‘Sorcerers’ Beheaded After Three Days of Torture in Papua New Guinea

Agence France-Presse, Telegraph (London), April 8, 2013

Police were present during the killings last week but were outnumbered by an angry mob and could do nothing to prevent the grisly deaths, according to The Post-Courier newspaper.

“We were helpless. We could not do anything,” Bougainville police inspector Herman Birengka told the paper, saying his officers were threatened when they tried to negotiate the women’s release.

According to Insp Birengka, who described the murders as “barbaric and senseless,” the women were taken captive last Tuesday by relatives of a former school teacher who died recently.

“The two women were rounded up and taken to Lopele village after they were suspected of practising sorcery and blamed for the death of the former teacher, who was from Lopele village,” he said.

They were tortured for three days, suffering knife and axe wounds, before being beheaded in front of the police who had been sent to the village to mediate, the report said.

The killings come just days after another report that six women accused of sorcery were tortured with hot irons in an Easter “sacrifice” in the Southern Highlands.

Last month, a woman accused of sorcery was stripped naked and burned to death by a mob, with Amnesty International stepping up calls for an end to sorcery-related violence in Papua New Guinea.

Amnesty has urged the government to stamp out the practice in the Pacific nation where there is a widespread belief in sorcery and where many people do not accept natural causes as an explanation for misfortune and death.

There have been several other cases of witchcraft and cannibalism in PNG in recent years, with a man reportedly found eating his screaming, newborn son during a sorcery initiation ceremony in 2011.

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  • Hunter Morrow

    Every single black country has 10 stories a day like…

    “Warlocks murdered due to penis theft allegations.”
    “Woman transformed into a goat to steal valuables.”

    Can we stop pretending that these people are on an Age of Enlightenment level?
    Without adventurous Whites would they have even doped out an alphabet
    and elementary math?

    • me

      Cue Marlon Brando: “The horror, the horror….”
      But, to the Black man, this is everyday life.

  • Djangotamer

    Can we stop pretending these people are on a Homo Sapiens Sapiens level? I’d bet genetic testing would prove otherwise.

  • Lorin

    Ever time I read a story like this; the phrase “HERE COME THE REFUGEES” starts to run through my mind.

    • NYB

      Fortunately for the Aussies, they are separated from PNG by water, unlike the Mexico – U.S. border.

      • IstvanIN

        Heck, NJ is being flooded with Iraqis and Burmese, and those two countries are on the other side of the world.

        • The__Bobster

          So are Pennsylvania and Iowa. The refugee racket is very profitable for churches and cheap labor employers.


          Burmese Refugees Flood Iowa Town to Fill Tyson Jobs
          By Brenda Walker on May 6, 2013 at 1:21am

          Meatpacking used to be a middle-class job for Americans, illustrated in the 1990 Academy-Award-winning documentary American Dream, which showed Minnesotans fighting to maintain their wages and benefits at Hormel which had cut them despite healthy profits. Companies later discovered that illegal alien foreigners were happy to work for peanuts and wages were lowered accordingly. However, in the years following, occasional spurts of government enforcement proved troublesome, so the meatpackers turned to refugees to take the hazardous, poorly paid jobs. (See the 2008 report, Legal Somalians (“Refugees”) Replace Illegal Mexicans At Swift Plant.)

          The latest influx courtesy of the Refugee Industrial Complex is the importation of Burmese into Iowa, home to many meat processing plants.

      • GM (Australia)

        The Australia/PNG border is in fact in dispute and is presently set at only a few km from mainland PNG. There is surprisingly little even attempted illegal migration to Australia from PNG.

        In the meantime there were possibly up to 4,000 illegal migrants mainly from the ME and Sri Lanka who arrived here in the past last week, mainly carried here by way of unseaworthy boats operated by Indonesian people smugglers. Apparently both Indonesia and Malasia have tens of thousands of would be illegals living beyond squalor in refugee camps, they will risk their life’s savings and their very life just to get here. (Often family in Australia will pay the people smugglers, air fare to Malaysia and fishing boat to an Australian territory)

        Many people here feel that our navy could be and should be doing a LOT more to discourage this trade in human misery.

        • GM (Australia)

          A further comment on the above; tonight our government announced that illegal immigrant family groups presently held in detention will be released into the community on bridging visas.(And get welfare) This must be like putting out the red carpet to people smugglers.

  • Bantu_Education

    These are the same people whom “Professor” Jared Diamond (in Guns, Germs & Steel) described as being “more intelligent than most white people”. He also said it was “odious” to claim that some races are better than others. Needless to say, the book won a Pullitzer Prize and was a huge best-seller.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      The people who are indigenous to Australia, PNG, etc are certainly more acculturated to their environment, but not smarter. Why didn’t a bunch of enterprising Bantus do anything with (present day) South Africa? There was/is plenty of good farm and ranching land and lots of mineral wealth. The same is true of Australia. Look at most of the USA, yes the Indians were here when the white man arrived 400 years ago, but it was the white man who made this land a functioning country.

      Voodoo doesn’t seem to leave these people, even at the highest level. President Obama’s mother in law was practicing Santeria in the White House.

      • Bantu_Education

        South Africa, with the possible exception of Natal (the only densely-populated area when whites arrived) actually has very poor agricultural land when compared with other parts of black Africa. Those Boers who have relocated to other parts of Africa always comment on this. Nevertheless it was and still is the biggest food producer. Strange, isn’t it?

    • Please cite a page and quote for that. I read that book a couple times, it was interesting historical analysis, but I would have found that idea pretty ridiculous.

      • Bantu_Education

        I have a copy of the book but I am far from my home in Cape Town at the moment so I cannot give the page, etc. However the part where he said Papuans (New Guineans, whatever) are more intelligent than whites is in the first few pages, the preface or introduction. If you have “read the book a couple of times” its quite astonishing you didn’t see it. Read the Amazon reviews – a few of them noted this, although most of them are gushingly sycophantic liberals desperate to believe that whites are evil – for that is “Professor” Diamonds message. Did you not see that also???

  • Aspiring rapper

    “They were tortured for three days, suffering knife and axe wounds,
    before being beheaded in front of the police who had been sent to the
    village to mediate, the report said.”

    “Mediate”?! The authorities wanted calm discussions between the screaming murderous mob of savages and the witches to “mediate” a mutually agreeable settlement. LOL!

  • IstvanIN

    This isn’t our problem. They should live their lives their way in their lands and the same for us. Good fences make good neighbors.

    • MikeS

      A sign that would make for very “good” neighbors would read: “Attention non-citizens: You have reached the USA border. If you are foolish enough to proceed beyond this marker, then you will die.”

  • bigone4u

    Here’s another fine group of savages for Christian missionaries to “save” and then sponsor for US citizenship. The last sentence in the story about the man eating his infant son makes good ole regular cannibalism seem downright civilized. If I recall my history correctly, the US was in New Guinea during WWII for military reasons, but it looks like civilized behavior was lost on the natives. But eating your own newborn son isn’t much different from the charnel house of horrors abortion doctor Gosnell ran. Black skin and savagery go together everywhere on the planet.

    • GM (Australia)

      Yes the US was there for military reasons and helped stop the Japanese invading Australia. The natives were generally on the side of the US and Australian troops and often provided a lot of practical help. After the war PNG was administered by Australia with Australian law and currency. This brought a surprising level of general prosperity and law and order and such. It was a great place to work and visit and the streets were surprisingly safe. After independence the place went backwards very fast especially with regard to law and order. But note PNG is a very resource rich country and timber and mining royalties (And Australian aid) keep the country afloat.

  • The__Bobster

    Yes, all races and cultures are equal.


    A U.S. academic has been gang raped in Papua New Guinea by nine armed men who hacked off her blonde hair and left her husband tied naked to a tree.

    The 32-year-old woman, who was conducting research into exotic birds in a remote forest on Karkar Island, was walking along a bush track with her husband and a guide on Friday when they were set upon by the gang armed with knives and rifles

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Thanks to the refugee racket, look forward to seeing these people coming to a town near you!

  • bubo

    The leftist creed has now gone past all cultures are equal to “all cultures are above White.” The noble and highly pious black/native man is THE moral authority on everything.

    • Where do you get the idea that any leftists think that? Fox News? really… I’ve never heard any leftists say anything of the sort.

  • John R

    In other words, blacks in Africa, New Guinea, and uhhh Detroit, are behaving just as blacks have behaved, for thousands of years. What’s new? Oh, yes, what is new is that we can no longer publically admit that it is nothing new.

    • TheAntidote

      The savages of Papua New Guinea are not related to Africans. There may be a superficial resemblance of skin colour, low IQ and perhaps facial features but apart from these—they have nothing in common. As a matter of fact, Papuans become highly offended and agitated if they are lumped together with Negroes.

      • John R

        Not related to Africans? Just similar color, hair texture, facial features, and behavior. Not to mention, they are easily “offended” according to you. Hmmm, if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck…..

      • Nathanwartooth

        East Africans and West Africans, Chinese and Japanese, Italians and French.

        These groups are all alike in many ways yet don’t like when they are thought of as the other group or compared to the other group.

        They are probably a slightly different ethnicity but they are part of the larger category of African (Negroid is now offensive thanks to PC, it’s not Caucasoid, Mongoloid and African).

        • TheAntidote

          @ John and Nathanwartooth: there is also austrailoid. The kinky hair of the African is unique—no other mammal has anything like it. Papuans and Abos do not have kinky, negoid hair. Their haplogroups are not African. Skeletal structure is different.
          Read some physical anthropology.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Only certain Whites possess the gene for red hair, shall we create an entire new group for them as well?

            I don’t really see how you can’t fit them into one of the three main groups when they share so many other similarities to the other African ethnicities.

  • The problem is that the “police” were drawn from the same bunch the mob was. I’d have fired into them until the bolt locked back on an empty magazine and then butt-stroked anyone still standing. Perhaps I’d have changed magazines several times. Use your imagination.

    There are worse things than “witches”.

  • shmo123

    Isn’t Papua New Guinea noted for being one of the most backward, savage places on earth? I mean these people still run around with penis sheaths on, throwing spears at one another. I’m surprised there’s even an attempt at enforcing law in the jungle out there. I’ve read that the capital, Port Moresby is one of the most crime ridden places on the planet– not even fit for tourism.

    • Aspiring rapper

      Yes, it makes Detroit look civilized. ::shutter::

  • Spencer E

    Don’t forget that Celts did these thing to some extent, but that was 2,000 years ago

    • John R

      “To SOME extent, two thousand years ago…” Any more qualifiers?

  • IKantunderstand

    Amnesty International clearly needs a refresher course in cultural relativism. Who the hell are they to sit in judgement of a different and vibrant culture? I’m am shocked, shocked I tell you at their narrow mindedness. Personally, I’m firing off a letter to the Lutherans to step in and bring these poor benighted souls to Minnesota, where they can join in and share their ways and yummy human recipes with everyone. I’m thinking Lake Woebegone would be perfect.

  • What is it going to be? PNG never had de turble legacy ob de slabery. Whites and Japanese also cleared out after we were done fighting there. I will bet anything you like that due to geology, PNG is chock full of precious stones. The groids there probably feel they are being “robbed” when they sell minerals and gems to civilized people who are capable of doing something useful with them.

  • Candid

    Before political Correctness, the same ferocious hatred by juveniles as the Chinese Red Guard was the ballyhooed norm latte down low recycled california east coast flake dufus hominid,
    It was == the Scale of Life, was Savage, Barbarian and Civilized, this was obvious to all.
    Now savages and barbarians pervert the system of laws that protect them.
    Soon come Chaos, when the White Man’s Laws, do not protect the masses.
    Soylent Green and Huichilopothchi are Coming.

  • rebelcelt

    What is these victims were …well…actually Witches? I do not think they could hocus pocus someone to death, but I do think the villagers might fear being offered up as some kind of sacrifice.So they accuse them of something and carry out the sentence asap.

  • Paleoconn

    I like the inclusion of the Easter sacrifice. Christianity at fault again.

  • SlyDeNiro

    Wow. What the hell is in the water over there?!