DHS: Legal Immigrants from Asia Outnumbered Latin Americans in FY2012

Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News, April 2, 2013

Legal immigrants to the United States from Asia outnumbered legal immigrants from any other region of the world in fiscal 2012, according to new data from the Department of Homeland Security.

That makes 2012 the second year in a row when Asia has been the number one source of legal immigrants to the Untied States, with Asian immigrants outnumbering immigrants from Europe, from Africa, and from the entire continents of North and South America combined.

429,599 people from Asian nations were granted permanent legal resident status in the United States in fiscal 2012, according to DHS. By contrast, a combined 407,172 people from nations in North America (327,771) and South America (79,401) were granted permanent legal resident status. 107,241 new legal permanent residents in fiscal 2012 came from African nations, 81,671 from European nations, and 4,742 from Oceania.


Overall, legal immigration has declined slightly during the Obama presidency. In fiscal 2009, which started in October 2008, the United States granted 1,130,818 people permanent legal resident status, according to DHS. In fiscal 2010, it was 1,042,625; in fiscal 2011, it was 1,062,040; and in fiscal 2012, it was 1,031,631.

The majority of legal immigrants to the United States in fiscal 2012 were relatives of people already here, according to DHS. “Nearly 66 percent of the new LPRs were granted permanent resident status based on a family relationship with a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States,” said a DHS report on the fiscal 2012 immigration data.


Here are the 25 nations that provided the largest number of legal immigrants to the United States in fiscal 2012:

Nation……………………….Legal Immigrants

1. Mexico…………………….146,406

2. China……………………….81,784

3. India…………………………66,434

4. Philippines……………….57,327

5. Dominican Republic….41,566

6. Cuba………………………..32,820

7. Vietnam……………………28,304

8. Haiti………………………….22,818

9. Colombia………………….20,931

10. South Korea…………….20,846

11. Jamaica…………………..20,705

12. Iraq………………………….20,369

13. Burma……………………..17,383

14. El Salvador………………16,256

15. Pakistan…………………..14,740

16. Bangladesh………………14,705

17. Ethiopia……………………14,544

18. Nigeria……………………..13,575

19. Canada…………………….12,932

20. Iran……………………………12,916

21. Peru…………………………..12,609

22. United Kingdom…………12,014

23. Brazil…………………………11,441

24. Nepal…………………………11,312

25. Ghana………………………..10,592

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  • guest

    Not one white country in the top 20 sending countries

    In case anyone hasn’t figured it out, the entire purpose of immigration is race replacement. White Americans will never accept socialism, so we need to replace white Americans with people who will.

    Conservatives, we can play the same trick. If we ever get into power again, we should shut off all non-white immigration and meanwhile open our doors to as many Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans as we can possibly bring in here. Also we should try to bring in white refugees from South Africa, London, and other places like that.

    • Bossman

      The biggest threat to white America is Asia. China has almost 1.5 billion people and everyone of them want to come to North America. India has almost 1.5 billion people and everyone of them want to come to North America. Yet all you jerks in this forum are always bashing Hispanics. Asia has the potential to totally transform North America into a mere extension of Asia pacific.

      • Jefferson

        And Hispanics have the potential to totally transform North America into a mere extension of Latin America.

        You know Latin America, that region that has some of the highest murder rates in the world. You know Latin America, that region of where most of the population is made up of racial mongrels due to heavy race mixing between Spaniards, Africans, and Amerindians.

        • Bossman

          I lived in Miami for a while and everyday I would look at those so-called Hispanics and I could see that there is not much of a difference between them and people of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern background.Don’t tell me that Miami is mostly Cuban because it is now a mecca for all of Latin America. Latin Americans can be assimilated whereas East Asians and South Asians are very alien to North America. They are very dull and boring to look at and there is just too much of them. Their numbers should be severely limited.

          • Bossman

            And speaking of Latin American mongrels. A lot of those female mongrels are very curvacious and sexy. Watch the Miss Universe Contest and you ‘ll see that most of the winners are Latinas who are also of mixed heritage.

          • potato78

            There are some problems that some WHITES are very attracted to those female mongrels and think they are very curvacious and sexy. So these whites will mate them to produce mixed babies, just like WF/BM marriage produced a lot of mix. The country eventually will be like middle eastern region, Latinonized and blackenized people in North America.

          • NYB

            And most educated Asian females these days are throwing themselves at white males. It must be cultural, or else Rupert Murdoch is just a sex god.

          • RisingReich

            Yippie. Am I supposed to rejoyce with glee? Mongrelization isnt sexy. Your example is the exception not the rule.

          • Xanthippe2

            I think the beauty contest winners are of 75% or more White heritage.

          • Jefferson

            You have a very broad definition of “White”, that you are wiling to accept into the White race people with as much as 25 percent Nonwhite genes in their DNA.

            So if George Lopez for example impregnated a White woman, you would probably consider their child to be “White” because their child would be around 75 percent White and 25 percent Amerindian. Since According to DNA tests, George Lopez is 50 something percent Caucasian.

          • Xanthippe2

            My point wasn’t that someone who is 75% White is White. My point was that if you expect the typical female in Mexicanized America to look like Miss Argentina, you are going to be saddly shocked. Check out the typical $1 store shopper in LA instead.

            True, I am not a close follower of Beauty Contests, but I haven’t yet seen a winner who was more Indian than European. Four foot tall and 4 foot wide women are just not likely to get far in this field.

          • Goldcoast

            Not really, what have you been watching in the past three decades? But then again, beauty or attractiveness is subjective. Some are into face, some are into the body shapes etc.

          • Jefferson

            Hispanics can be assimilated ? LOL. How is assimilation working out in Los Angeles and Miami ?

            In those cities you hear more Spanish than English being spoken on the streets. Assimilation my butt.

            Did you read about the Hispanic man in New Jersey who won the lottery. He has been living in the U.S for the last 26 years, and he he still could not speak English at the press conference where he went to pick up his check. He needed an interpreter.

            There is no excuse for that, after all he has been living in this country for 26 years. Not 26 days.

            He as been living in this country longer than I have been alive, yet he has the English speaking skills of someone who is fresh of the boat.

          • Xanthippe2

            I don’t want them here; but if they are here, I am glad when they do not know English — less likely to cohabit with Whites.

          • nobody

            I don’t care, Asians and Hispanics are not welcome. Period. They need to go back to their own countries and stop leeching off America. Asians don’t come here to assimilate they come here to exploit us for their own personal gain. Hispanics are doing the same thing. Neither group belongs here. End of discussion.

          • saxonsun

            I would not allow this trash to buy lottery tickets let alone live here.

          • lily-white

            yes… Miami IS a mecca for all of latin america… and because of that, THEIR numbers should be severely limited…

          • NM156

            Miami metro is still predominantly Cuban, and those pure-Spanish South American immigrants you’re seeing are the minority of Hispanic immigrants.

      • Guest

        I would agree with you except wealth per ethnic group, IQ and crime statistics seems to favor the East and South Asian groups over the Hispanic groups.

      • ConcernedYoungAmerican

        I don’t want ANY more immigrants in the United States (or any other Western nation), but if I had to choose, I’d definitely take small numbers of Asians over mestizos (notice there is a difference between a Mexican and an Argentinian) any day.
        Asians are makers, while mestizos are socialist, chauvinistic takers.

        • verity

          I gave your reply a thumbs-up before I fully read it. I strongly disagree with those who compare various kinds of (third-world) immigrants and finds that one group of third-worlders is somehow ”better” than the other. We don’t need any immigrants. Why on earth do we? We have enough ”makers” among our own people; why would we need Asians when we have creativity and industriousness among our own people? We built this country and maintained it just fine on our own.

          There are so many comments here expressing a preference for one third-world group over the other. What’s wrong with this picture?

          • ConcernedYoungAmerican

            I agree; that’s why the first thing I stated was that I don’t want ANY more immigrants in North America/Europe/Australasia. My personal opinion is that Asians are usurpers with a dangerous conformity streak, and therefore lack the creativity that Europeans possess. However, if I HAD to choose–which Bossman’s post qualified we had to do (although I’m pretty sure he’s a Latino himself and therefore doesn’t belong here)–I’d choose Asian immigrants because they are at least productive and don’t commit crime like the Latinos, Africans, and Middle Easterners we are importing.

            Again, I don’t want anybody else coming here, not even other Europeans because they need to preserve the motherland. An exception should be made for the South African Boers, however.

          • a multiracial individual

            You have crime stats on Middle Easterners? I have never seen any data that segregates them from “Asian.”

          • ConcernedYoungAmerican

            Muslims make up the bulk of Europe’s prison population because they are notorious for rape and theft. What should worry us most, however, is that around 5% of all Muslim immigrants are involved in terror plots and another 15-20% are supportive of their actions. Muslims are always the first on the streets to riot and commit arson in capital and provincial cities, best exemplified in the 2005 Parisian riots, which shut down all of France for three days. And surely you’ve heard of the “no-go” zones across Europe in which Muslims will violently attack Westerners or enforce Shariah within their enclaves?

            Here’s an article on Muslim immigrant crime in Australia:


            In the US, Dearborn, Michigan is the first city to approach the majority-Muslim mark (at 40%)–white and black Christians were attacked there last summer.

          • a multiracial individual

            This grotesque desert religion is perhaps the greatest threat to human civilization on this planet.

          • ConcernedYoungAmerican

            Agreed. Nothing–nothing–makes my blood boil like a Muslim.

          • nobody

            Sometimes you hit the nail right on the head, my mongrel friend.

          • Jefferson

            The U.S got the better end of the deal than Europe, when it comes to Asian immigrants.

            Most Asians in Europe are the violent Allah Akbar types who want to rape all of the White women and impose Sharia Law on the host countries they are living in.

            While the U.S got the mostly peaceful Ching Chong Asian types who are model minorities and rarely to never rape White women.

            The vast majority of the Asian population in the U.S are either non religious or if they are religious, they belong to a peaceful religion like Buddhism, Hindu, or Christianity and not the savage barbaric religion that is Islam.

            America lucked out that we mostly received Asian immigrants from Non Muslim countries.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Great post, YoungAmerican and exactly right. No thanks to the traitorous media, Arabs are often considered “White” in crime stats. Same for Mestizos.

        • Xanthippe2

          A LOT of Asians are cheaters. They cheat on tests in university, they claim they do not support their elderly relatives so they can get benefits (when they do support them), they steal tech. secrets, they are huge defrauders in the health care industry.

        • Bossman

          The people that you mistakenly describe as “Mestizo” are more Native American than anything else. Real Mestizos are very attractive people who generally look white or are almost white in appearance. A mestizo is by definition someone who is half European and half Native American.
          Latin American Mestizas are the people who are generally winning the Miss Universe contest.

          • Jefferson

            If Mestizos generally look White, than why are Mestizo countries not prosperous 1st world countries with the same human development index as Switzerland and Belgium for example.

            If Mestizos generally look White, why isn’t the murder rate in Mestizo countries as low as the murder rate in European countries ?

            The Mestizo Central America has been reported to be one of the most dangerous regions in the world to live in. Thanks to countries like El Salvador and Honduras.

        • Cherry Bomb

          WE shouldn’t have to choose. No one put this to a vote of the founding population, this was DONE to us. No Asian, Mestizo or black countries are being flooded by non-Asians, Mestizos or blacks, only white countries. Whites are a world minority and are being genocided by design by being FORCED to accept backwash from the 3rd world.

          If this were happening to Asian or black countries it would be justifiably called genocide but because it’s happening to whites in white countries it is justified.

          In 50 years there will be no white homelands and we whites and our children will be lorded over by non-Whites with grudges against us.
          What then?

          • Ken

            Not really, there were considerable amounts of worry in the 50s and 60s (in my era) where imminent changes in immigration were discussed in media and forums. It’s just that, the anti-immigration thing didn’t gain that much traction back then because immigration was happening from Europe in large numbers.

        • saxonsun

          Speaking about mestizos, here in NYC a new phenomenon has cropped up. Every Friday the garbage gets put out here (I mean real trash, not Mexicans) and the mestizos pick through it and grab all the bottles they can to cash in. This is a new thing and it is illegal to go through the trash like this. It happens in the well-to-do areas. Every Friday night is fiesta fun.

    • The__Bobster

      Sorry, we are aready full up. And I’d prefer traditional Americans here, not potential communists.

      • NM156

        Bobster, my Polish neighbors have two photos on their living room wall: PJP II, Karol Wojtyla; and Ronald Reagan. Poland was a prime mover in destroying Communism, not Reagan/Thatcher alone. Besides, you’d love Polish bartenders and want to “make many cheeldren” with them.

    • brengunn

      My sister emigrated to the US from Europe in the 80’s, do you think she’d be able to get me in as I’m a family member, just like the Asians do? No chance.

      • lily-white

        thats not necessary… just pack your stuff and come up through our southern border as soon as you can… within the next couple of months my government should have a green card waiting for you…

    • potato78

      The big problem is that these white budies barely produce more white babies. Our ABWs are very selfish. By the way, there are a lot of ABWs went to Asia After Financial Crisis.

      • pcmustgo

        What are ABW’s? Angry Black Women?

        • potato78

          America Born White = ABW

      • Cherry Bomb

        This is a “line” often used by anti-Whites who say that “our problem” is that “we aren’t having enough kids”, and use that as an excuse for the ongoing program of Genocide against MY people, the White Race.

        Before Whites feel comfortable and secure in their own environment, an environment free of anti-White genocidal aggression via massive flooding of non-white immigrants and FORCED integration, not to mention massive anti-White PROPAGANDA in the schools, government and media.

        It’s ridiculous to say that “Whites need to start breeding more”. That’s blaming the victim for the crime committed against them.

        You seem to be anti-white. When did you first start hating white people?

    • Dr. X

      That’s a VERY astute observation — “white Americans will not accept socialism, so we need to replace white Americans with those who will.” This truth is something that is quite often overlooked or unmentioned. Scientific modernity, economic modernity, and the fruits of technology and industry were 100% created by Whites. Blacks, Mexicans, Indians, etc. want the benefits of these things but produced none of the brainpower or social capital and very little of the labor to achieve them. Bottom line: racial egalitarianism and open borders are SOCIALISM — period. Spot on.

      • NYB

        The Asian mind is culturally able to accept rigid, even despotic hierarchies. The British Empire realized this and shipped Indians and Orientals to wherever they needed a docile yet efficient workforce.

        One of the key reasons they are preferred today as immigrants is that they enthusiastically want to become members of the middle and upper classes. They will never want to overthrow their rulers, rather, they want to become the ruler’s shadow.

  • Shattered

    I suspect many of them were foreign spies… one of them will most likely receive the backing of the modern liberal media conglomerates and become president.

    • The__Bobster

      A lot of the Engelmen are industrial spies. Make no mistake about it, China is waging an industrial war against us.

      • JohnEngelman

        Do you also believe in the blood libel?

  • Guy Smiley

    Engelman fist pumped when he read this news.

    • The__Bobster

      Then he got a major chubby.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      You beat me to it.

    • JohnEngelman

      *pound* *pound*

      • Whites Only

        Thanks for showing your true colors in a website created by WHITES to promote WHITE interests. Talk about clueless as usual when the point of the article is to again point out that asians have become one of the biggest threat to the preservation of a White majority in America.

        Once again Engleman:

        “Diversity is BAD for America because people of different races often don’t get along with each other, and because if this diversity keeps up IT WILL MAKE WHITE PEOPLE A MINORITY, probably a HATED MINORITY in the country their ancestors built.” (Jared Taylor, January 18, 2013)


        • potato78

          The more only you are, the more DIVERSITY you are. That is really weird! and the more black and hispanics you have around you. That is really weird. You are Asian Hater. That is fine. Asian population is only 4.8%. But you still hate that number. Are you true white? You could not handle Blacks and Hispanics around you. You turn around to handle Asians…. Easy Target, right? Shame on someone.

          God bless America.

          • What the hell did I just read? That’s not the Queen’s English, mate.

        • JohnEngelman

          Jared Taylor has pointed out that blacks and Hispanics do not get along, and that both have higher crime rates than whites. To the best of my knowledge he has never said that whites and Orientals do not get along, and that Orientals are prone to hate whites. I have known and liked many Orientals. I have never known one that disliked whites.

          This is what Jared Taylor said in an interview that was published by Cambridge University Press:

          I think that the different racial groups are different biologically, and they differ on average in their intelligence, and that’s, of course, why we never have this problem with Asians. Wherever you look, Asians outperform whites academically and financially…

          At the same time, we have a considerably less than one standard deviation difference between Asian IQ — North Asian IQ — and white IQ. I think that, too, is a result of genetics, and I think that that is what explains the dominance of Asians in certain fields, and their lower rates of illegitimacy compared to whites, their lower crime rates, their better achievement in school, their higher average incomes…

          Asians have by and large done very well in contact with whites.

          • a multiracial individual

            Asians in the U.S like Whites. Only 9% of Asian-Americans said that Asian-White relations were poor (nearly 1/3 Asians claimed that Asian-Black relations were poor).

            Anti-Asian sentiment is likely INVERSELY correlated to contact with Asians in the United States.


          • JohnEngelman

            Pew Research: Social and Demographic Trends
            Released: June 19, 2012
            The Rise of Asian Americans

            Asian Americans are the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the United States. They are more satisfied than the general public with their lives, finances and the direction of the country, and they place more value than other Americans do on marriage, parenthood, hard work and career success, according to a comprehensive new nationwide survey by the Pew Research Center…

            Large-scale immigration from Asia did not take off until the passage of the landmark Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965…many go into high-paying fields such as science, engineering, medicine and finance…

            Overall, more than eight-in-ten Asian Americans say their group gets along either very or pretty well with whites…

            Compared with the general public, Asian Americans are more likely to support an activist government and less likely to identify as Republicans. Half are Democrats or lean Democratic, while only 28% identify with or lean toward the GOP.

          • Bossman

            I’m new to this forum and I don’t know anything about you. You are mostly correct in saying that Asians are good immigrants, however, are you willing to let North America become a mere extension of Asia?
            The problem with Asians is that there are just too many of them and they seem to have a long range plan to conquer all of North America. The war with Japan was all about that.

          • wattylersrevolt

            How exactly are asians good immigrants? They have been stealing the jobs and wages of Native Born White America Engineers since 1972..and its gotten a lot wose..morever, they ae voting for our race-replacement. Are you retarded? Oh yeah, the asians drive up property taxes throught the roof..that’s how they drive Native Born White Americans out of towns across America…retard.

            If your new to this forum..Engleman is a troll..four years at least…he..she ..it takes advantage of the fact that most of us have grown weary of mopping the floor up with this troll. We don’t mind responding to asianphiles and asians..but there ought to be a statue of limitation for an obvious troll such as Engleman. If you don’t think he is a troll, just go look at his hysterical response to a nasty..and fed up… commenter who let him have a few weeks. Engleman clearly has a pschological need to post on AR…and this is what makes him an obvious Troll.
            I vote to have the Troll Engleman banned. But to all the asians out there..you are welcome to debate us anytime here.

          • Dislink

            How is it “stealing?” The first generation of legal immigrants did all menial jobs that didn’t require major skills. Their children (second generation) however got good grades and got recruited as interns to these major positions. Those who didn’t get recruited, applied for jobs just like whites did. No special AA treatment here. This doesn’t include all Asians though. Some South-East Asians did apply for welfare and looked for preferential treatment. But majority of them succeeded with hard work and talents.

          • Jefferson

            I notice that most people on here At Amren who have a negative opinion of Asians, tend to have a positive opinion of Mestizos.

            Which makes me believe that they are poor redneck hillbilly trailer park trash. Which is why they can personally relate to the low I.Q Mestizo culture where it is extremely common for females to become mothers at 15 and enrolled in the welfare system.

          • a multiracial individual

            Your hypothesis is interesting. I have never heard it expressed that way before. I had always assumed Amreners that were friendly to Latinos were probably Spanish Whites. Needless to say, you are going to take some heat for your comment.

          • This is a photo of me after listening to Engelman comment about the “superior” jews and sexy asian ladies:


            And seriously, John, please stop quoting Mr. Taylor like you’re quoting Jesus. The folks at Amren don’t bring up the jewish question because they would like to have their site continue existing. I’m sure in private conversation, they all have very interesting opinions on the matter. Heck, even -I- have to censor myself, and I am a little right of Genghis Khan. And to be technical, Mr. Taylor has said:

            “I want my grandchildren to look like my grandparents. I don’t want them to look like Anwar Sadat or Fu Manchu or Whoopi Goldberg.”

            As for the asians– you do realize you’re on a site for people who are keen on the White race? For you to come here and post about the superior jews and asians, is no different from me going to a jewish site, let’s say, “jew.com,” and preaching about the superior, hard-working republican mexican with strong family values. All that would serve to do would be to upset the poor jewish folk just trying to have a conversation about a subject dear to their hearts– themselves.

            As for me, I am a White supremacist. I believe, with good reason, that my own people are superior. I concern myself with my own. I am not black, and so I don’t presume to understand what they enjoy, or dislike or what have you. I don’t know what makes mexicans tick. I honestly don’t care to know. The day that a mexican impresses me, I will get back to you.

            As for the jews, I’m sure they’re dandy, but again, this is a site focusing on Whites. White accomplishment, White concerns, White problems, White this and White that. I’m White–it’s what I know.
            Get on board, my friend. Be proud of who and what you are. Be proud of those who came before us. Let everyone else take care of themselves.

          • JohnEngelman

            For you to come here and post about the superior jews and asians, is no different from me going to a jewish site, let’s say, “jew.com,” and preaching about the superior, hard-working republican mexican with strong family values.

            – Jasbo Adink

            Jews do not need to keep shouting to each other, “We’re number one!” because it is obvious for reasons that I have explained, quoting facts that I have found on this website.

          • Plenty of groups go through great pains to “inject” themselves into world history. There are asian studies courses, chicano history majors and of course we have to endure black history month every year but thank god it is the shortest month of the year.

            Those things always seem so strained to me, John. I saw a history book for children the other day, and there was a photo of Thomas Edison on the cover, and next to him, a black man in an old-timey suit. Out of curiosity, I had to read who he was– apparently he was an inventor who made improvements on the light bulb. I didn’t know his name and I’ve forgotten it already. I don’t equate Cesar Chavez with George Washington, or Maya Angelou with Robert Frost. The reason they feel forced to include themselves is because the study of greatness, the study of History, the study of all things worth studying leads you to the White race. We just happen to be at the center of everything.

            The South Americans worshipped my ancestors as gods. And why not? Their own “gods” were flying snakes and talking jaguars and seeing us in our ships blew their minds. We went to the moon, John, before this nation reached 200 years old. The Chinese might catch up to us and send a man to the mooon in the next few decades, but they have been around for thousands of years. They steal our technology. They copy. You do realize this, don’t you? Do you know how many spies they have in American industry, and do you accept how many terrabytes of data they’ve cyber-stolen? We innovate,. we design, we create. This is not my opinion, I am beating no drum. An honest appraisal of what matters most.

            As for your being bullied by Whites, and trained to fight by the chinamen, not unlike David Carradine, I was bullied by Whites as well. I went to an all-White school so not a big surprise. I was very polite, nerdy and a loner. The leader of my “bullies,” was a big, fat loser who had it in for me because we were on the rifle team together and I beat him in match after match. One day, he came at me for the zillionith time, and I was tired of it and beat the stuffing out of him. My teacher, an Army Lt. Col. walked me back to class, patted me on the back and laughed. I was never bullied again. I don’t think any less of my people because some fat moron was an idiot.

            I keep hearing how great the jews are as well, John. I didn’t study jewish history in school. I just observe the jewish people in my own country, and I must say– I am not impressed. It seems they are good at things I do not appreciate.

          • dent

            “the study of History, the study of all things worth studying leads you
            to the White race. We just happen to be at the center of everything.”

            The study of all things worth studying lead me to non-white civilizations, where they invented or created some sort of understanding of our planet and universe and the sciences dealing with it. Makes me wonder, how many ideas and theories, whites in the renaissance and industrial age, gathered from non-white civilizations to advance themselves and later denigrate these age old non-white civilizations and their culture as inferior by made up stories. More evidences are being examined about the origins of each invention; we’ll just have to wait to see the realistic picture of the influential contributions. Apparently, all this is irrelevant on a white rights website, so I rather not waste time going into the details.

          • Good one. For a moment there I thought you were serious.

          • dent

            So did I of your post, but that doesn’t change the facts and findings and the fact that you’re a supremacist. Have no intention of arguing with a brick wall.

          • purestocles

            John, you keep making the same mistake. Sure Ashkenazim Jews have higher IQs, but because there are so many more White Europeans, there are many more high IQ White Europeans than Jews.

            As for your Nobel Prize statistics, remember that virtually all the great leaps in science in the 19th and early part of the 20th century were made by Europeans. Jews didn’t become a factor until they were allowed to share in the brotherhood of knowledge and use of the research facilities made available to them by unbigoted, open-minded European Nations.

            Stop idolizing the Ashkens and Asians. Western science did perfectly well before they got in the game and your attitude displays a lack of understanding as to how science advances. There is a community of scientists who share knowledge by reading papers to one another at conventions etc. There are no “hero Jews” who pull every one else forward. Anything a Jew (or any scientist for that matter–except maybe Newton) accomplished in science would have been discovered by someone else within a year or two anyway. Science is a community effort. They all feed on one another’s gains. You’re misplaced idolatry and ignorance are irritating.

          • JohnEngelman

            There are no “hero Jews” who pull every one else forward…You’re misplaced idolatry and ignorance are irritating.

            – purestocles

            What about Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud?

            Your antisemitism is irritating, and based on ignorance of the accomplishments of the Jews.

            Let me help your ongoing education. This was written by Byron M. Roth, especially for American Renaissance, November 2011. It is a book review of “The Chosen People,” by Richard Lynn, who has spoken at American Renaissance conferences.


            Professor Lynn begins by pointing out the extraordinary success of Jews in almost every field. In the 19th century the restrictions that had prevented most Jews from advanced nonreligious study began to be lifted in most of Western Europe, and by mid-century, “people began to observe that Jews were outstandingly successful, and began to speculate that this was attributable to their intellect.”…

            Prof. Lynn writes:

            They arrived as penniless refugees unable to speak the languages of their new countries; they were the “huddled masses” from the most backward region of Europe. Yet by the middle decades of the 20th century, the children and grandchildren of these immigrants were doing far better than their Gentile hosts on all indices of socioeconomic status and earnings and outperforming them by several orders of magnitude in obtaining elite academic distinction…

            The largest portion of Prof. Lynn’s book deals with the performance of Jews (mainly Ashkenazim) in just about every country in which they settled. The most striking finding is the very great similarity of Jewish achievement everywhere. Without exception, Jews outperform their non-Jewish neighbors by very large multiples. Whether in education, in professional and managerial positions, in prestigious awards, in income, and in musical and artistic fields, Jews are on average five times more successful than Gentiles.


          • nobody

            Jews are corrupting the minds of our youth with the filth they push in the media. Jewish politicians are currently trying to disarm America, such as Feinstein. We are all over the middle east fighting their wars, dying for Israel so their own sons are safe. We give them billions of dollars for defense despite their huge nuclear arsenal. I am sick of Israel, and I am sick of hearing about how they are “God’s chosen people”. I don’t care what the bible says. Jews are destroying America. Jews are trying to destroy the traditional white family unit and they are convincing the youth that white values and morality are old, outdated, backwards, and ignorant. I got nothing for these people. They are the #1 enemy of whites. Period.

          • JohnEngelman


            You chose the right nickname.

          • Oh my lord. Sigmund Freud is one of your heroes? Even so, I’m not going to give up on you John.

          • JohnEngelman

            Actually, I prefer Carl G. Jung, and Karen Horney. They began as disciples of Freud, and then went their own ways.

          • purestocles

            “Jews are on average five times more successful than Gentiles.”

            This statement simply makes no sense. It is a nonsensical statement.

            Pointing out statistical and historical truths does not make me an anti-Semite.

            Historically, Europe allowed Jews to share in their cultural treasure. Jews have contributed mightily to that treasure. Jews did not create ex nihilo the intellectual wealth of Europe. Great Jewish thinkers such as Einstein acknowledged this and expressed their humble thanks for having been allowed to take part in the dialogue and contribute to the great scientific tradition Europe had created and sustained. Europe would be as advanced had the Jews never set foot on the European continent. The great advances in art, music, architecture and science are part of a tradition, a cultural methodology. Don’t idolize Einstein or Freud–neither would appreciate it.

            Who is prof. Lynn? and why should I care about his opinion? I can read the role call of great scientists, artists and composers. Yes, there are some Jews.

          • Jefferson

            [QUOTE]Jews are on average five times more successful than Gentiles.”

            This statement simply makes no sense. It is a nonsensical statement.[/QUOTE]

            It is true that Jews on average are more successful than Gentiles. Jews have a lower poverty rate than Gentiles, the same way Whites have a lower poverty rate than Mestizos and Blacks.

            How often do you see Jews working in minimum wage jobs ?

          • purestocles

            I concede the point to both you and John.

            Yes, there is a superior people among us. These people dominate every field they enter. Their superiority is such that the rest of us should just sit back and allow them to Rule. They alone are worthy of the Mantle of Power. They are Supermen. Because they are Nature’s Lords, they are not bound by the same mores and customs that constrain the rest of us–we the average. Their’s is a code of conduct so far beyond our ken that modesty compels us to refrain from critiquing it. They are truly Beyond Good and Evil as we can conceive it. Behold, I introduce the Ubermensch.

            What Folly! Can’t you see where your lunatic thoughts lead?

          • Achaean

            Engelman has difficulty coming to terms with the fact that jews have only managed to do a few things inside White created nations. Jews on achieve a few career oriented things as lawyers and doctors after the 1850s; almost all the great achievements of the West, I would say 99%, are strictly White.

          • Beetlejuice

            I know according to the Bell curve we have avg IQ of 100 , China etc, second and Jews first.

            History on the other hand, and in probability a more accurate reading of the test results, would tend towards the reversal of those scores. We’re smarter and we’ve proved it consistently, over millennia.

            It’s amazing that there are still some brainwashed “useful idiots” around who still take this Asian/Jewish superiority seriously.

          • JohnEngelman

            It’s amazing that there are still some brainwashed “useful idiots” around who still take this Asian/Jewish superiority seriously.

            – Betlejuice

            Those who believe in the superiority of Orientals and Ashkenazi Jews are people who take these articles posted on American Renaissance seriously.



          • You know, John– I think I’ve figured out our point of contention.. Higher test scores don’t equate to “superiority” in every case. IQ tests don’t focus on things like creativity, for example. Jews win more Oscars but it doesn’t make them superior artists. It just means they hand out more awards to their own people. A chinaman can pick up a violin and copy something that was very hip in the 1700’s, but I’m not familiar with any great Chinese Classical Music, which is because during the 1700’s they were playing the same music they enjoy today. Without our influence, they would still be wearing the same robes, making the same jade vases and writing the same haikus. (Yes, I know haikus are Japanese), I just lump them all together BECAUSE I HONESTLY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM.

          • Jefferson

            Actually on average Jews are superior when it comes to creativity. All of the classic American comic book superheroes were created by Jews. That takes a lot of creativity to create Batman, Superman, Captain America, Iron Man, etc.

          • purestocles

            My uncle’s Silver Star commendation reads like a Captain America episode but it was earned by someone who put his life on the line for his country in two World Wars, not invented by a Jewish writer.

          • Robert Binion

            Actually, some of the best writing has come from white, Southern women–Eudora Welty, Carson McCullers, Flannery O’Connor, Caroline Gordon.

          • Achaean

            But the actual heroes of history were White, whereas the jewish ones come in comics about Whites.

          • Tristate

            No that’s where you’re wrong. The Chinese would’ve advanced on their own even if there wasn’t any interference from the west. Now we may not get to find out about this alternate reality because the western imperials did interfere in their business.

          • yes you’re right. they stagnated for thousands of years but they would have gotten it right someday!

          • JohnEngelman

            Jews win more Oscars but it doesn’t make them superior artists.

            – Jasbo Adink

            Jews who win Oscars are Jews who attract large paying audiences.

            One out of five Nobel Prizes has been won by Jews. Nobel Prize winners are chosen by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden. This is not a Jewish organization.

          • Achaean

            There were zero jewish explorers; almost all of them, 95%, were White, and there were zero jewish military leaders like Napoleon; essentially jews would have remained an insignificant talmudic tribe without the blessings of White created European nations. It is that simple.

          • Jefferson

            [QUOTE]We’re smarter and we’ve proved it consistently, over millennia[/QUOTE]

            When it comes to racial preservation, White people on average are as dumb as a rock because most Whites have been easily brainwashed into believing that Obama’s immigration reform a.k.a amnesty, is good for the country.

            Which lends me to believe that White intelligence is overrated.

          • Well said brother

          • a multiracial individual

            In natural selection, intelligence is one of the most overrated features of a population (In terms of long term survival). Consider most bivalves, they have virtually no cognition, yet this class of animal is never going to go out of existence. Why? They are a highly r-selected class of animal.

          • Jefferson

            [QUOTE] and preaching about the superior, hard-working republican mexican with strong family values.[/QUOTE]

            Mexicans don’t vote Republican. Almost 85 percent of Mexican voters in Los Angeles for example, voted for Obama.

            Mexicans being “natural Republicans” is the biggest myth ever created by The Republican Party.

          • The irony of that is that the people who are saying we need to amnesty all the illegal Hispanics and let more Hispanics in because they are “natural social conservatives” are the very same talking heads who are advising the Republican Party to ditch social conservatism.

          • a multiracial individual

            Our inconspicuous discussion regarding people that prefer Hispanics over Asians is now conspicuously gone.

          • I know it is a myth. I lived in Los Angeles growing up.

          • Xanthippe2

            Every time I mention I have relatives working in the National Labs, some Chinese guy seems to get very friendly…

            Oh, and they are all very anti-White (I mean the relatives at the National Labs).

          • JohnEngelman

            Why should healthy people believe something that is not true?

          • You remind me, John, of the task in school where you look at a page of pictures and, “circle the one that doesn’t belong.”

            All things being equal, in a conflict with the chinese, they wouldn’t look at you and say- “he okay, he likey,”– your corneas would be on Ebay just as fast as mine would be.
            Of course, their version of Ebay would be a complete copy of the real one, and would be named “Ebuy” or something. Hey, speaking of which, here is the Russian space shuttle! They came up with it themselves and did not steal a thing!–


            Here are some proud chinamen after returning from space. They remind me of John Glenn!


            Here is that Iranian stealth fighter! it’s made of fiberglass but it scares me because I’m stupid-


            The Iranians also put a monkey into space– oh no wait, that was fake as well-


            The north koreans have also used their superior iq’s to threaten us with a nuke strike– hey I like his hair:


            too bad they haven’t stolen enough of our technology to actually make a nuke or transport system, but as soon as they learn to get on (our) interwebs– they might!
            Get on the winning team, John. Go for the touchdown.

          • JohnEngelman

            You remind me, John, of the task in school where you look at a page of pictures and, “circle the one that doesn’t belong.”

            – Jasbo Adink

            If I do not belong here, why am able to substantiate my opinions with quotes from essays I have found here, and writings by Jared Taylor and others who have spoken at American Renaissance conferences?

          • No, you pick whatever serves you to pick, and you ignore whatever condradicts your opinion. Your betters do that in the media constantly. Here, let’s end this once and for all– Hello? Moderator? (I should light some incense.) Mr. Moderator, have you ever used the terms “asian”, “jews” and “superior” in the same sentence? I for one, have not.

          • Here, let’s end this once and for all– Hello? Moderator? (I should light some incense.) Mr. Moderator, have you ever used the terms “asian”, “jews” and “superior” in the same sentence?

            My contribution here would do anything but “end this once and for all.” Therefore, I pass.

          • I’m just saying that Mr. Taylor doesn’t believe in Jewish or Asian superiority. I’ve never met the man but I think I know that much.

          • Beetlejuice

            Why do you believe in white race replacement by Asians and the genocide of the white race?

            Do you believe that Asians countries should open up their borders to the 3rd world or it is only white people you are against.

          • JohnEngelman

            No country can have too many people with high IQs.

          • John, you live in an area that is primarily, overwhelmingly White. This is where you choose to live. You don’t live around high-IQ Indians because you don’t want to celebrate the fifth incarnation of the many arms of Vishnu on Nov. 5th OR WHENEVER IT’S HELD. You don’t live in Israel, you don’t live in Little Tokyo YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO LIVE AMONG YOUR OWN KIND. As have I.

            The asians and jews are not superior people. I am going to end this comment and I am never going to spend another moment of my life typing to you because conversing with you is like talking to Sean Penn or Michael Moore. You are hopeless and it is my sincere opinion youn choose to contradict in order to garner attention. Shock jocks do the same thing when they get on the mic and say–“Baby-Killing. I like it. Here’s the phone number.” Good day, sir!


          • A. D. Coreman

            The main difference between Whites and Asians in IQ is in structure, not in the overall average. There is some evidence of different neurological function, beyond the differences in which Asians tend to do better in visuospatial reasoning and whites doing better in verbal reasoning (which covers areas beyond ‘reading’ and ‘spelling’ etc lol, people don’t really understand what verbal reasoning is). The differences in structure may explain why Asians will sit for hours and study yet are not very innovative despite PC prattle to the opposite, and why whites will many times coast through school, doing just enough to get by, yet come up with ideas and inventions and technical and technological breakthroughs well ahead of Asians.

            Another note on IQ is that Caucasians are the only racial group wherein the verbal and visuospatial reasoning scores tend to be even, even when tests are adjusted. Not so for other groups. One exception is Ashkenazi Jews, who skew toward verbal reasoning but are usually below the ‘white’ average for visuospatial reasoning (although folks in the media try to tweak the scores in that area or outright lie). People quote Lynn as stating Jews average IQ is about 110, but what I have read from him has him stating it’s 108, about 2 pts higher than the average for Germans, Poles, etc.

            There is a lot of self aggrandizement amongst Jews right now, which can’t be denied. But that’s natural for a lot of groups. People need to keep in mind that while Jews work hard academically etc, they have also worked hard, systematically, for over half a century now, to block whites, to hinder their progress in the sciences, discourage them from taking part, made entry to the best schools almost impossible while greasing the skids for even the mediocre of their group to get into schools that wouldn’t even consider them if not for the pressure and the ethnic networking. See Ron Unz’s articles on this. The majority of our best and brightest are not getting a fair chance. Period. Don’t get me started on people taking credit for their student’s work or for outright theft of research which I have witnessed. But that goes back a long way. Look at Einstein’s “work” on Relativity. Most of it plagiarized, no credit given.

          • JohnEngelman

            Ron Unz is not a credible source for information. Richard Lynn, who has spoken at American Renaissance conferences, is. This is what Professor Lynn has written about the Ashkenazim.


            With The Chosen People, Richard Lynn undertakes a systematic inquiry into the general intelligence of Jews worldwide. Calling upon history as well as the latest advances in genetic analysis and evolutionary theory, Lynn demonstrates that in the past 250 years, high IQ has been the foundation of Jewish influence, success, and power. This study is integrated with concise narratives of the Jewish experience in various countries and regions, as well as a discussion of the cultural and genetic divisions within the Jewish ethos.The Chosen People will be valued by historians, evolutionary scientists, and anyone who wants to understand more fully this remarkable people.

          • NM156

            Explain the anti-white attitudes of your relatives who work at nat’l labs, if you would. Could you divulge which one or ones as well? Argonne? Livermore? Sandia? Los Alamos?

          • nobody

            Yeah they do great. They open up a restaurant, move in about 30 of their illegal relatives, don’t pay taxes, and clean up all the stray cats in the area. Around here they hire illegal Mexicans to work in their restaurants. They bus them to and from work, basically hide them. These people are scum, and they are just as much of a cancer to America as blacks or hispanics, just in a different way.

          • Whirlwinder

            but, but, but our socialists betters tell us that all cultures can live side by side in harmony and peace. It is diversity that strengthens us. Have we been lied to again?

          • JohnEngelman

            Whites and Orientals can and do live “side by side in harmony and peace.” They compete in the class room and on the job. They do not fight on the streets, or in prison yards. It is blacks and Hispanics who have trouble living with each other, and with whites and Orientals.

            This should be clear to anyone who reads news stories here, and articles that have been written for American Renaissance.

          • Whirlwinder

            John, I was thinking of the big picture on immigration.

          • JohnEngelman

            With immigration we need to consider two issues. The first is the social effect of immigration. The second is the economic effect.

            Whites and Orientals usually live together harmoniously. Orientals have lower rates of crime and illegitimacy than whites. Blacks and Hispanics attack each other and us.

            On the other hand, all immigration, including that of white Gentiles, contributes to the growing income gap. This is also true of population growth from a high white birthrate. More people mean more consumers and more job applicants. Other things being equal, this means higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits.

            In the past technological advances compensated for population growth. Unfortunately, computer technology reduces the economic value of jobs that can be learned by those of average or below average intelligence.

        • a multiracial individual

          If we lived next door to Japan instead of Mexico, Mr. Taylor might not have ever even started Amren.

          • JohnEngelman

            Jared Taylor grew up in Japan and is fluent in Japanese. If he was bullied for being white as a teenager, that might influence his feelings about Orientals.

            I was bullied by whites. Chinese American friends backed me up against the bullies, and introduced me to the Oriental martial arts. That influences my feelings about Orientals.

          • nobody

            Just imagine if you would have went to a black school. It would have been a little worse than the occasional wedgie and name calling.

          • Hans Schneider

            if you would have went ? Lousy English grammar !!

          • nobody

            Yeah great idea. Even though everyone in the country thinks we are a bunch of backwards, inbred, ignorant hicks, we might as well fight amongst each other over grammar. Hey maybe next you can insult my mother.

          • Mainlander

            Nein Hans. It’s perfectly fine.

          • JohnEngelman

            No argument there.

          • wattylersrevolt

            If Japan next-to-America started to export its population to America…We should nuke Japan for a third time. I would have nuked Japan five times the first time.

          • Good point and probably true.

          • wattylersrevolt

            I’d say because of the Bataan Death March..Japan deserved at least ten nukes..and if the Emperor survived, that we should have dressed him up in a little girls dress..put him in a cage and paraded him around Japan. I know many of you think I am too lenient on Japan…but I am a mercifull man.

          • a multiracial individual

            If the war with Germany had stretched on would you have dropped a nuke on Berlin?

          • wattylersrevolt

            I would have nuked Berlin the very first weeks of the war. The Nazis were the technological enablers of the Japs. The Japs would have conquered Australia and New Zealand and made several million European Women into Sex Slaves for the Jap Imperial Army.

          • NM156

            Nuking Germany was priority, but it fell before the Manhattan Project produced a bomb.

        • Beetlejuice

          Flag immediately. Let the site know: http://www.amren.com/contact/
          I also see there’s Asian porn on this site.

        • nobody

          What you got to realize man is that he doesn’t care. He is a fish head lover and that’s his business I guess. Not exactly a traditional Western lifestyle but what can you do. Me personally, I think they should send all blacks, browns, yellows, beiges, tans, olives, everything back to where they came from. I think Asians are great, and I don’t have a problem with them, as long as they are in Asia where they belong. Same goes for everyone else, especially blacks.

          • potato78

            If our ABWs mention again, they were from Europe, I will send them back to Europe. ABWs don’t have back bone and America own culture. you are better rolling back to Europe. Leave our native indians alone. LOL.

          • InCase

            I think it’s great you get it. Now if only the western imperials thought this way back then. The world would’ve been a much better place today, if everybody went on with their own business.

          • everybody

            whites belong in Europe. The New world belongs to the native americans. When whites decide to go back en masse to Europe, asians can be asked to go back to asia. Else nobody should STFU…

          • nobody

            If I have to go back to Europe, do all non-whites have to leave it? If so I would be glad to go.

          • nobody

            I would be glad to go “back to Europe” if all non-whites were going to leave it. Is that part of the deal? Correction the “New World” DID belong to the Native Americans before they lost it to a mentally and technologically superior people.

          • williebrown

            The problem of course is that some blacks in this country were here before you were. And what about Native Americans?

          • nobody

            If the Native Americans wanted to keep their land they should have defended it a little better. Military conquest has happened all throughout history, and will continue to happen. They are lucky that we allowed them to exist on their reservations, that was very courteous of us and things generally don’t go quite that well for a conquered party.

        • I feel as though you missed the point of Amrens mission statement Asians are statistically not criminal and tend to be very intelligent I don’t consider them a threat at all..

        • I agree with you whole heartly

    • potato78

      How many years did you live on the earth????
      I have lived on the earth for at least 5000 years!

      I’m from America, and I love Chinese music..so relaxing to the soul…

  • Dr. X

    A slight correction is in order, Amren… Canada is a white country, and it is #19 on the list. So there is a white country in the top 20. But the point is well taken… it is the exception rather than the rule. More Peruvuans, Iranians, and Ethiopians than British???? Talk about an insane immigration policy…

    • IstvanIN

      How many of the “Canadians” are really Canadian?

      • Dr. X

        Point well-taken. Seems a fair number of them, in Toronto anyway, are Pakistanis and other Third Worlders who get Canadian citizenshp, then try to emirate to the U.S.

        • Beetlejuice

          Some of them are coming across the unprotected southern border with illegal immigrants. Why not? No one is stopping them.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        This. I bet a high percentage of the “Canadians” immigrating to the U.S. are Asian.

    • Canada’s population of 35 million is still 81% White majority, but we’re also headed in the same direction of race-replacement as every other successful White-European country..

      Just a short three decades ago, Canada was a 95% majority White nation, and the Canadian gov’t continues to agitate for yet higher numbers of foreigners.

      In fact, this Canadian blogger has become so discouraged that she may not return. I really can’t fault her, for what seems, a never ending battle showing no results.

      • Beetlejuice

        While Canada blocks South African whites from immigrating or claiming refugee status,like Brandon Huntley.

  • bigone4u

    Wow, I never knew Ethiopia had 14,000+ rocket scientists. Way to go Ethiopia.

    • Shattered

      Those were all Muslim “refugees.”

    • The__Bobster

      I hear Trinidad and Tobago is the hotbed of IT geniuses.

      • guest

        Yeah, there’s a big demand for mobile app developers, and I’ve heard there are thousands of them in Haiti and Somalia. They’ll come here and start successful mobile app companies and create jobs and tax revenue. I’m sure of it!

        I also understand that there are many biochemists in Sudan and AI researchers in the Ivory Coast, so it’s going to really boost our economy to give them all citizenships.

    • Beetlejuice

      Stephen Hawking is searching sub-saharan Africa for the next Africa’s “hidden talent” and next rocket scientist. He’s been looking for 5 long years. http://www.amren.com/news/2008/05/stephen_hawking/
      Looks like he drank the marxist Kool-aid too.

      • Carnation

        He’d have much better luck searching the Afrikaner population. He’s a good example of Really Smart People Who Do Really Dumb Things. Someone should write a book.

  • JackKrak

    Moreso than any other country in the world, shouldn’t the US be in a position to pick and choose the very best among those trying to get in?
    When even Nepal manages to get more than eleven thousand through the process, you have to ask yourself if the only requirement for entering the country is filling out the papers & paying the fee. Why are we giving out passports like drivers licenses?

  • wattylersrevolt

    Asian legal immigrants are flooding into the US where they can legally vote every fours to reduce the Native Born White Majority as quickly as possible to a violently persecuted racial minority…now that is quite a racket. There are no economic, demographic,cultural, and ecological reasons for importing even one Asian immigrant into our America. When America was90 percent Native Born White, America put 12 Alpha White Native Born White American Males on the moon. How did Native Born White America ever manage to survive when there hardly any Asians in our America? Apparently quite well, thank you. If the Asian invader gets his and her way…there will be no more Alpha Native Born White Males sent into space….the will make sure it never happens again…all they have to do is vote Republican or Democratic at election time.

    • JQ

      Asians don’t need to be here, but I really don’t see them as a demographic threat. Espionage threat, yes, but not a demographic one. They are not going to transform America. They don’t even have a political voice in America. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, on the other hand, will be soon overwhelmed with Asians. The main demographic threat in the US are mestizos.

      • wattylersrevolt

        They are already a demographic threat in the educational system and certain professions….also go visit the skyline highway in the bucolic Shenandoah valley in the fall…….then you can experience the demographic threat full blown.

      • Bossman

        They are not yet a demographic threat to the United States because the U.S. government effectively kept them out until 1965. But you just wait and see, soon they will be overrunning all of North America. I feel sorry for Australians and New Zealanders. As for so-called Mestizos, they are already North Americans. This is their continent. They have a right to be here.

        • Cherry Bomb

          In 50 years, there will be no white homelands left. What then?

      • Beetlejuice

        You are wrong. Read Jared Taylor’s article http://www.amren.com/news/2008/04/asians_put_foot/
        about Asian political power and how they’re using it against white Americans.

    • potato78

      No wonder Asians population is only 4.8%. So so so many Asia-phobia or Asia haters (the spectrum is from white …. brown ……black) are here to express their minds. So good. Asians never prevail in North America. But someones will, LOL to see some facts that North America had been partially prevailed by Hispanics, Latinos, blacks, whose people are never be considered as a force, which can change North America. This may be a true reason why today’s America is changing. We have to appreciate those Asia haters to make things change in North America.

      God bless America!

      • NYB

        Asians are loathsome for their innate belief that they are superior to other immigrants, and their certainty that whites will be easily fooled by their deferential bowing. Asians are no more welcome than Zimbabweans.

        • potato78
        • Bossman

          Asian are like ants. Ants co-operate with each other to build very effective and well functioning colonies. But the question for the future is will North America be a very vibrant and exciting place when every other face will be people with slanted eyes and flat expressless faces. When that happens I’m sure there won’t be much popular music and football.

          • Jefferson

            And Mestizos are like uncivilized wild animals. Even though their countries are not officially at war with any other countries, they still have murder rates that are similar to Middle Eastern war zones.

      • wattylersrevolt

        I’m skeptical of the number you gave. By visual inspection more and more Americans can tell that the Asian population is exploding. Asians are targeting the scarce resources……educational institutions..professions,occupations……habitable space…recreation space…that Native Born White Americans want access to
        . So their numbers are focused in a way and are large enough to create rat race conditions for millions of Native Born White Americans. An invasion must be stopped before a beachhead can be established and the enemy goes over the wall…Asians have gone over the all. They now have swing vote political muscle which they can flex…which they do flex. Can you imagine the force they would be if they were 25 per cent of the population. If you want to live among Asians go live in china…don’t force china on the rest of us.

      • Beetlejuice

        You are justifying the race replacement and genocide of whites which makes you a monster.

  • The__Bobster

    Only a Kennedy or an Emanuel Celler would think this is a good thing. We need an immigration moratorium now. And if it is ever restarted, only traditional Americans should be let in.

    • Beetlejuice

      You need to stop picking on poor old Ted Kennedy. He’s been sober now for years.

      He was the front man for the 1965 immigration flood bill which was written by Celler and Javitz and funded by Jewish organizations.


      I wish everyone here would read this to learn the truth about how America’s borders were open to the 3rd world.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Moreover, 50….100 years from now Asian “Americans” will make certain that Native Born White American minority racial status is a permanent state of affairs……no one will be making an economic case for race-replacing Asian “Americans”. The Chinese Exclusion Act was a wonderfully piece of late 18th century legislation that protected the racial interests of the Native Born White American Majority. We can thank a Socialist Jew labor leader…..Samuel Gompers…and an Irish Legal Immigrant…Dennis Kearney…for its passage. The predatory Asian invader is our mortal enemy. There is no safe level of Asian immigration.

    • wattylersrevolt

      The asian invader is a very serious threat to America’s endangered species and ecosystems. A lone chinese immigrant in keeping with an ancient chinese tradition released a pregnant female asian snakehead fish into the Potomac River setting into motion the ecological destabilization of the State of Virginia’s Riparian Ecosystems…there have been many more introductions of various asian snakehead fish species into America’s Riparian Ecosystems..including the really vicious giant snakehead fish.
      The predatory hindu invader a few years back began putting the ashes of deceased family members into little rafts with a buring candle and send it of floating throught the Gateway Nature Reserve by LaGuardia Airport. No doubt within a few years they will be doing the same to the Hudson River..and a few years after that burning their dead in funeral pyres on the banks of the Hudson River….Ganges on the Hudson..it’s comming!!!!
      To all you asian invaders:you are a very unnatural presence on Native Born White American Soil!!!!

      • wattylersrevolt

        Moreover,the long term survival of Ursus arctus horribliss and Ursus Americanus…grizzly bear and black bear…is threatend by the predatory chinese and korean invader in our precious America!!!!. Ursus horribliss and Ursus Americanus are being hunted and destroyed for their gall bladders and other body parts by asian and korean invaders who use these body parts in their aphrodisiac concoctions for the male chinese and korean invader who wants to increase their fertility on our precious American Soil!!!!. Ladies and Gentleman, does this not make your European blood boil with rage!!!!. Put ya hands up if it does!!!

      • pcmustgo

        DON’T FORGET THE CHINESE ILLEGALLY SELLING BABY RED-EARRED SLIDER TURTLES IN NYC… “soooo cute”… until they grow a foot or longer and require tons of care to keep the cage clean and bite and live 70 years!!! Most losers who buy them aren’t in for that kind of responsibility. So what happens? They often get released into the wild, where they live and take over native turtles habitat. It’s like a plague up here. They are native to the South, but are so sturdy they can survive Minnesota winters.

        • wattylersrevolt

          Thanks for the info pc must go!!!. Other comrades here over the past four years have presented other stories like the one you posted. I wish I had kept track of them all. I hope Comrade Taylor has..for he should use every single one in his next book. We really need to meta-level indexing of the comments on AR—-an index in our own personal notebooks for future reference. You know, you could make a great 400 page book just publishing some of the comments for certain news stories..probably a few books. Jared wouldn’t have to write anything..just publish the comments to the news stories…particular emphasis on news stories about the asian invader. The will notice,,and this is just what we want.

          I vote to ban the retarded troll Engleman.

          • Ted

            I 2nd that!

  • John

    The keyword here is “legal.”

  • Brady

    “In case anyone hasn’t figured it out, the entire purpose of immigration is race replacement. White Americans will never accept socialism, so we need to replace white Americans with people who will.”

    It follows, then, that everybody except whites will? It won’t turn out that way, although results will not be pretty.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    A list of the worst countries on Earth. We get their “assets” forever and they continue to pump out more undesirable low genetic humans. Dysgenics 101.

    • Good implicit reference to Rand Paul’s SOTU reply. Rand Paul is off my list.

  • Andy

    If you group together East Asians, Indians, Middle Easterners, and Philippiners, they outnumber Hispanics…

    • Jefferson

      I doubt very much that they outnumber Hispanics in America. This country has at least 52 million Hispanics, and it is even higher than that when you count illegals.

  • dj2

    This is what it looks like for a country to be destroyed.

    And believe me, there will be no end to it.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      This is what it looks like for the white race to be genocided and blended out of existence. Look to SA to see the future of white America.

  • dj2

    Folks, look at that list, again and again.

    Ask yourself…why is America committing suicide? I’m not sure I have a complete answer, but nonetheless it’s an important question to ask because it takes you in different directions. It changes your perception of what’s going on.

    It’s possible that the country has a death wish, for one reason or another. A robust, unified white America would not allow this to happen, Jewish influence or not.

    • Xanthippe2

      The elites who run things (even when White and not Jewish) are neutral to happy to be getting rid of White Americans.

  • dmxinc

    What benefit to Americans is there in allowing Haitians to immigrate to our shores?

    Isn’t that the only question that should be asked by our government officials?

    That goes for the rest of these Third World countries too.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Desire for the destruction of white homelands and genocide of the white race.

      Next question

      • watling

        Agreed. What amazes me is that the libtard zealots in power in white nations aren’t even being subtle about their race replacement project. Even worse is that the most enthusiastic destroyers of our white homelands are white themselves. But worst of all is the fact that – in Europe at least – white people have voted these libtards into power and continue to vote for them. There are no words that can adequately express my feelings about this insanity.

    • Bossman

      According to the history books, the U.S.A owes a great debt to Haiti. By defeating the French, they made it possible for the United States to buy the Louisiana territory from the French, thereby turning the United States into a world power.

      • dmxinc

        So what, they didn’t do it for us. They butchered those people for whatever base reasons they had.

        Australia was founded because of the American Revolution, but they don’t owe us for that either. We had our Revolution for our own reasons.

      • Beetlejuice

        I see you’ve drunk the Marxist Kool-Aid that your professors have spoon fed you. Everything white = bad, evil, oppressive. Everything nonwhite = peace, harmony, progress for all.

        You need to go back to your university and demand your money back. You’ve been mis-educated.

  • Fed Up

    Makes sense to me. We Whites have had it too good too long, according to our liberals. So it’s only right and proper we become a minority in our own country in a few short decades.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      While they flee to a certain small, Middle Eastern country that allows them entry but not you.

  • Red

    This really doesn’t surprise me. About 7 years ago I was required to attend an immigration interview when my German wife was applying for a green card. The immigration facility, conveniently located on MLK Jr. Boulevard in downtown Atlanta, was like walking into a third world country.

    Aside from a few White people who worked there, we were the only Whites in a room of at least 100 people waiting for their appointment. No joke. The place smelled horrible and these people had no respect for anything, including themselves. After several hours of waiting we were finally interviewed by a South Asian immigration official who barely spoke English, almost like he just got off the boat himself. He even seemed to emanate a sense of pride knowing I could barely understand him.

    It was truly an eye-opening experience. If anyone doesn’t believe this nation’s immigration policy isn’t about race replacement then I invite you to go into one of these places and see for yourself. It’s horrifying.

    • pcmustgo

      I’ve been to India town in Jersey City and although I love Indian food, I could not bear to eat in their restaurants- once the door opened, the peculiarly East Indian no deodorant wearing body odor hit my nose like nothing had before.

    • Thanks for your story. I have had similar experiences even at the DMV in Fairfax County, VA.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Ditto for medical offices.

    • watling

      When I renewed my UK passport a few years ago I got the application countersigned by an immigrant from India at my place of work because, as an accountant, he was deemed to have a recognised profession.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      “Race Replacement” really does seem to be the word…. Bring in the Asians and Africans and give them white girlfriends…or in certain demanding cases, wives..
      In Colleges and Universities the white girls, for the past forty or so years, have been offered increasingly high status media models and have felt under increasing socio-cultural pressure to date outside their race. Nobody seems to care much what the white boys do, and so they mainly get drunk or get high….or drop out…. I have watched it all up close, and it’s not a pretty sight…..

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    As Marine Le Pen said, “We have become a vacuum cleaner for the world’s misery.”

  • MikeS

    Illegals from Mexico outnumbered all others combined.

  • Ernst Kaltenbrunner

    Could someone please use Lynn & Vanhanen’s book ‘IQ & the Wealth of Nations’ to indicate the average IQ of each immigrant – source country on that list?

    • SirMe

      Pretty pointless considering most immigrants would have come from affluent families from Asia, they are foreign students who over stay, they cant just walk over the border, they must have some money to even come over here.

  • Luca

    This is a recipe for disaster with a list of 25 ingredients.

  • pcmustgo

    Where I live, there are many non-whites who have never left the confines of NYC. Not even to Long Island. Not even to Westchester, the suburbs. Never even to Upstate NY. Maybe they go on a caribbean vacation.

    Brooklyn is their entire world.

  • JohnEngelman

    There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.

    – Thomas Jefferson

    Professor J. Philippe Rushton spoke at six American Renaissance conferences. In his essay “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR,” he expressed what I consider to be the central truth of race realism:

    “For the past twenty years I have studied race differences in brain size, intelligence, sexuality, personalty, growth rate, life span, crime, and family instability On all of these traits. Orientals fall at one end of the spectrum. Blacks fall at the other end, and Whites fall in between.”

    • Bossman

      I believe much of what Prof. Rushton said, however, will white people allow themselves to be run over by the countless hordes of Asia? If being Asian is so great, why is it that they all want to come to the western world and especially to North America. They may be good people but they are all very dull looking people with no sex appeal.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Try going to one of their countries (Asian) and make demands. Tell them you demand special privileges for your white children, you demand white be allowed managerial positions in their organizations, you insist on forming white-based groups to pressure their government into meeting white demands. Go to the press and get all mouthy about it.

        You’d have a bullet in your brain before the day was out.

      • Beetlejuice

        If Asians are so great why don’t the Asian supremacists and their useful idiot supporters move to countries created by Asians?

      • JohnEngelman

        I did not know Orientals existed until I was six of seven. I was probably watching a documentary on television about elementary schools in Japan or Taiwan. I remember thinking, “Some white girls are pretty, and some are not. All Orientals girls are pretty.”

        Oriental women have clean features and good figures. What you see as “no sex appeal,” Professor Rushton describes as sexual responsibility.

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        My objection to the Oriental state of mind is that they are conformist and anti-individualist. A few exceptional artists (e.g. cellist Yo Yo Ma—who is good enough that I can ALMOST forgive him for playing at Obama’s first inauguration) but on the whole not creative, but merely mechanically imitative artists (think the Suzuki method of studying Violin). Oriental society by and large seems to tend naturally towards the eusocial “social insect” model, and that just gives me the creeps. What I have seen in that Mao’s Cultural Revolution has penetrated the US Corporate world to a huge degree—again to the ultimate purpose of enforcing conformity and standardizing individual behavior to the point that no one dares to think for themselves.

        American Renaissance takes the two sources of its name from the period of history in which the idea of the individual and of individual liberty and importance reasserted itself in Europe and the country in which Individual freedoms, identity, and opportunity, were most profoundly developed. (at least until, as I have stated in other comments on this site, the socio-cultural degeneracy of the 1960s turned so-called and would-be individualists into “outrageous conformists)>

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Why don’t you move to an Asian country and leave us whites alone?

      • JohnEngelman

        If I moved to an Asian country I would still post comments here. I would write about how clean and safe the cities are. How beautiful the women are, stuff like that.

    • Beetlejuice

      Why do you continue to justify and support white genocide?

      Look closely.

      We have: 1. Massive immigration, 2. To white countries only 3. Border laws suspended/selectively enforced; Coupled with: 4. Forced integration 5. Racial preference to non-whites 6. Coerced tolerance 7. Socially engineered assimilation/genetic blending.

      How is this not genocide of the white race? Why are you cheering on this process? Why do you hate whites so much that you prefer that this country be taken over by Asians?

      • JohnEngelman

        On several occasions I have advocated more restrictions on immigration. I see little point in allowing Hispanics to move here, although I appreciate the way they stand up to blacks.

        As long as the economy remains in the doldrums I favor more restrictions on Oriental immigration, although I admire Orientals and their culture.

        I have never expressed, nor do I feel, hatred for whites.

  • JohnEngelman

    Asians have faced fierce discrimination in America, but this has not stopped them from working hard and getting ahead. In fact, they have been so successful in “racist” America that whites have even begun to complain about Asian achievement…

    Throughout this period of constant prejudice and persecution, Chinese worked hard, saved their money, and built better lives for themselves. By the time they had full, legal standing in this country, many Chinese had incomes comparable to those of native born whites. By 1969, Chinese as a group outeamed Italian, German, and even Anglo-Saxon Americans.

    During the 1960s, Chinatown was the part of San Francisco with the most unemployment and poverty, the highest rate of tuberculosis, the least education, and the most substandard housing. Nevertheless, in 1965, only five people of Chinese ancestry went to jail in the whole state of California.

    – Jared Taylor, from “Paved with Good Intentions”

    • bigone4u

      Asian Japanese and Chinese are conformists, easy to control. They embrace dictatorship, which is anethema to Western values. Japanese porn is so weird because they live such regimented lives they have to blow off steam somehow. The phrase, “Free, white, and 21” means something. No other race loves freedom like the white race. So, keep your asians.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      But there population isn’t under threat of genocide is it? They have billions of people, and severe overpopulation and we don’t. There is not one single reason for Asians to populate this country. Not one. We don’t need them here and they have their own homelands that are not being flooded by non-Asians.

      Which countries do you think should be left as white homelands? You can list as many countries as you’d like. You may desire to be overlorded by Asians or other non-Whites, I do not.

      • Beetlejuice

        I protested the genocide of Tibetans in Tibet a number of years ago and receive a lot of praise, thumbs up and likes.

        When I protest the genocide of the white race, I am called a Nazi and white supremacist from the same people.

        • Tim

          Reminds me of my German Army motorcycle. I used to ride it with the complete helmet and uniform. People would lean out of their cars and wave and cheer! One day the throttle cable broke. As I WALKED home in the uniform, people threw things and spit on me from their cars… go figure!

      • JohnEngelman

        White Gentiles are not under threat of genocide either. If you want to learn what “genocide” means, talk to an American Indian or a Jew.

        • Cherry Bomb

          John Engelman might like to explain to us why it is that all genocide law experts in white countries and the UN are telling us with straight faces that eliminating non-white groups BY ANY MEANS is GENOCIDE under international law, but eliminating whites on a GLOBAL scale with mass immigration and “assimilation” supposedly is just fine and dandy.

          Mass non-white immigration, forced integration and assimilation of ALL white countries and ONLY white countries is genocide.

          Are you calling for the deportation of American Indians or Jews from white America since we whites were here first? Why don’t you tell the Jews that they need to open Israel up to all those super-IQ Asians that you think should race-replace whites.

  • Ernst Kaltenbrunner

    They don’t overstay otherwise they would not be on the list of Legal Immigrants to which I referred. Pretty pointless commentary when you don’t read the article properly.

  • potato78

    Legal immigrants to the United States from Asia outnumbered legal
    immigrants from any other region of the world in fiscal 2012, according
    to new data from the Department of Homeland Security.




    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      This site has degenerated so much due to engelman that now people are posting Asian porn. Good going.
      Flag as necessary, or don’t and let AR crash and burn due to Asian infiltration.

    • Beetlejuice

      Looks like porno of the Asian variety. Some of the sickest, most depraved porno comes out of Asian countries.
      Why did you post this on AR? What are you trying to prove or provoke? Maybe this site has gone to hell.

      • Ken

        Really? Tell that to the number of scat and barf porn makers and their participants, oh no, wait a minute, they don’t look Asian to me. Dude, porn itself is sick and depraving. It’s not the Asians who promoted this kind of culture.

  • Notice that Japan was not on the list. So not every Asian country is sending tons of legal immigrants to the US.

  • NYB

    “429,599 people from Asian nations were granted permanent legal resident status in the United States in fiscal 2012”

    Not by random chance. Mainstream journalists never ask probing questions like “Why?”, or “Who decided this and on what grounds?”

    Immigration quotas are decided behind closed doors, and reporters meekly transmit what they’re told.

  • LHathaway

    Well, I disagree with you John Engleman, your latest post. I’m not a biological determinist. I almost wonder if the promotion of this idea is almost designed to turn people off of sites like this. Nevertheless, we’ll be spoken bad of no matter what we do or say?

    I want to question you though, John. You recently wrote, “For reasons of personal psychology many posters here seem unwilling to condemn the business community”.

    I kind of suspect you are right. Please explain why some of us (certainly me) so reflexively defend the right wing in this country. I’m a bit curious to know what some of the reasons are. It could be in part because we’re just defending the side we’ve picked. Why did we pick the right? Why do many of us defend it so quickly – in this case, business interests that ‘don’t have our true interests in mind’ as well as all the other positions we so reflexively take.

  • Hope and Change

    Woohoo! Immigrants from Ghana. What would we do without these people?
    Diversity is our greatest strength. Never forget.

  • ImTellinYa

    And we’re going to have to deport almost every single one of these third-world savages and affirmative-action parasites.

  • IKantunderstand

    Asians! Yay! Gee, what’s not to like about Asians? Especially, my personal favorites, the Chinese. Yup, nothing like the Chinese, very concerned about the environment, the welfare of girls, concerned about child labor, and human rights. And, don’t forget their humanitarian efforts! By golly, they have been the first on the scene in every natural disaster that I can remember, not only the first, but, also supplying the most money, food, and medical supplies. And, their reverence for animals, is legendary! The Chinese have led the way in anti-cruelty efforts worldwide. Why, they have pioneered and led the effort to stop trafficking in the parts of near extinct animals like the Black Rhino; their scientific papers debunking the aphrodisiac powers of animal horns and gall bladders, have literally stopped this illicit trade in its tracks. Oh, and who couldn’t positively swoon over the cuisine! Monkey brains, poopy bird’s nests, sea cucumbers, and my personal favorite: moo goo gai chihuahua, a delectable au currant fusion of Mexican and Chinese cuisines. And finally, the hilarity that always ensues when I have to explain to Chinese homebuyers that: No, I’m sorry, you can’t change the house number so as to include the number “8”.

  • KenelmDigby

    You can bet your boots that a great deal of the immigrants from the United Kingdom are, in fact, not British at all, but Pakistanis.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      I figured the same for Canada.

  • KenelmDigby


    • saxonsun

      We already have tons of them here–I live in Manhattan. Across the river is Queens. Indians have swarmed the place; They also “settled” in Brooklyn and Long Island. They’ve destroyed traditional white neighborhoods and they own more stores than you can imagine in your worst dreams.

  • Only Whites speaking up explicitly for Whites can lead to real political action for Whites.

  • Since business is anti-White, Whites should turn against business. Require 20 dollar minimum wage, 10 days paid sick leave, 15 days paid vacation as minimums.

    Since universities are anti-White, end all money to higher education, including research grants.

    Since Libertarians are anti-White, lots of regulation on financial services, farms.

    In the meantime, if a corporation is caught employing illegals and it is paying current minimum wage, no paid sick leave, etc. then we should encourage that it is prosecuted.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Reasons for banning Engleman:1) he or she is obviously a f…..g retarded troll;2)who has been posting here for around four years;3)and during this time period many of us have explained in great detail why we do not want Asians here;)4)Many of us here come from families who have first hand experience with job and wage theft by asian invaders.5)over the past seven years there have been many victims of the H-1 B visa program who have posted their horror stories.
    Ok, so the upshot of all this is:The retarded troll Engleman has been disposed of time and time again. Many of us no longer waste their time responding to him…and Engleman takes advantage of this. How many times do we have to keep reinventing the wheel so to speak. I’m not opposed to letting asianphiles and asians come on and engage us in debate. But the case of the retarded troll Engleman is much different. He has become an infection in the comments on AR.
    Banning Engleman will not scare away the other asianphiles and asians out there from commenting on AR. So ban him.
    To serious nonretarded asianphiles and asians…you are welcome to come on AR and debate us.
    So lets have a vote: To ban Engleman or not to ban Engleman. I’m for banning him or her or it…..

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Make sure you notify AR. I did.

      Tell them you will no longer donate to this site because it no longer supports white issues, it has become all- engelman 24/7. Let him be the lone person left here and pay up to keep AR up and running.

    • Cherry Bomb

      Vote to ban.

  • age of pc

    Hate to tell you but so called Mexicans are really ex-Asian migrants of the red yellow mongoloid archeologist classified race who crossed the Bering ice bridge by the millions and went their tracks as eskimos, indians, aztecs, mayans, incans, tainos, etc.
    History lesson 101: White European of the Shem caucasoid race crossed the Atlantic in 1492 with Italian Columbus working for Spain and founded the western hemisphere that may have already been founded by norsemen Europeans 500 yrs earlier but that is irrelevant .

    These Europeans were looking for a back route to the Orient aka Asia or India and alas stumbled on the same ex-migrant Asian mongoloid race living as wild “indians” so named indian because the Euros explorers misssionarys though they were in India but later renamed it west Indies after Italian explorer Americus Vespusia told them in 1512 it was not the eastern hemisphere and the west was named America. Spain defeated them all and killed off half of them forcing the survivors to speak Spanish and learn WMR.

    Looks like these Asian mongoloids are still coming in masse to the western hemisphere from Asia and south of the border.

    • Bossman

      I’ll let you in on a little secret. Yes the natives of the Americas did indeed come from southern Siberia. But after thousand of years of residency in the Americas, they became a little less Asian in appearance and genetically also. Their eyes were less slanted, their faces less flat; they were also taller. More importantly, they did not overpopulate the continent. Their women had more tits and more curvacious bodies. The early European bachelors found them attractive enough to mate with. You could even say that native women made it possible for Europe to extend itself into the Americas. If you were to land in Canada in the year 1820, practically every Frenchman, every Scotsman, every Englishman you would meet would be in some kind of relationship with a native woman and according to eye witness reports from those times, some of the women had the classical beauty of ancient Greece and Rome. This I consider to be the hidden history of North America.

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        I don’t know why you call this a secret or “hidden” history—many White Anglo-Saxon and/or Louisiana Creole Americans (including myself) are quite proud to have some Native American blood in their veins.

        More importantly, I think, is that we have to realize that the difference between Anglo-American and Mexican-Americans in their White – Indian heritage is one of percentages. Furthermore, the Mexican population belongs in North America—this is manifestly true—they have no other home, utterly unlike the African or Asian populations—-they could all, given the right political environment, “go home”—whether they are mixed or not.

        But the larger significance of your “secret history of the Indians” is this:

        we who are mostly “White Anglo” need to form alliances with “Creole White Hispanic Mexicans” AND with Mexican Indians (and North American Indians).

        The cultural and behavioral degeneracy manifest in a large proportion of the Mestizo Race Mexicans we see in this country—the tattooed criminals and welfare (including educational) recipients—is the direct result of Pope John Paul II’s “racial crime” of suppressing the Mexican Government’s birth control program of the 1970s.

        The Mexican Mestizo population is in vast majority under 40 and (in Mexico, generally, but especially in the cities, was dirt poor. The cardboard shacks in which several million residents of Mexico City still live are legendary—but this (and Narco-Trafficking) is a relatively recent development in Mexican culture (ALL the degeneracy has happened since the 1960s, MOST since the 1980s).

        Although we are (still, to date at least) much richer, our White America has experienced a parallel socio-cultural degeneration during this same time period—almost no significant degeneracy at all (in the white majority population at large) prior to the 1960s, but quite a bit since then.

        My point is this: if the relatively racially pure White Americans and relatively racially pure White Mexicans can make an alliance with the relatively pure (and culturally identifiable) Indians of both countries, we have a much better chance than if we just classify all “Hispanics” together.

        I still believe that political unity between the USA and Mexico is basically inevitable. But when it happens, when North America does become “one”—we need to reestablish racial and class and cultural boundaries. Mexico, under Spanish Rule, had a Caste system which was imported to and still existed in 19th century Louisiana. This Caste system depended on the relative mixture of the races in different populations.

        Sorting people out genetically (by phenotype assisted where necessary by blood work and genotypes) would give rise to a series of competing interest groups who would have motivation to improve themselves behaviorally and culturally.

        Ultimately, I think such competition among differentiated racial, ethnic, and cultural groups would be positive for all, although the benefits might initially be apparent mostly to those of relatively “pure” White and Indian blood both north and South of the Rio Grande.

        Even classifying the clearly Mixed Mestizo race as a single demographic block is probably undesirable in a United States of North America. Different regions of Mexico should probably be recognized as having different cultural heritage, for example: “Nortenos” (from the predominantly “White Creole” states of Durango, Hidalgo, Zacatecas, and Sinaloa, for example, in Northern Mexico), Veracruzanos, Yucatecos (one of the purest and most conservative creole Hispanic populations, which often in the past had sought admission to the USA), Poblanos (from Puebla/Tlaxcala).

        Then those who speak Indian languages (Purupecha/Tarascans from Queretaro, Aztec/Nahuatl speakers, the Yucatec Maya, the Highland and Lacandon Maya of Chiapas, the Zapotec and Mixtec of Oaxaca, the Otomi from the North) should all be granted “Indian” status under Title 25 of the U.S. Code and awarded substantial grants of tribal land INSIDE the boundaries of Mexico as it exists today.

        In such a truly, honestly, and sincerely “separate but equal” environment, the races of North America can begin to evolve again as discrete entities in competition with one another, rather than in parasitic exploitation of one another as exists today. An eccentric view? Perhaps, but one with firm foundations in American Anthropology, Ethnology, and History.


        • Bossman

          I’m not an authority on Mexico and its Indian tribes but I do believe that the U.S. should work with Mexico to promote the peace and prosperity of North America.

  • Hunter Morrow

    United Kingdom could be anybody. Let me tell you, they aren’t sending Whites from that country.

    • watling

      I’m surprised our (UK) government would allow non-whites to leave as that would reduce the non-white population. Surely an own goal by the white-hating libtards in power? Then again, it’s hard to believe that the UK’s non-indigenous population could possibly find another more welcoming country to emigrate to.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    Another Asian love fest I see. As long as AR keeps posting these types of stories, let the Asians support this site.

  • You know how in a story if there is a bad cop, the other cops are good? But if there is a greedy businessman, they don’t need to have a good businessman? There is a reason.

    Business is simply anti-White. We need to squeeze down on their profits from low wages by forcing wages and benefits up by law.

  • Hans Schneider

    Third world immigration produces third world conditions. Is this what the US needs and wants ??

  • David Gatlin

    Romney lost the election by 4 million. We will have brought in 4 million potential dem voters by 2016. I guess Rubio has a lot of work to do convincing Somalians, plucked fresh from the bush without a shirt on their back to vote for smaller government and fewer benefits. Lights out folks, the game is over and we lost.

    • Libertarians actually believe that Somalis are Libertarians. Rick Warren thinks they have family values.

      • The irony is that if either your typical libertarian and Rickroller Warren would actually go to Somalia and see what a hopeless case it is, the typical libertarian would blame Somalia’s problems on the lack of libertarianism, and Rickroller Warren would blame Somalia’s problems on the lack of “family values.”

  • LHathaway

    “ban the troll Engleman”

    I would agree with that is we Also ban everyone with an IQ below 110. It would even leave me a few points cushion.

  • Team Tejas

    When will the Saxons be awakened?

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      Only when it becomes social acceptable, i.e. encouraged by the mainstream media, over which we need to retake control, gives Saxons or Anglo-Saxons or Northwestern Europeans of any tribal origin a sense of pride and purpose. Mel Gibson did more towards this end than anyone else in Hollywood—and look what has happened to him? Not to go to far but (for his work and socio-political and cultural stance), for the most part, “hated, rejected, despised—a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief” (OK, he’s still got more money than I do but it doesn’t seem to give him much status or pull in the Wild West World of Western Los Angeles….).

    • Jay Santos

      Never. They’ll die clutching the bible.

  • true story

    The Asian immigrants that come here are on an average smarter, richer and work harder than native whites who are mostly entitled whingers. A little bit of competition hurts nobody… Sooner or later they will be reclassifed as “White” just like the jews, eastern europeans, italians and irish did. Not to mention Arabs, persians, afghanis, egyptians, libyans and moroccans who are also “white” in the eyes of the federal government.

  • Whirlwinder

    The socialist purveyors of the 1965 immigration reforms repeatedly stated that their legislation would not change the culture of America. And we believed them!! The information in this story does not include the 20 million or so illegal aliens from all over the world now in country. We need to start over with immigration. First, lets stop all immigration now. Second, build a wall on the southern border and send all mexicans home. Third write legislation that is simple and allows a few hundred people into our country. Fourth, this will rid ourselves of the legal morass created by the current immigration system. Fifth, if we want our culture to survive, get rid of Islam.

  • Lancasharia

    Nearly 25,000 from the UK and Canada. I wonder where these people really originated from. In the UK recently, stats showed that Slough had over 3000 Dutch people living there. However, after digging deeper, it was discovered that all of them were Somalians who had “gained” Dutch passports. Things are not as they seem. There’s enriching for you!