MSNBC’s Touré Founded Militant Anti-White Student Paper

Charles C. Johnson and Ryan Girdusky, Daily Caller, April 9, 2013

MSNBC host Touré founded a student newspaper dedicated to black liberation theology while he was a college student attending Emory University from 1989 to 1992.

Touré’s flagship publication, The Fire This Time, lavished praise on famous anti-Semites, black supremacists, and conspiracy theorists whom Touré helped bring to campus. Before he became an intense-but-sardonic TV personality, Touré also decried “the suffocating white community” and defended a nationally famous fake hate crime.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Touré described the newspaper as “an important black voice on campus” and “a form of community building.”

The Fire This Time only solicited funds from blacks. “Kujichagulia means self-determination,” he wrote. “Economic kujichagulia is an essential part of any realistic program of African-American liberation. This is why we insist on being completely funded by African-Americans.”

The newspaper’s content–a mix of identity politics and post-modern flapdoodle–mark it as an item of its time. In one article entitled “My School, My School Is On Fire… Why EU [Emory University] Doesn’t Need Any Water,” Touré chronicled racial divisions at Emory University and repeatedly asked, “Why’d you go to a white school?” The author turned that rhetorical question into a rallying cry for black liberation: “At a White School like Emory there is a greater potential for higher consciousness and more activism within the black community than at a college,” Touré declared.


Elsewhere in The Fire This Time, the budding pundit waxed Thoreauvian about the masses of students, albeit through his own strict prism of race and class. “To walk into the DUC cafeteria at lunch or dinner time is to see each tribe clustered in its respective group with intermingling,” Touré wrote. “Asian students are in one corner, Jewish students are in the middle… White students are largely roped off into their fraternal and sorority… Black students have their own place in this constellation of division, with a community of resources and institutions all their own. The Black tribe is possibly the strongest of all the tribes and Black students who choose not to be a part pay a heavy social price.”

Touré focused much of his piece on the plight of the “black tribe,” which, he wrote, has been forced to create its own community because of “the suffocating white community that surrounds it” and “the oppression of African Americans on and off campus.”


{snip} The young campus gadfly brought to Emory speakers whom The Fire described as “role models from the real world to speak about life” and a “stunning list of visitors.”

This list of role models included Conrad Muhammad, at the time the would-be heir to Louis Farrakhan’s anti-white Nation of Islam. Muhammad later went through a transformation, defecting from the Nation in 1997 and eventually becoming the Baptist Rev. Conrad Tillard. But at the time he was Farrakhan’s “hip-hip minister” and a reliable Nation fundraiser who blamed Jewish “bloodsuckers” for creating the hole in the ozone layer.

Another role model: H. Rap Brown, a.k.a. Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, author of the autobiography Die Nigger Die! At one time, Brown had been on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for inciting a riot and carrying a gun across state lines. He spent five years in prison in the ‘70s for a robbery conviction and converted to Islam. Since 2000, Brown has served a life sentence for murdering a black cop. Before appearing at Emory, Brown had drawn controversy for statements like, “Violence is as American as cherry pie” and “If America don’t come around, we’re gonna burn it down.”


The most outrageous of all Touré’s “role models” was Frances Cress Welsing, a self described black supremacist. She is famous for putting forward the theory that white people are the genetically defective descendants of albino mutants. Welsing also expressed anti-Semitic views and claimed that racism is a global power dynamic by white people to prevent white genetic annihilation.


But Touré devoted his most intense passion for a fake episode, “the most celebrated of all the race-charged events Emory has seen.” Sabrina Collins, a black freshman at Emory, reported in March 1992 that a dormitory had been vandalized and racist words written on her walls. The news made national attention. Touré and others protested for television cameras. Collins said the event had traumatized her.

Six months later Collins admitted the entire dorm vandalism story was a hoax.

But Touré continued to defend Collins’ allegations after she retracted them. “In the aftermath,” Touré wrote in The Fire This Time, “THE POSSIBILITY THAT COLLINS HERSELF PERPETRATED THE CRIME HAS SEEMED TO MINIMIZE THE INCIDENT’S IMPORTANCE. IN ANALYZING THE EVENT’S IMPORTANCE TO EMORY, IT IS NOT AT ALL IMPORTANT IF COLLINS DID IT.” (Emphasis added by Touré.)

Touré went on to insist the incident be used to leverage a list of demands against the university, “including instituting an African American studies class as a distribution requirement.” Touré continued to blame Emory for not doing enough to raise the “consciousness” of white students. “White students largely scoffed at the demands [from Touré’s group], even with TV cameras in their faces and the university added none of the demands to Emory life.”


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  • Katherine McChesney

    Blacks did not dream up Black Liberation Theology. They’re incapable of it. They were taught Liberation Theology by Jesuits.

  • Newsflash: A middle aged black extremist kook on a left-wing cable network was a black extremist kook as a young adult in college.

    In related shocking news, liquid water…is wet.

    Really, what are we to make of this? Will MSNBC fire him? If anything, they probably knew this already and hired him because of it. He probably volunteered it while being interviewed.

    • Nathanwartooth

      The media harped on Ron Paul for having his name on “racist” writings that he never even wrote.

      Don’t expect Blacks to receive the same treatment.

      • Not only did Ron Paul not write them, (probably Lew Rockwell did), from the way Ron Paul tried to hide from them when pressed on them, and from the way Rockwell now denies his own (probable) words like Peter denied Christ, neither Ron Paul nor Lew Rockwell ever believed them, even though we do. They were part of the 1988-1997 time period effort to try and sell libertarianism to white nationalists. As useless as it turned out to be, the good part is that RRR Magazine, which was created as part of that effort, is where I first heard of Sam Francis.

  • tightwad

    What one would expect from “The Turde”

  • Ulick

    Black people in general and Toure in particular have an inferiority complex. Toure acts like if the veil of (alleged) white racism were to be lifted then black people would stop acting tribally. BS! The “teens” attacking people in the cities are the most tribal of all Americans (in both senses of the word tribal), and they all grew up in a period of whites bending over backwards to coddle them.

    • anonymous

      That’s why when people point out an older black is nice, I say, “They lived during a time when they didn’t have affirmative action or welfare or laws that forced white people to give anything to them. They lived during a time where most whites wouldn’t tolerate any buffoonery from them. They are nice to your face, but they hate you deep down and wouldn’t hesitate to harm you and other whites if they could.”

  • Dave4088

    This Toure freak will fit right in with the foaming at the mouth anti-white radicals at MSNBC. Like Obozo, he’s another mulatto who has lived a privileged life, yet harbors a passionate hatred of the white race who made it all possible. He’s more living proof of the abysmal failure of racial integration and a stern rebuke to those on the left who claim that mulattoes and other bi-racial types are post racial and imbued with special qualities that transcend race.

    • dukem1

      I wouldn’t say that he is proof of the failure of integration. More like how he illustrates that segregation is better for blacks.

      Dude makes a good buck on his national platform by hating whites..
      If he was actually integrated into his industry, and society at large, he’d have to compete with actual, real, smart and erudite folks.
      He does just fine on MSNBC. In the real world, probably too much hard work for him.

    • bigone4u

      There’s a story on HuffingtonPost with Toure being interviewed about MSNBC’s all white prime time lineup, which he defends as “awesome.” The funny thing is that the comments section was mostly anti-Toure and anti-libtard MSNBC. People are waking up.

      • Dave4088

        He only thinks whites are “awesome” if they are self hating and militantly pro-black like Chrissy Mathews and the other cretinous MSNBC personalities.

  • MBlanc46

    So he’s just a whore who abandoned (at least publicly) his beliefs for media stardom and a few bucks?

  • Biff_Maliboo


  • NYB

    “The newspaper’s content–a mix of identity politics and post-modern flapdoodle–mark it as an item of its time.” (1989 to 1992)

    Indeed, that time was the during the ascent of political correctness. In response, Jared Taylor launched the Amren movement.

    20 years on, P.C. is rapidly being discredited, and the ideas expressed in Amren are becoming mainstream.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      “20 years on, P.C. is rapidly being discredited, and the ideas expressed in Amren are becoming mainstream.”

      The day when race realism reaches critical mass cannot come soon enough. I smile every time I hear a white person express a politically incorrect opinion in public.

      More and more whites are getting fed up with PC. They’re tired of being called racist, sexist, homophobes anytime they express an opinion that isn’t expressly PC. They’re tired of being taxed to death to pay for the children of minorities. And all the while, liberals are cannibalizing their own more often than ever before in America.

      It may not be for another 20-30 years, but we’re definitely on the verge of a major change in white consciousness. The liberal coalition can’t hold together indefinitely, especially not as whites continue to wake up.

  • bubo

    Evidently he didn’t want to be just another black face at Morehouse so he CHOSE to go to a mostly white Emory, where he complained that the white students didn’t understand blackness.

    Like most of these black race agitators, they seek out whites. It’s all ego driven. They understand that there can be no “blackness” unless it is juxtaposed against “whiteness.”

    • It’s in evidence everywhere. Wherever there is White–parks, malls, theme parks, cinemas (anywhere but a library)–they will come to impose their blackness upon the White. By any other name, it’s still parasitism.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Their “hideous” blackness.

        There, fixed it!

  • Katherine McChesney

    I remember the Nashville riots in the 60’s. We had curfews. H. Rap Brown was here. Friends of mine in the National Guard were stationed in the riot hot spots. One recalled some black guy screaming at them “You white folks think you’re so smart. While you’re watching us our brothers are raping your women.”
    Toure would be so proud.

  • sbuffalonative

    This has nothing to do with his anti-white beliefs. It has everything to do with his ‘anti-Semitic’ beliefs. If he had been anti-white, this wouldn’t be an issue.

  • bigone4u

    Like Cher and Madonna, the fame whore goes by a single name. That alone tells you he’s an narcissistic entertainer spewing nonsense, hoping to radicalize any blacks who happen upon MSNBC while surfing in search of the hip-hop channel. Or perhaps he’s on MSNBC to remind whites of their white guilt. Whatever, he’s as ludicrous a character today as back in the day. Too bad the story doesn’t include a pic of him sporting a giant Afro do.

  • The__Bobster


    So what if it was a hoax? It was the seriousness of the charge that matters. – R. Limbaugh

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “Welsing also expressed anti-Semitic views and claimed that racism is a global power dynamic by white people to prevent white genetic annihilation.”

    If only we actually were working to prevent our genetic annihilation. Instead, white elites seem to be doing everything in their power to speed up white genetic annihilation. We’re already a small minority of the global population, but that’s not good enough for liberals. Every non-elite white has to die off with no descendants before white liberal elites will be happy.

  • Bill

    Gee. What do you think would happen if Jared Taylor were put on MSMBC staff???

    But the joke of a news organization has NO problem putting on staff Taylor’s polar opposite who doesn’t just want separation, but extermination of whites. In other words, Taylor is polite, learned, calm, RIGHT, and logical. Toure is his polar opposite like Satan is the polar opposite of Light. It’s there for everybody to see. The MSM is EVIL. It’s no longer just biased. They serve Satan.

  • Bobby

    God, help me, because I hate to keep repeating this but it’s neccessary. WILL WHITES EVER WAKE UP TO THE REALITIES OF TODAYS good old U.S. OF A?? Will they ever understand that ALL…..ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS, MAIN STREAM NEWS SOURCES, ORGANIZATIONS CONNECTED TO THE GOVERNMENT IN ANY WAY, NO MATTER HOW MINISCULE…….HAVE NOTHING, .NOTHING AT ALL, LEFT OVER FOR WHITES. What would it take? How many raps on the side of the head, or kicks in the pants would it take, to wise whites up?????????

  • BernieGoetzFan

    MSNBC hired Sharpton so no way this racist black buffoon loses his affirmative action job.

  • jane johnson

    Toure’ is a pretentious ass. Someone should take his apostrophe away.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Perhaps his “ont” knows why?

  • Tim

    For someone who loves his blackness so much, I wonder why he didn’t marry an educated sista. His wife is Lebanese and he has mixed kids.

    • Mixéd and bléndéd into anti-white soldiérs, no doubt.

  • Well, what do you know! I thought he was just a run of the mill idiot, but he’s one of the more industrious ones.

  • LHathaway

    Whites need their consciousness level raised alright. Just not in the way he thinks. And despite this guy playing the victim, whites need their consciousness raised in quite the opposite way it works at university.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I knew it. I have seen this Toure fool all the time on TV and all he does is talk about how evil whites are and how perfect blacks are. I knew he must have had an agenda. People like Toure and Sharpton have their own air time on TV. Maybe it’s time Jared Taylor joins MSNBC?

  • TFD123

    He sounds like he belongs in a mental institution. This irrational gibberish is pretty similar to what I usually hear coming out of the mouths of these black liberation/nationalist leaders and other so-called conscious black minds. They try to sound so deep and insightful and important, but what they say doesn’t make any sense – it’s like listening to a baby babbling, just with bigger words.

    It’s sad, they’re completely clueless to their incapability for rational, cohesive abstract though.

  • Go to Irate and see how all the groids like to kill in home invasions and see how they like to rape white males in Memphis schools.

    • Angry White Woman

      I like IrateIrishman, and he is amusing. However if I want to actually read the articles he comments on, I go the original article linked. His “translation” of them is sometimes extremely hard to read–almost like trying to decipher Ebonics. Another good one is The Thug Report, and of course there is always New Nation News, now that it is back.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    This is the same man who considers “angry” a coded racist word. You really can’t make this stuff up anymore. The sky is racist. The shoebox is racist. That dog is racist. My jeans are racist. That chair is racist. See that elephant? Racist. My rug? Racist. Those crumbs on the floor…they must be racist. That baseball looks extra white today…it’s racist.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Does this “economic self-determination” include refusing food stamps, welfare, WIC, Medicaid, Section-8 vouchers, Affirmative Action hiring, makework government jobs, and frivolous “discrimination” lawsuits?
    I didn’t think so either.

    • No, “economic self-determination” means we give them our money and they decide what to do with it.


  • LHathaway

    If whites say whites are victims of black violence, this is considered racism or trying to inflame hatreds. If blacks say blacks are victims of white violence, this is considered ‘education’ and anyone who would doubt their word is fostering repression. Let alone what the true crime or ‘hate’ statistics really are.

    If white put up signs protesting affirmative action on campus, this is considered hate literature. When people of color (or whites themselves) perpetrate phony hate crimes, this will be excused because it helps raise awareness and ‘it could have happened’.

    No one seem to notice these ‘hate crime hoaxes’ are being committed in efforts to arouse hatred of whites. . .

  • David Brims



    If there’s one person on TV that represents the hypocritical Black Racist in America best it’s Toure. His hatred and his hypocrisy are palpable every time he opens his mouth. If you would like to see an example of his Racist hypocrisy I suggest you search YouTube for the interview he did with Peirs Morgan about the Trayvon Martin case. Normally I hate Morgan but in this interview he was on point. He gets Toure to basically admit that he judges this case through his blackness, Trayvon is black, I am black so the evil Whitey ( Who was actually Hispanic, but hey, why let the facts stand in the way of your Racist Hatred, right Toure? ) is guilty. The title of the video is actually called ( Race-Baiting Meltdown On CNN ) and it will show you exactly who this Racist is.