Do White People Have a Future in South Africa?

John Simpson, BBC, May 19, 2013

Apartheid South Africa looked after white people and nobody else. Now some of its white communities face a level of deprivation, or of violence, which threatens their future in the country.

Everyone here, regardless of colour, tells you that white people are still riding high.

They run the economy. They have a disproportionate amount of influence in politics and the media. They still have the best houses and most of the best jobs.

All of this is true but it is not the only picture.

Look below the surface and you will find poverty and a sense of growing vulnerability.

The question I have come to South Africa to answer is whether white people genuinely have a future here.

The answer, as with so many similar existential questions, is “Yes – but…”

It seems to me that only certain parts of the white community really have a genuine future here: the better-off, more adaptable parts.

Working-class white people, most of them Afrikaans-speakers, are going through an intense crisis. But you will not read about it in the newspapers or see it reported on television because their plight seems to be something arising out of South Africa’s bad old past – a past which everyone, black and white, would like to forget.

According to one leading political activist, Mandla Nyaqela, this is the after-effect of the huge degree of selfishness and brutality which was shown towards the black population under apartheid.

“It is having its effect on whites today, even though they still own a share of South Africa’s wealth which is entirely disproportionate,” he said.

That may all be true. But the people who are suffering now are the weakest and most vulnerable members of the white community.

Ernst Roets, a leading Afrikaans campaigner from the AfriForum organisation, took me to a squatter camp outside the country’s capital, Pretoria. A white squatter camp.

It has been set up on the property of a sympathetic white farmer and is called, optimistically, Sonskyn Hoekie – Sunshine Corner.

There are broken-down cars and bits of discarded furniture everywhere. Beyond the wooden shacks lie ditches and pools of dirty, stagnant water where mosquitoes breed. Two basic toilets serve the whole camp.

According to Roets there are 80 white squatter camps – many of them bigger than this – in the Pretoria area alone. Across South Africa as a whole he believes there could be as many as 400,000 poor whites in conditions like these.

Sonskyn Hoekie has no water and no electricity. The inhabitants live on two hand-out meals of maize porridge a day, which is provided by local volunteers. There is no social security for them, no lifeline – any more than there was for non-whites when apartheid ruled.

“I don’t want to live in a place like this,” said Frans de Jaeger, a former bricklayer, who with his beard and wrinkled face looks like one of the old Voortrekkers.

“But I can’t get out.”

His wife died suddenly of cancer a few years ago and it sent him into a downward spiral of binge drinking and destitution.

Semi-skilled white people have little chance of getting a job when so many black South Africans are unemployed.

There is another group of white Afrikaners, far higher up the social scale, who are deeply threatened – in this case, literally. Virtually every week the press here report the murders of white farmers, though you will not hear much about it in the media outside South Africa.

In South Africa you are twice as likely to be murdered if you are a white farmer than if you are a police officer – and the police here have a particularly dangerous life. The killings of farmers are often particularly brutal.

Ernst Roets’s organisation has published the names of more than 2,000 people who have died over the last two decades. The government has so far been unwilling to make solving and preventing these murders a priority.

I went to a little town called Geluik – happiness. A few weeks ago gunmen burst into the farm shop there and opened fire, killing one farmer outright and injuring one of his sons and a shopworker.

They stole next to nothing. It seemed to be a deliberate, targeted killing. Soon afterwards the son died of his injuries.

Belinda van Nord, the daughter and sister of the men who died, told me how dangerous the lives of white people in the countryside have become. The police, she said, had seemed to show little interest in this case.

In the little graveyard where her father and brother are buried there are two other graves of farmers murdered recently. The wonderful landscape which surrounds it has become a killing ground.

There used to be 60,000 white farmers in South Africa. In 20 years that number has halved.

In the old days, the apartheid system looked after whites and did very little for anyone else. Nowadays white people here are on their own.

Those who fit in and succeed will certainly have a future. As for the rest, there are no guarantees whatsoever.

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  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Working-class white people, most of them Afrikaans-speakers, are going
    through an intense crisis. But you will not read about it in the
    newspapers or see it reported on television

    It’s funny hearing this come from the BBCCCP. Especially since they often run articles such as this one:

  • I can’t feel sorry for people who won’t even at least attempt to fight back. Where can they run to, the Sahara?

    • Oom Paul

      We did fight, for almost 30 years!. All the other White countries placed heavy sanctions on us until we were forced to give up.

      If we did fight more and started slaughtering the blacks, how long would it have taken the other white countries (USA included) to eventually attack us? Surely the PC western nations would not stand for a small white community fighting against blacks.

      It is also interesting to note that we fought the USSR and Cuba along with the rest of Africa, were it not for all the sanctions things might have been different.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Then maybe you should’ve stuck by Rhodesia instead of selling her out. Did you really think the world wouldn’t come after you next?

      • Don Johnson

        The sanctions stemmed from Henry Kissinger.

    • Exoplanet Finder

      Oom Paul is right. It is not they in South Africa who did not fight it is us who let our politicians crush them. In a world of their own, the Afrikaner would have maintained the homelands, maintained the passbooks, and maintained the quality of life concomitant with their racial social station. WE betrayed them, and now our media turn a blind eye- literally blind because blinded by ideology- to the plight of the worst white lifestyle in the world in these squatter camps. These people are not eugenically bad. The poor whites have been around for a century, and they have made bad collective decisions regarding labor movements in the past. But no one who is white deserves this no matter what their grandparents did in the past.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Did you read the article on AmRen about the “transition of power” to Blacks?

      There were Whites just randomly attacking Blacks and blowing up anything they could.

      Many Whites fought to the death to try to stop the Blacks from taking over.

    • Jotun Hunter

      your lack of empathy is cruel and misguided – they have/had the entire world breathing down their necks accusing them or racism and praising ‘mandella’ as a saint – they are doubly as bewidlered and browbeaten as the rest of us. You aren’t on the ground there – surrounded by rapists and witch-burners and poachers and drug addicts and HIV.

      • Niven

        Yes and whites are a small minority, about 4 mil, while non-whites are about 50 milion.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    This is just awful. I wish there was something I could do to help white South Africans. But of course, any donations made through a mainstream charity will almost certainly go to blacks instead.

    • Oom Paul

      It annoys me that my tax is used to “deracialise” my neighborhood.

      At least a lot of the comments on the news sites that used to be very liberal seem to show that whites are waking from the Rainbow-Nation-Pipe-dream.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Do you live in South Africa? That sounds terrible; I would be furious to find out my tax dollars were going to something like that.

        I hope whites wake up quickly.

        • Oom Paul

          Yes, I live here. I do believe that stories like this are in fact waking up a lot of other whites.

          The problem here is that, everyone knows how much violence is here in South Africa, but many whites don’t know or don’t want to know that whites are targeted more than other groups. I believe stories like this would open their eyes a bit.

          • Talltrees

            Why don’t all of you come to the U.S., not that our government would permit White Europeans. They only allow non-Whites.
            No, really, have any tried to come here? We’d jump for joy if they would.

          • Oom Paul

            For a while I thought of maybe moving to the USA or even Germany, I actually learned some German. But these days I really don’t like the idea of running away. I think white people need to start standing their ground.

            Thanks for the invite though, I always admired the US constitution and ideas of freedom.

          • GM (Australia)

            To Oom Paul,

            Back in the 70s and 80s you people probably had more friends in the West than you will probably ever know, we just were not allowed to say so.


          • David Ashton

            Quite true.
            Just one small personal example among scores. In my relative youth I joined Professor Charles Manning and Dr Rudolf Gruber for a generous expenses-paid Welsh TV “debate” on Sanctions against South Africa with Labour Party windbag Michael Foot. In the event, we were not allowed to say anything much at all, whereas the producers had got some SA rugger players drunk and encouraged them to make silly remarks about “the bleks” which almost alone were televised. Manning remarked later that the better his letters to the papers defending separate development were, the less chance of getting them in print.

          • GM (Australia)

            Just one example from me, back in the 80s a some close friends had a SA relative come and stay with them, a really charming lady by the name of Christina. While she was here the unions decided to ground all flights to and from SA stranding her. She was in tears and said why does everyone hate us? I noticed a lot of the many many people who had met Christina were also saying, “just why are we taught to hate these people?” (She returned home eventually, I even looked at organizing a flight via Greece as Olympic Airways was still flying to SA at that time)

          • laager

            40 years ago I befriended a New Zealander who stopped off in South Africa for a few years before continuing his walkabout to Europe. His first impression on entering the city from the harbour was seeing all the well fed and well dressed blacks going about their blue collar jobs smiling, laughing and happy as Larry being civilly treated by whites. This is not what he had been taught to expect. He was expecting starving people dressed in rags being brow beaten and harassed at every opportunity. A year or two later after having worked with and managed black staff in the construction industry he commented that he had been taught to believe that blacks were exactly the same as whites in all ways – the only difference being they had a black skin. He now understood the differences and why segregation out of the work place existed.

        • Sloppo

          Do you live in the US or Europe? If so, a lot of your tax money is probably being used similarly. SA is just in a more advanced state of diversity destruction than most of the rest of our places.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Yes, I live in the U.S. I know, my tax money is being used terribly. My state is stuffed to the brim with clueless liberal whites, who consistently vote for higher taxes and more redistribution.

            It’s awful.

          • SUNCLIEF

            Believe it or not I was interested in living in the US by winning a green card in the Lotto but I was soon told by one of your country men you have the wrong skin cllor for that…..what a shame. I am no longer interested. Since moving to England I have faced nothing but prejudisim and hatred from these people.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Wow, he told you that flat out? It’s not often that they admit their anti-white racism so blatantly. I guess they’re getting overconfident.

            I’m glad you managed to get into England, at any rate, but their government seems even more anti-white than America’s.

    • laager

      The SA government has / or is in the process of promulgating legislation directing where your charitable donations must go. If you as a white person choose to donate to a charity established to care for destitute whites only 20% of your money may go to it. The other 80% has to go to black charities as blacks are 80% of the population. To add insult to injury all blacks qualify for social security benefits. Whites do not as they are deemed to be “previously advantaged”.
      The government is actively legislating destitute whites into starvation.
      Not a word of protest from the good Christian Bishop Desmond Tutu nor the liberal western media or politicians.

      • GM (Australia)

        This is simply “Hate & Eliminate Whites” but done in a way that will be applauded by the loony left and not incur the wrath of the UN and its camp followers. If they did start hacking whites to death with machetes they would still at this point of time get some sort of a telling off from the UN or even BHO – I think.

        • Sloppo

          The UN would probably do no more than issue a stern letter.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          White farmers are already being hacked to death with machetes, among other murder weapons. The U.N. doesn’t care at all. They’d lose their minds if even one white did that to a black, but the other way around is perfectly acceptable to them.

          They’re a thoroughly anti-white organization.

      • Sloppo

        That is terrible! This information should be more widely known. I thought I was reasonably well informed about SA, but I knew nothing of this. This is another of many very compelling reasons for white people to strive to live under their own governance. Black rule for whites is genocide for whites.

        • laager

          Read all the detail about this and more on the blog:

          This is maintained by retired Dutch journalist Adriana Stuijt who spent at least 25 years in South Africa working for mainstream newspapers.

  • NYB

    “Apartheid South Africa looked after white people and nobody else”

    Not true. I saw South Africa first hand during apartheid. I saw plenty of blacks and coloreds who were quite comfortable with the level of public services on offer. People of all races were benefitting.

    The BBC would have us believe that South Africa was one big plantation, every white a slave-owner, every black in chains. That’s completely a misrepresentation. In fact, apartheid promised a higher standard of living than blacks enjoy today.

    • Exoplanet Finder

      NYB, I agree. Blacks had a better life in apartheid South Africa than 1) any other blacks in Africa and 2) any other blacks in Africa today, including those raging in formerly grand white cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town. The article from the BBC LIES even though the reporter seems sympathetic to the plight of the whites. The reporter is either under 30 or is afraid of losing his job or is a moron.

      • laager

        The reporter is 67, has been employed by the BBC his entire working life and is now married [2nd marriage] to a white South African. He was in the BBC frontline of the anti-apartheid campaign. He is a pompous liberal who is reluctantly waking up to the fact that he has egg all over his face. He still has not got the courage to openly admit it as others are now doing. So I suppose that puts him in the moron category.

      • SUNCLIEF

        Don’t you know that the British absolutely hate white Rhodesians and South Africans they always have.

    • newscomments70

      True. The public hospital for blacks in Soweto was the one of the best equiped in Africa. It was funded by white taxpayers during apartheid. At this time, that same hospital is at 4th world level with the rest of Africa. Most of the equipment and ALL of the drugs and medicines have been looted. It is s joke compared to what it used to be. How does “democracy” help blacks?

    • A

      There was an article a while back on Archbishop Desmond Tutu –
      ‘When asked what had happened to South African society, Mr Tutu replied: “Very simply, we have become one of the most violent societies. That is not what we were even under apartheid, but we are now.”

      He said that every day the news reported murders and rapes, and even the high road death toll was a reflection of society, as every holiday brought the deaths of hundreds of victims of such accidents.

      Mr Tutu said South African society had expected that once apartheid had been defeated, it would be more egalitarian, but statistics proved it was the most unequal in the world.’

      • evilsandmich

        Did the article end with the word “Duh!”

    • laager

      “Apartheid South Africa looked after white people and nobody else.” This is more than Not true. It is an outright lie. Between 1967 and 1987 I trained and worked as an architect in South Africa. I spent 10 of those years both in provincial government and private practice employment procuring schools, hospitals and holiday resorts for Black, Indian and Coloured South Africans. 70% of South Africa’s tax revenue was being spent on black infrastructiral projects.The majority of tax revenue in South Africa was generated by whites from the business community they created.

      The same can be said of any other working white South African. Their jobs benefitted black South Africans directly – i.e. doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs and government creating jobs for blacks, homeowners employing domestic help – or indirectly – i.e. paying taxes which built houses, schools, hospitals, public transport systems which conveyed them to their jobs created by whites.

      This is probably one of the best examples of a liberal lie that white South Africans have had to endure from the western liberal media since 1950.

    • ZeitTrash

      “The BBC would have us believe that South Africa was one big plantation, every white a slave-owner, every black in chains.”

      That’s exactly what the American media and schools want younger people to believe about the America of the 1950’s and 1960’s. They want everyone to believe that all of America had dead blacks swinging from lamposts while the whites laughed and reveled in evil and “white privilege.”

      The media/academia/government aim is to rewrite history and to cast whites and successful white Western capitalist society as monstrosities that must be destroyed forever “for the good of the world.”

      I grew up in the ’60’s and ’70’s and, in my small town, there were hardly any black people at all. They probably experienced some racial trash talk but they weren’t aggressively persecuted or abused. We didn’t know how to be racist because we didn’t grow up with racism or racial conflict. I remember reading preachy books assigned by my teachers that featured highly idealized portrayals of blacks and their struggles. I vaguely resented the accusatory tone coming from these books that described a world I’d never known and had nothing to do with. Those books and the TV show “Roots” were most of what I knew about black people.

      I didn’t learn about racism until I went off to college and got to know black people. That is when I learned about racism.

      • SUNCLIEF

        Very true what you have said here. They certainly hate our guts.


      The Whites in SA didn’t just look after whitie they looked after blackie aswell and the white man paid for it such as Social services for non whites and as a white man you were not entitled to it. If you lost your job you had to find a new job fast.

  • OlderWoman

    Anyone would want to live in black countries is crazy.

    • Exoplanet Finder

      OlderWoman you are right but this is not relevant to the South African whites because 1) South Africa has been a white country within the living memories of most of its people, and 2) You did not answer whether you will leave “America” (which is not Europe) eventually because it is “Indian country” and “anyone who would want to live on in Indian country is crazy” and 3) are you going to email your congressman to sponsor Afrikaner immigration to the USA or wherever you live? Are you going to protest with a megaphone like Steve Hofmeyr for white rights? Are you going to do ANYTHING to stop white genocide?

  • Gustav

    I’m white, I live in South Africa… Hey, listen, the fight is not over. Everybody seems to underestimate us. There is no tougher crittur in the world than the Boer. We are too clever, too crafty, too durable, too aggressive for them to beat. We were outflanked and betrayed, but we are regrouping. All the coal in the world cannot squash a diamond. In a sense we are more fortunate than other white nations – the worst has already happened to us, and we have prevailed. Of course things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better – but they will get better, even while the USA and Europe are sliding down the slippery slope of multiculturalism towards utter devastastion. It could just be that we Afrikaners represent the first ray of post-integration hope for all white people.

    • Oom Paul

      It is good to know there are other Afrikaners who think the same. Everyday I get the feeling it’s really going to “hit the fan” here in SA, and we better be ready. I have been preparing for sometime for what’s coming.

      It is just very difficult to organize and find like minded people to stand together with, since you don’t know who you can trust. Recently there were a bunch of Afrikaners being tried for treason, because they were stockpiling weapons and bombs. I assume they were betrayed…

      We certainly have not given up, it is just difficult to know who you can trust.

      • Gustav

        Oom Paul, as die dag kom sal jy weet wie om te vertrou…

        • Oom Paul

          Very true!

        • Nathanwartooth

          Nice quote, I like it. For anyone too lazy for Google translate:

          “Uncle Paul, as the day comes you will know who to trust …”

      • SUNCLIEF

        Well Oom if you want any more stuff contact me and i MAY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU WITH SOME STUFF LIKE nIGHT vISION and so on basic survival stuff and so on.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      Amen brother! If it was up to me, I would send UK armed forces to help secure a homeland for SA whites, which would be a more noble cause than our current MIS-adventures in the middle east, which were initiated for no other reason than our previous PM’s desire to insert himself up the oil slicked arse of George ‘Dubya’ Bush.

      • Gustav

        Thanks, mate! But we don’t need an army. If and when the need arises, we will take care of business, as we always have. We thumped the Russkies, East Germans, Cubans and the other lot in Angola. We are not daunted by the riff-raff. The rest of the time we’ll outsmart, outwork and outperform them. Not long from now, when the dust and smoke settle down, they’ll come shuffling, tail between the legs, to beg favours from us – once again. When things get unbearable over on your side, come and join us – this is the land of opportunity for the white race.

        • loyalwhitebriton

          I believe everything you say, brother.
          May God bless the white South Africans, and help you in your struggle.

          • Gustav

            I appreciate it. Our thoughts are with you and your struggle.

      • SUNCLIEF

        Well, well you’re a first Here I live in England thinking that every englishman hates our guts, for all the wrong reasons.

        • loyalwhitebriton

          I don’t hate your guts. I’m not sure what has given you the impression that you are hated in this country. If you have had any bad experiences in this country then that’s just unfortunate, but as far as I’m concerned, white solidarity is everything.

    • evilsandmich

      Best of luck Gustav. If nothing else your on going struggle gives westerners something to point at to illustrate how whites can expect to be treated by unrestricted black/’minority’ rule (as if our current President wasn’t example enough), as well as how whites should ‘conduct business’ in such a situation.


      Ye you were betrayed by the tratarous FW De klerk who now live in Cyprus in British held terrortory and we do not have to wonder why, Why was his ex wife killed because she was going to tell the truth in how he sold the South Africans out they made it look like a black killed her.

  • pcmustgo

    Do white people have a future in America? The ranks are closing in…

  • David Ashton

    Simpson decorated his report with the usual platitudes about “apart-hide” (mispronounced as usual), but at least some facts came across to any viewer who didn’t turn over. His wife is a white South African, so he probably has a personal perspective.

  • Paul

    ‘Apartheid South Africa looked after white people and nobody else’

    Really? That explains why literally millions of blacks poured in there from all over the rest of Africa. Must have been a really terrible place.

  • bigone4u

    When Mandela kicks the bucket, even more chaos will ensue. Will the USA take in white refugees who will be murdered otherwise? Will the USA step in to save the whites from genocide? As long as that traitor Obama is in the White House, the answer is no. So, I hope Mandela outlives Obongo’s term of office.

    • The__Bobster

      If Obongo disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, TPTB still wouldn’t allow in White refugees.

    • Ambacti

      Sorry, we are not accepting THOSE kind of refugees. Refugees only serve a purpose when the vote correctly.

  • RJSNS16

    the anti-white media will not cover this

    more media coverage with emotional interviews and grieving victims would arouse awareness

    also if the (white) SA victims were black or jewish, the anti-white media would have thrown gasoline and matches on this…years ago

  • The__Bobster

    Belinda van Nord, the daughter and sister of the men who died, told me how dangerous the lives of white people in the countryside have become. The police, she said, had seemed to show little interest in this case.

    Yet I saw a report on NBC this morning saying how prosperous and successful the new SA was,

  • Do blacks have to pay income taxes in SA yet?

    • they do – however the bulk of taxes are paid by the private sector which is a tiny percent, approximately 7-10%. Typically none of these taxpayers support the party in power. The result is an almighty stuffup as the addle pated lumps of anthracite live off the hard work of a few. I cannot see this system working well for much longer as the pratts in parliament have a combined IQ of about 3.

  • Bill

    Do white people have a future in South Africa? Yes. A very, very dim one. When Mandela dies, and he was bad enough, absolute chaos will reign, and whites will be nothing more than violent amusement for blacks. And by the way, BBC, YOU were on the same train as all the rest of the Europeans boycotting what WAS a thriving nation and helped turn it in to just another third world hell hole.

  • NordicHeritage

    Simple answer, NO.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    The 700 club covered this on their news program during ‘apartheid’ era. Millions of africans were illegally immigrating into the country all during the same ‘brutal’ apartheid regime. No doubt SAfrica had to institute the one man one vote. Whites there should have formed their own country, however. Perhaps one day they will, although the territory will no doubt be much small than it would have been had they separated years ago. This is the future for all white countries, it seems. The longer you wait, the less territory you will be left with.

    • David Ashton

      The late great Dr Verwoerd had an imaginative and by no means impracticable plan to partition southern Africa between black and white homelands, with home rule all round and mutual help wherever needed. He was murdered, and the alliance between Communists, Financiers and Black Criminals worked to destroy the future potential and prospects of South Africa, for whites and non-whites alike.

      • laager

        Dr Verwoerd, leading the predominantly Afrikaner National Party at the time, was reacting to a political dispensation they had inherited from English South Africans that they did not want.

        The British arrived in the Cape in 1806. From then until 1902 they went to war against the 9 black Southern African tribes and the two Boer Republics whom they conquered and then ruled. The prize for all this violence was the mineral wealth of South Africa. In 1910 all the conquered territories were consolidated into an African Yugoslavia – The Union of South Africa. The purpose of which was to provide an endless source of cheap black manual labour for the British mines and to secure the strategic control of the sea route around the Cape for the British navy.

        The wheels of this plan fell apart when the majority Afrikaners gained control of government in 1948 through the ballot box within the westminster style democratic system the British had created. Thus Britain lost their political control but not their economic control.

        The Afrikaners had no desire to rule the blacks and set about returning their territories to them as developed self governing states. This was known as the Homelands [ = to US Indian Reservations ] Policy. White taxes paid for all the infrastructural development to create states governed according to the Westminster democratic model. It is worth noting that nowhere in the world had a black nation developed democratic government without western colonial guidance and assistance. Furthermore the Afrikaners inherited the existing system of segregation which had been created by the British. Their heinous crime was to give it a name – Separate Development [English] Apartheid [Afrikaans] This system was administered through instruments originally introduced by the British in the Cape in the 1800s – e.g. pass laws.

        This policy provided the British and the liberal west with the club to beat white South Africans and have it declared ‘A Crime Against Humanity” by the United Nations. The irony is that these were the best conditions blacks had ever experience in the history of the nation. So much so that the National Party Govt had to erect a fence along its northern and eastern boundaries – just like the USA/Mexico and Israel/Palestine barriers – to keep illegal immigrants from the rest of Africa out of the RSA trying to gain access to enjoy the good life under the “evil’ system of Apartheid.

        President PW Botha was working towards creating a “constellation of states” [i.e. federation like the USA] with these independent states. They would have been on a par with Lesotho and Swaziland which the international community seemed to find quite acceptable. Unfortunately PW ran out of time as he was overtaken by events orchestrated by the west led by Henry Kissinger. It is interesting to note that the individual cultural identity and languages of these states was retained through the Homelands Policy. Black ‘South Africans’ are thus authentic African blacks and not the miscegnated American examples who have lost their languages, speak a patios of American English and carry names not remotely African.

        When Thabo Mbeki succeeded Mandela as President his first act was to order the removal of the fence. This has resulted in an estimated 6 million plus illegal immigrants / financial migrants / “asylum seekers” /”political refugees” streaming into the country to access the best economy on the continent. Three results have transpired. [1] About 1 million whites – the entrepreneurs and job creators – have emigrated to other mainly English speaking countries around the planet. [2] South African blacks engage in euphemistically called “xenophobic killings” against the illegals who are taking their jobs in a shrinking job market. [3] Local blacks have declared open season on whites but mainly Afrikaner farmers. An estimated 3,000 have been brutally slaughtered since c1990 and many others have left the occupation thus endangering a self sufficient food supply.

        In the meantime overseas mining interests have been buying local blacks and installing these puppets in their mines to keep the profits flowing. Previous trade union shop floor stewards – with zero business or technical expertise – have become billionaires in less than 20 years.

        White South Africans and particularly the blue collar Afrikaners workers have become the pawns in this power play. Unemployment amongst blacks is the highest it has ever been. Black on white and black on black violence is the worts it has ever been as a corrupt administration plunders the public purse.

        This is the direct result of the work of people like Simpson to install black majority rule.

        • loyalwhitebriton

          That was a great comment, Laager. May I say that during the 1800’s, as indeed today, “the usual suspects” dominated finance and commerce. That has a lot to do with it. May I also assure you that white Britons would be absulutely horrified to learn of the concentration camps that my people forced your people to endure. There aren’t many things that shame my patriotic British soul, but that’s one of them. Success in your struggle, brother.

  • Just had a message from Pretoria, Transvaal:

    The DA Youth will tomorrow protest against the racist policies of the Kleinfontein settlement outside Pretoria.The Kleinfontein setttlement only allows “white, Afrikaans Protestants who abide by the Blood River Covenant” to live and work there. This kind of racial exclusivity has no place in a democratic South Africa.We cannot allow racial nationalists on the extreme fringes of South African politics to try and bring apartheid back. The DA fought against apartheid in the past; we will not tolerate it coming back in any shape or form.Tomorrow, we will demonstrate that diversity and non-racialism can make everyone’s lives better. We must liberate people from their apartheid mindsets

  • When I tell an undecated black to do something right then I am a racist but when a black kills a white person for hate or theft then it is recorded as statistic. Consequently I do not see a future for whites in SA.

    I am not concerned for myself in africa as they say in the land of the blind – the one eyed man is king and believe me there are a lot of blind and stupid idiots here. The problem with SA is that there is an uneducated ‘president’ who is basically a thieving politician who is quite useless at anything other than producing offspring and not really setting a great example. The voting population unfortunately have a pathetic role model and the result is just a free for all loot with no consequence regarding the outcome. We have a saying here that africans have a sense of entitlement which is not based in reality.

    I am more concerned about my children who I will probably advise to return to Europe, Canada or Australia where there is a more civilised society.

    • evilsandmich

      You could turn that post into a template by removing about six words and it could apply to any black-run American city.

  • laager


    April 2013 / 1 OF 1

    John Simpson: Letter from Cape Town

    “For me, there are only two hotels in Africa. One is the Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe, which has managed to hang on to its old magnificence throughout the hard years. The other is this one, the Mount Nelson in Cape Town

    I’m sitting here writing and looking up at the incomparable Table Mountain overshadowing us, grateful for a few days of rest and peace and excellent care. As a Brit with a taste for the past and a memory of how things used to be done, I find this place wonderfully soothing. So does my seven-year-old son Rafe, who’s playing some 21st-century game under the indulgent eye of his mother out in the brilliant emerald green of the hotel gardens.’

    [What he does not say is that once upon a time the top 5 star hotel in Africa was The Carlton in Johannesburg. This is where the ANC hosted their celebratory shindig when they won the first all race election in 1994 and came to power. Today the Carlton is boarded up and out of business. In less than 19 years of ANC rule downtown Johannesburg is approaching Detroit as a black ghetto. White flight has taken place to the suburbs and there simply are not enough white people in the CBD any longer to sustain The Carlton and many other businesses. Downtown Jo’burg is now totally black and little more than an African street bazaar]

    How can anyone take people like Simpson seriously?

    We never stop hearing about the plight of the poor downtrodden black man from people like him. You would think that when he is in SA he would demonstrate his affinity for their condition by getting down and dirty and living amongst them in Mama Tembu’s local B&B in Soweto or Guguleto – black townships in Johannesburg and Cape Town

    Not our John.

    In this article he says:

    “Everyone here, regardless of colour, tells you that white people are still riding high.
    They run the economy.
    They have a disproportionate amount of influence in politics and the media.
    They still have the best houses and most of the best jobs.”

    What he should say is:

    Thank God for the white people who created the Mount Nelson, provided the jobs for many black people, and manage it it to 5 star world class standards so that I – married to a South African – can live in style, sit here and write and put the boot into those evil white South Africans who created this terrible place.”

    What a hypocrite.

  • IMEinar

    If you are in a position to hire someone, look into hiring a white South African. They can get a work visa, and will not be a refugee. If you are considering adopting, consider adopting a white child from SA. If you are thinking about staying in SA and fighting it out, I dont like the odds. I dont want to be negative, but I want you to live. We can have safe white communities in many places in the world. Place is not important. Blood is important. The important thing is that our blood survives. You can always go back to SA when they self-destruct.

    • evilsandmich

      Well if any of them want to do the International Student thing I might be able to help. If there were any white kids in SA to adopt, it’d be the closest white kid that an American could adopt so I doubt that they exist.

  • Grumplestilskin

    The only possible “future” for whites in South Africa (and Zimbabwe) is to carve out a small “homeland” for themselves from the existing territory, and migrate there en masse. Of course, this could only be done with the consent of the black-majority government, which could never be trusted in the future. So, perhaps the answer should really be, “no”.

    Here in America, whites face a similar fate. There no longer seems to be a viable future for us in maintaining the United States’ and Canada’s existing [national, state and provincial] borders. The nation has become too “divided” and there will never be a reconciliation.

    As the American nation divides, the time will soon come when a “white American homeland” may become the only refuge for Euro-Americans who wish to live in climate of traditional beliefs and mores. Those who choose to remain in “blue America” will face increasing persecution and condemnation, as did the Jews of Europe and as do the white South Africans do today….

    • Leslie John

      i have travel the world lots and when i went to the USA i was shocked, they still live with a black and white areas, sorry to tell you but most of the world is not like that

      since the media will not tell you about people living in peace, and having a good life

  • Rooinek

    “Apartheid South Africa looked after white people and nobody else.”

    The opening statement is false. I spent six months travelling through South Africa, talking to people and buying second-hand books written before, during, and after Apartheid. One thing rapidly became apparent. We had all been lied to. The theory seems to be that for a cultural Marxist (sorry for using that term but there seems to be no other) if the cause is good then it is permissible to lie to further it. While I was nobly boycotting South African wine at a Canadian university a South African whom I was later to make friends with was growing up in a segregated “coloured” community. She told me that her father and many of his generation bitch about how life was better under apartheid because there were jobs, and little crime. Now the country has Detroit levels of crime, and Black African neighborhoods I visited are de facto segregated and mothers try to raise children in tin shacks with dirt floors while the President (who is Black) is building a multimillion dollar palace for his six wives.

    • Rooinek

      I took that photo near the Lesotho border. A truck had run down the cow and the guys were keeping the flies off it until someone could come back with a bakkie (a pickup truck). They were gleefully anticipating a feast.

  • jimh19

    Payback’s a bitch!

  • linda

    There is an organisation that helps afrikaaners which one can donate to.

  • Yale2001

    Can we swap an equal number of American blacks for our productive white’s in Africa? Then we could let their economy completely crumble as ours improved, and make everyone happy.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    It’s interesting no one brings up the islands in the Caribbean. White settled there. Brought in blacks and others. And at some point many years ago, on some of the islands there were 0 whites. Whites have returned but are around 5% of the population. I believe nearly all of the islands in the Caribbean pretty much have the same demographic future as SAfrica and Rhodesia.

    • Leslie John

      and they all live in peace,

      No war oh yes one and guest who,

      For those of you who thinks that they came as savers, the same government they took out of power got back in power and stayed they for over 12 years, and now they win every seat in grovernmant


    The hatred of the government towards whites recognized..


    Well I am very sorry Loyalwhitebriton I have lived in your
    country for 12 years now and lived in Ireland for six years it has been my experience
    to be labeled a racist, a baby killer, A war criminal and a Nazi by a great Majority
    of people from both those countries I have received nothing but hostility, Deep
    Resentment, and Deep Prejudisim. And note I have also got this same treatment
    from American, Canadian, French, German, Swedish, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian
    and Bulgarian and a great Majority of Indian and Pakistanis living in your
    country. To be honest with you and everyone else here I would much rather go
    live in another country but I am 40 years old now and not getting any younger
    if it wasn’t for Affirmative Action (AA) or Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) in
    South Africa I would go back. If I could do this I would and have nothing more
    to do with the affore mentioned counties or people I have mentioned. I will definitely
    not speak well of them either. I have also learned to call these people and
    countries Pharisees and hypocrites as I have experienced the worced form of
    racisim in these countries I have lived in.

    The thing about South African White’s is that they do not
    stand together and they are a divided nation amongst nations and they will
    never rule again in that country because of the way that they are.

    Whereas Rhodesians like me we still stand together and we
    are still just as strong as ever together even though we lost our country to a Marxist
    socialistic government that Great Briton and the United States of America
    helped install into that country we just didn’t expect to be betrayed by South

    You can thank your Governments and your main stream media
    for this.

    You have also all but destroyed my career and my life I will
    never forget nor forgive.

    I am sure that you
    will never see the likes of South Africa and Rhodesia fighting alongside you as
    we did in WW1, WW2, Korea and the Cold War. If you know your history you will
    know very well who and what good and brave fighters we were.

    We know where we stand with you (Great Briton etc and etc.)