Exclusive Look at Urban Beach Week Security Measures

CBS Miami, May 21, 2013

Sun, sand, music and heightened security pretty much sums up Memorial Day Weekend on South Beach.

The Miami Beach Police Department is currently preparing for the annual holiday weekend party, commonly referred to as Urban Beach Week, by beefing up security as much as possible.

“Prevention is key,” said Detective Vivian Hernandez.

Prevention takes a lot of planning, which started not long after last year’s festivities ended.

Cameras, both mobile and stationary, have been installed throughout the city. Ready to be deployed throughout the city of Miami Beach are a total of 62 light towers, twelve visual messaging boards and three watch towers.

Roughly 400 officers per shift from multiple agencies will pack the streets of Miami Beach.

In addition to extra bikes and ATVs, the Police Department has a new vehicle on loan referred to as an LTV.

CBS 4 News had the exclusive first look at this 140-thousand dollar light tactical all-terrain vehicle, similar to the ones used in the military.


But instead of war zones overseas, cops will use it to protect the city of Miami Beach, as well as its residents and visitors.


The goal is to avoid chaos, like the incident that occurred two years ago when officers shot and killed a man they claim was driving erratically on Collins Avenue, by preventing it.


Police will use license plate readers on the causeways to quickly scan for stolen vehicles or owners with outstanding felony warrants.

In addition, a massive DUI checkpoint is planned for the MacArthur Causeway heading into the beach on Friday night.


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  • It’s all ok, folks. The costly security measures are an acceptable cost of diversity, and the white taxpayers of Florida do not seem to mind at all.

    • The__Bobster

      It’s part of the black tax, something a lot of our foreign competitors don’t have to pay.

    • me

      Urban beach week…..oh, yeah….giggity! LOL!

    • jambi19

      Actually there is big push back from this in south florida every year. Lots of businesses close up for the weekend and leave.

      • Non Humans

        Dat beez raaaycisss!!

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        • eonic

          Spam !

    • Morris LeChat

      it’s never a good idea to take the ape off the leash.

  • “Prevention.”

    Is that what they’re calling martial law these days?

    Not that Bellcurvius doesn’t deserve it.

    Because…you just can’t cancel Bell Curve Beach Week, that would be too much of an irreparable blow to the Holy Name of Diversity.

    • me

      It’s to protect the local businesses from being looted by ‘flash mobs’ of ‘urban youth’.

  • shmo123

    “Prevention is key,” said Detective Vivian Hernandez.”

    That’s rich. The best prevention would be to keep it from happening at all. Now you have to set up an armored battalions of police, just to keep regular people safe from the people you’re essentially inviting in. You might as well just cordon off a section of Miami Beach, surround it with electric fence and barbed wire, and let the “Urban Beach Week” crowd rob, rape and run riot without police interference. How much is this insanity costing Miami Beach?

    • me

      Or, you could just fill up two dozen cruise ships and drop them off at the coast of their motherlands….

      • Strider73

        Africa is too far. Haiti is just ~600 miles from Miami. Dump them there.

        • ozamataz

          Better yet just sink the boat as soon as the water’s deep enough.

        • rebellisMMXII

          Haiti is too close.

  • Some Guy

    “Prevention is key”, tell that to the brothers.

  • The__Bobster

    Urban Beach Week? LOL! How fitting, since I call Zulus “urbans”.

  • The__Bobster

    Yet libtards refuse to recognize Bellcurvius as a violent (but unfortunately not endangered) species.

    • me

      My friend used to be all about diversity, but then he got mugged, and spent a few months recovering in the hospital…. Now he’s changed, A LOT! I wonder what happened? LOL!

      • a multiracial individual

        Months? Did he get shot?

  • Johnny Clay

    If I owned a business in Miami, I’d board it up and send my employees on vacation. The risks are not worth the extra money one can make during a large event like this one.

    • JG

      That’s what many do. Especially the Asian business owners. Post-UBW there is always a hullabulloo about “racist store closings” etc. It blows over quick.

      • brengunn

        Even if there are other businesses with damage done to their premises or large amounts of theft during UBW?

      • rebelcelt

        can you imagine the shoplifting increase

    • Triarius

      They get sued if the do. Or they do at least during black bike week in SC. Thank the ACLU.

      • Martel

        Is black bike week the official name for this event?
        I would like to check out these aclu threats

        • Triarius

          Ask and you shall receive:


          Also look into the archives here, I know I have read about it here every years for the last 4-5 years.

          • Martel


          • Martel

            Quite a nauseating read lol

          • rebellisMMXII

            I followed some of the source links provided in the wiki article…ended up wandering around the NAACP website…amazing how pathetic their issues and “victories” are. If your interested:

    • Bill

      Blacks aren’t known to be big tippers, or known to go to expensive restaurants, nor known to buy much of anything other than junk food, beer, cheap wine, etc. That would be a good time for most store owners and restaurants to make it a mandatory vacation time for themselves and their employees and just close.

  • JG

    I lived on SoBe for 5 years. Every year this Memorial Day Weekend (aka Black Beach Weekend) gets worse. The hellish stories waitresses would tell me.. Hotels can not kick out patrons b/c the NAACP etc are on stand-by for “civil rights violations” (what white people call “concequences for ones actions”). The city-wide joke is that we all leave for the weekend and let the police sort it out. Thankfully, MBPD is every bit as aggressive as NYPD and the damage is kept as minimal as humanly possible.

    • Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, SC, is just as bad.

    • OlderWoman

      The hotels should try to sue the NAACP. Wishful thinking on my part but they could prevent evidence that blacks destroy everything they touch.

    • Tim

      Do you recall Wolfie`s Deli on 21st and Collins. The Miami Beach I like to remember…

    • me

      That’s when you undercook or overcook the food, mix weak alcoholic drinks, put awful seasonings in the side dishes (like too much salt), have the slowest service you can get away with w/o causing tnb, etc. Blacks don’t tip anyways, so what’s there to lose?

    • rebellisMMXII

      I just cannot get my head around the fact that legally a business must stay open during such a horrible time. Confiscating personal property without just compensation. The fifth amendment to the US Constitution reads in part: “…; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

      • rebellisMMXII

        I don’t see the ‘unless it’s blacks’ part. Really, this should be a clear defense…

  • bigone4u

    All unnecessary in a country that practices civilized behavior, but the bread and circuses attending the death gasp of America will be provided and paid for by the taxes of white families who want nothing to do with the immorality of the beach “party” characterized by public gay and hetero sex, drunkenness, theft, and violence.
    Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing on modern America and its tolerance for vile, disgusting immoral, uncivilized behavior.

  • CBS 4 News had the exclusive first look at this 140-thousand dollar light tactical all-terrain vehicle, similar to the ones used in the military.
    But instead of war zones overseas, cops will use it to protect the city of Miami Beach, as well as its residents and visitors.

    No, CBS4, cops wil use it to patrol an a drunken, drug filled urban war zone.
    Do they do this in Daytona for Bike Week? Do they do it in Sturgis? Do they do it in places white college kids go to for spring break? Do they do it at Amren conferences?

    • me

      No, they don’t. They don’t need to, when it’s a bunch of White folk…

  • JackKrak

    The security/police apparatus has to go where they go.

  • Does anybody know what the name of a black “festival” is in the South where a bunch of men gather to drink and drug and have sex with communal prostitutes in tents? It is fairly well known I think.

    • joesolargenius

      Thats in Alanta anf it’s called freak week or freak something and it is a black thing

      • Nah, that’s not it. It’s in the woods in Arkansas or Alabama or Mississippi I think.

      • Triarius


        • Sloppo

          That word ends with a k?

          • Triarius


    • redfeathers

      Maybe Alabama’s Footwash Festival?

    • Rhialto


  • Licurg Enescu

    You want to “prevent” trouble, it’s easy – Instead of Urban Beach Week, name it The Book Festival, and that’ll ward of the “Oppressed minorities” .

    • If this Book Festival was accompanied free concerts in public parks consisting of Irish harp music, probably some of the local Urban-Americans would move away.

      • Actually they would show up for the “gibs” that would go with.
        White people’s iPads and iPhones.

      • JohnEngelman

        I have an even better idea. They should have free concerts performing classical music.

        • OlderWoman

          Great idea. That would repel them. Anything to repel blacks is find by me. I wish we could find some way to get rid of the ones in my building. They’re disgusting to look at and repulsive to live around. Our front porch in the afternoon is lined with Section 8 NAPA in rocking chairs discussing God knows what.

          • Peach patriot

            I know it’s not really your kind of music but playing slayer, Motörhead, pantera or Metallica at a high volume should probably do the trick and chase them back inside. You could also tell them the building is built on an old Cherokee Indian burial ground and is haunted by evil spirits….they might believe you and move…a dog might be a good idea too.

      • me

        Screw the harp music. You need a festival that features accordion music, hundreds and hundreds of polka bands, blasting away on huge speaker systems. Then, you need to have people dressed in traditional folk garb, with lederhosen and such. You need to serve sauerkraut, weiner schnitzel, and pickled herring. It will work better than garlic does to ward off a vampire….

        • Alexandra1973

          I actually like polka. That sounds like a good time to this half Pollack!

    • Morris LeChat

      call it a “jobs fair” and the place will be a ghost town

  • haroldcrews

    I expect some good footage on World Star Hip Hop.

  • brengunn

    Is this a particularly black festival or is it just popular with blacks? With any festival there are always issues with drunkeness and minor misdemeanors etc. but I can only imagine what it’s like when it’s crowds of urban Americans. In fact, I’ve seen articles on here already about such gatherings and if I were a business owner I’d have to seriously consider shutting up shop for the weekend.

  • APaige

    I wonder which ‘events’ have more problems-those with “Urban” in the title, or “Black College.”

    • It doesn’t matter I don’t think. Bunch of 30 yo thug-dealers will be at either.

    • Morris LeChat

      I’d say that “foon-er-ah” is up there

  • T_Losan

    Why so negative? Think of what diversity can do for us. For example, if war with Iran kicks off, the Chiefs of Staff should consider a government-funded street party in Tehran. Just drop off a few hundred thousand urban-americans and some pallets of cheap fortified beer and a few bales of marijuana, wait a week, and come back to city on its knees, stores looted, infrastructure destroyed, women raped, residents begging for mercy.

    • me

      Weapons of mass destruction…I like it!

  • Charles W.

    Hope all those feral blacks enjoy their party made possible by white taxpayers.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Another great contribution from having vibrant diversity in our midst here in the States. What do blacks contribute to our society again?

    • whiteuncleruckus

      Absolutely nothing. We don’t need them, they need us.

      • White Mom in WDC

        You know, after watching the video of that black Muslim who killed that British soldier, I remember he said ‘ we will never stop fighting you.’ That to me sums up the relationship between the mud people and whites. They will always come after us. It is ingrained in their genetic to try and kill us

        • Triarius

          It is ingrained in their genetics to mooch off of us since they cannot self sustain. It is their interaction with us that makes them want to kill us due to envy and jealousy. You cannot feel very accomplished about sleeping in a hole in the ground after you see a skyscraper.

          • me

            It’s not just the magnificent inventions, the glorious cities, the wonderful culture–it’s our very appearance that sets them off! White people are BEAUTIFUL!

          • Triarius


        • me

          Yup. The hate never ends. But, like spoiled and stupid children, they won’t miss us until we’ve all moved to a separate country, with moats filled with crocodiles and armed guards protecting the borders 24-7. They will look back and wish they would have treated their benefactors with a bit more respect.

          • me

            It’s already happened in several countries in Africa. They wish that the White man would come back, but, like a bad love affair…we never will. Now these same countries are being overrun with the Chinese–the abusive second husband. LOL!

          • White Mom in WDC

            Love it. I read about that in The Radish online. Ha ha ha. The Chinese have been in receipt of lovely African immigrants who are already showing their arces with cries of racism. That pestilence just seems to go wherever people of African descent go. They truly are a despicable species. And yet I see Asian and European white women hooking up with black men and even procreating with them.

          • Sloppo

            I suspect the Chinese will handle the blight race in a much more pragmatic way than we do. The Chinese can be brutal and oppressive against members of their population, but unlike us they usually plan ahead for the survival of their people as a whole. I don’t think they’ll care at all about what the rest of world says when they decide to send Africans back to their homeland and bury the ones who don’t cooperate.

    • Alexandra1973

      Jobs for prison guards and social workers and the like….
      (This was typed tongue-in-cheek.)

  • JohnEngelman

    On Easter Break white college students do a lot of other things in Fort Lauderdale than attend Easter church services. Nevertheless, they do not kill people. They do not loot stores.

    This is what happens when black kids gather for a celebration.


    • itdoesnotmatter

      Depicted in this vid are creatures of the jungle, reminiscent of a hyena chase down.

      Help me out here; what do these non-humans contribute to our civilization?

      • White Mom in WDC

        Just think of all the jobs in law enforcement that are created because of this vermon…..oops…. I forgot race realist white people are the REAL enemies of the State because we speak the truth. The truth is much more damaging!

    • Calvin

      Lancaster PA Police have similar problems with “Amish Buggy Week” ..

    • rebellisMMXII

      Pure Stupid Evil

  • SouthernReality

    Maybe you are thinking about the Crab Festival…. I’m not clear on whether these are the crustaceans or the lice…. http://www.gainesville.com/article/20130429/articles/130429549
    However… “police say witnesses have been tight lipped”…. Ha!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a good way to make communities safer by luring criminals to one area and locking them up? Consider they are scanning for stolen vehicles and felony warrants and have DUI checkpoints.

  • Pesachpatriot

    I’m sure this event will be quiet and I eventful…not…it’s kind of funny how they didn’t need this much security for a big slayer concert at bay front amphitheater three years ago. Hopefully there won’t be any face eating incidents this year.

  • guest

    This article describes the future of America. The only way you can have as much diversity as we are creating here is to have a massive totalitarian surveillance police state.

    Mayor Bloomberg said the same thing. He said the interpretation of the Constitution “will have to change” after the Boston bombing. Actually, no, we need to lose our freedoms not because of the bombing, but because diversity leads to chaos and violence. Unfortunately we can’t discriminate against Chechens or blacks so we need to treat everyone the same way we treat Chechens and blacks and Somalis.

    Now Miami whites will be subjected to the same treatment that blacks need to have to maintain order. The checkpoints and surveillance will be applied equally to whites, even though whites are not the problem.

    The end of Jim Crow means everyone is now treated at the lowest common denominator. Everyone is a bantu in the new land of diversity!

    • me

      Whites will not be subjected to the same treatment….Whites are being attacked at an alarming rate by ‘minority’ groups all across the country–not just in Miami. The police do nothing, because they’re nothing but keystone cop thugs. Heck, the police don’t even have to protect you, according to the ‘Supreme’ Court. The cops are just another revenue-making group for the government.
      What makes me cringe is the gun grabbing attempts by the feds. The government has declared ‘open season’ on Whites. They keep importing deranged, primitive, and hate-filled leeches by the gross, who, in turn, like nothing better than to target their tax-paying benefactors, Western European Americans….and the feds are absolutely twitching to seize our firearms. Same treatment? Not since 1965.

  • libertarian 1234

    The police are gearing up and preparing for crime, violence, chaos and rioting.

    In no other instance do they have to take such precautions as they do when blacks get together in large numbers.

    It reminds me of a military unit preparing for a coming attack.

    • White man’s burden.

      • me

        Atlas shrugs….

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “The Miami Beach Police Department is currently preparing for the annual holiday weekend party, commonly referred to as THUG Beach Week…”

    No matter what they do, the cops can’t win…

    The family of a Boynton Beach man who died in a hail of police gunfire on Miami Beach two years ago over Memorial Day weekend filed a wrongful death suit against Miami Beach and cities whose police officers were involved in shooting.

    The shooting took place around 4 a.m. on May 30th, 2011. Police said Ray Herisse, 22, was driving erratically and tried to hit an officer with his car on a crowded Collins Avenue when they tried to pull him over.

    ‘There was an indication he may have been driving under the influence. But if it is Miami beach’s policy and Hialeah’s policy to execute people in Miami Beach while we have a festival in town for driving under the influence, we are going to have a whole lot of dead tourists here,’ according to Marwan Porter who is representing Herisse’s mother, Marceline Azor.

    miami.cbslocal.com …


    • me

      “He was a good boy….(of twenty seven)….he din’ do nuffin’…..sniff, sniff….he was tryin’ to be a rapper…..sniff, sniff….gibs me my money!

      • bayouboy

        “He ain’t nevas been caught doins nuffins befo”

  • On reading several articles on this event, it seems pretty well-planned for the sole purpose of circumventing many normal legal methods for shutting down the event. It’s very loosely organized so there’s no leader to target, and from what it sounds it’s nothing more than a massive traditional week-long flashmob. It’s a shame for all the normal rap-hating people the whole city has to be effectively shut down and monitored like a prison camp.

  • they have body scanners that can spot a gun. I hope everyone is carrying the CCW permit.
    Tee Hee

  • evilsandmich

    Eh, I don’t feel too bad for them. It’s “Urban Beach Week” every week in Cleveland, at least the east side. Maybe the Miami police could use the same strategy that they do here (and apparently in Chicago): let them shoot each other up overnight and then clean the bodies out in the morning.

    • bayouboy

      It still won’t work, like in New Orleans; you keep wondering when they are going to finally run out of bruthers to kill, but more just keep popping up.

      • evilsandmich

        You’d think that, but I know that Steve Sailer has commented that ‘marriage issues’ in the black community are compounded by the fact that so many black men are dead/in prison/[hooking up with fat ugly white women]. As a percent of the population they dropped a whole percent between 2000 and 2010; gaining in shear numbers I’m sure, but not even close to enough to keep up with the border jumpers.

  • Earl Turner

    Look out Miami! Here comes Hurricane Diversity!

  • Marc B.

    This is another furthering of the police state that will be used to turn lawful White citizens into subjects in the future, just like what they did in Newton, MA to track down one suspect. They always beta test this stuff on the most criminally inclined populations. Bringing in large numbers of officers from other areas would have been sufficient. I was in the area earlier this Spring and it’s a very nice place to visit the other 51 weekends a year.

  • pcmustgo

    I was in MIami during that super bowl play-off years ago…. Blacks from New Orleans flooded in… they mostly got in fights with each other… jumping out of cars to threaten and taunt each other and fight for no reason… lots of souped up cars… Some white guy had to remind them we’re not here to fight , we’re here to have fun… typical

    • pcmustgo

      I wasn’t there for the super bowl, just happened to be there during that period.

      I NEVER watch sports. Could care less.


    Let them kill each other, give Law Enforcement a paid three day weekend……

  • Alexandra1973

    Blacks are such a handy excuse to have martial law and a police state.
    No wonder TPTB don’t want to ship them back.
    I recall hearing that after Katrina New Orleans was under martial law. They tried to deny it…but anytime you have the military doing domestic law enforcement, that’s what it is. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck….
    We’re being conditioned.

    • thetruth694

      You should go to Urban Week and see why they do what they do. It’s not a pleasant experience.

  • thetruth694

    Urban Beach Week: AKA Locals Flee Week

    • Morris LeChat

      it’s a coon-vention

  • Really appreciate the efforts of the police department, it is true that prevention take a lot of planning and hard work, 400 officers will be enough for that.