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David Weigel, Slate, May 10, 2013

Four years ago, long before he’d join the Heritage Foundation, before Marco Rubio was even in the Senate, Jason Richwine armed a time bomb. A three-member panel at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government accepted Richwine’s thesis, titled “IQ and Immigration Policy.” In it, Richwine provided statistical evidence that Hispanic immigrants, even after several generations, had lower IQs than non-Hispanic whites. Immigration reformers were fools if they didn’t grapple with that.

“Visceral opposition to IQ selection can sometimes generate sensationalistic claims—for example, that this is an attempt to revive social Darwinism, eugenics, racism, etc,” wrote Richwine. “Nothing of that sort is true. … an IQ selection system could utilize individual intelligence test scores without any resort to generalizations.”

This week, Heritage released a damning estimate of the immigration bill, co-authored by Richwine. The new study was all about cost, totally eliding the IQ issues that Richwine had mastered, but it didn’t matter after Washington Post reporter Dylan Matthews found the dissertation. Heritage hurried to denounce it—“its findings in no way reflect the positions of The Heritage Foundation”—and Richwine has ducked any more questions from the press.


Academics aren’t so concerned with the politics. But they know all too well the risks that come with research connecting IQ and race. At the start of his dissertation, Richwine thanked his three advisers—George Borjas, Christopher Jenks, and Richard Zeckhauser—for being so helpful and so bold. Borjas “helped me navigate the minefield of early graduate school,” he wrote. “Richard Zeckhauser, never someone to shy away from controversial ideas, immediately embraced my work.”

Yet they don’t embrace everything Richwine’s done since. “Jason’s empirical work was careful,” Zeckhauser told me over email. “Moreover, my view is that none of his advisors would have accepted his thesis had he thought that his empirical work was tilted or in error. However, Richwine was too eager to extrapolate his empirical results to inferences for policy.”

Borjas’ own work on immigration and inequality has led to a few two-minutes-hate moments in the press. He wasn’t entirely convinced by Richwine, either.

“I have never worked on anything even remotely related to IQ, so don’t really know what to think about the relation between IQ, immigration, etc,” Borjas told me in an email. “In fact, as I know I told Jason early on since I’ve long believed this, I don’t find the IQ academic work all that interesting. Economic outcomes and IQ are only weakly related, and IQ only measures one kind of ability. I’ve been lucky to have met many high-IQ people in academia who are total losers, and many smart, but not super-smart people, who are incredibly successful because of persistence, motivation, etc. So I just think that, on the whole, the focus on IQ is a bit misguided.”

But Richwine had been fascinated by it, and for a very long time, in an environment that never discouraged it. Anyone who works in Washington and wants to explore the dark arts of race and IQ research is in the right place. {snip}

I saw this for the first time in 2006. During the backlash to the McCain–Graham immigration bill, the young paleo-conservatives Marcus Epstein and Richard Spencer founded the Robert Taft Club, a debating society that would welcome taboo ideas and speakers. They did so, and the SPLC then branded them “hateful”—it was the way of things. But I’d sometimes attend those events, as a reporter. In 2006, they invited American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor to a debate on race and conservatism. Years later, a few reporters condemned James O’Keefe because he’d been in the room. They botched the story, accusing O’Keefe of planning the event, when he’d merely shown up. The lesson everyone took away from this? Well, of course the left would blow up anything you said about race into a controversy. That was no reason to stop doing it.

Richwine either relished in the controversy or didn’t care. In 2008, while at the American Enterprise Institute, he joined a panel discussing a new book from Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “Decades of psychometric testing,” said Richwine, “has indicated that at least in America you have Jews with the highest average IQ, usually followed by East Asians, and then you have non-Jewish whites, Hispanics, and then blacks. These are real differences. They’re not going to go away tomorrow.”


But Richwine was winning fans on the nativist right. Marcus Epstein was in the audience, asking a question, then writing the event up favorably at the anti-immigration site Over the years, VDare’s Steve Sailer would point to Richwine’s work and charts to reveal cold truths about racial IQ differentials. In March 2009, he shared Richwine’s calculations “from the 2003 New Immigrant Survey of the backward digit span subtest from the Wechsler IQ test.” Immigrants from Mexico had IQs, on average, 18 points lower than those of white Americans.

{snip} While at AEI Richwine got to know Richard Spencer, the other Taft Club founder, and another thinker who laughed at the constant denunciations of “hate watchers.” In 2010, as first noticed by Yahoo News’ Chris Moody, Richwine wrote a couple of pieces for Spencer’s new white nationalist magazineAlternative Right. His debut story demolished a piece by the pro-immigrant legalization conservative Ron Unz. “His reason is superficially plausible—the sole offense of some Hispanics in federal custody may be an illegal border crossing,” wrote Richwine. Alas, as numbers from the Bureau of Justice Statistics would prove, “Unz is wrong when he says that Hispanics are no more criminal than whites. Hispanics are, in fact, substantially more likely than whites to commit serious crimes, and U.S.-born Hispanics in particular are about two and a half times more likely.”

At his day jobs, on the mainstream right, Richwine wasn’t usually this blunt. He might cite the Bell Curve in an article for AEI’s magazine, but there was no thinkcrime there—he’d thanked Charles Murray in his dissertation. When he joined Heritage, Richwine wrote only rarely about immigration, applying his statistical acumen more often to public pension crises and student loans. “His mistake is that he wrote about a taboo subject,” Charles Murray told the New Republic yesterday. “And to write about IQ and race or ethnicity is to take a very good chance of destroying your career. And I really hope that doesn’t happen.”


Anyone could have predicted it. Richwine didn’t mind taking on taboos or talking to taboo people. That’s how immigration reform foes talk amongst themselves. That’s not how they’re going to stop the bill.


[Editor’s Note: Charles Murray issued two Tweets about Mr. Richwine’s firing which can be found here and here.]

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  • I’m kind of amazed. We got through a whole Weigel screed in Slate without much in the way of bad leftist snark or obnoxious leftist shrieking. And at least he had the good graces to mention Jared Taylor by name; any other time and he might as well be Mr. Cellophane to the national media.

    • Kathy M

      What-the… Who is that goober? Look at that expression on his face.

      • a multiracial individual

        John C. Reilly is hilarious.

  • joegoofinoff

    Each month, at the board of ed. meeting, I ask the supt. to give the children an IQ test and he refuses. We’ve got a whole bunch of hispanic kids and some black kids and the recent tests indicate the usual bad scores. The supt also stubbornly refuses to answer why he won’t give the tests. A while back, he said they were unfair. I of course said this was perfect because we live in an unfair world, so an unfair test is just right. He just sits now and refuses to answer when I bring it up every month.

    • a multiracial individual

      Do you have tenure?

    • Bob

      I live in an area with a lot of Hispanics. Their IQs are only about four points higher than blacks but they are far better people. So obviously there is more going on here than just IQ.

      Where I live many of the Indians are alcoholics. Indians’ inability to handle booze is well-known, and it is genetic.

      I’m waiting for studies on why Jews have been expelled over 100 times. Perhaps stealing, cowardice, treason, lying and spying are genetic?

      I’m not holding my breath.

      • joegoofinoff

        I agree about the hispanics. As for the American Indians. Yep, I worked with them many years and once I worked upstate Minnesota and saw them up close on the reservation. About the Jews, I also agree. But some of them did prove themselves here when they fought as good neighbors and citizens for the Confederacy. As a matter of fact, some Jews were members of the first Klan that existed during the Reconstruction period following the Civil War (1865-1877) – Bernard Baruch’s dad, Dr. Simon Baruch being one of them who is known to have been a Klan member.

        • josh

          I cant understand why so nmany lunk headed good ole boys support the Confederacy. It was an unmitigated disaster for white men It was controlled by the slave owning oligarchy. The war was fought on BEHALF of the rotten stinking slave owning oligarchy,who brought the slaves to America to get cheap labor and undercut the white man and keep him in poverty.,Of course there were jews in the oligarchy! Many rebel soldiers,seing their friends getting killed,limbs and faces shot off ad nauseum,finally questioned why they were fighting for the rich slave owner,who was busy keeping his dear negro slaves out of harms way. Then as now,doing the fighting is for the white man. I understand there arose tremendous bitterness among the rebel troops as their situation became more clear and dire. So..the stars and bars represents what exactly? Some piece of excrement who brought african immigrants over by the millions???

          • joegoofinoff

            don’t get nervous in the service…

      • JohnEngelman

        The influx of Hispanics has been good for my largely black and very dangerous city. Hispanics buy abandoned buildings and put shops and restaurants in them. They stand up to the black criminals.

        Most Hispanics vote Democrat, but they are not like guilt stricken white liberals. They view blacks with neither fear nor compassion but contempt.

        • josh

          If you want someone to buy up abandoned buildings and create a thriving community…thats what we have the homosexuals for!! You cant LIVE in the “hispanic” communities,but you can surely live in the gay ones!!

  • guest

    The IQ disparity issue is the fatal flaw in cult of diversity. There is no way to overcome this problem, so the only thing they can do is crush and destroy anyone who points it out. Everyone knows the IQ gap is real and genetic and will never go away.

    Real religions have figured out that you don’t make a testable hypothesis (earth is the center of the universe, for example) as part of your religious beliefs. You make all your beliefs not falsifiable. The last falsifiable belief the Catholic Church had was belief that the sun goes around the earth. After that situation they stuck to beliefs that couldn’t be objectively tested.

    The diversity religion has one big problem, in that its core belief, which is that all brains are the same, is falsifiable. And false.

    • dd121

      “No way to overcome this problem”. Sure they do they lie lie lie.

      • JohnEngelman

        And they force others to lie.

    • Winston Merryweather

      The view that undirected natural processes evolved life from non-life is not falsifiable. What observation could possibility falsify it?

      The statement, “There is no greatest prime number” is meaningful and rational to believe (at least, it’s rational to believe once one apprehends the mathematical proof for it), yet it is logically impossible to falsify it and is therefore non-falsifiable. Why? Because it’s logically impossible for “There is no greatest prime number” to be false, ergo it is logically impossible to prove that it is false.

      “Falsification” has its flaws.

      • MBlanc46

        It has its flaws for more reasons that you state. The really general statements like the first one aren’t really scientific statements at all and they’re not the sort of thing that working scientists concern themselves with. In your second example, you neglect the distinction between, to use Hume’s language, relations of ideas and matters of fact. The falsifiability test applies only to the latter. Mathematical statements belong to the former.

  • Great Tweet from Murray:
    Thank God I was working for Chris DeMuth and AEI, not Jim DeMint and Heritage, when The Bell Curve was published. Integrity. Loyalty. Balls.
    Pretty soon the left will be telling us IQ is just another “social construct” like race.

    • KingKenton

      Pretty soon the left will be telling us IQ is just another “social construct” like race.

      Our mantra should be, “Race is not a social construct, but racism is.”

    • Erasmus

      They already claim that gender is. The left’s perfect society would be a bunch of genitalia-free, blank faced, dull-witted, hairless drones…sort of like a bunch of cocoa-colored Charlie Browns.

  • Don

    Yo diss sheet is raycisss!

  • Don

    Juxt cuz I blacks I gots da low IQz!? Is dat wat u white honkeys b says?! Dats raycisss! I’m finna calls da poleeeece and da ambalance! Din I finna calls da Jesse an da Al’s! No juxtice no peeece! No juxtice no peeeece!

  • Kathy M

    I do have one beef with Richwine. I don’t care how high an immigrant’s IQ may be, there remains the all-important cultural/racial compatibility issue. Okay to keep out Mexicalis but become flooded with Japanese? I don’t think so. Whites only should be the policy. Everthing about our foundations — culture, religion, customs, and traditions were WHITE.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      You’re right: IQ talk is not bad, but it’s, really, of no big importance. If implemented, these policies would cut out blacks & Hispanics, but favor Chinese & Indians over Europeans (both Asian groups number more than 1 billion people & can easily extract enough high IQ people from that reservoir. Besides- they’re not trailbrazers). It’s about race and ethnicity, not about IQ. And everybody is afraid to tell the truth.

      • Kathy M

        Exactly. I personally would not want to live in some high IQ village in Japan. Race has meaning. Its important.

        • Bardon Kaldian

          Look what Robert Spencer had said:

          To understand what I mean, imagine that a new technological breakthrough were to occur—something on the level of a cheap alternative to fossil fuels or an advancement in productivity that rivals the Internet and World Wide Web. This invention or discovery could produce such gains that the U.S. could easily pay for Medicare, Social Security, and the welfare of millions of Hispanics.

          We’d all be rich and secure . . . but would we want to live in such a society—a society with a Mestizo majority, whose innate values and sensibilities (let’s put aside IQ) would inform the culture, popular and high art, social manners and customs, and more? Mexico City is Mexico City, even if it were to have the per-capita GDP of Silicon Valley. I don’t want to live there.

          The converse is also true. I’d much rather live in an impoverished
          backwater where my friends and neighbors would be White than in a super-rich metropolis of aliens. Shanghai is a fascinating place to visit; but I could never be at home there.

          Immigration isn’t all about money.

          • The more I read what Mr. Spencer writes, the more I like the guy. I think he really does “get it” when it comes to the true enlightenment and goals of race-based Nationalism.

            It’s not Right, it’s just right. Maybe not what’s right for you, but definitely what’s right for me.

          • equality64

            You sir, are brilliant. Everyone should read this.

          • lily-white

            “Mexico City is Mexico City”… exactly… and to quote another on AMREN … “Mexico is what it is because it is full of Mexicans”…

      • Morris LeChat

        I agree 100%. I assume JT talks about IQ in order to show the error in the claim that lack of black achievement is due to white racism. It is due to their lack of ability. That being said, this has nothing at all to do with the question of the white man’s right to exist. That right does NOT depend on academia and it’s tests. The white man created the modern world, conquered the surface of the earth. The enemies that have brought it down are all INTERNAL. The test of the REAL world established the white man’s right to exist.

      • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

        It’s about money and power.

    • JohnEngelman

      No country can have too many people with genius level IQs.

      • The__Bobster

        Then who would do the work?

        • JohnEngelman

          People with genius level IQs. Increasingly those with double digit IQs are unnecessary to the economy.

          • MBlanc46

            Necessary or not, they need to be kept busy or they will cause trouble (as they do every day in the ghetto).

          • JohnEngelman

            When they cause trouble the government should execute some, and send the rest to prison camps to perform hard labor enforced by the whip. That is the only way to get any value out of them. They are otherwise unnecessary.

          • MBlanc46

            I doubt very much that those things are going to happen. I suppose that the most likely outcome is that nothing will happen and we’ll continue to tolerate a situation in which black poverty, criminality, and violence will continue unchecked. There ought to be, and I believe that there is a middle way.

          • JohnEngelman

            Let’s keep increasing the prison population and replace Aid to Families with Dependent Children with free abortion on demand. Let’s also put an end to affirmative action and forced school busing Those seem like achievable goals.

            Since 1980 the crime rate has declined because the prison population has tripled, and millions of potential criminals have been aborted. All we really need to do is to keep doing what we have been doing.

          • MBlanc46

            Some of them are. The blacks will keep increasing the prison population, which will, I hope, be one of the factors that induce whites to conclude that something needs to be done. Elimination of AFDC and Section 8 (or whatever they’re called now) is part of any serious plan for dealing with blacks. The Supreme Court may put an end to AA and busing soon. But with all of that stuff in place, something needs to be done to see that blacks do something constructive, or, at least, not destructive.

          • Really???


            Is this really you? You seem more uncompromising and harsh than usual…

          • JohnEngelman

            I don’t hate blacks. I hate criminals, and I want them to suffer.

          • josh

            Now you’re talking!!

      • josh

        I hope that country with all the geniuses doesnt have an army or a nuclear bomb..

    • lily-white

      “Everything about our foundations — culture, religion, customs, and traditions were WHITE.” … So true… at least up until a short while ago…

      • Tired

        The beginning of the end

      • Unperson

        Know which presidents in this photo collection are better than Obama? ALL OF THEM!

        Rather than have Obama in the White House, I’d even prefer to give the job to the green square to his right. At least the green square has no grudge against Caucasians.

      • Anna Tree

        Sigh… I think the before last Pharaoh was black…

  • me

    Richwine was exposing the Marxist lies, and he got trounced for it. Why are we not surprised? The flat-earth theory that race and IQ aren’t relevant or correlated is beginning to unravel, and the politicians, neocons, globalists, and other liars are going to try and suppress the truth until they can make ‘thought crime’ laws official.

    • Dr. X

      Well, that’s the point of “thought crimes” — to suppress the truth. The bigger picture here is that Whites are in the process of reversing the Enlightenment by rejecting empiricism in favor of dogmatic beliefs. What White civilization is doing, basically, is turning itself into a cultural and civilizational backwater like Islam, where belief supersedes fact and fanaticism is rewarded while sober, objective analysis is pilloried and denounced.

      • JDInSanDiego

        I like what you’re saying:
        Political Correctness is like Islam…arrogance without substance.

        • JohnEngelman

          Political correctness is lying on behalf of social harmony.

          • MBlanc46

            I believe that a significant factor in the refusal to face up to the facts IQ and other hereditary differences is fear that facing the facts will result in further social disharmony. That’s another obstacle that we have to overcome.

          • JohnEngelman

            This is what John Derbyshire said in an May 19, 2003 interview, and it describes what the problem is: “The kind of thoughtful and intelligent young people that [National Review] would like to have as readers understand that there are problems and absurdities connected with race in our public life…They are, however, determined to make the multiracial society work, they believe it can be made to work…and they are unwilling to read, say, or think anything that could be construed as unkind towards people of other races.”

            This is not so recent. In his book “Race and Reason: A Yankee View, published in 1961, Carleton Putnam said it was dangerous to tell the truth about racial differences anywhere but in the South.


            This is the problem race realists face. Most whites prefer to be race idealists. They prefer to believe what is untrue, and they become angry at anyone who tells them the truth.

          • MBlanc46

            It’s only recently that sufficient knowledge of genetics and heredity have been available to establish significant racial difference empirically. It may take another generation, but I believe there’s reason to hope that fact will eventually triumph over wish.

          • JohnEngelman

            specific policies based on premises that conflict with scientific truths about human beings tend not to work. Often they do harm.

            – Charles Murray, from “The Inequality Taboo”

  • Nick Gherz

    Once upon a time, the phenomena of kill the messenger was discussed instead of an actual discussion of the merits of killing the messenger.

    Political correctness ensures that actual discussions like this (Richwine’s work) is never discussed in “polite company”.

  • Don

    Da IQ test is raycissss!

  • equality64

    Kathy M and Bardon Kaldian have already made the best comments on this article, and I would recomend that everyone read them. I would just like to point out that while Richwine repeats the Murray-Herrnstein myth that east asians and j*ws have higher IQs than whites, that simply isn’t true and it will not become true no matter how many times it’s repeated. However the most important thing are the points already made by Ms. M and Mr. Kaldian.

    • JohnEngelman

      It is true, and it does not matter how many times it is lied about.

      • burn

        If Jews are so smart why did they need America to restore their homeland?

        • JohnEngelman

          There were 100 Arabs for every one Jew.

          • josh

            There were 100 Arabs for every Czech supplied bomber. That kind of evened the score…

          • JohnEngelman

            During the Cold War the Arabs were supported by the Soviet Union. We supported Israel. The odds were even as far as outside support goes.

            The Arabs have all that oil. The only natural resource Israel has is Jewish brain power. Tiny little Israel still beat the Arab world every time they fought.

          • I have written articles about this, and have been accused of being a “Jew”. Scotland is far better than Israel from either a military or technological standpoint.

          • SirMe

            Scotland isn’t a country though

  • nick319

    I fail to understand why the obvious scientific conclusion that the Co2 molecule resonates at infrared frequencies, and that said resonance results in the atmosphere retaining a greater degree of thermal energy than a lower proportioned Co2 component in the atmosphere is a ‘left’ issue. Is gravity a ‘left’ issue? E=mc^2 ?

    • dd121

      You bring up a good point. Just why has this been politicized? If the left can convince enough people that warming of the atmosphere can damage or even destroy the human race then they have the excuse to seize control of every aspect of human conduct to prevent it. There are three obvious flaws to this thesis. First, said warming may or may not be happening. Second, if true it may not have the dire consequences they predict. And third, even if they had absolute control in this country they certainly don’t have the world-wide clout to enforce actions that would bring down atmospheric levels of CO2.
      I too would like to see science pursue this and other issues objectively, but unfortunately, science, like many other human institutions answers to politics.

    • lanceman

      Gravity can’t be twisted into policy recommendations, laws and taxes used to control people. Same with the Higgs Boson. The only debate is which congressional district will get the grants to study them.

      Economics and evolution do have political implications. That is why they are politicized.

    • LHathaway

      carbon dioxide is only 5% of the earths atmosphere. The make-up of the atmosphere is not the sole determinant of Earth’s temperature. Far, far, from it. There’s also the question of whether or not pollution in the atmosphere is reflecting the suns rays away from earth.

      • Tired

        Regardless of global warming, we need to reduce pollution anyway. It is essential to white survival.

        Toxic heavy metals, oil spills, garbage in the sea, etc are very dangerous for the survival of our race. Protecting the environment isn’t about preserving polar bears for the next Coca Cola commercial, but rather for maintaining a habitable space for ourselves.

        Unfortunately, the only civilization that has ever seemed interested in this is European civilization. The more “diversity” we have the filthier the environment is going to be. Don’t believe me? Compare a white neighborhood’s cleanliness to that of a black or latino neighborhood. Even poor white neighborhoods are cleaner and people are more aware of the importance of planting trees, keeping things clean, etc. The short attention span of blacks and other races makes it difficult for them to comprehend the long term consequences of their actions.

  • Quentin Durward

    This obsessive emphasis on IQ is a false debate that will lead us White racialists nowhere until we focus on the real issue which is RACIAL preservation, period.

    IQ scores may be good at predicting NORMALCY, but they certainly do not accurately predict innate SOCIAL, MANUAL and CREATIVE skills which are three of the most fundamental racial traits of the White race.

    Tip toeing around the issue by using IQ scores is a dead end, and only serves Asian and Jewish supremacists to erroneously claim superiority when they have never been and never will be able to create, build and maintain anything comparable to Western civilization.

    • Morris LeChat

      The jewish cheerleaders will try to tell you that jews created the atom bomb. This is not at all true. There were thousands of people working on the Manhattan project. The jews who came from Europe were valuable in that they had been students of a GERMAN, Christian, scientist-Werner Heisenberg. They merely took what a German had discovered and brought it to America. Jews did develop one industry more than any other group of people, that industry was the “advertising” industry, an industry that bamboozles people with half truths, emotional appeals, and outright falsehoods. The story of the great intellectual jewish mind is just such a creation. They were not instrumental at all in the industrial revolution. It was all done by Christian European men.

      • NM156

        No, the bomb was pretty much a Jewish invention, from its theoretical origins in Einstein’s Relativity Theory to its design and construction. The list of Jewish essentials in constructing the bomb is long.

        • Bardon Kaldian

          In the US, yes. In other countries- no. H-bomb was mostly- not completely- invented by ethnic Russian scientists.

          • NM156

            Szilard, the de facto creator of the H Bomb, was a Hungarian Jew.

          • Snowhitey

            Please read the article in the link to learn that some Jewish physicists took the work of earlier German physicists and did not give them credit:


          • Morris LeChat

            This is essentially what I was saying. The Jewish scientists jumped on board after the train was almost at it’s destination.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            I am talking about USSR, which developed H bomb BEFORE the US. The “father” of H bomb is ethnic Russian, Andrei Sakharov.

          • Edward Teller, anyone?

          • NM156

            “The concept of the thermonuclear weapon was first developed and used in 1952 and has since been used in most of the world’s nuclear weapons.[2] The modern design of all thermonuclear weapons in the United States is known as the Teller-Ulam design for its two chief contributors, Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam, who developed it in 1951 for the U.S., with certain concepts developed with the contribution of John von Neumann. The first test of this principle was the “Ivy Mike” nuclear test in 1952, conducted by the United States. In the Soviet Union, the design was independently developed and known as Andrei Sakharov’s “Third Idea”, first tested in 1955. Similar devices were developed by the United Kingdom, China, and France, though no specific code names are known for their designs.”

    • LHathaway

      “IQ scores is a dead end, and only serves Asian and Jewish supremacists to erroneously claim superiority when they have never been and never will be able to create, build and maintain anything comparable to Western civilization”.

      IQ score is a dead end. . and only racial preservation matters. . so why contradict the idea behind your comment by singling out whites as the only ones ‘who can build, maintain, and create’? Efforts to secure racial preservation depend on us being equally worthy of being preserved and live free of harassment, and sexual discrimination – lol.

    • BonusGift

      Bingo; and thank you. If people want to focus on something, they should focus on why the various parasitic groups keep following us around (AmRen included). The truth is basic: that part of the physical world worth living in was created by overwhelmingly European Christians, period; while that part that is not worth living in is created by human parasites who are overwhelmingly not European Christians.

      • Tired

        Europeans create civilization wherever they are, regardless of religion. It is hardwired into our being. Look at the Romans, the Greeks, the Celts, and the Norse.

    • NM156

      IQ is important for the immigration debate in Washington, if only in politically transmogrified, encoded form.

  • LHathaway

    ” Richwine provided statistical evidence that Hispanic immigrants, even after several generations, had lower IQs than non-Hispanic whites. Immigration reformers were fools if they didn’t grapple with that”.

    Since IQ test measure what you’ve learned – it’s even called intelligence quotient, what you know divided by your age – all this shows is that Hispanics scoring lower on the test are more ignorant and racist than whites.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      IQ is simply rubbish. I’ve had it measured 4 times in my life, from my 12th to 31st year. The results: 110, 142, 165, 135. And so freakin what ?

    • They do not measure just what you’ve learned .

  • heretic

    I dislike white liberals so much sometimes I wonder if whites becoming a minority would be such a bad thing.

    • tremendouscoast

      White liberals will be in for a surprise when the expected utopia does not materalize. They will be in for an even much bigger surprise when they realize their beloved minorities hate them as much as they do any conservative.

      • Life doesn’t look good for them, in no-mans land.

      • Tired

        No they won’t. When problems become difficult for them they will convince themselves (as the diversity religion demands) to blame themselves and their ancestors.

  • watling

    The left can only enforce its Orwellian agenda with the support of a large chunk of the populace. Namely, the ignorant masses who are incapable of thinking for themselves, and the far too many otherwise intelligent people who have been brainwashed by the left into believing leftist propaganda.

  • StillModerated

    I don’t trust Marcus Epstein, and neither does my wife. Nor do the good folks at the Rockford Institute. He’s been trolling around John Randolph Club meetings, but it’s pretty certain he’s an $PLC/ADL informant.

  • wattylersrevolt

    You seem to be very eager to have an endless debate about my study-vesus-your-study- mind-numbing-psychometric-babble with the enemy. You are an intellegent man. Therefore, you must certainty understand that instigating a debate about race and IQ test scores, will, with 100 percent certainty, sidetrack a “debate” about race-replacement immigration policy. So my question is:why are you doing this?
    So here is my question for you Jared:if every Mexican had an IQ of 4,000 would the case for race-replacing millions of Native Born White Americans increase by a bit? Can you please answer this question..
    Is it your intent to lecture the thousands of Native Born White American Victims of the H-1 and L-1 B visa programs that science has established that Asians are on average more intelligent than Native Born White Americans? If you do this, I would say emphatically that American Renaissaince is not an organization worth supporting.
    For anyone interested as to how to debate blacks on the affirmative issue:just go tell blacks to go f….themselves. Affirmative action harms Native Born White Americans and we oppose it for this reason. That’s all there is to it. No reference to a score on an IQ test required.
    Even admitting a small number of talented asians into our America has been absolutely lethal to millions of Ordinary Native Born White Americans. The “small” number of talented asians that were allowed in during the 70s enabled the Asian fifith column to establish a beachhead…go over the then go on and buy and own the whole of the “US” Congress, and as a consequence, allow the asians to engineer the destruction of thousands of years of acquired Native Born White American Engineering Experience..Native Born White American Engneering talent that resides in places such as Appalachia that will never be developed included..this is most defintely in the realm of genocide against Native Born White Americans. This is where your obssession with IQ test psychometrics is takng this movement.
    To the rest of you..including Derbyshire…none of you have a clue has to how hard serious science really is. The IQ test score researchers are at the bottom of the pile for the most part in terms of scientific and mathematical ability…which is why they went into to such utterly frivilous research in the first place…believe me…lots of weird correlations can be found between an IQ test score and other variables such as big toe size..ingrown toe nails…frivolous scientifc predcitions.
    The judgement that I am passing at the present point in time on Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow is that the are both undermining the battle to halt and reverse race-replacement. Both of you are incapable of making a broad racial-tribal pitch to milions of Ordinary Native Born White American Workng Class Types…the very thing that is absolutely crucial to halt and reverse race-replacement. The obssession with IQ test score psychometrics makes this a certainty. It is nothing but a peculiar and odd interest in the irrelevant.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      In short- it’s phenotype & culture, Jared.

    • Andy

      The thing is most whites think race is only skin deep. Knowledge of large IQ gaps can be the thing that makes them think – is there really something behind this? Obvious, objective differences can open people’s minds to there being other differences, and get them to start wondering whether such different groups can reside together on a large scale. And IQ and other race differences do matter. I want white countries to stay white, but I would rather live in Japan than Colombia or Zimbabwe.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Your response is totally clueless, and I’ve gotten this response many times here on AR-and I’m sure Jared believes the same thing. First of all, you have 0 evidence for your claim that the reasons millions of Native Born White Americans haven’t revolted against an open and deliberate policy of race-replacement is that that haven’t mastered the finer details of psychometrics. It really is hard to find words to describe what a stupid assumption this. The fact that you and Jared have 0 evidence for this assumption means that it should be dismissed for what it is:tactical idiocy. The mad calibrators just assume that millions of Ordinary Native Born White Americans have a repressed natural interest in boring mind numbing psychometrics. On the contrary, there is plenty of evidence that they don’t have any interest in IQ test score jibber jabber. Think about what you are advocating…educating millions of Native Born White Americans on the finer points of IQ test score psychometrics..a popuation that has the attention span of a mouse…bats…t crazy stuff.
        Here are some more facts:when the demographic issue is presented front and center and in your face in the MSM, the comments section explodes with hundreds of comments by outraged Native Born White Americans…so strong and negative to race-replacement that now comment sections in MSM outlets are now closed to comments. So obviously,just underneath the surface there is very serious anxiety about becomming a racial minority among a growing number of White Americans…you never read anything in these comments along the lines of the very peculiar and weird interests that the mad calibrators have in IQ test score psychometrics.
        Instigating a debate about IQ test scores and race allows the race-replacement enthusiasts to define the terms of the debate. Now if you take view that asians should be kept out of our America because they are not our racial kind..high IQ test score notwithstanding….then it follows trivially that the IQs of Mexicans doesn’t matter at all. As for the ones here legally, we are not going to engaged in a prolonged policy wonk debate about IQ Test Score psychometrics:we will be in a very violent race war with La Raza.
        I highly advise the IQ Test score enthusiasts to drop it and do something more usefull and productive in their spare time. Do wind a very heavy heavy bag and punch it and kick it…toughen yourself up, because the goddam race war is a comming.
        Side note:Went up to Happy Valley PA…Pedaphile State U for a graduation…as usual in any rural town that is demographically Native Born White American…all the work in the Town is done by Ordinary White Folks. In the Hotel I stayed in the maintennace and room cleaning service was being done by the Native Born White American Locals…White Women. At all the Gas-Convienence stores along Route 80 Pa all the workers and owners were…Native Born White Americans…someone is asking us to believe a very big lie..and one very nasty and predatory Fifth Column that is asking us to believe this enormous lie is of course the Asian Fifth Column…you know the group who Jared believe are our intellectual superiors.
        Do you think the Local White Women who cleaned the rooms in the Hotel I stayed in need to master the finer points of IQ test score psychometrics in order to revolt against their racial and economic dispossession? To ask this question is to answer it…doesn’t it Jared.

      • MBlanc46

        Not only is the IQ gap empirically demonstrable, it is explanatory of the achievement gap, which forty years of “programs” have failed to eliminate. In think it’s the fundamental point from which to begin the assault on integrationism.

    • JohnEngelman

      You seem to be very eager to have an endless debate about my study-vesus-your-study- mind-numbing-psychometric-babble with the enemy. You are an intellegent man. Therefore, you must certainty understand that instigating a debate about race and IQ test scores, will, with 100 percent certainty, sidetrack a “debate” about race-replacement immigration policy. So my question is:why are you doing this?

      He’s doing it because the truth matters.

    • Whilst the government is still importing more low IQ ers, it begs the question why? It can’t be because of the contribution they can make to the country.

      Or is America really that desperate for more Ugandan rocket scientists?

    • Martel

      Jared Taylor also focusses on many other aspects of race, such as the fact that people are biologically prone to prefer and support individuals who are “more like them”. He attempts to break trough the politically correct narrative by focussing on the most obvious of differences, and the difference which cannot be circumvented trough politically correct policies. Everyone can see the low IQ of blacks and hispanics causes a variety of societal ills, if this is acknowledged, its much easier to make other issues such as the work by Putnam(Harvard) into policy.

      Also, politically correct indoctrination has focused on victimizing blacks, and therefore other southern races. Very few whites are as sensitive about Asians as they are about blacks, Hispanics and Muslim peoples. If the politically correct narrative is broken down, I fully expect whites to have no issue in competing with Asians and preventing them from gaining a greater demographic profile.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Chucky Martel
        Jared does focus on racial tribalism…and he gets an A+++ for doing this. But even in this dimension it is quite unnecessary to quote a blizzard of academic studies to esablish this obvious fact human beings…we do not need the blessings of pointed headed professor to engage in FULL-BLOWN Native Born White American Patriotic Racial Tribalism.
        Jared is making the whole thing way more complicated than it needs to be.
        We are going to be in very violent racial conflict with blacks and hispanics…you heard of the movie “Machete” right? We are not going to be in a policy wonk debate with blacks and hispanics. Do windsprints…get a real heavy heavy bag….start punching it and kicking it.

        • Here’s where you’re right: Our enemies aren’t interested in facts, evidence, logic or reason. If they were, they would be our friends by now. Whoever ultimately wins this fight will win by out-goon-ing the other side.

          • wattylersrevolt

            You got it!!…they want us dead.

        • Martel

          We are debating to win over to nullify the divisive influence of the intellectual elite, and I can do physical exercise next to reading about differences in IQ.

          • wattylersrevolt

            Simple Question:is Jared Taylor capable of destroying Psychologist Robert Stienberg in a one hour debate? Obvious answer:No. Just the opposite is very likely to be true. A draw just means back and forth with my study versus your study…puke…..and 0 discussion about race-replacement. Any intelligent race-replacement enthusiast can engage Jared in an endless back and forth debate-my study versus your study…0 discussion abou the race-replacement issue, or, a back door to legitimizing asian legal immigration…this is the English Foriegner’s Brimelow’s Immigration Moratorium.

            All you computer theory Geeks out there may recognize that Jared’s debating strategy falls into the Exponential Time Complexity Class…very unfortunately, for millions of Native Born White Americans, time is contracting exponentially(inverse Ackermann function)..perhaps Jared has delusions that his debating strategy will induce Relativistic Time Dilation.

          • Martel

            Its just one part of the strategic toolset we need to win. We are not going to survive with debate only, that is true, but we have to become a threat to the status quo on all levels.

            Doing one thing doesn’t prevent another thing from happening, As you say “geeks” will not become the go to guys for physical combat, while others have no interest in debates over IQ. We can all do our part.

  • Tired

    It is becoming accepted that individuals can inherit personality, intelligence, etc from their parents and grandparents.

    For example, in my biology class we learned how races vary in their immunity to diseases (heart disease for example). Then in my psychology class we discussed how the races hit puberty at different stages (Asians and Europeans hitting puberty the latest) and even went as far as to say that later puberty is associated with higher intelligence, BUT no correlation was made between that and the races.

    We even went as far as to say that races vary in their inheritance of mental disorders, but if you say that races vary in intelligence, then it causes absolute hysteria.

    They know the truth, they just don’t want people to know. They blind us with emotion and cloud our good reason. It is a truth that if enough people realize, will change the world.

    • Then in my psychology class we discussed how the races hit puberty at different stages (Asians and Europeans hitting puberty the latest)….

      And yet in high schools find it perfectly acceptable for fully mature bantu warriors to run at full speed at adolescents as much as 5 years younger in a game called “footsball”.

      And then those fully mature bantu warriors are given preference for athletic scholarships at an educational institution in which they have no business attending, other then to provide diversity.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

      Yes, many of the sciences (including the social sciences) teach about heritability of various traits, including intelligence. And there is some open discussion about biological/genetic differences between the “genetic populations”

      Yet if you connect those dots, the Ones Who Promote Tolerance will demonize and destroy you. Failing to “be oblivious to the obvious”, as Steven Sailer would say.

      • Tired

        It is a cult, a religion if you will. They all know the truth yet are desperately seeking confirmation of their own beliefs wherever they can find it.

        r j p- You are right, many major universities have a portion of black students (generally football players) that are illiterate and incapable of passing classes without their coaches harassing the teachers.

        WhiteGuyInJapan- Yes, you are right. Connecting the dots, thinking for yourself, questioning the religion of our time is not only prohibited, but severely punished.

        This anti-scientific belief that race is only skin deep is not only blatantly illogical that even the smallest child can tell you it is nonsense, it is also incredibly destructive to our civilization.

  • Lonnie

    Da White Mans Done Do Dis!

  • Candid

    All you race mongers, with, ‘it is just skin color’ blinders,
    check out,
    Albino Negroes pics. And downs syndrome negroid pics.
    Spin that for latte convervsations.

  • dont believe the lies
  • nobody

    You would have to literally be insane to think that Africans, who die of easily preventable diseases, are too dumb to farm their own food, live in mud huts and poorly constructed shanties, and defecate into their own fresh water supply are just as intelligent and completely equal to those responsible for western civilization. You would have to literally deny a painfully evident reality that you know to be true for a view that you know obviously isn’t, and it seems like these people have truly convinced themselves.

    “You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.” – 1984

  • nobody

    They don’t like to talk about IQ unless it paints their point of view in a positive light, which it usually doesn’t. “IQ is subjective” “IQ doesn’t accurately measure true intelligence” Well what does it measure then? Now they are already coming up with other types of stupid tests, soon they are going to have “fingerpainting IQ” and “bassetball IQ” in which many yoofs will score off the charts. Basically like Honorable Mention IQ tests for those dumb kids who still try super hard I guess so they can still go to college and get their liberal arts degrees. I think it is about time to reposition the Statue of Liberty and make her do a face palm because that would paint a more accurate picture of America today.

    • I have already heard the phrase “basketball IQ” being used. You’ll hear it being used often toward the end of next month.

  • Just remember, if it were the other way around and it were blacks with the higher IQ than whites, then the media would never let us forget it, just as they do with sport.

    That’s how important it is. It just happens to be inconvenient for them.

    • Ella

      The Jewish community seems to remind us quite often through their academic and social journals on how smart they are over Whites and other ethnic/racial groups. Israeli Universities do their own IQ research that does not get criticized and debated like the Richvine case who passed the committee and was hired later by Heritage. If someone did not read his thesis before hiring him, then, the HR person should be fired. Richvine should sue. Multiculturalism stinks so bad.

  • JohnEngelman

    Richwine either relished in the controversy or didn’t care. In 2008, while at the American Enterprise Institute, he joined a panel discussing a new book from Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “Decades of psychometric testing,” said Richwine, “has indicated that at least in America you have Jews with the highest average IQ, usually followed by East Asians, and then you have non-Jewish whites, Hispanics, and then blacks. These are real differences. They’re not going to go away tomorrow.”

    – David Weigel, Slate, May 10, 2013

  • southtex

    Matter goes from a state of order to a state of disorder as, I fear , so do civilizations.
    The brown skin people will eventually overwhelm this country and it will turn into another #@&*hole full of misery and dispare, much like other great civilizations i.e. Greece, Italy, Portugal, Rhodesia, et. al.

  • Ted

    “To write about ….destroy your career” Not if you write under an assumed name and
    in publications within China, Eastern Europe, or Russia. There isn’t a reason on earth
    not to write about the American circumstance in publications originating in these nations.
    Matters have reached the level of erosion and degeneration (and sophisticated police
    state intrusions ) within America to make it more sensible to “exile” commentary than to
    p*** into the wind here.