New Details in the Melinda McCormick Murder

WEAR TV, April 9, 2013

We have new details on what happened to a Pensacola woman who was found inside a burning apartment.

Escambia County deputies have released the results of the autopsy. The autopsy shows 33-year-old Melinda McCormick was brutally beaten with three different weapons, and then her home was set on fire. This weekend, three people were arrested for McCormick’s death. Gregory Williams, Keisha Pugh, and Anthony Pressley are all charged with first degree murder and armed robbery.


{snip} The sheriff says the autopsy pictures are the worst he has ever seen. Investigators say Melinda McCormick let the suspects inside her home because she knew all three of them. Gregory Williams was her boyfriend, but she had no idea what they had planned.

A crime so heinous it brings tears to Serena Semkoff’s eyes. Investigators say her neighbor, Melinda McCormick was beaten by a hammer, crow bar and a lead pipe, and then the suspects set her sheets on fire to try and destroy the body, but left the hammer behind.


What were they after? Investigators say it was a plot to steal McCormick’s social security benefits.


State Attorney, Bill Eddins, also says it was fueled by hate. One of the suspects says he did it because he hated white people.

Bill Eddins “That aspect should be evaluated as heinous atrocious and cruel and that will be used to see whether or not we seek the death penalty….”

It was the surveillance video at the apartments that led investigators to the three suspects. Deputies say all three admitted to the crime. They also told deputies McCormick was begging them to stop. {snip}


[Editor’s Note: A video report of this story is available at the original article link below.]

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  • libertarian 1234

    She let them in because she knew them and one of them was her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend?

    When are whites going to learn not to associate with savages?

    • So CAL Snowman

      When the TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers start to tell the truth about black crime and dysfunction and stop promoting race mixing between Whites and blacks . . . so never or until we kill the media.

    • Bobby

      Let’s be honest. The majority of whites have never learned the lessons of their own expereinces– illegal immigration and aggressive third worlders who are going to be amnestied my the millions, followed by chain migration of millions more, getting rid of traitorous polticians, that represent every conceivable entity but those who vote for them or simply trusting things that their own eyes and ears tell them not to trust, it doesn’t matter, they are hopeless.

      • America First

        Traitors like Chuck Schumer should never be forgotten. His name should resound as that of Benedict Arnold. I believe he hates this country almost as much as Obama.

        • gemjunior

          Schmucky Chucky doesn’t care about what’s good for the descendants of the white Christian people who built this country. He actually asks himself a different question when he makes a move: “Is it good for the _________?”
          fill in the blank.
          a) Muslims
          b) Catholics
          c) Jews
          d) Hindus

          • The answer is C.

          • America First

            You forgot to add “e) illegal Hispanic invaders”

    • Garrett Brown

      Not any time soon friend.

    • White Mom in WDC

      I agree with you. You know I have associated with blacks in the past as I was young etc and I taught in the city. Um, was never attracted to a black man though. I find them gross. Now I have serious negro fatigue

      • Greg Thomas

        Please stay tired my friend.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        I hope you share stories like this with your children. I know it’s gruesome, but they need to be conditioned to be on high alert around Africans.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      I think white men know this. More like “When are white WOMEN going to learn?”. All this hippie, black worship, let me prove how non-racist I am is an epidemic for white women.

      • Morris LeChat

        I think the coal burners are the least intelligent of the white polulation. What happens when they burn coal is that our heard gets culled of the dulled, and if they happen to reproduce, it doesn’t add much to the black herd.

    • Conrad

      Another good example of the Neanderthal Option. Good riddance.

  • The__Bobster

    Stupid coalburners get what they deserve. They must believe the magic negro myth.

    If you tried to set her straight, you know she would’ve sicced these savages on you.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “One of the suspects says he did it because he hated white people.”
    I wonder if that makes it a hate crime. Probably not.

    • Katherine McChesney

      It may determine whether they get the death penalty.

    • Easyrhino1

      Not according to Atty-Gen Eric (my people) Holder.

    • gemjunior

      Only white people commit hate crimes. According to Eric Holder, hate crime protection laws only exist to protect “historically disadvantaged groups”. Makes sense from the standpoint of traditional negro stupidity – why worry about something happening now when you can worry about something that happened a long time ago and is utterly in the past and completely different now?

  • Ulick

    “Gregory Williams was her boyfriend… Melinda McCormick was beaten by a hammer, crow bar and a lead pipe, and then the suspects set her sheets on fire to try and destroy the body,”

    As we know, there’s a disproportionate amount of white women who date black men that end up abused or killed. And, once again, we see the pattern where a black man commits extreme overkill of his white girlfriend — with a hammer, crowbar, lead pipe, and fire. In that instance the black man is filled with rage for not only that woman, but that woman as a symbol for all whites. Couple that with a greater black tendency toward vilence and sadism, and you get extreme overkill.

    • haroldcrews

      If you have a family member who dates a Black person disown them. The life you save may be your own or another loved one. Be sure to tell family members of the consequences of their actions before they enter into any such relationship. You may very well be saving his or her life as well.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Indeed, there has been in increase in blacks killing their girlfriend’s parents on family. Welcome to South Africa.

      • Morris LeChat

        yup, just like amputating an limb with gangrene, you cut them out of your life. Fortunately for us, this one didn’t have a chance to create any half breed offspring.

    • Morris LeChat

      Black men just consider this kind of thing ‘for-play”

    • dhs

      Women know that black sex is worth a few cuts and bruises. The percent of women who are killed or seriously injured by black “sexual partners” is low, and probably less then the percent of white men who are killed or injured in the FedGov’s wars. Actually I think that the danger that accompanies sex with black men makes black sex even better.

  • Bill

    Those gaps are Official Obama Border Stations.

    • stewardofthemystery

      Wrong thread chief…

  • tightwad

    Is there a website that keeps a running record of whites murdered by them? Going back as
    Many years as possible? I need to start forwarding same to people to need to get this
    Information. thanks.

    • America First

      These are not speculative: they’re all taken right from the news. The numbers are astounding, and the sad thing is that the cumulative effect and meaning is not even mentioned by anyone int he press or the electronic media.

      • CharlesFinley

        Thank you for that.

  • pcmustgo

    Maybe Gregory, the ex-boyfriend, was trying to prove his love to his new girlfriend, Kiesha…

    • Luca

      They are not capable of love.

      • pcmustgo

        Do you really mean this for all Blacks? Some seem to really love their children… I know not the ghetto, thuggish, psychopathic ones, but yeah.

        Do you care to explain? I’m just curious…

        • pcmustgo

          I agree Blacks do have a hard time loving , at least on average, when compared to whites. I’m just curious in how you think their minds work.

          Another commentor on amren stated Blacks are not capable of friendship.

          Do you think Blacks process all this stuff differently?

          I do not think all of them are psychopaths. But they have much, much higher rates of psychopathology in comparison to whites. There are some that love their children a lot.

          • pcmustgo

            I myself have known far, far, far too many black psychopaths and narcissists in life.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty
          • bayouboy

            Listen carefully and repeat after me: INBREEDING.
            It’s because of a very high rate of INBREEDING. No one ever talks about it, but has gone on for centuries in deep dark africa, and continues here in the U.S. to this day. A lot of it is from the high number of rapes within their race (fathers raping daughters, uncles raping neices, brothers and sisters, auntee and neffew, grandpaws….you get the picture).
            Inbreeding can very much also be a cause of low IQ’s among blacks, but they seem to keep wanting to blame things on lead based paint!

          • gemjunior

            Too bad all paint is made lead free these days… but I did hear that black women eat dirt from their yards, and in some cases have their families in the south send them dirt/soil in a box so they can chew on that. I know it sounds crazy but I read it in a book about Pica, which is a behavior exhibited by some women, usually pregnant, who feel driven to eat wird things like chalk and dirt.

          • Melanie

            Also laundry detergent. I remember this from visits to my grandparents in the rural south many many years ago. The blacks, and poor whites, would eat laundry detergent when pregnant, apparently (unconsciously) trying to get some mineral supplement which they were lacking. It manifested tself in strange food cravings.

          • a multiracial individual

            Inbreeding helped the Jews didn’t it?

          • Morris LeChat

            no, breeding with high IQ norther Europeans did. The sephardic Jews are no brighter than the other middle easterners

          • Luca

            Actually I believe it is in their DNA. They have the oldest (most primitive) Haplogroup (L) of maternal DNA appearing 150,000 years ago. More modern mutations appeared at more recent intervals, some as recent as around 10,000 years ago.

            Because of so many mutations Caucasians and Asians have lost all traces of African mtDNA. They really are a separate race.

            I believe when anthropologists study Africans in Africa, they are studying a primitive stone-age species.

            Who knows, maybe primitive man had a higher degree of violence, less intelligence, stronger muscles, thicker bones, less civilized culture, less reasoning skills, etc. Who knows? Maybe we mutated to accommodate a race with higher intelligence. I am simply speculating. But I’ll bet I’m in the ballpark.

          • Morris LeChat

            they are a separate SPECIES, not a separate race. The latest research shows they have DNA from a hominid that human beings don’t have. In other words, a race of apelike creatures that are not in the human family tree is in the negro family tree. They really are a different species.

          • Bill

            I’d say their low IQ begins at the beginning. Blacks have NEVER shown ANY ability to create and build a true civilization, invent a single thing, nor have any grasp of esoteric or abstract thought. No matter how far back you go in history. I don’t believe the low IQ comes from inbreeding. I believe it is they way they always were. They were meant to be a servant people, or left to their own murderous devices in their own habitat. The worst thing this country ever did to itself was bringing them here at all. The second worst thing we did to ourselves was letting them REMAIN here after The Great Ape emancipated them.

          • Morris LeChat

            Truer words have never been spoken

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Perhaps. R-style breeding is pretty brutal and not so concerned with the relationship of the breeding partner.

            I’m more interested, however, in those as yet unidentified non-modern human markers recently found in Bantu genetics that may go as far back as 335,0000 years, indicating something far older than Neanderthal DNA. I suspect it will one day be confirmed to have been some form of Homo Erectus and found to be more prevalent in the Bantu than scraps of Neaderthal DNA in Eurasians.

            Perhaps I’m wrong, but awaiting the verdict of Science.

          • a multiracial individual

            These people do not know what they are talking about. No race has a monopoly on any behavior. Similarly, no race is entirely absent in any human behavior. Race realism accepts different averages, that is all.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Black males aged 15 to 30 in the US commit violent crimes at a per capita rate 23.6 times higher than people outside their race, age and sex demographic. This gross discrepancy is not merely a “different average”.

          • a multiracial individual

            Of course, it is. Although I will admit it is a very disturbing gap. What can be done to ensure that the other 66% of Black males that are not criminals enjoy some semblance of “normal interaction” with society.

          • kjh64

            The other 66% of Black males need to start slamming all of the Black males commiting crimes and giving them a bad name instead of covering for them and yelling racism when people are more suspicious of them in unknown situations. Black men need to start rasing their kids instead of dumping them and allowing them to go feral, Black men need to step up and work to solve the problems in their own communities.

          • Morris LeChat

            you are wrong. The white race has a rate of interracial rape that is ZERO!!!! They also have ZERO instances of white men raping and beating elderly black women. Black men on the other hand, have high rates of raping white women and an astounding phenomenon of young black males raping elderly white women and beating them. This is not a difference of “averages”. This is a PROFOUND difference between the races where a behavior that is common to one race is totally absent in the other race. If one scrutinizes black behavior, one will find many behaviors and thought practices that are common to them but totally absent in the white population. White people just do not kill people for sneakers for instance.

          • a multiracial individual

            1. In most DOJ stats, 0 means less than ten instances. They just convicted a white kid, and his black buddy, for raping a black girl.

            2. Your Rhodesia point is uncompelling. Rhodesia simply could have fell apart because most blacks plan poorly, and there was not enough bright ones to clean up the mess.

          • Morris LeChat

            Sorry, you have no rebuttal. The zero in the DOJ statistics is an absolute number. In most years there is absolutely no instances of white men raping blacks women. Also, I believe that the rape you are talking about, was of a white girl. So you have nothing.

            My point about Rhodesia is compelling, you just do not wish to accept it, even though you go on to validate it with the rest of your sentence.

          • Morris LeChat

            yes, they function differently than whites, completely and totally differently. The problem most white people have when dealing with blacks is that they project their own mentality on blacks. It takes a bit of time for a white person to realize that blacks are completely and utterly different than white people. The realization of what they in fact are is rather unsettling too, so many liberals can not face the harsh reality of blackness, they therefore try all sorts of maneuvers to pretend it isn’t real. Usually those maneuvers involve vilifying other whites who voice what they know to be true about blacks but can not face. They would rather think that some whites are evil than think such monsters as black people are a reality. Do you understand the significance of that idea? To white liberals, the reality of what black people really are is many times more horrible than a white person that is “hateful”. Liberals are just a bunch of scared children, hiding in the closet when the house is on fire. Race realists are the ones climbing out the window to escape being burned alive.

        • Garrett Brown

          I think he just means the majority aren’t capable of being committed to one individual etc

        • IstvanIN

          They really do not love in the same way we do, or the Asians for that matter. They do not have a history of romantic love like the Europeans. They do not really love their children. They “love” babies like a little girl loves a doll or a cat loves its kittens, but after a certain point the black child is just another member of the “crib”. When one of theirs dies they hoot and holler and put on a big show and then it is over. Ever see chimps get all wound up and start a ruckus, and then it is over? I am not using that example to be mean, but because it fits.

          Their psychology is very, very different from European psychology. Sometimes I think we whites have anthropomorphized blacks way too much.

          • robinbishop34

            Here is an essay written by a liberal schoolteacher from a Philadelphia school district. He talks very candidly about his many years in an inner city school district. He mentions was that he never witnessed any romantic tendencies in black students like he had seen with the white kids. It was all about sex.


          • Morris LeChat

            This is an EXCELLENT link, thank you so much.

          • robinbishop34

            You’re welcome, and I want to apologize for snapping at you the other day. I was grouchy from not being able to sleep.

          • bigone4u

            When one of my neighbors’ two labrador retrievers died of cancer, the survivor howled all night long in grief for two or three months. A very sad, haunting sound. I wonder if dogs feel grief more than some humans.

          • Morris LeChat

            YES, you are EXACTLY right. Whites who live in all white liberal enclaves, have no idea what black people are like. When confronted with realistic views and accounts of how blacks are, those DWL’s get more upset with the fact that they may be WRONG about something, and their ego is therefore bruised, than they care about what may or may not be actually TRUE. They are emotionally invested in a lie. They are like the gambler that loses money but stays at the table, continuing to lose money, because he can’t admit to himself that he did something stupid. His resentment at the possibility he may have been wrong prevents him from accepting the inevitable fact that he is in fact wrong.

          • HamletsGhost

            Thomas Jefferson, in his Notes on the State of Virgina, made the same observation of the black slaves on his plantation. Though couched in early 19 century prose, his conclusion is clear. Negroes feel great lust for their women, but love as a white man would recognize was largely absent from their relationships.

        • Luca

          It’s a generalization. Percentage-wise they are more attuned to lust than love. Love is something that is not necessary for most of their relationships. It can be found more in women and much lesser in men. Their survival tactic is to produce many offspring and move on to the next woman, This is why you find so much promiscuity , STD’s and multiple wives or relationships where ever they go.

        • CharlesFinley

          “I luuuh you, dawg. You muh niccuh.”

        • Morris LeChat

          I don’t believe they do love their children, not the way white people do.They see children as a possession and as a burden, whites may feel this way at times too but they also have tender feelings towards their children. I never see blacks displaying tender feelings, to anyone. Blacks like attention, and a child definitely makes it’s mother the center of it’s life. This is why black men are so disinterested in being a father. For the first year or so, the child is bonded to the mother. blacks have no time or feeling for anyone who does not pay attention to them. They never do anything selflessly.

          • kjh64

            While I agree that there are average differences between racial behavior, I disagree that all Blacks/Asians don’t love their kids the way Whites do. I’ve known Blacks that loved their kids very much and would do anything for them.

  • Luca

    There will be no hate crime charges, their lawyers will make a case that it was the warm weather that prompted the murder..

  • Bobby

    Even when some of these murderous blacks admit they hate whites, the left will have none of it and try to excuse them in every way imaginable. I take their word for it, because I’ve experienced black hate, while simply minding my own business.

  • What is with white women on SSD and the dating of blacks.

    Have they no shame at all?

  • The suspect said he hated white people.

    Think about that. You have a low IQ, feral individual, probably born as a result an incestuous relationship, who, throughout his life was indoctrinated about how evil the white man is. He hears this at home, in church and school. Add to that, substance abuse, total lack of morals and discipline, rap music and ghetto upbringing, why would you expect him not to hate whites?

    There is only one way to deal with such an individual, and that is to %#[*+%% AND

    Am I right?

  • MBlanc46

    These beasts are as incompetent as they were murderous. They leave one of the weapons behind and get caught on surveillance video. This is a recurrent theme in black crime.

    • IstvanIN

      Thank goodness they are dumb.

    • bigone4u

      They got caught before they had time to brag about the murder on twitter and facebook.

    • Morris LeChat

      “oh snap yo! weebezes lefff leff somethin behyne .yo! Weebezes dih’n take da flat screens yo!”

  • bigone4u

    Interracial relationships often end badly even when murder is not involved. Marlon Brando only had sex with brown women. I think that a fixation on women of another race is sociopathic because the woman is no longer an individual but rather a representative of a race–a lust object. Brando had many brown lovers and wives, moving one to another in search of something I can’t identify–degradation perhaps. The Puerto Rican actress he was involved with decades ago is all over the media decrying that he made her have an abortion. Brando’s mixed race children did poorly as well. His son murdered Brando’s daughter’s lover, then the daughter killed herself. The son died young as well. Brando himself turned into a elephant.

    • I think that many men just want sexual pleasure, and certain men can get what they want. for sure, if I were not Black, I’d be in Taiwan or Japan having a blast.

      • ATBOTL

        Why allow this stuff here?

    • Morris LeChat

      good that that mixed line came to an end

  • LHathaway

    Whites beg. We must have the begging gene. People of color are more apt to cry? Although personally, I beg and cry.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Gee willikers. I must be evil, because I’m laughing with glee. One of the subhumans was her boyfriend?

    Play with fire, get burned! Got what she deserved in my opinion. At least no (more) ward of the state mulatto bastards from that treacherous whore.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I’m not laughing, but I will confess some relief that the victim in this case was someone who had voluntarily associated with her attackers, rather than a stranger they decided to rob and beat to death merely because she was white.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Sometimes karma kicks. I consider white women who “go there” to be amongst the most sickeningly treacherous and depraved Whites imaginable.

        Sure, some whites (male and female) have fallen for the siren song of the liblefty, some unfortunates have been hoodwinked and led astray by evil lies and returned to the fold. Perhaps best to sweep some truths under the carpet and get on with life for those who have and survived, but…

        Every white who pays the price for treachery at the hands of some pet Negro serves as one more warning to any others who contemplate going there. Who needs a KKK when the results of such abominations are self evident at the hands of our racial enemies?

        • Morris LeChat

          They are enemies of the white race

    • She was actually slightly retarded. One had better blame those who let her associate with black undertow….

  • KenelmDigby

    The wages of mudsharkery are death.

    • Morris LeChat

      yep, no tears shed here

  • good riddence

    The white slut deserved it since one of these 3 jungle bunnies was her boyfriend and this is the fate so often of these worthless whores. Ask Nicole Simpson.

    Gregory Williams was her boyfriend, but she had no idea what they had planned.

    Read More at:

  • drofmanythings

    Old white woman bleed alot.

  • Erasmus

    Out of Africa.

  • Morris LeChat

    well, this is the all too common end of a coal burner

  • marcella mcnair

    This story is so sad.The state of mind of anyone this vicious,could not be anything but pure evil.It sickens me to see so many crime reports of black men,esp…THE YOUNGER ONES.I am 47 years old and have never seen the black..Americans to this point of SELF degration and defeat.It not the white mans fault..blacks are no longer enslaved.I do not hate white people and I agree with most of their opinions about MOST not all blacks.These black people that say they hate whites should have been born here when blacks were captured and enslaved,beat,raped..etc Eventhough it was evil,there still is no reason for all this hatred for whites of the present time.

  • Sky MKinley

    Assistant State Attorney John Molchan said prosecutors determined last

    week that they would not seek the death penalty after records showed

    that two out of three of the suspects had an IQ score below 70, the

    legal definition of an intellectually disabled person.

    Gross. Gross. Gross. Typical Monsters.