White Student Union to Start Patrolling Effort to Fight Black-on-White Crime

David Mattingly, CNN, April 1, 2013

An all-white student organization is creating controversy on the campus of Towson University in Maryland.

This week, the group will begin patrolling campus in an effort to cut down on what they say is a growing problem of black-on-white crime.
But do the numbers add up?


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  • I would also suggest that none of the members of the WSU ever travel alone. Some “racialist” is going to try something, say the word that must never be spoken by a white person was used, and then attack the WSU member “with cause”.

    • prettycelticwarrior

      I agree with you and suggest they film everything!

      • libertarian 1234

        That is an excellent idea….and refuse to do the interview unless you could have someone taping it, then post their version and your version on youtube for the world to see how they distort things.

    • Jss

      I was thinking something more along of the lines of some “skin heads” and nazis” are going to show up on campus and stage some trouble to discredit the student union. Maybe even some “klan members” after they get done with their Jerry springer slot.

      I agree the WSU members need to travel in packs for safety but any physical attacks will be counter productive to discrediting them. Sure the media will say the WSU provoked it and diversity could literally try to shoot them and the media would call it a “brawl”.

      But I think simply staging events with hired “klansmen” and “nazis” fits the establishments usual m.o.

      • RisingReich

        Klansmen and Nazis – you must mean FBI plants and informants.

        • anonymous

          They were even infiltrating the KKK back in the old days, too. It’s nothing new.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      I was just thinking that as well. They are in a very black metro area (Baltimore). You can bet a lot of black thugs would love to go after him and his crew. The sad part is that if this happens, white liberals will rejoice saying “the racist got what he deserved!”.

  • Felix_M

    God on ya’, Matt. Speak the truth. We’re listening.

  • Easyrhino1

    I don’t see how any of his actions promote “White supremacy” any more than the NAACP or the Congressional Black Caucus promotes black supremacy.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I love how the interviewer mentioned a low crime rate…but conveniently left out WHAT RACE was committing those crimes. Even in areas with low crime rates and a low black population, blacks are still the ones committing the crimes. Matt let him get away with that one and I wouldn’t have. I also wouldn’t have let him get away with conveniently breezing over the national crime scene instead focusing on the campus. I would have said that young black males as defined as black males from 15-30 only make up about 5% of the US population, yet account for 50% of all violent crime. That’s 10x the expected rate given the population. Of course this is left out. I commend Matt for sticking up for white women, as black men’s aggressive tendencies around them has become very common.

    In undergrad I noticed a white girl sitting in our lounge. She was really drunk after coming back from a bar and close to passing out. 2 black guys noticed this, came over and starting saying to each other “yo, should we G her?”. Knowing what that meant being pretty street savvy, I got between them, carried her to her room and locked her door for her. I essentially saved a black on white rape. These guys are total predators. Maybe Chris Hansen should do an expose on these guys instead of singling out older white men.

    Another situation in undergrad was also in the lounge. These 2 black guys were walking to the elevator and noticed a group of white girls sitting on the couch. They yelled “white bitches!” not in a derogatory way but in a way that suggested they were making sexual advancements. I have also been to college bars where black drug dealers come to try and take advantage of stupid white girls from the suburbs (usually liberal) who are drunk and defenseless. I have had to intervene a few times and tell them to stay away from the thugs.

    Finally, my last mini story…I was in a cab with some friends and some girls on the way back from a bar. He made the first stop and one white girl went to get out until she realized she didn’t have her camera. She asked the driver nicely to help look for it and he literally said “shut up and get out…this is your stop”. As a white guy totally fed up with this behavior all the time, I spoke up and said “why can’t you just help her look for it?”. He looked back at me with fiery eyes and said “was I talkin to you?” with a few expletives. Just then I noticed a pink camera under the driver’s seat. I reached for it, asked her if that was her camera to which she said yes and was very grateful and thanked me. She left to go home, and the black driver was furious that I had blown up his attempt to steal her camera. He stopped the van and demanded that I get out so he could fight me with people still inside. I have no doubt this thug had a knife or a gun on him and being a 5’10 200 lb guy seeing as he was about 6’2 300 lbs of fat I didn’t want to bother. I stayed in the van, called the cops and he let me out and drove away. I nearly lost my life saving another white girl from a black beast. To this day it was worth it.

    • dmxinc

      Your stories point out the pathetic situation in our country today.

      It used to be we would put our lives on the line to keep foreigners out (think of the Gates of Vienna or Charles Martel) and thereby protect our women. Now, the enemy is inside the gates. How do you really go about protecting that which you love? Especially when many time they are too foolish to even want that protection?

      I can tell you, fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq or Vietnam was not protecting our culture or our women.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        The worst part is that many white women are totally clueless to the dangers around them. If you try to tell them to avoid black guys they think you are just jealous or racist since almost every white girl between the ages 18-25 is a liberal. They are all into the whole “peace and love” BS…they all want to be hippies. Anyway, it’s almost like I have to play the role of their fathers for them. Forgive them because they know not what they do sort of thing. Seeing this constant black on white sexual harassment makes me sick.

        You never see white men doing this stuff to black girls. I remember thinking to myself “this is why as a white man I do not want to have a daughter to send to college”. College is the place where black thugs from inner cities across America fall through the cracks via affirmative action and sports scholarships and mix in with the upper class whites who actually got in the school the real way. Many people wrongly and ignorantly assume “oh, those aren’t black thugs going there…that school is way too good to let thugs in”…think again!

        The indoctrination of “white girls are sex toys for black men” is very common if you pay attention to the media. Do you ever watch ESPN? Look at all the ESPN shows…there is ALWAYS a sexy white woman with blonde hair surrounded by big black men as the anchors. Funny how there is never an attractive black woman as a host between 2 huge white guys on TV. The media wants to say “black men are big studs that can please white women better than white men” and “white men are emasculated dorks who can’t handle or please their own women or black women”. It’s disgusting but it’s happening.

        • dmxinc

          You are correct on all counts. You’ve got it figured out. What to do about it?

          I’ve been fighting this culture war (including illegal immigration) for over 25 years, but I can’t say it has been a successful fight.

          I pray this ends better than most of us can imagine at this point. It did for Europe against Islam in the 1600’s. Maybe our descendents will fare better, but I’d like to be part of the change myself.

          • LastBastionOfHope

            It’s a major issue that is too controversial for the MSM to address. I just thought of another example…has anyone here ever seen the show “Chelsea Lately”? She is a middle-aged white woman who has mostly rappers and black actors on her show and 50% of the show is just sexual tension between her and the black guest. She routinely talks about how much she loves black guys. Guess who her audience is? 18-30 yr old white girls. They see this, idolize her and think it’s “cool” to like black guys. The cycle continues. Imagine a black female talkshow host ranting about how much she loves white men?

            Then white men come on the show, there is sexual tension between them, and the audience is all young black girls who idolize her. There is a clear agenda to make white girls think that black men are the manliest men and best lovers. The funny part (if there is one) in all of this is I have talked to some black guys who were upset because white girls they have been with had these huge expectations in bed that were never fulfilled. White girls expect all black men to be hung and sex gods. Thank the mainstream media, movies like “white girls” and shows like “Chelsea Lately”.

          • dmxinc

            To me, it is sad that those white girls are even considering going that route.

            Who raised them? Thankfully, my daughters have not chosen unwisely.

          • RisingReich

            Who raised them? MTV, BET, WE, E! and CNN.

          • liberalsuck

            I can’t stand Chelsea and I don’t care if she is pretty. She gives off this vibe that makes me want to slap here. I couldn’t picture being on a date with her. Whites like her have a deep-seated, psychological issue. I’ve never met a normal white woman who had anything to do with black guys and I’m speaking from personal experience, too. The only white girls I’ve seen with black males were liberal or trashy or fat or just looking to piss people off.

          • LastBastionOfHope

            Agreed…same here. Also if I recall correctly, Chelsea’s father was “racist” against black men. That’s a very common thread in this black guy fantasy for white women. It’s the forbidden fruit. The “don’t open that box” kind of thing. It makes them curious. They want to rebel. I know a white girl who grew up the same exact way. Of course she is also a solid 250 lbs of fat, cut her hair short, and makes me want to throw up just looking at her.

          • Daisy

            Maybe it’s the obnoxious sexism of white men that makes young white women imagine that black men might somehow be better, more respectful, less arrogant, etc. It’s a fantasy but possibly one borne out of the problems between white men and white women.

          • Whites Only

            Pretty really ? That near 40 year old is nothing but your typical fake blonde, half-jewish liberal bimbo trying to pass for an all-American girl like most of these phonies from Hollyweird. It’s always the same suspect with the same agenda…

          • rebelcelt

            or just low self esteem

          • Keefer

            It would kill me if she were my daughter. Life is too important and precious to throw it away for a roll in the hay with a Bantu. After the insanity wears off then what? Your reputation is ruined, STDs, can’t get rid of him, stalking, perhaps murder, what insanity. You ladies are only going to find true fulfillment with “the ones what brung ya,” ie your own men.

            Sadly, some women learn this all too late.

          • Athling

            The famous Minnesota twin study presented here at AmRen previously was a fascinating look into how the genetics of identical twins affected their behavior even when reared apart.

            One conclusion I drew from the study was that the more closely two people are genetically related to each other the more similar they are in nearly every aspect of their lives.

            Identical twins reared completely apart were often able to complete each other’s sentences, married very similar spouces (sometimes they even had the same first names), liked the same types of movies, had the same favorite ice cream, drove the same types of cars, and on and on.

            In terms of compatibility one could say they were perfectly compatible with each other.

            It should be common sense then that in relationships between men and women the degree of genetic relatedness would be an important factor in their compatibility. Variation within one’s racial subgroup would be fine but to cross racial boundaries in which the degree of genetic relatedness is as remote as possible, as is the case of black/white unions, must result in significant incompatibilities — socially, emotionally, and physically.

            It is interesting to note that white women who give birth to mulatto children are more closely related to some random white person taken off the street than they are to their own Bantu hybrid child.

            This is merely one aspect of black/white miscegenation, excluding the cultural, societal, and moral consequences of these relationships.

          • Nate Miller

            Chelsea looks like the better looking liberal twin sister of conservative personality Laura Ingraham.

          • IstvanIN

            Chelsea isn’t really white and not on our side.

          • Jefferson

            Chelsea Handler looks Whiter than Marco Rubio, that’s for damn sure. Because Chelsea Handler has a more Northern European looking phenotype Marco Rubio. The closer you look to Northern Europeans in phenotype, the Whiter you are.

          • Cape to Cairo

            You hit upon something that’s been in the back of my mind. Maybe, just maybe, the constant “black male endowment” story line will eventually be found out to be the myth that it may be and it will backfire on the multi cult, ant-white puppeteers and result in a huge defection by white women. A secondary thought is that perhaps that’s why black men act out at a relatively greater rate of violence because they know they aren’t what the perverted media make them out to be.

          • Pelayo

            It’s disenchanting to think that White women’s choice of men is a result of the myth/ reality of the size of their dicks. Perhaps they should consider the possiblity that their organs were meant for the penetration of something larger than a human vagina.
            If that’s the only reason for them, despite the absence of real love and tenderness, being attracted to a group from which even a reasonably good looking male by Afro standards can’t hold a candle to a good looking White male, then maybe they should consider a battery operated device that comes in several sizes which, if used along with a creative imagination, should be the solution to their problems. No pregnancy, no stalking, no messed up kids.

          • Not Politcally Correct

            According to the late J. Phillipe Rushton, Black and Hispanic men, on average, have larger penises than White men.

          • anarchyst

            It’s has been stated by some that from a psysiological standpoint, blacks may have larger “members” when flaccid, but do not “grow” as much when aroused. Not “first-hand” knowledge, but what is in medical texts.

          • You don’t want to make that comment pertaining to blacks in some quarters. Their retort will be, “That’s because we bred ’em that way.”

          • guest

            Well Oprah is crazy about Tom Cruise and John Revolta, lol

          • Andrew

            You actually had conversations with Black guys about their sexual activity with White girls and they told you that they were inadequate in bed? Yeah right.

            This story sounds fake.

          • Stage 1 of revolutions

            It ends well, because there is a God, and he does not want barbarism to rule His world. Barbarians and savages have attempted over and over to rule Christendom…….but is always beaten back.

        • RisingReich

          Gees – have you SEEN the common black ‘woman’ – what White man with his eyes and ears open would be interested in THAT?

          • Jonathan

            Actually, I was at a conference in Washington D.C last week. I was staying at one of the luxury hotels downtown. I saw a very attractive White man and very good looking Black women walking together holding hands. In fact, I saw at least five White male/Black female couples during my 3 day stay in Washington D.C.

          • Pat

            There are a fair amount on WM/BF couples in the city where I live as well. The women tend to be at least average (in many cases above average) in looks. The men are usually handsome or sexy and in pretty good or very good shape.

          • François


          • François

            Let me be honest, here: the only black women I find “very good looking”as you say, are the ones who obviously have at least some amount of white blood. I’m thinking of women like Vanessa L. Williams and Sheila E., for example.

          • Disgusted

            Kerry Washington and ‘Scandal’ Co-Star Grace EW Cover

            This is the current cover of Entertainment Weekly. This made me so mad! Look at this Black woman with her head pressed against a White man with his shirt open!

            This is the nest sick, twisted agenda of sicko Hollywood anti-White liberals!

          • Disgusted


            Here is the disgusting article and picture!

          • How about the new Progressive Insurance ad? The negro is the responsible, safe driver while most of the ratesuckers are White. This demeaning portrayal of the White Man is present in at least 60% of commercials.

          • I’m sure glad White Rights and White Survival groups are coming out of the woodwork. I try to tell some of my whitebread neighbors about what’s being engineered, how White American Gentile Men are being marginalized in ads, TV shows, movies, music, education, and the workplace, and they’re like, “I don’t care. I’ve got a good job.” They’d better hope they can keep that job the rest of their lives because they won’t be getting another one. That’s the White Man’s main problem, the inability to stick together like blacks, mexicans, and jews do.

        • sarah3723

          Strong, smart women will survive. Stupid, weak women will die. You can’t waste time trying to fix stupid, just cut them loose. By the way, women are allowed to conceal carry these days. There is no need for men to risk their lives protecting idiots who won’t protect themselves.

          • liberalsuck

            I agree. I’m not waking up white liberals anymore. If they are young and open to hear what I have to say, fine. But other than that? Forget it. It’s not my job to save the world. If they ask my opinion on racial issues I will tell them, “I’ll give you my opinion, however, you won’t like it, but I’m not asking you to like it, but I do demand you be civilized and respect what I say.”

        • anonymous

          I was in the Midwest this weekend stopping by at a diner on the interstate. I was repulsed to see a black guy with a white girl, but then I look a table over and see another black man/white woman. All young ladies. What is this trend lately with more young white females with black guys? I am even seeing more young white females with a mulatto baby or more whites with some black kid. This was unspeakable everywhere in the US, but especially in the Midwest and South of all places. I’m thinking, “Am I the only one here who has a problem with this?”

          • François

            I have a major problem with it.It should be illegal!

          • LastBastionOfHope

            You are not the only one. There is no reason for a white woman to want a black man. There are tons of good white men who won’t leave you with your baby, who will actually help raise the kids, who won’t deal drugs, and who won’t beat you. I really think the media has made it stylish to be a white girl with a black guy. The whole “swag” lifestyle of black men appeals to white girls.

            Tons of rap songs make odes to white girls…some even are titled “white girls”. So when white girls are at clubs and they hear that part they go nuts…it’s like they get famous. In Kanye West’s song “Gold Digger” he says “And when he get home he leave your a** for a white girl”. Every time that comes on white girls sing it loud and proud. Young white women today are attention craving. When they hear “white girl” in a song they love it. More white girls are in black rapper’s music videos, on ESPN like I said before all you see are huge black men with sexy little white women in mini skirts, 50 cent trying to kiss Erin Andrews at a Nascar event, Gisele Buichden Tom Brady’s wife did a photo shoot essentially depicting her being raped and dominated by black men. Then you have Chelsea Lately like I said pushing the black love machine stereotype further. Young women also don’t have standards anymore. All of these things draw them to black thug men.

          • guest

            Thank goodness i’m gay and don’t have kids to have to worry about this kind of stuff! (Yes, there are gay conservatives too).

          • Whites Only

            Nice oxymoron, but there’s nothing “conservative” about being openly gay. You’re as useless to the preservation of the White race as straight Whites who openly procreate with non-Whites. Nobody cares about what you do in the bedroom, especially here.

            We just can’t be left alone anywhere…

          • guest

            So what group would you put whites in who are unable to have kids….are they useless also?. Well, better to have my vote for the movement, than not, i would imagine.

          • Daisy

            It’s easy for white lesbians to have white kids.

          • François

            I think it is better for them to have white kids, and raise them, rather than adopt babies of color, and spend the time, money, and and other ressources, to raise them.

          • PatrickPA

            Why can’t you get your head out of your ass and forget the fact that the “guest” is gay? He is on our side who cares what his orientation is? Being so ignorant just prevents many people from listening to the educated arguments many of us have about race realism.

          • saxonsun

            I am a gay woman who completely loves my race. We are born gay as you are born straight–nothing will change the facts. Thanks for speaking up for us. If there were more people like you, we wouldn’t be forced into the enemy camp.

          • PennsylvaniaRealist

            Exactly my point, by including all people that think like us, leaving out the religious zealots , we can combine forces that much quicker.

          • White and Proud

            Gay Whites by their very sexual orientation are anathema to our movement. They are not are allies no matter what the few of them who post on this board say.

          • guest

            Really, when was the last time anyone had to move out of their neighborhood because some gays moved nearby? White is white when we are for the movement.

          • whiteuncleruckus

            I think you are being a little too harsh. While I myself do not support homosexulality, I believe gay Whites should be accepted here. They, most likely, have been victims of black violence at some points in their lives. I have met gay Whites who openly dislike blacks. I care more about gay Whites than I do about straight blacks, that’s for damn sure. Whatever issues we have with each other, we need to set those aside for the sake of the our race.

          • Pelayo

            Gay men are being attacked frequently in the Castro district of San Franfreako. I’m pretty sure I read about it right here on AMREN. The article stated that Gay men were arming themselves with baseball bats and traveling in groups. One hopes that their batting average is at least in the upper .300s.

          • saxonsun

            I have been the victim of black violence but I never backed down.

          • Luis

            Don’t know if you like guns or not, but there’s a group known as the Pink Pistols, comprised of pro-Second Amendment gays and lesbians. You might wan to check them out.

          • Pelayo

            Whatever issues we have with each other, we need to set those aside for the sake of the our race.
            I tell my friends of the Hewbrew persuasion that if they happen to be the chosen targets for murder, rape or a beat down by Blacks, telling them that they are Jews is not going to save them. So far as the Mau Mau are concerned they’re just crackuhs.

          • Pelayo

            Hewbrew was not deliberate. 86 the first “w”. I’ve got to calm down before I type.

          • François

            Perhaps the members of that community, are beginning to regret having pushed a lot for the end of segregation and civil rights for Blacks, among other things, huh?

          • PesachPatriot

            I realized that when I first started working in the hood…aspiring rappers and athletes have no idea how to differentiate between subsets of whitish looking peoples…they would be very hard pressed to tell the difference between a red haired celtic person or a blonde haired scandinavian or an italian from a greek….they also can’t tell saltines from matzah….orthodox jews in black hats look pretty much exactly the same as the amish to the urban menace. I would be impressed if half of the most famous real rappers in america who tour over there could locate and correctly spell a single european country on a blank map of the continent…..for what its worth francois i’m really sorry about it even though I wasn’t born yet when all that happened. It probably would have happened anyway though….lots of gentile white hippies were pretty big on civil rights….most people of the time probably didn’t think it would turn into flash mobs and babies being shot in the face.

          • Ted

            I have met gay Whites who openly dislike blacks.

            I have met a number who have Black partners and are some of the biggest supporters of Blacks. This category is probably more numerous.

          • Conservative is conservative. Lets value every voting conservative.

          • Pelayo

            Stay away from Black Guys too. Being gay doesn’t neutralize their Mau Mau instincts.

          • Anon

            Make it clear. There is no way back for them.

          • Paleoconn

            Lindsay Vonn dating Tiger Woods ended my admiration for her.

          • bigone4u

            In Texas there are also many pairings with those that Bobster calls squat monsters.

          • Daisy

            You’d be shocked at how often some midget hispanic guy who’s like 5’2″ max tells me once I have a spanish man I’ll never go back to white guys. I’m 5’8″.

          • François

            Do you laugh at them, when they come on to you like that? A little humiliation might teach them something.

          • rebelcelt

            A lot of it is the overt sexual aggressiveness of the black male. Young white women are aggressively pursued by many black men and to keep from feeling like a racists they eventually give into them. Then get pregnant and bam where is he?
            There are few young white women at my work and a lot of blacks. The few pretty white girls all have a white guy that they are with a lot. It gives them the ability to say they are with a guy and not available to the hundreds of b/m’s that pursue them.

          • LastBastionOfHope

            That’s exactly what happens. I have seen it with my own eyes. At clubs a ghetto black guy will go up to a white girl trying to grind up on her. She will resist, say sorry no thanks. Then the black guy will say something to the tune of “it’s because I’m black ain’t it!” even in a joking tone. This makes the white girl laugh, and say “noooo! I’m not racist!” and will warrant a giggle. From there, it’s flirting and sexual tension with the forbidden fruit. White girls are way too easy these days.

            Black thugs eventually get them to go home with them, and then they tell their black thug buddies. This is where the cycle continues, because white girls get the reputation for being easy so it makes black men more aggressive in pursuing them. I can understand a gold digging white girl going for a rich black athlete or CEO, but for the life of me I cannot understand middle to upper class college educated white girls giving in to black thugs off the street.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            Your more liberal than I am. I don’t think that our women should consort with any Mau Mau. They’re all the same when it comes to impulses and eventually those impulses come out; many times with fatal results for the White or Black Woman. Orenthal James Simpson was a “rich athlete”.

          • Peter

            This is a common narrative that many White me will employ to soften the blow to their egos. The fact is that the vast majority of White women who date or have sex with Black men do so willingly. It is an unpleasant truth.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            NO you aren’t. I have a problem with it as well. Sometimes it’s all I can do to contain myself. But I do. My wife advises me no to have a stroke over it since I can’t change things.

            White women are and have been, the principle targets of the “agenda” .Notice that White women are not marginalized, ridiculed and branded as racist as are White men. They are portrayed as the luscious fruit, the prize to which Black men should have been entitled all these years. Notice the pairing of Kelly Ripa with Michael Strahan (Sp? Who gives a damn). When I saw that photo of them head to head, I was ready to write to Regis begging him to come back to the show.

            I’m not particularly worried about Kelly. I’m sure that she’s perfectly content with her usband Marc and her good looking kids. She’s just one example. If I were a single guy today, I’d be very cautious about my dating habits. I’d see a group of beautiful young White women out for an evening and I’d be wondering how many of them have been down with Blacks. Young guys, while your chatting with them ask them questions which might help you mine some information pertinent to their race preferences.

            There was a case in PBC Florida last week where a White naval veteran came home after three years in the Pacific and apparently his girlfriend had been with a Mau Mau had a baby by him. The Mau Mau went to her house and found the sailor visiting her. He stabbed both of them; killing the sailor and adminsterig non- life threatening stab wounds to the woman. The Mau MAu ran to the beach into the ocean where he stood out in the surf with the knife threatening to stab himself. He had already suffered a cut while he was butchering his victims in the some. It took quite some time for the SWAT team to talk him in. I couldn’t help think what justice it would be had the thousands of Reef and Black tip sharks still been in the water as they were two weeks previously. He was already bleeding. It would have been a definite “There IS a God” moment. Now there will be another costly, protracted murder trial when, absent the Sharks, the police could have convinced him to finish himself off right there in the surf.

          • Nate Miller

            Have white women gone nuts nowadays? I bet Kelly & Michael have done the deed before.

            Michael Strahan (big black man) an Kelly Ripa ( petite beautiful blonde):


          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            I don’t think so. The network chose him and Kelly either agrees or loses her job.

          • Nate Miller

            Seems unlikely, Kelly seems to have her hands all over that big black man and she always seem to cosy up to that man. If she truly had no interest in him, she would’nt behave in that manner. I’ve seen clips where she is practically enticing him physically. I she that sexually desperate, that her best option is a big muscular black brute?

          • François

            … or perhaps they could have shot him? That would have been nice.

          • MBlanc46

            It’s certainly not unspeakable anymore. Like homosexuality, it’s been normalized.

        • sparky64ya

          “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial
          tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for
          centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of
          the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming
          the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites
          a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes
          to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world
          of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to
          intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our
          A Racial Program for the 20th Century

          • Unperson

            When was that written? And where online might we be able to read the whole thing?

          • sparky64ya
          • sparky64ya

            Supposedly in 1913 by Israel Cohen. Wiki will tell you it is an anti-Semitic hoax. Rep. Thomas Abernathy put it into congressional record in 1957. Things have unfolded just as the plan was written. Maybe it wasn’t Cohen, but the coincidences are too real.

        • It’s becoming more and more common to see on television. There are still so many blind people out there that it’s hard to imagine ever breaking it until who knows when. But people are waking up. Mr. Heimbach is a good case in point.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          Just look at the commercials where there is either a subtle or a quite blatant pairing of White women wiht Black “males”. White males are more and more being characterized as stupid or effeminate or idiotic or a combination of all of the three.

          Heimbach is spot on. It doesn’t matter that the crime is down to the single digits. That could be a result of the intense winter weather that we’ve been experiencing. What matters is the nature of the crime vis a vis the identities of the perpetrator and of the victim. Notice that the little “pendejo” who was interviewing Mr. Heimbach was anything but fair and balanced.

          As for the Anti- Defamation League and the SPLC I consider them to be subversive entities who should be before a Senate Committee.
          RIP Sen. Joseph McCarthy. In my humble opinion, everything that has transpired in the last 50 years is a complete testament to the righteousness of the late Senators accusations as well as everything Gov. George Wallace had to say.

          I think Heimbach made a mistake with the “Stars and Bars” display. It was like handing his enemies a box of grenades to hurl at him. As a “yankee” I totally honor the Confederate flag but it was bad timing on Heimbach’s part vis a vis the reaction of the brainwashed, brain dead segment of the White population and their Progressive puppeteers.
          How in the name of GOD can people still be taken in given the absolute atrocities being perpetrated against innocent non-Blacks every day and at all hours and everywhere where Mau Mau are.

        • Bobby

          Much of it is the fault of their stupid and unaware parents. Believe me, I’ve seen it. They will buy the rap videos for their teens. These people will simply learn the very, very, hard way.

    • newscomments70

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. You are courageous and you’re a patriot. Your story is a reminder to all of us that we should arm ourselves. It is infuriating that the liberal media either blacks out these stories or creates fiction that reverses the races. I believe that their dam if ignorance is breaking, and the internet will allow our collective rage to explode.

    • Luca

      Geez, that cab driver would be about half a foot taller than me and almost twice my weight. It would not be a good day for me as the scales are decidedly in his favor. However, I am eternally grateful to Samuel Colt for helping to balance those scales in a life and death struggle for self-defense. Cock, aim, exhale, squeeze. Repeat as often as necessary.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Thank you, on behalf of all white women. I’m glad to see that despite the abuse and degradation white men get from white feminists, there are still honorable white men willing to protect white women.

      • Liberalsuck

        If I saw any thug of any race harming any white female (or any female of any race to be honest) I wouldn’t tolerate it. I would no more tolerate seeing a black guy harassing a white female than I would see a black thug harass a clean-cut black female either.

        • rebelcelt

          Careful, if some black is physically/verbally abusing his white woman let them be…she chose the treatment. Not only that, she will back him in the fight, altercation, argument. Maybe she will get out of the situation on her own before bearing any children. Also, remember she likely is hooked on drugs and the black is her supplier.

    • François

      My friend, you are a hero!
      And you are right: they are beasts!

    • Reverend Bacon

      I appreciate your post, but your math underestimates the problem. If 5% of the population commits 50% of the crimes, and hence the other 95% commits the other 50%, then that 5% commits 19 times as many crimes, per capita, as the other 95%. Not 10 times, as you stated.

    • Steven Bannister

      “I love how the interviewer mentioned a low crime rate..”

      More specifically, he said crime has been “going down steadily since 1995.” Ok, well let’s think about that for a minute. 1995 was an extremely violent time, the height of the black crack epidemic so, yes, I’m not surprised that the numbers would steadily “go down” from this extremely high benchmark.

      Secondly, the narrator says “In spite of his claims, Townsend is the safest of all Maryland public universities”

      Well, that’s not saying much! After all, Maryland can be a dangerous place in general (compared to other parts of the country) – and by limiting the statement to PUBLIC universities, we have a very easy bar to reach. Yes, it probably IS true that Townsend is the “safest of all Maryland public universities” but that DOESN’T necessarily mean it’s safe – it could simply mean that OTHER public universities in Maryland are quite dangerous!

      Further, Heimbach never claimed that Townsend in particular was more dangerous than other colleges so use of the phrase “in spite of his claims” is unfair. Heimbach simply feels that ANY violence on campus is too much and I agree with him.

      Whenever there’s a story about white advocates, we’ve got to be keenly aware of the linguistic games the scriptwriters play and call them on it every chance we get.

      • Luca

        There are talkers and doers in this world. The talkers are very good at their craft. Matthew Heimbach is a doer and should have had someone there to debate this fool, however, CNN has the last word in the editing room.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Good for you. Just remember the reporter has the power of the edit, so they can control the situation. Heimbach did fine all things considered.

    • KenelmDigby

      If he was a licensed cabbie, you should have phoned the licensing office and reported his attempted theft.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        I actually tried to…when I was calling the cops I dialed 9-1-1 and he stopped the van and just gave up letting me out and driving off. I tried for weeks to get information on who he was from other black cab drivers but as street smart people know, there is a no-snitching policy in the hood. No one would talk even ones that claimed to know him, so nothing was done. In colleges across America, the cab drivers are almost exclusively minorities from Jamaica, Africa, as well as black Americans from the ghetto. Please tell your daughters to avoid them if you have one in college or close in age. At the very least make sure she has some good white men by her side.

    • cadmium

      But why is it common for white girls to be wasted in lounges? Why do they want to spend time in places where they’re being dry-humped by males of any race? Why are they taking part in photo shoots simulating being ”raped” by black men as you mentioned?

      The truth is whites created a trash culture and ALSO have to take responsibility for the problems you outline.
      I guarantee you in other eras this female behaviour would be very rare and there would be far less opportunity for white girl exploitation by any race, including blacks.
      These days white women put themselves at risk and make themselves easy targets.
      This culture we see is a culture created and supported by whites. We cannot blame other races for it. They didn’t design it, they just capitalise.

      Plenty of conservatives refuse to challenge the drinking culture or the porn culture for example, in fear of being branded ”prudes” or because they enjoy participating. Then they scratch their heads at contemporary youth behaviour.
      Most conservatives have the libertarian disease, whereby they might like the idea of ”traditional” society but they still want to be ”cool” and so essentially perpetuate libertine culture. That’s not how you get respectable civilisation back.

      Whites have to start putting their money where their mouth is.
      They need to start realising we can’t just use other races as scapegoats for our own social degeneration. Are some races more dangerous and toxic in white societies? Of course. But people have the idea that if whites just had their territories back and a homogeneous society again, it would all be fine.

      Well, it’s not that simple.

      I come from a country still 90% white. There are copious reports of WHITE football teams/rugby teams engaging in exploitive sexual acts/orgy-esque to borderline group rape of young white women who make themselves targets. It’s to the point where the clubs admit there are ”issues” with the ”club culture”. One example involved a trash-culture indoctrinated white girl agreeing to a threesome with two rugby players. They called the team. The team rocked up and took turns, watching and masturbating until they were ”up”. This was not what the girl signed up for: essentially a gang rape which the players considered ”team bonding”.

      Of course why was she going back from bars with random guys to have a threesome?
      she wouldn’t have ended up in that position if she wasn’t part of a culture which shrugged off casual threesomes with guys you meet in bars.

      And why was this acceptable behaviour for this rugby team? What do we expect when young men consume porn like cornflakes?
      What was the solution to this apparently common problem, as given by the WHITE club management? Maybe the clubs need to start organising prostitutes to fulfil the needs of their teams… the needs being group sex peer bonding. This was the higher road I suppose.

      The point is, you take all the ”colour” out of white societies today, you still have a toxic youth culture and a very damaging one, even if there is less hard crime on the streets.
      And whites have nobody to blame but themselves.
      And you leave the colour in white societies, whites better start waking up to the fact their increasingly hedonistic,reckless lifestyles will be capitalised on to an even greater degree. All credit to you for your noble actions, but there aren’t gonna be enough white knights going around to protect every liberal female from herself and the third world minions.

      And by the way it’s not just Europeans who need a look in the mirror.
      Many of the cultural trends in the beloved east asian countries are frightening. A school girl prostitute culture to support their consumerism. A love doll culture where sex dolls are hired with rooms by the hour and young men bring clothes to dress up their ”lovers” and socialise with them before doing the deed. This is cultural derangement. Their societies and ethics are also being ripped apart.

      And not an african or muslim in sight.

  • Robert Binion

    I liked Mattingly better when he was a blond, hanging around the Social Grill. The visage grim and dark hair give him a slightly creepy look. Sometimes, I think that every form of delusional nuttiness must originate here in Birmingham. Forgive the grammar, Mr. Scott, but his universe ain’t mine.

  • Eric Gurry

    here is the groups’ blog. i am glad he started this group its nice to see someone standing up for “MY PEOPLE” for a change.

  • Athling

    Understanding the behavior of Africans can be the difference between life and death. Pay no attention to the media’s propaganda. It could get you killed. Trust your natural instincts.

    • newscomments70

      I wonder how many braindead European tourists have been raped and murdered while wandering around in the wrong neighborhoods…arrogantly believing their unrealistic liberal ideologies.

      • Liberalsuck

        They were probably told the bad people are White Southerners or White Republican areas. Bet they had a different tune after tasting the ‘diverse’ parts of America.

        • jambi19

          Very true, Brits tourists I meet on the beach always act surprised that southern white males around are educated, civil and hospitable. There is always the incidence of being pushed around the NYC airport generic story the tell me too.

        • newscomments70

          There are no tourist warnings about the US on UK government websites. I even wrote to them and warned that their own people will die if they don’t tell them about no-go zones in our cities. I was ignored…and British tourists continue to die. Wikitravel warns “non-white” travelers about the fabled “white supremecists” in various countries. I’ve tried to update the articles with the dangers of black communities and sharia zones…I was deleted and admonished for “racist propaganda”. Do liberals want white people to be raped and murdered? I would welcome answers from liberals. Why do you hysterically conceal racial crime statistics?

          • guest

            I can explain it. Liberals have “invested” untold trillions of dollars in making blacks equal to whites. It has been the grand experiment.

            The grand experiment has failed.

            Often when gamblers lose money, they double down to try to win it back. This is a sign of addiction and it’s very common. We (as a society) are in that addicted doubling-down phase right now. We (again, not us on Amren, but the larger “we” of American society) are desperate to prove that the trillions of dollars, the ruined cities, the destroyed lives and institutions, were not a total loss. We’re almost there! One more bet and we’ll win everything back! What a relief it will be.

            This is a terminal stage in the gambling illness, and at this stage, the addict does not want to see anything and I mean anything that will go against this wonderful scheme. All evidence must be ignored.

            Illegal immigrant amnesty is another aspect of the gambling addict’s doubling down. We know we can succeed at making black into successful first world citizens, so there’s no reason not to also import millions of Amerindian Hispanics, right? Sometimes massive denial attempts to sustain itself by becoming even more massive and all-encompassing.

            Voting for Obama was another part of the escalation of denial. Trillions of dollars haven’t done it. Affirmative action and massive government intervention in all aspects of society haven’t done it. Maybe all we need is… a black president! That’s the final push we need to fix everything!

            The reason our media is so fanatic to cover up black pathologies is because they will show the addict (us as a society) what a mess we’re in. Likewise, the reason 556mm ammo is all sold out right now is because many other people can recognize that the addiction is going to hit rock bottom very soon. Like all addictions, this one will end when the addict runs out of money, and we’re almost there. The USPS can no longer create legions of middle class blacks. Universities can no longer hire black studies faculty. China might start asking questions about what we’re spending its money on, and it might tune in to Youtube and take a video tour of Detroit, suck in some air between its teeth, pause, and ask if Vladimir Putin would like to have his credit limit raised perhaps?

            Those on the left can see it too, which is why they are making a hysterical last-ditch effort to ban guns, to get us all disarmed before everyone finally sees that we’ve hit rock bottom in this crazy addiction and we will need a quick and painful return to segregation.

            And all we (this time, by “we”, I mean Amren readers) can do is check to see if more 556mm is in stock somewhere, and try to get the word out on the web, and wonder when everyone is about to start singing Kumbaya and wonder how that’s going to unfold. Obviously it’s not going to unfold in a win-win situation for everyone here. Historically such situations unravel in bloody civil wars.

          • MBlanc46

            “Often when gamblers lose money, they double down to try to win it back.”

            I think I’m beginning to sense some desperation in integrationists. They’re perceptive enough to see that the experiment has failed, But they’re deeply invested in the ideology. So, as you say, they’re doubling down.

        • LastBastionOfHope

          This is the same country that banned an iPhone application for re-routing directions for tourists to avoid ghetto areas full of black thugs because it’s “racist”.

      • jambi19


        Very big news around town when this happened. The UK media was outraged and naturally blamed “American Gun Culture”. Now let me remind you; this is a small retirement town in Florida that certain tourist go instead of fast paced Miami/Orlando. Oddly, Sarasota, FL has also had decreasing crime every year. In fact well below the national rate…but some reason there are Dontavious and Rakeem mugshots on the news every night.

        • newscomments70

          The UK media probably blamed white “rednecks” somehow. Perhaps it was white racism that caused this poor black youth to lash out in desperation. It wasn’t his fault. The whites drove him to this.

          • jambi19

            Good intuition The American media of course blamed it on the brits. “They where in a bad neighborhood, where they buying drugs?” lies was repeated over and over again.

          • newscomments70

            Blacks complain about being questioned by security and police in white neighborhoods. Whites complain about being raped, murdered and mutilated in black neighorhoods (and other). I feel badly for the blacks though. Racial profilining is racist.

      • MBlanc46

        Or just not realizing which neighborhoods are wrong.

        • newscomments70

          They truly believe that black neighborhoods are safe, and that only whites can be racist. They think that white areas are the ones to avoid. White areas are either too boring, or the violent racists might live there. My German colleague snivels, “I vant to go to Miami..it is fun and diverse. I don’t vant to see vite trash.”

          • MBlanc46

            At least some of them are lost and stop to ask directions, which can be fatal. For every German like your friend, there’s one who has the same attitude toward blacks as you do.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      If you are indoctrinated by the MSM that sounds ridiculous, but if you are truly liberated and understand the way things really are it makes perfect sense. For example, the commercials and movies today depict magic negroes i.e. D’Jango, State Farm commercials where big handsome smart black men try to help customers while the ugly white men are incompetent, and countless others. If you really believe the false nobility and intellect the media depicts of black men, you will be a target for murder, rape, or at least a mugging. I have never been robbed in my life in some bad areas because I know my surroundings, what to look out for, and how to walk like I belong and not lost. Those who are not street smart and go to black areas will be at high risk for altercations if they believe the media myths.

  • The__Bobster

    But do the numbers add up?

    Note to CNN libtards: Most liberal college students feel it would be racist to report Swahili-on-White crimes, so these crimes are grossly underreported.

    • bigone4u

      University administrators falsify data all the time. I witnessed it myself. They underreport all crimes, but especially crimes in which athletes are the perps.

  • bigone4u

    I love how liberals are demonizing students whose crime is announcing they will be walking around campus trying to prevent assaults and robberies. I guess we learned from the Zimmerman prosecution/persecution that white neighborhood watches are racist. Anything that whites do to protect themselves–buying guns, moving to safe areas, neighborhood watches–are all racist. Also, the CNN story is despicably unbalanced. An interview with the victims of campus crime was conveniently NOT done by the Communist News Network.

    • libertarian 1234

      “An interview with the victims of campus crime was conveniently NOT done by the Communist News Network.”

      That was my first thought as the video neared the end.

      If this dreg was any kind of reporter, he would have obtained information regarding harassments and/or assaults, etc., and checked them out by talking to the victims, but he chose to dismiss the claim of black crime altogether.

      Also, he wasn’t interviewing the guy to gain information for a story he was denigrating him and ridiculing his assertions, in addition to lecturing him and chastising him. He’ll get a smiley face by his name in his CNN personnel file, because he conducted himself the way his plantation owner, Zucker, wanted him to.

      True justice would be for the CNN miscreants to experience the full force of black hate and violence themselves then have someone at CBS or NBC accuse them of being racists for complaining.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Don’t you know? The liberal whites think we should be kneeling before our black masters. Another lashing please, Jamal! I’m sorry for what my ancestors never did to your ancestors 200 years ago while we were in Ireland! There is even a video on youtube of a white guy who must be the most liberal man in the world allowing black hebrew israelites (black hate group) to step on him. He submitted to them literally. This is how whites are expected to be. It has gotten so utterly insane that attempting to stop crime and protecting women is seen as a negative. If blacks were looking out for their own it would be a heart-warming story in the news. A “good for them!” feel good tale.

  • Easyrhino1

    Gotta love the logic of the $PLC!

    Let’s see;

    Bob owns a Mercedes Benz.
    Hitler’s staff car was made by Mercedes Benz
    Hitler was a Nazi.
    Ergo Bob is a Nazi…..quod erat demonstrandum!

    Now, how much are you able to donate today?

    • Sloppo

      Do you like dogs? Children? AH-HA! Hitler did too! Now I know what kind of person you are!

      • robinbishop34

        I believe the first animal protection laws were implemented by the Nazi regime.

        • jane johnson

          Hitler ultimately killed his dog.

          • robinbishop34

            It would of died anyway. He gave it cyanide which is probably better than being a domesticated pet left on it’s own in what would of been a depleted wasteland at the time. Prior to the war, Germans were so desperate that they ate cats and dogs to survive.

          • saxonsun

            Can you imagine what the Russians would have done to that dog?!

          • robinbishop34

            It’s estimated that the Bolsheviks brutalized as many as 2 million German girls and women so its safe to say the dog would of have no chance.

          • jane johnson

            You’re right, of course, but it’s still hard to ascribe ANY merciful motives to Hitler.

        • jeffaral

          I don’t think so. Jews were not protected.

        • eunometic

          Vivisection of a live conscious animal could potentially lead to the death penalty I believe. They also implemented many preventative health measures such as breast self examination and discouragement of smoking.

          The [email protected] had quite a holistic and positive view of man, animals, the environment (called nature then). Fritz Todt vociferously complained if a bridge or Autoban pass was ugly and didnt fit in.

          Latter cultural and green Marxist hype environmental issues as crisis in order to create despondancy and a loss of faith in our culture, race and beliefs so that the can exploit the crisis. The [email protected] just thought they could make it work harmoniously through good managment and technology. The whole idea was to secure the wellbeing of a kindred people (race) via harmonisation of not only capital and labour but more or less everything. They thought they might have to knock a few heads together but thought most dischord came from alien elements they could excise and isolate.

          The single idea that kept Western civilisation going for centuries, Spengler said it was the Faustian idea of struggle for unobtainable perfection, has disappeared. It was perhaps related to a fusion of pagan European and Christian ideas. Gone now, destroyed by time, science, cultural Marxism, hatred of Whites and what Fracis Parkey Yockey disparaged as vertical nationalism. [email protected] did not adhere to Spengler but in a way were trying to
          come up with a new Spenglerian ideal to sustain the western civilisation.

      • George

        Hitler was also vegetarian and abstained from alcohol. He and the NSDAP were also big on organic foods and nature preserves.

        • tgb

          I love Whole Foods Market!Oh crap, I might be a Nazi…

    • RisingReich

      You forget Volkswagen “The People’s Car” and BMW – Bavarian Motor Works.

      • Volkswagans are the homosexuals cars in Chicago if they can’t afford a more expensive car.

        • saxonsun

          Hey, I bet you wouldn’t have the nerve to go into a gay bar here in Manhattan. You should see some of these huge gay men, pal. They’d whip your bigoted little arse but good. All talk…nothing else.

    • Liberalsuck

      I like German beer and Black Forest Cake, must mean I’m a Nazi. I like Chinese food and admire the Great Wall of China, must mean I admire Mao. I like Russians and respect their culture and all they’ve been through, must mean I want communism. I like Cuban food, must mean I like Castro. I like Sushi and Sake, so it must mean I support what the Japanese did in WWII. See? Don’t you like that logic?

      Once, someone who knows me knows I am against illegal immigration thought it was hypocritical of me to get Mexican food takeout yet be against illegal immigration. I used the anaology of, “Do you like Mozart or Riesling, the German wine?” They said yes. I said, “So you must like Hitler I take it?” They didn’t like my analogy to say the least.

  • Why does this guy (Heimbuc

    • Liberalsuck

      Isn’t it funny that high-paid news reporters with all these perks get so worked up about a college kid? I certainly respect Mr. Heimbach, but why bother him? Why not do exposes on government waste or gang violence? Why not cover black on white violence? Oh! That’s right. That all would be honest journalism, which died years ago. Never mind.

  • Tannhauser

    Men like Mr. Heimbach are the leaders the white race needs.

  • Ralph

    Heimbach and his group are doing good work and should be supported by all Whites.

    I do wish, however, that someone would turn the tables on some of these week seed White reporters with their smarmy attitudes.

    When an interviewer asks something like “Are you a racist.” Never respond to the question as asked. Instead, ask for a definition of the term. In this case “racist,” Then, you can, if you wish, respond to the elements of the definition, but even when you finish responding, don’t then say something like “Well, if that’s a racist, then I’m a racist,” because your acknowledgement will be what is published sans the definition that you are responding to.

    One thing to do, also, is to use the definition given to you by the reporter in his or her own words and turn it around. Thus if they say, a racist is one who notices race, you can ask the reporter if they notice that people are different colors. If they say they don’t, ask if they’re blind or mentally challenged or something similar. You can see how you can put them back on their heels if you’re a little prepared.

    • libertarian 1234

      I agree with your tactics wholeheartedly.
      Not only this incident, but ANY incident where some rabid leftist wants to make accusations should be turned back on him/her. It’s easy to do, because everything they say and believe is dishonest, just plain nonsense, or an attempt to feel morally superior.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Some great ideas, Ralph. My favorite when being accused of being a “racist” is to respond with: “I am not concerned with what’s racist, I’m concerned with the truth”. That always makes them take a step back and hell, maybe they will have a revelation!

    • Liberalsuck

      I’ve done that with liberals. I asked one “What is a white supremacist” or “what is a racist” and they get pissed off. “Oh, come on, don’t give me that. You know what a white supremacist is.” So if they know what a ‘racist’ or a ‘white supremacist’ is, why do they need me to tell them? Stupid liberals. I can’t stand liberals more than anything. I hate liberals far more than I hate black militants or black gangsters or illegals. These liberals enable these people and many of these liberals want other white people to pay for their guilt.

    • Ralph

      Lest one wonder, “week,” was a typo. I meant “weak seed” Whites. I can spell…sometimes.

  • 1776is1984

    they call CNN, Communist news network for a reason.

  • Scott

    Funny how this is news. The Shmira patrol in Crown Heights makes no bones about their goal of protecting their lily white Jewish community from black crime. CNN has no use for that, apparently. But when well-scrubbed gentiles at a mainstream college organize, suddenly Wolf Blitzer gets a bug up his tuchus.

  • eunometic

    What is the chance that hollywood will shortly come up with a movie (again) in which a White vigillante campus group commits horrible crimes against Black people and rapes a few White women on the side to boot.

    There is our real problem, the brazen inversion of reality.

  • freddy_hills

    I noticed three things, in particular, about how this story was covered. First, they made a point to mention this was an “all white” group rather than simply calling it the “white student union”. Would they have described the black student union as an all black group? I doubt it.

    Second, they made a point to mention his group had written “white pride” in chalk on the sidewalk. But they failed to mention it was in response to the black student group writing “black pride” around the campus. Did the university and rporter have a problem with that? It doesn’t sound like it.

    And, third, they made a point to mention Towson has one of the lower crime rates for Maryland universities. That’s great. But that low rate doesn’t matter very much if you happen to be the victim of a violent interracial crime. Just what level of violent interracial crime does this reporter and university feel are acceptable? Personally, I don’t think there is an acceptable level of violent interracial crime.

  • Faith Cahill

    Dear Matthew Heimbach,

    As a young white girl who is a college freshman let me take this opportunity to exclaim that many girls like me greatly admire your thinking. I wish I could find more fine young white men like you. I have become your big fan & wish you the best.
    As a toke of my admiration, allow me to express my appreciation for you. This is what I really think of you, oh mighty white warrior!


    Faith Cahill


  • LHathaway

    He’s the man.

  • obammyfromalabammy

    ha! That reminds me……I haven’t received my obamaphone as of today)
    Where do I go to complain. Or, to put it in the lexicon of a Chicago
    government/unionized education…….I havnt reeceevd mi obmafone as uv 2
    dae. were du I goe 2 kumplane? Yo, ware r mi fudustumps?

  • Is Mark Potok jewish?

    • jeffaral

      Mark Potok is 100% Jewish. Most importantly, he’s a very rich guy: fighting for “civil rights” is a gold mine.

  • Plato1

    Usually when I see a mixed couple, (black male and white female) walking down the street, she is fat as a water buffalo, he is a guy who would prob marry a kangaroo, and they are heading for the welfare office. Whole different sub culture I say, and the White girls who are pretty and get involved with the blacks usually get beaten, treated like crap and oftentimes murdered. Can anyone say OJ??

    • Ralph

      Any White who is romantically involved with a Black is a weak seed. Such Whites lack the desirable so-called “racist gene” which is really just a set of survival genes that lets those of us with them have a sharper sense of who is us and who isn’t. Pray that you and yours have the racist gene. It will help you survive on this dark planet.

  • lily-white

    OMG… caught “on a surveillance video” holding a rebel flag in front of the SPL center.. caught useing chalk to write “white pride” on a sidewalk… but being accused of supporting “issues of non inclusion” by the university president… how much worse can it get?

  • Anti-feminism

    I tried to look through all the comment, but did not succeed. Has any one commented that due to feminist emasculization of white males, only blacks have the privilege to be male? Unfortunately for the women who like ‘bad boys’, none of them are gentlemen.

    • Vyncennt

      White males are no longer taught to be white males by their fathers. I even know many tradesmen who have little mechanical ability aside from their trade and even less masculinity. Although I don’t subscribe to the puffed out chest macho version of the old male stereotype, I do believe our current generation of “men” has lost the good along with the bad.

      • François

        I was. I sometimes get called things like “racist”, “backward”, but I don’t care.

        I guess I am pre-historic (sarcasm), but that’s how I was raised, and that’s how I want to live my life.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    This is how white men used to protect their women. Man would I give anything to be born then.


    • Vyncennt

      This is still happening. It just happens TO whites, BY blacks, in white neighborhoods! The devils in the details, as they say! =)

  • Sheila Dinehart

    If that many members are *girls* how many things does that really say?

  • Daniele Dubroca

    “he only white girls I’ve seen with black males were liberal or trashy or fat or just looking to piss people off.” Or have mental problems. Or were sexually abused. I know these are over-used excuses, but I have noticed that when there really was sexual abuse of the incestual kind, the girl/woman is more likely to end up with a person of another race, and that goes for any race. It’s just that whites and Asians attract more other-race attention. The white woman who gives the impression that she thinks black men are some sort of salvation–truly a bizarre notion given the reality of violence, murder, separation and abandonment–are usually women who are looking for a man as different as possible from her own father. There’s a reason. I’m not saying that’s always the case–it may not be actual abuse, just indifference. But the father may be the key for most of this. I am differing a little from people here in that I don’t think every single interracial relationships is bad. Sometimes they are just two people who dig each other and live happily ever after. It’s just very, very, very, very, rare, especially with the black male/white female combo.

    • Bobby

      Great post. I think your’e on to something here, especially your explanation of white girls ending up with black men. I’ve even seen rather young white women, end up with older black men. Your explanation answers some of this, and I appreciate it, rather than just hearing about “the racism of whites”, the only thing anti-white leftists ever have to offer.

  • Bobby

    Stupid faced, suck up little white reporter women. All of them are so utterly phony. Then there’s thet whimpy, socially whipped white male reporter acting all offended and serious while trying to nail Matthew . God, are they all sickening. Heimbach nailed him though, when he said that if minorities were doing the same thing, they’d be given the key to the city and no doubt, praised by the same whimpy reporters.

  • Paleoconn

    Well done, Matthew. He looked completely in control and confident. he looks to be improving his game. Despite the interviewer’s interruption and fake outrage (‘this is serious!’), this went well for Heimbach. Btw, that weasel from $PLC and the woman Towson president make my skin crawl.

  • D

    never trust a negro

  • Mark Traina

    The same Bull$hit Black Thugs are EFFIN UP Tulane, LSU and Loyola! fatuous1


    Crime Statistics from the U.S. Justice Department in 2012!
    1)Blacks are 64-times more likely to commit Violent Crimes against Whites than Vise-Versa!
    2) 89% of the U.S. Prison Population is Black, and sadly, Most are Repeat Offenders!
    3) The MOST Deadly Cities in America are located in Predominately Black Populated Regions!
    4) Blacks Target other Blacks for Violent Crime 52% of the time, Black Target Whites for Violent Crime 42% of the time. On the other hand, Non-Blacks Target Blacks for Violent Crime less than 4% of the time!
    5) In 2012, over 33,000-White Women were Raped by Black Men, during that EXACT same time period 8-Black Women were Raped by White Men!
    “The TRUTH about CRIME in North America can be a REAL BYTCH, but that doesn’t make it any less REAL or any less TRUE!” (TRAINAISM, 2013)
    FACT: Too many Black Americans are having Babies out of Wed-Lock that they are ill prepared to support Financially, Emotionally and Socially!Hence, all the Drug Abuse, Thug Life, Gangland Activities and Child Neglect and Abuse in Black Communities across America, England, France and throughout the entire World!
    fatuous1 is MARK TRAINA an outspoken Civil Rights Activist/Certified School Psychologist from South East Louisiana. Additionally, he is currently the President of the Prestigious “LOUISIANA BLOGGERS CLUB”! Some describe Mr. Traina as a Racist; however, he describes himself as a “REALIST”.
    OCCUPATIONAL HISTORY: Mr. Traina worked as a School Psychologist for the Jefferson Parish Public School System for nearly 30-years. Mr. Traina is the Author of “THE REALIST”, a book published in 2012, shortly after his retirement from the JPPSS. He is also very famous for his so-called TRAINAISMS, for example,“Good parents know that structure, discipline and respect for authority must start in the home or it will never end up in the School!” Mr. Traina writings have been Published in News Papers, Magazines and Blog Sites across the Globe!
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    FACT: American Muslims are Good People, Good Students and Hard-Working Proud Americans! The only thing that I HATE about American Muslims is that they are filling up all of our LAW, MEDICAL and ENGINEERING SCHOOLS!


  • Oh, comments that add persective …I’ll wager that add any perspective but this: http://truthmonger.indo

  • We’re fixing to find out why the jews have been bringing in mostly nonwhite, antichristians since 1965 – http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=567. If amren removes this post you’ll have all the proof you need that they’re just part of the problem, not the solution.