Parents Want Answers About ‘White Girls Club’ at Franklin High School

Meghan D. Hodgin, NJ, April 26, 2013

More than 100 community members came to the Franklin Township Board of Education Thursday, many with one goal in mind: To find out what the school district was doing about a so-called “White Girls Club” and accusations of racism around it.

Last week, the Home News Tribune printed an article indicating a group of girls at Franklin High School—dubbed the “White Girls Club”—were posting “racially insensitive comments and photos” on social media sites, and were possibly  connected to a male student who was already suspended for allegedly posting racist pictures online.

A high school student sent the Home News Tribune a series of screen shots of Tweets by members of the club each posing with three fingers creating a “W”—apparently to symbolize “white,” with the hashtag “#wgc,”, the online platform of the Home News Tribune and Courier News, reported.

A girl also allegedly retweeted a tweet sent out by a boy that said “the hallways in the high school,” and featured a photo of a group of monkeys or chimpanzees. He also posted a photo on Twitter of the Confederate flag hanging on a wall near bleachers of a gym with the Twitter message “south will rise again,” the report said.

While board president Julia M. Presley previously told that it has not yet been proven that the girls posted anything racist or were even involved with the boy already suspended, she would not reveal any details surrounding the investigation.

And Thursday night’s meeting didn’t shed any new light on the investigation, either. But it did make one thing clear: parents are mad.

Bruce Morgan, president of the New Brunswick branch of the NAACP, said he thought the board was “slow to react” to the allegations made against the girls.”This hit the paper last Friday, but apparently this happened some time in the fall. We think it’s a shame that the seriousness of the situation wasn’t recognized then. It’s affecting the community at large, not just the school community.”


And many who spoke Thursday demanded more action from the board.

“What is the plan to deescalate the situation?” asked Linda Powell, a Franklin resident. “This is really pulling Franklin apart in some really horrible ways. I hope members of the board take this to heart.”


One Franklin High School student spoke about the climate at the high school, saying that some black people have stopped talking to white people altogether because they assume the white students are part of the White Girls Club. The board asked the girl not to announce her name.”This is probably one of the most hurtful things I have ever experienced in my life,” she said. “I have been friends with these girls, and it makes me feel as if I’ve done something personally wrong as a black woman. I also see that these girls are not remorseful.”

The student also said she feared the situation could get worse.”The students at Franklin High School are angry. I hear the threats that these girls are getting, and the more people continue to not talk about it and sweep things under the rug, (the worse it’s getting),” she said.

[Editor’s Note: According to this page, Franklin High School is 47 percent black, 25 percent white, 17 percent Hispanic, and 11 percent Asian.]

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  • When blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Indians, etc are in the minority at a school, they usually form a “Insert Ethnic Group Here” Club. Why can’t white students, who are clearly in the minority at this school, do the same? Oh wait……..
    Glad to see these kids not being cowed by political correctness. I’m sure white liberal educators who have two token black kids in their class are reading this article and getting a case of the vapors.

    • til I saw thℯ bank dŕafτ which waṡ οf $8902, I bℯ cℯŕτain …τhaτ…Μy ṡiṡτℯr waṡ τŕυly ℯaŕning Μοnℯy ρaŕτ τimℯ fŕοm τhℯŕℯ labτορ.. τhℯŕℯ nℯighbουŕ haṡ dοnℯ τhiṡ fοŕ οnly abουτ ℯighτℯℯn Μοnτhṡ and ŕℯṡℯnτly clℯaŕd τhℯ Μοŕτgagℯ οn τhℯiŕ hοmℯ and bουghτ a bŕand nℯw Τοyοτa. thiṡ iṡ whℯŕℯ I wℯnτ.

      • Rhialto

        I never knew that Ebonic was a written language.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          If you ever go to a black girl’s Facebook or Myspace page, you can see it in action. For some unfathomable reason, it tends to include alternating cases, LiKe tHiS.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Ebonic is a nonsensical ‘language’. Blacques can’t pronounce English words. They also misspell them. They use ‘ratched’ for ‘wretched’. “Ax” for ‘ask’. Look at their text messages on twitter or their comments on blogs such as the Grio and the Root. There are many ways one can tell that the blacque culture has the lowest IQ of any race. Even their blogs are poorly written and most of it is propaganda.

          • Actually, Blacks can speak perfectly good English and many do. Unfortunately, you have others who are too lazy to do so. These are the ones, like Obama, who use Black dialect in order to gain attention.

      • ograf

        Cassandra take your commercials and insert them where the sun rarely shines. Thanks

    • Morris LeChat

      yep, my sentiment exactly, to pit it in ebonics ” you go girls!”

  • Puggg

    One Franklin High School student spoke about the climate at the high
    school, saying that some black people have stopped talking to white
    people altogether because they assume the white students are part of the
    White Girls Club

    This means the WGC has already had a positive effect. But it also means that whites not part of the WGC are experiencing the positive benefits that the WGC have brought about without being part of it. The economics types call this a “free rider” problem.

    • Some “free rider problems” are features, not bugs. Conceal-carry as an example. People who don’t, won’t or can’t carry benefit from those who do, because thug Bellcurvius has to assume that any person of the type that does carry is actually carrying.

      • RisingReich

        Best post of the day I’ve read so far. “Bellcurvius” – priceless.

        • Africanus Bellcurvius is the official Latin name of the subspecies, I think.

        • Room101

          Dint lil Bellcurvious ‘ventually get a record deal?
          Last I heard he was running away from the toddlers he he shot at the bus stop on the way to his record deal.

      • Paleoconn

        One of your better ones, QD. And they’re always excellent!

    • Morris LeChat

      Yes, that is a VERY positive effect

  • StillModerated

    In an act of rebellion against high school groupthink, my son helped found a pro-life club at his Virginia school. The principal forbade it, so they called in the Rutherford Institute who filed suit, so the powers that be backed down. When the club’s announcements were posted on school bulletin boards, the Young Democrats paid black students to tear them down.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, the other side never fights fair, but since they believe they have the moral high ground, they believe their actions are always justified.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I believe Mussolini called people like that the “black shirts”

    • Siouxsie

      Was your son’s club looking for school support or official authorization? These girls were not; they simply called themselves this name and failed to hide it in social media.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Why is it so threatening to have a White Girl’s club? I don’t get it. White women, especially blonde types, are maligned by the media. Years back the Wall Street Journal wrote a critique of the movie White Girls stating that if any movie came out making fun of black girls like this movie, blacks would be outraged. We need to give these young women support. They face terrible odds out there as white women are consistently sexualized and objectified by media. It is horrendous. These girls owe no one an explanation. Suck it up Black America, the sun does not rise and set on your arce. There are other citizens, white female citizens that work and raise kids and that are entitled to have a space of their own free from Shaniqua and Tavonte

        • jimh19

          Apparently, you do not understand the black female. She is very intimidated by white girls. Why? White girls have straight hair, most have other than brown eyes, they have good pik’ens among the men folk, low levels of STD’s/HIV/AIDS, not a lot of unwed 12 year old mothers, no foot nor other “smelly, issues, the IQ thing, etc.

          You can appreciate the jealousy directed toward European-American girls by the AAG.

          So, White Mom in DC, please try to show some compassion.

          • White Mom in WDC

            I don’t throw pearls at swine. Experience is a stern teacher and experience has taught me that many black women are cruel and heartless towards white women. I will save my compassion for my own thank you. These people have no problem squelching these little girls’s desires to have their own club do they. You dish, you take.

          • Mike Harrigan

            All good reasons why black women hate White women JimH19. But in my travels, it is obvious that appearance is the overriding factor in why shaquandra dislikes Jennifer. They simply can’t stand that Jennifer is beautiful and they are…….well, otherwise.

          • Non Humans

            ……well, Endowed with Ape-like features.

          • Funruffian

            It’s more like envy than just plain hatred. It’s only the Blacks who are all butthurt about White interest clubs. If they hate Whites so much why do they follow them wherever they go?

          • Katherine McChesney

            Black women are a disgrace. Google T. J. Sotomayor. He exposes Black women for what they are.

        • Anonymous

          Is there any way we can show our support for these kids? We can’t let this spark die out.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Respond to its social media outlets. Call the school counselor at the school. Get people at your workplace or just you send a twenty dollar bouquet to the attention of the White Girls Club.This will let them know that they are supported in small ways. Direct them to this site so they can see the commentary.Show these girls that they are connected and not isolated and that people are aware if their plight and their mission

        • Gunrunner1

          I “Heart” #wgc

        • TheAntidote

          Amen. I would make a contribution to their club. But I suppose it’s informal; not like a sanctioned sorority

      • StillModerated

        To be honest, the club was only in existence for one year. But it did tweak a few liberal noses.

    • bennyhill

      In other words the blacks believed that abortion ought to be legal.
      I totally agree with them, Abortion ought to be not only legal but encouraged and paid for for all Negroes. I would gladly pay extra taxes for that.

  • American Tax Payer


    Why can’t people understand that without Free Speech there is no Freedom? Why is that so hard to understand? Do people really believe Free Speech is First just by mere coincidence?

    And, if we’re gonna act as if Free Speech is some kind of horrible crime, then why aren’t the blacks being charged with a crime for making threats against the White Girls? After all, that’s hate is it not?

    Last, if White Girls can’t have a Club, neither can anyone else so the naacp must be immediately disbanded along with all the muslim groups, asian groups, hispanic groups, etc., etc., etc.

    • Power speaks loudly and is obeyed in proportion to its control over society. Whites gave up the use of power just after WW2. A people that must ASK for their rights, will be given the rights that their masters want them to have – AND NO MORE.

      • American Tax Payer

        And that is why Our Founding Fathers’ put us in charge but, like you said, “We” gave that up and for who?

        I’ll never understand why a bunch of Christians killed a bunch of other Christians for a people who killed Jesus and our Thanks for that? “We” are not allowed to have Him in our very own Country. The Country who Spilled Blood for them.

        Don’t you find it suspicious that all those very small Towns with no money, all of a sudden, have one or two people living there who are suddenly “offended” and GONE are all the Christians symbols that were only there for since forever? And gone they are for ONE person who, for some strange reason, gets to FORCE their atheist (jew i believe) beliefs on the ENTIRE Town.

        • thoughtcrime

          What you must understand is that there IS free speech…for everyone but Whites. Got it? It is the end result of “white racism”. Right?

          • American Tax Payer

            Oh yeah! And when you try to explain to your opponents that you too have a Right to feel however you want and say whatever you want, they say “hate” is not welcome and they do that while ignoring how hateful they are being to you. That’s a part of the reason why I call them Demon Spawn. They’re just evil.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Right on. Here’s my take. An organization only has the amount of power you give it. I don’t give a fig about the NAACP. I don’t give a fig about the SPLC. Really. Who are they?

      Poof outta my space. I am going to start my white mom club now. It is your civil right to feel offended Shaniqua

      • American Tax Payer

        I’m always being accused of belonging to The Klan and I don’t deny it. I tell them they’re just jealous because they are the ONLY Group for White People that has been around for One Hundred Forty Eight Years and they’ve never allowed any non-white or “white” to ever make them fold. And I Thank God for that too.

        Please do start one for real. Mothers are very important, just like Dads of course but I tend to think Mothers hold a little more power than Dads do in the education department since stuff like PTA is mostly women. I’m not wrong about that am I? I’ve never been able to have children so I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to children. I’m going by the days when I was in School and am assuming it’s the same about the PTA.

        • White Mom in WDC

          I will. I am swamped right now but I intend to get a blog going for white women and mothers. If people of color get offended, oh well. We all have feelings, thoughts, and opinions. That is true diversity isn’t it!

          • American Tax Payer

            That’s right! And if they complain, tell them that. Diversity means differing opinions, ways, cultures, beliefs and ethnicities and unless they’re racist, bigoted and intolerant, they should Welcome your diverse club and diverse opinions as everyone adds flavor and color to the rainbow!

      • Katherine McChesney

        I’m not a Mom but I am White. I would join if there was room for me. Perhaps I could be an Honorary White Mom as I was, in my teens, a sought after baby sitter. My father used to call me “Little Mom” for the way I looked after my two young sisters.

        • White Mom in WDC

          As I stated its for women and mothers! All white women are welcome!

  • The__Bobster

    Bruce Morgan, president of the New Brunswick branch of the NAACP, said he thought the board was “slow to react” to the allegations made against the girls.”This hit the paper last Friday, but apparently this happened some time in the fall. We think it’s a shame that the seriousness of the situation wasn’t recognized then. It’s affecting the community at large, not just the school community.”

    No, it’s just got your panties in a bunch, shoeshine boy. I happen to think your organization is racist. Where are your White members?

    It’s very telling that Meghan D. Hodgin couldn’t find any Whites who agreed with the girls’ right to have their own club.

    • Frank


    • American Tax Payer

      “shoeshine boy”…. That’s hilarious!

    • Siouxsie

      Bobster in NJ NAACP’s board and even roster of office holders features…let’s just say many semitic ‘whites’ if you subscribe to such a concept. Many comments under articles express support for the club but not for the re-tweet by one of its members of the monkey pic.

  • Ralph

    There should be a White Club of some sort in every school.

    No apologies needed. We don’t need non-Whites in every group that we Whites want to have.

    • StollModerated

      How about Math Club? Or Latin Club?

      • Katherine McChesney

        You might try Home Economics as blacques always make their children take care of themselves, whereas a Conservative White Mother plays a major role in running the household and raising the children. Housewives are usually White women. It’s a noble profession.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “One Franklin High School student spoke about the climate at the high
    school, saying that some black people have stopped talking to white
    people altogether because they assume the white students are part of the
    White Girls Club.”

    Now THAT’S what I call a good start. If only we could get the rest of the blacks and browns to feel the same way about us. Don’t like us? Fine leave us the hell alone and keep to yourselves.

    • “…black people have stopped talking to white
      people altogether…”
      Can I assume that this means they are not making as many threats as usual?

    • White Mom in WDC

      Right on. We just want peace and to be left alone. It’s amazing the level of narcissism that exists in the black community. How does a white girl club affect them? Why do they care?

      • Gunrunner1

        They fear wide awake Whites. The day Whites realize that we own them nothing is the day they have No power over us.

        They work to delay that day as long as possible.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Right on. So true

  • MekongDelta69

    If the left (and blacks and browns, obviously) didn’t have the word, “racism” to always hide behind, they’d have NOTHING…

    Leftists are relentless. They will NEVER stop. But they’re like schoolyard bullies. When they see you’re not running away and your fists are clenched for a fight, they will almost always back down, because deep down, they are nothing more than cowards who hide in a like-minded crowd.

    • Reduce their charge of RACISM to a personal opinion. “In your opinion I’m a racist, you’re ONLY saying that because I’m white.

      • Katherine McChesney

        ‘because I’m white.’ AND you’re jealous of me.

        • Your answer is quite correct BUT it still leaves the charge of racism in place. Reduce their charge of RACISM to a personal opinion AND let everybody near you here it.

  • Angus McPherson

    Oh really now. Gee, I wonder how they talk about us and whether any of these people are outraged about this. . .

    • Know thine enemy

      Everyone should read those comments at the link you provided. Black hatred of whites is beyond evil.

      • American Tax Payer

        I could always be wrong here but as far as I know, Demons are walking among us and they come in all colors and stripes.

        Yes, most Demons are Non-White but some have white looking skin. Just look at that Traitor Graham and all the other “white” “people” who work so steadily against us.

        God Made Man in His Image. You can’t get White from dark colors but you can get dark from White.

        • Non Humans

          Michael Jackson ….Tried.

          • American Tax Payer

            Hahahaha!!! You forgot to mention his sister. She tried too.

    • American Tax Payer

      I see you have a place at the bottom for comments so let me ask ya, would you be okay if I used your website (i provide the link to anything i quote) when debating racial issues?

      I have to ask because where I post (liberal website), they’re spoiled rotten and they might go over there and write a nasty post and I don’t want you to have to deal with that unless you don’t care of course. So, can I use your website?

      • Angus McPherson

        Its not my website but I can assure you the owner will not mind.

        • American Tax Payer

          Thank You! Rest assured, I’ll be using it! Nothing pleases me more than having stuff I can throw back in their “racist” faces!

          I had a late night “debate” with someone and they came over here and posted something nasty about me but Amren deleted it. I wish they hadn’t of because I’m a Free Speechin’ Maniac (no pornography ’cause that ain’t Free Speech, it’s abuse of people) so there ain’t nothing I would ever ban but that’s just me.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    If the girls had a “rich girl’s club” or a club for those who belonged to a certain exclusive clique or for owners of an expensive brand of shoes or other luxury item, it would hardly have raised an eyebrow, but the moment they name a “white girl’s club” everybody is up in arms about it. It’s not having a clique that’s bad, just being white conscious that’s unforgivable.

    • a multiracial individual

      I discussed issues like this with a gender studies major. Here is essentially our conversation:

      Me: Why is it not acceptable for there to be a White Student Club?

      She: Because groups associated with privilege should not be seeking to increase their status or visibility. In other words, no White Groups, no Masculine Groups, no Heterosexual Groups, No Wealthy Groups, etc….

      • Inki Snowe

        Weasel words… “associated with privilege” by whom? Plenty of people associate blacks with privilege, especially in the areas of scholarships and employment, so that should disqualify blacks from forming groups, right? Oh, and Jews, of course, have significant financial privilege, so no special groups for them, either.

        Who are these mysterious arbiters of what constitutes privilege and who benefits from it?

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        That may have been what the “gender studies” major claimed, but that does not reflect liberals’ philosophy in real life, as evidenced by the uproar they raise over white consciousness as opposed to other displays of privilege.

  • cecilhenry

    Freedom of association is vital to freedom.

    To deny white people ONLY that kind of sounds like

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everyone!!

    • Extropico

      To deny it only to Whites is both a transgression of the Equal Protection Clause and a war campaign against Whites in violation of UN anti-genocide provisions.

  • Siouxsie

    I would like an answer as to why the murder of blonde 12 year old Autumn Pasquale by two black ‘youths’ last October in NJ is not ‘concerning’ to the NAACP. And please, is not the attempted murder of blonde Kerri Dalton in Middletown NJ’s Bed and Bath by another Trayvon lookalike not worthy of ‘concern?’ How about the bullying-to-death-by-blacks of the 15 year old in Morristown, NJ?

    Odd that the NAACP felt ‘concerned’ enough about the black principal who presided over the young boy’s beatings to defend her in a civil suit against termination.

    But, these and many, many other white targets and casualties of black racism in NJ and all over the US simply do not warrant ‘concern.’

    While I’m on my soapbox, I want to remind people of the death of blonde Concetta Russo-Carriero, murdered because she was white and, in the words of her assailant, “blonde and blue eyed.”

    Not only does there need to be a White Girls Club in Franklin and in high schools everywhere, (the girls were called this by a bunch of black males in the school, hence the name they reclaimed for themselves), but further, I propose the creation of a Blonde Female Caucus.

    • Alexandra

      What’s wrong with brunettes?
      Fine, I’ll start a Brunette Female Club. LOL

      • Siouxsie

        Nothing’s wrong with brunettes, Alexandra! The question is: why is black homicidality and sexually depraved rapaciousness so focused on blondes?

        Just the beginning of the overwhelming evidence for this assertion:
        Autumn Pasquale
        Brittany Watts
        Tiffany Ferenczy
        Melinda McCormick
        Christina Edbert
        Kari Dalton
        Eve Carson
        Ann Presley
        Concetta Russo-Carriero
        Channon Christian
        Melissa McLaughlin
        Emily Haddock

        Erin Krantz…and so many more…

        All were blonde women picked out to be murdered by diversity, here by the black caucus’s contribution. Ferenczy survived and Dalton barely did, but all others were murdered in cold blood by black men. Most had no relationship with their attackers and two were clearly set up from the start.Russo-Carriero’s murderer admitted to waiting for hours for a blonde blue eyed person to target. White people need to be asking the question of why, but, mostly they need to be aware and pro-active in defending them. And just for anyone’s information, I do not have blonde hair, although my own light red seems to warrant more than my share of diversity’s focused rage.

        • Inki Snowe

          Blond, blue-eyed women epitomize white beauty. They represent everything the women of other races cannot be. They are a natural focus for racist hate and rage. It’s no coincidence that beautiful blondes have been cast as the mean girls in nearly every teen movie since the 80s. They are invariably presented as shallow, as stupid, as cruel, as snobs, as sexual teases and even as overtly racist. The mean blonde in “The Craft” is a classic example, but they are so numerous it would be impossible to enumerate them all. Part of the motivation is pure jealousy, of course, but a large part of it is a conscious effort to dehumanize and demonize the blond woman as a kind of icon of Whiteness, to make her a scapegoat and target for the rage and hate and jealousy directed at whites in general. I am not blond, either, but this has not escaped my notice.

          • Siouxsie

            Thank you from the bottom of my heart for noticing. It is actually hard and even painful for me to in any way fetishize blond hair, as all my nuclear family has it and I cannot see them or us (I’m a light reddish gold) as different, nor separate from my people, which to me means white. I am most comfortable with my tribe, the northwestern europeans, but even they for all their fairness feature a beautiful range of coloring, all of which I associate with home and my extended family. This fixation that blacks have seems expressive of some of what you point out, although I’ve noticed – and I want all to hear who care at all – that it’s not only the pretty blondes, or redheads for that matter, who attract such hatred and violence from blacks. I have lived instances where clearly prettier brunettes go unscathed while a so-so blonde gets beaten on. I have seen this numerous times, so I think blonde or light red hair is symbolic to them more than just aesthetically attractive.

          • Vanga

            Have you noticed that black men seem to chase after not merely white women, but usually the palest blond they can find? Blacks will even go for those thin, gaunt, unhealthy looking women as long as they’re blond.

          • Hage

            No it is more likely that blondes are shoved down our throat as the epitome of beauty when they aren’t. There are other Caucasian girls that can be just as attractive with better features then blondes on a whole but this cannot happen with the nature of the media.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Movies have also represented blonds as good and brunettes as evil.

    • IstvanIN

      The question isn’t why doesn’t the NAACP doesn’t care about the murders of white girls but why WE don’t.

  • sbuffalonative

    Gotta root-out the racists.
    In one way, I kinda like these stories in that this kind of stuff sends blacks into a frenzy. They get angry and waste their time chasing phantoms. What I don’t like is that they can result in a push to ‘do something’ and that generally means tightening the screws.

  • bigone4u

    I sent in the link to this story to Amren but maybe others did too. While researching race relations in high schools, I also discovered the claim that white girls who refuse to go out on dates with black male students (and thus have sex with them) are demonized as “racists” in the high school culture today using social media. If you have children in high school think about that before you go to bed tonight. It’s time to actively fight the sickness and perversion that the other side has shoved down our throats.

    • Siouxsie

      Society demonizes white women as racist who reject black male advances; it’s not limited to high school culture. I’ve experienced this directly at the hands of the NJ State government, with the enthusiastic imprimatur of the federal one.

      • Extropico

        Ethnic cleansing is the epitome of racism. It is an easy retort to make, whenever Whites start fighting back. And any employment retribution against a woman who refuses sexual advances is a violation of numerous existing statutes. Get a lawyer if you have been retaliated against.

  • ncpride

    Bruce Morgan, president of the New Brunswick branch of the NAACP…….

    National Association Against Caucasian People……More accurate, yes?

    • Siouxsie

      That rivals my own version, National Association for the Advancement of Censorship and Profiteering…

      • Alexandra

        Negroes Are Always Causing Problems

        • American Tax Payer

          We’d all like to use that but as it stands, the word “negro” is like saying “I have a bomb on this plane”.

          Anyway, what you wrote is Golden! And TRUE! The only time I can recall where blacks were well behaved is when I lived in Virginia and their population was less than a half percent (in my particular town). No black style clothing, no rap music, little crime and no graffiti and certainly never no attacks on White People. I miss that terribly so.

    • American Tax Payer

      Can I use that?

      • ncpride

        Sure. I actually stole it myself from the comments section on the orginal article, because I liked it so much and it’s more fitting and indicative of what NAACP really stands for.

        • American Tax Payer

          I’d bet my house that it is the real name. I mean really, what’s the difference between “advancement” and “against” anyhow when it comes to them? It’s all about “advancing” over us and as far as I’m concerned, it means the same thing since their definition of advancing is to be against us.

    • Derek

      More like Now Apes Are Called People….

    • StillModerated

      Negroes Arguing and Constantly Protesting.
      But my favorite is Negroes Ain’t Always Cocking Pistols.

  • Since this is real life, I doubt the members of this White Girls Club look nothing like that other white girls club, the Pretty Little Liars.
    Yeah, yeah, one of them has a Filipino mom and a Irish/Scots dad, but she looks good enough for “us” to claim her.

    • Extropico

      Hey Cooper, have you read the recent news of the murder of the parachute packer for D.B. Cooper in Washington?

  • DonReynolds

    I have yet to hear of anyone complain about black clubs, black societies, black frats and sorrorities, which we have all seen and heard for decades. Heck there is even black beauty pagents, black radio stations, black tv networks, and all-black theater troups. But ANYTIME there is any white group of any kind… is automatically racist and must be stamped out with vigor and dug up, stick and stem. Why is one racist and the other simply an expression of racial pride? Until the blacks can come up with a good excuse, we need to suspend all scholarship programs for blacks ONLY.

    • edie

      scholarships for blacks only, like affirmative action, is RACIST

  • Rhialto

    I shudder to imagine what would have happened it white male students had formed a White Heterosexual Boys Club. I am sure it would not have been so “gentle”; it would have been swift and brutal by the students and others.

    White female students have some clout, unlike straight white male students that are nailed to the bottom.

    • Siouxsie

      Don’t know about clubs, but as a long-time NJ resident I can assure you that the bottom of the ladder is white women, and particularly, fair haired ones. Nothing like trying to survive in the lower working class with that profile; white males *tend* to just feel alienated at worst, if they even land there but rarely face actual violence. Where is the list of white men murdered, or raped, by blacks they didn’t even know? The only white males who can claim the kind of truly scapegoated status tantamount to certain white women are those who were murdered or maimed in the neo-cons’ genocide, er..I meant, war. There are many martyrs on that list; don’t dishonor their sacrifice, nor that of the martyred fallen white women who suffer under the cult of diversity by exaggerating straight white male suburban suffering, please! It does us no good as a people. On the subject of blonde genocide, I’ll also add that a vastly disproportionate number of white men killed for the neocons – already disproportionate to their number in the population – were our fairhaired northwestern european brothers, mostly from the south and midwest. RIP to all our fallen

    • roger

      I already did that, 50 years ago……….. I was the only active member, but I would take girls for a test ride in the back seat of my old 1960 Valient………

      we all tested heterosexual…….wasn’t very PC but we stuck with it anyway.

      eat your heart out Jason Collins……. or whatever his name is

      • StillModerated

        Too bad he wasn’t a MLB “hero.” We could have made jokes about pitchers and catchers.

  • If the school is only 25% White, doesn’t that make ‘the White girls’ @12.5% the minorities?

  • DonReynolds

    Since when is Facebook, or any other internet social web site, a concern for the local school board or administration or subject to their jurisdiction? No one need be enrolled in school anywhere to have a presence on the internet nor do they need permission from school authorities to participate in an activitiy that is not sponsored by the school.

  • There’s lots of spontaneous sympathy for our arguments in the local community. Follow the link, and read the comments. There are tons of people who comprehend Amren’s central idea, but I doubt they venture far from the mainstream media.
    I wonder what the result would be if a couple of the dedicated Amren commenters made sure to go to the website of stories like this and comment with a suggested link to Amren . These are moments when a little internet activism might go a long way.

    • Siouxsie

      Amren is actually on many sites’ list to get your post deleted it seems to me. Further, I’m going to come out and say this: pro-white sympathies run rampant on internet comments and largely repressed in MSM. However, IQ, class, and gender elitism (both of coddling upper middle class white males and denigrating gays) does not resonate with the white majority so I’d go light on what too many Amren posters pour on pretty heavy. Populist pro-white sentimet works well, but overt racism doesn’t.

      • That may be. I’m not an expert in doing this: I’ve only tried linking to Amren a couple of times.

      • robinbishop34

        “I’d go light on what too many Amren posters pour on pretty heavy. Populist pro-white sentimet works well, but overt racism doesn’t”

        Agreed. I suggested this on counter currents and the moderator flew into me like a wet hen and just deleted every subsequent comment I made. This doesn’t make sense to me at all.

  • Morris LeChat

    The monkeys will just have to get used to it. These are the YOUNG people. The attempt to brainwash them FAILED! The younger generations of whites have no guilt, but they have anger that their birthright is being destroyed and given to others.This is NOT a good sign for the liberal elites nor for the “globalists”

  • “The student also said she feared the situation could get worse.”The students at Franklin High School are angry. I hear the threats that these girls are getting, and the more people continue to not talk about it and sweep things under the rug, (the worse it’s getting),” she said.”

    And I wonder how many of the threats and how much of the hostile enviorment has been caused by irresponsible journalism condeming these girls…
    As others have pointed out, as they represent a small minority in this school, the Whites have the right to form their own groups. They have that right in any event, but never more so than when they are in the minority.

  • Because of our recessive genetic traits, there is an exclusivity about being in the actual White peoples club.
    Mix with any non whites and your descendants are instantly out of the club, for at least a generation or two (providing they avoid the more permanently damaging Bantu DNA).
    Self hating White progressives and non whites hate us for this exclusivity (or ‘privilege?’).

    It has been decided that since most people in the world can’t create off spring worthy of joining the White peoples club in one generation, then there can’t be a White peoples club for anyone.
    There aren’t any other clubs that I want to join though, so is it fair that we get to remain club-less?

  • Ralph

    We Whites have to stop being defensive and apologetic about us and our race.

    We need to demand the inalienable right to associate with or not associate with anyone of our choosing.

    We’re not going to get anywhere being polite. We need to make noise and get in the races of the White haters.

    Gays would not be getting gay marriage if they had remained silent. Blacks would not be getting everything if they had remained silent.

    It is time to shed White politeness. That works in a White society, but fails us in a mixed society.

    And, yes, I practice what I preach and I do it very publicly, but not in an offensive way. I’m actually polite to everyone who is polite to me, but I don’t back down on the principles of White rights. Hopefully other Whites are doing the same.

    • edie

      I never started………

      I’m white and proud………. and feel so fortunate to be smarter than most………..
      hahahaha………….. must be white priviledge

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “and were possibly connected to a male student who was already suspended for allegedly posting racist pictures online.”

    You can be suspended for posting a racist picture online? What is this country coming to? What business is it of the schools’ what type of pictures he likes to post online? As far as I know, being a racist is not illegal (yet).

    • White Mom in WDC

      So what if the girls are racist? So what? If someone wants to post a picture of chimps and liken it to the student body at their school, oh well. Someone has devoted a whole blog page to Sarah Jessica Parker looking like a horse. Various horse pics abound. Oh well.
      Blacks with all their boast and banter need to develop some thick skin. The fact is many black people do have faces that resemble chimps and that is why they are so offended. Hey, the truth hurts,

      Suck it up Black America

  • brengunn

    The worst thing about things like this is that it was probably just a couple of joking tweets by a few girls of a Friday evening and now it has escalated into some kind of racial statement, or even worse some kind of white supremacist statement. Even if it is some kind of club, they have every right to it, should they so wish.

    I really do wish people could stop giving a f**k when it’s not their place to give a f**k.

  • joegoofinoff

    I live in the people republic of new jersey and I can assure you the BOE will do nothing to help White people. If you ever want to see a group of misfits, go to a BOE meeting. They’re the worst members of society. Mark Twain said of them, “First God created idiots, that was for practice. Then he created BOE’s.” He hit the nail on the head with that.

    • White Mom in WDC

      BOE no longer stands for Board of Education, but Board of Edicts. Public education is communism now. The more families pull out of it, the better. Whites must disengage from all institutions of Amurkistan. Banks, civi organizations, and schools. Get your money and efforts into grass roots stuff for whites only. Then the turdheads can’t ride on our coat tails and complain all the time. Screw them.

  • Just about every other minority has their own exclusive, anti-White club–so, what is the problem with Whites organizing to promote their own interests?

    It’s high time that Whites stop being cowards and stand up for their own interests–minorities and liberals are working hard to destroy us.

    • edie

      and once again, part of the insanity is that whites are in actuality, a minority in the world, which, last time I checked, was bigger than the US.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    When you want to unite minorities and keep whites apart from each other, the agenda is clear. Divide and conquer is the strategy. It’s working. Wake up.

  • Andy

    A kid was suspended for posting racist pictures online? They need to sue the school. Schools can’t get away with things like this.

  • guest

    If people don’t have a problem with clubs that are only for blacks, asians, and other non-whites, they shouldn’t have a problem with clubs for whites. Instead, they complain that a whites-only club goes against the diversity they treasure so much. But really, those non-white clubs are just as divisive as they say white clubs are. Black clubs are for blacks only, asian clubs are for asians only, hispanic clubs are only for hispanics, and so on. If people won’t say anything about these clubs, they shouldn’t be complaining about white clubs.

    • edie

      exactly, if they have a problem with it, then they are DISCRIMINATING, which follows that they are RACISTS………


  • bubo

    I’m sure this isn’t a sanctioned school club. So in reality this is a group of friends who happen to be white. And somehow the NAACP thinks they can stop individuals white kids from being friends with each other?

    Are blacks so used to getting their way about everything that this sounds rational to them?

    • rightrightright

      Birds of a feather stick together.

  • Ralph

    When you go to the original article you’ll see lots of comments from weak seed Whites who are apologizing for being White and saying things such as their kids have friends in all races and they’re not racist.

    What scum bags. Hey, weak seed Whites, there are no merit badges for hating yourself for being White and for not wanting to remain White–the reward for that is extinction.

    • edie

      weak seed whites………….. that’s good Ralph………. thanks

      • Ralph

        Feel free to use it…often. It is true.

        • American Tax Payer

          I’m gonna use it too. Especially on those I argue with who claim to be White.

          It reminds of the seeds (food/plants) that don’t germinate. Some “White” People just don’t grow.

          • Sticking with the garden analogy, we also have a lot of us flowers defending the rights of weeds to coexist in our shared garden.

            From Wikipedia
            …..”A “weed” is applied to any plants that grow and reproduce aggressively and invasively”.

            Weeds also have a place is mass extinctions with survival traits similar to the common cockroach..
            …….”The fossil record indicates that after mass extinctions, a weed-dominated planet persists for five to ten million years before life re-diversifies”.

            So diversity is good when the majority is mundane.
            Why does this make me think that the current pro diversity crowd has the “diversity for diversities sake” idea the wrong way around, in that currently we’re adding the mundane to the already diverse White genome?

          • American Tax Payer


            You seem to be trying to separate whereas I do not.

            If you’re for White People and White Culture, you Defend it and with your Life if ya have to but if you’re not, you don’t. It’s Black and White in My World and Grey does not exist.

            wikipedia – I REFUSE to use that as a resource. I only depend on stuff that doesn’t change from time to time according to one’s “feelings” or “knowledge” about it..

          • Pardon me, as I sometimes speak in analogies a little too much, the conversation inspired the thought.

            I was trying to point out the diversity contradiction, in that we Whites are the truly exotic and diverse, with the current so called diverse crowd being anything but.
            Re your views on Wikipedia, I appreciate it has a bias, but like most things in the modern world, you cherry pick out the good and take the rest with a grain of salt.
            I wish I had the conviction to live in a world of complete absolutes like yourself, but I find that reality forces us all to compromise, as no man is an island.

          • American Tax Payer

            I’m sorry. I was drinking last night and by the time I got to your post, I could barely comprehend. MoonShine gets me drunk whereas Beer does not.

            Regarding Wikipedia, I have a severe problem with it because it has “White Supremacist” as an actual word with an actual definition and there is no such thing as “White Supremacist” according to Webster’s Dictionary. It only has Supremacist which says anyone can be one and Racist which also says anyone can be one.

            I do live in a World of Absolute. I’m not a compromiser. I cannot, I will not make room for exceptions for non-whites. White People have every Right to ensure their Survival and they have every Right to have their own Countries too. I can’t change my opinion about this. Perhaps if the non-whites didn’t take over everything under the sun, I’d feel differently but as it stands, all I see is them importing their Ways and their Culture into My Country and I’ve had it.

          • No worries mate, these times would drive any sane person to an escapism of some sort (I have my own), I’m not a nice drunk on the spirits so I’m just a beer guy myself.

            Wikipedia annoys me often too, I often have found articles have been PC spring cleaned to the point of being useless, but as a data base it has some pretty obscure stuff and often I just follow the links they reference to pick up the trail to the less tainted truth. I’m guilty of just lazily using it as a ‘peoples dictionary’ sort of reference tool, in the same way I use youtube, a little slack on my part.

            Finally I agree completely on what you say about our rights, regarding the compromises though, if we didn’t bite our tongues (as we do) we’d all probably end up in jail for acting on our righteous feelings.
            These are frustrating times, keep your head high brother.

          • This a reply to your comment to me that has since been deleted……
            I read on Wikipedia (cough, cough) that moonshine is 100 proof+, that’s some pretty strong stuff.
            I’ve had a few pretty astringent concoctions in my time (mainly in my bachelor days) , but it wasn’t until I had some cheap home brew swell of some sort, that I understood the phrase ‘blind drunk’, because the more I drunk, the more my eyes got squinty until they virtually involuntarily.

            It’s mandatory for every rock cover band that plays is Australasia to know “Steve Earle’s Copperhead road” and that’s about as close as I’ve gotten to genuine Moonshine (i.e not very).

            These days I’m a boringly stable family man now and loving the role.
            It sounds like from your story above, that you and your husband “have each others backs” too, its the basis of a good relationship hey and is a hard thing to find.

            Re the rest of your dramatic story, geez sounds like you’re lucky to be established in your community and I hope ‘your community” doesn’t change any time soon.

            The attitude of the black manager in your story, sounds like she knew that she had the scales racially tip in her favor, no matter what she said or did. It’s not exactly “equality” is it, more like “superiority” (I bet calling her the n-word, would have wound her up to no end {hee hee}, you have to love how blacks have such short fuses).

            Thankfully for you, you had the truth, cameras and live witnesses on your side.
            But what I found disturbing was the amount of resources it sounds like your local police spent investigating this incident, scary.

            It also sounds like your community “knows the realities of different groups” which only comes about from experience.

            I, in the last four years have moved my family away from an ‘invasion area’, to a majority White area.
            Back in the invasion area, what few Whites there were knew the realities too, now I’m in a majority White area, where all my fellow (left leaning) Whites look shocked and disgusted when I mention anything anti multiculturalism, based on my actual experiences.

            I guess it’s easier to be a left’y when it doesn’t cost you anything.
            Again these are frustrating times, keep your head high sister.

          • American Tax Payer

            I never considered myself to be established around here. I’m friends with the cops ’cause I’ve called them complaining about the speeders and just end up talking about all kinds of stuff. We have a lot in common. They’re conservative like me.

            I don’t have a sidewalk or streetlights on my road and it used to be so very quiet but now it’s like a highway and I complain about that. I don’t like people who claim to love the country but the first thing they do is turn it into the exact same city dump they ran from.

            As for the black woman, they didn’t like her because she lied not to mention, she wasn’t from here. If I had done what she claimed, I’m sure I would’ve been charged ’cause you can be friends with the cops but you can’t break the Law.

            As for the resources, in America, if you call the cops about anything, they have to, by Law, investigate. It’s not their fault.

            Yeah, my Husband is my Best Friend and I’m Blessed to have him. He’s Great! He’s from Germany and his Family, before the War, was from Prussia. I attached a picture showing where his Mother was born and raised before the Mongolians/Russians came along and forced them out. That horse statue now sits in the War Museum of Russia. Sadly, the jews get back everything and money that they’re not even owed but Germans who weren’t even involved, get nothing back.

            I don’t know what my community thinks in terms of race but everyone I’ve ever spoken to doesn’t like the changes.

            I’m glad to hear you have a family. I never could have children so it’s up to the rest of y’all to make sure our race survives. And family life is not boring! It’s Great!

            As for your Town, you should take any one of your friends there to a restaurant in a non-white area without telling them you’re gonna do that and just point out all the trash and Third World Culture they import. ‘Hey, look at that!’ kind of stuff.

            As for MoonShine, it should be at least 110 or higher.

          • American Tax Payer

            Let’s try that again…

            Dear Amren, how come I can’t upload a picture?

          • Disqus just released some new downgrades. The only benefit is that the default font is somewhat larger. But if you’re having uploading a photo using the upload tool, just post the photo’s URL (if it’s on the WWW) in your comment.

          • American Tax Payer

            Let’s see here:

            It won’t work. It’s not a “web” picture. The picture I want to post is of my Mother-in-Law’s Childhood Home. It’s a personal photo uploaded from a scan from the picture. It’s the Soder/Heidenreich Estate.

          • American Tax Payer

            Now what happened to my post?

          • American Tax Payer

            What’s going on?

          • Ralph

            As a garden metaphor, I prefer to think of a nation as something like a Rose Garden. At the entrance is a big sign that reads “Rose Garden.” Over the years, the roses have mostly been replaced by petunias so that there are few roses left. However, the sign remains. And now, the petunias claim that they are roses because they live in a place called the Rose Garden.

            This example makes more sense in Great Britain where all the darkies from around the planet are moving there and saying they are British.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I don’t ‘get it’. What does ‘weak seed Whites’ mean? I’ve read ‘weak kneed’ but never ‘weak seed’.

      • Ralph

        It’s a term I use to describe the type of Whites who will start every sentence with “Im not a racist….” and similar things, and who apologize for being White or who are afraid to be White or who are alienated from their essential Whiteness that comes from their DNA. It also includes White miscegenationists and all who lack proper White consciousness.

        Think of two plant seeds where one produces a weak and fragile sprout that looks half dead while the other produces a vigorous sprout that, if sprouts could talk, would say: “Here I am, this is my world, I belong here and I like myself and my kind.”

  • JohnEngelman

    Liberals claim to be in favor of free expression. They are only really in favor of American flag desecration, blasphemy, and pornography.

    • American Tax Payer

      How come, every once in a Blue Moon, you sound alright but when it comes to asians, you’re completely unreasonable?

      Tell me Mr. John, are you Asian? It’s okay if ya are, I just want to know The Truth.

      By the way, you left out White People. Liberals AND Democrats and now Republicans/Conservatives too, are against White People and Our Culture too.

      • JohnEngelman

        Orientals tend to have characteristics I admire. These include superior intelligence, obedience to the law, and sexual responsibility. How is it unreasonable for me to admire them?

        BTW, on several occasions I have said that I am a Nordic and an Episcopalian.

        • American Tax Payer

          “you admire”… Like I said before, can I buy you a ticket?

          super intelligence – Is that why they COPY EVERYTHING White People have?

          obedience – Yeah right. That’s why, when it comes to crime, Asia, like all the other Non-White Countries rank FIRST in crime? ALL crime I’m talking ’bout here. ALL OF IT! Slavery, Fraud, Murder, Molestation, ALL OF IT!

          sexual responsibility – Okay, you’re asian. Only an asian would deny the most PROVABLE FACT there is.

          unreasonable – It’s “unreasonable” BECAUSE, you REFUSE to acknowledge the Truth about your own people. I’m not here to say all asians commit but, I am here to try to get you to admit that your asians are not so innocent after all.

          I’m American and “We” DEMAND Truth be Told.

          • JohnEngelman

            I could quote Professor Rushton and Jared Taylor to prove you wrong. I have done so many times before.

          • American Tax Payer

            Dear Little John,

            I’ll finsih tpwmmor as mas a The Moon Shiww hAS gortwwn hr bwytwe 9 me/

            I’ll nw be bck, I;m aorry.

          • American Tax Payer

            Oh please!

            I don’t believe for a second that Mr. Rushton or Mr. Taylor puts asians ahead of us. If they choose to go by numbers that aren’t true (asians cheat) regarding IQ, that’s their right to do so but I don’t believe they actually believe it.

          • a multiracial individual

            “Anyone with any sense knows that on average, East Asians are smarter than Whites.”

            – Jared Taylor.

          • American Tax Payer

            Then I have no “sense”.

            If Taylor believes asians are smarter, then how come he hasn’t proved that everything that has been invented by White People was actually invented by asians?

            I sure hope you don’t use the phone or the Post Office and you shouldn’t be Free neither since that stuff came from White Men. Or did that come from asians?

            You better not have a gun neither ’cause that too came from White Men or was it from asians?

            You better not have an automobile neither since that was invented by White Men or did the asians come up with that one too?

            You better not use antibiotics neither ’cause that’s a White Man Invention too or did they steal that from asians?

            Shall I go on?

          • a multiracial individual

            I’m not sure what your beef is. The data shows that the AVERAGE East Asian male is slightly more intelligent than the AVERAGE White male. That is all. That speaks nothing of how wide or narrow the distribution is. Whites may have flatter distribution which would produce more geniuses (and morons). This is possible explanation.

          • American Tax Payer

            The “data”. When you start acknowledging the REAL Data, the data that shows and unequivocally so, how much the asians cheat, then we’ll talk.

            Or, you could LEAVE us dumb White Folk and go live in any asian Country of your choice that is filled with those so-called “higher intelligent” asians of yours.

            It’s always the same with you people. You DARE to say Third World Aliens are smarter than White Folk but where do you live? That’s right, you’re so stupid, you insist on living around dumb White People. You people are the phoniest of them all.

          • David Ashton

            “Many times” indeed.
            Now quote them on ethnic kinship.

          • JohnEngelman

            Professor Rushton does not discuss ethnic kinship. Jared Taylor says that people enjoy the company of those who are like them. That is why I enjoy the company of Jews, Chinese, and people from India.

          • American Tax Payer

            So it is True. You’re only here to agitate.

          • Katherine McChesney

            S.E. Asians steal inventions from the U.S. They have no respect for the legality of copyrights and patents. They aren’t more intelligent because they don’t invent anything. They just take our inventions and alter them to sell them cheaply.

          • American Tax Payer

            And Secrets. I can’t believe, that for all the theft through all the years, this “Government” of ours still allows those enemies of ours to not only live here, but allows them to work in our most sensitive areas. Not to mention the Corporations. They too have been a victim many a time too.

            I believe it’s all on purpose. “Americans” (they’re not American to me) can be so stupid. I’ll never forget when some idiot told me that he was glad that Americans are searched before they’re allowed to enter a venue (they actually make you open your purse/coat so they can look inside it) and you can no longer bring in a bag of goodies for yourself neither because it made him feel safe. What a Moron and a Traitor. Needless to add, he was fine with the Airports Violating our Rights too.

            Remember those mudlims who sued and won, the airport who dared to have a problem with them when they laid down on the floor and prayed to their allah before boarding? Yeah, that’s okay but it’s not okay for Americans to be allowed to have their Freedoms.

            Instead of learning about the real threat, he found it right to take away the Right of Americans to be Free from Illegal Search and Seizure. And people still believe this is the Real America.

        • American Tax Payer

          I missed your “claim” at the bottom of your post. I reckon I sipped just a bit too much last night…

          I don’t believe you Little John. Not even Michael whatshisface, Scott I think it is, not even he defends asians the way you do and he’s married to one.

          • Eve

            No but MSC will endlessly attack white women on behalf of the jews. I think he should be banned from this site frankly. I heartily disagree with JohnE’s views but he remains civil and does not try to personally provoke people, nor call people who disagree with his stance on jews and asians bigots, to the best of my knowledge.

          • American Tax Payer

            I don’t read Michael Scott’s or John’s posts for the most part so I’ve never seen that.

            John may not call people “bigots” out right but he is always saying White People are second class with all his pro-asian posts. He refuses to acknowledge any Truth about them just like he did with his post to me this time and, he lies.

            He actually dared to say asians practice sexual responsibility when it’s known to everyone, just how prevalent sex slavery is over there. And the part about obeying the law. Fraud, which is illegal, Asia is the number one offender. And the intelligence part too. Take out all the cheating and they’re not so smart after all but John won’t admit to the cheating neither. Even China admits it but not John.

    • rollo clevich

      On some other recent thread you said that the US is “free and democratic.”

  • Ralph

    Man, I’m getting really fed up with White haters and weak seed Whites setting up the premise that having all White groups is bad. Reject the premise. Don’t play their game. And, the way you reject the premise is to simply say to them, “I reject your premise. It is perfectly fine for Whites to have their own clubs and groups and organizations, and those who don’t like it prove by their dislike that they are anti-White.”

    Look folks, we Whites don’t have to go begging, hat in hand, to be allowed to be with our fellow Whites,and those of us who choose to not be around non-Whites also have that right.

    There’s a saying in law: Those who sit on their rights, lose their rights.

    We Whites have been sitting on our rights too long. We must demand them.

    • Ralph

      Further explanation: Read the comments in the orignal article and also the way it is written and you’ll see that what is being done,in part, is to make a series of self-reinforcing statements that cannot be disproved because they depend on the assumption that they are already correct.

      Thus, the assumption is that having White groups is bad. And, then the school board and some parents and the writer of the article march down that path, without questioning that assumption.

      This is a classic fallacy.

  • Bobbala

    The first thing I thought of was a bunch of heroin addicts after the newly desegregated georgia prom.

    I never suspected free expression …

  • MBlanc46

    What some high school girls did is “pulling Franklin apart in some really horrible ways”? A lot of people in Franklin seem to have far too much time on their hands.

    • Morris LeChat

      It is just the black people who are pulling their nappy hair out because white people spoke their mind

      • MBlanc46

        That sounds like it, all right.

  • August West

    Shhh! White folks are not allowed to be disgruntled. Accept your daily existence and be quiet.

    • Biff_Maliboo


      We must remain gruntled at all times.

  • Cid Campeador

    It’s finally happening. These kids have seen through all the BS that they’ve been fed since elementary school. This will eventually grow .

  • guest

    One Franklin High School student spoke about the climate at the high school, saying that some black people have stopped talking to white people altogether because they assume the white students are part of the White Girls Club

    Uh, I’m sure these white girls would be grateful if black males would stop talking to them, but that will never happen.

    I’m glad there is a white girls club. This article gives me some hope, along with other recent articles here about young whites who are not on board with the program. Maybe the upcoming generation will not be burdened with the madness that their parents believed in the 1960s.

    • Who Me?

      “Maybe the upcoming generation will not be burdened with the madness that their parents believed in the 1960s.”

      This is 2013. These are high school girls, The college students of the 1960’s would have been their grandparents. Not disagreeing with you, but just sayin”.

  • Room101

    The 1st Amendment doesn’t apply to “racists”, to White-people, to Christians, to taxpayers.

    Every institution of society throughout the West is at war with normal White people and is dedicated to our extinction, eradication, extermination, or Vernichtung if you will.

  • NYB

    When Black History Month or MLK worship is in everyone’s face there’s no talk of “de-escalation” or the “seriousness of the situation”. Never mind that blacks can get away with saying whatever they want in private.

    All the concern is with dragging these white girls out to be shamed and then to completely break their spirits. It’s a symbolic lynching to purify the politically correct bullies.

  • Room101

    Hate Crime of the Century!

    More young White kids discover early that the whole system considers them and their parents and their whole background the Enemy.

    More and more people are coming around every day…

  • MikeS

    …..”—were posting “racially insensitive comments and photos” on social media sites,”…..
    That’s it? They’re bitching about comments and photos? They even bring in the president of the New Brunswick branch office of the NAACP for this? Wait a minute; the NAACP-POS has a branch office in New Brunswick!?!? These blacks get more riled up about “racially insensitive comments and photos” than Whites do about getting robbed, raped and murdered by blacks. JFC, where’s a good coma when you need one?

  • concernedcollegekid

    The school is only 25% white and 47% black. These girls are a minority in a school where half the student body is a more aggressive, ruder, and generally more dangerous race than they are. Yet still if they try to stick together as a group, it is considered evil. It is “hate”. Imagine how screwed whites will be if when the country is 25% white, we still are not allowed to organize as a group. Scary.

  • freddy_hills

    “This is really pulling Franklin apart in some really horrible ways.

    A facebook page is tearing Franklin apart???

    ”The students at Franklin High School are angry. I hear the threats that these girls are getting, and the more people continue to not talk about it and sweep things under the rug, (the worse it’s getting),” she said.

    The only action Franklin needs to take is to address the threats directed at the students during school. What students do on their private facebook pages when they’re not at school is none of their business.

  • August West

    I bes from ta git muh dhick on ain sheeit. Dis clubs is racciss.

  • SoCal LoCal

    So at FHS it is blacks against the rest. I will bet dollars to donuts that all the “racism” of “The White Girls Club” is directed at blacks. We may even find some Hispanics or Asians were involved with the site.

    • libertarian 1234

      I think you’re right on.
      The reporter on this story is a mind-numbed politically correct zombie who has been too propagandized to understand anything but what she has been repetitiously hammered into believing, so she’s not going to go to the Asians and Hispanics.
      If she did, she would more likely than not learn they dislike blacks as much as these white girls do, because black savages harass all races, not just whites.

  • IKantunderstand

    Personally, I am so excited that a group like this exists at a high school, I can’t begin to express my joy! Wow, despite all the racist propaganda these children must have been subjected to during their school lives, yet, they are fighting back. Why? Could it be because, being confronted daily with chimp behavior, they are no longer enjoying their kool-aid? Support these girls. (I sincerely hope what I’ve read is correct). Anytime Whites fight back against the establishment, they should be heralded. They should be celebrated, and if appropriate, supported monetarily. If we are incapable of mounting an armed (just kidding) insurrection, then we should focus on minor skirmishes. Pathetic, I know, but what choice do we have? Personally, I’m waiting for a charismatic leader. Someone with a fire in their belly! Who out there can do this? You must have the passion and commitment of Joan of Arc. Be willing to die for this cause. I know I’m sounding melodramatic, but I believe fervently that that is the level of commitment necessary to achieve our goals. Mr. Taylor, any suggestions?

  • A. Windaus

    Just because *some* members of this group have made remarks that other people don’t like doesn’t mean that *other* members in this group should be painted with the same brush. It’s guilt by association, which everyone in a free society should find morally repulsive.

  • ograf

    Oh my God, Don’t tell me that we have White girls that have friends that are White girls, and they share common interests and bonds, and things that other groups may not be interested in, re: make up, hair stuff, female stuff, boy stuff among a million other things that they don’t need the wisdom or council of any minorities. Whites wanting to be among their own kind. This is clearly the start of fascist groups of these girls murdering and lynching and not wanting to date tryone m. doofus because he is a black basketball player. How can this be?

    I can clearly see that no good will come of this. Next thing you know they will all be having White babies and thinking about living their lives in peace. This must be Stopped !!!!

    • Angry White Woman

      This “terrible” White Girl’s Club MUST be stopped immediately–why they probably even encouraged each other not to “date” the black gentlemen in their classes. Told each other this was okay, or maybe even a good thing! How horrible, wrong and…and…even…racist! They can’t be allowed to get away with that. Think how much harder it will be to gang rape them if blacks can’t even get them in a car alone! (Okay, Sarc/off)

  • rightrightright

    The black woman sees that the white girls were “not remorseful”. There is something threatening, I feel, in her observation. There are ways to impose the appearance of remorse which do not include the European art of sweet reason.

    Look after your white daughters tomorrow, America.

    • libertarian 1234

      Good lord I pity the poor whites who have to go to school with these mindless savages who are too dim-witted to understand anything of any value.

      Their primitive black sensors are tuned up full volume in order to pick up the slightest sign of disrespect even if it is imaginary. And they’re too dumb to differentiate between the two.

      The white girls OBVIOUSLY started their club due to the abuse and anti-white racism from the primitives who probably constantly harass them on a daily basis.

      It’s a form of protection for them which is enraging the black abusers who want them defenseless, just as the Eloi were against the Morlocks in Wells’ The Time Machine.

  • Barrack Osama

    Forced integration doesn’t work.

  • William Allingham

    why is it that no matter how wrong….. blacks and hispanics behavior is always seen with compassion and excused as if it were unconscious but when whites express their discontent they are met not even with the slightest sign of empathy.

    what if whites are on average suited to live with other whites only (at least it would make sense evolutionarily speaking), what if this is part of our being, then would not be cruel to attack us for that?

    to call us racists is analogous to if for example they started to label Asiatic in a derogatory way as “dwarves”. Imagine this situation: We have programs that encourage Asiatic to get taller, because we are sure that their height is something voluntary so anyone who rejects the programs is a nasty “dwarf”, all Asiatic problems would be solved if they decided to be taller because we (the rest of the world) are taller and we don’t want them to have anything unique that doesn’t conforms to our traits that we consider to be superior.

    not only cruel but sick, right?

    white people are on average, racially conscious and prefer the company of whites so to call us racist is as wrong as to call a children stupid when he cannot accomplish professional tasks or to beat a dog because it cannot speak.

    it has come the time in which we have to stand up for ourselves, we have to learn to love our race as we are (instead of trying to change ourselves) an accept that we are unique and that there is nothing wrong with that.

    liberals pushing us to deny our race are being more oppressing than a mother who because she wanted a girl she raises her boy as a woman.

  • rollo clevich

    Where’s all that “freedom” that commenter Engleman says we have in the USA? Unless you’re a homeless derelict living in a cardboard box -or a professor with tenure-we only have the freedom to spout the govt approved line on everything.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Oh, for Heaven’s sake! High school students form every sort of clique imaginable. That 100 “community members” – likely very few of whom are parents of students at Franlkin – would work themselves into a tizzy over this is simply evidence of the ongoing infantilization of so-called “adults” in the United States.

    “I’m offended at (insert harmless activity here), so the whole world has to come to a screeching halt” represents the accession of narcissism as the dominant ethos in society.
    Keep at it, folks; with some creativity and sufficient practice, I have every confidence that you can make an even more ridiculous spectacle of yourselves!

  • Our God is not a respecter of persons. If you’re good, God knows, if you’re evil, God knows.

    However Our God never thought being separate from other people a bad thing.

    “And ye shall be holy unto me: for I the LORD am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be mine.”
    Another reason the unreasonable want to keep the Bible out of the classroom.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Everyone on the earth is good and evil. We all sin. None of us are wholly good. No one is perfect except for Jesus Christ.
      God created races. The black race comes from the Tribe of Ham. It is believed that Ham raped his father while he was in a drunk state.

    • American Tax Payer

      Where is that? Please give me the Book, Chapter and Verse please! I need that for debating my Godless kids over at my favored website.

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        That would be Leviticus 20:26: and we’re both working from the KJV—“And ye shall be holy unto me: for I the LORD am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be mine.”

        But also compare Numbers 23:9: “For from the top of the rocks I see him, and from the hills I behold him: lo, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.”

        • American Tax Payer

          I know nothing about the Bible so I must know where Verses come from so I can read before and after so as to try to grasp onto the True Meaning of said Verse(s). Same applies to any piece of information I git. I just have to know what comes before and after for it is the only way I can find meaning if there is any to be found at all.

          Thank You.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      That would be Leviticus 20:26: and we’re both working from the KJV—“And ye shall be holy unto me: for I the LORD am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be mine.”

      But also compare Numbers 23:9: “For from the top of the rocks I see him, and from the hills I behold him: lo, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.”

  • Q-ship

    I am teaching my three beautiful white children to be proud of their Northern European heritage.

    • Ralph

      Good! It all starts with each of us individuals doing the right thing in every way we can and not waiting for the weak seeds among us to wake up–which may never happen en masse.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    It all depends on what school you go to. A long, LONG, time ago, at a certain well-known Ivy League School in Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 (I won’t say which one to avoid embarrassing the guilty), I was a member of a “secret society” of men who got sick of the oppressions of academic left-leaning anti-European Feminism which we called “the Dead White Males’ Fellowship of Philosophers, Poets, Scientists, and Scholars (DWMF-PPSS).” We didn’t have a website—actually, it was before anyone had heard of such things—these problems have been around for a while, you know…..

    • You might be underestimating the significance of this (admittedly minor) story. It’s necessary to distinguish between your club, a cultured clique, reminiscent of Oxbridge toffs, and their club, a post-modern mass phenomenon. The latter has more political potential because this is an age of extreme populism. It is also somewhat novel because, in spite of the recently increased intensity of propaganda in the PC-system, the girls acted in a manner contrary to stereotypical white adolescents. One can see an analogy between them and the Towson student union and also France’s movement, Génération Identitaire

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        I didn’t mean to be underestimating the significance of the story. I strongly support the Towson White Student’s group and France’s Identitaire movement. I suppose I was just saying that such groups have been around for a long time, and that they respond to similar social pressures. I hope that their club is a “mass phenomenon” but I’m not sure that it sounds very “massive” to me. But in no way did I mean to belittle their accomplishment or bravery to go against the PC Crowd.

  • Sick of it

    “saying that some black people have stopped talking to white people
    altogether because they assume the white students are part of the White
    Girls Club”

    The above is a bald-faced lie. Non-whites group together and exclude others on a regular basis, sometimes even when you’re very nice to them. It’s all about race/tribe for them.

  • Funruffian

    I remember back in the 1970’s my dad would take us to the USC Trojans Football games at the Coliseum in LA. I remember vividly those luscious and shapely cheerleaders most of who were blonde. I thought they were the prettiest girls. Those bodies in their cute little skirts, great legs, songleader fleeces and that wholesome beauty that we almost never see anymore. Thaat was until 1978 when they added a Black girl to the squad. So now we had 11 barbie doll types and a Black sistuh. I never said anything bad, but I knew she just looked so out of place amongst these blonde babes. I was in the 5th grade and I brought my friend from school with me. As we were oogling the pretty cheerleaders, the best part of the game, he noticed the Black girl and grimaced. ‘She’s ugly”, he uttered to me. I agreed with him, but in my heart I knew it was wrong to be judgemental. Since then I have never seen or herd of another Black girl being a part of the USC songleader squad. I guess it didn’t work out the first time.

  • Maria

    Racism is alive and well in the United States by all not just by whites. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, white, black, red, yellow, they are are just colors. The African American community uses black as a title such as Miss Black America, The Black Entertainment Television, Black Caucus, etc. In all fairness if we had a Miss White American, or the Yellow Caucus, or Red Entertainment Television etc, I can imagine the outcry. I don’t mind the clubs named after a certain culture, such as the Asian Club, The Latino Club, etc. branding your group as a color yet crying fowl if someone else does the same thing is illogical. By doing so, you are also racists and branded hypocrites. If you want to eliminate racism quit using a color to represent your culture.