O’Reilly Blames Gun Violence on Race

YouTube, April 30, 2013

John Stossel joins Bill O’Reilly to discuss disproportionate gun violence committed by non-whites.

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  • pcmustgo

    But Michael Moore ( I used to love him, told you I was a liberal) said it’s cause of scared white males in the suburbs with guns.

    • The__Bobster

      Who aren’t shooting each other….unlike a certain group.


    • Franz Eigen

      I like in a New Jersey suburb. My father owns 2 guns. My grandparents used to carry a gun on them when they traveled. My friends have guns in their homes for various reasons, mostly sporting. Even the local police put on events where they let kids shoot guns on the police range.

      So, in short, there is no shortage of guns in this place. Yet, the hand full of violent crimes (other than simple assault) committed in my town have been by black males who make up perhaps 1% or less of the population here.

      John Stossel: “Take away the drugs and they’ll all go work at McDonalds.”

      The #1 reason people are arrested in my town is for drugs. Every other week the Quality of Life Unit of my police department raids someone’s home and arrests them for drug dealing. Someone I went to school with was arrested right on my street for carrying ecstasy with the intent to sell. Just last week someone had their home raided who went to my school. One of my girlfriend’s old friends got arrested with his mother for selling prescription medication.

      So, basically, there is a TON of drug activity that goes on in my 93% white town. The only difference between us and Newark or Camden NJ is 1) our drug offenders get hassled MORE by the police and 2) there are almost 0, I repeat 0 violent crimes going on related to drugs … except for the one murder that happened a year ago, which was committed by a black man who wasn’t a local.

  • timtom

    Bill always gets back to the family on this one. Not a bad move on his part at least he acknowledges that there is a problem in the black community. He says the absence of dads is a big reason. Only partly true the other part of the equation is blacks inability to control impulses. Also, they are incapable of introspection to they can’t look at themselves as ever being a problem.
    Thus they act out violently. Low IQ + high testosterone = violent criminal behavior.

    • Michael Mason

      Yes, their lack of restraint is genetic. Over in Africa, there are tribes where, because of promiscuity, all the boys are just collectively raised by all the men.

      • Baojiu

        Genetic or cultural & socioeconomic? Overall higher levels testosterone may be a contributing factor but it certainly is not the only one. Pretty sure the criminologists (the most qualified to talk about this) will attest that the cause of violent crime is multi-factorial. Correlation is not the same as causation.

        • Blaak Obongo

          Genetic or cultural & socioeconomic?

          And why should one preclude the other? Genetic shortcomings would certainly account for the socioeconomic failures of certain genetic groups.

          Pretty sure the criminologists (the most qualified to talk about this)…

          That’s debatable. “Criminologists” who openly identified race as a significant factor in overall crime trends would soon find themselves out of a job. Especially the ones who make their living teaching “criminology” in universities.

          …will attest that the cause of violent crime is multi-factorial.

          To do otherwise is to risk discreditation and ostracism. See above.

          Correlation is not the same as causation.

          But correlation does not rule out causation.

          • Baojiu

            Reading comprehension required required quoting out of context is a lazy way to debate.

            I was replying timtom’s statement: “lack of restraint is genetic”.

            My next sentence says overall higher levels of testosterone may be a contributing factor. So obviously I am allowing for a genetic component. What part of “multi factorial” do you not understand. Making the issue solely and focussing on genetics and race is for the simple-minded. Universities tend to discriminate against simplemindedness and stupidity.

    • MBlanc46

      Add the high self-esteem into that equation.

      • OlderWoman

        It seems they have more arrogance than self-esteem.

        • BonusGift

          Anecdotal to be sure, but one only has to look at the arrogance of someone like Barry Soetoro combined with his idiocy (and, yes, he is half white I know) to gain insight into the nature of the problem. Incidentally, why didn’t O’Reilly ask Stossel to explain why countries in sub-Sahara Africa have similar issues with blacks and violence with or without gun laws or with or without “wars on drugs”, and with or without whites and ‘hispanics’ being around?

          • dogbone

            Barry Soetoro is not half white, he is half jewish and half Kenyan.

          • nick

            How do you explain the obviousness of the idiocy of G.W. Bush? He was clearly intellectually inferior to B.H.O.

          • bebe

            Barry Soetoro combined with his idiocy (and, yes, he is half white I know

            Make that half jewish..

    • John

      You’re absolutely right on all points, but let us also not forget that geneticists have repeatedly shown and proven that Negroids share much more DNA with chimpanzees than do Caucasoids. The behavior of Negroids is quite understandable when we realize that they are somewhere between Caucasoids and chimpanzees on the evolutionary scale. So, yes, of course their violent and savage behavior and low intelligence reflects that fact.

      In civilization, we live in a very dangerous situation. It takes very little for Negroids to revert to very savage, primal, violent behavior at the drop of a hat, and it is completely innate. Any Caucasoid who does not exercise extreme caution around Negroids is engaging in extremely risky behavior. I’m completely serious.

      How much longer will this equality charade endure?

    • Dogbone

      High testosterone? It has nothing to do with testosterone. It is poor impulse control. Most whites think of the consequences before doing something. Blacks do not think before they act. Blacks have less impulse control than the average dog. They are animalistic, and not humanistic.

  • Chris Matthews

    Slowly but surely racial truths are becoming mainstream. The truth becoming accepted will not suffice, though. We have to have the fortitude to take necessary acts based on that truth.

    • race realist

      Is your name REALLY Chris Matthews ? lol

      • Paleoconn

        A good name, ruined by that Beltway pansy who from now on goes by ‘Leg Tingle’ as a middle name.

    • Baojiu

      Jawohl mein Führer!
      Godwins Law fulfilled.

  • tombarnes

    Bill O’Reilly is very popular. I have been watching him about 4 nights a week for the last thirteen years. He is as close as you are gonna get to a mass appeal spokesperson for white interests and that ain’t much, but at least he is not anti-white.

    Guys like Stossel pay homage to their liberal roots with statements like ‘ most people on welfare are white” …well yeah, that is because most people are still white. Stossel knows damn well that per 100,000 minorities suck up welfare like sponges and at the same time per 100,000 they commit a diparate impacting amount of crime.

    Say what you want about O’Reilly, he is the best we got with the biggest audience and still I think he reaches 3 million a night and the major networks, who are viciously anti-white, reach about 30 million a night.

    • The__Bobster

      After his rant on the White “prom” which wasn’t, I’ve concluded that the leprechaun IS anti-White. That’s how he keeps his job.

      • blight14

        You are correct Bobster…………..Shill O’Reilly is persona non grata in my opinion…………

      • race realist

        Agreed.. He plays to the other side at times .. I stopped watching him a few years back, when he sucked up to Obama with his softball questions interview .. Any chance Bill gets to praise Obama, he does . That and he doesn’t believe Obama is a marxist ..You have to be pretty blind not to see that..

    • Jerrybear

      Beware of O’Reilley. He’s a fence sitter and opportunist. He and Fox News mislead and domesticate millions of whites that could be otherwise racially conscious.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      More whites may be on welfare but how many of them are roaming the streets of our major cities reeking havoc and mayhem on innocent people?
      These pathetic apologiae for Black sociopathic behavior are still being dragged out every time someone brings up the subject of the relationship between race and criminal behavior. Shame on you Stossel.
      I wish O’ Reilly would come out completely regarding issues of race and anti- social actions.
      The only thing about him that’s irritating is his penchant for never letting an invited guest finish a sentence.

      • Non Humans

        I can’t stand that either. It turns my stomach when a host asks a question then habitually interrupts their guest three words into every response. It’s very immature.

      • race realist

        “More whites may be on welfare”
        Go by percentages and the whole thing changes ..

        • Djangotamer

          Exactly-it’s all about proportion of the larger population. Yes, there are more whites altogether, but blacks, as a percentage of their entire population, have more welfare recipients. These are the things liberals and blacks can’t seem to get through their thick skulls.

    • Jefferson

      John Stossel is a Libertarian. Remember Libertarians worry so much about how the war on drugs violates the civil rights of Black drug dealers who are just trying make an honest living.

      Libertarians also hate stop and frisk racial profiling of Blacks.

      • Jenna Kerr

        Most libertarians are firm believers in Tabula rasa.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Hey John Nitwit! What percentage of those welfare benefits are financed by WHITE taxpayers, you F-Tard!

    • bebe

      Guess you missed his(BO) rant about the White prom? He was so livid his whole face turned red with rage! Even though the White prom was not held on school property and he neglected to mention that the blacks had their own black prom FIRST! Now why would BO fail to mention that important fact? The Whites were sick and tired of having a mixed prom due to the normal black behavior at such things. PROMS are a White CULTURAL thing, you see, not a black one.

  • shmo123

    I watched this the night it was broadcast, and couldn’t believe what was coming out of Stossel’s mouth. I agree with many of his libertarian stances, particularly when it comes to government interference in our lives, but have never heard him make a comment on race one way or another. O’Reilly is right, and Stossel is completely delusional. To think that some black thug, deprived of his source of drugs, is going to reconsider that plumbing apprenticeship or become a clerk at 7-11 is the biggest howler I’ve ever heard. The only other trade most of them will learn is the new one they pick up at Iron Bar U.


      It was entertaining to watch Stossel dance like hell around the racial aspect of that conversation. Stossel’s not stupid and knows there are differences between racial groups but doesn’t want to lose his paycheck admitting it.

      • The__Bobster

        The Richwine scandal is too fresh in his mind for him to even approach the subject of race.

        • Nathanwartooth

          The witchhunt was successful.

          HBD chick’s article was pretty great.

    • Nathanwartooth

      This is a part of the reason I want drugs legalized. The chaos it will create in the inner city would be of fantastic proportions.

      Hispanic and Black gangs will be at a loss for money so they will have to turn to much more illegal things, like breaking and entering to earn a living.

      • Jenna Kerr

        Don’t forget kidnapping and extortion.

        • Nathanwartooth

          Didn’t think about that. But in first world countries it’s a lot harder to kidnap people and get ransoms.

          • Jenna Kerr

            Isn’t Phoenix, AZ the #2 kidnapping capital in the world?

      • PesachPatriot

        If drugs were legalized weed would be sold by the pound in grocery stores and would probably be roughly the same price as lettuce….most of america’s cocaine,crack, heroin and meth users would probably take themselves out through overdoses or being shot in the commission of crimes to support their habits within 5 years….the independent pharmaceutical salesman would lose their biggest moneymaker….if the world’s oldest profession was legalized at the same time it would be a double whammy as their employees all officially went on the tax rolls.

        • Nathanwartooth

          Well in the states where it has become available for medicinal use it’s not exactly that cheap. In Colorado a friend of mine was paying about 140 an ounce for pretty much the best stuff, legally of course. In states where it is legal that would run 300-400 dollars. So it hasn’t exactly gotten dirt cheap. But of course it would be stupidly cheap if it became as legal as alcohol or tobacco is.

          I’m not sure exactly what would happen if drugs became legal, besides drug dealers, gangs, Mexican drug cartels, etc. not making money anymore.

          Everything that can be said about drugs becoming legal could have been said during Alcohol prohibition. The funny thing is, Alcohol is one of the strongest and most destructive drugs on the planet.

          • PesachPatriot

            Good point about alcohol vs. the other currently illegal drugs….more americans probably die from alcohol poisoning and dwi car wrecks in a year than all the cocaine, meth and heroin overdoses put together. The reason weed is still somewhat pricey in the semi-legal medicinal states is because they are still technically violating federal laws(albeit stupid ones)….if cannabis was legalized on a national level there would probably be a vast reduction in price because there would be no risk of jail time for growing, selling or transporting it. It would also be a useful way for people on welfare to earn their benefits….if everyone in the projects of detroit and chicago was required to work 12-14 hour days outdoors on weed plantations in the hot sun for their EBT cards they probably wouldn’t have much energy left for rape, murder and flash mobs.

    • Jefferson

      An honest 9 to 5 job is considered Kryptonite if you are from the inner city and you racially look like Obama’s son.

      There is a reason why the lazy stereotype was assigned to Black males.

    • a multiracial individual

      Making drugs legal might force thugs to step up their (armed) robbery significantly. With a cash cow gone. Thugs might feel inclined to seek a robbery victim EVERY NIGHT……

    • race realist

      Yes, it’s an aspiring rapper, a basketballer (sports in general) or a drug dealer ..
      That’s the blacks mans goal ,one of the three…

    • panjoomby

      absolutely right – they have NO social skills – no ability to work a job that demands customer service (& a job that demands showing up on time, etc.) stupid people WITH social skills can work those jobs, but NOT stupid people without social skills!

  • 48224

    So Stossel thinks if drugs are made legal in America, blacks will stop killing each other???? Stossel needs to take a trip to Liberia or Mexico where there is no drug enforcement….more murder than Detroit.

    • The__Bobster

      I check the Philly news stories every day, and despite what the Libertarians say, most of the Bantu shootings are not caused by the drug trade.

      • PesachPatriot

        This is a pretty good point….the drug trade murders and beatings in american hoods at least kind of make some sort of sense….a decent amount of the shooting, stabbings and beatings are over incredibly stupid and inconsequential things like gang colors, scuffed pumas, snatched chains, “disrespectin”, “snitchin”, cigarettes, dice games, chicken wings, homies scratching each others hoopties by accident, baby mama drama, rap beefs, retaliations for last week’s stupid murders and beatings and who knows what else.

        • Don’t forget the difference between pork chops and pork steak, and the merits of Big Peach soda.

          • Bill

            And purple drang. Kills brain cells. As if they needed to kill any, given what they start out with.

          • NM156

            Let’s not forget Crunk Juice and Sizzurp.

          • BonusGift

            I thought it was purple stank; maybe it’s both drang and stank? Boy it’s hard keeping up with the hoodrats these days.

          • OlderWoman

            I thought it was ‘Purple Drank”.

          • BonusGift

            You are probably right; I guess that it’s just not my thang.

          • PesachPatriot

            I guess I will have to try some of this big peach soda if its good enough to kill someone over…I usually like coca-cola, followed by dr. pepper or mountain dew, but perhaps i should expand my palate.

      • 48224

        Good point. Here in Detroit most of the murders are blacks killing friends and relatives over nonsense…like looking at each other the wrong way or “disrespectin” someone. Many are robbery type murders, for gold chains, sun glasses, I phones. Very few murders here in the D are “drug related” at all.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I would like to see drugs legalized, but I’m not foolish enough to think that Blacks kill each other just because of drugs.

        But it is one easy way for them to abuse welfare. Getting and welfare and selling drugs is much easier for a low IQ Black than getting a job that pays that much.

        Honestly it sounded like two children talking. Neither of them fully understand the issues they are talking about.

        “There are more Whites on welfare”

        That right there shows some pretty big ignorance. It’s all about disproportionate numbers, not total.

        • BonusGift

          Actually I doubt even that the total number is currently true. See. for example:


          I know, I know, it’s shocking that filtered hacks like these seem to love to throw out stuff like this that isn’t even true. In addition, if you count food stamps (which are not counted in “welfare”), then there are two groups that currently beat out whitey both in absolute terms, as well as easily beat out whitey in relative terms. Lesson, even the twisted truth is rarely, if ever, on the side of those that aid and abet our genocide.

          • Xerxes22

            Plus the government has a habit of classifying Hispanics as White when it suits them.

    • Jefferson

      Black males run away from jobs like they run away from child support.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      He IS correct about the demoralizing effects of the welfare state. I’d LOVE to see that cut off, as well. Think of how many aspiring rappers that would put out of business! And imagine how not having any income would make it even more difficult for bluegums to chase white women! Imagine how much physical gold that would put back out on the market if the broadnoses can’t buy grills! White people would be buying even MORE guns and ammo for use on the breakers and enterers. In short, this’d be a win-win-win situation.

      • bebe

        Only Whites should collect welfare when in need. NEVER any nonwhite should be allowed to take White taxpayer dollars for any reason. In fact, nonwhites should never have been allowed in our country in the first place. This nation was founded by Whites for Whites only. Until the enemy within decided to change all that.

  • libertarian 1234

    Yes, Stossel old boy, most people on welfare are white, and there are more white people who are impoverished than blacks, but the number of crimes they commit as an economic group comparable to blacks is lower and their crime rate in all respects is far lower than the black rate.

    But by admitting that didn’t you just make the case that blacks are more prone to committing crimes than whites?

    And isn’t your contention that crime isn’t race-based shot to hell over your assertions?

    • BonusGift

      Bingo; and why didn’t O’Reilly point out this basic error in argument I wonder? Answer: They both have the jobs largely because they have repeatedly shown the tribe in control of the mianstream media that they will only bring up the truth when it is largely irrelevant or of little importance, but certainly not in explaining causal factors for crime and violence.

    • race realist

      PERFECT !!!

  • WhiteBurnsBright

    This 3 minutes exemplifies how a traitor, and the brainwashed mind work. Not until the very end and posed with facts, again, does Stossel finally admit to the truth.

    O’Reilly, “Groan-So you don’t see a racial component here?”

    Stossel, “Well yea, the numbers speak for themselves.”

    • blight14

      I’m surprised Stossel didn’t follow that barely-able-to-utter statement with, “But we DON’T have to mention it!”

  • crystalevans

    The problem is that young black men do not know what true manhood is. They know nothing of marrying and staying true to one woman for life, bearing and rearing children with her, and working hard to support his family. What they follow is hypermasculinity. That is dependent upon them fathering as many children with different women and taking care of none of them. They also shoot anyone who does things as look at them, failing to give them “respect” and talking to their women, etc.

    • MBlanc46

      You’ve hit several nails on the head there. If they’re ever to have any discipline imposed upon them, it will have to come from non-blacks.

    • Dom

      It’s macho bullshit. True masculinity is a virtue. True masculinity build America and the West.

  • Puggg

    Bill O’Reilly has taken every position in the book on every issue in the book.

    But on this, the blind squirrel found an acorn.

    Even though he’s probably on record some where some time saying the complete opposite.

  • blight14

    Stossel, I just lost the bulk of the respect I had for you……………..denial isn’t just a river in Egypt……..

    • Nick Gherz

      I saw his work (Stossel) in the nineties (90’s).
      His misguided compassion attacks towards feral blacks is shocking as
      well as intellectually dishonest. His overt PC is truly stomach-turning.

      Furthermore, Stossel is very manipulative and seldom direct.

      • blight14

        Some of his work seems to be 100% correct but I guess the ‘lib’ in libertarian mandates that he cannot/will not deviate from the subject-that-will-not-be-uttered………….

      • bebe

        He is also Jewish. That may be why he is the way he is…dna is his guide.

  • bigone4u

    There is no gun problem; there is a blacks with guns problem. But even if blacks could be effectively disarmed there’s still knives, hammers, rocks, spears, clubs, …

    • Who Me?

      There is no “gun problem”; it isn’t really a “blacks with guns” problem either. There is a HUGE problem with “blacks in white society at all” problem.

      • Bill

        Yup. That they exist among us is problematic enough. All the rest just follows.

        • bigone4u

          That they exist anywhere on the planet would seem to indicate that if there is a god he cursed the planet earth. Somewhere in the universe there must be god’s chosen planet, but this one ain’t it. God’s chosen planet would be populated only with whites.

          • bebe

            With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice that Providence has
            been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people — a
            people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language,
            professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of
            government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their
            joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a
            long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and

    • NYB

      In Britain, which has very strict gun control, blacks still commit violence with knives and guns at rates which are disproportionate.

    • Luis

      Correct. There is no “gun problem” just like there was no “oven problem” in the Nazi death camps, or a “guillotine problem” during the French Reign of Terror. There was no “knife and machete problem” during Rwanda’s and Burundi’s ethnic wars.

      The problems arose from the people who deployed these weapons and instruments. When oh when are they going to understand that?

      • Will

        It is the negro problem.
        Negroes are a problem anywhere there is civilization.

  • smells_just_like

    The older and richer O’Reilly gets, the closer he will get to full Amren Status.

    Glen Beck will get there as soon as the shooting starts.

  • joegoofinoff

    These two guys are just talkers. All that matters anymore is good position, breathing, taking up tigger slack, keeping sights on six o’clock bull and letting the round go at exactly the right moment, One round, on hit.

    • OlderWoman

      I agree. It seems like Bill makes ‘forbidden’ claims that are the truth but he uses them as a tease. I hold my breath waiting for him to continue digging into the truth of what he is discussing. But it seems when the tension has reached a peak he drops the subject altogether. It’s disappointing.

      • Jerrybear

        Notice that he never answered his own question? He just let Stossel squirm with a half-assed libertarian drivel explanation. This allows him to stay firmly perched on the fence of politics. After all, he is the god of fair and balanced.

  • APaige

    O’Reilly is right it is a race issue.
    Stossel is wrong about Whites being largest group on welfare. Blacks are the largest group. Only if you add Social Security as a welfare program (which the govt does) then whites are the largest. Most, if not all white people who receive social security paid into the system-it is ‘their’ money. It is the difference between robbing a bank and taking money out of your own account-yes both took money out of a bank, but there is a difference. Do most people believe Social Security is a welfare program?

    • pcmustgo

      Whites are UNDER-REPRESENTED ON WELFARE… Blacks are OVER-REPRESENTED… but percentages and fractions are just too confusing types of math for certain types of people. Including disingenuous or low-iq whites.

    • Pelayo

      It’s the percentage of a particular people who are on welfare not question of the number of people. If one out of every ten Whites is on Welfare and eight out of every ten Blacks are, then more Blacks are on Welfare.

    • Unperson

      Whites being largest group on welfare ONLY if you look at absolute numbers — because there are of course WAY more whites in absolute numbers. But invoking absolute numbers the way Stossel does is either moronic or misleading, since what matters are the numbers PER CAPITA.
      Yes, there is a total number of whites on welfare that is higher, but since there are five or six times as many whites as blacks, then to say there are more whites on welfare is obviously not a meaningful statistic. What’s meaningful is the number of people out of 100 who are on welfare. And by that measure, blacks not only do worse than whites, they do worse than EVERYBODY.

    • Funruffian

      John Stossel is a lying SOB. I saw this interview 2 weeks ago. Stossel always plays Devil’s advocate and he lied about the Welfare rate. The current welfare rate amongst Blacks is 39.8% while the White rate is 38.8%. Whites are 65% of the populace. Blacks are 14%. This means that Blacks are 7 times more likely to be on welfare. Thanks for being a misleading liar, Stossel. He also blames Black crime on “Gun control. What a tool!
      O’Reilly knows the score, but he isn’t about to abandon his 8-figure income on telling the truth about Blacks.

    • Xerxes22

      Many Republicans think it is a welfare program. Former senator Alan Simpson even called it a welfare program.

  • Bill

    IF O’Reilly was consistent, I’d have respect for him. He’s not. Every once in a while his masters let him off the leash momentarily, to appear “unbiased” or to boost ratings. The rest of the time he is kept well under control. Just because he yells once in a while or butts in before somebody is finished doesn’t change the fact that he is just another talking head getting paid big bucks to spin the party line when told to. I also will never forget his comments on bible believers. He can rot in hell when it’s his time.

    • Dom

      You aren’t in a position to pick. If he is not against us he is for us. Even in only certain occasions. We have to manage with what we got.

  • pcmustgo

    This is the way to go. Lying to Blacks and Liberals is a way they control us. I mean, when they attempt to force us to lie about what’s going on. Being pushed into that great lie… I used to use kid gloves on Blacks, but when I realized they never hold back with me I stopped doing so. Forcing us to lie is a part of the bullying.

    • BonusGift

      I agree. Furthermore, the truth is the true man’s domain. This is why blacks are mostly mental weaklings. As a general rule, weaklings and women want to get along so badly that they will adopt a lie to smooth over hurt feelings when the truth rears its ugly head. With respect to race and the national question the truth is our friend, be a man about it or just plain “man up” and get on with the truth and accept nothing less.

      I remember years ago I was working in LA and some affirmative action black began lecturing me on black this and black that, blah, blah, blah … we owe them this and that … and why don’t white people accept him as a business man … blah, blah, blah. I was relatively young and he was older than me, but I looked at him and said something like this: First off, if you truly want to be treated as a friend and as a business equal or equal in general then stop with the pointing out that I am white and you are black. Just about everything I just heard you say centered around me being white and you black. Thought exercise, imagine I am in a bar with you and I am enjoying myself and that as a matter of fact I am the only white person in the bar, but it is not something that I am dwelling on at that moment, then say the bartender says hey he’s white and points his finger at me. What do you think that does? At least two things: (1) I must now admit I am different that everyone else at the bar (i.e., that I am white and you are not); and (2) I will now be careful of ever going into a “black” bar ever again. In short, I now must tribally choose up sides. I remember the guy just stood there looking at me with mouth open, and to fill the silence (obviously awkward for him and not so much for me) I finished by saying something to the effect that to do otherwise wouldn’t be human (i.e., to recognize that I needed to tribe up so to speak). Days later he flagged me down and told me that he had thought about our conversation and it disturbed him. Long story short, he indicated that I was right but that he just didn’t know what to do about it as his whole business model was skimming off whitey and claiming victim status. Pcmustgo, your are exactly right, we must not just let lies hang out there. These cultural Marxist a_holes have power over us in large part because they run abound spouting out lies that are not countered (the big one being that all groups are equal). We are not equal, it’s our country, our history and it all matters!

  • LastBastionOfHope

    “Most of the criminals would get real jobs”

    LOL! Man that was a good one. I can hear the dubbed in studio audience laughter right after that line. Just as O’Reilly sighed, I also sigh when the stats are RIGHT THERE in front of people, and even though blacks and hispanics commit over 95% of all gun murders, we are supposed to pretend race has nothing to do with it.

    But even Bill won’t go this far…blacks are genetically weaker in IQ, have more primitive frontal lobes and thus a lack of executive functioning, and socially their race is totally upside down from what you would want a race to be like. That’s the true reason this happens.

  • Duh. Welcome to the party, Bill

  • Dave4088

    O’Reilly merely stated that most gun crimes are committed by blacks. He did not suggest, nor would be ever, that black crime is attributable to inherent racial differences and African DNA and that Africans and white, Western civilization are incompatible.

    As always moist eyed Glen Beck used to intone, the government has fostered dependency among blacks which has led to higher violent crime rates. Not exactly a work of Aristotelian logic, but this is more of less the excuse pushed by FAUX News. The FAUX News/Becktard/ Palin/ditthohead neoconservatives believe that the right government policies can transform every black male into a Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell or Dr. Ben Carson.

  • Mike Lane

    This is my problem with libertarianism and even conservatism. They always like to blame black crime on the Democrat Party in Detroit (though I don’t think they are helping at all). HUGE MISTAKE. They think compromising will help them, when all it does is turn them closer to the dark side. Haven’t they watched the Empire Strikes Back? Luke didn’t make peace by compromising with Vader on Cloud City. He’d rather plunge to his death.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Prior to the 1960’s, there wasn’t much in the way of welfare and blacks behaved only because the police departments had not been emasculated. Until 1963, you could buy guns via mail order. Guns were available for purchase from most hardware stores until 1968. So, the guns haven’t magically appeared in the past 50 years. Blacks were allowed to do a lot of things in their own neighborhoods that would be overlooked by the police so long as it remained in the ghetto. The talented 10th would round up men and bust a few skulls if necessary to keep the police at bay.

    Both of these guys can sit there and blab on all day, but they know tat he who pays the piper calls the tune.

    Too bad that we can’t wall off the ghettos, drop in tons of weapons and drugs and let nature take its course.

  • Guest

    note this is in chicago which is mostly black

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    This whole “War on Drugs” thing being the cause of crime and violence is the biggest canard of race deniers. Crime and violence is all about racial differences and the rise of liberalism. Crime in the US skyrocketed in the 1960s, exactly in conjunction with the “Civil Rights” movement. The whole “legalize drugs” movement is just another way of trying to deny the importance of race.

    • Part of the reason certain drugs were made illegal was precisely because of black crime resulting in their use of those (at the time, legal) drugs. So with blacks, it doesn’t matter if certain drugs or firearms are legal, illegal, or semi-legal, they’ll still do what they do best, be violent.

    • pawcatch

      Crime has also dropped like a bag of rocks since the 90s.

  • bebe

    A couple of days ago, my son went to the store and 2 black thugs BUMPED (purposely) into him in the store and my son told them to watch where they are going in a not too friendly tone. They waited outside the store and as my son put the key into the car door they jumped him from behind and as he turned one hit him in the forehead and cut a big gash (with their “bling on his freakin black finger) while the other kicked him in the ribs. Then the punks took off running and a woman came to my son as blood was pouring out of the gash into his eyes and helped him to stop the blood and put a huge bandage on him and someone called the cops but it was too late because the black thugs were far gone by then….and some people wonder why I cannot stand blacks in my country?

    I have seen and read far too many times of the crimes/rapes, etc they commit against Whites to ever feel anything but contempt for the black race.

    • Ralph

      The first rule for every organism, including White humans is to survive. Nothing happens if you do not survive. This means if you are targeted by Blacks–as in they intentonally bumped into you trying to start something–you need to quickly assess the situation. Because they initiated the attack, they are ready and willing to up the ante, but you were just minding your own business and you are not ready to defend yourself. In such a situation, you better quickly decide whether you are more likely to survive if you engage them in any way or if you simply do everything to avoid them. It is now cowardice to assess the risks and take the best path for your survival.

      If you decide to engage them, and if there are more than one, it is better that you be armed and if you pull a gun, don’t do it to threaten them: do shoot them. And, then be ready to say: “I was in fear for my life. they both reached for their waistbands.” Don’t change your story, ever.

      • Ralph

        More…We no longer live in a White world with White sensibilities. We live in a jungle. Know it, and act accordingly to survive. Do not think that Blacks are going to act the way Whites act. White engage in ritual combat where they’ll do a lot of yelling at each other, but don’t usually get physical right away. Blacks will get physical almost immediately. Know it and survive. Donlt try to reason with Blacks. Either avoid them or be prepared to destroy them as you defend yourself.

      • bebe

        Can’t carry a gun here. Wouldn’t have done any good in the first place. My son is WHITE and the thugs were black. You know who the court will side with.

        They attacked him from behind and he doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head. They hid behind a car until he came out and he did look around to see if they were waiting for him before he went out and saw nothing.

        Blacks are cowards and always will be. But now they have the “laws” on their side no matter what they do to any ole White guy.

  • Will_2

    John Stossel gives us great insight on the many pressing
    social issues facing us in modern America. Here is his take on professional


  • smells_just_like

    Fox won’t touch the breaking news about Civil Rights leader Tyrone (sic) Brooks’ stealing a million dollars from big corporations who funding his human rights literacy program.

    He’ll make a statement tomorrow at the site of a infamous unsolved lynching in Georgia.

    “No matter what I did that made that Whitey woman Federal DA thinks she can indict me on fraud, her failure to solve this lynching is worse. Racism is the reason I’m being indicted, and racist White privilege on the part of still too White Atlanta is the reason I had to move the money around so I could spend it on who de. Dey dun stole dat money frum my slave ancestors in de fust place, all dat unpaid labor dey stole frum us, and cuz dey be rayciss, I din do nuffins.”

    • smells_just_like

      You are supposed to be disappointed, not justified.

  • Mark

    Europeans are growing tired of false accusations and the moniker of white supremacist or
    racist for simply standing up for our right to protect ourselves from roving
    bands of gun toting criminals who have shown a blatant disregard for the laws,
    rules and traditions of their host societies. I’m confident the Zionist press
    will be indicted for Hate Crimes for provoking other races to hate and attack
    Europeans. The main stream media would never call Asians, or Africans,
    supremacist, or racist.

  • AugustusAlexander

    I liked Stossel until this…….

    “there more whites on welfare”…..you have to be an idiot to say something like this

    Whites = 60+% of the population

    Blacks = 13% of the population

    So of course whites would have more people using welfare because the are 6x+ the amount of blacks in the country but blacks have way more people on welfare when population is factored in.

    • his statement would still be true dumbass!

      • AugustusAlexander

        Go back to World Star Hip Hop so you can spread the “truth” and cause your people to be looked at as retards among statisticians.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          They ARE retards. And actually, the statement is false. Around 40% of welfare scroungers are Negroid, compared to 39% white, and 15% mexicans. Those PAYING for the welfare are almost 100% white. As Fred Reed put it, they are a failed race on custodial support,

          • AugustusAlexander

            I do not really care if they are a little more or a little less……they should not be anywhere close to whites as whites have 6x+ the population size. Makes them look like joke when put into perspective.

        • Guest

          blacks do not care about statisticians it’s not that big of a deal

          • ms_anthro

            That’s true. Dignity is a trait only found among the higher races.

    • bebe

      Problem is there are NOT more Whites on welfare. Those “stats” are all lies. Go to any welfare office for a week and LOOK at who is going in and out of that place. Nothing but blacks, latinos and asians (SE asians) and a lone White sprinkled here and there.

      • AugustusAlexander

        Ok but it does not matter if blacks are a little more or less…..they should be no where near whites in welfare usage.

        Whites must be 6x in any given category to be even…

  • Dude

    I thought that Hispanic perpetrators were classified as “white.” Where do those numbers on Hispanic murder rates come from?

    • in crime stats they are

      • Dude

        Where outside of crime stats do they get that information?

  • AmericanPatriot

    Folks Stossel & O’Reilly were just putting on a little wrestling match for their neoconned sheeple audience. Neither cares about ordinary White folk. That said Stossel is correct that the Drug Wars are largely just an excuse to feed fodder to the imprisonment industry. The relatively small White prison population would largely disappear without the ‘drug wars’ Perhaps to satisfy the prison industry we could start properly punishing financial criminals, though the chosen might object.

  • How much longer shall we continue to pretend that these greasy apes are Humans? Segregation was a good thing and now only repatriation or extermination will solve the black plague. We need to ship the feral savages back to the jungle (where they will become extinct without the White man) or break out the Zyklon-B and do the job right.

  • ImTellinYa

    Everything that Leftist liars, cheats and thieves say about guns and their reasons for banning them are lies and fantasies. My guess is that Obama was thrilled to see White children massacred so he could shed crocodile tears and impose his plans for an illegal, immoral tyranny. Obama had no problem with Americans being killed as a result of Fast and Furious. He is an accessory to murder and an unrepentant one at that.

    The Left wants our guns because they would rather see us dead than have the means to defend ourselves against their natural constituency: Lively, vibrant, diverse criminals. As it is, Leftists have come very close to making self defense illegal with their selective enforcement of the law and their support of frivolous lawsuits by criminals and their families.

    But I guess there’s nothing else to expect from a bunch of overgrown spoiled Left-wing brats led by that scum of the earth, Obama.

    But the fact is that everyone has a duty and the God-given right to defend himself from attack with his or her weapons of choice. But the Left would force us all to be cowards just like them. The Left prefers the subjects of its tyranny to be supine and servile. Their politically-correct demands that we be “reasonable” and “nuanced” just mean that the days of free speech are numbered. I’ve seen numerous “studies” and casually bland opinion pieces supporting the kind of suppression of free speech that the Leftist tyrannies in Canada and Europe have imposed. Their irrational, insane ideology is like a disease.

    Of course the Left has redefined our right and duty to defend ourselves just as they rationalize all their other lies and fantasies. The Left is certain that righteous self-defense is murder; that cowardice is courage and honor is shame and winning is losing. The Left wants a White defendant so prosecute so badly that they tried to turn a Black, Hispanic Indian (George Zimmerman) into a White man. That was so embarrassingly insane that even the Left has turned away from that one, hoping no one will notice. But that poor bastard is still in the hands of an arbitrary, irrational legal system that Franz Kafka would find extremely familiar.

    And it’s not just “assault rifles” the Left is after this time. They want to strip people, and especially White people, of as many guns as possible. It will be just like the armed pilot program. They’ll say, “look, we have a program in place where a person can own a gun.” But nobody will be able to successfully jump through the hoops. And even if they do, the government will harass them no end.Look for the Left to simply define everyone who wants a gun as mentally unstable. The Left believes that lie. They will act on it. Like the old Soviet Union they will simply redefine their opponents as being insane.

    And while threatening, sanctimonious nonsense is spewing from the Left like so much sewage, those common criminals, Obama and Holder, remove the waiting period to buy guns for legal immigrants, most of whom are third-world savages.It is Whites the Leftist tyrants want to demonize, criminalize and disarm. It is Whites who have the most need to defend themselves against the wards of the Left.

  • jimh19

    Well, I’ll be darned. Gun violence is racial? Whodathunk?

  • That was a most pathetic attempt in the denial of reality. Sadly, John Stossel represents the “white guiltier consciousnesses” of most white Americans.

    • Ash Williams

      They’re pathological apologists. Whatever non-Whites do it’s always the fault of something else.

  • WR_the_realist

    Even if we grant that much of the mayhem in out cities is due to drugs being illegal, it is still notable who does the killing. About the same percentage of white people as black people want to use those banned drugs, but who does most of the murdering associated with the illegal drug trade? I think much of the drug related violence would in fact decline if we legalized drugs (few people get shot up over alcohol sales these days) but there is little doubt in my mind that the people currently selling drugs would just get into some other illegal trade. Pimping, burglary, and auto theft will stay popular.

    • pawcatch

      I really like John Stossell.Even though he’s not a race realist,his ideas would benefit them.He doesn’t want the feds involved in any state affairs,if he came to power states like Alaska would be free to make their own laws on guns,drugs,and even race.

      • bebe

        Stossell is a joke. He looked pathetic and his “facts” were so off it left me reeling.

  • Ash Williams

    Stossel is delusional.

    Even if marijuana was legalized, that doesn’t mean there would be no laws regulating it. The laws that regulate it would still be broken, there would still be illegal sales and conduct regarding drugs. Just like how prescription drugs are legal, but are still distributed and sold illegally.