Posted on April 10, 2013

14 Arrested After Large Disturbance of Teens Gathers in Center City Philadelphia

Todd Quinones and Tim Jimenez, CBS Local (Philadelphia), April 9, 2013

It happened again. As soon as the warm weather hit, a large group of students in Center City caused a ruckus, endangered themselves, police and pedestrians.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has charged 10 juveniles with Conspiracy, Obstructing Highways, Failure to Disperse and Disorderly Conduct.

All 10 defendants are scheduled for a detention hearing Wednesday at the Youth Studies Center in Philadelphia.

Four other teens were also arrested by Philadelphia Police on Tuesday evening, and they are currently being processed by police.

According to authorities, 11 males and three females were arrested. {snip}

The incident happened shortly after 3 p.m. at 15th and Chestnut Streets. Police reported about 200 people in the crowd.

“It’s a concern because this a traffic hub. You’re entering into rush hour, so large pedestrian and a lot of vehicular traffic,” said Chief Inspector Cynthia Dorsey.

A few teens began fighting and moments later, dozens more started running up and down the street. {snip}

Several arrests were made after police say at least one bottle was thrown at them.

Employees of some of the businesses along Chestnut Street immediately began locking their doors.


The scene that played out on Tuesday is a repeat of similar scenes that have occurred the past few years once the warm weather breaks.


As a precaution, police kept a strong presence in the area through the evening hours.