In Italy, Racist Taunts for Footballers and Ministers Alike

Nick Squires, Christian Science Monitor, May 3, 2013

The election of Italy’s first ever black government minister has brought the country face to face with its racist demons.

Cecile Kyenge, an eye surgeon who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was made the new minister for integration this week when Italy finally cobbled together a government after weeks of backstabbing and brinkmanship in the wake of inconclusive elections in February.

Her appointment has exposed the deeply held prejudices of many Italians, who insist that a person with black or brown skin can never be considered Italian, no matter how long they have lived in the country.

In the few days since she was sworn in on Sunday, the 48-year-old Ms. Kyenge, who moved to Italy three decades ago and is a member of the center-left Democratic Party, has been subjected to a shocking tirade of racist abuse. Much of it has circulated on the internet, with the minister called “a Congolese monkey” and a “Zulu” on websites, some of them with links to neo-Fascist groups.

The online vitriol by anonymous bigots was bad enough, but the race hate has been dealt out by prominent politicians too.

The most extreme remarks were made by Mario Borghezio, an Italian member of the European Parliament who has made incendiary remarks about immigrants in the past. In an interview with a radio station, Borghezio, from the anti-immigration Northern League, accused Kyenge of wanting to “impose her tribal traditions from the Congo” on Italy.

Bunga bunga

He was referring to the new minister’s support for a change to laws which currently restrict the children of immigrants from applying for Italian citizenship until they reach the age of 18. Borghezio said the inclusion of Kyenge in the new administration of prime minister Enrico Letta made it a “a bonga bonga government”–an off-color quip which referenced the so-called “bunga bunga” antics of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi.

“You can’t say the word ‘nigger’ in Italy, only think it,” Borghezio added. “Pretty soon you won’t even be able to say illegal immigrant–you’ll have to say ‘your excellence’.”

He said Kyenge would make “a great housekeeper, but not a government minister.” He added: “Africans are different. They belong to an ethnicity much different from ours. They haven’t produced great genes.”

The racism directed towards Kyenge is by no means an isolated incident. One of Italy’s most talented soccer players, Mario Balotelli, who was born in Sicily to Ghanaian parents, has endured years of racial abuse both on and off the pitch.

Hostile fans have made monkey noises at him during games and thrown bananas onto the pitch. At one match, fans once shouted: “There are no black Italians.” In February he was called a “little black boy” by Paolo Berlusconi, the vice-president of AC Milan soccer club and the brother of Silvio Berlusconi.

“And now let’s go and watch the little black boy of the family, the crazy head,” Paolo Berlusconi said at a political meeting, after Balotelli transferred from Manchester City to become one of AC Milan’s star players.


At a press conference on Friday, Kyenge generously insisted that Italy was not a racist nation, but conceded that it did lack a “consciousness of others.” While Italy had “a well-rooted culture of hospitality…(it) does not see diversity as a resource,” she said. She added: “I am black. This is important to say. I emphasize it proudly.”

A revolt over the racism directed against Kyenge has already begun. An online petition has been launched calling for Borghezio, the MEP, to be expelled from the European Parliament or at least disciplined.

The petition has been organized by Articolo 21, a freedom of information advocacy group. By Friday it had been signed by nearly 63,000 people.


The Italian government launched an investigation on Wednesday into the racial abuse towards Kyenge, one of seven women in the Italian cabinet. {snip}


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  • Manaphy

    I wouldn’t want her operating on me.

    • IstvanIN

      I am sure she is quite good at poking around with a stick. Perhaps even a sharpened one.

      • The__Bobster

        Yes, they did invent the termite stick.

        • Bill

          Actually, monkeys did that. The bantu learned from the monkey most of his/her behaviors. Or was that what you meant?

  • watling

    What does a “minister for integration” do? Apart from getting paid a lot of taxpayers’ money, that is. Seems like a waste to me. She’d be better off operating on eyes in the Congo. I’m sure the Congo needs her skills more than Italy does.

    • Lancasharia

      Banged it right on the nail there.

    • MarcusTrajanus

      She’s there to open the gates of Italy wider for her fellow invaders and to make it a crime for anyone to object.

  • Nathanwartooth

    “Her appointment has exposed the deeply held prejudices of many Italians, who insist that a person with black or brown skin can never be considered Italian, no matter how long they have lived in the country.”


    Getting really sick of sentences like this that make it seem like Africans are just Whites with a tan and we are all real stupid for not wanting them in our countries because of their “skin”.

    • Mentious

      Yeah. The “skin color” psy-op is past it’s sell date. Remember that Reality Show they tried out where whites were to have black makeup; blacks wore white makeup? The makeup was perfect, but the show had to be cancelled. They wouldn’t say the real reason why, but the reason was obvious: Even with the makeup on you could too easily tell who was who.

      Blacks have completely different soft tissue, starting with the obviously different lips and noses. Never mind hair, the bone structure of the head, etc. How can anybody with both intelligence and honesty keep using the “just ‘cuz of the color of der skin” meme?

      • Nathanwartooth

        “We all bleed red”
        “There is only one race, the human race”

        I’m sure you guys can think of more memes.

        Speaking of memes, I read CNN (barf) at work because, you know, it’s work and I can’t read anything good.

        Reading through the comments you see people spouting the same memes over and over like robots.

        BEEP BOOP The Democrats put forth a bill for world peace but those evil Republicans blocked it BEEP BOOP

        I guess after only listening to CNN for years they can’t think much outside of the memes they are constantly bombarded with.

        • Morris LeChat

          monkeys bleed red too

      • A Swain

        Skin colour is a major differentiation and identity marker of Race though, of course, not the only one.
        It is naive and dangerous to play down the reality of skin colour by trying to de-emphazise it often to the point of declaring it irrelevant.
        It is, in fact, very relevant.
        If White people keep on repeating the meme that (White fears and concerns regarding them and their children being dispossessed and ethnically-cleansed in their own ancestral homelands), are not about skin colour, etc, etc then only day they could well find themselves being forced to prove it which could well take the form of being compelled to ‘stay put’ within systematically increasing non-White minority colonized areas and interbreed only with non-Whites under the guise of necessary assimilation.
        These Far-Left Marxist group studies like the one in focus above, are very probably a hidden introduction so to speak, to a future forced race-mixing agenda destined to be written drip by drip into law like all the other preceding White extermination policies over the past seven decades.
        We must collectively start monitoring extremely closely, Left Wing manoeuvrings and set about constructing suitable legal challenges to such attempts at orchestrated genocide from now on. We need to call it what it is and follow it up by devising methods of building prosecution cases against those responsible.

  • Related news:

    I don’t buy for one moment that Italians in Italy don’t want to make pizza. I do buy that Egyptian immigrants are driving down the wage scale so far that Italians don’t want to work for slave wages.

    • The__Bobster

      Every country has a cheap labor lobby. And they don’t give a damn where that labor comes from. The media are always willing to be the mouthpieces for these traitors.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        The “conservatives” want cheap labour and the “liberals” want cheap votes. Woe betide their constituents.

      • MBlanc46

        Because the media are these people. The “media” isn’t a guy with a printing press and case of type any more. They’re huge, often transnational, corporations. Of course then support the interests of huge corporations.

    • Thor Bonham

      Read the article before you posted the link on another web site, I had the same reaction and thoughts …
      It’s like the Mexicans here in the U.S.

  • Tim

    I always thought that the election of someone clearly of another race to a position over them would awaken Whites but I was wrong…

    • edie

      public school propaganda is very effective from the ages of 5-18———

      it’s our death knell

  • NYB

    Following in the footsteps of Sweden, which had an African Minister for Integration and Gender Equality from 2006 to 2010.

    Nyamko Sabuni was born in Burundi. She was propelled into ministerial office by Swedish liberals to rub the nationalists’ noses in diversity.

    • bigone4u

      That’s a woman?? Amren has run a piece before noting that people perceive black women as masculine, but this one could be the poster girl for black maniiness.

      • The__Bobster

        Sometimes you have to turn them upside down to determine their sex.

        • Alan

          Like you are probably a sex symbol. Right?

      • MBlanc46

        It’s the testosterone.

    • CharlesFinley

      How did it get its hair so straight?

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        With something like this.

        • Vaclaw

          Are the woman in that advertisment bleached?

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Possibly. They do look really light-skinned. They might just be mulattoes though.

        • dogbone

          Their straight hair looks better than this whiggers electroafrovoodoo hair.

    • Mentious

      Get her out of there!

  • MissBonnie123

    Cecile Kyenge can NEVER be Italian. I agree with the Italians (not with any racial epithets, though). It is an obvious observation that she can only be an African who lives in Italy, never an Italian.
    Notice how the Africans want to control Africa. They don’t want Whites controlling their countries, yet they will glady take governmental seats in non-African countries and push policies on people who are unlike them.

    • Morris LeChat

      Ship the monkey back to bung bunga land

  • Sloppo

    I understand that there is a place in Guanzhou, China there are 200,000 African “immigrants”. Why they don’t call them Chinese people of African descent?

    • Jefferson

      There is no such thing as a nappy headed Chinamen. ALL Chinese people have bone straight hair. Bone straight hair is an alien feature to the Sub Saharan race.

      Blacks living in China will never be racially accepted by the Chinese people as one of their own.

      The Chinese do not suffer from liberal White guilt like Western Europeans do.

      • Sloppo

        Exactly. That is one thing I admire about the Chinese people.

        • george00

          In 2008 I was in Rome for 3 weeks. I expected to see a lot of race mixing. I didn’t see that many mixed race couples, it was extremely rare compared to the US and the ones I saw I could hear them speaking with English accents. There weren’t that many blacks in the city, maybe 2 or 3% and they weren’t in positions of power. They were selling tourist souvenirs on blankets on the side walk. The city and subways etc. were remarkably safe probably because there were almost no blacks. What I’m getting at is Italians have it together racially.

          • Sloppo

            I very much admire and appreciate the existence of the Italian people, but the one thing that really bothers me about them is their low birth rate. If they’re going to defend their right to exist, they need a lot more babies. Otherwise, I don’t see how they can make it.

      • evilsandmich

        You’d be surprised at the number of especially young people in China who buy into the Commie kum-bah-yah vision of equality. The thing keeping the immigrants on a tight leash in China is the Party. There’s little doubt that the Commies would wipe out 200,000 Chinese natives to keep power, so there’s nothing holding them back from exacting some horrible punishment against 200,000 black immigrants.

  • IstvanIN

    The most extreme remarks were made by Mario Borghezio, an Italian member of the, European Parliament

    I like this guy!

  • 8uhb

    Gates of Vienna has a very good article about the 3rd world invasion of Norway and its effect on young whites:

    Found it through Dr. McDonald’s review of it at Occidental Observer.

    • robinbishop34


  • sbuffalonative

    minister for integration”

    How Orwellian.

    • seapeaMP

      Indeed Orwellian.

      Minister for Integration = Minister for White GeNOcide.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Time for the Golden Dawn to set up shop in Italy.

    That woman is not Italian. You know, maybe all of us whites should bum rush Guyana. Look it up…. Then we can call ourselves Guyanese

    • TeutonicKnight67

      They already have!! Golden Dawn Worldwide!!!,10732.0.html

      • White Mom in WDC

        Wow. I don’t condone hurting others, yet these people come to our Western countries and essentially steal from us and our children’ s future. Then the government looks the other way as businesses get free cheap labor. I don’t wish violence on people, I just want them to go back to where they from

  • MekongDelta69

    Where’s OUR Mario Borghezio in Congress?

  • joegoofinoff

    Little by little, the Europeans are coming to their sense, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Austria and now Italy all have patriotic fronts and are doing well in polls and elections

    • GM (Australia)

      Yes, notice how the anti-immigrant, anti-EU UKIP did very well in the recent UK local government elections. (But unless they have political know-how and party discipline and stop fighting with the BNP they will get nowhere)

      As for Greece, 20 – 30% unemployment and general poverty makes the Golden Dawn party a very attractive proposition.

      In more prosperous societies there seems to be a lot less concern about non-white immigration, but every society will eventually have it’s tripping point, that is why the message of this web-site is so important. It is also interesting to note that it was poor whites (who obviously were hungry and generally felt threatened) were very much instrumental in establishing apartheid in SA.

      Reversing the situation, in this part of the world Malaysia has just had it’s general election. The big issue seems to be the ultra-nationalist ethnic Malay party(s) holding onto power. Ethnic Malays (Muslim) make up 70% of the population but are concerned about the increasing Chinese and Indian vote in that country. The opposition there has claimed the government has resorted to election fraud to stay in power. Again, multiculturalism is a flawed concept.

      • White Mom in WDC

        You raise a good point here regarding socioeconomic class. It is amazing to me in the States how elite and/or wealthy whites remove themselves from the fact that middle class and working class whites must endure the negativity of dealing with the immigrant masses. As a middle class working white woman, dealing with the masses of immigrant turdheads out there ha

      • White Mom in WDC

        Let me also add that since integration, it is middle class and lower class whites who have suffered the most. Jim Crow laws were put into effect to protect working whites from the savage black violence.

    • I don’t agree. The whole basis of this controversy is the fact that she is the first black in high executive office in Italy. Blacks are advancing in Italy, and so is the liberal ideology.

      • Lancasharia

        An ideology that is both protected and promoted by the nasty EU oligarchs. Given a free rein this kind ideology would wither and die. Speak to any European and the one thing they despise is the levels of 3rd world immigration foisted upon them by the elites but it is also the one topic nobody is allowed to comment on in public. Hence cases like Emma West. It is illegal to point out the elephant in the room.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Interesting too is that she is a working class white. What if a royal duchess had said something like that? Nothing would have happened

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    “He said Kyenge would make ‘a great housekeeper, but not a government
    minister.’ He added: ‘Africans are different. They belong to an
    ethnicity much different from ours. They haven’t produced great genes.'”

    Such truths would get a politician imprisoned here in Kanadistan or the USSA. He’s lucky that the only repercussion was the perfunctory scolding from the Federal-Corporate owned media.

    With an unemployment rate of 12%, the last thing Italy needs is more pro-immigrant Congoids pulling the strings.

    • The__Bobster
      • Homo_Occidentalis

        But we are all from one race, the human race. There is no such a thing as separate human races/sub-species/etc., unless of course Keyshawnte and Chlamydia get freebies at whitey’s expense, in which case race totally exists and shut up, racist.

        P.S., never confront the diversitoids with this “science” non-sense; it is anathema to their whole paradigm of “we iz poor becoz colonialism”.

        • GM (Australia)

          You are very game posting that picture, it really does look like someone we see on the news quite often. Such a post would get you arrested in most parts of Africa or in your future Kanadistan or USSA. (Now who does that picture remind me of? I think his position is a bit more important than the Minister for Diversity)

        • Luca

          Did you cut and paste that photo from “America’s most Wanted?”

        • george00

          Isn’t that Godfrey Cambridge?

    • Unperson

      “He said Kyenge would make ‘a great housekeeper, but not a government

      As much as I admire this Lega Nord member for making this statement that no US politician could say, what makes him so sure Kyenge would make a great housekeeper? Wouldn’t it require a daily counting of the silverware? Wouldn’t it be better to employ your fellow Italians?

      • trollzforlulz


        Most of them choose to be unemployed, for the rest of them, we should be making that choice.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Blacks should move back to Africa….all of them. They don’t fit in other societies. They’re not qualified to represent any historically White government or White country. They don’t contribute their fair share to society.

    • David Brims

      They are aesthetically displeasing on the eye.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        as well as the nose and ear.

  • bigone4u

    I find the idea of throwing bananas at African athletes to be an amusing bit of mischief.


      I love the visual of that, too.

    • Bill

      Would be even funnier if they threw fried chicken wings. THEN you’d see a scrimmage for sure!

    • Strider73

      I consider it a waste of perfectly good bananas — an excellent source of potassium, BTW.

    • Lancasharia

      In England this was common until it was made illegal. What was funny was when a chubby football player had chocolate bars thrown at him when on the pitch.

  • Young Man

    As I’ve said on this site before, Italians will never give up their country the way white Americans did.

    • Guest

      Yes, they will. The Italians in America even have black “friends”…some have dated black women/black men.

  • Luca

    I saw her picture and if she’s Italian, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

  • The__Bobster

    Then why are the bottoms of their feet white? 😉

    • Thor Bonham

      Actually, they’re pink ..

  • PBL

    African hospitals are notorious death traps It is a dilemma for locals when to risk resorting them.

  • David Brims

    ” She was made minister of intergration .”

    Italians were very well intergrated, before African immigrants turned up. Blacks will never assimilate because they are a different race and a different ‘civilization,’ if you can call the Congo a civilization.

    Africans can and never will be Italian. Jesus was born in a stable, it doesn’t make him a horse, now does it ? ( I said that to a black guy once on YouTube, he couldn’t grasp the concept, too abstract for him. )

  • JohnEngelman

    Many, perhaps most, blacks cause problems everywhere they move. It is better to reject the exception to that rule than it is to assume that the exception is the rule.

  • JohnEngelman

    When I need a doctor I look for someone with a Jewish sounding name.

    • Remington

      Just like your last name…my, what a coincidence !

      Oxford Dictionary of Family Names: Engelman

      1. Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name composed of German Engel ‘angel’ + man(n) ‘man’, ‘husband’.

      2. Respelling of German Engelmann.


      • JohnEngelman

        I am the resident Judeophile, but I would not say something like that if I was Jewish.

      • A direct translation of your last name into english would be – Angel man.
        I prefer to look for an ‘older doctor’ who has seen a thing or two.

    • Morris LeChat

      It was Jewish Doctors that told everybody to eat trans fats and omega 6 oils, and avoid saturated fats and cholesterol. That was one of the most damaging changes to the American diet that ever happened.

    • dogbone

      “JohnEngelman – When I need a doctor I look for someone with a Jewish sounding name.”

      You mean a German sounding name that you pretend is jewish.

      • Dogbone

        I saw a Dr. Quack listed on the registry of a Hospital once.

  • MikeS

    “Many Italians don’t think a black can be Italian.”
    And many Italians would be correct. Hell, blacks can’t even be human and civilized, let alone anything else.

  • David Brims

    Mario Balotelli ” Italian ” football player, while in England he set off fire works in his house, causing damage of £ 150,000.

    He crashed his Bentley into another car, nearly killing the driver.

    While out driving, he needed the toilet, he went into a local school to use their bathroom.

    His brother assaulted an Italian police officer outside a night club.

    You can look him up on YouTube, loud, aggressive, attention seeking, show off, bling bling and the mental age of a 7 year old. He gets £ 120,000 a week , my point being,

    You can take the African out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the African.

  • RHG

    Blacks can’t be “Italian” anymore then I can be Italian or “Ghanian” or “Congolese” (My ancestry is Scottish/Irish). This is a little charade only pulled on ethnic Europeans in order to deny them any claims to their ancestral homelands by saying these 3rd world outsiders are now “one of you too”.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      It’s simply ridiculous. Try telling the Japanese that a Korean whose family has been in Japan for five generations is “Japanese” and you will be ridiculed. Don’t even try to tell them that a negro is one of them. Only whites are demanded to put up with this farce.

  • Bill

    The question is……WHO elected her?????? How in the world does some groid get elected to ANYTHING in Italy, let alone a bogus Orwellian thing called the Minister of Integration?

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Italians, by and large do not vote for negores, end of discussion. You can bet her district was 100% “diversified”.

    • italian guy

      It’s simple actually, no one elected her! the new prime minister Enrico Letta and the left did! i can assure you that many people here are getting angry, just yesterday there was a big tv program with many citizens directing their anger towards the so called elites, wich are anti-white and anti-italians… anyway, no party won the election, but the politicians decided to put Giorgio Napolitano as “presidente della repubblica” again, who put Letta in office… for the second time in a row, Italy don’t have a government elected by its people, but a mish mash of politicians from left and right, elected by no one, who decide how to run the country! Letta was part of the Bilderberg group like Mario Monti (former prime minister)… this should say a lot.
      Sorry for my english.

      • Mr Plankton

        No need to apologize for your English. I’m thankful that you have taken the time to better explain what is going on in Italy. Thank you sir.

  • I discourage everybody here from taking comfort in the false idea that Italy is
    too sure of herself to succumb to black immigration. We must understand the
    gravity and international scope of this crisis, and we must understand why Italy
    is not an exception to the rule, so that we will be better prepared to combat
    the problem in our own countries

    I can claim to know Italy and Italians well, and I have observed the natives interacting
    with non-whites. The exact same degenerate culture and liberal opinion which
    caused the disaster in America and Britain are now present in the minds of Italians.
    The only thing they have on their side is time, but not much time.

    • GM (Australia)

      Just have a look at the map, Italy and it’s territorial islands just to the south are just so close to Africa. They arrive by the boatload and spread throughout Italy and the rest of Europe in their tens of thousands. I have seen news footage of the Italian and Maltese navies rescuing these illegal immigrants, they just keep arriving.

      They obviously come to Italy and the rest of the EU and they know that even being a 3rd class resident anywhere in the EU they are a thousand times better off than they would be in the hell hole(s) they come from. As compassionate and humane people the Europeans do not send them home but they all need to realize there is a limit as to how many can be accepted and they are just creating a time bomb that will destroy Europe.and not help Africa. At what point does compassion become national insanity, I would suggest when non-Italians are appointed to the national government.

      The Italians in particular should take a lesson from their own ancient history like how Rome was destroyed in part by appointing invaders to positions of power.

      • I completely agree, they need to change and act; but will they? One must remember that contemporary Italy is just a middle class consumer society; there is little virtue, ancient or modern.

      • Mr Plankton

        Yes, but those invaders in charge, were for the most part, white Europeans. I get your point, however, I’m not so sure that the Italians will.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Italians are straight talkers…I was visiting for a week a few years back and talked to a tour guide about our illegal immigrant problem. They have the same exact problem except instead of hispanics it’s gypsies. They are not as PC as us at all. Nice to hear people speak rough and tough.

    • Oh, but they’ll learn PC after a time. All it takes is a few non-white neighbors, a few race-scandals, and then the language of ordinary people changes under the social pressure. The process has already begun. The Italian media is defined by the PC vocabularies of the EU, the UN and globalization.

  • John Eigen

    I can’t see this ever working in Italy.

    Britain and America, yes, of course. Because Britain and America are the exemplars of capitalism and liberalism.

    But Italy is all about culture.

    Italians to this day in America maintain their identity, even if they are only 1/2.

    Italy is all about culture and there is no way these African termites will be able to pull off another multicultural London. No way.

    This woman should be put in jail for threatening an ethnic group with her vitriol about diversity in Italy.

    Can’t wait till the EU collapses and these maggots get booted right out onto the streets and spit upon.

    • There’s no exception for Italian “culture.” The Italian culture and system is liberalized, and that is the reason this person has attained high office.

      • Lancasharia

        No, it’s just positive discrimination. Bringing in the token ethnic. In Italy Africans are looked upon with scorn and it’s not hidden. You really are naive.

        • You are coddling yourself in the dangerous illusions of white flight. Africans will gain in Italy just they have in America and Britain; they will use international pressure and grow in numbers. It’s the exact same process.

          • Lancasharia

            Unfortunately, the only thing you predict correctly is that for the time being numbers will rise. You obviously haven’t had any contact with African cultural centres in Italy. Try watching the film Gomorrah. This has a very realistic portrayal of Africans’ present and future role in Italian society.

  • MBlanc46

    The minister for integration. I knew it was bad in Europe, but I wasn’t aware they’d fallen that far. At least some people are publicly speaking out against it.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      Let’s not get too carried away. Her job isn’t to supervise restrictive covenants in housing or push forced school busing. Her full title is “Ministro per la cooperazione internazionale e l’integrazione” (“Minister for International Cooperation and Integration”). “Integration” here seems to mean something more like lowering trade boundaries and permitting student VISAs and other aspects of immigration, but the title isn’t just about “racial integration.”

      It took 42 years from the appointment of Robert C. Weaver in 1966 (during the U.S. Forced Integration crisis) as Lyndon B. Johnson’s Secretary for Housing and Urban Development (first Black to be appointed and confirmed as a U.S. Executive Cabinet Secretary) to Obama’s election in 2006. I’m guessing it will be at least 52 years before Italy would ever have a Black Prime Minister, even at the present rate…. But then, I remember in the 1970s some people said there would be a Black President someday and i was one of those who always reacted, “I doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime.”

      I sometimes look back and cannot believe that someone in Texas didn’t “take out” Lyndon B. Johnson for all the damage he did to the Country…. and really he had no saving graces as a President AT ALL, unlike Kennedy….who at least favored strong currency….

      • MBlanc46

        Thanks for the clarification on the job title.

      • Guest

        Kennedy wasn’t much better. Read his book about immigration. Their whole clan was for non white immigration. They were Irish Catholics and HATED the Irish Protestants, just as they hate White Americans. Most Whites in America was never for the Catholic invasion into America. Maybe they were right all along.

    • Morris LeChat

      In other words it is a do nothing position. IT is an office with a salary but no work other than handing money taken from Italians to africans. If she was such a successful eye doctor then why is she in this position? My guess is that she was put through medical school to make the medical school look and feel good. She was passed along no matter what her performance was.

      • Mr Plankton

        Aren’t most Executive positions that Africans occupy “Do Nothing,Excuse Making, Feel Good” positions?

        • Morris LeChat

          Take moochelle obsamma, the most she ever did at her university “job” was order lunch.

  • libertarian 1234

    “The election of Italy’s first ever black government minister has brought the country face to face with its racist demons.”

    No it hasn’t. It has revealed how sensible they are.

    The outrage by native Italians reveals to the radical left that people don’t want their brand of multicultural stupidity.

    And it is the people at the CSM who expect everybody to be mentally disturbed like themselves, because they have been programmed to unquestionably accept the demons of multiracialism. They’re weak, gullible and easily fooled.

    Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland are in a DEPRESSION right now, and Britain is in its SECOND recession, heading toward DEPRESSION. And France’s precarious attempts to extort money via unjust taxation, and granting homosexuals the right to marry, puts them on the brink of violence as their society and economy both are teetering on the edge.

    Austerity measures in the EU will do to the left’s rainbow utopia what sensible people on the right couldn’t accomplish, because they were overwhelmed.

    And, after that, it will get even more intense…..and the CSM will be pressed to give an account of their crimes against their own people. It’s a well-known process termed “paybacks.”

  • T_Losan

    It’s a bad translation, intentional or not. The Italian “negro”, which Borghezio said, is closer to the English “negro” than to the dreaded n-word.

  • Exoplanet Finder

    Nice to hear these Italians reject their Congolese overseer in charge of mass-integration, meaning assimilation of Africa into Europe but not vice-versa, never vice-versa. Funny that no matter how bad they badger her, she’d likely be raped by UN soldiers if she went back to Congo. No matter how bad Italy gets, its better than home. Eventually the Africans in Europe will have to be shipped back- all of them, citizens and non. That is the end result of this terrible liberal-universalist social engineering project. Live it up now leftists, because your day enters twilight as the white population erodes. Its going to be biblical.

    • It may be too late. In both America and Italy, there is a system for advancing blacks; and that system is not being adequately challenged, and only then on the margins.

      Incidentally Obama is a star in Italy and so is Martin Luther King.

      • trollzforlulz

        He might not be so popular if they understood that blacks are still justifying hate crimes against whites, saying it isn’t racist and can’t be, because “blacks don’t have institutional power”.

        Still. Even with a black supremacist president and Department of Justice that can and DOES let blacks walk,scot-free,from even major federal crime charges.

        If you’re an Italian native visiting here, ponder the implications of that and ACT NOW to preserve your country by shipping the parasites back, or your country will be GONE and you will have no legal recourse, and in fact be demonized for saying anything about it. You will be told you are “racist” and that “blacks have no institutional power” in Italian over and over, even with a black Prime Minister and black court judges,even if your government is 100% black, blacks will NEVER be seen as racist. New excuses will be invented, because the goal is not “diversity” or whatever they’re telling you it is,the goal is TO KILL YOU.

        Never doubt this. We have confirmation of it here in the states and the same international bodies have been deciding what happens in all of our countries for some time now.


        THEY ARE YOUR ENEMY! They have actively chosen this opposition to you for themselves. They are your enemy by their own choice. DRIVE THEM OUT AND NEVER APOLOGIZE,NEVER DOUBT,NEVER MAKE EXCUSES FOR DOING WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOUR PEOPLE.

        • Exoplanet Finder

          The Afrikaners showed the world how much whites like
          being a minority all the way to 1994 with the world giving them a
          collective crank with a vice-grip. Yet they held out. Now one may say
          “but look what happened”. True, that was a lesson no race conscious
          white can ever afford to forget. But many who were part of the treason
          at the end had somewhere to flee, UK, Australia, Holland, etc. Soon it
          will become clear we have nowhere to go. Then we will start working
          together. Then our obsessively competitive spirit will be redirected-
          less wasted on football and “who can be the more socially accepted
          liberal at the college party,” and it will become sociopolitical.

          will become biblical when the
          qualities inherent in the germ-plasm of the Caucasian race awaken
          and dominate in a new, grand arena of action. “What the whites giveth,
          the whites can taketh away”
          will be on the lips of everyone, even Morgan Freeman and Django. Oops,
          had our day, but our world just got turned upside-down. Look- we really are powerless and at the mercies of another race? Crap! Hey, why am I on a boat
          to Arabia? Hey, why are the Arabs castrating me? Hey, why don’t I
          get retirement in Mexico? How come my race doesn’t take care of me the way
          the whites did until I agitated for so many of my kind to appear that
          the Giving Tree could give no more? Hey! I thought my anchor baby would
          get citizenship, that’s why I scheduled my flight from Shanghai
          yesterday, to shanghai the whites in America! What’s that you say? They
          are sending us back? Oh. What happened? Was it a sleeping giant that
          woke up? I thought that the giant everyone said was sleeping was the Chinese giant! You mean there is a bigger giant? A giant that can overmaster the world if only it will? No one predicted or
          thought that what would wake up was much more than our Chinese giant. No one
          thought the Western Leviathan had any RACE left, and yet now I see that we were all wrong. I looked up and saw a dark spot on the moon, and therein saw what I have already seen in pictures, what I thought were footprints. Now I see those footprints as what they are- fingerprints. The Leviathan was so powerful that it stretched out its hand, and touched the Sea of Tranquility. There are many more of us, and many more in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. We have 5th columns working in all their lands, and 6th and 7th and 8th and 9th and 10th columns! They even provided the 11th column from amongst themselves! Yet, yet… they are starting to break their chains!

  • Be prepared for that day not to arrive. Conservatives in Britain and America have adopted the liberal view of racial equality, and whites are in demographic decline.

  • Sick of it

    If you elect someone from the Congo to a government position…wow you’ve got a lot of bad things coming!

  • Tom in MI

    Racist demons? What a ludicrous term. The paper should call itself the Christian Science Inquisitor.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    It would not be a bad idea to invite Mario Borghezio over to the U.S. to give some talks… reading about him, he sounds like quite a dynamic character, emphasis on the word “character..”

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    Italians have been leaders in fighting to preserve European Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious integrity. I am thinking now of Oriana Fallaci, wonderful Italian Journalist who died in September 2006 and was really one of the first to warn, even way back in the 1960s, about the Islamization of Europe. There are many wonderful stories about Oriana from her interviews with Henry Kissinger to the Ayatollah Khomeini, but Am Ren readers might be most interested in her interview with the Wall Street Journal the year before her death:

    “Europe is no longer Europe”….“It is ‘Eurabia,’ a colony of Islam, where the Islamic invasion does not proceed only in a physical sense, but also in a mental and cultural sense. Servility to the invaders has poisoned democracy, with obvious consequences for the freedom of thought, and for the concept itself of liberty.”

    Her warnings endeared her to many conservatives. French Front National leader Jean-Marie Le Pen and the BNP’s Nick Griffin wrote laudatory obituaries and memorials of her. But she was also accused of racism, and in Switzerland and Italy she was charged with violating laws against vilifying religion. In 2003, the left-wing Italian newspaper La Repubblica called her an “exhibitionist posing as the Joan of Arc of the West.”

    • Wayne

      Great post. Yes, Eurabia is the goal, just as in the US we are to “integrate” with Mexico. The Gobalists are tearing our heritage to pieces but the anesthesia of wealth, luxury and decadence numbs us to the fact that our posterity’s future is being destroyed for our present greed. I’m afraid that as long as the luxury continues, nothing will be done.

  • IKantunderstand

    Let’s face it, the master plan is working. It’s getting to the point that when you hear someone is “English”, unless their name is a dead giveaway, they could be any racial concoction whatsoever. Exactly what the powers that be are striving for. Imagine a future when somebody remarks someone is Irish. You meet them and they are Black. You are not surprised. For there are no more redheaded green eyed Whites left in Ireland. And, since there are no more ethnic Irish, English, Germans, etc. left, what then would be the point to calling that fair emerald isle Ireland anymore? Or calling England, England? How unprogressive of you! Embrace the new brotherhood of man! No more borders! Why would you need them? We are so screwed.

  • cadmium

    After they roasted you on a spit…perhaps. But you wouldn’t get citizenship.

  • NM156

    Other Europeans living in Italy for generations don’t refer to themselves as Italian. My Serbian-born Hungarian wife and in-laws don’t refer to themselves as Serbs. It wouldn’t even occur to them. Is this article implying that the minister and immigrants in general want to be accepted as Italian or that they want acceptance as Italian citizens? The CSM may be intentionally duplicitous.

  • trollzforlulz

    “The online vitriol by anonymous bigots was bad enough, but the race hate has been dealt out by prominent politicians too.”

    Oh,boo-hoo-hoo, you mean the mean caucasoids are “hating” on the poor widdle angelic blacks who want to force their “diversity”* (i.e. black nepotism and favoritism) on them?

    How tragic!

    * I put “diversity” in irony quotes every time I write the word now. I’ve noticed a conspicuous lack of “diversity” or calls for it in all-black city councils or in majority black neighborhoods.

    Seems to me that all the “leaders” there are always,surprise,surprise, blacks themselves, and I’ve NEVER heard anyone suggest THEY could benefit from some more “diversity”.

    If “diversity” is “our greatest strength”, then why are blacks and hispanics exempt from it?

    When a town or city is majority white, whoa nelly, their city leadership needs “diversity” stat! When it’s majority black, it’s “proper that the leadership should reflect the population”.

    If whites had stuck by the latter, there wouldn’t be any blacks in government even today, and as long as blacks can say that and get out of “diversity”,there won’t be any white leadership in majority-black cities or neighborhoods either.

    Fvck diversity.

  • trollzforlulz

    Good points, but as we can see quite clearly, whites have no privilege, or they wouldn’t be forced to be hosts to parasites in their own countries.

    Sam Colt didn’t make whites privileged over blacks, he made all people equal. That’s what Americans do. It’s the greatest failure of our culture. Whites should have privilege. How are hispanics or blacks going to run a first world nation without us? They can’t even properly run a 7-11. Even that’s too advanced for them.

    The ones who are responsible for the continuation of welfare state you leech off of should have primacy over you, but that’s not the way it works in white civilizations. We’re too empathetic and humble for our own good. We start out a negotiation by offering a deal that’s good for both parties, not a naked power and wealth grab like blacks,not a bickering backstabbing contest like the Chosen Ones.

    The virtuosity of YT is inconceivable to them,just as their feral savagery is impossible for us to understand.

  • KenelmDigby

    I still find it very hard to believe that Italy has a mass third world immigrant population.
    I fully realise that this is a recent development of no more than 20 years or so, but I still find it very hard to believe, or indeed stomach.
    instinctively, I always thought that there was something in the Italian national character that would have stopped the invasion it its tracks. One could believe that northern European nations, wrapped up in PC nuttiness would do this, but I had the notion that not only Italians were less hidebound by dogma, they were more instinctively attuned to race reality, and were quicker to act on their instincts. I thought it would be hard to sell the Italians a pup. Like other Mediterranean peoples, sooner or later they recognise bullpoopy when they see it, and they will call bullpoopy bullpoopy, basically they are a hard-headed, no-nonsense people who know when they are being scammed.

  • David Brims

    This is how it starts, incrementally, one black politician and then 50 years later, Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin will be majority black cities.

    It’s happening in every European country, why should Italy be any different.

  • Thor Bonham

    I’m an African Italian … What’s the beef ?

    • Morris LeChat

      There is no such thing. The Italians will tell you who they accept as Italian. That is not for you to decide.

    • Luca

      You’re an African who either begged or trespassed (or your parents did) to escape that third-world cesspool continent. Lucky for you, other races are compassionate or stupid.

  • Vaclaw

    Well she is educated in Italy, I didn’t heard they have affirmative action in Italy. So she could be a decent surgeon as far as I know.

    • you want to take that gamble with your eyes???

      • good one Bill, you have a good sense of humour – you made me laugh!

      • Vaclaw

        I would need more information first. If Italians have the same standards for Africans as for the rest, then there would be no reason to assume she is incompetent just because she is African.

    • Nathanwartooth

      If you go to the link you can see a picture of her. She is actually African, not these one drops over here that the majority of intelligent Blacks here are.

      She is either one in a million or there is some sort of affirmative action going on in their schools.

  • Italians need only look to America to see what a “great resource” the negro has been for this country and then they will understand what the negro can do for (and to) their country

  • Token Finn

    They can still be nigaliens.

  • Guest

    Her appointment has exposed the deeply held prejudices of many Italians,
    who insist that a person with black or brown skin can never be
    considered Italian, no matter how long they have lived in the country.

    Neither can a person with black/yellow,red or brown skin be called an AMERICAN. America was created to be an all White nation filled with White peoples ONLY. Too bad so many White Americans have been brainwashed to “think” America was founded for all races…the biggest lie ever told.

    • Anonymous

      So if America is supposed to be filled with White people only, then where do you suggest putting the Native Americans? You can’t deport them to Africa/Asia/Latin America like you can with other minorities.

      • Wayne

        America as a nation, NOT the continent, was truley established, settled and built for Europeans. The various Indian nations were never part of it nor were they meant to be American citizens.

      • Morris LeChat

        Are you IGNORANT of the fact that there are “RESERVATIONS” that are self governing territories for “Indians”. That is where they will go if they refuse to acknowledge that they are 63 /64ths European.

  • Mac

    Many people don’t think a black is human, period!

  • June

    I may be naive plus there aren’t many Italians where I grew up or now live, but I will tell you one thing, I like and respect EVERY Italian I have ever known. They have always been hospitable, generous, fun-loving people. I can never imagine or accept anyone being Italian except people who are from or have ancestors from ITALY! That doe not include anyone transplanted there from elsewhere.

    Italians are a Caucasian people with ancient Mediterranean ancestors who created the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. When I think Italian, I am reminded of Julius Caesar, Dante, Galileo, or Michelangelo…….not someone from the Congo or any place else!

  • no – you would just be effing stupid if you went back to africa! trust me – I am there now!

  • William Allingham

    -“I am black. This is important to say. I emphasize it proudly.”

    Of that remains no doubt, she has been living in Italy for 3 decades, has reached a political position and nevertheless her first project is to change laws in order to have more of her alien tribe. Shes the perfect example of a bad citizen and a living-reaffirmation to all her critics.

    I love Italy, her language, music…her whole culture but after reading this article i admire also her healthy attitude, we need to learn more from that.

    Italia, figlia di Romolo che hai veduto nascere tanti de i nostri grandi eroi oggi ti riaffermo che L’Europa appartiene a la razza bianca e non lasciaremo mai perdere i sogni dei nostri antenati.

  • ricpic

    All of these articles deriding racism never include one word about the daily horrors endured by whites forced into proximity with blacks and browns. It’s no different in Italy than it is here: an increase in the number of blacks and browns is ALWAYS followed by an increase in crime.


    The people of pretty much every white country are becoming more racially aware and more hostile to immigration, except in the English speaking world.

    We need to make conservative Americans more aware of this trend, it will help nudge them in the right direction.

  • me

    If Cecile Kyenge doesn’t want to be exposed to having her ‘feelings hurt’, maybe she should have stayed in her own country of origin and not impose on the Italians–where she is definitely NOT welcome. Just a thought….

  • Italian guy
  • Anonymous

    A black can be an Italian only insofar as he may be a citizen of Italy but he’ll never be an Italian ethnically. They bring Africa and its sociopathy with them where ever they go.