MLB Creating Committee to Study Decline in African-American Players

Mike Axisa, Bleacher Report, April 10, 2013

Major League Baseball is creating a committee to study why fewer African-Americans are playing baseball, reports Tyler Kepner of The New York Times. {snip}

“I don’t want to miss any opportunity here,” [commissioner Bud Selig] said in a telephone interview from his office in Milwaukee. “We want to find out if we’re not doing well, why not, and what we need to do better. We’ll meet as many times as we need to to come to meaningful decisions.”


“I really think our history is so brilliant when it comes to African-Americans,” Selig said. “You think about the late 1940s, the 1950s—wow. And you look at that and you say to yourself, ‘Why did it not continue, and what could we do to make sure it does continue?’ ”

According to Kepner, only 8.5 percent of players on this year’s opening-day 25-man rosters were African-American. The reigning world champion Giants are one of several clubs with zero black players. Recent research by Mark Armour from the Society of American Baseball Research says the highest percentage of African-American players in baseball was 19 percent in 1986.



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  • concernedcollegekid

    This “issue” strikes me as being perhaps not the most pressing one facing black Americans as a group, what with the stubborn “achievement gap”, crime, illegitimacy, etc… but apparently we STILL need to fund an entire “committee” to “study” black underrepresentation in baseball specifically.

    I can’t believe how far backwards this country is bending to please these people and make them feel better about themselves in all these endless, stupid little ways.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      The amount of money whites have wasted, both directly and indirectly, on blacks is probably incalculable. Imagine how much better white peoples’ lives could be if we didn’t waste it on things like this.

    • dhs

      You make a good point. In fact, few Americans seem to care about this issue; blacks certainly don’t or they would be yapping and moaning about it. The concern comes from baseball executives, and the question in my mind is: Why are they bothering about American black participation? Are they concerned about less revenue from fewer black fans? Is this a preemptive move to counter anticipated complaints from black agitators? Is it an attempt to attract white liberals ? I have no clue.

  • jay11

    Uh…It’s the rise of latinos, stupid. Blacks better get used to it. They’ve already been pushed out of most lower skilled jobs in many states. Wait till they come for the gubbamint jobs. Where I’m at, ALL YOU SEE are latino workers, everywhere, doing the ‘jobs that Americans won’t do” (such as restaurant cooks and managers, store salesmen, real estate agents, administrators in schools, cops and on and on.) I always thought Americans DID want these jobs, but greedy employers like the freedom they get by employing latinos. If they’re illegal, they save a lot of money in wages. If the latinos are legal, they still work for less and don’t know their rights.

    • a multiracial individual

      Latinos are displacing them because they are more interested in the sport. Blacks, especially young Blacks find baseball to be boring. The new Jackie Robinson movie is out. The audience will be mostly white, with a few older blacks.

      • The__Bobster

        I won’t go to a YT-bashing movie produced by the usual suspects.

      • dukem1

        I believe everything I’ve ever read about Jackie Robinson..great player…tough row to hoe..blah blah blah….
        But enough!!! I’m sick of him already…I’m gonna be following my home-town team from now thru September, as they complete their inevitable, annual jog to the bottom of the standings.
        And as I watch or listen at every opportunity, I know I’m gonna have to hear all the announcers go on and on about Robinson.
        As they say on the internet – can’t they just STFU already? Get over it! It’s done. Put a fork in it.
        This stuff is ruining the game for me, and I’ll bet a lot of others.
        Someone ought to point out to Selig that baseball is a sport which today appeals to young, suburban white guys, South Americans, and Asians.
        He don’t like it? Then get another job! Go home and bite your pillow , Bud!

  • Hot Rod

    Blacks are the best at stealing bases. Well, stealing in general.

    • StillModerated

      Baseball requires several minutes concentration on the part of the fielders, but football only requires several seconds’ of shoving and hitting before they get plum tuckered out and need a slouch back the the huddle. And bucketball, the best players seem to come from Serbia and Lithuania, with China rising fast.

      • Morris LeChat

        yes, and the white quarterbacks do all the thinking

        • Erasmus

          – just like in real life.

      • Hot Rod

        “And bucketball, the best players seem to come from Serbia and Lithuania, with China rising fast.”
        This site is about race REALISM. The best basketball players are American blacks.

        • brengunn

          A good proportion of the people on this site aren’t realists at all. That’s why you see comments like that.

        • StillModerated

          No, black Americans are the best clowns and overpaid at that. Don’t you recall when the Dream Team barely got past amateur Team Lithuania. And there are increasingly large numbers of Slavs in the NBA. Race realism.

          • Garrett Brown

            This is just plain wrong lol.

    • Oil Can Harry

      According to the article, the Giants ditched their chocolate players and won the World Series.

      Meanwhile my team the Yankees flamed out thanks to their “diverse” players (A-Rod, Cano, Granderson) choking in the postseason.

      Meanwhile our crosstown rivals the Mets have improved after adding a bunch of white players.

      • Melanie Bernard

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      • Morris LeChat

        and in Football, the Patriots, with the least amount of negroes, eded up doing rather well

    • Morris LeChat

      If they were to put a flat screen tv or pair of air jordans by each base all of a sudden ebbery black man in america would be signing up to play baseball

      • Kaitlyn David

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        • Michael_C_Scott

          Our resident spammer has yet another (fake) name. Moderator?

          • I’m on it. Mr. Nigeria is also using less and less attractive avatars. I suppose “Big 31” means the big 31-year bid he should get when his scam is made.

    • Garrett Brown

      I was extremely happy with this news. Maybe I can finally start watching baseball in a few years.

  • What, no gloating from the dork in Orlando with a fax machine?

  • bigone4u

    I’m sure the NFL and the colleges will now form a committee to study why there are so many blacks in football. After all, only a few decades ago football was a majority white sport. Ditto boxing. Where have the whites gone? Surely football and boxing see the lack of whites as a national crisis.

    • NYB

      Sports used to be a way for blacks to move up. Now they can live off the fat of the land with food stamps, AA, Section 8, and being ‘entertainers’.

      • Sports are still a way for some blacks to move up. But they blow it all on bling, junk, conspicuous consumption, “making it rain” in those gentlemen’s clubs which ironically lack real gentlemen, schemes, their “crew” or “entourage,” and what not, so they move right back down to where they were.

  • sbuffalonative

    Major League Baseball is creating a committee to study why fewer African-Americans are playing baseball
    Because too many of them believe crime is more profitable.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Blacks are heavily over represented in Football and Basketball.

      I guess they want Blacks to be over represented in Baseball too.

      Sorry guys, there are only so many Blacks to go around and everyone seems to want them so bad they create committees just to ponder how they can get them.

  • sbuffalonative

    The real reason to release the film is to inflame blacks. Gotta keep the hate alive.

    • The__Bobster

      Ya gotta mix it up. A hate-YT Bantu movie one week, a Shoah movie the next.

      • Morris LeChat

        yes, but the movie that will not be allowed is the movie about the HOLODOMOR, such a movie would have to show Christian victims of murderous Bolshevik agents.

  • khesanh67-68

    For the most part, American blacks don’t have the stictuitiveness to make it to the majors. That’ always been the case. There were some blacks who could play at the major league level, but their ability was never in question. What was always questioned was their ability to maintain themselves. The day of the Ernie Banks, Jim Gilliam, Willie Mays, Bob Gibson, Roy Campanella type black players is done. Now you’ve got what the White people were always talking about, blacks not being up to the game as a whole. It’s said that young blacks are bored by the game. What their bored about is the work it takes to make a major leaguer. One last thing. The “Negro Leagues” as they actually were, were A-AA ball at best. There’ll never be a movie about that.

    • The__Bobster

      Baseball is a team game and doesn’t allow showboating. So why would woolies be attracted to it?

      • Morris LeChat

        EGGGGGGGGG_zactly!!!!!. No cryp walking, dancing, feather boas etc.

      • Crystal Evans

        Tell me why the Dominicans, who are mostly black are good players? Their team won the World Baseball Classic this year. Most of the good players are coming from Latin America and Asia.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          The article did focus on American blacks, rather than Dominican blacks.

    • Robert Binion

      The difference is that Willie Mays would have played for free. It does seem like a time gone by. I’ll never forget Gibson pitching against Mickey Lolich–on two days rest– in game seven of the World Series. That ’68 Detroit team marked the end of an era. It has been written that even the riots would stop when the Tigers were playing.

      • truth is Mr.Binion

        But Bob Gibson, like MLK were admirable men in their day, but both would be like Harry Belafonte hating on whitey nowadays, talking about gays and welfare.

        • Robert Binion

          I hate the “TRUTH.” Am I not allowed to dream?

      • MBlanc46

        That was a wonderful team. I don’t imagine anyone will ever win 30 games again.

        • Strider73

          Winning 30 games is effectively impossible with 5-man rotations. The math is obvious:

          162 games / 5 pitchers = 32.4 starts per pitcher. Since there’s no such thing as a fractional start, the two top pitchers get 33 starts, the others 32. Even assuming an injury-free season, there’s simply no way a pitcher could be both good enough and lucky enough (sufficient run support, opposing pitcher having a bad game, etc.) to go 30-3 or 30-2. And that doesn’t even take no-decisions into account.

    • I love the Babe

      The one that drives me crazy is the lib sportswriters and blacks that say…”Babe never had to face black pitching”

      #1 there is like only 2 black pitchers that have won 200 games out of the 100 pitchers that have won 200 games…..

      #2 it would be more accurate to say Babe only faced 1/2 the best pitchers in baseball as there was no interleague ball in the old days

      #3Satchel Paige said the longest homerun ever hit off him was the Babe in an exhibition

      • a multiracial individual

        The White comedian Daniel Tosh said that “fatboy” could not have handled Satchel Paige… Although he cracks a lot of jokes about Whites, he seems to be one of the few White comedians who can get away with cracking jokes about Blacks and Mestizos. Very interesting.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        The only big time starting pitchers who were black I can think of were: Satchel Paige, Vida Blue, Doc Gooden, Dontrelle Willis (his career has fallen apart), and CC Sabathia.

        • Richard from Vancouver

          Well, what about Bob Gibson, Ferguson Jenkins, Don Newcombe or David Price? Just saying.

      • khesanh67-68

        Like I said, at best, the Negro Leagues were A-AA level ball overall. So when a guy like Mays or Campanella or Banks would come along, they’d seem like world beaters.

    • Crystal Evans

      Also, the rise of club baseball where teenage baseball prospects, mostly come from white middle to upper class backgrounds because club baseball is expensive. College scholarships and MLB draft picks tend to come from these ranks.

  • Intrepid

    The MLB should bring in more players from Japan if they’re worried about not having a minority presence. Yu Darvish is awesome.

  • pcmustgo

    Afro-Dominicans and Afro-Cubans are replacing them.

  • The__Bobster

    I see this garbage every year, and every year they fail to count the Bantu Hispanics as black. Add them in and the number increases dramatically.

    • sbuffalonative

      Funny, you would think they would celebrate this increase in diversity but they don’t. Odd.

  • Todd

    am so glad I do not spend 1 penny on sports.

    • The__Bobster

      If your tax money pays for a free professional sports stadium, you do.

  • NYB

    Right on the heels of Red Tails, Django and Lincoln.

    Politicized Hollywood is going to keep churning out its revisionist propaganda, to support its agenda of creating scorn for white conservative America.

    This is culture war psyops, well funded by politically motivated finance.

    • StillModerated

      Coming soon to a theater near you: How the Navajo Code Talkers Won WW2 and Saved the Palefaces’ Hide. Oh wait, that’s been done already. Then how about: Japanese War Heroes On The Italian Front.

      I’m all for boycotting any WW2 movies in the future. Ignore Hollyweird!

      • German Southerner

        The same people that said my ancestors lynched blacks (which they did not) say Hitler was evil (now i am wondering about that too).

        I don’t know what the truth is.

        • The__Bobster

          I think you do. 😉

        • RisingReich

          Well, I for one don’t believe most of the propagandized History channel BS regarding Hitler and the NS decision makers in general.

          The truth is somewhere in-between I suspect. Go with your gut, accept your suspicions as correct, and start looking for the Truth. This website is a good place to start.

          • Morris LeChat

            Hitler certainly did not do the German nation any good.The Nazi party was heavily into crystal meth, and they gave huge amounts to it’s armed forces. This helped them achieve lightning victories at the beginning, it helped them commit horrendous crimes, but like all meth users, they quickly deteriorate into insanity, exhaustion, and collapse. “whisper-the history channel never tells you this though”

        • whiteyyyyy

          This is something I came across 2yrs ago. It might be lies, it might be truth. I believe it’s true.

      • Seek

        In all fairness, I didn’t see blackness as any sort of theme in “Saving Private Ryan,” “The Thin Red Line,” “Hart’s War,” or Clint Eastwood’s two Iwo Jima movies. And all of them were great films.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Obviously the blacks prefer the NBA where they are encouraged to do what comes naturally to them : run, shoot, and steal.

  • We’re coming up to The Anniversary once again. That said, here’s a paragraph I wrote in passing when I reviewed James Edwards’s book:


    The only matter of substance which I think is worth including in this review is that Edwards mentions the now-yearly celebration of the integration of Major League Baseball every mid-April, the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s first regular season game with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Twenty-ought-seven marked the 60th anniversary of that occurrence, and in the days running up to the nativity of racial integration in the major leagues, Yahoo Sports published the entirety or relevant parts of mainstream media articles from the national and New York City media from that evening of April 15, 1947 or morning articles from the next day’s press rolls that covered what is now a sacred event. Strangely enough, the actual reporters in the actual media in the actual place of the sacred event didn’t quite recognize the holiness of it all — In most of the articles, Robinson was only an afterthought, buried deep down in the paragraph count. If you had bothered to read down that far, then you might have thought that race and racial integration of baseball was as insignificant as, say, the first time that a player from Sioux City, Iowa with red hair born in the month of February played in the major leagues. The New York Post only mentioned Robinson in the very last line of its article, and referred to him as a “colored boy.” A wee lad of 28, for sure.

    • Glickstein44

      This is your review?? Racism Schmacism??

      Well good job then!!…please tell me who that player from Sioux City,Iowa with red hair was. Sioux City is the place of my birth:)

      • My review. You just reminded me of a depressing fact: I haven’t read books to the extent that I would have liked to in the past few years.

        • Glickstein44

          Do you own this one as well? Sounds like this is something you may have written.Excellent article.I didn’t think it was possible I could have even a lower opinion of the RNC but after reading it i do now.Wasn’t aware that a black democrat,Arthur Davis was INVITED to speak at the 2012 Republican National Convention.Unbelievable.

          • That’s not me, but I know the author, even though I haven’t talked to him in several years. If our writing styles are similar, it’s because I picked up a number of cues from him.

  • splitsing

    Let’s see. Baseball requires discipline, organization, teamwork among other important things. I don’t really attribute those things to the average urban bantu household. NBA, NFL or rapper is the only thing modern urban bantus aspire to because in many cases they are the antithesis of those things.

    • RisingReich

      You forgot baseball is a game of NUMBERS and (at least at one point) was America’s game. Most Bantus don’t understand such high level mathematics as averages or how to interpret them. Also, there is little opportunity in baseball to tap into that ‘savage instinct’ many Bantus love to unleash.

      • Crystal Evans

        Why are Black Latins so good at baseball if their American cousins are not?

        • khesanh67-68

          Good question. They’re just more hungry, but if you keep your eye on them their blackness comes through. And their best years aren’t as long as Whites and Asians. There still many be some 300 game winners among White pitchers, but that won’t happen with blacks, hispanic or not. This is why even down in Cuba, they keep a short leash on blacks.

  • MikeS

    I would pay to watch an all-black hockey team get pulverized. Many “amberlamps” would need to be on standby.

    • Crystal Evans

      Same thing with hockey. Parents have to pay for their kids to play hockey.

  • Morris LeChat

    hmmm, baseball is looking better and better all the time

  • Concerned Citizen

    There’s an article on SBPDL about this. It said that the reason there are fewer blacks in baseball is because grade schools have baseball teams at lesser rates than football and basketball. So basically parents place their kids in baseball teams out of their own pocket. And what’s the net worth of black women again?

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Surely this will prompt the NBA to look into the almost total absence of white and asian players in the NBA right? 85% black…oh wait, I forgot almost 100% black is diverse but almost 100% white is not diverse. Makes sense.

  • Glickstein44

    Well,i have read all the comments to make sure i am not repeating what another poster might have said…the answer to why there are so few blacks in MLB today primarily is due to the fact that most black children grow up without a daddy. A thank-you from Selig is not expected to be forth-coming.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    The reason why blacks dont play baseball is the same reason why blacks dont play chess, because their genetic design isnt suited for it. In football and basketball, their muscular athletic bodies give them a significant advantage over all other races. Hispanics, who couldnt set foot on a football field or a basketball court with blacks, are much better at baseball than blacks.

    • lpd

      Those hispanics look black to me.

  • bubo

    Baseball, though somewhat boring to me, is obviously slower paced and more cerebral. Quick twitch muscle fibre and sprinting ability don’t do you that much good if you cannot hit the ball.

    • lpd

      So,why are 8 of the top ten alltime homerun hitters black and the greatest of them all
      Hank Aaron is also black,

  • Malibu

    Blacks aren’t drawn to baseball because, ” no one is bigger than the game”. Deion Sanders tried the show boating chit, until Charlton Fisk almost kicked his ass.

  • Glickstein44

    Hey Bud, why create a committee to find out why there are fewer African-American ballplayers? Save a few bucks and contact Jason Daugherty of American Renaissance who covers all the bases on such a question or simply read his article at Amren…

  • Power2Glory

    Aren’t most young black men in prison? Can’t play sports under lock & key

  • lpd

    I can ubdersatand MLB concern.Blacks especially black men are the greatest physical and
    physiological specimens on the planet.Without blacks great athletic ability,a sport is rendered
    unathletic.Look ant football and basketball,they dominate.

  • lpd

    Of the 3 major sports,football,basketball,baseball,the least athletic is baseball.So,it is
    reasonable to see more whites in baseball as they are generally the least athletic.

  • Seek

    The world champion San Francisco Giants have zero black players. Could it be this is a key reason why they’re world champions? Hey, we wouldn’t want other teams getting the same idea.