Whites-Only Fellowship for Iowa Students Receives Challenge at Major University

Sharyn Jackson, Des Moines Register, May 15, 2013

Columbia University is seeking to change the terms of a fellowship that can only be awarded only to white students from Iowa.

The Lydia C. Roberts Graduate Fellowship stipulates that money be given only to “a person of the Caucasian race.”

Lydia C. Chamberlain, an Iowa native, left Columbia most of her $500,000 estate when she died in 1920 and created the highly restrictive fellowship. In addition to the “whites only” rule, Roberts fellows must be born in Iowa, must have graduated from an Iowa college or university, must not study law or several other fields and must return to Iowa for two years after graduating.

University officials filed court papers last week in support of earlier action by the estate’s trustee, JPMorgan Chase, to change the racist provisions of the bequest. The affidavit also proposes a change to the requirement that students be born in Iowa, as the university “may not discriminate based upon national origin.”


Columbia University released a statement Wednesday, saying that it is “as offended as anyone by the requirements of these fellowships.”

“The fact is Columbia long ago ceased awarding the fellowships in question and does not follow gift conditions that violate anti-discrimination laws,” the statement read.

The Daily News reports that Columbia hasn’t awarded the fellowship since 1997.


According to Des Moines Register archives, Chamberlain was born in 1862 near Jefferson, Iowa. One of 10 children, Chamberlain (nee Roberts) was the daughter of a Welsh immigrant in the tannery business.

She resided in Des Moines until about a year before her death, when she sold the hotel and relocated to the Hotel Woodward in New York City.

Chamberlain worked as a “teacher of crayon work” and “conducted a private school in the Flynn building,” before her marriage to Davis S. Chamberlain in 1892. Davis Chamberlain was a co-owner of the Des Moines-based Chamberlain Medicine Company, which was known for its Golden Touch hand lotion.


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  • pcmustgo

    I read this, and every comment was from whites pointing out the hypocrisy… I can’t believe the media can write this crap (I read the msn.com article) and keep a straight face.

    • The__Bobster


      However, as you will know if you clicked on the links for either of those two columns, Daily Beast no longer shows comments. This is a development of just the past few days; I gathered my numbers on May 8th.

      That is probably the most significant thing of all. It’s a chore to maintain and moderate comment blogs. (VDARE.com, as we have to keep explaining, simply doesn’t have the resources.) If Eleanor Clift’s comment threads are typical, for leftist web sites with those high hostility ratios it is a dispiriting chore.

      It is therefore a pretty safe prediction that more and more websites will, like Daily Beast, shut down comments. They will excuse themselves by arguing that the same discussions can take place on social media like Twitter or on internet communities like Reddit and Slashdot.

      • pcmustgo

        Yeah, I’ve noticed many sites now force you to login through facebook to comment , meaning you can’t really comment anonymously. This is a growing trend.

        • Freya

          FB ‘cooperates’ with the government, big time. I won’t post on sites that require you to post through it.

          • Non Humans

            So what. Screw the government, being a race relist isn’t illegal…yet.

          • Freya

            Yes it is, where have you been?

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Truly Non- Humans, Freya is right. We now live in the fundamentally transformed America. Too many of us were asleep at the proverbial switch.

            Obama will come out of all these three present scandals totally unscathed.

            Bush’s baby The Patriot Act was directed at anyone and everyone in so as not to appear as though they were focusing on Muslims. Dubya coined the term “the War on terror” as opposed to the War on Islam. So as not to appear to be focusing on them.

            Unlike Jews, there are no “Reform Muslims”.

            The last few Presidents have really been tragically disappointing.

          • I will. If you can not stand then remain in chains. Liberty or Death. I see it differently. They created a tool for me to use. A fool not to use it. What if Amren, Jared, Matt @ WSU all stopped or never stood? I’ll stand the victor even if victimized.

          • Freya

            I’m not telling people to not use the internet, just to be aware of the extent to which the government, and corporations (and often in the reverse order), are using it to database information and watch people. I’d suggest using aliases and if possible, email servers that are independent.

        • Non Humans

          You can always create a fake account… Like the one I use here on Disqus via Yahoo.

          • evilsandmich

            I love my fake Facebook account!

          • not_asleep

            Fear not, ZOG is still tracking and logging your activity.

        • Anonymous

          I see a PATTERN OVUH HEAAAH!!!!!
          Das Dritte Reich wird bald wieder nur dieses Mal alle wir weiße Völker wird die neue Juden.

          BTW does anyone know where John PM is? I think he most assuredly would say “God help us all!”
          John are you still out there?

        • The__Bobster

          The NY Post doesn’t allow you to log in at all, as they no longer have comments sections.

        • Lotsa Monkeyshines

          create a sock puppet Google account <– 3 minutes

          Create a sock puppet FB account and link it to your Google account

          <– 7 minutes

          I got me some sweet names..ChuckE Chimpout

  • Bill

    As already said early in the thread. Why should she NOT be allowed to designate her scholarship donation monies be used and reserved for whites only? There are PLENTY of designated donations for “disadvantaged” which is in reality anybody BUT whites and asians. Which, if you think about it, is a really twisted logic. SCHOLARSHIPS for the LEAST scholarly and most disruptive classes of society? What happened to scholarships for the MOST scholarly and MOST likely to come up with the new drug, the new cure for cancer, the newest form of propulsion for space flight, etc etc etc???????

  • University officials filed court papers last week in support of earlier action by the estate’s trustee, JPMorgan Chase, to change the racist provisions of the bequest. The affidavit also proposes a change to the requirement that students be born in Iowa, as the university “may not discriminate based upon national origin.”
    National origin? This is state origin.
    Columbia University released a statement Wednesday, saying that it is “as offended as anyone by the requirements of these fellowships.”
    Wonder who the busy beaver was that outted this scholaship that Columbia doesn’t even seem to care to bother awarding to a scholarly Iowan?
    “The fact is Columbia long ago ceased awarding the fellowships in question and does not follow gift conditions that violate anti-discrimination laws,” the statement read.
    Time to go apply for my NAACP skolaship. And my United Negro College fund scholarship. Start tearing down them walls people and then stand back and look on as you see what you are going to lose …. Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste on a …..
    To be honest though, JPMorgan was stupid to bring it up, as right now it is just dormant assets under management adding to its own capital base.

    • bigone4u

      The national origin issue revolves around being born in the US. The university is saying it cannot discriminate based on the country where someone is born and since Iowa is part of the US (for now at least), that requirement offends them. In plain English, they want to be able to give the money to squat monsters, etc.

      • I know ….. that’s what I was hinting at.

    • crystalevans

      I actually saw a white guy once get a United Negro Fund scholarship as a “minority” student at a HBCU.

      • LaSantaHermandad


        • Historically Black College and University

          • LaSantaHermandad


  • Bobbala

    From each according to ability. To each according to need.
    Karl Marx

    I can’t believe people still cling to the fantasy that the US is a free country and it was a failure of being too free that got us into this mess.

  • thurlow

    So now you can’t have your inheritance spent as requested by your will? I would like to leave my money to my family. NAACP protests – there are not blacks in your family, will is changed to hand out to Bantu mothers in welfare line. What next? Back in 1969 the Supreme Court upheld a man’s will requiring segregation in a park he donated.

    • The__Bobster

      The inheritance tax is designed to hand out your estate to Bantu mothers in welfare lines.

  • What are you going to do about it, white boys?
    I’ll tell you what you are going to do.
    You are just going to sit there and take it.
    You will do nothing about all of these minority scholarships still awarded.
    You will let the military academies become 100% quota admittance, while you’re lucky to earn a couple of chevrons.
    You will do nothing, but whine, and NOT go after the white males who allow this to go on.
    The only thing you will do is vote republican… AGAIN, like you have done for decades.
    You will reelect McCain.
    You will happily vote Cruz for President.

    • dd121

      A pessimistic view of the future but you’re probably right.

      • Dom

        No he isn’t. You are now on the recieving end. You need some time and some injustices and good old frustrations. And then one day enough people is going ti say: We are not going to take it anymore.

        • Defoe

          By then the technological collar will be so tight around your neck that your every breath will be catalogued.

          You will be unable to do anything about it.

          • ms_anthro

            Nonsense. We’ve seen how well that technological collar works against primitive desert goat herders.

            Defeatists see heavily armed invincible jets raining death from the sky. I see unarmored flying machines manned by one very vulnerable human. And those flying machines need plenty of fuel to even get off the ground. Food for thought.

            Adjust your perspective and things can suddenly look a whole lot brighter.

          • Defoe

            Didn’t mean to sound so “defeatist”. The point I was trying to make is that the longer this genocide of the White race continues, the harder it will be to overcome.

    • lily-white

      I think it’s accurate… except Rubio will be the GOP nominee for president… our masters want nothing less than open borders…

  • Blake

    I am White. To be honest, I am offended by this too. i am opposed to any scholarships based on race.Period.

    • Bobbala

      Lucky for you, you don’t have to participate. Private money.

    • Ira

      So am I.

    • lily-white

      and who’s to say Lydia didn’t have a premonition about race based scholarships and affirmative action before her death in 1920?

  • crystalevans

    What is wrong with a scholarship for whites? There are tons of scholarships for minorities.

    • This is supposed to be when OUR elected politicians stand up and say, “We will get rid of ‘whites only’ scholarships when minority scholarships are also removed.”
      Timid republicans need to be removed from office at election time.

      • gemjunior

        When will any of these guys step in and advocate for us? Seemingly none care at all, or they don’t have any balls. Probably it will be regular citizens who will end up taking the reins.

  • Freya

    Reading comments under related articles, I’ve been able to find out some specifics of race-based scholarships, like the Black Merit Finalist one, or something. Are there any academics who can direct me to sources for finding out just how many types there are? I suspect many of them are not exactly overtly advertised or easily accessible to whites finding them. I believe in fighting fire with fire.

    I also wonder if this is some sort of distraction from Diversity issues we’re not supposed to be noticing…why the fuss of all of a sudden?

    • bigone4u


      Here’s a link to the scholarships page of my former employer.
      Sample: “Applicants must major in Spanish, Mexican-American studies or history
      Application requirement: El Patronato de la Cultura hispanoamericana application and write a 500-word maximum essay explaining why you should be selected for the scholarship by addressing your interest in promoting the use of Spanish language and literatures and an understanding of Mexican and Hispanic-American culture”
      How many whites, black, or asians do you think would qualify for this scholarship!

  • The__Bobster

    I hope the Chamberlain family requests their endowment back, as the college violated the terms of the agreement.

    • bigone4u

      I recall a situation where the university gave back $10 million ten or fifteen years ago. The terms of the donation were not met. It was an Ivy League school is all I can remember, other than that it came down to the school not wanting to teach Western values.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly. This is the attitude whites must have across the board. That attitude being our money, our rules. That’s it, no compromise. The system wants to soak us for every cent we have and redistribute it to third worlders. Hell no. We may not have seceded geographically, but we can secede within the boundaries of the US

      • bigone4u

        Any white person giving money to the typical university these days is a fool.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Right on. High education in the USA is a complete joke. I have boycotted paying my student loans the past ten months and will continue to do so. I will not contribute money to institutions that actively hate whites.

          • The__Bobster

            The college already has your money. You’re stiffing the banks and the government.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Is there really a difference anymore?

  • IstvanIN

    Stephen Girard, founder of Girard Bank, founded the Girard School and left the school an endowment. The school was founded for poor, white fatherless boys. Two of my cousins went there. It was a great school. Then in the 1970s the courts said they couldn’t discriminate against blacks. In the 1980s it was girls. Now the school is all black and hispanic. No white child could possibly attend. If the government changes the terms of a will or endowment the money should be given back to the family.

    And white people can not even get their names back. Henry Ford II sued to get his family’s name off of the Ford Foundation after it went communist in the 1960s. Mind you, just his name, not the money, and the courts said no.

    I wonder if an endowment run by family members can discriminate?

    • You can only own your name, image, or words, if you are black.

      In 2001, the foundation’s efforts to build the memorial were stalled because Intellectual Properties Management Inc., an organization operated by King’s family, wanted the foundation to pay licensing fees to use his name and likeness in marketing campaigns. The memorial’s foundation, beset by delays and a languid pace of donations, stated that “the last thing it needs is to pay an onerous fee to the King family.” Joseph Lowery, past president of the King-founded Southern Christian Leadership Conference stated in the The Washington Post, “If nobody’s going to make money off of it, why should anyone get a fee?” Cambridge University historian David Garrow, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his biography of King, said of King’s family’s behavior, “One would think any family would be so thrilled to have their forefather celebrated and memorialized in D.C. that it would never dawn on them to ask for a penny.” He added that King would have been “absolutely scandalized by the profiteering behavior of his children.” The family pledged that any money derived would go back to the King Center’s charitable efforts.

      The foundation has paid various fees to the King family’s Intellectual Properties Management Inc., including a management fee of $71,700 in 2003.[78] In 2009, the Associated Press revealed that the King family had negotiated an $800,000 licensing deal with the foundation for the use of King’s words and image in fundraising materials for the memorial.


      • Anonymous

        After reading about King’s activities, I would find it hard to imagine Him being “scandalized” by ANY behavior.

    • Pelayo

      I didn’t see your post before I wrote mine. So the school IS still operating. I figured that if it were the racial makeup would be as you say.

      My Mother also had a cousin who attended the College; Way before the Cecil B. Moore. era.

      I escaped Philadelphia 30+ years ago and never looked back.

  • Bobbala

    We know how this will end. If you can’t decide who you want give your money when you hire, what makes you think minorities will not get this scholarship money too. Yes, there are minority-only scholarships.

    Behind every double standard, there is a real standard they just can’t admit it publicly
    — John Loeffler

    • All people are equal. But some people are more equal than others.

  • light

    Well if this specific scholarship, which can be only given to white students, must be vanished, then other types of scholarship that can be specifically awarded to minority students only should also be vanished

  • joegoofinoff

    This type of thing’s been going on for a long time.Originally, Rhodes Scholarships could only go to unmarried White Christian men. They overturned that years ago.

  • lily-white

    a “University officials filed court papers last week in support of earlier action by the estate’s trustee, JPMorgan Chase, to change the RACIST provisions of the bequest.” Is it me or are we missing the most basic “assumptions” of this article?
    1. The writer makes it clear that the provisions in the Lydia C. Roberts Graduate Fellowship are RACIST. Therefore, Lydia C. Roberts was a RACIST
    2. Columbia doesn’t haves a problem at all criticizing the fellowship by saying it discriminates (code for RACIST) while at the same time it files papers with the estates trustees. (WE WILL STILL TAKE DA MONEY) Columbia, a school of “higher learning”, isn’t much about principle is it?…

    • gemjunior

      It’s the most liberal of liberal institutions in the world.. I totally wanted to vomit all over that place.

  • smells_just_like

    When it comes to Whiteness, there is NOTHING you can do to protect your money for Whites Only.

    Raise your daughters in utter Whiteness, send them to college, and they still come home with an Nro Black Buck Diversity Boyfriend.

    Don’t send them to college, and they make a mongrel baby at age 19 with the Nro Black Buck Affirmative Action Opportunity Hire Diversity at work.

    Put money away in a Whites Only trust fund for your White kids only, and watch them hire a Diversity lawyer to push the Diversity judge to change the terms to include Diversity babies.

    In times like these, you can’t leave behind ANYTHING White that will stay White for another generation.

    Future laws and rulings will be explicitly anti white, in the same vein as the NAACP saying that racists should be harassed by the IRS. Soon, Whiteness itself will be a legit target.

    It’s over folks. You know I’m right.

    • bigone4u

      It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. And the fat lady in my opera isn’t black.
      I kind of like the idea of a white scorched earth policy. If you die leave your money to stormfront or amren, or just before you die, burn down the house and car, along with the cash.

      • robinbishop34

        “…just before you die, burn down the house and car, along with the cash.”

        This has had me laughing for a good five minutes now.

    • White Mom in WDC

      No it’s not over. Why the hell are we putting up with this BS? Look, it’s over in certain institutions of the US perhaps but not everywhere. We have to start thinking outside of the box and like an organized community. Has the white nationalist movement tried any tactics? No. How about this…, how about whites boycotting all colleges period. How about setting up a separate white society within the States? Why are we putting our money in banks? Why don’t whites create a community where we can trust and work together and put our money in our own safes? We have not tried ANY options. Cannot throw in the towel.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        The US is over, it died in 2008. Now it’s a freakish undead zombie that is kept alive by debt. Once the debt spirals out of control and the zombie dies and stays dead, things will get better for us. Until then, just survive and prepare.

        • Defoe

          I think it really died in 1913 when real money disappeared. Then the coup de gras happened in the 1933 revolution when the bolsheviks took over the reins of government for good.

  • bigone4u

    As a prof I spent decades watching ever more high-handed probably illegal actions taken by university administrators. I said more than a decade ago to one of the adminstrators at my university that when I died the university would not get a single penny of my money. Ditto the United Fund and other organizations that work against white interests.
    Because of some special circumstances, some of my money will be going to fight anti-white corruption in universities. I wanted all my money to go toward taking care of homeless dogs and cats, but the anti-white agenda at universities has annoyed and angered me to such an extent, that the animals will have to get by on a bit less than I had hoped to give them.

    • Freya

      I adore cats but am heartened to hear this although at one time when I fantasized about actually having any money, I thought I’d make sure to leave some to white students through my alma mater (right at the point where they appointed a black dean). However, I realized that it would eventually be seized just like what’s happening at Columbia, It was a fantasy inside a fantasy.

      • You could leave it to the DAR, but problem is most chapters would never dare question a black student’s association with the DAR …..
        If you had money to leave and wanted to ensure its use in your vision, I would say go to Appalchia. Find some poor smart kids and leave the money directly to them for educational purposes.

  • IKantunderstand

    Let us not despair. We all here have a tendency to pay attention to these “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” (I love Shakespeare, I hear he is black. Along with Beethoven.) Sigh. I talk to many people on a day to day basis.(Some of them are actually WHITE!!!!) After slyly and cleverly revealing what I think on certain issues, many(not all) agree with us. Which is to say: they are completely and wholeheartedly uncomfortable with diversity. They don’t want to live around or have anything to do with Blacks. Despite coming across as “tolerant” of gays, they all eventually admit to a major “ICK” reaction. Regular, normal Whites are on our side. They have been whupped by propaganda and the intolerance they perceive will be directed towards them if they express an opposing viewpoint. Case in point. At a Mother’s Day celebration I was attending, a number of us were in front of the T.V. 60 Minutes was on, and there was some Indian guy interviewing a White guy. Please understand there was alot of noise, but I think the White guy had something to do with the military. Anyway, I said “Wow, look, another immigrant doing a job an American won’t do.” Well, that started it. Somebody pointed out that he didn’t think the Indian guy was an immigrant because he had an American accent. Eventually, I said: “I have a hard time thinking of these people as fellow Americans because they have no skin in the game. Everyone of us here has had relatives, ancestors, who fought and died for this country. How many Indians do you think fought in the Revolutionary War? The Civil War?” This caused a discussion about immigration and amnesty. They ALL ended up agreeing with me that America being a minority White country was not a good thing. And, several admitted they had never thought about it that way before. The correct feelings and thinking are there, nascent perhaps, but there. There is nothing in this culture that questions the current zeitgeist, in fact, everything our people see, hear, experience, support it. Confront it head on in a way to cause them to think. Our people know in their hearts that what is going on now is wrong. Consider Lydia C. Roberts to be a teaching moment for you to utilize in the future. Because trust me, once you start talking about how you lost a job to a Black due to AA, the floodgates open, either the person you are talking to has experienced it first hand, or they know someone who has. We can change the current zeitgeist, one person at a time. Or, we go to war.

    • Pelayo

      So you’re saying that Shakespeare was a “Spear Shaker”. !!

      • World_War_Me


  • LastBastionOfHope

    I wonder if Columbia would do away with a black only scholarship and call it “racist” by its very nature. Hmm…

    • sarah stein

      I wonder if the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute would do away with the Latino only scholarship and call it “racist” by it’s very nature.

    • evilsandmich

      Probably a dodge for them to avoid uncomfortable questions about why so many foreign Asians go to school there and rob university slots from native blacks.

    • Defoe

      You should email them and ask that very question. I did.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Wherever she is, I hope dear Mrs. Chamberlain is laughing at this.

    Am I the only one who got a kick out of the anti law-student clause? And this in 1920!

    • World_War_Me

      I caught that too.

  • smells_just_like

    Whitness is a liability, blackness is a future.

    • The US government will be totally blacked over the next four years.
      Then when it comes time for layoffs, whites will go to maintain racial quotas in all but already way over-blacked departments.
      BO is a POS.

    • Pelayo

      White girl just “Bleed a lot”

  • e2657383

    Everyone should read the horrible and racist remarks by Dennis L. Smith on that news article.

  • AmericanPatriot

    Clearly JPMorgan Chase and the University are attempting to steal the endowment funds in question.

    • Agreed, it is a tidy sum by now. See my post below.

  • evilsandmich

    it is “as offended as anyone

    Who is this ‘anyone’ and would they be similarly offended by ‘blacks’ only scholarships?

  • Pelayo

    Several Decades ago Girard College (actually a poor boys prep school) was integrated by force. Stephen Girard a wealthy philanthropist, banker and one of the wealthiest men in the US established an endowment for boys who were the sons of coal miners who had perished in the mines. It later was opened to any “Fatherless White Boys” as written in his Will. During the late 50s Cecil B. Moore an attorney and a race activist and just as obnoxious precursor of Sharpton and Jackson started an uproar and for weeks throngs of Blacks surrounded the Walled campus singing ” Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells, over the Wall we go etc. The tumult continued until a Court decided that The College should be integrated. They broke Girard’s Will. That came as a shock to many citizens who considered it a given that a Will was a sacred document that couldn’t be violated. The affair made national news.

    I believe that the school is still operating although I don’t know how many White boys are there today since if one wants to take “fatherless” boys in its broadest meaning 70% of Black boys might be considered “fatherless”. This was the beginning of the war on the White population. Cecil B. Moore has a street named in his honor in Philadelphia,

    • Pelayo

      I neglected to say the Girard College is in Philadelphia and during the whole protracted battle that neighborhood in which the College stood was already totally Black.

    • Freya

      This is an incredible story, and important history. I had an irish boss who grew up in a catholic orphanage in Philly in the 40’s after his father died trying to take care of his own six children, and his alcoholic brother’s five or six. He got to see his mother on some weekends, along with his three or four brothers; the state took them away because they didn’t have enough money. He grew up to be an engineer, but always wanted to study and practice medicine; back then there weren’t loans for medical school. He fought in Korea in the Marines and supervised me in a YMCA during his retirement. He stood up for me there while I worked as a chaperone and a type of security guard, against hostile and even predatory males, in a way my own father never did. I think the honesty of poverty made him stronger than most men, or maybe just less neurotic. He never blamed me for my own strength.

      It’s incredible that the story of a wealthy white man who tried to take care of other less advantaged white people is so obscure, and even seemingly repressed. Compare Girard to Bill Gates. We need more Girards and Roberts,’ and the white middle and lower working classes need to know that not all of their own people betray them.

  • WR_the_realist

    I am not at all offended that somewhere there is a fellowship or scholarship for whites, given that there are many such benefits restricted to blacks or Hispanics. I am offended that Columbia University assumes I would be offended. I would never qualify for that fellowship because I was not born in Iowa and never lived there. So what? It was Lydia C. Chamberlain’s money, and she should have been allowed to spend it however she wanted.

  • Columbia University released a statement Wednesday, saying: “We hate Lydia’s racist views enough to make a huge philosophical fuss about them, but we like her money enough that we are committed to going through extraordinary measures to get our greedy, liberal hands on it.”

  • Assuming 5% interest, compounded anually, her $500,000 would be worth after 93 years:
    Minus the payouts of course and the interest that would have accrued on such.

  • Paleoconn

    Just like Golden Dawn is criticized for donating food to poor native Greeks only. In the future, Whites will be accused of racism for daring to take care of their own families.