Eric Holder’s Schedule: Frequent Meetings with Race-Based Groups

Ian Smith, PJ Media, April 10, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder began his tenure by calling Americans cowards regarding racial issues. Newly released documents reveal that Holder’s schedule shows a preoccupation with racial issues: he spends an inordinate amount of time meeting with race-centered organizations.

Recently, the Department of Justice began making Holder’s daily schedules available online. Although the schedules are far from complete and heavily redacted, the compiled summary below (links to documents provided) shows how much time and access the office of the attorney general allocates to ethnocentric lobbyists and race-based associations.

For 2009, Holder’s first year as AG, over just a nine-month period (the only months available for that year) nearly 50 entries mention meetings with such groups. For the entire 17-month period provided, there are almost a dozen entries showing meetings with “black” professional associations and trade groups.




February 2009

  • Meeting with “John Payton of the Legal Defense Fund” (NAACP) (page 5)
  • Ebony magazine shoot (page 22)
  • Meeting with ACLU president (page 37)

March 2009

  • Selma-to-Montgomery march commemoration (page 13)
  • Civil Rights Summit — AG’s Conference Room (page 16)
    • Attendees: NAACP LFD, Asian American Justice Center, ACLU, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, MALDEF, Ben Jealous, Hilary Shelton NAACP
  • Meeting with L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa (illegal immigrant advocate) (page 20)
  • National Conference of Black Mayors (page 32)
  • Meeting with National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (page 35)
  • National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters Awards Dinner (page 36)
  • Meeting with BET founder Russell Simmons (page 49)

May 2009

  • Hispanic Caucus Meeting (page 5)
  • NAACP LDF Lunch (page 21)
  • Meeting with Ricki Seidman (page 34)
    • ED of “Rock The Vote”/Advised Anita Hill/Ran Clinton’s ’92  campaign/Advised Obama admin. re Sotomayor’s nomination.

June 2009

  • Essence magazine interview (page 4)
  • Meeting with president, Feminist Majority Foundation (page 18)
  • Lance Withers Slaughter, black financial consultant at Merrill Lynch (page 35)
  • Meeting to discuss NAACP Centennial Event remarks (page 40)

July 2009

  • Meeting with Association of Native American Trial Lawyers (page 7)
  • Meeting with DOJ Association of Black Attorneys (page 8)
  • WH Office of Urban Affairs (page 16)
  • NAACP Centennial Convention: New York — keynote speech (page 18)
  • NAACP documentary filming — Meeting with NAACP Hollywood Bureau ED (page 21)
  • Meeting with Mayor Villaraigosa in L.A. (page 26)
  • Muslim community event at Omar Ibn Al-Khattahb Foundation in L.A. (page 26)
  • National Black Prosecutors Association Profiles in Courage Luncheon keynote speech (page 42)
  • Taping remarks for Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community Conference (page 56)
  • Meeting with Alvin Sykes, chairman of the Emmett Till Justice Campaign 

August 2009

  • Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (page 34)
  • 16th St. Baptist Church (page 34) 

September 2009

  • Keynote remarks at Hispanic National Bar Association (Albuquerque) (page 5)
  • Remarks at Latina Lawyers luncheon (page 9)
  • Call with DeMaurice “De” Smith, NFL Players Association ED (page 17)
  • Phone call with Lance Withers Slaughter (page 30)
  • Meeting with The Feminist Majority, NAF, and Planned Parenthood (page 31)
  • Welcome remarks at DOJ 2009 National Hispanic Heritage Month Commemorative Program (page 43)
    • Program theme: “Embracing the Fierce Urgency of Now!”’
  • Meeting with National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) (page 43)
  • Meeting to discuss Anti-Defamation League speech (page 44)
  • Remarks at National Bar Association’s Congressional Black Caucus reception (page 45)
  • Honoree at National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education Awards reception (page 47)

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  • Old Soldier

    Did somebody forget to invite him to the AmRen Conference?

    • MikeS

      There is one conference he will be attending, albeit involuntarily, that features a motivational speaker that he can relate to. The location has been selected, but the day and time are TBA.

  • Miiclow

    It’s almost like satire.

  • MBlanc46

    Apparently it’s his job to keep the Afro-Americans quiescent (as least as far as the Obama administration is concerned.

    • MikeS

      It’s his job to add sufficient fuel to the anti-White fire to ensure it continues to burn long after he’s out of office.

  • Dave4088

    Anti-white black hatemongers like Holder speak in code. When he said Americans are cowards regarding race issues he really meant that whitey hasn’t apologized enough or transferred enough wealth or political power to blacks to redeem themselves in his eyes.

    • The__Bobster

      A Philly magazine tried to have an open dialogue on race. The Zulu mayor read it and threatened legal action against them.

    • Reparations

      Whites should hand over 13% of all land in the US to blacks and another 16% to hispanics. That is the only way they can apologize for slavery and unjust treatment of hard working hispanics.

  • The__Bobster

    Yet no one in the MSM will call him on his obvious racism.

    • bigone4u

      Holder controls federal law enforcement. No one wants a tax audit or a visit from the FBI, not to mention one of Obama’s killer drones. That’s how out of control the feds are today.

  • bigone4u

    As satire and a publicity stunt every every pro-white organization in the USA should bombard Holder’s office with a request for a meeting “to discuss issues of law important to caucasian Americans.” The publicize the nonresponses by Holder. I can see a lot of fun youtube videos mocking Holder’s lack of interest in hearing a white perspective on racial issues. We know he’s anti-white, so let’s have some fun with it and wake up a few more folks at the same time..

  • 48224

    Whites who have no experience with blacks do NOT realize that EVERY issue is a racial issue.
    AmRen should ask for a meeting with Mr. Holder. Ask him why every black city in America is a crime-ridden, economic and academic disaster…..and what whitey can do to fix it!

  • lawber

    They are gearing up for a race war, they most certainly want it.

    • bigone4u

      You may be right, but I think the objective is to demean, degrade, and humiliate whites, especially white men, in every way possible without provoking violence.

      • Kathy M

        With help from a multitude of Jews, they are succeeding.

  • LHathaway

    No meet up with AmRen. . .

  • solve kin lessing

    lite skinned blacks like holder and obama are the most hateful toward whites because they are jealous of whites. they dont feel like they fit in with blacks or whites and the thin skinned ones like these two project their self- hatred on whites. not to mention their self-hatred due to their “down low” homosexuality. pathetic, disgusting the garbage running this once great country. makes me puke.

    • Kathy M

      “multiracial individuals” are among the most rabid racists. Black/white African hybrids are infamous for this.

  • black panthers rule Amerika

    He is the defacto head of the new Black Panther Party with his boss in the WH so what do you expect?

  • Kathy M

    Its called “pay back.”

  • Let’s not forget that Holder’s administration has falsely accused Edgar Steel and jailed him on trumped up charges that he tried to kill his wife. This after Mr.Eric “whites are cowards to discuss race” Holder was challenged to do exactly that after he and Obama got a copy of Edgar’s Defensive Racism.
    This guy is a Parriah of the highest order

  • Frank

    This should surprise no one.


    my man eric gonna get ya


    Soon he will be gone with the rest of this nightmare, and we can clean up the mess