Rand Paul Bringing His Message to Howard University

Colbert King, Washington Post, April 8, 2013

With studies, research and the future hiring of outreach workers, Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus wants to rebrand and market his party to important minority voting blocs that have voted heavily Democratic in the past.

Now, though, Sen. Rand Paul is beating Priebus to the punch.

On Wednesday morning, the conservative Kentucky Republican and tea party favorite will take his message of freedom and economic opportunity to the campus of Howard University in Washington. This will be Paul’s first visit to a historically black college or university, the senator told me in an interview today.

Paul said he wanted to get the ball rolling on a conversation that the GOP needs to have with African Americans. He said he also is “looking forward to hearing” from the audience as well.


Paul said he plans to talk about not only the history of GOP and African Americans but also issues on which the GOP and the students can find common ground—i.e. economic freedom and opportunity, civil liberties and criminal law reforms.

He expects he will have to discuss his conservative positions on spending, the size of government and taxation.

We will know soon enough how the audience in Howard’s School of Business auditorium will receive Paul and his message.


[Editor’s Note: During the Q&A section of today’s appearance, one student said, “You say you want to provide a government that leaves us alone; quite frankly, I don’t want that. I want a government that is going to help me.” More student reaction to the speech is available here and here.]

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  • Rand Paul’s pandering has gotten so bad that even Rush Limbaugh today panned it and scratched his head over it. The only explanation I have left is that RP is now almost 100% absorbed into lamestream Conservatism Inc, and has adopted its racial worldview. I don’t think even his father would have done something as futile and useless and time-wasting as going to Howard University to speak.

    Sure, Rand, because a bunch of black gibsmedats who are paying their tuition through various government grants and loans and who came from households whose breadwinners are working for governments or in some affirmative action mandated “private” industry job, or on gibsmedat welfare, are really interested in less government. The only way types like these are interested in “less government” is less law enforcement, and we all know why that is.

    “Future Republicans,” according to Rand Paul and Reince Priebus:



    • TeutonicKnight67

      Fantastic video evidence of the state of “higher” learning QD. More government waste at work. Love the Segway Bantu Squad that breaks things up.

    • Middle Digit

      Of course they are. Those videos are nothing more than political debates that got a little heated.

  • Another Jack Kemp. There’s a reason Libertarianism sounds like “liberal” Racial pandering.

    We outed Rand Paul and Rob Paul racial/immigration treason at Occidental Dissent a long time ago, now even the most die hard Ron & Rand Paul followers admit we were right:


    • Jack Kemp wasn’t even a libertarian. He advocated for “gun control.” (“Nobody needs an AK-47” — He actually said that). And no proper libertarian would have advocated for school vouchers — Kemp did. Kemp was, and it seems that Rand Paul is on his way to becoming, a big government conservative. If you think I’m crazy in thinking that Rand Paul could become a “big government” anything, well, he’s going to have to become that if he wants anything more than 0.00001% of the black vote, and it seems that what he covets.

      • The__Bobster

        I think Kemp took too many showers with overgrown groids.

        • “I can’t help but care about the rights of the people I used to shower with.”

          That’s supposedly a direct Kemp quote by way of a then-fellow Congressman, Vin Weber.
          I’ll put it to you this way — Jerry Sandusky took a lot of showers with prepubescent boys. He sure “cared” about their “rights.”

          • Garrett Brown

            The Bobster remembers all.

      • MBlanc46

        The black vote. And the corporate money. It takes hundreds of millions of dollars to become president.

        • Which is something Rand Paul will never be, that is, President. The Republican establishment doesn’t need to ‘settle’ for the ‘half loaf’ of Rand Paul when it can have the ‘whole loaf’ in Jeb Bush. Meanwhile, we in the grass roots are done with him. His father’s loyalists and money machine don’t like that the son has gotten too far away from the father in terms of foreign and military policy. So where is Rand going to raise money, the kind of money it takes to become President? And far from “hundreds of millions,” by 2016, the cover charge for that party will probably go over a gigabuck.

          • MBlanc46

            He’s a long shot, all right. I’d not be too sure about Bush, though. His brother has likely tarnished that brand permanently. Christie and Rubio are probably the front-runners.

          • I’ve got my ear pretty close to the ground on these sorts of things, or at least I think I do. The establishment of the Stupid Party is busy as we speak trying to rehabadabadoo the Bush name just to grease the skids for Jeb. And with the way people have short memories, don’t bet against them.

          • MBlanc46

            He’s certainly in with a chance, but I still don’t see him as one of the favorites.

    • Puggg

      When Rand Paul came out the second time for open borders, the open borders and cheap labor talking heads were cheering and boasting that, “this will make it easier for Tea Party politicians and the Tea Party grassroots to favor ‘comprehensive immigration reform'”
      Actually, from what I’ve seen, it’s just the opposite: The grassroots of the Tea Parties are wondering what the hell is wrong with Rand Paul. Of course the answer to that is a combination of being bought and paid for, and/or it’s a natural consequence of his own ideology. But far from suckering the grass roots into coming out for amnesty, the grass roots gets it and is seeing right through political games.

      • Jefferson

        Someone should ask Rand Paul why are there very few Hispanic faces at Tea Party rallies if most Hispanics have Tea Party values.

        Even Tea Party rallies in the very multicultural states of Mexifornia and Mexitexas , are Whitopias.

        A Tea Party rally in racially diverse San Diego is just as equally White as a Tea Party rally in non racially diverse Fargo, North Dakota.

        • Someone should ask Rand Paul why are there very few Hispanic faces at Tea Party rallies if most Hispanics have Tea Party values.

          I already know what his answer would be.

          “Because they’re being brainwashed into voting Democrat.”

    • nobody

      Good luck finding the perfect politician that you agree with on absolutely everything. You say Libertarians would just love to open up the borders but go down South and check them out. They would be too late because they have been open already for years with hundreds of thousands of hispanics streaming through a year. You are looking to a political party which has been selling us out for years to save us. How does that make sense?

  • steve7789

    Why do libertaians support immigration? How many non white libertarians are there?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      There’s also the fact that a libertarian-style society is simply unfeasible in any country with a significant non-white population.

      When whites institute a small-government society, they thrive. Crime stays low, the economy grows, etc. When blacks institute a small-government (or no government) society, they get Somalia.

      If we woke up tomorrow and had a libertarian government in America, you’d see blacks rioting in the streets and robbing any whites they come across. Blacks are incapable of understanding or living by the non-aggression principle.

      Rand Paul needs to wake up and look at the reality of black countries with weak or non-existent governments. They’re not exactly libertarian paradises.

      • nobody

        Look at the current state of America, not exactly a paradise either. You can sit around and call us scum all day, but at least we are trying a different approach than “do the same thing over and over and expect different results”. You guys can keep your Republicrat party which is more concerned with appealing to latinos and blacks than it’s white voting base. I’ll pass on that.

        • Jefferson

          Because The Libertarian Party is so concerned about White voters right ? NOT.

          Was Libertarian Gary Johnson running was a racially aware White politician ? I don’t think so.

          Gary Johnson cares more about legalizing all drugs than he does about kicking out all of the illegals in this country and closing the borders.

          Legalizing all drugs was Gary Johnson’s main platform when he ran for POTUS last year.How does legalizing all drugs help White America ? How does legalizing all drugs stop the racial demographic change in America ?

          Gary Johnson cares more about protecting the civil rights of drug dealers than he does about keeping America a predominantly White country.

      • Jefferson

        Libertarians believe that the vast majority of Bantus would act civilized in a free Libertarian society with little to no laws. Libertarians also believe that if you legalize all drugs, that Bantus will stop murdering and raping.

        You have to question the I.Q of the average Libertarian.

        • a multiracial individual

          Somalia should be a libertarian paradise.

          • Jefferson

            New Orleans was a a lawless Libertarian paradise for the first 24-48 hours after Hurricane Katrina hit.

            That is why you can never give Bantus too much freedom from big government. Most Bantus do not handle freedom responsibly.

            Everyday would be like the 1992 L.A riots in a Libertarian Black America society.

        • Nic

          Jeff, we conservative libertarians think that social problems (like drugs, multicult, hedonism, etc) should be solved by private, contractual means, and not by a centralized, federal democratic Leviathan. With regard to the drugs problem 1) from the fact that one do not want the state involved in this, it not follow that one support that life-style 2) how would a private law society deal with drug users? by excluding them from our properties, private parks, etc (who would want to make a contractual agreement with such a person?). One can establish, in order to enter a private community “no drug users” signals, and then expell from the covenant any offender, and this would be in accordance with non-aggresion principle.

          With regard the multiculturalism problem, for a conservative libertarian view, see the following articles by Hans Hoppe

          1 – http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig/hermann-hoppe1.html
          2- https://mises.org/journals/jls/13_2/13_2_8.pdf

          • Hoppe’s a different case, though. He’s the self-styled libertarian that “gets” the race issue, almost as much as we do. As such, I fully expect Rockwell to show him the door one day soon, just like Buckley purged everyone he purged from NR.

  • The__Bobster

    Knock yourself out, Randy boy. If you’re busy doing that, maybe you won’t have time to betray your country.

  • I seem to remember McCain and Romney trying that old trick. How did that work out?

  • Hirschibold

    Rand should “axe” them “Who let the dogs out?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDwwAaVmnf4

  • Dave4088

    The Rand man is too obtuse to realize that black concepts of economic opportunity differs markedly from that of the libertarian purist and the average white person. To them, economic opportunity means claiming the wealth of white people in the form of crushing taxation, race based entitlement programs and set asides. Freedom means the ability to assault, rob, rape and murder white people without legal repercussions.

    But regardless, blacks put race above all else unlike deracinated white libertarians like Rand and Ron Paul. Rand is wasting everyone’ time with this publicity stunt and his speech will fall on deaf ears.

    • Seek

      Rand Paul is a perfect example of what anthropologists call “competitive altruism.” He really thinks that if the Republicans out-flank the Democrats and “reach out” to the blacks (something, by the way, they’ve been doing since Nixon), that blacks will reciprocate and change parties. How naive he is!
      Senator Paul is another political fool in the Gingrich/Kemp/Bush mold. No honest patriot could vote for him.

      • We all know the Democrats will always win that out-flanking competition.

        But let’s argue for the sake of discussion that somehow Republicans could regularly get around half the black vote. In doing so, they would become a Republican Party I would want nothing to do with, (and I can barely stomach the current one as it is).

    • pcmustgo

      I disagree. Many blacks and latins do work the crap jobs and work hard. The problem is, they can never rise above this, due to iq/cultural problems, and so resent the “rich white people” whom they perceive as the lazy, entitled ones, who have all this unearned wealth.

      • pcmustgo

        When given a chance between crap, bottom jobs, and welfare, they, like most people, choose welfare.

        • pcmustgo

          Yes, Blacks and Latinos don’t understand Whites and Asians have a right to their “better jobs”. relative wealth and to pass that wealth unto their children. Whites study harder, have better values, and behave in ways that produce more family wealth (not having tons of out of wedlock, fatherless kids, etc). They are therefore not well suited for capitalism.

          Yes, there are poor and working class whites working crap jobs. But the white poor and working class are a smaller sliver of whites as a whole. Almost all blacks and latinos are poor or working class and much, much more likely to work those crap jobs.

          There’s Mexican illegal aliens working 80 hours a week out in the fields. Let’s not forget that. To say Blacks and Latinos don’t work hard (at all) is ridiculous. Almost all of them are working grunt jobs.I agree, once they can get legal status, they get on welfare. But a good chunk of the welfare crowd even works part-time or works for minimum wage.

          That being said, no one wants to hear them whine about whites having it easier when they fuel and magnify poverty with their behavior.

          They have no concept that people born into a 2 parent home DO have a right to more than those born out of wedlock into some single parent home.

          • Jefferson

            The founder of Black Entertainment Television, Robert Johnson was on The O’Reilly Factor last week.

            He blamed Black poverty on White corporate America not hiring enough Blacks.

            He claimed there are plenty of smart high I.Q Blacks who do not get hired for good paying jobs because of the color of their skin.

          • Erasmus

            There are only so many toilets to be scrubbed and floors to be swept in America. What can be done?

        • Vince

          Yes. The fact is that there are many Whites on welfare as well.

          • Erasmus

            But when you adjust for their numbers within the overall population, welfare enrollment for blacks and Hispanics is a lot higher than for whites.

      • Dave4088

        Whites work crap jobs and work hard, too, but we can agree to disagree. For example, meatpacking is grueling, dangerous work that was dominated by whites until greedy executives and owners figured out they could hire illegal mestizos for a third of the wage and no benefits.

        But you’ve perfectly stated the reason why whites will never be able to coexist with blacks and mestizos.

      • Reade


    • Jefferson

      The only so called Libertarian I have seen who is a race realist, is Adam Carolla. Adam claims to be a Libertarian, but he does not drink the pro-amnesty kool-aid that the vast majority of Libertarians drink.

      In the past he has said some politically incorrect things about illegal immigrants and blacks.

      • nobody

        Adam Carolla is also part Hispanic.

        • Jefferson

          Adam Carolla is half Italian and half Hungarian.

    • MBlanc46

      Rand’s audience is very likely much broader than those sitting in the Howard University auditorium.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Rand Paul forgets one MAJOR thing. Economic Freedom to blacks means something completely different than it does to Whites. To White people economic freedom means the freedom FROM government intervention with high taxes and obscene regulations, and the freedom to embrace personal responsibilities. Economic freedom to blacks means freedom FROM personal responsibility and freedom from having to provide for oneself. Of course the little black pea-brain student WANTS government involved in his life, how else is he going to get ahead? To that little pea-brain student the government is MAGIC and can produce money and material goods out of thin air. Why wouldn’t he want the MAGIC government to help him? Of course he also knows that Whitey pays his taxes and that Whitey tax dollars get redistributed to his little black buddies through the government. He doesn’t know how (it’s magic to them) he just knows it works.

    • One line I keep hearing from the lamer and neo cons is that blacks are being “brainwashed” into voting Democrat.

      I wish people who say and think that would record themselves saying that, then play it back and see how stupid they sound.

      Blacks have voted almost monolithically for Democrats in almost all election cycles since 1932. For that to be a result of brainwashing must mean the Democrat Party has a brainwashing machine worse than all of history’s worst dictators and despots combined. And who believes that’s the case?

      Time for Occam to shave — The simpler and better answer is that blacks vote Democrat because blacks benefit from big government, and Democrats deliver big government, even bigger government than the worst “big government conservative” Jack Kemp type advocates.

      • Jefferson

        Thing is Rand Paul is not a neo-con, he is a libertarian. Libertarians tend to liberal on the issue of race. Most libertarians are against locking up Black drug dealers and think the prison system is racist against Blacks.

        • His worldview can best be described as semi-libertarian, or trying to split the middle between a more pure libertarian like his father and a lamestream conservative. However, he’s splitting the difference between two ideologies, pure-ish libertarian and lamestream conservative, that both deny race, so any average between them would also deny race. But outside of a few issues and instances, his triangulation really isn’t winning him many friends. That’s not counting the people like us he has hacked off with his immigration treachery and now this black pandering drivel.

          • kulak

            a more pure libertarian like his father
            According to Ron, too, the 1970 Controlled Substances Act should be repealed, while the 1964 Civil Rights Act is Ancient Settled Law.

        • Alyson Miller

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          • NeanderthalDNA

            Can someone send a nasty piece of malware to Big31.com?

            Answer: yes they can, but better just to block it.

            Whoever gave this a thumbs up – that chic is not going to have sex with you and is not the source of the post.

        • 5n4k33y35

          Neoconservatives and Progressives are one single party. Rand Paul is neither one of those.

          Sometimes people think they can entirely ignore black society. It may be a good idea for those of us who’ve been exposed to so much diversity, we can barely remember our own culture. But politicians cannot do that.

          Filling prisons with non-violent drug convicts is bad. People caught with personal quantities of drugs should get a ticket and pay a fine.

          You would have to have a tour of a prison to understand. Blacks have filled up the prisons and for them it has become a kind of social leverage. Criminality is one of their niche markets.

          Your idea of throwing the book at petty criminals plays right into their strategy of dominating the prisons and thus, the streets, and nightlife.

          Those who are convicted of the most heinous crimes, and whose convictions are indisputable, ought to be executed. Execution is not done nearly enough. When it is done, it is often not done to the right criminals.

          Those convicted of the least serious, non-violent, victimless crimes ought to pay a fine instead of go to prison. Don’t let them gum up the works.

          • bigone4u

            Half agree with your thoughts, but the place I’m stuck at is the reality that the petty crimes are generally a gateway for more serious ones. You’ll notice that Paris Hilton hasn’t been back to jail since the system threw the book at her. Linday Lohan, on the other hand …

          • 5n4k33y35

            Victimless crimes are only crimes because the laws says they are crimes.

            The other part of my plan is to impose racial quotas on the common spaces such as the cafeteria and the yard so that whites are not out-numbered.

            Additionally, every prisoner should have his own cell. A prisoner’s “bill of rights” would improve the situation, rendering the blacks’ monopoly of criminality a relic of the past.

            And for those who think I’m being soft, keep in mind I would be looking to promote capital punishment more often for murder and also for forcible (non-acquaintance) rape when convictions are indisputable. Multiplying the number of executions would do wonders for law and order.

          • Jefferson


          • Jefferson

            And Libertarians are part of that same single party as Neoconservatives and Progressives.

            Rand Paul does NOT look out for the White race. Rand Paul is pro-amnesty. Rand Paul is pro-cheap 3rd world labor for big business. Rand Paul would not be caught dead at a Jared Taylor conference, because Rand Paul wants appeal to Bantus and Spanish speaking south of the border Amerindians when he runs for president.

            Libertarians are just anti-White as the Progressives. Because they also want Libertarians want to drastically change the racial demographics of this country. That is why NOBODY in the Libertarian Party takes a hard stance against illegal immigration.

            The Libertarian Party would NEVER welcome someone like Joe Arpaio into their party.

          • 5n4k33y35

            Joe Arpaio is a sheriff in a border-state. He has been disparaged as a racist just for doing his job. He would most certainly be welcome as a Libertarian, but he would not be welcome by Republicans.

            Rand Paul’s immigration policy is realistic, perhaps not as emotional as you would like. Rand Paul’s focus is on preventing new immigration, not expelling millions of immigrants who have children who are citizens already.

            Preventing future immigration is a much better way to stave off demographic defeat than expelling those who’ve established families already.

            Every presidential candidate will appeal to every race in every election, even when those appeals are more ceremonial than not.

            The reality is that no politician will save white society. No politician will bring about the cultural changes required to infuse white society with the integrity to repel the siege by multitudes of hostile diversity.

            Cultural change is something intellectuals, artists may inspire, but most importantly, ordinary individuals refusing to be deracinated by mainstream society.

          • Jefferson

            [QUOTE] He would most certainly be welcome as a Libertarian, but he would not be welcome by Republicans[/QUOTE]

            B.S Joe Arpaio would not be welcomed as a Libertarian, because Libertarians believe Joe Arpaio is infringing on the civil rights of illegal immigrants when he arrests them for not having the legal papers to be in this country.

            The Libertarian Party in the past has come out to publicly to condemn Arizona’s SB1070 law and they have also came out to publicly condemn New York City’s Stop And Frisk.

            Libertarians do not like to see NAM’s being racially profiled and that is because Libertarians also suffer from White guilt.

            Like I said you will NEVER see Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Gary Johnson at a Jared Taylor conference.

          • Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul’s one-time Chief of Congressional Staff, regularly heaps opprobrium upon Joe Arpaio for the reasons you state and more. But back in the RRR days, Rockwell praised Arpaio for the very reasons he now denounces him.

          • kulak

            Sometimes people think they can entirely ignore black society.

            Are you kidding me? Blacks are not demanding that Rand speak to them. Anti-whites are demanding white politicians speak to them.

        • nobody

          You are mistaken big time. Libertarians don’t think people should be able to push heroin down at the local playground. They just understand that the laws against such activities should originate at the state rather than the federal level. I consider myself a libertarian, do you honestly think that I love open borders and crack dealers? That is some of the most ridiculous stuff I have read all day.

          • MBlanc46

            You’re defining federalism, not libertarianism. Ron Paul often made that elision because he didn’t want to offend the Republicans whose votes he was courting by asserting true libertarian principles.

          • Jefferson

            It is not ridiculous at all. When the Libertarian Gary Johnson ran for POTUS last year, he was also on that pro amnesty kool-aid.

            The vast majority of Libertarians are very left wing on the issue of illegal immigration and open borders.

        • kulak

          Whether he calls himself a neocon or a libertarian, he’s a leftist and too dumb to know it.
          According to “Libertarians”, the 1970 Controlled Substance Act should be repealed.
          According to “Libertarians”, the 1964 Civil Rights Act is Ancient Settled Law.

        • “Thing is Rand Paul is not a neo-con, he is a libertarian. Libertarians tend to be liberal on the issue of race…..”

          OK. Another term that applies here is:

          Political prostitute.

          Why do Amrn readers support political prostitutes?

      • Erasmus

        Which group is stupider? The members of the GOP who insist they can win black voters, or the ones who insist that Hispanics are natural conservatives. Time for them to get out of the clubhouses and get a taste of reality. So long as the democrats continue to give freebies to blacks and Latinos, the GOP will never win their vote.

        Hey, GOP! Your natural base are middle American whites. Stop pretending you can win minority voters without becoming the democrat-lite party and begin courting the people you abandoned.

        • What’s even more strange is that the same people who are imploring the Stupid Party to drop the social issues are saying that Hispanics are natural conservatives because of their social issue conservatism (quote-unquote).

          • Jefferson

            Is becoming pregnant at 15 a socially conservative thing to do ? The majority of Hispanic girls start having sex at a very young age. Unwed teen moms are a dime a dozen in the Hispanic community.

            Is that what The Stupid Party considers to be socially conservative values ?

          • Erasmus

            The age of consent in Mexico is 12. I do not know what it is in Guatemala, Honduras or Nicaragua.

            Question: Do squat, butch-clipped feminists ever protest against the misogyny that riddles Latino “culture”?

    • kulak

      White man’s freedom of association and individual property rights means the colored man’s freedom to live under the bridge. And they all know it.

  • Bill

    Rand Paul. Tea Party. Pat Toomey. Tea Party favorite. Tea Partier congress critters are preparing to betray us like RINOs on immigration and gun control. We have to face it. There will be NO redress for Whites through the political system. There is NO HOPE in restoring our nation and our political system to one of Constitutional common sense through the ballot box. Our betrayers are seeing to that. With another amnesty now about to happen, I guarantee you the outcome will be that by 2016 Whites will be minority voters most everywhere it counts. According to their deliberate plan. That so called conservatives fold, cave in, and help in that effort makes them even more treasonous than the pinkos whom we already knew were out for our extinction in the political process. I call it far more a betrayal when people pretend to be conservative, then turn right around and betray all conservative principles as soon as they can. Those kind of folks SHOULD hang.

  • Garrett Brown

    I really wanted to support rand Paul, but right when I heard he from his own mouth he was pro amnesty and immigration I was done.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Moe Howard University is a black scam. Any black with a degree nowadays has one that isn’t worth the “transgressive” paper it was printed on.

    • And they got a Medical School too!

      • Albertina

        Yes. A very well respected one!

        • My comment was sarcasm. I would never let a Howard Med School grad touch me.

          • Albertina

            I am well aware of the fact that your comment was sarcasm. Just as I am certain that you understand mine was sincere and accurate.

          • Middle Digit

            Yeah, because if you come from a racial group with an average IQ of 85 you should definitely be performing delicate medical procedures not sweeping the hospital floors.

        • Chip

          Respected by whom? The three medical schools with the lowest average matriculant GPA and MCAT scores in the nation every year without fail are Howard University, Meharry Medical College, and Morehouse School of Medicine. They also happen to be our only three “historically black” medical schools.

    • Albertina

      As a Black person who earned my undergraduate degree from Howard University, in the late 1980s I can attest to the fact it is a first-rate institution populated with outstanding scholars. My degree has benefited me greatly in the corporate world.

      • Hunter Morrow

        Your melanin and a lack of Y chromosome benefited you. What did the degree wind up being, anyhow?

        • Albertina

          My intellect and dedication benefited me. My undergraduate degree was in Philosophy. I went on to earn an MBA in marketing from Northwestern University.

          • Funruffian

            They offer Post graduate programs for ‘Marketing’??? Are you serious?? Back in the 80’s Marketing was usually acheived by an Associates Degree.

          • Rob

            I was checking the U.S News & World Report and all the top 20 business schools (including Northwestern) indeed offer degrees in marketing

          • Patrick

            Rob and Albertina are correct. My nephew earned his MBA in marketing from Cornell in 2009.

          • Funruffian

            I need clarification. His MBA is a Master’s of Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing?? Marketing in an of itself can be completed an Associates Degree i believe. This is kind of ridiculous. Their are numerous subjects one can attain a Post Graduate degree from. These degrees were not available 20+ years ago.

          • Patrick

            The field of business has expanded rapidly over the past quarter a century. A Student can major in accounting, Entrepreneurship, Executive MBA, Finance, Information Systems, International, Management, Marketing, Nonprofit, Production Operations, Supply Chain Logistics etc… It has become a very diverse field.

          • Middle Digit

            Philosophy? Had to go for the virtually useless Liberal Arts degree, huh? White people who get degrees like that usually end up working in some coffee shop, but I guess since you are black with a college degree the world is your oyster. I suggest getting into the “Community Organizer” business.

          • MBlanc46

            Useless perhaps to those who lack the capacity to see its use.

          • Albertina

            Thank you. Philosophy is the mother of all disciplines. We apply philosophical meaning to our everyday lives. It teaches people to think in the abstract and outside the box. That is one of the reason I was promoted to several positions over my colleagues, many of whom lacked the sort of thinking skills that philosophy (and some other liberal arts majors) do. I was able to utilize my philosophy degree well as I earned by MBA.

          • David

            Your post is useless in its merit and rationale. Philosophy is a very useful degree that oe can apply in many aspects of their lives.

      • You mean thew Affirmative Action hire world.

        • Albertina

          No. The very competitive corporate world where people often either sink or swim. What does “thew” mean?

          • Wayne

            I will concede you do have an admirable wit.

          • Middle Digit

            Too bad 99% of their African brothers and sisters aren’t as clever. Around here they just hang out on their stoops drinking beer and smoking crack all day.

      • I have no doubt your degree from Moe Curly Shemp Howard University has “benefited you greatly in the corporate world.” That’s because the corporate world is taking on more and more affirmative action employees to stuff into various affirmative action bureaucracies, mainly personnel/HR/EEO. Mainly to have non-white faces on the payroll to keep the Feds and the race hustling Justice Brothers (Jackson/Sharpton) at bay.

        • Albertina

          If you are talking about White females, well connected White men,disabled employees, international applicants and a few Blacks like myself, you are correct.

          • Dave4088

            You don’t know what you’re talking about. As a veteran of a large corporation I saw blacks favoring blacks and hiring fellow blacks over whites when they attain the power to do so. Blacks create their own “good ole boy” networks just like you blacks claim we do.

          • Albertina

            The fact is that the number of Blacks in these supposed corporations you are talking about were probably minimal.Moreover, it was highly unlikely that very few, if any of these Blacks were in the sort of positions or levels that they were in the position(s) to promote one another, let alone Whites or anyone else. Your post is pure fantasy of a perverse nature.

          • Dave4088

            I’m referring to one corporation in particular which I cannot name. And standards have been greatly lowered in the past 4-5 years to facilitate the hiring of many blacks along with initiatives to catapult blacks into management positions. Have you ever worked at a corporation or are your opinions based on what BET and the NAACP tells you?

          • Albertina

            It is you sir who cannot handle the truth.

          • And I have never believed this line that white women are the prime beneficiaries of AA.

          • Albertina

            According to the Department of Labor Statistics , they are. So perhaps you should..

          • Gary


          • Funruffian

            The Department of Labor statistics is able to measure that solely based on their gender alone? I wouldn’t make that connection. Sure, more women are in the workforce today than were 46 years ago, but that is not due to AA. I would attribute that growing phenomenon to other social and economic factors. Face it, AA has been in effect to position Blacks against competition in the workforce. If perchance, a company has only White and Asian employees, they will be forced to hire a Black within a certain timeframe or face legal charges.

          • Reality

            Stop making up stuff!

        • Dave4088

          You are correct. I used to work at a large corporation until recently who had an unwritten policy that 50% of new hires must be black, brown, Asian or female. They’ve hired many blacks who simply wouldn’t qualify under the old merit system. Most of the blacks have limited skill and productive capacity, so in order to retain them (so as not to appear racist) they are given the lightest workloads while white men are given the heaviest workloads and shoulder the most challenging tasks.

          If a black leaves the company his or her manager is often put through the third degree by HR and sometimes accused of racism since retention of black employees is priority #1 these days. If anyone wants to learn what is was like living in the Soviet Union they should just get a job at a large corporation.

      • a multiracial individual

        See how pernicious excessive affirmative action is? You and I may be qualified, but because of AA, people will always have doubt in their minds about minority professionals. It is not fair to those who have studied hard.

        • Bravado

          You sound like a White troll.

          • a multiracial individual

            Well…..one of my grandparents was a hardworking German-American farmer/handyman.

        • Old Baby Boomer

          People who harbor this mindset would have doubts about Black people ,women and other non-White males whether affirmative action existed or not.

          • a multiracial individual

            I am sure some people would, but the figure would be far less. If AA was eliminated, the remaining skeptics would be taking a position that would have no reasonable argument backing it up.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Are you kidding? The empirical evidence is all around us that blacks are unintelligent and violent by nature. I’m not going to take a chance on hiring one unless the government puts a bullet to my head. Unfair to qualified blacks? Unfortunately, yet.
            But I got a business to run and a family to feed and there are too many horror stories out there of business owners like me giving blacks a chance. Yeah, try to get rid of one and find your ass in front of the EEOC and every other government commission on charges of “racism.”
            Blacks also have far higher criminals rates than Whites and I don’t need my stuff stolen from the inside.

            Blacks are a bad deal all around, in the schools, in white neighborhoods, as employees.

        • Middle Digit

          I agree. If I were an intelligent hardworking minority I would resent the idea of AA. By supporting AA you are basically saying that black people are stupid and must be coddled or else they will certainly fail.

          • Albertina


          • Old Baby Boomer

            By your logic, then all the White females, White men, international workers, people who benefit from nepotism etc… should and must view themlseves as stupid and coddled as well.

          • Albertina

            Thank you.

        • Dave4088

          I do agree with you, but because AA is so rampant minorities will forever have AA emblazoned across their chests in the workplace.

          • Erasmus

            Look at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

        • Erasmus

          That is true. Increasingly, until I actually see them work, I assume most blacks I meet in the corporate world are AA hires.

  • Ernest

    Remind me again why whites should support the GOP?

    • kevin t

      The sooner the Republican Party dies the better. This slow slide toward them becoming Democrats is torture. Just get it over with. Gain non-whites and lose whites. That is the end result.

      • White Mom in WDC

        I live not far from Howard U. I may need to do a Psy ops operation and hand out or leave flyers advertising SBPDL and Amren. Stir the pot

        • Middle Digit

          Yeah I can’t see anything going wrong there.

  • pcmustgo

    I have many Ron Paul supporting friends who have zero racial consciousness and just don’t get supporting Ron Paul and all that stuff… is sort of a white thing. I’ve tried to clue them into this.

    • Jefferson

      Racial tribalism is the extreme opposite of Libertarianism, because Libertarianism is all about individualism. That is why White Libertarians tend to not be racially aware. And that is why White Libertarians could care less if The United States turns into a 3rd world banana republic where most people end up looking like short Brown Mexican maids.

      • MBlanc46

        Plenty of those folks will be looking to engage short Brown Mexican maids.

  • Kathy M

    Oh yes, Rand Paul (named after Ayn Rand by his strange daddy) strikes again. Nature boy with the whipped fondoo hairstyle seeks to spread the love. Gag. Whatever.

  • jtree

    Rand Paul was so outraged over Scott Terry’s comments at CPAC that he decided he would be in the vanguard of the “Frederick Douglas” Republicans.

  • During the Q&A section of today’s appearance, one student said, “You say you want to
    provide a government that leaves us alone; quite frankly, I don’t want that. I want a government that is going to help me.”

    The woman who asked this question obviously isn’t intelligent to to belong in college.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      And even worse, judging from her grammar and word choice, she’s probably one of the more intelligent blacks in college. How many blacks do you know who know how to use the word “frankly”?

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      undoubtedly so. But she told it exactly as it is, didn’t she?
      Blacks want Big Governments w/o having to pay for it. I doubt 1 in 100 understands basic econ 101 — but they DO understand having their benefits cut off.

  • aint getting my vote, sorry big loser!

  • 21st Century American Politics presents A Paradigm in Action: If they don’t specifically say they are pro-White, then expect nothing less than a polar opposite.

  • Grim Jim

    No need to argue about what Paul thinks, does, or what is driving his lunacy, the only thing that matters is that he is given the heave-ho ASAP. Rand Paul is a disgrace and UNFIT for any office. He is not the lesser of two evils no matter who he is matched up against.

  • don’t forget to include Rubio the “latino” first in the immigration discussion, yet another who needs voted out

  • John Bender

    “Some have said that I’m either brave or crazy to be here today.”

    Other: Stupid.

  • exLeftist

    This is the best the White America’s party can do? It’s time to clean house!

  • Anyone remember Lee Atwater?

    The same Lee Atwater who delivered George H.W. Bush into the Presidency single handed, partially on the strength of the Willie Horton media buys (and yes, I know Al Gore first bought up Willie Horton vs Dukakis in the primary season), wanted to be on and did indeed get on the Board of Trustees/Directors of Howard University. But it was so controversial and so many professors and students at Howard raised such a stink that he resigned shortly after getting on the board.

    So this racial pandering sickness cuts very deep.

  • Michael Mason

    He’d have more luck going and giving speeches to kindergartners! I really thought Rand Paul was smarter than that.

  • tom iron

    Two cousins are accused of discharging pepper spray into the face of a
    New Jersey man riding the Orange Line and taking his iPad Monday
    morning on the Southwest Side, authorities said.

    Judge James Brown set bail today at $500,000 for Thomas Garner, 18, and
    $100,000 for Termaine Brown, 20, according to Cook County state’s
    attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton.

    Garner, of the 17300 block of South Kedzie Avenue in Hazel Crest, and
    Brown, of the 3400 block of West Fallen Oak Lane in Peoria, are both
    charged with one count each of felony armed robbery, police said.

    • MBlanc46

      Using an iPad on the CTA? Not smart.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    the GOP and the students can find common ground—i.e., economic freedom
    and opportunity…

    Let me help you, Rand:

    You addressed a crowd that is the beneficiary of three generations of government largesse, entitlement and privilege — and they want to keep it that way.
    They want AA, Section 8 housing, college entrance preferences, free tuition, lunch
    programs in schools, day cares, free health care and special set-asides preserved for all time.

    Economic Freedom? They want free stuff and they want YOU to pay for it.

    It’s as simple as that.


    • TeutonicKnight67

      Well said brother!

    • MBlanc46

      I imagine that Rand Paul knows that. His primary audience was not the one sitting in front of him. This was political theater.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    I detest that grandstanding blowhard fake Rand Paul more every day.

    Repugnant or demoncrat. What a choice.

  • JohnEngelman

    With studies, research and the future hiring of outreach workers, Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus wants to rebrand and market his party to important minority voting blocs that have voted heavily Democratic in the past.

    – Colbert King, Washington Post, April 8, 2013

  • JohnEngelman

    The only people who would really benefit from a libertarian society are those who have reason to be confident of their ability to earn a good living in the private sector of the economy with no help from the government.

    The percentage of those people is smaller than the percentage of people who think they are in that category.

    If you work for the government, and/or if you send your children to a state university you would not benefit.

  • Erasmus

    Will there be an interpreter to translate Paul’s speech into ebonics for the audience?
    Preaching self-reliance and the eschewal of dependency to blacks and Latinos makes as much sense as preaching chastity to whores.

  • He’s standing in front of a group of people not known for future time orientation and expecting the message of personal responsibility over government handouts is going to resonate. I think many blacks WANT to be dependent on somebody. If I was him, I would have told that student who “wanted to government that was going to help” him that “government help” hasn’t done a whole lot for “his people” other than allow the least fit among them to continue to survive and pass on their genes.
    If it was me, I would have ended the speech with a warning: “The Democrats, and some Republicans, are at this very moment are trying to put in place a law that will provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Depending on how such legislation shapes up, the Democrats will, in the long run, end up with a new voting bloc that will be larger in size and importance to them than blacks. Many blacks will be directly competing with these immigrants for work, access to affordable housing, and education. The Democrats desperately want these people because 1) Democrats always act in the interests of consolidating power, even if it is against the best interests of the country and 2) the white middle class, once a solid Democrat demographic, is realizing that the party is no longer for them. They see that in the long run, continuing to have to act as champions for blacks, a group comprising just 13% of the population, will eventually yield deminishing returns. This is in part because more white voters are waking up to the shocking levels of black criminality and shiftlessness that is not discussed in the media and suppressed in part by the Dems. Latino immigrants bring social problems with them too, but not at the levels that plague the black community. It will be easier for Democrats to justify making Latino immigrants their new number one minority pets, than to continue defending a black community that is bent on destroying not only itself by everything it touches. No political party is going to solve all problems. But realize that the people who have been so keen to “help” you all these years are getting ready to demote you. They’d have done it sooner if they were able to win elections in large cities without black votes”.
    I guess that’s as far as my thought process went. I certainly wouldn’t end the speech with “so vote Republican!”, but it would have been nice to remind these Honah Stoodintz that their benevolent political masters want nothing to do with them and will stop helping them as soon as they can find a better behaved source of votes.

    • If I was him, I would have told that student who “wanted to government that was going to help” him that “government help” hasn’t done a whole lot for “his people” other than allow the least fit among them to continue to survive and pass on their genes.

      If I was him, I wouldn’t have gone at all, and I would be quickly backtracking on my previous twice-stated open borders idiocy trying to make amends with the very people (the white working class outside the South) that my party desperately needs more of.

      If it was me, I would have ended the speech with a warning: “The Democrats, and some Republicans, are at this very moment are trying to put in place a law that will provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

      And he wouldn’t and couldn’t make that speech because he’s one of the Republicans jonesing to do just that.

      Many blacks will be directly competing with these immigrants for work

      Why bother with work when Barack Claus is there with a welfare check? That’s why the labor competition argument gets immigration patriots nowhere with black voters.

  • Hal K

    Explicit pandering to nonwhites doesn’t help Republicans electorally. It is actually self defeating because it reinforces the nonwhite sense of entitlement. Explicit pandering to whites is taboo in the mainstream culture, but instead of going along with the taboo, Republicans should be challenging it head-on by talking about the group interests of whites explicitly.

  • Luis

    Did I miss something here? Rand Paul is a Republican and ‘tea party favorite” (how I hate the term), and he’s going to try to recruit Bantus to become Republicans? Does he not know that Bantus have more faith in the federal government than a saint has in Christ; and that it’s all about “gibs me dat”, with them? That Uncle Sam is their “massa”?
    That’s like a wolf trying to recruit a flock of sheep into joining a wolfpack.

  • Paleoconn

    The only good thing I got from those student reaction videos is the hot blonde reporter with the sexy voice.

    The guy with the dreads whom she interviews calls Howard U diverse. It seems pretty monocultural ro me.

    Notice how the skinny black student who asks Paul a question reads it completely scripted from a pretty fancy smartphone? Yeah, this guy is oppressed all right.

    Paul’s bullshit answer to that question illustrates how much of a phony politician he is. A whole lotta nothing in 2 minutes of rambling. Frauds. Panderers.

  • Ella

    If we’re really losing White population between poor birth rates and ageing conditions, how can these politicians survive their political “careers” if they do not address Nonwhites? Blacks are so used to “free” monies or welfare benefits that many will never want to work the long hours to pay for basics like Whites do. This whole bribing system is a BETTER deal than Mom and Dad ever gave to their own children. No talk will change their expectations but budget cuts can starting with overlapping, bloated programs! 1/3 of Hispanics and Blacks are obese to state. So they are in the position to help themselves?? No they just won’t!!!!!