Students Fight for Integrated Prom in Georgia County Where Minorities Are Banned from the ‘White’ School Dance

Hayley Peterson, Daily Mail (London), April 3, 2013

Institutionalized segregation was banned decades ago, but it’s apparently still practiced in central Georgia – at least during prom season.

Black students and white students at Wilcox County High School have been attending separate prom and homecoming dances for decades in spite of federal laws banning racial segregation.

Now, a group of seniors is taking a stand against the practice by organizing the first integrated prom that the Macon, Georgia public school has ever seen.

‘We live in rural south Georgia, where not too many things change,’ senior Mareshia Rucker says. ‘Well, as a group of adamant high school seniors, we want to make a difference in our community.’

‘Change has to start somewhere,’ she adds. ‘So why not with us?’

Rucker and a group of students have been planning the integrated prom, which is scheduled for April 27, since January. So far 50 students of the nearly 400 who attend Wilcox have bought tickets.

Rucker and her friends are holding fundraisers every weekend until the event to help pay for it, she says. They recently sold home-made ‘chicken plates’ to raise money.

The organizers of the prom are feeling hopeful that the school is ready to tear down the prejudices that have separated their school dances for so many years.

In fact, this is the first year that Wilcox County High School has allowed for the election of a biracial homecoming king and queen.

Quanesha Wallace, one of the students organizing the integrated prom, was elected queen.

‘I felt like there had to be a change because for me to be a black person and the king to be a white person, I felt like, you know, why can’t we come together?,’ Wallace told WGXA.

In the past, two separate ‘kings’ and ‘queens’ were chosen based on skin color. But white students and black students were still forced to attend two separate homecoming dances.

In spite of how it might sound, the school has not broken any civil rights laws because it doesn’t actually sponsor the segregated prom dances – or any prom dance, for that matter. Instead, parents and students are responsible for organizing and funding the private events.

Historically, organizers of the ‘white’ prom have hired security personnel to make sure no dark-skinned kids get into their events.

Just last year, a biracial student was escorted out of the ‘white’ prom by police, according to CNN.

So there are clearly many people in the central Georgia town who aren’t supportive of a prom that’s open to everyone.

Student Keela Bloodworth hung posters advertising the event at school and said people have been ripping them down.

Now, the students are facing another obstacle: funding.

The school system told Rucker it will not sponsor the event because it doesn’t have the finances, Rucker said.

‘We have not reached the financial goal that we need to sponsor this prom,’ Rucker wrote on Facebook Wednesday as she asked for donations. ‘With prom right around the corner, we are having to buckle down, work even harder, and give this the very best that we’ve got.’

In the same post, Rucker made a heartfelt appeal for the end of segregation in her county.

‘We believe that no matter what you look like, we are all entitled to the same opportunities in life,’ she wrote. ‘Everyone has blue blood that runs through their veins, and when we bleed out, it turns red. There aren’t any stipulations, or strings attached.’

‘This is what we want everyone to see,’ she continued. ‘We need people to open their eyes, and obtain more than just a view.’

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  • chuck_2012

    some traditions should stay the same and there is a reason for segregated dances. Most southern folk are not fooled by blacks

    • rb

      The school isn’t in Macon,it’s in Rochelle .The school is at best 55-45 bantu to white.This goes on in every rural district in our state,nothing to see here,however,if your nieve enough to send your kids to a majority black school thinking “all is well”,your a fool.Do your kid a favor and put them in a private for GODS sake.

      • Pawcatch

        I live in rural Northwest and blacks are a small minority at the one highschool here.Actually,hispanics outnumber blacks in this county.

      • Felix_M

        Or homeschool them.

    • As a property owner in the South for over 35 years, I’ll tell you that most “Southern folk” are fooled by their bank, their local, state government, and federal government and federal agencies… fooled by insurance companies and pharmaceutical groups, and big industry that uses, then bypasses, and throws away the South as if it were a disposable piece of kitchenware.

      … but you bet your bippie that it’s great to hear a report that “blacks” don’t have ’em fooled down in the poorly educated, poor health, poor wages, lack of industry, depressed economy, dying down towns, good ole South!

      I sure hope you’re not an adult writing something so senseless.

      • Defoe

        You are the ignorant one; most on this site are laughing at your ignorance.

        Why are you posting here? You are simply spewing drivel. You cannot substantiate any of the garbage you post since it appears to be nothing but silly opinion.

  • So CAL Snowman

    The real question here is what prom do the precious hispanics attend?

    • The__Bobster

      They have their own proms, too.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Oh well good for them, I would be oh so upset if they were being left out.

  • HarmsTorheit

    wow i am actually shocked that such a Thing is still possible …
    in a good way
    seriously maintaining race segregated School Events … how were they able to get away with this for so Long? i dont understand

    • So CAL Snowman

      it’s pretty sickening that we consider the Whites “getting away with this” as if a segregated prom is the lynchpin of evil

      • fakeemail

        As I’ve said, white leftists consider would consider one of us “racists” here on Amren infinitely more evil than a black murderer.

        • liberalsuck

          If a white person says “My god, I can’t believe this is still going on…” Ask them, “Why is it other races are allowed to self segregate, yet I don’t hear you chiding them for it? Why is it that you are angry at the few whites who have the balls to be overtly ‘racist’ when you yourself probably live in a virtually all-white city, neighborhood, state, country? Don’t get mad at others when you aren’t even willing to live around blacks or nonwhites.”

  • GB101

    In spite of how it might sound, the school has not broken any civil rights laws because it doesn’t actually sponsor the segregated prom dances – or any prom dance, for that matter. Instead, parents and students are responsible for organizing and funding the private events.

    What a shocker! It is not against the law – in spite of how it might sound – for people to have a party and invite who they want to invite.

    By the way, what is this reference to Macon, Ga.? Macon is not in Wilcox County. Well, this paper is published in England. The Atlanta newspaper isn’t any better at Georgia geography.

    • The__Bobster

      I remember when O’Really had a hissyfit over a similar “prom”, which wasn’t a prom at all.

      • Yes I remember that.Oreilly outed himself as the marxist he really is.

    • Defoe

      Gee!!! You mean we STILL have freedom of association????

      • The govt is trying to destroy all our freedoms–including that of association. Forced Acceptance…

      • Room101

        Freedom of Association disappeared 50 years ago for all practical purposes with the Civil Rights Acts of ’64 and ’65, never to return.

  • By inviting blacks, what could the parents possibly be concerned about??

    • Lots of twerking at the black prom and the integrated prom, while there will be none at the white prom.

      • Twerking and dutty fridae-ing, maybe some “stab” dancing too, and no it doesn’t involve a knife.

        • Michael Mason

          What we really should be concerned about is what goes on later in the night afterwards. Every white girl at the integrated prom will be liable for some black love, back-alley style.

        • purestocles

          Isn’t dance supposed to be a “culture” type thing?

          And aren’t “culture” type things supposed to involve sublimation of animal drives into more elaborated ritualized behaviors?

          And don’t those ritualized behaviors derive some of their charm from the harmless yet tantalizing glimpses into what is concealed as much as revealed that they offer?

          If so, then twerking and dutty fridae fail every test of cultivated behavior.

        • Daisy

          What are you talking about with these terms?

    • The__Bobster
  • khesanh67-68

    Bring on integrated proms and the White kids just won’t go.

    • Bob from SC

      I disagree. Whites, and especially white girls, will do anything to be around blacks, act like blacks, talk like blacks, and in the case of white girls, breed with blacks. I taught school, white girls are now all waiting for their n****r.

      • François

        Why are they so attracted to those beasts, who are waiting for an opportunity to gang rape them???

        • Strider73

          IMHO it’s chiefly an act of rebellion against parental (and all other) authority. No doubt 99.99% of us defied authority whenever possible when we were teenagers; it’s the nature of that stage of life. The easiest way to get an adolescent to do something is to tell him not to do it. Then throw in the MSM’s 24/7 glorification of black social pathology as “hip” and “cool” plus their cover-up of black criminality, just to make a bad situation worse.

        • MBlanc46

          You should look at some of Rushton’s data on black sexuality. It will explain quite a bit.

      • tech

        I’m a 22 year old female, from Louisiana, and know a lot of white women. There has been 2 white girls in my life that have been rumored to walk on the dark side. They were rightfully ostracized/ignored by other whites. I don’t have much experience elsewhere, but I have just never experienced this “white women loving black men” thing. Ever.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Yes it’s a lie. The real secret is how Black women are very attracted to White men. Latino women too.

          • Blacks talk about that, talk, talk, talk…. One of the best sites by a Black man- actually, except a few expected flaws, a rather decent guy- is Abagond.


          • Sorry to burst your bubble but like most (not all) white women aren’t interested in black men. Most (not all) black women look at white men as last resort… and even then balk. You don’t need a PhD in sociology to know that.

          • robinbishop34

            You don’t need a PhD in sociology to know anything. It’s a pseudoscience.

          • newscomments70

            You have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t persue black women, but I have been persued several times by black women in my life. Some were very attractive and intelligent, some average. I had black roommates in college at one point. Some of the black girlfriends would take interest in me. I don’t know why they did this, but I was flattered. An acquaintance of mine who married a black woman from the South stated, “they want a good provider, and someone who won’t beat them and abandon them.” In South Africa, there is a trend of black women marrying white men. It is the opposite trend of what is going on in the US and Europe. The reason is discussed openly, that white men are better providers, better partners, and non-violent. You can easily google that trend and see for yourself. You make many broad statements and have no statistics to back them up. Your extreme hatred toward whites is obvious. You would be better off on MSNBC or some low IQ black panther site. You don’t need statistics in those places. Just quote Hollywood movies and rap lyrics.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          I’m going to go with your experience instead of Bob’s. I’ll sleep better.

        • robinbishop34

          Ditto. I have a few years on you but I’ve had the same experience. There is currently an assault of artificial social conditioning by media that desperately attempts to drive a wedge between white women and men, but on the exceedingly rare occasions that I do see it, it is always some uneducated cow from a lower socio-economic slot that winds up with a black.

          To me, even the idea of going with a black is so ridiculous you might as well suggest I go with a kangaroo. It’s an intrinsic, evolutionary adaptive tendency.

          Speaking as a white woman I will admit that modern white women are probably the most naive demographic on the face of the earth and they are targeted by cultural marxists for that very reason.

          • …. that modern white women are probably the most naive demographic on the face of the earth and they are targeted by cultural marxists for that very reason.

          • Then speaking as a white woman you should also know that as you climb the socioeconomic ladder, the black men with white women are generally smarter and the women generally thinner and formally educated. The same holds true for white men, most white men are with fat white women (per BMI), just as most black men are with fat black women. The higher they are on the scale, the more options you have, and most (further up the scale) opt for thinner better looking, well educated mates.

            If all your seeing are fat white women with black men, then you’re probably living on a lower socioeconomic stage that precludes you to see otherwise.

          • robinbishop34

            Awww… aren’t you adorable? Thank you for that brilliant assessment, you proved my point with your post better than I could have ever done. You prove that racial tokenism and perpetual moralizing (as well as getting your reality from television) clouds the natural sensibilities.

        • I’ve lived in NOLA (years ago, still visit) for the better part of 10 yrs. Either you’re walking around with your eyes closed or you haven’t attended Tulane, Loyola or even UNO for that matter.

          When there’s medical, law, or pilots convention (of any kind) in NOLA, take notice of the mixing of social groups in the convention, local eateries, and hotel lobbies. You don’t see it, probably because you’re not in a position to see it.

          While your friend might have been ignored/ostracized by some “other” whites, the fact remains that most whites couldn’t care less today and more importantly people are starting not to care what others think about their personal choices which I think is a good trend.

          Love who you love. Like who you like. If you chose friends, lovers, or your mate based on skin colour then unicorns and rainbows to you for exercising your personal preference. Other women are more concerned with what they feel are far more important/relevant traits in a man. Neither is right or wrong.

          Best in life to you.

      • If this were the case, the percentage of White mothers with Black father of their children would be dramatic. But, according to stats, it is ca. 2.8% in 2010. (1.3% in 1990.), and this includes many so-called “Whites” like middle-Easterners & Hispanics like Puerto Ricans – so it may be well below 2%, or somewhere near 1% (I’ll see later). So, I guess your perception is distorted by disgust.

      • MBlanc46

        I’m afraid that there is a great deal to what you say.

      • That’s just ridiculous. Most white girls/women aren’t paying any attention to black boys/men and most black boys/men aren’t paying any attention to white girls/women.

        You might’ve taught school, but you’re lacking in your historical knowledge as it pertains to the sociology of white women and black men in the U.S.. You say that “white girls are now all waiting for their black.” Obviously a low-wit statement, but it also tells to your ignorance. White women over the decades sleeping with black men was so prevalent, it’s one of the largest historic underground cultures in the U.S.; today black men cuckolding white men by having sex with their white wives is a growing sub culture of that culture, which itself is decades old and spread like wildfire since the 90’s.

        What we see today isn’t anything new, it’s just that people aren’t hiding it as they once did. Those of you who are old enough can remember when you never saw two men hold hands or kissing… even though gay sex was a reality around the globe. Today we *see* it more though it’s always existed.

        The same thing happened with interracial sex/relationships; white fems have always crossed over and experimented in relatively large numbers but never breathed a word. Universities had/have secret organizations for just that. Today relatively few people care so you notice it more, especially since many kids are getting loans/scholarships on their own and no longer have to worry about daddy withholding college money because of their misdeeds.

        In the 60’s and 70’s many women with good jobs would keep apartments or rental houses across town. This was very common for people in the medical field as they often had the means and opportunity. Landlords didn’t breathe a word because it was solid business. Society was mostly oblivious because people knew they could (would) get fired for such a thing.

        What gets me is that people today are so ignorant on this subject, just as they’re oblivious to how our government really works. I find the worse being white men acting as if white women just recently started mixing with black men, which is absolutely ridiculous. White women have been dating black men for at least as long as white men have been cheating on white women with black women.

        They hypocrisy is awful. White military men talking to their wives and kids via Skype, then having sex with Panamanian girls the same night. Well traveled people know that black men (especially officers) in Germany and many other areas abroad can often have their “pick of the litter”. “KIng for a year” army personnel would call it. White women cheating on their husbands with fellow black servicemen in Korea is so common no one thinks anything of it anymore.

        I don’t know what you taught, but obviously having a degree or certificate to teach isn’t synonymous to being educated.

  • pcmustgo

    Blacks organize segregated proms and such all the time. It’s called Jack and Jill… it’s a black middle class organization that holds such functions.

    • Ralph

      Yes, but Whites don’t have to point out such things to justify our right to remain separate.

      Whites don’t need “permission” to be White and stay White and live White and all the rest. We have that right, simply because we are here. To hell with Blacks. They are not our people. We needn’t include them in anything we do. Stay White. It’s the right thing to do.

      (BTW pcmustgo: I mean no criticism of you or your comment. It just gives me a footing to write my comment on Whites always pointing to Blacks as doing something, so we are therefore enabled to also do something.)

  • Bandmo

    I say it is time that Whites are FORCED (I said FORCED) to have separate buses, restaurants, housing, schools, theaters, ETC. , so they could experience the pain the blacks went through in the past. Just imagine a group of Whites being turned away at a black night rap concert in Detroit in the middle of the summer just because the color of their skin. Time to make the White man suffer and feel the pain the blacks endured. (sarcasm)

    • Bill

      Love that idea.

    • François

      Yes, I thought it was sarcasm… But thinking of it, maybe the idea of it could be sold exactly that way, to liberals!

      • Room101

        You’re on the right track.

        I think the “liberals” and Leftists should really bring the hammer down and “punish” White-“racist”-America by banning all White people from Dieversity. Strip away our $#1+izenship and banish (segregate) us from the Dieverse/non-“racist”-moochers with all the rights and preferential treatment by Government.

    • Felix_M

      I wish we’d do the same with the illegal aliens our “leaders” are about to amnesty.

    • RisingReich

      That might actually be a workable angle. Oppress those damn White people! Make them use their own schools, ban them from places where Bantus frequent – as punishment! ROFL.

      In all seriousness – it has a possibility of working.

      • ozamataz

        Now this oppression sounds workable.

      • gemjunior

        I think it would be great. What a fantastic idea! We need to be punished for all we have done, punished with complete separation from the wonderful black people who give us the cultural enrichment we are so bland without. In fact, it would be best to be thoroughly punished by withholding all people of color and “rich culture” from us. The Mexicans and Indians, who were “annhilated and genocided” by “us” should withhold themselves from our miserable company. East Indians too, since the British descendants among us are guilty by association of the “plundering” of their subcontinent. Oh, the woes “we” (our race that is actually a social construct) have caused. We need to be put in solitary, with only each other, and a giant gate that prevents us from interacting with any of the more noble races. A gate that would be around the states of Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, maybe Washington State and Oregon or maybe some more contiguous states but it can be negotiated later. And all the whites who acknowledge guilt are invited to stay and make amends to these noble people – I refer to all liberals and antifa people. This choice is permanent though, and nobody who makes the choice to stay and make reparations to the morally superior may ever change their mind and be among the punished whites. They don’t deserved such punishment as it will be to be in a whites-only environment. That is for those of us who are really permanently bad, for not liking race-mixing.

        • Room101

          Well said!
          Of course in our new “racist” homeland where we are all collectivized, how are we supposed to hang onto our earnings from all the diverse moochers?
          We will need access to and command and control over nuclear weapons.
          A few submarines should be more than sufficient to defend the interests and preserve the survival of White people versus the diverse moochers, equally armed.

          Throw their Leftist hypocrisy in their face until they surrender them all.

    • Bandmo

      And if Whites dare to attend one of these peaceful gala black events, the dogs and fire hoses should be used on the Whites that invaded “their” area.

      • Room101

        You’re good.

    • Room101

      You’re like a modern-day MLK, for normal people.
      Freekin genius.

    • “H”

      “That’s great, Bandmo, That’s great!”

  • DailyKenn

    Blacks don’t want to attend black proms for the same reasons whites don’t want to attend black proms.

    Blacks don’t want to live in black neighborhoods for the same reasons whites don’t want to live in black neighborhoods.

    Blacks don’t want to use black-only restrooms for the same reason whites don’t want to use black-only restrooms.

    Think about it. If you were black, which prom would you want to attend?

    • Bill

      OUR first mistake was CARING which one they want to attend, or which restaurant they wanted to be in, or what bus or school they wanted to be in.

      • Cannot Tell

        That’s one of the best statements I’ve ever read in regards to integration.

      • Room101

        It’s not enough for the Government to stick a gun behind our ears and rob us blind so they can pay off their moochers. They’re always creating new classes of moochers as well.
        Now Government demands we “care” about the moochers we’re forced to subsidize and how they “feel”, or else.

    • Butch

      Sounds pretty much like you are black. How about encouraging your daughter to have sex with black men? After all, wouldnt you rather have sex with a white girl?

      Your logic is sick.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        What? Are you serious? Are you not getting dailyken or am I not getting you?

      • ? What’s the matter with you ?

    • Cado

      I attended a majority black school as a white person. I refused to go to prom because I knew everything from the music to the ambient behavior would displease me. Blacks are rowdy and undisciplined at every chance they get, if you take my old high school as an example. At least a third of my class time was wasted by unruly behavior. I chose to avoid all “social” events as a result.

      • MBlanc46

        Rowdy, undisciplined, and unruly. And those are the least problematic characteristics of their behavior.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        Sounds as though you might be from Philadelphia. OK too narrow. Or perhaps from any other large city in this once great country/

      • Your experience is probably based on your parents income level. I don’t have the same experience, but I have enough sense to know that if I went to a school in South Chicago, kids would act certain way that would displease me. If I go to a school in Watts, California black kids would act a certain way that would likely displease me. The black people I come in contact with in Telluride, CO do not fit the crummy stereotype that you broadly paint. Black pilots that I’ve flown with do not fit that stereotype and neither do Black students at the local university studying Engineering, chemistry, physics, or law.

        If you attended a majority black school, then you experienced some, not all black people. Just like I’m disappointed at the dismal intelligence of students and teachers at some predominantly white schools in Louisiana. I wouldn’t want a black person to think all white people are that “dumb” and “country” just because of that particular demographic mostly predicated on financial means though.

        • “The black people I come in contact with in Telluride, CO do not fit the
          crummy stereotype that you broadly paint.”

          Demographics of Telluride Colorado;

          92.57% White, 0.41% Black.


          Thanks for stopping by and telling everybody about your extensive experience with blacks. It’s obvious where you live is just teeming with them. Since the only major difference that separates whites and blacks on average is “culture” though have you ever thought of relocating from your lily white mountain enclave to an area that is 92 plus percent black and has a “culture” that approximates where you live now? Just think you could walk up and down the street smiling at all the black doctors, pilots and engineers debunking stereotypes all the live long day! Ah that’s right though you can’t because no such place exists on the whole planet.

          Did you ever stop and think that since so few blacks live where you do that maybe you are not coming into contact with “average” blacks?

          The idea that you have to meet every single black person on earth before you know that in general you don’t like being around blacks is a ridiculous unrealistic standard.

          “Just like I’m disappointed at the dismal intelligence of students and teachers at some predominantly white schools in Louisiana.”

          Nice try.

          Below quote from Nov 2003 issue of American Renaissance Journal;

          “It is common to argue that family income drives SAT scores, and that the racial gap is explained by black/white wealth differences. However, in 2002, whites from families with incomes below $10,000 had average test scores 46 points higher than blacks from families with incomes between $80,000 and $100,000.”

          “O Tempora, O Mores! The Real Score” November 2003

          • 1. (sigh) blacks living/working in Telluride vs. those that visit aren’t the same statistic. But I’m sure since you took even the most basic stats and research in college you knew that those numbers wouldn’t be a part of the census.

            2. What is the median SAT score for public white school in Louisiana compared to the national median? What is the median southern SAT compared to those from their northern, wester, and eastern counterparts?

            3. What is the median education level of teachers in Lousiana (across the board) compared to say, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota, California, Washington…

            4. Are those southern kids projected to fair as well as their northern counterparts in disposable income per historics?

            5. I didn’t mention SAT scores, but I did specifically mention that black children of dentists, pilots, engineers, attorneys, etc… typically act different from their cohorts the same way that a white coal miners daughter typically acts and talks different than the daughter of a pediatrician.

            Let’s take a look:

            Cado: “I attended a majority black school as a white person. I refused to go to prom because I knew everything from the music to the ambient behavior would displease me…”

            Teila: Rock on, personal choice to stay home- who can argue with that?

            Cado: Blacks are rowdy and undisciplined at every chance they get, if you take my old high school as an example. At least a third of my class time was wasted by unruly behavior. I chose to avoid all “social” events as a result.”

            Teila: Another personal choice of his/hers , but the premise is a lie and I’m calling it out for what it is, just like I’d call it out if you told a tall one. Blacks aren’t “rowdy and undisciplined at every chance they get” by default. Most of us in the world know that without having to be taught. It’s akin to Asian dress makers calling all American women really fat and slutty. Some are, some aren’t, but painting with a wide brush isn’t being truthful.

            It’s akin to people in other points across the globe calling Americans dirty, disrespectful and destructive- sure, many Americans are that way when they travel abroad but to say that Americans are like that would be a lie. All aren’t. Most know how to act, many do not.

            I’ve traveled many places about the globe as a civilian and more as a military veteran; I’ve been privileged to live in nice areas but have lived in cities like New Orleans (better part of 10yrs), and have spent a lot of time in areas you probably wouldn’t dare venture into.

            I relish that I’ve been around a great many people and am glad that I have had the opportunity to see people across financial demographics for myself as opposed to guessing based on stereotypes.

            Saying “I saw a lazy Mexican” might be a truth.
            Saying “Mexicans are lazy” would be a lie.

            That’s the difference.

          • Defoe

            Please explain the plain fact that sub-saharan Africa has never produced any technology, literature, art, written language, or mathematical concepts,etc of much worth, while Asia and Europe have.

            Also, it is a fact that the average IQ of a sub-saharan is around 70 while the average IQ of a northern Asian is 105 and a European is 100. Average IQ of a north American black is 85.

            In addition, the writings of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans describe sub-saharan Africans pretty much the same way they are described on this site. Go figure.

            I also have traveled around the world extensively, spending much time in the Middle East and Africa. To imply that racial differences do not exist is to deny reality. These differences of which I speak are not cultural. Culture derives from the essential nature of a people. Stereotypes are based on extensive observation of people over long periods of time and are generally accurate. To deny that is also to deny common sense. Jesse Jackson put it best when he said he would be worried if he were being followed by a couple of black kids, but not so much if they were White. Common sense.

            Now, one can always find anecdotal evidence which contradicts the norm. In statistical analysis, those anomalies are usually ignored.

            Do your trolling somewhere else; you’ll not fare well here.

          • Garrett Brown

            You just failed miserably. Be gone anti white.

          • Garrett Brown

            LOL, Very well done sir!

        • cali

          As someone who has lived in about 13 different cities over the past 15 years, my experience has been consistent. Blacks are dangerous, unpatriotic, attention seeking, constantly complaining about their status, unfaithful in friendships, and only care about their race when it all comes down to a final discussion. You feel free to preach your thoughts but nothing will change my life experiences with the black population.

          • Not trying to change your life. Your experiences are yours. You just have to be really dim to think that “blacks” are the same across socioeconomic lines just as you would have to be misinformed to think that whites are the same across socioeconomic lines.

            Patriotic? Most people in the U.S. don’t give a hoot about patriotism today in part because the average Joe is starting to get a sense of how the government really works. Most people black and white have no clue about the runnings of our government and cast their vote based on trivial election fluff that is designed purely to give the ignorant public something they can digest. It’s a shame and a sham.

            You living in 13 different cities over the past 15 years is telling. I can probably guess what area of town you didn’t live in based on your experiences. Years ago when I went to flight school, we watched an interesting presentation on military pilots. Many were left handed, Eagle Scouts, first born sons/daughters, and most would get married, cheat on their spouse(s) and have at least one divorce. As you probably know, most military pilots are white. Most people in the service cheating on their wives/husbands in the service are white. Most military officers throwing their friends under the bus are white. Most military officers brought up on charges per capita while service in Iraq were white. White patriotism?

            I respect your sentiment; even agree with some of it, but it makes you look bad when you make statements as if only “blacks” do some of the things you mentioned, which of course is ridiculous.

          • Defoe

            The Officer corp in the US military is “mostly” White. Bad behavior is universal, but it’s the frequency of it in the population that’s of concern and the nature of the bad behavior.

            If you want to get an accurate picture of criminal behavior by racial demographic, visit the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and look at the FBI uniform crime report. Keep in mind that “hispanics” are counted as White in most of these reports.

          • george00

            Teila K. Day obviously has a hard time with proportions.

          • Defoe

            He also seems to have a hard time with common sense. Obvious troll, but more ignorant than some trolls who come here.

          • TheAntidote

            Teila, I believe, is a she. But not a troll, simply a totally deluded liberal. Telluride, CO lol.

          • Nathanwartooth

            You are confusing raw numbers with percentages.

            By raw numbers Whites commit just as many murders as Blacks. But when you look at the percentages you see that Blacks only make up 13% of the population and Whites are about 70%. So which one of these groups is committing an insane amount of murder?

            You are also into the famous fallacy that it’s just social status that causes people to act the way that they do. You think that all poor people no matter what race all act the same. You think that rich people no matter what race all act the same.

            But that is wrong.

            If it was true then Whites would be committing the vast majority of crimes because there are almost twice as many Whites living in poverty than the total number of Blacks in the United States.

            Just looking at the SAT scores it takes a Black coming from a family making over 150,000 a year to beat out a White coming from a family that earns below 20,000 a year.


            A lot of theories abound about this but most of them point to affirmative action. Normally income correlates well with IQ, but obviously by looking at the SAT chart there are many Blacks earning much more than their IQ should permit.

            Just by looking at a chart of IQ distributions you can see that there are some Blacks that are smarter than Whites. But ON AVERAGE IQ goes Blacks > Hispanics (mestizos, Latinos etc etc) > Whites > Asians (mostly Japanese and Chinese) > Jews (only really one group of Jews).

            I have taken several statistics classes in college. If you need help understanding averages, standard deviations, etc. just ask and I’ll help!

        • black pilots and engineers what a hoot, pass the blunt please……………

      • Rusty

        And now even the white schools are having “black proms” because it’s ‘cool to be black.’ I hate this transformation and widespread white shaming.

  • Bruce Billingsly

    In a comment section on the recent massive Chicago Mahogany Mob, I noted that this is why we once had segregation to protect innocent women, children, and businesses. Some black guy then replied that the “teens'” actions were not why America had segregation, but rather than actions were the result of the segregation that still exists today. I responded that most blacks segregation, as we see in the Detroit city manager protests, is black self-segregation. His response is that even if it’s self segregation, segregation is still the cause of violence. There was no response to my inquiry as to why other self-segregated groups like the Amish don’t cause violence.

    The point is that even if blacks self-segregate, in blacks eyes, whites are still responsible for the problems within a black self- segregated area. They won’t allow white enclaves. They demand black enclaves. And whites ate eternally to blame for everything whether together or separate.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Bruce, it is never useful to get into an interchange of ideas with blacks. Never.

      • Well, I do engage in “conversation” with them at A-A Topix forum. It looks like this: you’re inferior because: a), b), c),…. The proof is in 1), 2), 3)…. Usually, my post is the last. The thread is dead.

    • Ralph

      Why even give them the time of day? Ignore them. They are not our people and they are like other organisms that are not our kind. Arguing with them is like arguing with a dog or cat or bird. They have their destiny and we have ours.

      • liberalsuck

        I don’t waste my time getting in racial debates with blacks. I don’t care what they think. I’m interested in waking up our people and uniting us as a race.

  • The__Bobster

    Dances are courting rituals, which is why the aggressive spoonie bucks want White women there.

    • Michael Mason

      Traditionally, don’t they dance around the fire performing a ritual, and the alpha male gets all the blondes?

    • “H”

      “amen Bobster!”

  • Tired

    Naivete to say the least. These young whites have enjoyed the benefits of being separated for so long that they’ve never truly experienced DIEversity. Their reason is extremely clouded. Very similar to naive brainwashed whites in the 60’s and 70’s who rallied against segregation.

  • “Students fight for integrated prom”

    What kind of number do you want to lay that they’re doing it to have something “social justice-y” to put on their college application forms in order to impress the admissions committee?

    • So CAL Snowman

      how hard is it to get into an HBCU these days? Do you even have to spell your name correctly on the admissions slip?

      • I’m thinking that the white students involved in this putsch want to get into the Ivy League, so they have to have something politically correct on their application.

      • MBlanc46

        One hopes not, because so many of those names are unspellable.

  • bigone4u

    Somehow I have the feeling the integrated prom will by 99 percent black. The token whites will be a poor lost foolish couple indoctrinated into attending by their liberal parents. I also have the feeling they won’t have a good time.

    • Bill

      Remedy……play ONLY waltzes and country music. The groids will flee like they were handing out job applications.

      • bigone4u

        Hilarious. The image of black teens dancing the waltz is going to cause me to smile a few times over the next few days. Classical music would do the job too.

        • IstvanIN

          How about the Hokey Pokey?

          • MBlanc46

            There are limits.

        • Felix_M

          Wouldn’t work. Those big butts keep getting in the way.

      • newscomments70

        In New Zealand, the malls started playing Barry Manilow over the loudspeakers to get rid of the “teens” playing gangsta rap and loitering. The “youths” simply turned up their boom boxes.

    • Room101

      I’m sure all the token White kids in post-rape counseling will write very touching essays to government bureaucrats trying to insist that they love and trust all black people.
      Or else.

    • newscomments70

      I have a feeling the token white liberal couple will have a good time…until someone is assaulted or raped.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Interesting you should say that.

      The Royal Canadian Army Cadet corps I was in as a teenager had a sister corps in the River Rouge (Detroit) ROTC (Marines). That ROTC corps was all black (except one white guy who got booted for stealing – yes, he was guilty, and suspect for quite a while before being caught in the act); our corps was all white (with one black guy who came and went, but after a month or two would get tired of being “ordered around”).

      Anyway, these Marine kids (who were, all told, not bad individuals – but then, I guess it takes a certain sort to stick with military cadets, or scouts, or stuff like that) invited us to some holiday dance, I guess in exchange for the dances we always held at weekend trips to local Canadian reserve bases. Those of us who were NCOs graciously accepted, but, while we had no personal or other problems with these kids, we got bored pretty quickly. The music was nothing we cared to dance to, or even listen to, so we spent most of the night sitting around the table chatting with a couple of (black) ROTC oddballs, who also weren’t interested in the funk music. I guess they might have felt a bit of the same at our dances, come to think of it.

      The point of this story is: It doesn’t really matter, you can be friends and all, but when it comes to social gatherings (which are always, quite naturally, coloured by the culture of the hosts and the majority attendees), well, that’s where differences start. There’s nothing particuarly wrong with the differences, but know where you and anyone involved will be comfortable. And you can’t DEMAND that people be comfortable in alien social situations.

  • jay11

    This is just another example about how different cultures do not mix and cause problems until one culture dominates.

    Which type of music should be played? White or black music?

    Which type of dancing, more white-style or black-style?

    In my experience, blacks dominate every affair they attend when they are in sufficient numbers to do so, and this means rapping, loud shouting, flamboyant behavior and an ‘Afro-centric’ feel to an event. I know some whites from the South, and some of their kids are much more traditional in their expectations of how things should be done. What about their feelings? Can’t whites have a function that is more in line with traditional white American culture? It seems blacks are never happy unless they invade everywhere.

    • IstvanIN

      Oh yes, even the whiter Hispanics get pushed aside at a social affair when the blacks reach critical mass.

      • jay11

        So true. I work in a place with a lot of latinos. Some are as white as you and me (Columbians, some white Mexicans etc). There are also dark-skinned Dominican types. The Dominicans-Caribbean types totally dominate any gathering with their loud, gregarious behavior. The more indio of the Mexicans try to push back with their own tex-mex swagger. The white americanss and the white latinos usually stay pretty quiet and at the fringe.

        • Pelayo

          Yes despite the drug cartel most Colombians with whom I’ve been acquainted are cultured, civilized people. They also speak very good Spanish and most of them who are here are also proficient in English. The majority of them are White.

          • Cid Campeador

            I had a Colombian colleague who told me that she had a rough time understanding another colleague who was a Dominican – Puerto Rican mix. The latter was a very sweet lady but had that Caribbean dialect which IS a real test of your listening skills. For one example, the final “r” was always presented as “l” and sometimes in the middle of a word. “Jo no puedo hablal inglés” or “Mira, ya es hora de comel” or
            “Oye Mami, Abre la puelta.”

        • Katherine McChesney

          I have a dominican neighbor who moved from New York. He is imposing, aggressive and a show off. He is also arrogant and loud. And dresses as if he shops at a black men’s clothing store. You should see his shoes. He’s now announced that he’s a Jew.

    • Felix_M

      The emphasis is on learning in schools where whites dominate. In schools where blacks or Mexicans dominate the emphasis is on having a good time. Because D’Looshus and José come from cultures where thought and reflection are not valued, that they learn anything at all in skoo’ is what the big surprise should be.

    • Cid Campeador

      Well yes they SHOULD be able but remember that “Diversity” is really a program to eliminate White values and customs despite what the Diversitoids preach. The only alternative is total segregation. Separate but equal is the solution the results are totally up to the Blacks.

  • dd121

    These are private parties and they can damn well invite who they want. The leftists haven’t killed all “freedom of association”, yet.

  • Ralph

    Whites must stay separate. Integrated proms are a first step toward miscegenation and the bedroom genocide of Whites.

    Any Whites involved in this integrated prom genocide should be identified and shunned by all decent Whites who oppose the genocide of our people.

    • You can’t be that dull. Honestly you have to be smarter than that. Bedroom mixing of races has been going on long before your great, great, grandparents were born. It just wasn’t discussed, and even today something that Grandmothers talk to their granddaughters about in private. I just can’t get over how comical some of these comments are- which should leave no doubt in any intelligent person’s mind why few educated white people would dare be associated with your mindset, even though I appreciate your misguided or uninformed opinion.

      Will it take white women to hire a sky writer so you get the message that white women have been sleeping with other races (just as white men) and bearing their children in the U.S. since at least the early 1600’s? Proms aren’t the problem, but that’s another thread.

      Ok, let me get this straight. We have scores white kids who also can’t pass the basic skills college entrance exam, who have to take remedial math and english- most cannot enter college and take College Algebra which is required for nearly every college major that leads to a stable, well paid, “good career”… but in your mind, “decent whites” should be more concerned about whether a kid with brown skin, and a kid with white skin, attend the same cheesy high school prom at the same venue on the same night?


      That alone should clue you in on the truth; educated people don’t typically see genocide (by the definition of the word) happening to “our people” (the majority), however, probably wouldn’t mind it (the extinction of; genocide is too strong and inaccurate of a word) happening to “your people” (the minority).

      • newscomments70

        “Bedroom mixing of races has been going on long before your great, great, grandparents were born.” It did happen, but nearly as much as it does today. And that far in the past, it was often Moors raping and enslaving European women. That’s not “jungle fever”, that’s rape. Interracial rape/dating happens because of media indoctrination and forced integration. We are forced to integrate almost under the threat of a gun. If we try to go somewhere else and do our own thing, they find another way to force blacks on us. We’re not allowed to be alone. If different races want to fornicate with each other, great. It’s a free country, let them. But integration and rape is forced upon us by law. Blacks are allowed to have their own neighborhoods and communities, but whites always have ours taken away from us. We’re sick of it and we’re ready to explode.

        • Oh goodness, you just don’t get it. Yes, men of all colours raped and enslaved, but the bottom line is that scores of white females willingly slept with men of colour just as they did decades ago, just as they do today. Stick your head in the sand and come up with excuses if you want to, but at the end of the day, many white women like dark and handsome. That’s not a jab at anyone of any other shade, it’s just reality- a reality that has existed since day one for many white women. End of story.

          “Blacks are allowed to have their own neighborhoods and communities, but whites always have ours taken away from us. We’re sick of it and we’re ready to explode.”

          Who’s “we”? What neighborhoods and communities are blacks “allowed” to have that you cannot move into based on your skin colour? Name one.

          In the U.S. there are so many places to move if you don’t want to see black people that it isn’t even an issue. There are communities in Colorado, Vermont, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Montana, Utah… and not see a black person for at least a month if you care about about. If you don’t like it where you are, then just move. If you can’t afford to move, then that’s a horse of another colour.

          Please explain to me how you have a neighborhood “taken away” from you when you if you don’t own the neighborhood to begin with?

          In over 30 years of rapid development, Panama City Beach has remained predominantly “white” (since you care).

          Move here- after paying covered parking, association fees + mortgage, you can rest assured that your neighbors aren’t likely to be of colour for a very long time… if ever. (I think most condos are tacky.)

          Nice area. Since this development has been in existence, it has remained predominantly white… and so has every condominium from Panama City Beach to Pensacola, FL.. Do you really have to wonder why? No noise, low crime, no surprises, beautiful views…

          The only thing keeping you from living the life you want, with the neighbors you want is your pocket book… and no one has anything to do with that fact but you… but then that would be the truth of the matter.

          • george00

            I don’t know why you are having such a hard time understanding what is being said here. Let me try to help you. Of course whites have been having babies with nonwhites for centuries, we at amren all know that. In America, almost from the beginning, almost every state had laws against miscegenation. In the 1950’s there were still states that had laws against miscegenation. It was discouraged and it was very rare. Now the MSM promotes miscegenation and mixed race couples are everywhere. I’m 60 years old and when I was a kid I NEVER saw BM/WF couples, now I can’t go anywhere on any day without seeing it once or twice.
            As far as white neighborhoods, if there is equal opportunity and if Indians can have reservations then whites should be able to have reservations.

          • I’m not having a hard time digesting what you are saying in the least bit. You are simply stating that white women having relationships with darker skinned men was rare. What I am telling you is that white women have been stepping out secretly since the 1600’s, but men like you like to keep your head in the sand, which is fine. But you wonder why things are like they are and it is in part to your refusal to understand the dynamics of what goes on in your own home.

            Just like many women haven’t a clue what goes on a secret mason meetings, aside from the typical meeting. Many men like yourself are oblivious to the reality that a significant number progressive white women have not and do not subscribe to your way of thinking.

            You say that you never saw BM/WF couples growing up. Of course you didn’t, that was the point. During your lifetime, you probably can’t remember seeing many Ferrari advertisements over your lifetime either, despite the U.S. and Canada having the largest distribution. There’s countless things you aren’t aware of, because you aren’t and haven’t been a socioeconomic position to notice. Same with race relations. What isn’t acceptable by a man in Florida working at the local chemical plant, is often very acceptable to professional white women.

            My only point is that there’s a wild disconnect between what you think reality is for women, and what has truly gone on for years. But if you want to keep your head stuck in the sand and speak on a subject you’ve not been privy to, then proceed… no matter how embarrassing it makes you look.

            Kinda like a spouse cheating on a man and the whole town knows except for the man who tries to make excuse after excuse but can’t see the truth because his fantasy world is getting in the way.

            You’re that kind of man.

            As far as “white neighborhoods” I have never had trouble finding one, people with the means and scruples to plan their life don’t have trouble finding one. Odd that only people here seem can’t seem to segregate themselves by choice. That’s a personal problem, not a governmental responsibility.

            Pick a neighborhood in any state where you have to pay $375-675 monthly association fees, and after plunking $300k down, you’re monthly expenditure is still $6-7k monthly. That pretty much assures you a nice quiet “white” neighborhood if that’s what you want…. but most people on the planet already know that.

          • GM (Australia)

            White people just should not have to find $6K – 7K monthly just to be able to live in a white area, as simple as that. As to your (over) emphasis on Freudian matters, of course white males have always behaved badly at times, but in a civilized society this will cost them dearly either in the divorce courts or child support payments. When Blacks behave badly it is white taxpayers who foot the bill. If white males get involved with black and other minority women the result is just a disaster at every level. To see a white woman with a black (yes it does happen here in Oz) is simply revolting. If we see a Black genuinely do well I thing we all give them due credit.

            This site is all about preserving and supporting white society and civilization, I can not really see the point of your comments.

          • george00

            My observations about the prevalence of mixed race couples throughout my life coincides with the statistical data and all your yammering about “There’s countless things you aren’t aware of, because you aren’t and haven’t been a socioeconomic position to notice.” is completely beside the point. I don’t have to be everywhere and see everything, I can read the statistics.
            Just to mention one of the many ridiculous comments you’ve made is this: “Many men like yourself are oblivious to the reality that a significant
            number progressive white women have not and do not subscribe to your
            way of thinking.” Many people who write comments on Amren are aware of what “progressive white women” think and complain about that very fact.

          • MBlanc46

            Try moving into Engelwood on the South Side of Chicago and see what happens to you on the basis of your skin color.

      • robinbishop34

        I think someone just took a cultural anthropology class. Mindlessly chirping the same pedantic, boilerplate, social science soundbites over and over again with the same smug yet foolish sense of self assurance when doing so. Why don’t you go comb Craigslist for a black guy and then nail yourself to a cross after it dumps it’s genetic sewage on your fat gut?

        • I fancied the bio and physical sciences, and financial accounting/statistics in college over the worthless “fluff” courses. I advocate the hard sciences. “fluffy” majors of study don’t equate to good jobs. Craigslist? I’m Happy with my position in life, but thanks for your concern. Can’t relate to being fat, or even average-size for that matter I guess I got lucky or I’m just always on the go and seldom have time for a bite. Many years ago I had to *gain* weight just to get into flight school. Old habits die hard.

          best in life to you.

      • Defoe

        Your posts clearly show that you are ignorant of the basics of racial demographics. You spew forth the swill that pours out of the propaganda machine called the media. We’ve heard it all before, and your ignorance is in full display.

      • “H”

        Teila k. Day, would you please leave, we need no dumbing down here. thank you.

  • kjh64

    What is the problem as long as these dances are private and privately funded, it should be nobody’s business. It would be wrong if it were publically funded and sponsored by the school, but it’s not. Most Blacks want an all-Black prom as they have a different culture and prefer to be around and socialize with their own, so do Whites though Whites are too PC to admit it.

    • MBlanc46

      Absolutely right. LaQuaneesha or whatever her name was can organize an integrated dance if she wants. And people can attend whichever dance they want. Nothing to see here.

    • Liberalsuck

      Pretty soon more whites will start becoming more openly pro white and better be prepared to stand by those assertions.

  • Bill

    You can tell who the organizers are by their names. Blacks feeling left out. They will never stop following us, they will never leave us alone, they will never “get it” that we don’t want them among us or around us. Not until we couple the message with the civic laws and cultural mind set we USED to have.

    • Room101

      People Who Annoy You feel left out and abandoned because they were freed back in the 1800s.
      Africans don’t attach the same value to human life that other human beings do.

  • Perfect Form

    Mainstream popular culture is the leading factor in modern White American youths succumbing to the multiculturalist doctrine. They’re brainwashed with mainstream pop & rap music to idolize superficial black celebrities who they begin to see as their admirable equals. So many of the White youth today may conform to White conservative attire for the most part, but when you look at their music collection it’s plagued with degenerative superficial mainstream rap artists who glorify anti-intellectual behavior. If the White race doesn’t work to reverse this degeneration towards this multiculturalist cliff, the Asian Nation is going to take the torch of human progression and own the future.

    • François

      Anti-intellectual…? My friend, there are many rappers who have actually done jail time, and promote things such as selling drugs, pimping, drive-by shootings, etc, in the most unrepenting way!

      • dem rapers do noses dem philofilsirs…
        “Kim Kardashian is said to be researching the works of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, while also keeping on top of world news in order to impress boyfriend Kanye West”

  • Caucasoid88

    All mammals have blue blood in their veins you yard ape.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    The black men must be high fiving each other. More white wimmenz. What other race of people literally throws their own women at another race of men and says “here, use them as your sex toys”?

    • François

      I have no idea. In fact, I think it is purely a white liberal thing. And mainly an American, white liberal thing.

      Personally, I feel real anger when I read stories of white cheerleaders getting raped by Black athletes.

      • whiteuncleruckus

        Unfortunatley those White cheerleaders are too afraid of being called racist or are too brainwashed to avoid blacks.

        • Liberalsuck

          This is why I’m more interested in waking up whites than getting ‘input’ from blacks or mexicans.

          • François

            Same for me.

          • To wake someone up you have to say something that is based on sound ideas, statistics, truths and pertaining to what is relevant in the world we currently live in. People are tired of hearing “white pride” rhetoric from people they wouldn’t want to associate with in the first place. You have to have your own eyes open before you can wake others. Right now, you’re decades behind the realities of today and still have sleep in your eyes.

        • François

          Well, if their parents dont really bother to teach them about certain realities, and those girls watch MTV and other such media on a daily basis, should we be surprized that they end up brainwashed? We need to create accessible racially realist media! And MTV don’t even do music video rotations, now; it has become all about idiotic reality t.v., so I say: MTV, get off the air!!!

          • You’re so behind the times it is sad. Actually progressive young white girls (say, 15-20 yrs) aren’t sitting at home watching MTV, but rather are doing what they have to do to be competitive for scholarships, volunteering at the local hospice while planning their route for med or vet school. Getting on a local campaign, and studying torts, con law, contracts, and other 1st year law basics for those wanting a law/business/poli-sci degree… The lack of education here is depressing.

            I don’t have a problem with your beliefs, morals, ethics- I just find it unfathomable that you’re concerned about some silly po-dunk MTV program when that’s not even on the radar of educated white women most apt to date outside of the race. You’re clueless and that’s what’s embarrassing.

            You’re like a child who thinks $100 is a large sum of money. You’re simply oblivious to what’s going on in the real world around you.

            MTV? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry for you. You didn’t get the memo that smart, progressive, career minded, hell-bent on hard science young white women who are open to dating outside of the race, are not the MTV demographic.

            Now if you’re trying to sway the chubby, poor, southern, gal with a ho-ho in one hand and the remote control in the other, from wanting to “date out”, then maybe MTV, dancing with the stars and other programming might be more on their radar.

            Tell you what- make a video of what you think is wrong with the U.S. and how you think we should go about fixing it, and post that video to youtube. You’ll get a quick reality check on how ignorant (I say that not as a dig) you sound.

          • François

            “Actually progressive young white girls (say, 15-20 yrs) aren’t sitting at home watching MTV…”.

            But who said anything about progressive white girls? Or conservative ones? I never wrote anything of the such.

            “You’re simply oblivious to what’s going on in the real world around you.”.

            Oh, please, do educate me! Help me see the light.

            I mean, we really know nothing about you, on this forum. You could be a highschool drop-out, for all we know!

            “You didn’t get the memo that smart, progressive, career minded,
            hell-bent on hard science young white women who are open to dating
            outside of the race, are not the MTV demographic.”

            MTV was just one possible example, among many. And there is a lot of trash on the internet, too. Don’t focus on the example; try to understand that MTV and many other such media are mass, mainstream ones, and they reach great numbers of people. And they cause damage. Of course, some people know better, but you are talking about a different segment of the population, who has access to better schools, higher education, etc.

            “Now if you’re trying to sway the chubby, poor, southern, gal with a ho-ho in one hand and the remote control in the other…”

            You obvioulsy, hideously despise those young women, who are less fortunate than you.

            “You’ll get a quick reality check on how ignorant (I say that not as a dig) you sound.”

            I have no intention of making such a video, because I think America is a great nation. But you, my very presumptuous and adversarial lady, are probably so ignorant yourself, you’ll have no idea whatsoever which country I am writing from…

            Besides, it was never my intention to tell Amreners what is wrong with America. That is not my point, at all. I will not be drawn into such a false debate.

            You claim to be an oh! so progressive and superiorly intelligent woman, yet you are trying to use that tired, red-neckish America versus the world thing against me… Pathetic!

            Look, you do not agree with our views? Perfect! You have a right to your own opinions, and although I do not agree with the things you write, I would fight for your right to say or write them on the internet (and mine!). But if you are on Amren just to pick a fight and throw insults, then stop making us waste our time!

      • That’s a slap in the face to women everywhere. You should be offended at a man raping any woman. If you were a woman, you’d know that it’s white young men who are doing most of the raping of white cheerleaders and students.

        When a white cheerleader gets gang raped, it’s usually by white boys. When a white cheerleader gets date raped, it’s usually by a white young man. When a white college student gets raped on a college campus that has a large black student populous, she will most often get raped by a white male.

        I come under fire for some of the things I write pertaining to how I think we should do away with government housing, etc., but your statements are just ignorant in the worse way.

        • François

          There she goes, again…

          “You should be offended at a man raping any woman. If you were a woman, you’d know that it’s white young men who are doing most of the raping of
          white cheerleaders and students.”


          I just wrote that such stories, many of which can be read on the internet, made me angry! Do you really have a problem with my being angry at that???

          Yes, some young white males do rape white girls. Wow! That’s a news bulletin! Well, let them rot in jail for it! But do we want Black football players chasing our young women like trophies, and in too many cases, assaulting them, to add to that?

          You claim to know American reality much, much better than I do. What do you have to say about the fact that Black males commit a number of crimes that is disproportionate to their percentage of the total population of the US?

          “When a white college student gets raped on a college campus that has a
          large black student populous, she will most often get raped by a white

          Really? Is that a personal opinion or a provable fact? You want to make it about numbers? Please do.

    • jay11

      Unfortunately there are a LOT of white women, from all income levels, who think there is nothing wrong with getting with a black guy. I know many like this who are both educated and trashy. When the ‘agenda’ is pushed in the media, you see lots of white women participating. All of us have seen varying degrees of this on the ground. I always believe you love who you love and that sometimes love crosses color lines, but what is happening is being pushed, and not the rare occasion that might pop up organically. Leftists are trying to brainwash white women into thinking that black men are superior to white men,

      This is so funny because these same leftists and feminists have tried so hard to emasculate white men, metro them, hipster them, neuter their drive, etc. So they make a crop of sensitive, effeminate men, and voila! White women complain and go for the raw, savage black men who will put them in their place and push them around. (I’ve never seen a black man/white woman couple where the white woman had the kind of power in the relationship that she could have with a typical white dude.)

      So some whites in the South want to preserve the sanctity of their women’s honor, and blacks go nuts because they are being denied even a small portion of white women to conquest.

      Many of these women are already beyond redemption. You mention STDs – those women don’t blink. You mention an increased chance to be abused or even killed – they don’t believe you. You talk about their potential kids being shunted into a lower socio-economic level because biracial kids almost always self-identify as black – they say the future will be a bright rainbow coalition of all races living in harmony.

      • Oh brother. One of these… (sigh)

        No, white women aren’t brainwashed. Some would rather date, screw, or marry a man that they find attractive, productive, progressive and a great lover and mate irrespective of skin colour. The media doesn’t dictate taste in men and is more reactionary to what society finds acceptable, intriguing, and profitable. White women have been shagging black men in the U.S. and abroad for centuries. It’s just never talked about. Deal with it. Just like gay men have come out of the closet, women everywhere care less today about what you think about who we date, sleep with, or marry; that’s why you see it more today- but it’s been going on for ages.

        Most white women do not have true “power” in their household regardless who they’re married to. Interesting… you… speaking for women.

        Established men (white or black) generally aren’t after “Southern women” which make up the fattest contiguous demographic of women in the U.S., and most men (white or black) do not fancy fat women (defined by BMI) as opposed to slimmer women. Rap videos aren’t representative of what most people find attractive regardless of race.

        I think any reasonably intelligent person would see your “savage black men” along the same lines as “wife beater white men”. Both stereotypes that don’t define most men in either race.

    • cali

      Many of my friends are actually sickened and terrified of blacks, but will never admit it. They actually force themselves to comingle to put on a display of “kindness” and “open-mindedness”, but when the doors are closed and we speak, they truly despise it. This is what indoctrination has done to us. My friends say and display one behavior but truly hold to another belief. Sad, but very few of us are willing to be honest with ourselves.

      • You are correct. Many people act one way in public and church, and lead a life that opposes the image they publicly project to others… but it goes both ways. It plays out on University campuses all across the U.S.. especially in the most educated locales- but is also in full force at big state schools in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Florida.

        Many white teens are finding out that the stereotypes taught at home don’t always match what they experience at the university (e.g. Major in communications you experience one type of white and black student; major in Engineering you experience another type of black and white student), which opens the floodgates for interracial relationships of all levels. If Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Mi Mi lied about “Mexicans and blacks being ‘not as smart as whites’…” but If I have two black student teachers; one teaching our physics class and the other biochem… what does that make me think about my family’s racial assessment?

        Conversely the result is that scores of young women date black men on campus, but don’t breathe a word of it to their family & friends back home. A common scenario today. On a much smaller but growing scale, the same is happening with young black women.

        Stereotypes. Here’s one for you:

        White men walking around with their head in the sand, talking about holding on to something that they haven’t had in their clutches for decades… Everyone else got the memo long ago.

        Grow up guys. Didn’t you attend college? That whole “racial” ship sailed long time ago.

        • robinbishop34

          How could someone who claims to have ‘fancied the hard sciences’ consistently sound like a disciple of Lysenkoism in every post? You seem to be stuck in a psychological stage of adolescence where you simply swallow wholesale the Hollywood/academic social narrative pumped into your soft head.

          I think of you as a well trained, domesticated pet. Like the audience on SNL who predictably cheered at descriptions of their own demise when jamie foxx talked of how he killed white people in his latest movie.

    • That sounds pert if you’re uneducated, but for those in the more knowledgeable demographics, it is readily known that white men in all but the poorest demographic have been engaging in cuckolding activities (blk men mating with white wives) as the practice has swept across the U.S. and has taken a noticeable foothold in the last 20 years or so. There’s a practice where men with the means regularly pay to have black
      men sleep with white women, but you wouldn’t know because you’re neither a
      woman nor in the financial position to have a clue to what white women are

      White men “throwing” white women at other races is proverb, so much so that an entire industry is built around it, but no one talks about that. . . worse, you seem
      oblivious to it, which is disconcerting because it shows that you know little
      about what goes on here in your own country. From private social clubs to strip clubs, white women are purchased in back-deals by all races while most of the husbands and venue owners respectively, are white men.

      You sound like the embarrassing posters on Stormfront and other sites, spewing the same falsehoods. Most intelligent white women know *most* black men aren’t interested in white women. The problem with boys and men with your presuppositions and lack of intelligence is that you are more of a worry for us parents than black men.
      I don’t want my daughters bringing home some guy who can only post broad
      based stereotypes on a particular race, instead of at least attempting to spew
      an opinion based on sound arguments and judgment.

      Wake up. You’re an embarrassment. Notice how all the private so-called “clubs” within a club or organization, are predominantly located in white upper class neighborhoods? From the Masons to the Garden Club; Dirty secrets. The truth is that most self-made career moms wouldn’t want their daughters bringing the likes of you home for the weekend, white or not.

      • Rubbish.

      • MBlanc46

        What is this constant harping on interracial sexuality? You seem to be obsessed with it. Maybe you should seek help.

      • TheAntidote

        Teila, are you British? You’re very, very class conscious. Sickeningly class conscious. Obviously a member of the endlessly vulgar rising middle class. You can stop your trollery now and go back to Limeyland and your antiracist struggle against Griffin.
        It is really bizarre you bring up the Cuckie scene; sure it exists but it is not widespread here in America. Speaking of England, I believe Lord Mountbatten was a cuckie.

  • IstvanIN

    There is a little thing called freedom of association that seems to have been forgotten about.

    • Room101

      Something so important isn’t about to be left to chance and forgotten about by power-hungry Leftists.

      It’s something uppermost on the minds of tyrants that must be stamped out.

      American citizens haven’t had 1st Amendment rights to Freedom of Association since the Snivel Rites Acts of ’64 and ’65.

  • IKantunderstand

    A thorough analysis needs to be conducted of Black people and their schizophrenic attitudes towards Whites. Whites are racist devils! Wait, where you Whites goin? We gonna follow! I have a question I would like like to ask my fellow Amrenners. I’m directing it to you guys, for obvious reasons. I spent three weeks in South America, by myself. I don’t speak Spanish. But, although I enjoyed myself, after two weeks it was getting on my nerves to be the only White around. I got tired of looking at people who all looked the same. Really tired. (On a positive note, although not being particularly tall, I was able to be at the back of at least a twelve person deep crowd at a parade in Lima, and had an unimpeded view). What I am asking is this(finally) I don’t like to be around people who don’t look like me. How is it that these other races have no problem being the only people who look like them in small communities? I mean, I stopped to pick up a six pack in a really small town in Wisconsin. The proprietor was an Indian( I asked, and he told me he and his family were the only people of color in the town. I did not ask if he felt uncomfortable. But, here’s my question(really finally) would you feel comfortable living in an Indian town as the only White? All else being equal in terms of economic opportunity,etc. And, if not, why not? And, if so, why?

    • tech

      Honestly, I would rather be by myself. White people must be very pleasant to these people if they are willing to do anything to follow us (on top of knowing that we do not want to be around them).

      • IKantunderstand

        Um tech, no offense, but you sound like a NAM. Despite your approval for our continuing existence, hey , listen, it’s not up to you. You, my friend, need to return to India. You know, where you can expect the respect you think you deserve.

    • Well, it goes deeper. Brain reasearch has shown that groups of neurons fire off in the pleasure and attraction regions-metaphorically speaking- when one is shown pictures of beauty and symmetry. Chief components of attraction were:

      a) harmony, symmetry
      b) expressiveness
      c) variety

      Visually best examples from the White race have all the traits. Blacks tend to be lacking in symmetry and variety; Asians in expressiveness and variety. Therefore, it’s not a byproduct of imperialism that whites are *the* gold standard of physical attractiveness ( both male and female). Plus, any comprarative cultural overview can show, the best of the best in all areas of life.

      What this has to do with your question ?

      Imagine you are allowed to spend time in the company of Greek gods, to live in their proximity, basking in their harmony, glory & accomplished way of life. You, mere mortal. Would you voluntraily leave the company of gods & go back to ordinary life of drab existence among irritating & not very attractive humans ?

      That’s the answer to your question.

      • IKantunderstand

        So, I’m guessing your reply to why:” Whites don’t want to live in third world countries”, is because third worlders are ugly That’s a good answer. Now, how do you explain, that White beauty hegemony, still rules over the world? I mean, there has been a major effort to include women of color into high fashion modeling.

  • So Hard To Understand

    ” ‘Everyone has blue blood that runs through their veins, and when we bleed out, it turns red. There aren’t any stipulations, or strings attached.’”

    This is also true of animals, including a rabid dog that is attacking you.

    “We believe that no matter what you look like, we are all entitled to the same opportunities in life”

    Hypocrite, the only opportunity they want is to be left alone. What the hell is your problem? I wish you school would have taught you critical thinking skills, instead of how to suck up to black supremacists.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Yes, I like how the “brotherhood of man” types always bring up stuff that we share with every other mammal – and I don’t really think Palestinians are included under “they love their children, too”. It seems to me to be very unmammalian to teach your kids that being a suicidal maniac is a desirable thing to aspire to.

      “No matter what you look like”. Hm. Stuff like this is what makes me wish very hard that we will soon be visited by extraterrestrials who do NOT look like they just walked off the set of Star Trek. Who would be most freaked out, and alarmed by being greeted by, say, large, multilegged, furred, horned, tailed, taloned creatures? And who would be the least freaked out? I wonder if it might be different than one thinks.

      Remember the blacks and Mexicans protesting against the aliens in Alien Nation?

      Or was that show just being prescient? “You think things are bad now? People are coming who aren’t liked one bit by the people YOU don’t like, ha!”

  • Jim G

    If “[p]rivate and privately funded, it should be nobody’s

    That is the libertarian article of faith.

    But it must be taken on faith alone since there are no facts and no logic to substantiate it. Using money is exactly how the enemies of our White Christians culture have destroyed our culture. So it is our business.

    People have the money to buy politicians, to buy voters and that is what they have done to destroy America.

    People have funded the non-White immigrant invasion of America.

    People have produced movies that portray White people as wicked and non-Whites as heroes for Americans.

    People have use money to buy up TV, radio, and print companies then use them for anti-White and anti-Christian activities. White Christian culture is being destroyed by
    private funding, the billions of dollars in private funding of trust funds and universities.

    It is the business of a nation’s leaders to monitor private funding to ensure that it is not destroying the culture. Our current hostile leaders make it definitely their business.

    Likewise public funds should go towards promoting the nation’s culture. America’s culture since its beginnings has been White Christian. Segregation is correct public policy, as history sadly affirms.

    For the good of White people the state should support segregation and it should stop private funding of anti-segregation activities.

    • If you were Native American you could make the same case against White people. If you were Black, you could make the same case against White people. I rarely laugh out loud at a post but this is just lacking of intelligence- especially the “non White immigrant invasion of America” part.

      What about the White invasion of America? I mean before our forefathers got here this place was pretty balanced and the Native Americans seemed to be doing just fine compared to today. We’ve destroyed what we call America. Mexicans didn’t. Asians didn’t. Black Americans didn’t.

      …Look at yourself in the mirror and stop whining because you sound like a large jet engine winding down.

      Because you’re a person so caught up in race that you’re oblivious to the reality of this country, I’m going to tell you a secret… Corporate America doesn’t care about you, or your vision of what America should look like. A black person’s money spends just like yours, and that’s the colour that counts in this country.

      White corporate america is ruining this country and you’re too empty headed to even contemplate it with any real scruples. TV, Radio, and Print is private enterprise blessed by the constitution that you should be jumping up and down, hoot’n and holler’in your allegiance.

      America isn’t your or my culture. It’s your culture, my culture, his culture and her culture. You don’t have dibs on “America”. You know what we used to say to others…

      if you can’t handle what this land has become, pack your bag and head for greener pastures.

      • There was no White invasion, but a great modern civilization built by White Europeans in the big land area that had less than 1 million people, exclusively hunter-gatherers. As for corporations etc.- liberal plutocratic democracy will probably end in history’s dustbin, as did all such utopian projects.

  • freddy_hills

    It looks like there will be 3 proms this year — 1 white and 2 black. LOL!

  • White paranoia

    Since we all believe in survival of the fittest, lets let our white women dance with as many black men as they want. If white men are truly the fittest, white women will come to us in the end. What are we so afraid of ? That we might not make the cut ?

    • whiteuncleruckus

      I don’t think you know WTF you are talking about.

    • Jaego

      You want one after she’s had a Black Baby or two? Troll.

  • Jason

    I’m starting to see why things like “Youth Vote” , MTvoid and the general cult of youth we have in this country are so prominent on the political stage and in “agitprop” pop-culture. It has been the youth (and ever increasingly these days the youffs) in America that’s been spear-heading the counter-culture movement since the 1960’s. Youth are the perfect agents to effect devolution i.e. “change” because they are so inexperienced, naive, and in a word, stupid that they are the perfect “useful idiots” go along with misguided crusades and causes that a normal, rational adult would never fall for – like the students mentioned in this article. In stable countries like China elders are venerated almost as gods (and dead ancestors are worshipped as living spirits.) That’s why China and Japan will always be racially homogenous and stable and prosperous as long as the older people continue to call the shots and give orders that the youth in turn follow. I’m a young person, so it would be in my selfish personal interest to have a nation more along the lines of modern America and UK. But I recognize, more importantly, that it’s in my racial interest to look at ancient Europe and Asia today as models worth emulating. Elders have wisdom, experience, and practical knowledge that we the youth simply lack. We need elders to teach us and raise us up and guide us, otherwise it will be the young and blind leading the blind.

    • robinbishop34

      From your lips to God’s ears my friend.

    • Defoe

      Veneration of ancestors is not a bad thing to engage in.

    • ms_anthro

      You are wise beyond your years and a credit to your generation. Keep reading the things they tell you you’re not supposed to read. Keep saying the things they don’t want you to say.

      Learn how to listen to people, how to persuade people, how to motivate people. Learn how to lead, Jason. We will need you and people like you sooner than most of us realize.

  • HerDellness

    Macon is in Bibb County, not Wilcox. If the writer can’t even get that right, what else in this article is misleading? Get your facts straight and your credibility will improve.

  • josh

    A prom loaded with drunk ni—oops I’m on Amren,ha ha ha. Lets say,drunken black people. Anyones dream!

  • JohnEngelman

    Blacks went to my senior prom. They were in no danger from us. Because only a few blacks went, we were in no danger from them. Blacks usually behave when they are in a rather small minority.

  • “‘Change has to start somewhere,’ she adds. ‘So why not with us?’”

    Does change have to start? Who said so? Where did you get such an idea? Why do you think you know better than the community that sounds to have worked for so long to keep the two sides apart – including the Blacks!?

    Everybody seems pretty happy with the way things were…..except for a self-righteous minority seeking to impose their will on others.

    I bet before long they will get their way, grind things down, and then wonder why they have metal detectors at the doors and why there needs to be police presence to keep order, etc.

  • PDK

    According to the National Crime Victimization Survey 2010,
    320,082 whites were victims of black violence, while 62,593 blacks were victims
    of white violence.

    Blacks committed a 25 times higher rate of interracial
    violence as whites, including a 200 times higher aggravated assault. Blacks
    raped 13,000 whites.

    I`m thinking about gene pools and gene pool strategies. I`m
    thinking about r selective versus k selective strategies and different
    sub-species of humans. I`m thinking about the nature of the gene pool`s product
    as necessarily being predetermined, in general, toward specific traits. I`m
    thinking about good seed versus bad seed.

    R selective strategies input more reproductive energy into
    numbers reproduced and less into the quality of the product. K selective
    strategies put more energy into the quality of product and less into the
    numbers reproduced.

    Facts and statistics say the black gene pool is more r
    selective than the white gene pool and the white gene pool is more k selective
    than the black gene pool. Therefore blacks will out reproduce whites in
    numbers, but whites will reproduce a higher quality product than blacks.

    For those who know their WW2 history, the Nazi`s put out a
    higher quality tank in fewer numbers, while the American`s put out a lower
    quality tank in greater numbers. This predisposed very particular, tank, battle
    field tactics.

    Therefore, the product of the more r selective black gene
    pool will produce blacks in accord with the strategy of higher numbers, lower
    quality. Blacks will crave more sex, be built for higher sex success, in order
    to reproduce the greater numbers needed to compensate for the lower quality.
    Contrarily, the more k selective white gene pool will produce whites in accord
    with the strategy of higher quality, lower numbers. Whites therefore will crave
    less sex, be built for lower sex success, in order to accommodate the higher

    I`m thinking white males will have a larger head and a
    smaller penis, while black males will have a larger penis and a smaller head.
    I`m thinking facts gleaned from measurements would show a fairly strong
    positive correlation between head size and penis size quite similar to foot
    size and body size.

    I`m thinking white females will have a larger head and a
    smaller number of eggs, while black females will have a larger number of eggs
    and a smaller head.

    I`m thinking just as people in general have some desire to
    marry up, so to in general do people have a desire to mate up, to reproduce a
    better offspring. I`m thinking that black males with their higher need for sex
    in order to reproduce greater numbers, the natural desire to mate up, and their
    smaller head size, lower IQ, combine to predispose black males to rape white

    I`m thinking murdering a white woman keeps her from reproducing
    her white, higher quality seed, and that after the black male gratifies his
    sexual need through rape of a white woman, that murdering the white woman does
    not further the black seed, but, conversely, it lessens the furtherance of
    white seed and is therefore tantamount.

    I`m thinking the lower IQ black male, after having gratified
    his sexual need and want for the white woman via rape, and knowing ending her
    seed is tantamount to furthering his own seed, he can therefore, quite easily
    silence the white woman via murder to presumably, prevent knowledge of his
    crime from coming out, and the subsequent retaliation by whites and or the law,
    and thereby calm his instinct for self-preservation, itself having been
    elicited by his immoral deed.

    I`m thinking black seed in a white world is bad seed. I`m
    thinking race has very little to do with the color of the skin, and everything
    to do with r selective and k selective gene pool strategies.

    Lastly, I`m thinking of all the Nicola Furlongs and Eve
    Carsons the world over, and why they must be sacrificed to black animals for
    the cause of both low IQ blacks, and the white liberal, ideology agenda. Thank

  • LastBastionOfHope

    It must be nice being black. Sure you have a low IQ, but you get white women thrown at you everyday, you don’t need any responsibility, you get free money, free food, free lunch at school, you get into colleges you never dreamed of getting into because you’re black, you can never be seen as dorky or not athletic, and the media says you are the coolest and sexiest thing to ever walk the face of the earth.

    I wonder how black men would feel about black girls getting thrown at us to grind on them bent over at school dances. The few black fathers that even exist.

  • Bobby

    It should be no ones da–ed business, who someone decides to associate or have a party with. This crap has got to stop. The leftist devils are not moved by morality, not in the least.They are moved by the desire for control. That’s where it begins and ends for the “progressives”. I have always believed that people are fooled by the leftist programs wrongly mistaking them for a desire to be fair, moral, etc.etc. NONSENSE, if morality and fairness was the lefts motivation, they wouldn’t have to use governmental force against free citizens.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    “Its been this way in rural south Georgia and some things never change”.

    Integration issues with blacks in rural areas? Now that’s just something I could never except.

    I thought that’s what rural areas are for: For us whites to live and escape from race issues and all the friction it generates.

    “It’s been this way in rural central Wisconsin and some things never change” Pretty much all white that is.

    Spoken like a true northerner.

  • Defoe

    “Of course, the Bible states that, one day, the lion will lie with the lamb.” Yep, and someday pigs will fly. Some people will believe anything.

    • Apparently, Defoe, you have not viewed the latest GEICO commercials.

      • Defoe

        Right! I forgot, they drive convertibles too!! As I stated above, people will believe anything no matter how absurd! 🙂

  • pug pup

    They could have simply said, “we want the black boys to screw the white girls after the prom and make sure white boys know that”

  • Welcome to Georgia in the 21st Century! I have lived here all my life and watched things change for the worse thanks in large part to our very own “country club blue-blood elite old money” race traitors.

    The lily white exclusive private schools where they send their children and grandchildren would never think of having integrated proms and those same children and grandchildren will only touch a negro as a doctor or shake ones hand as a lawyer. Integration is for us common folks; the lower classes, working folks.

    They made their fortunes in real estate “blockbusting” formerly white middle class neighborhoods, collecting garanteed income turning their rental properties into Section 8 only, and kept wages low by replacing skilled whites with less-qualified blacks and browns who would work for less. And now they live on their fortunes in all-white gated communities guarded by private security companies that know to only send white guards all the while forcing miscegenation and lower standards upon the rest of us “lower class” whites.

    It’s working. Whites here in the South have forgotten their race, their folk, their blood. We talk like negroes, religiously watch their TV shows and movies, our children listen to their rap “music” and dress like them, and when one commits a horrific crime (such as shooting a white infant in the face) we rally around the murderous ape as if he were our own precious family instead of the white victim. Far too many whites are becoming negroes.

  • shaun

    You mean to say, White girls don’t want Negroes trying to date them or come onto them? And the Negroes are demanding the “right” to do so? Isn’t that what this is really about? Blacks demanding to associate with Whites who don’t want them around.

  • Ralph

    Stay White is the natural law for us. Shun those who don’t do this. They are evil.

  • candid

    Afroids, the descendants of the Atlantic slave trade, were let loose on the the caucasoid females to pollute the white race, and have their negroid offspring raised right by the self hating white mother females. Integration is a just a trick playing on white’s altruism and empathy,
    human sentiments lacking from the negroid.

  • AugustusAlexander

    My dad is from Georgia, good people. One who taught me to be proud and be aware.