity.

  • MBlanc46

    Bad cess to him. However, I wonder to what extent this episode is more the result of the FBI than of this mope.

    • bigone4u

      The FBI can no more be trusted than the rest of the government so long as Holder is in charge. I’m thinking of Ruby Ridge and Waco as earlier examples of FBI misconduct. I’m thinking of how the story keeps changing about the friend of the Boston bombers who was killed by an FBI agent last week. Allegedly, they gave this bomber the chance to back out, so he was probably going to go muzzie on us even without the FBI around to help him out.

      • StillModerated

        I can’t get enough of this docuvideo about what a cluster fox trot the Waco raid was. The 4 agents killed by the hand grenade had dirt on Slick Willie. They can be listed as Arkancide victims.


      • American Tax Payer

        And the same to you. Learn about islam before you go around questioning the F.B.I. instead of questioning whether or not some Third World Murdering Muslim was “set-up”. – http://www.faithfreedom.org

        • bigone4u

          You must be a troll because you are saying that I cannot distrust the FBI and the muzzies simultaneously. Well, yes I can. I do not trust muzzies and would like them gone, and I am increasingly skeptical of the stories the FBI tell, stories vetted and approved by one Barack Hussein Obama, a liar and an enemy of traditional America.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            I’m with you on that, bigone4u.

          • American Tax Payer

            That’s not what I said. I question your Loyalty due to your sympathy for a muslim.

            As for the F.B.I., I could care less what you think or feel. You clearly are not wise enough to understand that ALL branches of the Government, no matter how White or diversified it is, does not tell the Public the Absolute Truth about anything. They never have and they never will. Perhaps you’re just way too young and inexperienced to know this.

            As for “troll”, call me whatever makes you feel good little child.

          • American Tax Payer

            Dear Amren,

            I see you took off the “little child” part of my “As for “troll”, call me whatever makes you feel good little child” sentence.

            If you allow one to call another a name, you should at least be fair and allow the other to give it back.

            That “BIG” one IS a LITTLE CHILD as that is what little children do. They call people childish names whenever they have nothing to mature to say and you’re showing yourself to be a little child too.

            Either allow someone their Right to give back what’s given to them or stop pretending your website cares about civility.

          • As “evidence” in my court hearings, the FBI merely repeated the worst things anyone was willing to say about me, though these people never had to actually appear in court. That’s the FBI.


    • American Tax Payer

      Let’s say the F.B.I. did set him up. So? Seems to me the issue should be about his want for the death of Americans instead but no, you seem to be concerned that the F.B.I. might have set him up.

      You need to learn about islam and its goal. – http://www.faithfreedom.org

      • MBlanc46

        I know the history of Islam pretty well. I doubt there’s anything that I don’t know about it would change my view of this incident. While the FBI were futzing about agent provocateuring this bozo, they were entirely missing the guys who actually were up to no good in Boston. They need to concentrate on catching the real bad guys instead of manufactuing pissants like this guy.

        • American Tax Payer

          What are you saying? You support them being here simply because at the moment, they’re not attacking Americans?

          • frederickdixon

            Regardless of his evil intent, since he didn’t actually do anything, and couldn’t do anything in the circumstances, wouldn’t it be better just to deport him to the Lebanon now rather than keep him for 28 years at the American taxpayers expense?

          • American Tax Payer

            I have never advocated for imprisoning any Alien for anything. My only want is for every single one of them to be out of here right along with their “white” sympathizers.

          • MBlanc46

            I didn’t say anything at all about supporting them being here. I’m talking about what the FBI ought to be doing.

          • American Tax Payer

            Forget the F.B.I. I’m not concerned AT ALL about them setting up some Third World Muslim Wannabe Martyr.

            If you care to be concerned about what the F.B.I. is doing, how about being concerned about them setting up Americans instead?

          • MBlanc46

            1. See a couple of posts above. 2. I am.

          • American Tax Payer

            That’s not what you wrote. You wrote about some poor “mope” who might have been set-up by the F.B.I.

            And yeah, you mentioned the muslims getting away with the bombing in Boston but so did the muslim at Fort Hood and so did the DC Sniper and so did muslim who murdered the Recruiter and so did the muslims with 9-11 and so did the muslims who bombed the New York Subway and on and on it goes clean back to April 1974 according to religionofpeace.com but I’m bettin’ they’ve been getting away with it since the day they were allowed to step foot on this God Given Soil.

            Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, it’s all on purpose? “We” have given up Freedoms little by little and all under the guise of “protection” for us. It’s not the muslims who lose Freedoms, it’s us. One day, we’ll all wake up to a very islamic like society and it’s all on purpose.

            You get searched but a muslim gets to sue. You get lectured about not rushing to judgement and how “good” and “peaceful” muslims are and what “great contributions” muslims have made to America every time one of them murders an American but the muslims never get lectured for their deafening silence when one of theirs murders us. You say something against muslims and it’s called “hate speech” but when a muslim says they hate you, it’s called Free Speech. muslims can go into any room they want but we can’t go into their “muslim student only” prayer rooms.

            I could continue on obviously but you get my point yes?

          • MBlanc46

            Your point is that you think that the feds should set up anyone they like, in the name of security–and I do hope you feel safer now that that knucklehead is in prison, and not worry too much about catching real wrong-doers. You’re welcome to your opinion. I don’t share it.

          • American Tax Payer

            You’re just not a very bright boy at all. muslims are muslims and kids who steal mommy’s car and go for a joy ride in it are knuckleheads.

            I don’t care that you love muslims and islam and seek to protect them from the F.B.I. rather than worrying about Americans. Deny that all you want but it’s true. You go round and round about how some muslim was “set-up” by the F.B.I. and that is your only concern. I will call my friend and let them know that you require them to give muslims real bombs instead of fake ones. I’ll push that for ya. Then at least you won’t have to complain about them setting up your “innocent” muslims.

            Don’t bother answering this post ’cause my goal is met. I just happened to be looking at farm land and got this e-mail so this is the last post for me as I no longer have time to waste here.

          • MBlanc46

            Adios. I hope you’re better at farming than at political analysis.

        • Martel

          He intended to commit a terrorist attack, why the hell would you have anything against him being in jail?

          • MBlanc46

            I don’t have anything against him being in jail. But the fact that he did anything to be in jail for is because the feds solicited his doing it with a dummy bomb that they gave him. While they were busying themselves with that dazzling bit of police work, the real, self-motivated terrorist-murderer, along with his knucklehead younger brother, built actual bombs and created havoc in Boston. The feds were warned about this guy, but they were too busy doing other things, like entrapping this Internet blowhard in Chicago, to do anything about him. So, which do you prefer? Setting up nitwits in Chicago, or catching real killers in Boston?

          • trojan

            The real killers are not in Boston. They are in Washington, D.C.

    • Paleoconn

      Good point. I saw an Andrew Napolitano video where out of 20 or so busted terror plots, 17 were FBI frame jobs. The stupid Cleveland guys looking to blow up a bridge was one of the prominent setups.

  • NYB

    On October 23, 1983, 241 marines, sailors, and soldiers died in Lebanon from a terrorist bombing. The entire country is like a mafia state infused with criminals, terrorists, fraudsters, drug smugglers, and Islamic fanatics.

    Lebanese are not to be trusted, and shouldn’t be allowed in the country under any circumstances. They do not have anyone’s interest in mind except their own, and will exploit any weakness shown them.

    • Paleoconn

      There are Christian Lebanese who are not terrorists and are freedom-loving people. Entrepreneurs too, and wealth creators.

      • IstvanIN

        Danny Thomas? If we ever get restrictive immigration laws again we will have to just say no to all non-Europeans.

        • Paleoconn

          I think a lot of Mexico’s elites, including Carlos Slim, are Lebanese.

          I agree though, plenty of entrepreneurship among Europeans, no need to go mideast.

          • IstvanIN

            When we take the best and brightest from third world countries aren’t we handicapping those nations? Don’t they need their best more than we do?

  • StillModerated

    OK, Mr Hassoun, we’ll go easy on you; growing up in an African nation must have been really traumatic, gnome sane. Enjoy Joliet you Levantine scumbag.

  • Billy Corr

    So if an FBI agent or group of agents sweet-talks a silly Amerindian extremist / White Supremacist / Muslim wannabe jihadist / militant feminist / animal rights nutcase / Chicano militant into a “plot” in which the Semtex is Silly Putty and there never were any real explosives, that silly ninny gets a long prison term and the agents gets medals and commendations and promotions?

    Have I got that right?

    • IstvanIN

      I was thinking along the same lines. This sounds like a set-up, on the other hand the would be “perp” could have just said no. I am conflicted about the government entrapping stupid people. Actually, in a decent society, the government wouldn’t entrap anyone. The smartest course of action would be to stop all non-white/non-Christian immigration and encourage emigration of all non-assimilable peoples. Then we wouldn’t need to entrap anyone.

      • Whether it was a set-up or not, (and that would depend on who came up with the idea to do the bombing, whether it was the Leb himself or the stool pidgeons, though since there was a trial, I get the feeling it was actually the Leb who thought of the idea first, then the stool pidgeons sprung into action and made the fake bomb), is not the biggest concern in the world to me. The bigger concern for me is this: What is this cretin doing in my country? Which Federal government moron thought it was a great idea to let him into my country?

    • You are culpable by your intentions, not just the totality or effectiveness of your actions. Whether or not the actual device was what he thought it was doesn’t change the fact that he purposely and knowingly intended to harm and kill people with what he thought was a bomb. When the agents gave him the opportunity to back out and he refused, mens rea was established. The argument for entrapment would be a waste, considering he had freely given so many details and described other actions he would like to see happen.

      What bothers me is that this sicko gets decades behind bars, and an actual terrorist organizer who set off real bombs is walking around freely. Maybe little Timmy Wise should do some investigative journalism on Bill Ayers’ White-skin Privilege.

      • Absolutely right. The attempt is what matters. This is no different from the court cases that result from pederasts attempt to “hook up” with what they think are young girls or boys but which are actually undercover cops.

        The perverts show intent when they turn up at the stakeout house with booze and condoms. My mother and I used to watch “To Catch a Predator”, and one of these verminous critters wanted the girl’s dog in on the action. When he entered the house and heard no barking, he was caught on camera mouthing “Where’s the dog?” Another walking piece of filth brought a gun.

        One subcontinental pedo tried to appeal his conviction on the grounds that there was no actual victim, but this was denied because the attempt is illegal in and of itself.

    • Yes. You have that right, but if these scrotes contented themselves with enjoying life in the US instead of wanting to kill people here, they’d have no problems.

      I miss shooting. I used to have an 03 “curios & relics” FFL. I handloaded and when necessary made my own cartridge cases. Maybe someday I’ll get to do it again. Maybe I won’t. It just doesn’t matter because… there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything else I love doing: vegetable gardening, cooking, woodworking, metal-working, teaching my daughter, making my wife deliriously happy, writing, playing Neverwinter Nights, fishing, homebrewing, reading, etc. I’m so busy, I don’t have time for a job.

  • Paleoconn

    They should have the death penalty for cases just like this. Redhanded. Fry ’em fast.

  • Seek

    This case makes an eminently sensible reason for barring all immigrants who are “traumatized” by war in their native countries. We’d all be safer if people like that stayed in Ivory Coast or wherever. How did the parents come in anyway — asylum, refugee or temporary visa status?

  • He, and others like him, should not only be deported, they should be delivered to their homelands from 30,000 feet !

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Fbi gives some retard a fake bomb and tells us they saved us from something? Makes you wonder what happens when they give some patsy a real one.

  • 9breaker

    This whole thing is a fraud. The FBI basically has two functions:

    1) Do whatever the ADL wants
    2) Entrapment

    This is a case of the latter. “Wouldn’t you like to blow up the world? Here’s 5 pounds of Destructium, good luck! SURPRIZE, we R the fbi, U R under arrest!”

    Our country is run by a cabal of monsters who violate the rules they are supposed to uphold. In order to keep the masses ignorant, they throw out distractions, like this, which is supposed to make us feel patriotic.

    Any security organization which actually gave a crap about protecting the country would not wait for the criminal element to arrive here. They would prevent them from coming here in the first place!

    The problem is Islam. There is zero need for muslims in our countries. The fact that nothing is being done about this is proof that those in charge of the security of this nation have no desire to protect it, only to increase their own power.

    If you disagree, ask yourself why islam’s prestige in this country went THROUGH THE ROOF after 9/11. In a healthy country, wouldn’t it be the other way around? Although the average White may not like muslims, those in control hate them anyway and aren’t about to protect them. That’s why our officials are always sucking up to islam.

    • No, I actually wouldn’t like to blow up the world.

      Entrapment is a loosely interpreted(vague) scenario where you take an ordinary man with ordinary thoughts and give him the tools and/or inspiration to do not-so-ordinary things. Contrary to that, when a man tells other people about his desire to kill his wife or someone else, and then the FBI or other law enforcement officials pose as would be hit men, that’s not entrapment, it’s called proactive policing.

      As much as I dislike government enforcers, the FBI is not responsible for the flow of Muslims into the country. And just because I believe we shouldn’t allow Muslims or most non-Whites into the country doesn’t make every act by the FBI some conspiracy to destroy White America.

      If you disagree, ask yourself why islam’s prestige in this country went THROUGH THE ROOF after 9/11. In a healthy country, wouldn’t it be the other way around?

      Whether you realize it or not, what you have just done is to place the pro-White “leadership” in a serious quandary, and presented an interesting question. Making excuses for Muslims and touting the poor oppressed Islamic barbarians as just another victim of those dastardly Jews, Jews, Jews…. isn’t that exactly what someone like David Duke pushes for?

  • Yorkshireman.

    The London marathon went ahead following a minutes silence in support of the Boston victims and to defy terrorism. Now we have two African muslims under arrest for slaughtering an unarmed White Englishman on a London street in broad daylight. They are so indoctrinated they will commit any atrocity whatsover in their corrupt cause.

  • refocus

    23 years for personal delivery of bomb that he thought was going to kill some pedestrians? Attempted mass murder?


    There are people serving life in prison for smoking weed in the privacy of their own homes.

    • Not in Colorado. We legalized it last November. I wish we could go farther, and prohibit city, state and county law-enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal agencies in cases that involve only marijuana and nothing else. It should be a career-ending felony with mandatory prison time for state law-enforcement officials to cooperate with the feds in these cases. This would mean that county jails could not even hold federal suspects before arraignment or detain them afterward. I don’t smoke reefer; I like wine and hard cider, but I don’t think mary jane should be a crime unless one is operating a motor vehicle or in some similar position of required sobriety, in which case it should be treated as a DUI or similar offense.

  • Jackryanvb

    This was a set up, entrapment.. The Feds try this stuff all the time with us, just google Matt Hale or Edgar Steele.

    That said, nasty non White Muslim men can not be allowed in White nations. If they are not actually trying to blow up White Americans, they are sexually harassing our women, or worse.

    • I believe the term in Sweden is “rape”.

    • I can’t believe you would actually believe that the FBI would need to waste time setting up “nasty non White Muslim men” when the reality is that many of them are radicalized enough to want to set off bombs.