Jason Richwine’s Resignation Is Welcome News, But We Expect More

Janet Murguía, Huffington Post, May 13, 2013

After a series of devastating revelations about his work, Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst Jason Richwine–co-author of Heritage’s immigration study released last week–announced his resignation this past Friday.

This is welcome news and a good first step for the foundation. Richwine did not just co-author what most everyone considers a deeply flawed report. It turns out he is a champion of an antiquated theory we thought has gone the way of the early 20th century–that somehow there is a link between race or ethnicity and IQ. In fact, Richwine was even more explicit–he asserts that Hispanic immigrants are inherently less intelligent than whites.

Heritage answered one question this past Friday afternoon: what actions they would take regarding Richwine? But they have yet to address the larger and much more important questions. Why was someone like Richwine even hired in the first place? How could someone who traffics in specious theories on intelligence, race, and ethnicity be Heritage’s policy expert on not only immigration but education, for heaven’s sake? Despite Heritage’s disavowal of Richwine’s views, how could these views not have shaped how he conducted the immigration study? And finally, what does that say about Heritage’s mindset on this issue?

Simply put, it strains credulity that these revelations were also news to Heritage and that they had “no idea” about Richwine’s theories. This was not a youthful indiscretion or an obscure article written years ago. This was his doctoral dissertation–from Harvard, no less–published in 2009. And he has been very public about his work since then, publishing op-eds in major publications and participating in high-profile speaking events. In short, the folks at Heritage, or at the very least his bosses, knew precisely who Richwine is and what he thinks.


We have heard a lot from Heritage’s beleaguered spokesperson, but nothing at all from Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint. That has to end. DeMint needs to denounce Richwine’s work for what it is–outrageous and wrong–and to recognize Latinos as “makers,” not “takers.” {snip}


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  • Sra. Murguía, you ask questions that WE know the answer to. Your limited IQ is beyond your comprehension. It’s like trying to explain the Pythagorean theorem to a chimpanzee.

    • I must be confused. Do illegal immigrants actually make jobs?

      • Katherine McChesney

        More useless lies. Must be a Democrat.

        • Why delete their comments? I get a daily dose of snide comments without substance all the time at Yahoo Answers.

          • AutomaticSlim

            Yes, I agree.
            I’ve noticed a few responses to me were deleted the last couple of days. I would rather they remain so I can reply. And refute if called for .

          • The__Bobster

            These trolls are just looking to derail the thread. If you encourage them, they’ll bet worse.

          • robinbishop34

            They’re probably deleting their own comments through disqus.

    • generalquagmyer

      Well… It’s “…ESTÁS de acuerdo?” Estár rather than ser is used for a temporary state of being, such as agreeing on an opinion.

      Doesn’t matter that much, except that Hispanics or whatever you want to call them are quite attached to the illusion that their ability to use Spanish is something they can do with their brains that regular white people can’t.

  • The__Bobster

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it, Reconquista? But all you cab do is point and sputter because you know he’s right.

    • Notice how in the original article, the commenters seem more in line with us instead of her?

      • Manaphy

        When you see that even Huffing-and-puffington Post readers are fed up with this Amnesty BS, you can tell how unpopular this thing is. Why the hell are Republicans pushing this LEFTIST and GENOCIDAL amnesty bill when even most registered Democrats are against it?

        • White Mom in WDC

          Because the Republicans are are bunch of Gay Old Pedophiles (GOP) that just want to line their own pockets with cheap labor. Money and maybe some cheap poon. The two biggest motivators of EVERYBODY but the GOP is sordid and cheap about. No class

        • NYB

          The majority of commenters at Huffpost agree with Richwine. Talk is progress.

          • ms_anthro

            Keep this in mind the next time someone scoffs at the power of commenting on anti-White articles and unashamedly promoting White solidarity. The pen truly is mightier than the sword if we’re getting through to the brain-dead rabble at the Huffington Post.

      • The__Bobster

        Yes, even though the mods there are continuously deleting comments like ours


        Ms. Clift posts articles at Daily Beast. Her April 25th column praised the co-operation between Senators McCain and Schumer on the immigration bill, which she takes for granted is a Good Thing with widespread public support:

        Polls show that 70 percent of the American people favor immigration reform, and a poll released Thursday taken by Americans for Tax Reform found two-thirds of Republicans support the Senate bill as it’s been described.

        At the time I checked there were 21 original comments—i.e. not counting replies to comments, replies to replies, and so on, which tend to wander away in off-topic directions, mainly directions of petty bickering and personal vituperation.

        The 21 broke 6-15 for-against Ms. Clift. To put it differently, original commenters were 2.5 to 1 against the lady. Call that the “hostility ratio.”

    • Manaphy

      How about we have Europeans reconquer Mexico and suck the life out of its economy, destroy their hospitals and healthcare system, change their demographics, destroy their schools, and form white gangs that terrorize legal Mexican citizens, and last but not least, establish that anyone who wants to limit or get rid of the massive genocidal non-Mexican immigration to Mexico is a racist naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. We’ll see how Mestizos like the taste of their own medicine.


    • evilsandmich

      Yeah I’d think that they would have to be careful. If they keep up with this “he’s bad-evil” even unconcerned people will ask why and their fraud will be laid bare.

  • The__Bobster

    I’m waiting for the day when we can toss these butt-hurt squat monsters back over the border.

    • Unless you can pull a time warp, like the real Red Skull, then you won’t live to see it happen. It’s too far off in the future.

      • The__Bobster

        At your service.

        Where do you want your time warp?

  • Puggg

    Who are we to believe? Janet Murguía or our own lying eyes?

  • The__Bobster

    That has to end. DeMint needs to denounce Richwine’s work for what it is–outrageous and wrong–and to recognize Latinos as “makers,” not “takers.”


    But it can’t be denounced for being wrong and you can’t prove that it’s wrong. That’s what really irks you.

    Anyone can make a taco. Can you name any squat monster inventor? I can find millions of them on the dole.

  • Janet Murguía? Hmmmm
    DeMint needs to denounce Richwine’s work for what it is–outrageous and wrong–and to recognize Latinos as “makers,” not “takers.”
    I must be confused. Do illegal immigrants actually make jobs?
    I thought the only took them from people here legally.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      If what she said is correct, then Southern California would be an economic powerhouse. Instead, it is on the verge of bankruptcy. The leftists should crow honestly at least. “Say one thing we don’t like, and we can f___ you up but good!” At least I could applaud their honesty.

      • White Mom in WDC

        California IS bankrupt

        • Financially and morally.

    • lanceman

      The only thing Latinos make is….more Latinos.

  • David Ashton

    La Raza Cosmica?
    The ideology of an invading dictatorship.

  • Michael Ryan

    theyre overplaying their hand they should have quit while ahead but they cant stop this will be fun.

    • Erasmus

      I’m glad the gloves are coming off. There has been a lot that’s gone unsaid for too long already.

  • Mr. E

    “an antiquated theory we thought has gone the way of the early 20th century–that somehow there is a link between race or ethnicity and IQ.”

    This allegedly antiquated theory was held by nearly all people, including scientists, since the beginning of races having contact with each other. Who do I trust more — the overwhelming majority of scientists throughout history or the ideologically motivated egalitarians of the past half century? The evidence, both statistical and anecdotal, supports the historic perspective.

    Funny how the author doesn’t (read: can’t) debunk Richwine with statistics. Instead, she holds the egalitarian narrative out as infallible.

  • JohnEngelman

    Richwine did not just co-author what most everyone considers a deeply flawed report.

    – Janet Murguía, Huffington Post, May 13, 2013

    How is Jason Richwine’s report “deeply flawed?” Would someone please explain what he said that is not true?

    • bubo

      You are just supposed to take her word for it because it is wrong to hurt brown people’s feelings.

  • bigone4u

    La Raza is a despicable racist entity that believes in “Latino Supremecy”–Latinos are the chosen cosmic race. Every Mexican is on board with this nonsense. Talk to a Mexican, if you dare, and you’ll see they hold on to a sense of superiority unjustified by anything other than their narcissm.

  • joesolargenius

    I find it hard to understand how any intelligent person would believe that an organization such as La Raza which stands for The Race and whose motto is basically for us everything and for the rest of you nothing could be anything but takers which is what their motto indicates !

  • Exoplanet Finder

    She forgot one thing that would have made her article make sense: one single lonely shred of evidence Richwine was factually wrong. She forgot to include that. Otherwise, great essay from this middle schooler whose teacher put a star on it and sent it in to the newspaper- which actually printed it. Way to go, Janet, enjoy your summer vacation. Your English is getting much better, but let’s work on your thinking skills for next year. And remember, you’re just as likely as any white person to be able to grasp the essential concepts involved in Richwine’s work and the discussion in general, you just have to turn on your thinking caps extra extra hard.

  • Bobby

    His resignation is welcome news but, “WE EXPECT MORE”
    Three words that should be very familiar to European-Americans by now—“we expect more”. We expect more. It would behove European -Americans to start thinking about that phrase and all it implies. It implies a whole lot. It can’t even be stressed enough, just HOW MUCH IT IMPLIES. Honestly, it’s not like these people are shy or reserved or tactfull on their radical agenda– they are RIGHT IN YOUR FACE ABOUT IT. If you don’t go along with them, THEN “YOU”, MR. AND MS. EUROPEAN-AMERICAN, WILL PAY THE CONSEQUENCES.

    • It’s like the Coke Zero slogan: “And…?” This Mexican is simply another taker who is only satisfied by more from the gringos whose world she and her horde of invaders are pillaging.

      • Bobby

        Agreed, pillaging with the help of our traitorous OPEN BORDERS politicans, like the GANG OF EIGHT, all of whom should be targeted for removal come election time. They have shown a zealousness to screw American citizens that needs punishing.

        • ms_anthro

          They should be targeted for prosecution. We need to bring back treason trials.

    • Talltrees


      Below are comments from one of the Huff posters.

      “The distribution of cultural, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds of the individuals who took the test are not considered, so that absolute numbers cannot be compared across different distributions, because these environmental circumstances, which can change in 1-2 generations, clearly impact IQ scores.”

      “How were IQ tests administered, how they were modified to reflect different
      cultural/linguistic backgrounds potentially affecting scores is not properly

      This is typical rebuttal with respect to IQ’s coming from the left.

      Even if what this person says would be true, which it is not, the U.S. has always been a White European culture. If foreigners can’t meet our standards, they
      shouldn’t be here.

      That would be same as throwing ineligible kids into accelerated classes, then making excuses for why they fail.

      This poster is actually asking, “Were the IQ tests dumbed down so that Hispanics could score higher? If not, the tests are invalid.”

      What gall they have to expect us to design special tests just for them. Why should we do anything for them other than send them back to their home countries?

      Third generation Hispanics in the U.S. perform worse than second, and second, worse than first.

  • APaige

    We are all equal…one group sailed the oceans by wind, used steam power to make the crossing easier and to propel trains across continents, invented the combustible engine for automobiles and for flight. Used the jet engine to make flight faster and even faster than the speed of sound and to travel to the moon. And ‘members’ of La Raza never invented the wheel. I guess for inventing modes of transportation all groups are… equal.

  • Jefferson

    It is only a matter of time before the Mestizo Bossman comes in here to defend his fellow Brown La Raza sister Janet Murguia.

  • wesley swift

    When Janet trots out the hard facts that show Richwine’s report to be incorrect then I’ll believe her. The only reason that Richwine’s work is ‘outrageous’ and ‘wrong’ according to people like Janet is because it went public in the first place and exposed facts she and her ilk are trying to desperately keep covered up.
    Also, if there are no real differences between the races except skin color, would Janet or one of her supporters, during their break at Taco Bell, please tell us where all these great, advanced, civilized Mestizo or black nations are that are comparable to the white western nations of the world today?
    Guess the only way that can be truthfully answered is with the sounds of silence.

    • So what you are saying is that when Dylan Mattews, who was undergrad at Harvard at the same time Richwine was working on his PhD, outted Richwine’s disertation and thought he was being such a great liberal, he actually F***ed the groups the paper was about.

  • Ella

    Today it is about pleasing the elite and accepting their arguments without skepticism. Liberals believe that IQ tests are ways to control the poor and minority groups such as “gate-keeping” ethnic groups from entering the US or having access to prestigious schools due to lower IQ. (Oh boy, like Higher education has no gate-keepers in certain fields–what a huge laugh!) This is why they attacked Richwine’s work. He had to know on some level that they’ll seek him out eventually. The elite has been trying to remove “biology” from social sciences as they fear a rise in eugenics movement if we openly research ethnicity and IQ. It’s really hard to separate these variables firstly since they both influence each other.

  • guest

    Are we really supposed to care what she thinks? People like her are just too insatiable. No matter what our crooked government and the bleeding-hearts do for them, they’ll just keep demanding for more and more reparations and handouts until eventually there will be absolutely nothing left that can be given to them. And even when that does happen, they’ll still “expect more”.

  • shawnmer

    Congrats, Heritage. You’ve put your blood in the water. Enjoy the feel of the sharks devouring you alive.

    When in the hell are these people going to understand that this sort of human sacrifice never works? They will not stop! They don’t give a **** about Richwine, this is about eliminating the entire intellectual infrastructure of their opposition.

    • George White

      Yeah, they should have backed their man. And he was right, after all.

  • SoCal LoCal

    Of course they expect more, appeasing bullies always breeds more demands.

  • Actually have I have seen Janet Murgia on Lou Dobbs many times and she validates Richwines disertation. She does not come across as being very bright.Lou Dobbs would also make her appear rather foolish.Maybe that is why Lou Dobbs was fired from CNN.

  • Diamond_Lil

    One need look no further than LAUSD for proof.

  • Unperson

    Having gored the bull, Matadora Murguía now moves in for the kill.

  • Greg Thomas

    Latrinos are takers.

  • Token Finn

    I lost a friend recently, seemingly because we had a heated discussion about race. She studied the humanities in uni and sometimes liked to fall back on that too. Her brainwashing was strong and she did not mind likening whites to parasites, but almost screamed at me for using playful racial slurs.
    She liked to go on about IQ a lot and how there was some silly object picking test, where people from different cultures would see objects as belonging to a group or not. The point, anyway, is that she took IQ to be something insignificant.
    Since they seem to have their own tests (actually I doubt that a lot) and since IQ is so meaningless, why are they getting so mad about something so insignificant? If they actually have the same IQ, then why do they need to be with whites? You would think it would be the other way around.

  • gemjunior

    This is positively medieval. Next they’ll be asking for them to be racked until they “recant” their heresy.

  • Sick of it

    So they want Jim DeMint to lie by claiming that the many, many hispanics on welfare are somehow working and contributing to our society? Guess that would fit with the lies they expect from their President.

  • IKantunderstand

    All of us know that Richwine’s study is correct. So, what are we going to do about it? Right now, all we have is our calls to Congress. I don’t know about you, but my congressman has never voted the way I wanted him to. And, furthermore, I’m tired of the BS letters I receive in response. Is it possible that we organize a march on D.C. opposing amnesty and all the rest of the immigration bill? I’m not gonna lie, I so want to do something. Could I get up votes from those of you who want to do SOMETHING!

  • rick

    Hey Murguia… You need to face the fact that little brown squat monsters like yourself are not as bright as us whites (on average).

    Why don’t you and your brown-power activistas go back to Me-hee-co and instead try your shake-down crap there. I doubt its white-ish looking elites will be interested though; they prefer dumping losers like yourself on our country.