Obama Budget Cuts Funding for Detainment of Illegal Immigrants

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart, April 10, 2013

President Obama’s proposed budget is a monstrosity of spending, but in several targeted areas, Obama proposes cuts. One of those cuts comes in funding for detaining illegal immigrants.

The new budget provides $39 billion for “discretionary funding” for the Department of Homeland Security, a cut of $615 million below the 2012 funding levels. The budget document identifies cuts in detainment thusly:

To ensure the most cost-effective use of Federal dollars, the Budget aligns ICE capabilities to place priority and mandatory detainees in detention, while allowing low-risk, non-mandatory detainees to enroll in lower cost parole-like alternatives to detention programs, which may include electronic monitoring and supervision.


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  • Or, just wait for the amnesty bill to pass. That way, there won’t be a need for an ICE, and therefore no reason to spend any money on it. Of course, that won’t happen, because pretending to enforce immigration law puts a lot of people to work.

    BTW, Obama’s budget proposal gets us to a balanced budget…in 2055. Insert laugh tracks here.

  • sbuffalonative

    Don’t buy the hype.
    Amnesty failed last time because they lied to us about enforcement and background checks. They’re doing the same thing now.
    They’re telling us this time background checks (e-verify) is going to work but it’s voluntary. Also, they’re not telling us what punishment there will be for employers who violate background checks and what punishments there will be for illegal aliens (sorry, AP, use any ‘style’ you want, I’ll stick to the facts of the definition of an illegal alien). Will they be deported???

  • The__Bobster


    USA Today Follows PC-AP to Drop ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Descriptive Phrase

    By Brenda Walker on April 11, 2013 at 6:23pm

    The left’s project to rejigger the language according to its political agenda continues to pick up steam with the mainstream media which is on board. The latest symptom is USA Today falling in line with the Associated Press decision to drop the phrase “illegal immigrant” from its Stylebook of usage.

    • mobilebay

      They’ll never be anything but illegal aliens to me. That’s government terminology and no matter what they’re called, they will always those who broke into this country. They will never be true Americans, no matter if our most precious possession, citizenship, is handed to them on a silver platter.

  • NYB

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio could teach DHS how to set up outdoor tent camps for detainees.

    It might get a little cold up in the northeast in winter, but I guarantee it will stay within the reduced ICE budget.

    It would send a message to Washington that two can play this game. Whatever hardships are heaped on ICE will be passed on to illegals.

  • bigone4u

    The President proposes, Congress disposes. Funding cuts can be restored if enough votes are there to make it happen. What’s amazing is that not even $39 billion of our hard earned dollars has been sufficient to stem the invasion. You have to wonder how much waste is in there as well as how committed some in the agency are to stopping the invaders.

    • potato78

      There is no waste money us government was printing. But there is money was wasted by both party, who is trying hard to let illegal become legal. Obviously, we should open the south border so that us government doesn’t have to print that part of money for border control, which is wasteful money = my money and your money, which is taxpayer’s money.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      $39 billion would probably be plenty if the government were actually trying to stop illegals from crossing the border. They purposefully let over half of all invaders pass freely because it fits the race replacement agenda.

      It does make me wonder what they actually do with the money though. I bet some people are getting much larger salaries than they really deserve.

  • potato78

    Government, Corruption and Perversion of Capitalism


    Daniel Henninger states that corruption keeps the poor down,
    suppresses growth and kills capitalism, and that its eradication would
    be an appropriate focus for the new pope (“Capitalism’s Corruptions,”
    Wonder Land, April 4). Mr. Henninger treats corruption as though it
    were a cause, not an effect, something that could be eradicated if we
    attacked it.

    The very existence of government invites corruption, as the governed,
    having granted powers to their governors, are inevitably tempted to
    offer bribes and kickbacks to induce the governors to grant favors in
    the exercise of that power. Power corrupts. It is impossible to
    eliminate corruption; it exists in every nation. But some nations are
    substantially more corrupt than others, and that is no accident or
    coincidence because it is clear that the greater the degree of
    governmental intrusion into the normal operation of free markets, the
    greater the degree of corruption the country must eventually endure.

    As Friedrich Hayek has demonstrated, once a government gets into the
    business of picking winners and losers (i.e., planning the economy), it
    is inevitable that businesses will compete less and less on the basis of
    the price and quality of their products and services, and more and more
    on the basis of currying the favor of those in government with the
    power to determine who wins and who loses. Consider what has happened in
    the U.S. in the areas of health care and financial services. Sometimes
    the bribes and kickbacks are obvious and illegal; sometimes they are
    more subtle, and we call them “crony capitalism.”

    By focusing on the effect rather than the cause, Mr. Henninger is
    playing right into the hands of the Obama crowd, who no doubt would
    attack corruption in the only way they know how: mock reform in the form
    of even more governmental regulation.

  • MikeS

    Give the average pro-White American citizen “diversity” in the form of a crime committed by one of these former detainee’s and the average American will give you one less detainee.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “while allowing low-risk, non-mandatory detainees to enroll in lower cost parole-like alternatives to detention programs”

    There can be no alternative to detention. If we allow them out onto American soil, they will disappear into Hispanic neighborhoods and will never come back for any trials or potential deportations.

    The only options are to hold them in jail or deport them immediately. I favor the latter, as it saves the taxpayer a barrel of money.

  • IstvanIN

    Treason, most of our government has committed nothing less than treason.

    • Bobby

      In fact, this is the reason the elite had Obama elected. It all comes down to how throughly your average American has been intimidated and brainwashed with the racist thing. The elite knew, that the sh-t was about to hit the fan, (because of all the money lost with their criminal enterprises on Wall Street,( insider trading, derivatives, loss of 401k’sm, and personal income, etc.) and the reaction it would cause among millions of Americans. So, getting together, they decided that the best thing to do to quell these complaints and who knows what else that the citizens might engage in, is to get an African -American elected President, who would be able to kind of “calm things down”, since any reaction to the standard white guy, might have shined the spotlight on the criminal elite in the U.S. and their lackeys in D.C. Notice how the present administration has been able to get away with the most outrageous stuff imaginalbe, violation of human rights, violation of the Constitution, increasing the “war” in the middle east, amnesty for foreign nationals illegally in the country, and on and on.

  • prettypizzedoff

    Time to load up, and stand guard at the boarder. S-T-K ANYTING northbound ! Minutemen had a nice idea but turn puzzy lately. If the boarder patrol shows up, just chase them off like the weenies that they are