A Montana federal judge who sent a racist email about President Obama and his deceased mother from his work email last year says he will now retire only days after an investigation was ordered.

U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull had previously announced he would step down as chief circuit judge and take a reduced caseload after the shocking email was produced but now says he intends to fully retire on May 3.

In February of 2012 Cebull forwarded an email from his chambers that contained a joke comparing interracial relationships to bestiality. Cebull argued at the time that he not racist, only anti-Obama

The appellate court posted a statement by Chief Judge Alex Kozinski on its website on Tuesday announcing Cebull had submitted the retirement letter on March 29 but refrained from providing a reason.

The letter comes after the appellate court’s Judicial Council issued a March 15 order on the investigation into his email, but appellate court spokesman David Madden could not say whether Cebull resigned because of it.

‘The misconduct process is confidential. I am not privy to what the order said nor do I know what Judge Cebull’s motivations were,’ Madden said in an email on Wednesday.

The council’s order will remain confidential during an appeal period, which concludes May 17, Madden said. The council will make an announcement after Cebull’s retirement takes effect, he said, but added that he was unable to answer when the order or the letter will be released to the public.

A Cebull aide directed calls for comment to Clerk of Court Tyler Gilman, who said on Wednesday that Cebull would not have any comment other than the court’s statement.

He declined to release the resignation letter or describe what it said.

Cebull wrote a letter of apology to Obama and filed a complaint against himself after The Great Falls Tribune published the contents of the email, which included a joke about bestiality and the president’s mother.

The judge said the e-mail, which he admits is racist, doesn’t reflect how he treats black people in his courtroom. However, calls for his resignation immediately began pouring in.

The Billings judge forwarded the email from his chambers to six other people on Feb. 20, 2012, the newspaper reported.

The text of the e-mail, with the subject line ‘A MOM’S MEMORY’ reads: ‘Normally I don’t send or forward a lot of these, but even by my standards, it was a bit touching. I want all of my friends to feel what I felt when I read this. Hope it touches your heart like it did mine.

‘A little boy said to his mother; “Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re white? His mother replied, “Don’t even go there Barack! From what I can remember about that party, you’re lucky you don’t bark!”‘

Two other groups also demanded an investigation, with one, the Montana Human Rights Network, starting an online petition calling for Cebull’s resignation.

Kim Abbott, the network’s co-director, said on Wednesday she was pleased with the announcement but hopes to see the results of the investigation.

‘The email really called into question his ability to treat women and people of color fairly, so we’re happy Montanans will get to appear before a different judge,’ Abbott said.

The complaints were referred to a special committee appointed by the appellate court to investigate whether Cebull’s email constituted misconduct.

Kozinski’s statement said the committee submitted a report to the Judicial Council in December after ‘a thorough and extensive investigation’ that included interviews with witnesses and Cebull and going over related documents. The council issued its order based on that report.

The statement says the Judicial Council will not comment further until Cebull’s retirement is effective.

Cebull stepped down as Montana’s chief federal judge and took senior status March 18, which allowed another judge to be appointed while he continued working with a reduced caseload.

U.S. Sen. Max Baucus then formed a committee to replace Cebull and another judge taking senior status, with Baucus recently recommending that Obama appoint state District Judge Susan Watters of Billings to take Cebull’s spot on the bench.

The new chief federal judge, U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen, plans to meet with other judges to discuss how to handle the Cebull’s cases, Gilman said.

Cebull was a Billings attorney for nearly 30 years before becoming a U.S. magistrate in Great Falls in 1998.

He became a district judge in 2001 and has served as chief judge of the District of Montana since 2008.

Cebull’s notable cases include his block of reopening of the U.S. border to cattle in 2005, two years after the U.S. banned Canadian cattle and beef products over fears of mad-cow disease. The 9th Circuit overturned that decision.

Cebull also presided over a lawsuit filed by landowners against Exxon Mobil Corp. over the cleanup following last year’s pipeline spill of 1,500 gallons into the Yellowstone River.

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  • So CAL Snowman

    Which is the greater offense towards the governed populace :

    ‘A little boy said to his mother; “Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re
    white? His mother replied, “Don’t even go there Barack! From what I can
    remember about that party, you’re lucky you don’t bark!”


    “Your folk never used all this sheit (sic) to protect my folk from your
    slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous,
    snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed (sic), imported criminal-minded
    kin folk.” – Rep. Joe Mitchell (black man) to a White constituent

    I’m sure any day now that the local Democrats will demand that Joe Mitchell step down right? By the way thanks for that great joke AmRen I will be using it for quite awhile!

    • dukem1

      A mildly amusing joke, which I suspect would produce the same amount of chuckling or chortling without any reference to the current POTUS.
      It did remind me though of my wife, who said she did not like Obama because his mother was a wolf and his father was a jackal. (I don’t know where she gets this stuff).
      I was like sheesh, honey, isn’t it bad enough that he’s a liberal democrat?

  • The guy is an idiot. All companies I have ever worked for monitor the emails on their computers. It’s their property. Tasteless to do from a work location. You have to keep your nose clean in this life.

    • Pelagian

      If I use my work computer to post on Amren, does that also make me an “idiot”?

      • The__Bobster

        Jasbo would think so.

        • You can use your smart phone when at work. Common sense.

          • (When working) I work in environments that have very locked down networks for security reasons, I always have a laptop and a Clear modem. I have research I have to do and no network admin in that environment going going to open up some of country domain extensions, China, Russia, Nigeria, etc. just because I need to research a business there. No boss has ever questioned my laptop, they have even used it.

          • I have a friend who had a wonderful job while still in his 20’s, where he made over $100,000/yr. They gave him a laptop for work, and at home or wherever, he surfed for porn. Like an idiot, he took it back to work one day with a tech problem, they found the porn and fired him. I’m glad you’re smart about things.

      • It’s probably not the wisest thing in the world to do, brother.

      • MBlanc46

        It could get you in trouble.

    • The__Bobster

      Why? A coward dies a thousand deaths. Do you expect to be rewarded in the afterlife?

      • I don’t know of a single company on Earth that would employ someone who sent tasteless, ethnic humor from a work machine. It opens them up to lawsuits. Not to mention, the things that you say on the net, that can be tracked back to you are kept for a very very long time. I know of lots of people, especially young people who don’t think before they post, and they wonder why a decent company won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole. If I’m trying to hire someone, and I find a post of them using a bong, or posting a raunchy rap song or some such, I’m definitely going to think twice about hiring them. I would question their judgement.

        • Pelagian

          Disagree. If in 1985 I used a company telephone to issue a threat, would thst subject the company to a lawsuit?

          • I don’t underestimate our lawyer friends. Plus, it would put the company in a bad light. Maybe I’m just old fashioned to think you should respect the person who is paying you? I’m Scottish, so getting paid is very important to me.

          • Niko Kotsores


        • Room101

          That’s pretty sage advice for everyone, especially government-employees.
          Or those aspiring to be.
          Don’t use official equipment and you’ll be alright.

          • Pelagian

            You guys are behind the times. Workplaces are fast becoming BYOD. You cant tell me not to have porn on my own computer. What if I download porn on my iPad using 3G and the boss sees me over my shoulder? Bottom line, most private enterprises will keep you if they like you but if they don’t like you they’ll find someway that you violated a 160 page Technology Usage “Agreement “

    • Room101

      The big problem is that the judge is a government employee who used taxpayer-funded equipment on government property.
      If he had used his own computer on his own dime, no problem.
      It’s a great joke, but he shouldn’t have used taxpayer resources.
      Pretty dumb decision on the judge’s part.
      Also, how is the joke “racist”?

      • Oh, I’m going to say that he is inferring that coupling with a black is comparable with bestiality (that’s open to debate,) but yes, at work, on the taxpayer’s dime not acceptable. I would rather see my White brothers and sisters gainfully employed feeding their families than threatening their livelihoods by being stupid.

        • Room101

          If the judge had been halfway smart how this stuff works, he could’ve cornered the Leftist trying to pin him as to how the joke could be construed as “racist” in any way.
          Only in the fevered minds of Leftists about to make a kill do they equate black folks with animals, then try to get you to admit that you agree with they just said and tried to impute to you.
          The Leftists and the whiners are the real “racists” here, not necessarily the judge.
          If the judge issued a statement that he’s just decided he was Born Gay, all would be forgiven.

        • Pelagian

          He never calls his wife and asks her what’s for dinner on the taxpayers dime? These rules are discretionary, not black and white.

      • bigone4u

        Government rules allow some use of computers and phones for personal reasons. There was no rule violation there. If he had sent an anti-Bush joke there would be no problem for him.

        • Room101

          I get that.
          But by showing such poor judgment in the use of official equipment for an especially non-professional purpose, the judge unwisely brought attention and focus upon his office.
          Then he was dumb enough to allegedly admit to the media he thought the joke was “racist”.
          That’s professional suicide.

          I hope this judge never sentenced a black guy to prison if he worked in the criminal justice side of the court system…all those thugs will eventually be sprung by the ACLU if this judge put them in prison.

        • JohnEngelman

          A joke implying that Barbara Bush had had sex with a dog would certainly create problems for a judge that told the joke.

      • IKantunderstand

        I wish you were right, but, frankly, even if he had used his own equipment in the privacy of his home and on the weekend, if someone he had sent this email to had “told” on him, he would still be in “trouble”. We have no first amendment rights anymore, well, we do, if you ignore the awful personal repercussions that can occur while exercising said rights. By the way, if exercising your first amendment rights causes you to lose your job, makes you face societal ostracism, do you still really have first amendment rights? Because if a person is so punished and his life destroyed, it’s almost like, having NO first amendment rights. Yet, what these fascists do is nibble away at the rights our Founding Fathers pledged their lives to provide. When do we pledge our lives to assure that those rights continue, as originally conceived?

        • Room101

          Most of what you write is very sound advice for just about everyone.

  • The__Bobster

    Retire? Yeah, right. He was fired but allowed to retire to save his pension.

    • bigone4u

      He would have been vested in his pension. He “retired” to save his law license. The alternative would have been retire or we hold a hearing and revoke your license. If you retire then the Board drops the hearing.

  • les kinsolving

    He is a coward for apologizing. Typical though of today’s white people. Groveling cowards. Pathetic. I would never apologize to any black or any person for that matter no matter WHAT I did. Cowards. No wonder whites are getting sucker-punched in Chicago by mobs of blacks.

    • bigone4u

      The apology did no good. I can assure you that his “retirement” was forced on him.

    • Room101

      You’re posting as Les Kinsolving?
      He’s probably going to sue you.

    • Carrie

      Even if you were in the wrong?

  • bubo

    I still can’t get over the fact that a young white woman from Kansas was willingly bedding down with an African in 1961 and that the offspring of such became our president.

    It just seems too far fetched.

    • Our “presidents” name is Barack Hussein– wrap your mind around that.

      • MikeofAges

        It’s just proof that we are an open minded country ruled by reason. And proof that the defenses our political system has against being overwhelmed are just too strong. Obama is part “rube” playing president and part ideologue, yet he is forced to at least somewhat govern from the center. When he governs at all. At this moment in time, I hope he is attending to the events in the Korean peninsula, not clicking channel. Or would we be better off if he didn’t pay attention?

    • Room101

      That’s what makes this joke so great!

      If you want to use a government-funded computer to share it around, use one @ the public library, not the one issued to you for professional purposes and paid for and maintained out of the taxpayers’ pocket.

    • MikeS

      Those despicable, traitorous, self-loathing Whites in positions of power that aided and abetted the charlatan in his quest to control the fruits of another man’s labor are the real enemy of Pro-White Whites.

    • Paleoconn

      It does seem like we’re in Bizarro world doesn’t it? I sometimes think I am in some sort of joke dream.

    • Xerxes22

      It is the result of many years of careful grooming and preparation by his handlers. They paved the way as he was carefully moved up the political ladder. His path was greatly helped by the massive corruption of our two main parties. Our enemies saw their opportunity with the damage caused by the Bush administration and the massive resentment against the policies of the Republican party. They made their move and they won. It was like Lenin and his followers seizing the Winter palace in 1917.

    • God bless America, with hard work a little charm and gumption just about anyone can grow up to be President.

  • David Ashton

    “Never apologize – be ruder next time” (John Bright, or Disraeli, I forget which).

  • bigone4u

    By retiring from the bench the judge gets to keep his law license and can thus go into private practice. The dispicable thing is that someone could have their law license lifted for forwarding the joke, which is not about race, but about Obammy’s mother. There are pornographic pictures of her taken in the late 50s or early 60s on the Internet that say a lot about her lack of character. The joke, which no one wants to touch, so I will, suggests that the woman had sex with a dog at a party. Nasty and crude? Yes, but if it were a racist joke, the punchline would have involved an ape or monkey. Given his mother’s lack of character, is it possible that she had sex with a dog? Yes, that’s what makes it so funny.


    That’s funny………

  • Paleoconn

    His only mistake was apologizing. Of course, Obama can’t lose now. If he doesn’t forgive, the jerk judge doesn’t deserve forgiveness. If he forgives him, he is such a gracious, saintly president the likes of which we haven’t seen since Lincoln.

  • kjh64

    Well, frankly this judge was an idiot. Why on earth he would send an email like that from his work address is beyond me, it shows a lack of common sense. He should have known what would happen. I do have to say that I can’t approve of the joke being sent from a work email, it was very unbecoming and childish for someone in his position, even if Obama were fully White.

    • bigone4u

      Maybe as a judge he thought there was still a First Amendment in the USA. We now know there isn’t, as regards criticizing King Obongo.

      • IstvanIN

        I have forbidden the people who work for me from using their work email for personal business. Business email is for BUSINESS! Granted, had he said some thong crude about George II he would have kept his job, but the fact remains he should have known better and not used his official email for stupid jokes.

        • Room101

          That’s the way to go.
          It’s standard procedure.
          One of the scariest calls to make is to ‘a good lawyer’.

      • gemjunior

        I think the seriousness of this can’t be understated. People getting fired from their jobs for uttering their own opinions about the victim classes. One word from them about being “offended” and whoooshhhh the person’s out of a job, stopped from earning their living, so of course they aren’t about to do things to jeopardize their jobs. The idea of free speech is ludicrous. Free speech would be real if there were no consequences for speaking out about Anything. Again, nobody cares. People just shrug and go on with their lives. And they will keep doing this until there is literally no food on supermarket shelves.
        This joke is tame compared to the vicious diatribe sent by black lib dem Mitchell. And there were absolutely no consequences for that email, and he was unrepentant. Here we have a white man rushing to grovel in an attempt to appease these blacks – and we know appeasement does not work. It only causes contempt and the smell of blood excites these savages.

        • Room101

          Great post.

          The reason this joke is labeled as “hate” and “racism” is the simple fact that those controlling Government right now on are a very grim mission.

          Leftists, and all the other tyrants down through the halls of history for that matter, will not abide humor, jokes, mockery, criticism. Those will be eventually criminalized into “hate-speech”.

  • fakeemail

    Republicans are such wimps.

    • Room101

      They’re just Republican’t grifters.
      Yes, they are wimps.
      They need Government (taxpayers) to pay their bills.

      It’s mostly Republican’ts and those appointed by Republican’t politicians who side with the Left and their Democrat colleagues in drafting more anti-White legislation against We The People.
      You might have a fake e-mail, but your message is right on the money.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Republicans aren’t Republicans any more. They’re just closet leftists.

        • Room101

          I think it goes back a lot further.
          Look @ Pres. Lincoln.
          If he had lived, he promised for the 1864 presidential election campaign he would finish-off the Confederacy once and for all, then send Them (the obsolete agricultural equipment back to Their Natural Habitat, the Diversity of Africa..
          Today’s politicians throughout the West certainly have no interest in returning to the concept of “individual Liberty” for taxpaying productive “citizens”/RACISTS.
          Still trying to see the forest for the trees…

  • LHathaway

    THat was the joke. . . ? They’ve got white men just where they want them. . .

  • freddy_hills

    Why do people keep doing stupid stuff like this? I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard about some politician, official, leader of some political group whose gotten something like this and forwarded or tweeted or posted it to Facebook and then had to resign. These political org’s should have an orientation for every new member where they lay down the law.

    It’s very simple. Never use work email to send anything personal. And never forward or post anything to Facebook that isn’t suitable for a class full of kindergarteners.

    • Pelagian

      It’s not as easy as you make it sound. If you don’t ever use Internet you will have no followers …IN LIFE… more in more. Is that really how you want to live?

  • KenelmDigby

    Someone with his intelligence and position should have been more, ahem, discerning and cautious.
    – Think he must have tried hundreds of cases in which the culprit left his fingerprints (actual or metaphorical) all over the evidence.

  • What’s wrong with a joke?
    I put ‘whites only’ labels on the water fountain at work. It’s a laugh riot!

    • JohnEngelman

      I doubt your black co-workers think it is funny.

  • Hunter Morrow

    That joke is as old as blacks complaining about Whites. You might as well get fired for “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

    • Room101

      Which reminds me of a joke…
      Q: Why did the Leper cross the road?
      A: To get his dick out of the chicken.

  • Doug

    It’s not just making fun of blacks and women – think about the outrageous way dogs are portrayed by this joke!

    • Room101

      It keeps getting funnier the more I read it!

      No wonder America must be ‘transformed’.

  • JohnEngelman

    The text of the e-mail, with the subject line ‘A MOM’S MEMORY’ reads: ‘Normally I don’t send or forward a lot of these, but even by my standards, it was a bit touching. I want all of my friends to feel what I felt when I read this. Hope it touches your heart like it did mine.

    ‘A little boy said to his mother; “Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re white? His mother replied, “Don’t even go there Barack! From what I can remember about that party, you’re lucky you don’t bark!”‘

    – Daily Mail (London), April 3, 2013

    For too long in the United States the fear of being called a racist has inhibited a candid, public, and necessary discussion of black social pathology. Nevertheless, I do think this comment raises troubling questions about the suitability of this man for a judicial position.

    It is one thing to discuss black crime, illegitimacy, and lower average intelligence. A crude racial joke like this is another matter, especially when a judge tells it.

    • Room101

      It never gets old.

    • Pelagian

      1-Our suitability standards for being a judge are down close to nil. Got political clout? You’re a judge! 2-As a lawyer, I can tell you that in chambers, judges have something of a tradition of telling un-PC or just plain ribald jokes. Jokes that tend to make you wonder about them. Email is just the chambers of the 2010s. These poor guys are so cordoned off these days by security systems … they get lonely and like to email their friends.

  • steve7789

    He loves Big Brother

  • Mrfinoni

    and do they listen in on your phone conversations on your appointed break because they own the phone?

    • Room101

      Who’s “they”?
      The Government monitors ALL communications.
      Well maybe except for dial-up.

  • Nate Miller

    Normally I’m very critical of president Barack Hussein Obama, but in this case, I will make an exception. A federal judge has NO business comparing our President to a dog or an offspring of a dog. Also, do I disapprove inter racial sexual relationships? Of course, I do! But, would I call it bestiality? NO! Humans have every God given right to choose their sexual partners, we call that freedom of association! I should be free to marry a white woman as a white man without any authority federal or otherwise coercing me to do otherwise, just as my blonde blue eyed daughter should have the right to choose her partner of choice without any body including me coercing her against her will! We live in a free country. If Ann Dunham wanted to marry Barak Obama Sr., that was her conscious choice to exercise her freedom of association. Who is this judge or anybody else to call that bestality? If that were the case, many Amreners would fall under that term including some of our posters (that includes me with my ex-Persian/ Indian/ Jewish girlfriends before marriage), John Derbyshire & even at one time, Jared Taylor for having sexual affairs with non white Asian women! Classic hypocrisy!

    Lets face it: this judge was an idiot who deserved to resign. His act is disgusting and inhuman at best. The worst part being his ridiculous denial of racism. Also, with his ideology, it is very likely that his tenure could be called to question regarding being fair with people of color in his courtroom. This incompetent goof ball of a judge should have been debarred a long time ago for the sake of up holding public justice. It is one thing to rationally disapprove President Obama’s policies, it is another to be a racist douche bag which gives our movement a very bad name. ostracize me all you want for my honesty, but in the end people lie this moron of a judge and his sheeple (supporters) will bring our movement to a full term extinction! I am a rational race realist NOT a racist. We need intellectual arguments to support our cause not mindless banter!

    Thank you & God Bless 🙂

  • incorrigable

    This is just a general reply to everyone jumping on the “implying interracial relationships to beastiality is wrong, oh my gosh, that evil judge” such as the despicable and mentally deficient engleman, and a few others. You really need to pause, take a deep breath, and actually think with your own mind instead of being swayed by the tone and implications of the article, which is a fantastic example of what the mind tends to do, ie: “gloss over the facts in order to come to the conclusion placed in front of you” or which is most convenient.

    What about this joke is “racist” exactly ? Nowhere does it compare or imply that obama’s mother bred with a dog, and out popped a black man. The joke is a simple one. And the joke is not about the son, per se, its about the mother being a shamelessly promiscuous woman. “From what i can remember of that party, youre lucky you dont bark!” Is quite clearly saying that his father WASNT a dog, but she slept with so many men, objects, and possibly even animals at that particular party that it was merely luck of the draw that he popped out black as opposed to a dog, a cat, white, or a pepper mill. It is seriously disturbing at times how many people here jump on bandwagons of all sorts… its expected of engleman, but the rest of you ? Come now … youre ALL better than that. Again, what makes this joke racist ? Because theres a black character in the joke ? … was it tasteless ? Sure. Inappropriate use of workplace equipment? Certainly. Should he have been forced into retirement because of it ? I think thats debateable. But racist ? Of course not. It’s merely been twisted from what it is into yet another tool which can be used to displace an enemy of the state, expressly, a judge who isnt planted firmly on his knees before lord obama and the gods of diversity

  • Joseph

    Vacancy will obviously need to be filled by a sensitive black man or another “wise Latina” to compensate.