Sweden Burning: Stockholm Riots and Violence Enter 4th Day

Russia Today, May 23, 2013

Smashed windows and cars on fire–one of Europe’s most peaceful capitals, Stockholm, is witnessing its worst outbreak of violence in years. Hundreds of youths, mostly immigrants, have ripped through the city’s suburbs in four nights of unrest. The violence has shocked the country, famous for its attractive immigration policies and generous welfare system. Sweden has for years been accepting immigrants who fail to integrate, and are only there to get money for nothing–that’s the view of Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist.

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  • xstormbringerx

    This has to happen, let it burn. Maybe this will shock some sense into those wimps. This has to happen and will happen no matter what anyone says or does until these third world people are expelled from any land they live.

    I cannot believe the land of my ancestors has become so pathetic and weak. It is hard to fathom how the land of the Vikings became so lame and cowardly to allow this immigration madness to even get off the ground.

    It makes me sick. I am serious as hell, it really makes me sick to my stomach, literally

    • Gwynn Ap Nudd

      Well what did the Vikings do? Conquer and colonize other lands. Or die trying. So the best Warrior Blood went abroad. What’s left in Sweden is what you see. That’s why Hitler loved Britain so much: he knew some of the best Nordic blood went there be they Nordic Celts, Saxons, Danes, or Normans.

      • Triarius

        The Vikings, like modern Western Europeans, were individualists first. They fought amongst themselves more than others and after conquering new territories on expeditions would start fighting each other again within a generation or two. The closest semblance to expeditionary vikings staying loyal for generations was the Varangian Guards in the 8th and 9th centuries.

        In fact, the best warrior blood were the ones that stayed and ruled their tribe. The losers were casted out, like lions, to find new ground. There are only a handful of leaders that were in control of their homeland and volunteered to leave and attack abroad on a more regular basis. And the best expeditionary blood went and fought for Rome (Constantinople) since they paid the most.

        Individualism has always been our downfall. If it wasn’t for that and altruism we would have taken over the world hundreds of years ago, possibly farther back.

        • Jotun Hunter

          it is two sided coin , it is both our downfall and our most unique asset — we merely need to reclaim a balance.

      • Bill_der_Berg

        Most of us non-Swedes know very little about Sweden except for the Vikings and the modern very liberal nation. The country did not relapse into pacifism after ‘the Vikings went abroad’. The Swedish KIng, Gustavus Adolphus, was not called the Lion of the North for nothing.

      • saxonsun

        Yeah, real men, the Vikings. They were pathetic murderers. It’s easy to kill unarmed monks and thoroughly despicable.

        • Bill_der_Berg

          Their vile deeds were a betrayal of Thor.

    • ncpride

      I think most of us here can relate. Sometimes I have to take a few days break from sites like AmRen simply because the anger, frustration, and profound sadness I feel when I read story after story similar to this, or what’s happening to our people all over the world gets to be utterly overwhelming. If there were millions more like us the world over, we wouldn’t be in this sorry mess.

      • Freey’all

        We have to turn the anger and frustration into action. Enough talk, enough sadness, enough wisecracking. Action. We still have some majority in the US; the people are ready to reclaim their country. We have to be willing to get our hands dirty, stick together knowing that the government will come after anyone who makes a stand.

    • Romulus

      I feel the same way about Italy, my friend. How could the longest lasting empire, with the greatest contribution to all civilization, cowtow to the die-versity garbage. At least the sicilians still control their island. At least from what knowledge I have to this point.

      • saxonsun

        You’ve completely left out the fact that Rome took a lot of its power from Greece–a famous Roman said ,”captive Greece made Rome captive.”

        • Freey’all

          The Romans were known for aggression; almost all the innovation and other products of sublimation came from the Greeks.

        • Romulus

          Yes, but not for lack of their influence. Demonstrably because of their longevity or lack there of. However, it is no mere coincidence that the architecture,political structure and culture are evident on the Italian peninsula.

    • Jotun Hunter

      luxury did it — they’ve had it too cozy for too long — they need to get hard again. Life will do it for them if they don’t do it themselves.

    • Michael Mason

      Patience, brother. In due time we will send the brown maggots crawling back into their third world holes. Patience.

  • a multiracial individual

    Not a peep from the MSM.

    • Mr. E

      That’s not true. The Associated Press had an article today suggesting that the riots are a result of inequality. There was no mention of genes or culture playing a role in that inequality, so the obvious gist of the AP article is that the inequality is the result of discrimination by the evil, racist Swedes who now deserve to be rioted against.

      “For some, the real reason for the unrest is the high unemployment and isolation of youths in the southern and western Stockholm suburbs where the violence occurred – ones who see little future for themselves or access to Sweden’s prosperity.

      “The segregation in Stockholm increases all the time, and it’s happening fast,” said Nina Edstrom, a social anthropologist who promotes integration at a center for multiculturalism in Fittja, where some of the violence occurred. “There are very large social differences. There are many unemployed, frustrated young people. I’m not surprised something like this happens,” she said.”

      • Xerxes22

        I would guess that Nina Edstrom isn’t planning on moving to one of those vibrant multicutural areas in order to make it less segregated.

        • John Smith

          She stays as far away as possible for her own safety, of course.

      • The__Bobster

        I haven’t seen a single report on mainstream television.

      • Is it any wonder why I said here on AR awhile back that inordinate adherence to abstract ideology is a form of mental illness? Left wing Swedes will duly come to the conclusion that the Stockholm Car-B-Ques were a result of the lack of liberalism. If Sweden had been Ron Paul style libertarian for generations instead of doctrinaire liberal, its talking heads would be blaming the riots on the lack of libertarianism and constitutionalism. We know that American lamestream conservatives blame black urban dysfunction in American cities on the lack of lamestream conservatism.

        Anyone who adheres to any abstract ideology so tenaciously will always find a way to credit it for any success and blame the lack of it for any failure.

        • Freey’all

          I’m wondering when the clock strikes twelve. When does it finally hit them that it’s not working, that this is the result of their liberalism. I’d love to hear from Swedes because even though the MSM spins it one way, I find it hard to believe the average Swede hasn’t started to figure out the truth.

          • The clock struck twelve a long time ago. It’s just that ideological fanatics are deaf.

    • StillModerated

      Russia Today is the least dishonest news source on cable. But most people can only get it trhough the internet.

    • WhiteGayMale

      It’s been featured on NBC News every day. I bet you don’t even look at mainstream news.

      • a multiracial individual

        Okay, okay. “Not a peep” was an exaggeration. However, the treatment has certainly been cursory. Huffpo absolutely, buried the story.

  • The Car-B-Ques have gone through all the Volvos and have now moved on to the Saabs.

  • Mr. E

    Why don’t Swedes make it stop? They have a military, they have a police force, and they have a numbers advantage. Now is a perfect time to start the inevitable conflict.

    • Rhialto

      Why? Because women vote in Sweden, and most Swedish women are Feminists.

      • bigone4u

        You are correct, but you criticize femmies here and you get some down arrows.

      • john stone

        all of these problems in uk, sweden, and the us are because of white woman voting look at the black muslim president they elected here.

        • StillModerated

          That would be gay black muslim. You have to trust me on that — koff koff Man’s Country pickup basketball koff.

      • Korpiklaani

        Letting women and blacks vote turned out oh so well, did it not?

        P.S. I know the answer…..

    • Morris LeChat

      I think their great plan is to give each of the rioters a nobel peace prize.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      No Sweden don’t have a military anymore.
      The cutbacks have been so severe that they were humiliated by the russians a couple of weeks ago, when they did bombing drills against swedish targets, and NATO had to send up aircrafts from the baltic states because Sweden didn’t have any on standby.

      As for the police, they have gone out publicly saying that they will not intervene as long as there is only material damage, only when someone is getting hurt will they do something, otherwise they will just by passively, so as not to “cause more aggression”.

      The problems are traitors in the media and in politics.
      The same problems most western countries have.

      But Sweden also has the additional problem of the population being one of the most obedient and disciplined in the world, and as such they will orders coming from those in charge.

      Swedish people are very conformist.

      • Freey’all

        I’ve wanted to hear on this. Are the police in Sweden just as sold out as they are in the US? How about in the UK, anybody?

        In NYC we have a recent alleged outbreak of anti-gay violence; two gay male couples claim to have been beaten in the last month or so. I don’t know who they’re blaming in part because I’m fairly certain it’s some form of government orchestration. Very coincidental that it’s two gay male couples; were they lesbian, even one, the lesbians would be marching, asking questions….and the lesbians hate the cops. They have a ‘Dyke March’ the day before the Pride March that is a protest march for the more ‘radical’ lesbians who make a point of NOT getting a permit.

        Bloomberg is making the most of it, ‘strengthening the police,’ perhaps even making *it* to begin with. Armageddon is here, folks, and the powers-that-be know the people are on the verge of riots.

        • saxonsun

          It sure wouldn’t be “alleged” if your type got beaten up for simply existing, would it?

          • Freey’all

            Do you really take everything Bloomberg’s Gestapo say at face value, saxonsun? What makes you assume gays aren’t ‘my type?’ I am certain that this is in some degree massaged or even faked, so that Bloomberg can continue to institute his own forms of martial law.

          • Freey’all

            And also, since when are gay men in NYC pro-lesbian? You seem loyal to a group that has largely sided against yours, if lesbians might be deemed as such.

  • NYB

    Stockholm police spokesman Kjell Lindgren said the rioters were a “mixture of every kind of people”.

    “You can’t define them as a group. We don’t know why they are doing this. There is no answer to it.”

    Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said: “It’s important to remember that burning your neighbour’s car is … hooliganism.”

    Rouzbeh Djalaie, editor of Norra Sidan newspaper, said: “The reason is very simple. Unemployment, the housing situation, disrespect from police.”

    Said Justice Minister Beatrice Ask, “Social exclusion is a very serious cause of many problems, we understand that.”

    Selcuk Ceken, a youth worker in the district of Hagsatra, said “It’s difficult to say why they’re doing this,” “Maybe it’s anger at the law and order forces, maybe it’s anger at their own personal situation, such as unemployment or having nowhere to live.”

    • Greg Thomas

      These traitors are hopeless. It will be up to the people of Sweden to stop this.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I can’t believe how clueless these people are. The immigrants do these things because they’re black and because they hate whites. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter how welcoming and generous whites are; they’re always going to hate us for our success.

      • bigone4u

        I left basically that comment on a bleeding heart Swedish website last night. Didn’t check to see if it was removed, but the Swedes view any criticism of minorities as racism.

      • The__Bobster

        No, some of them are muzzies who hate Whites.

      • Morris LeChat

        I’m not so sure they are so clueless. I think that the swedish police are basically on strike, not officially, not openly, but they see no point in confronting the rioters when the government is on the immigrants side. I think the police are letting the whole system fail. I take their statements as sarcasm.

    • The__Bobster

      Stockholm police spokesman Kjell Lindgren said the rioters were a “mixture of every kind of people”.

      Every kind of people but native Swedes.

      • BGManofID

        Muzzies are a mixture of every kind of people too. Maybe there’s a connection… somehow…

      • Fredrik_H

        There are some indications that some native swedish radical leftists are connected to this, mainly as instigators as well as providing the narrative and ideological leadership.

    • BonusGift

      I almost always get the feeling that these type of “spokesmen” and ‘reporters’ are like five year old pathological liars. In short, they try to see what they can get away with until they are challenged. It also reminds me of a comedy character called the “lying guy” who would say the most outrageous lies but scoff at a plausible reason and/or story. As long as the media allows them to tell bald-face lies without ridicule and follow-up questions we will continue to get bald-face lies that don’t even meet superficial tests of reality, let alone posses any explanatory power whatsoever.

  • I think I’m going to hold our own Republican Party responsible for the lack of awareness in our own country.
    The GOP should say something about what’s going on over there, but they are not.
    I’ll remember that at election time.

  • Ex ABBA fan

    I don`t know if any US readers are aware of the annual Eurovision song contest. It was actually held in Malmo, Sweden last weekend. Knowing what has been going on there, I strongly suspected a ‘one world’ kind of theme to the opening ceremony. My suspicions were confirmed. From 1 minute in, a choir, seemingly assembled with many non-Swedish looking individuals sing ` We write the story’, the lyrics are on screen.

    • Morris LeChat


    • BGManofID

      Eurovision seems to be a favorite among stupid women and especially gays, so take that with a grain of salt.

    • Morris LeChat


  • Exoplanet Finder

    Gustav Adolf’s blood is boiling, and he’s been dead for over 300 years. But his blood is boiling in many people who are just now coming to realize his blood is in them. Carry on, Ahmed, carry on, Ali. Exigration is coming. You will be removed when the Saxon begins to hate.

  • Morris LeChat

    wow, the fourth day. I guess they just aren’t asking them nicely enough. What is their next move? Are they going to bring in some school marms to give them a good scolding? OMG, what a FEEBLE people the swedes are. Hey, sweden start using BULLETS! That’s right, start SHOOTING the rioters. The more you ventilate them, the more you pacify them, works like a charm.

    • NYB

      Better the passive status quo be maintained. Look at all the publicity this has made for the cause.

      Membership and support for the Swedish Democrats and the Party of Swedes can only benefit from more rioting, not less.

      • Freey’all

        I don’t follow the second paragraph.

        • onetwothree

          Those are the more rightwing(ish) parties.

    • Unperson

      I also noticed that we’re onto the FOURTH day of this nonsense. When London had its black riots a couple of summers ago, I remember reading that the “festivities” only really went on for three days, then petered out — which is apparently the norm for riots by minorities, whether in Europe or USA. But Stockholm’s current disturbance has already gone on longer than that, and ain’t over yet. Maybe Muzzies have more staying-power and perseverance than blacks. Can’t say it would surprise me if that’s true.

  • Morris LeChat

    the FOURTH day, the FOURTH day and they can not figure out how to stop this?! Who do these swedes think they are giving out nobel prizes? Who are they to judge people on smarts?

    • These Swedes gave Obama one.

      • Xerxes22

        It is the Norwegians, not the Swedes who give out the Nobel prizes.

        • Fredrik_H

          The Nobel peace prize that is. The rest (ie economy, literature, medicine, physics and the others) is given by Sweden.

          • Alfred Nobel was Swedish. The prize money comes from the fortune he made on his dynamite patent. There is no prize for mathematics because Nobel’s wife ran off with a mathematician.

        • Luis

          Partially true. The Swedes give out the Nobel Prizes, EXCEPT for the Peace Prize, given by a Nobel committee in Norway.

    • The__Bobster
      • Korpiklaani

        Not Guilty! Would have been my verdict.

      • Morris LeChat

        Yes he is the future!!!

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Funny how there is no mention of this in the UK MSM. Probably the same over in your neck of the woods too. The f***ing MSM make me puke!

    • NYB

      Keep doing searches for the story on their websites. Keep searching it with your browser.
      They have to see demonstrated interest.

  • You have to realize that kindness is seen as WEAKNESS by savages and barbarians! They only respond to force. Only the imminent possibility of a horrible death will ever keep such creatures amiable. In the colonies of the former European Empires, the soldiers understood NEVER to be nice to the coolies, because they would just as soon slit your throat as say hello to you! These Swedes and English are going to have to re-learn what their former betters learned in the field up-close to these creatures in their natural habitat. That being that they should NEVER be trusted, and always kept under guard with the understanding that FORCE would be swiftly unleashed if they were also,,,

  • Jerry

    I agree with you xstormbringerx. What would the vikings have done about this? I’ll tell you. They would have never let them in in the first place. These muslims, and immigrants should be afraid to walk down the street. But they walk around like thugs with impunity. It makes me sick.

  • libertarian 1234

    “The violence has shocked the country, famous for its attractive immigration policies and generous welfare system.”

    And I’m willing to bet there will be a diversity pig come out…as in Britain…to warn them that diversity is their strength and to not judge the entire group because of the actions of the ones doing the rioting right now.

    And he will embark on a disingenuous Orwellian speech to assure them that resenting third worlders is wrong and, of course he’ll do all that out of desperation to keep the country from taking up arms against the hordes, plus he’ll want to keep what he and his ilk regard as tax units and consumers there to maintain their money and power.

    But the good news is that it’s going to get worse. Just wait till there’s not enough for pensions and other mandates, as in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland, with France and Britain close behind.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The irony of all this is that Sweden is the country that gave us Gunnar Myrdal, who wrote An American Dilemma, the most influential book ever about race relations in America and that laid out the “cause” of all of our race problems and how to “solve” them. How to create them is more like it, and it looks like the Swedes are now following their own advice.

    • bigone4u

      Myrdal’s writings were behind the disastrous Brown v Board of Education. Hopefully, he’s on a spit being roasted in hell by his beloved blacks.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        …and the Bantus roasting him suffer eternally from their conflicting instincts of whether to eat him or rape him.

  • exLibtard

    This should put a smile on our faces. The more this happens, the less Swedes will be afraid of being called “racist” or “islamophobic”. They’ll do something sooner or later. The government can take change and make the necessary reforms, or the people will do it themselves. I’m hoping for the latter.

  • Korpiklaani

    I have a solution.

    In the Great state of Missouri incendiary devices are unregulated, that means you can own….dun.dun.duh….a flamethrower, a real life Vietnam era flamethrower, a FULLY FUNCTIONAL flamethrower. Mine cost $18,000 5 years ago from a private individual, now you’d have to spend about 25 grand minimum. If you want the ABSOLUTE BEST in crowd control you can do no better then a M2 flamethrower(42lbs empty 68lbsfull) it’s a monster…

    • Korpiklaani

      Well actually you can do better with the M9….good luck finding one.

    • Bill

      You better check your ATF on that one. Try using one without a destructive device license stamp and you’ll be spending ten years in the slammer with the very people you dislike, and up to 150 grand in fines. Do I like the ATF regulating things? No. But it is the fact and recommending to someone they do just what you suggested who does NOT know, will get them in the slammer quicker than you can say “flame on”.

      • Korpiklaani

        That is true, however the D.D. stamp is not that hard to get. You need one to light off certain fireworks. Good advice.

      • Korpiklaani

        Beside, would I defend my home from a robber with it, hell no, even in legit self defense cases you’re still going down. That is for one reason and one reason only S.H.T.F.

  • bigone4u

    Knowing Sweden there will be a “full investigation,” leading to the conclusion that Swedes are to blame for the riots. Swedes will be ordered under penalty of law to try harder to INCLUDE the newest Swedes into all aspects of society. Cultural Marxist governments are the same all over the world and so predictable. IT’S ALWAYS WHITEY’S FAULT.

    • guest

      I assumed this was Bush’s fault!

  • Korpiklaani

    I have another solution.

    Release Anders Brevick, and give that man an MG42!

  • The__Bobster


    After decades of practicing the “Swedish model” of generous welfare benefits, Sweden has been reducing the role of the state since the 1990s, spurring the fastest growth in inequality of any advanced OECD economy.

    While average living standards are still among the highest in Europe, governments have failed to substantially reduce long-term youth unemployment and poverty, which have affected immigrant communities worst.

    Clearly, Swedes just don’t pay high enough taxes to provide enough social services to troubled youths.

    Some 15 percent of the population is foreign-born, the highest proportion in the Nordic region. Unemployment among those born outside Sweden stands at 16 percent, compared with 6 percent for native Swedes, according to OECD data.

    Presumably, that 15% tends to be the parents and grandparents of the youths, while the youths tend to be Swedish-born. But I could be wrong about this.

    • Korpiklaani

      They’ll raise taxes like France did, want to make a bet on it?

  • Bill

    I never liked volvos or saabs anyway. Let em burn. The Swedes brought this on themselves. Let them enjoy the diversity and what diversity REALLY means.

  • Most likely, this will naturally settle no more than 2 weeks from now, and liberals will completely bury it and forget it ever happened. Ideally for us, this should go on for several months straight, if not more, until sufficient groups of Swedes tire of it and demand all non-white immigrants go home.

  • NordicHeritage

    This is why welfare states do not work. None of these subhumans would want to be there if it weren’t for the free stuff given away by the state.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Liberalism and welfare states only work with homogenous white populations. That’s why Scandinavia was admired by many here for so long. Once they imorted muzzie Bantus it was game over.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Well would you look at all that harmony in Britain and Sweden! Diversity really makes me want to sing kumbaya around a carfire and roast marshmallows! I’m all warm and fuzzy inside.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    AmRen has been talking about this all coming to fruition someday…it appears the time is very near if not right now.

  • Magician

    “We will not give in to violence,” Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said”

    1000% agreed. You should not give in to violence. Kick all those people who caused the violence out of Sweden

    • Greg Thomas

      They already have “given into violence” when they allowed millions of these third world savages to enter Sweden. That’s what these diversity mongers never understand. They continue to give in so long as they are allowed to remain on their soil.

  • PDK

    From the end of the
    Babylonian captivity, the captivity holding the last two extant tribes of the
    Jews, circa 536 BC, is the story from the book of Daniel, involving the
    Babylonian King Belshazzar, Daniel and the writing on the wall. Here a decadent
    King Belshazzar summons Daniel to interpret a mysterious handwriting that is
    suddenly written on the wall by disembodied hand.

    Daniel interprets the
    written words, “Mene, Mene, Tekal, u-Pharsin” to state; “Your days are numbered-you
    have been weighed and art found wanting-your Kingdom shall be divided between your
    two enemies”.

    Now, 2500 years
    later, here in the white man’s land of both Europe and the new continent, we whites
    find ourselves ruled by white liberals, white liberal ideology and here in
    America by a mulatto black, liberal President, B.H.Obama.

    Unfortunately for us
    whites, liberalism for the great masses of the unwashed and hoi polloi is, for
    and about, immaturity, the 7 deadly sins kind of immaturity. Further, and perhaps
    worse for both our white culture and gene pool longevity, liberalism, of and
    for liberal leaders, involves the personality disorders created by the mental illness
    complexes of megalomania, narcissism and the God-complex.

    White liberalism as
    an ideology is the pod containing numerous, “sibling peas” realities, feminism,
    abolitionism, Yankeeism, Marxism, socialism and progressivism to name the most
    potent of these “sibling peas”.

    The crux of liberal
    ideology is clearly for non-liberal whites, the matured, to both embrace and bear
    the cross, of the “White man’s burden”, an ideology that implies or states that
    it is the purpose of the matured white, the non-liberal, to solve all the
    problems of all others, no matter their particular sub-species, and further to
    do so at their own, white, non-liberal, matured expense, and even further, at
    the expense of the white gene pool and race, and therefore, quite necessarily,
    at the expense of our own white posterity.

    Liberalism is
    immaturity; therefore one of its character traits is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a
    double standard and liberalism wields that double standard to its favor, and to
    non-liberal, mature white’s detriment, and further, does so with unabashed,
    power of a potentate, great relish. In the mind of a liberal, cheating, the
    purview and prerogative of liberals only, is the most important tactic in the
    liberal book of social chess. Further, the liberal right to cheat is jealously
    guarded and protected; no non-liberal, matured white may embrace or utilize this
    “liberal only,” tactic.

    This double standard
    is why Richard Nixon, the man who ended America’s 20th century’s
    greatest nightmare, the Vietnam War, as he promised, by giving America peace
    with honor, was forced to resign his Presidency over Watergate, but however, is also why
    Barac Obama skates his administrations greater misuse of power that has come
    out of his office and administration since its early weeks.

    By the way, LBJ, the
    liberal democrat started America’s 20th century greatest nightmare,
    and did so to prevent the spread of socialism in S E Asia, while advancing the
    spread of socialism here in America with his great society programs. LBJ, the
    staggeringly stupid, liberal democrat, was certifiable. His favorite quote of
    himself was, “I’m a liberal and a conservative”, others augmented LBJ’s
    incomplete statement with, “conservative with his own money, liberal with
    everyone else’s money”. LBJ, a true liberal had those telltale spots of
    liberalism, immaturity, of which no soap and water could ever wash away.

    The portent of the “Writing
    on the Wall” story is quite simply, a state of affairs, so decadent and
    corrupt, so immature, that only imminent doom can now transpire. We white
    people have our own writing on the wall beginning to appear, and our King
    Belshazzar is liberalism.

    Secession, a long
    harrowing railroad tract, is not easy to embrace as our two mutually exclusive
    halves, liberal and non-liberal, live together amongst ourselves. A separating
    out and away from liberals and liberal states is the ticket to the first
    whistle stop along that railroad tract to secession, and secession’s promised
    consequence of liberty, wealth and happiness for all non-liberal whites and
    said, non-liberal white’s posterity. Thank you.

    Secession is the
    answer, the only answer: PDK/Kelto-Scandic Secessionist.

    • Nimadan

      PDK, check out the NWF website if you haven’t already. I think you’ll find their perspective interesting: http://northwestfront.org/

  • Ella

    I wonder if the US State Dept updated their travel advisory to American tourists yet. I can imagine how they will word it here. “Be cautious of certain Swedes in Stockholm due to police violence.”

  • A Scandinavian

    Most Swedes are incredibly politically correct and have for 4-5 decades babbled about the blessings of filling their country with blacks and arabs. The few (less than 10%) Swedes WHO understood what was going on kept their silence. The tragic consequences of Sweden’s multietnification are today visible in even the smallest Swedish town but still the Swedes continue praising their suicidal course. The Swedes have a comeuppance coming.

  • KenelmDigby

    I mean absolutely no disrespect to the Swedes whatsoever (they are a great people), but whenever I see Cecilia Malmstorm’s ugly, stupid, bespectacled face and listen to that dirty bitch urging ‘Europe’ to import hundreds of millions of black Africans and subcontinental Indians, I feel a touch of schadefreude at these violent insurrections. I repeat that while I like and respect the (real) Swedish people, and take pity on them for their trash politicians, I have nothing but contempt for their political filth.
    Unfortuantely, that useless mare Malmstrom is an EU Commissioner in charge of immigration. In plain English it means that the slag has Stalinist powers to impose her perverted will in that monstrous dictatorship called the EU. Basically, it’s her life mission to genocide White people, and the EU will facilitate her menopausal madness.

    • bayouboy

      It does seem like the EU is the root of the immigration problems in Europe. You don’t hear Switzerland having too many of these problems.

  • JohnEngelman

    When will those people learn that the races are not equal?

    • David Ashton

      When they resist fashion as they should over miscegenation.

      • JohnEngelman

        Miscegenation is a matter of personal preference. I can see no harm in marriages between whites and Orientals.


        Asian/white interracial newlyweds had a higher combined annual income than any other pairing, at over $70,000 per year. In comparison, white/white newlyweds earned $60,000 combined and Asian/Asian couples together earned $62,000 on average.

        • David Ashton

          Lots of things can be regarded as just personal preference, e.g. addiction to drugs or porn. Miscegenation impacts on future generations. Since races are neither equal nor identical, large-scale crossing would irreversibly eliminate the racial groups concerned. The marginal financial circumstances of intelligent WhitexChinese newlyweds are not even an important, let alone, decisive consideration.
          As for WhitexBlack crossing, has your reading of Carelton Putnam’s “Race and Reason” dented your complacency in this case?

          • JohnEngelman

            Not really. I continue to see interracial marriage as a matter of personal volition. Fortunately, the vast majority of the American people have come to agree with me.

            In a number of areas I think Carleton Putnam could have presented a better argument. He makes no mention of high black crime rates, and of how dangerous it usually is for whites to attend predominantly black public schools.

            Also, he does not sufficiently condemn segregationist violence against peaceful civil rights demonstrators. This violence was intrinsically evil. It also contributed to the passage of the civil rights legislation.

          • David Ashton

            Agree with you about Putnam, but note the date, and about violence against blacks which was morally reprehensible and politically counter-productive (even noting a few cases where communists faked such things as church burning). I.am amused by your egotist phraseology: “the vast majority of the American people have come to agree” with you.

          • JohnEngelman

            PRINCETON, NJ — Americans are approaching unanimity in their views of marriages between blacks and whites, with 86% now approving of such unions. Americans’ views on interracial marriage have undergone a major transformation in the past five decades. When Gallup first asked about black-white marriages in 1958, 4% approved.


            I consider 86 percent to be a vast majority.

          • David Ashton

            “Majorities are always right”, even if they vote differently at different times, aren’t they? This rapid recent “major transformation” has not arisen by accident.

  • Fredochtrygghet

    Sweden is the most totalitarian country in Europe. Opposition to immigration is not accepted by any mainstream media and the result is a country with almost 100 percent ethnic Swedes in the late sixties to about 77 percent ethnic Swedes today. In the younger generation there is only about 50-60 percent ethnic Swedes. Immigration from foreign cultures increases rapidly (also with hight birthrates) and there is far more violence among the those immigrants than what is reported in the media. In november 2010 the government wrote a now law which stated that Sweden is and shall be a multicultural state. The law was accepted by the ruling parties without any debate at all and with no information given to the people about that law. Sweden is a horrible example of a nation in decline.


  • HJ11

    Another White nation devolving because the people have elected weak seed leaders who falsely believe that all humans are the same except for different paint jobs.

    Trust your eyes, folks, if other humans don’t look like you, they are not like you. Period.

  • jeffaral

    To sort out the mess Swedes should elect a prime minister who can bring people together; someone like America’s Barack Obongo.

  • John Smith

    It’s not complicated. They planted these seeds in the ground and watered them. Now they get to eat the “fruit.” Want different fruit? Use different seeds.

  • newscomments70

    I don’t understand how there is no white, european solidarity. 98%+ of blacks voted for Obama. Only 8% of Swedes voted for the Sweden Democrats, which is only mildly against immigration. 92% of Swedes voted for communism and their own genocide. Maybe liberal Hollywood is correct that blacks are more intelligent than whites. I don’t really believe that, but at least they have a survival instinct. Whites want to exterminate themselves.

  • Anon

    The Swedes are a classic example of what has to happen. In order to “awaken the sleeping giant” white people need to die in large numbers. We NEED martyrs. And by need, I’m not being opportunistic here. This is a pattern of behavior that WILL play out. The reasons really don’t have much to do with white people and everything to do with non-whites.

    There is a fundamental difference between whites and non-whites. The tendency towards genocide. White people are far better at it than any other race in human history. The other side of that coin are the incredible social controls that exist. That is the root cause of the “white man’s burden”. For us, genocide is deeply shameful and will not activate until absolutely necessary. That SHOULD result in a peaceful world. And it would, had not a hostile alien culture decided they could use those controls to enslave us with non-white immigration.

    Foolishly, around the early 1900’s, we let them in (again). And they’ve been working towards this goal ever since. Non-whites glorify in genocide….but only to the extent they can get away with it. They fully intend to bring it to us, no matter what we do short of waking up and expelling them. They desire safe victims. Liberals like the swedes provide those safe victims.

    Once a certain threshold of liberal slaughter is reached, white people will….change. And then, just like every other time this has happened, we will paint the world with the blood of our enemies. At that point, non-whites won’t be expelled. They won’t be allowed to leave. They won’t be allowed to live. And will be lucky to avoid a culling of their counties of origin. That is the traditional white way. Defeat the enemy. Then follow them home and salt the earth.

    When it is no longer morally ambiguous to do so is when it WILL happen. And nothing, not even a nuclear war will stop it.

  • OnGuard

    Muslims come as wolves in sheep’s clothing, but start to show their true colors as they grow in numbers, in any country. At 1%, as in the US, Canada and australia, they are seen as peaceful and even “colorful”. 2-3%, Germany, UK, Denmark, they begin to recruit from disaffected groups, as in jails and youth gangs. 5%, as in Holland, Sweden, France, they start to exercise an inordinate influence, pushing for halal foods, thereby securing food prep jobs for Muslims, and pressure on supermarkets to sell their products. Then they start pushing for Shariah law. At 10%, increased lawlessness and threats as a means of complaint about their conditions, or “offence” against Islam, as in India, Israel, Kenya. At 20%, hairtrigger rioting, jihad militia formation, church and synagogue burnings (Ethiopia). 40%, widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, ongoing militia warfare (Lebanon, Chad, Bosnia). From 60%, unfettered persecution of non-believers, ethnic cleansing, use of Shariah as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels (Sudan, Qatar, Albania).

  • David Ashton

    Same old stuff: immigrants not to blame, everyone is guilty except the rioters, Sweden was peaceful until “we” failed into integrate “our” newcomers and give them jobs, etc.