Mayor Changes Tune on Black Violence Discussion

John Bennett, WND, April 20, 2013

If blacks can criticize whites, then whites should be able to say the inner city “needs to get its act together.”

That was the bottom line of “Being White in Philly,” a controversial article written by Robert Huber and published in Philadelphia Magazine.

What followed was predictable. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said the article was a “sin” and an “incitement to extreme reaction.” The mayor called upon the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission to “rebuke” the magazine and Huber.

But not long ago, Nutter was calling for a “national conversation” about racial issues: “Black on black crime is not an isolated problem. It affects every member of every community. This is a national problem with national implications, and there needs to be a national conversation.”

Huber told WND that he assumed that when the mayor said “conversation” he meant the ordinary meaning.

“We need to learn to talk to each other honestly, without fear,” Huber said. “That would be a big step toward solving some problems.


Huber and some of the people he interviewed were critical of the crime and social disorganization in the city. Several spoke honestly about the racial aspect of crime and other social problems (See a condensed summary of their statements). On the basis of personal experience, some interviewees spoke about break-ins, assaults, robbery and other antisocial acts.

But what are the actual circumstances of crime in Philadelphia?

Over the last two decades, the city has lost 32 percent of its white population, or 263,254 people. {snip}

In the late 1990s, blacks were 43 percent of Philadelphia’s population and 76 percent of the alleged murderers (see chart below). Whites were 52 percent of the population but just 5 percent of alleged murderers.


Today, blacks are 42 percent of Philadelphia’s population and 83 percent of known murder offenders. Whites are now 37 percent of the population and 4 percent of known murder offenders.

The chart comes from a report titled “Murder Is No Mystery: An Analysis of Philadelphia Homicide, 1996-1999,” which was released in 2001 and provocatively asked:

If this went on in your own neighborhood, would you stay? Would you go out at night? Would you consider leaving the neighborhood, or even the city, if you could? Of course you would.


A WND review of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Murder Analysis for 2007-2010 and Murder/Shooting Analysis 2012 reveals startling demographic data that affirm the crime trends found a decade earlier in the “Murder Is No Mystery” report.

Between 2007 and 2012, there were 1,987 murders (an average of 331 murders per year) in Philadelphia. Of those victims, 80 percent were black; 11.2 percent were Hispanic; 6.9 percent were white; and 1.7 percent were Asian.

Only 64 percent of these crimes had known offenders (1,290 of 1,987), with 81 percent of known offenders being black; 7.2 percent white; 10.2 percent Hispanic; and 1.2 percent  Asian.

Because of the “no snitchin’” culture, “defendants charged with murder, rape, robbery and serious assaults were walking free on all charges in nearly two-thirds of all cases” in the city, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. In 2009, Philadelphia had the lowest felony conviction rate of all large cities in America. Soon after taking office, Nutter put in 250 video cameras across the city, in part to compensate for witnesses’ refusal to cooperate with investigations.

According to a WND review of the 2012 Philadelphia Police Murder/Shooting Analysis, of known offenders in 1,083 shootings in the city between 2011 and 2012, 88 percent were by blacks (956). Hispanics represented 102 of the shooting offenders (9 percent), while whites made up 2 percent of offenders in shootings (22) in Philadelphia during that same period.


Historically, racial disparities in crime are not simply products of the 1960s. In 1950, Philadelphia was predominantly white, with blacks comprising roughly 20 percent of the population. Even then, disproportionate levels of criminal offending existed. “Patterns in Criminal Homicide,” written by renowned criminologist Marvin Wolfgang, was hailed as the most thorough study of homicide at the time. Wolfgang studied every homicide in Philadelphia between 1948 and 1952, and concluded that many were caused by trivial insults and petty arguments (162).

Wolfgang showed that the white murder rate in Philadelphia between 1948 and 1952 was 1.8 per 100,000 people, while the black rate was 25.6, or 14 times the white rate. By the mid-1970s, the white murder rate increased to 2.8 per 100,000. The black murder rate, meanwhile, increased to 64.2, 23 times the white rate.

Many of the voices in Huber’s piece can be seen as expressing long-standing concerns, rooted in the statistical reality of crime.


Nutter himself has had to address a subset of the black population involved in violent flash mobs. In an emotional speech, he said of those involved, “You’ve damaged yourself, you’ve damaged another person, you’ve damaged your peers and, quite honestly, you’ve damaged your own race.”


But in response to Huber’s article, the mayor “expressly suggested that the speech in the article was unprotected, and therefore punishable outright,” observed leading First Amendment scholar Eugene Volokh.

The mayor’s official condemnation letter claimed that the article presents “negative stereotypes” of blacks. {snip}

Nutter simply said the article arose from Huber’s “misguided perception of African-Americans … as an ethnic group that, in its entirety, is lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, and largely criminal.”


In fact, critics contend the mayor stereotyped the article. Philadelphia Magazine’s editor, who describes himself as “center-left,” told WND that the mayor’s description is a “gross distortion of the piece.”


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  • Sloppo

    Apparently Mayor Nutter is one of those cowards Eric Holder was talking about.

    • edie

      holder and nutter = 2 nonsensical affirmative action recipients………

      • Secret Tribunal

        It’s quite sensible- they are weaponized Diversity in the war against White privilege.

        Everything happens for a reason when we suffer. Every horror was first imagined before they unleashed it on us.

        • Room101

          Only Government has the power and legalized monopoly of force to punish you and discriminate against you, based merely on the color of your White skin.
          We’re expected to pay Government and apologize to Government because we’re White.

          Eff them.

          • Secret Tribunal

            Don’t be short sighted. Enemies of your government can attack, and if your government is too weak or even slightly sympathetic, you still get punished for your Whiteness.

            The Mexicans are a racial govt. overtaking our own breeding lands.

          • Room101

            Government doesn’t come to kill you until they classify you as a ‘useless eater’.

            After a lifetime of paying taxes, there’s government-Blacks assigned to care for helpless me in my old age.

            Eff that.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Certainly Mexico is doing this, but we have hydrogen bombs and they do not.

          • Secret Tribunal

            Compare the % of non whites in control of nukes to Whites. We have a problem.

        • edie

          I’m kind of with you but I also believe that lieberals cause many unintended consequences along with their planned mischieviousness.

  • Well, my city, for some weird reason, has the exact same problem.
    Since I don’t see any republicans showing any spine, I guess I’ll be voting for their democratic challenger next year.

    • Just stay home then, why vote for a Democrat?

      • By voting for the sellout republican’s challenger, I am essentially taking TWO votes away from him. You see, that GOP strategy hinges on assuming us Amren types will keep voting for the lesser of two evils.

        • edie

          it is a dilemma we are in. The media demonizes white men so badly it is difficult to find one worth voting for that would run for office.

        • MBlanc46

          Every time you vote for the lesser of two evils, you get an evil.

          • edie

            so what do you get when you vote for the greater of two evils?

            in other words, do you vote for satan or his 2nd lieutenant? or neither?

          • MBlanc46

            In my view, neither. I know when we start down this path, we quickly wind up in radical territory, which I hope won’t be necessary to make significant strides in race realist politics, but I’m convinced it’s the only path to real self-government.

  • joegoofinoff

    Nutter is just the run of the mill black guy. He has no position he can defend and knows not to get into any “debates.”

  • The__Bobster

    But not long ago, Nutter was calling for a “national conversation” about racial issues

    The Nutter’s idea of “conversation” is having a panel of 350-lb, spandex-clad Nubian queens scream “racist” at you for noticing the truth.

    • JohnEngelman

      Their idea of a “national conversation” is them blaming whites for low black IQs and high crime rates, and whites listening sheepishly, like children being scolded when they know they had behaved badly.

      • Room101

        Whenever the media gins-up another ‘national conversation’ on behalf of propagandizing for another bureaucracy, hold onto your wallets and fire your politicians as soon as you can.

      • David Ashton

        Why do whites behave like this in your esteemed opinion?

        • JohnEngelman

          The persistence of de facto segregation means that most whites know few blacks. These few are usually exceptional or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment. When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

          Moreover, since the Rodney King riots of 1992 there have not been been major black ghetto riots, and the rate of violent crime has gone steadily down.

          Most whites want a multi racial society to work. They do not want to believe that the civil rights legislation passed during the 1960s was a mistake.

          • edie

            unlike engleman, anyone who has been in the military or college has been around plenty of negroes and knows the score………..

            yes, I know he went to college but he was blind and deaf

        • edie

          nothing about engleman is esteemed……….

          whites behave like that after:

          too many generations of coddling or

          having too much wealth or

          being ugly/stupid and turning resentful………

          either or those or a combination will produce lieberals.

      • liberalscuk

        It’s also a call to suck more money and power away from us.

    • StillModerated

      What do you expect from a vegetarian called Nutter?

    • Bill

      Yup. Same as Eric My People Holder. His kind of “discussion” too. All blacks are the same, whether they be Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Nutter, Sharpton, or Jackson. It’s never the black’s fault, and they will ALWAYS band together against any criticism of their behavior, violence, or refutation of affirmative action. And they will ALWAYS vote for the black man, no matter how corrupt he is, even if they are so-called conservatives.

  • sbuffalonative

    Black never want a conversation. They want a confession.

    • I have a confession for them, I am sick of their bullshit.

      • Kimberly Parnell

        If yου thίηk Jacοb`s sτοry is sυrρrίsίηg..., οηē ωeēk agο my cουsίη’s sτēρ-mυm basίcally gοτ ρaίd $8587 graғτίηg aη ēlēvēη hουr ωēēk aτ hοmē and τhē‘rē ηēίghbοr’s mοm`s ηēίghbουr ωas dοίηg τhίs ғοr ēίghτ mοητhs and ēarητ οvēr $8587 ίn τhēίr sρarē τίmē ғrοm τhēίr labτορ. aρρlίē τhē ίηғοrmaτίοη avaίlablē οn thίs ρagē,

      • Tucker

        Ditto that. However, there is something I am even more sick of – and it’s these lily-livered, nauseating, disgusting, despicable White race traitors – are you sodbusting, white guilt diseased,self-loathing white corn farmers up there in Iowa paying attention? – for voting to turn our nation over to black minority rule by voting for Obama twice.

        Oh, please do not read this as an endorsement of McRinoMcCain or RinoRomney, because those two creeps were cut from the same basic race traitorous cloth as are these sodbusters in the corn belt.

        • Liberalsuck

          I have more disdain for the white traitors, especially in positions of power, far more than i do muslims or blacks or illegals.

          • Erasmus

            Watching the clowns in the Senate now preparing to raise the white flag of surrender to illegal alien invaders is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen.

      • saxonsun

        I think most whites are sick of their bullshit. As I went down the subway stairs today, a black male plunked his fat ass on the top step. No one could use the bannister. I told him, “that’s a bad place to sit, buddy.” He said, “it’s perfect.” How typical, this terrible, cavalier attitude to the rights of others. And the subway…packed with non-whites. It’s not my country anymore.

    • JohnEngelman

      It is my fault, my own most grievous fault that most blacks do not perform and behave as well as most whites.

      • Secret Tribunal

        It’s my fault the blacks aren’t back in Africa.

        • JohnEngelman

          Before the civil rights legislation was passed integrationists argued that blacks were not allowed to perform academically as well as whites.

          After two generations of every conceivable encouragement and advantage most still do not. Indeed the race gap has hardly declined at all.

          • JDInSanDiego

            Most can’t speak standard English very well either even though they’re constantly exposed to it by hundreds of tv stations, radio stations and forced integration every day.

          • Liberalsuck

            I would argue blacks are worse off today than they were in the 1960s and before. They say black neighborhoods were more intact back then, crime was lower in black communities then, most blacks had a mom and dad in the house, most blacks worked (not welfare), most blacks were church going, most black neighborhoods had thriving businesses and were self sufficient. The government and liberals did more harm than good for blacks, in my opinion.

          • MBlanc46

            I certainly believe that is so. There were some grievous inequalities in Jim Crow, but the basic principle of separation was beneficial for both groups.

          • Bill

            Inequalities there for a REASON. Those who were around them most knew exactly the nature of the black. They knew blacks must be FORCED to be responsible and law abiding. They knew in their own schools the blacks would do better, not having to daily face the evident difference in IQ and learning ability they do with integration. They knew that letting blacks in to white schools would result in having to dumb down the curriculum, in having to deal with black violence and lusting after white women, and in whites behaving like blacks, NOT the reverse. They knew that you cannot allow blacks to mingle with you – it only breeds contempt and they will lust after your women and rape them rather than accept “No thank you”. All those “repressive” laws existed for darn good reason. The Southern whites knew exactly what would happen. They warned us. And we allowed charismatic dolts like the Kennedy’s who had NOTHING to do with blacks, or LBJ who was trying to over compensate for his guilt on other scores, to lead us into a nation bordering on hell now. Because we took the lid off the blacks.

          • MBlanc46

            Jim Crow might have been about separation not inequality. Had it been so, both blacks and whites might have supported it. As it was, blacks increasingly resisted it and they found substantial white support. Suppose there had been reasonably equal black schools before 1954. Would there have been a Brown v. Board of Education? Perhaps. But perhaps not. Think of what the nation might be like if we still had equitable segregation.

          • Jim G

            Blacks accepted separation as their rightful lot.

            Blacks did not have the wherewithal to make real racial trouble in America. They are not politically powerful, wealthy, intelligent, nor highly organized group. So how did it come about that Blacks have brought so much misery and destruction to White society?

            A powerful, wealthy, intelligent, and highly organized anti-White group used Blacks as a stand in group to take away White Americans right to racial discrimination.

            The anti-Whites felt that they would be safe in America only if Americans were totally unable to discriminate. They also felt that if they used themselves as the actual victims of discrimination they would be known as the cause of the upheaval they created in society. So they wisely chose the Blacks as the stand-ins.

            The anti-Whites also knew that injecting Blacks into White society would bring great harm to White people, and since they hate White people that was an added incentive.

          • MBlanc46

            “Blacks accepted separation as their rightful lot. Blacks did not have the wherewithal to make real racial trouble in America.”

            You seem to have missed the Civil Rights and Black Power movements.

          • sbuffalonative

            I listen to local black talk radio. Blacks speak of the past in two ways. They talk about how bad it used to be for them in broad, generic terms (segregation, Jim Crow, segregated schools). But they also talk lovingly about ‘back in the day’ when they had their own schools with their own sports teams, their own neighborhoods with their own businesses, and when black crime in these neighborhoods was almost nonexistent.

            I’ve said it before, the way to undermine blacks is to give them what they want and then sit back and watch them wallow in the misery of their own bad choices.

          • Liberalsuck

            I love it how they talk about how ‘strong’ blacks are, yet they complain about how they are oppressed. So which is? Are blacks a strong, proud race of people, or are they oppressed, helpless victims that need our help all the time?

          • edie

            you are correct………….. they also did much better in school and were actually closing (slightly) some of the educational gaps.

            Now the strategy has been to bring whites down to their low standards and they have been wildly successful in that the last 30-40 years…… I went to school in the 50’s and 60’s and taught in the 80’s,90, and 2000’s and the lenient classroom attitude of everyone talking out is actually taught to a degree in university education departments…….. not overtly but by the racism of low expectations to include poorer white children.

            In the 50’s there was a no-nonsense, don’t-waste-time approach to everyone learning the curriculum with the excellent being allowed to go faster and beyond the mediocre. And the mediocre were pressed to do their best.

            The time-consuming emotional and deportment problems were allowed to be in a different building.

          • MBlanc46

            Fifty years ago, it might have been considered at least an open question whether blacks could perform academically as well as whites in similar situations. Fifty years on, it ought to be clear to everyone that they can’t. The achievement data are clear that they don’t and the IQ data are clear that they can’t.

          • JohnEngelman

            Unfortunately, as the evidence becomes more one sided it has become more dangerous to present the evidence.

          • MBlanc46

            They sure don’t want to hear it, which is why we have to redouble our efforts to see that it’s heard.

        • Room101

          History argues that the fault lies @ the doorstep of John Wilkes Booth.
          President Lincoln argued persuasively that after the so-called “rebellion” of the Confederacy was militarily crushed, the Navy cargo ships would truly free the Negroes and repatriate them to their proper habitat.

          It’s not your fault, dude.

          • Secret Tribunal

            Benjamin Wade, the famous Abolitionist, used the N word like he really meant it.

            Grant could have sent them all back. The failure is beyond Booth.

          • Room101

            Grant isn’t going to send back millions of Republican voters.
            Blacks voted Republican until the 30s, when a new form of Government would be held responsible for taking care of them.

            Blacks are Government owned.
            Protected and proprietary, if you will.

            For the children.

          • MBlanc46

            I don’t believe that’s the case. He surely was a colonizer earlier in his career, but that wasn’t his program in early 1865.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I confess that blacks disgust me.

      • Secret Tribunal

        Seeing a White woman with a black boyfriend or a black mongrel baby was something I’d see only once every 5 years, now I see it every 5 hours.

        We are in Hell already.

        • MikeS

          Yes we are and the heat is becoming intolerable.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          We need to organize. Form something akin to a white NAACP/NRA. Call it “New America” or something, with an armed NRA style wing called the “Well Regulated Militia”. Obey laws, all that, but ORGANIZE.

          Set up scholarship funds, outreach programs for poor whites, enable home schooling and or set up our own schools from day care through post graduate. Promote fellowship, dignity, security for our people. Set up an unofficial government even, a model for what we believe. Set up a new media.

          Turn our backs on the country that hates us so, but keep both eyes wide open. Network.

          Even those of limited means can help each other in a thousand little ways. We have to see ourselves as a family and act accordingly. If one of us stumbles and falls, our brothers and sisters are there to help. Things as simple as giving rides, inviting to meals, baby sitting for beleaguered white families trying to raise our next generation. Pass on old furniture to needy Whites, even offer a roof to those who have stumbled and support for them to get back on their feet.

          I don’t know if we can reverse this abomination. I don’t know if this country is savable. I do know that we do not live in a nation but in an artificial state that exists only to propagate itself, and that it has chosen to do so by forming a numerical superiority of diverse, non-white and treacherous self hating white groups whose goal is to bleed us and destroy us over the course of two to four generations.

          We can try. We can fight. And by fight, I don’t necessarily mean we resort to violence. The purpose of the Well Regulated Militia of New America is not to start a civil war, but rather the opposite – to prevent such by forming a fierce front that discourages those who would take away our right to self defense and put all force into the hands of those who want to turn the place into a semi-comfy concentration camp that turns our blood, sweat, and sacrifice into some kind of soylent white mana for our enemies to consume.

          • Liberalsuck

            Eventually, most whites are going to have to fight. Even the white liberals are going to wake up soon or their delusions are going to get them killed.

          • dogbone

            ” Even the white liberals are going to wake up soon or their delusions are going to get them killed.”

            No they won’t. Look at Canaan, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and many other westernish empires. They all ended the same way and with the same group of conspirators.

          • Romulus

            Right there with you brother!

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Request a link up with me if interested.

            [email protected]

            Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

        • 48224

          They are trying to keep up with the Kardashians. Or should I say Kartrashians.

          • dogbone

            I think Kim now weighs 300 pounds, or at least she looks like it. Considering that most liberal whites are also close to 300 pounds, you may be right.

          • dogbone

            I think she looks more like a penguin than a whale.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            No – penguins are cute and innocent.

          • Erasmus

            And God only knows what sort of diseases KK’s now carrying and will be for the rest of her life. She’d have been a lot safer just smearing a petri dish full of bacteria up her hoo-haa than sleeping with a brotha’.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Dats how dem bucks likes dey’s wimins!!!

          • Liberalsuck

            I’d rather a white woman date a hardworking blue collar white man than a black man with a PhD and a high-paying job.

        • Liberalsuck

          I hear you. I’m seeing more and more white female-black males together and more often I’m seeing a young white female with a mulatto baby or I’m seeing some white family with a black kid with them. Couldn’t they have found some white kids to adopt, like from South Africa, for instance? Couldn’t they have found a white man that was clean cut, had a job and was responsible?

          • edie

            many white lieberals and even apolitical more wealthy whites seem to adopt black children. I suppose it is a way of making a statement and a bit of insurance against attack.

          • Reminds me of the Scorpion and frog story……

      • Keepin it Real!

        You digust me cracker witch!

    • APaige

      Outstanding observation. I am going to ‘borrow’ it.

    • Secret Tribunal

      Blacks more than anything hate for Whites to talk about what blacks know about blacks.

      • Funruffian

        I suggest you google ‘Reverend Manning’. He has some youtube videos where he openly criticizes his own Black race with honesty and reasonable accuracy. He is also aware of the double-standards regarding race.

        • Tucker

          Manning, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams – these blacks have all criticized their own people, and this tends to make Whites believe that we need to make accommodations inside a future White Ethnostate for these rare individuals. I say, sorry. No can do.

          The black ethnostate is going to be in desperate need of quality leaders like these three men, and we cannot start allowing ‘exceptions’ to the rule or before long, we’ll be right back where we are today.

          Besides, since Chrissy Matthews and the rest of the white liberal, self-hating, Obama worshiping establishment will be forced to reside inside the black ethnostate – it will take black men like Manning, Sowell, and Williams to help keep these diseased idiots under control.

          • Liberalsuck

            And why do we keep needing a conservative black to speak our message? If you do, then you’re sounding like neocons. Besides, most of the ‘black conservatives’ are very similar to the professional black race hustlers. They’re making money off of whites by saying what they are too chicken to say. Most of the ‘black conservatives’ voted for Obama and one is friends with Farrakhan and constantly chides the GOP for being ‘racist’ (Colin Powell),

          • edie

            In answer to your question, “why do we keep needing a cons. black to speak our msg”?

            the media has so demonized white men that we have none that we are allowed to listen to that speak the truth.
            anyone on this site would be leaped on by the media as a racist/hater.
            even when they speak simple reality.

      • LHathaway

        “Blacks more than anything hate for the White community to talk about what blacks know about blacks”.

        And in Black Run American, BRA, most whites don’t. If they know what is good for them.

        • liberalscuk

          Even before BRA, whites were too scared to talk about race or blacks for that matter. In fact, having a BRA has actually made more white people be more open about race. Before we had a black president, I warned people he would hate whites and would use his power to exercise that. I was called a paranoid racist and they said, “That’s stupid, we have a congress who wouldn’t allow that.” I wonder what those people think now…

    • NeanderthalDNA

      What a black means when he/she/it says we need a “discussion on race” is…

      You, whitey, need to listen to me harangue and lecture you and then you need to apologize to me. And give me money.

      • Ned

        How about we give the boot to their simian behind instead?
        Whites have negro fatigue.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          More and more every day, brother.

    • Liberalsuck

      Blacks and liberals call whites cowards for not talking about race, but then get mad when we tell them what we REALLY think about them. Can’t win either way.

    • 48224

      Blacks operate under the assumption that EVERYTHING that is wrong with them, is the fault of whites and whites need to fix them at any cost. Any deviation from that montra is seen as racism.

    • MBlanc46

      Or it’s entirely one sided, as in “Gibs me yo wallet”.

    • Luca

      They want money.

  • Puggg

    I think Nutter only talks about black crime because he’s a publicity whore. The more he talks, the more things don’t get done about the problem.

    • StillModerated

      When all is said and done, more is said than done. Lou Holtz

      • edie

        he also said,

        “we are where we are because of decisions we make”

  • 1gravity

    No one likes the evident need for segregation, but the late Gov. Wallace had it fight. Sorry.

    • Ralph

      I must respectfully disagree. Segregation works great from us Whites. We lose absolutely nothing but crime and social dysfunction by being forced to integrate with Blacks and other non-Whites.

      We Whites do great when all by ourselves.

  • JohnEngelman

    In a real dialogue on race Jared Taylor and Charles Murray would deserve to participate. I would love to listen to that dialogue.

    • David Ashton

      I would love as many people as possible to listen to it too.

  • Ralph

    Hey Nutter, Whites (well at least many of us) aren’t your bitches. We don’t have to stay in your crime filled sewer of a city and we don’t have to like Blacks or hang out with them or be friends with them. We have an inalienable right to associate with or not associate with anyone of our choosing. And, my guess is that more and more Whites are waking up to reality and would say the same thing I’m saying.

    The times they are a changin’…and this time they’re changin’ White. It may seem too slow for many of us who have White consciousness, but it’s happening. Here and there Whites are taking back their peoplehood.

    • MBlanc46

      Fair enough. But we also don’t have to walk away from the cities that we built and made great and abandon them to poverty-stricken, crime-ridden ghettos.

      • Ralph

        Of course, you’re correct. However, most of us will take the path of least resistance given the state of our laws and the current orthodoxy that works against White people and White ways.

        I’m afraid that Whites who remain in Black areas will eventually see their family lines go Black, just as the White Germans in Jamaica saw their family lines go Black.

        I look to nature for clues. Isolation so that there is no gene transfer from non-Whites to Whites (coupled with an increased White birth rate) is the way to ensure that Whites survive as Whites.

        And, it is up to each of us as White individuals to do the right things that will keep our family lines White.

        The easiest thing to do is to go non-White–just mate with a non-white. It is difficult to remain White–this requires two Whites to mate.

        • MBlanc46

          I was thinking more of getting blacks under control than of whites trying to live in black ghettos.

  • Dirty Dirk McGirk

    “misguided perception of African-Americans … as an ethnic group that, in
    its entirety, is lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, and largely criminal.”

    What part is the “misguided” part?

    • I really do not have anything against someone for being black. I just hate murdering, thieving savages.

      • Funruffian

        Dark melanin has very little to do with race. There are people of India, Bangladesh and other parts of Southeast Asia who have darker skin than Africans.

        • Mark

          And they are just as useless and unfit to live in a civilized world as African blacks.

    • C B

      Its misguided because he forgot to add savage, stupid, and incapable of higher order thinking.

    • Room101

      Awesome that a “liberal” media/Government propagandist threw in all the stereotypes and buzzwords about People Who Annoy Them on their own.

      It gets more comical every day.

  • dd121

    Who ever thought that the left and blacks wanted an honest conversation about anything? They want to advance the ideology that whites are the source of all their problems. Doesn’t sound honest to me.

  • A word to the anti-whites.
    Crowdsourcing Script From C of CC

    In other words – SHOVE IT!!

    • Secret Tribunal

      and 1.7 percent were Asian

      I thought that meant the victim %, but anyway, this is still valid:

      Proof that Asians are smarter about staying away from blacks than anyone else, proving that Asians are the kind of racist heroes we need to emulate now.

  • bigone4u

    Fighting libtard Negro-philia and black whining with facts. I’m loving it. I just wish more people would pay attention and stop calling facts “racist.”.

  • Always complaining about negative stereotypes. At what point do you stop calling it a stereotype and start calling it truth?

    You will never have honest dialogue and a rational approach to problems when black people are in charge. Never! Never! Never!

    • Secret Tribunal

      Attacking negative stereotypes, which exist in the mind, is an attack on the mind and is therefore thought control. You’ll never hear those complaining about harmful negative stereotypes demand that anyone who cause the thought crimes should stop acting black.

  • brengunn

    As others have said, this guy doesn’t want a conversation, he wants to lay blame for black problems on white people. Any deviation from the script would be called out as racist. The article ‘Being white in Philly’ was apologetic in it’s opinion that there are major crime problems in Philly’s black community. Now, if a grovelling, limp-wristed article like that can be seen as inflammatory, what chance is there of an open honest debate?

    But, don’t think there is no debate. There is a debate going on, but it’s a silent debate, only seen in the stats that show black populations doubling and tripling as the white people move out in droves, seeking safer neighbourhoods for their children to grow up in. That says more than hundreds of ‘Being white in Philly’s’ ever can.

    • liberalscuk

      Whites are voting with their feet and we are voting with our wallets by buying up ammo, guns and supporting gun-rights groups. There is always going to be a great percentage of whites who do not want to live around large groups of blacks and browns. They can guilt trip us all they want, they can promote black male-white female relationships all they want, they can tax us to death, they can physically attack us…but we will always find ways to avoid being around them.

  • brengunn

    I don’t think race relations will ever return to a pre-sixties type situation, but there will come a time when the prevailing mood changes and PC culture will die back and more forthright honest exchanges will be allowed. I don’t know when, but it is certain to happen. It will be yet another example of the strange social rules that humans engage in that are laughed at by their ancestors as patently ridiculous.

    • edie

      it can’t go back as long as blacks think whites are ‘fair game for attack’

  • Luca

    The statistics above cannot be misinterpreted. While liberals may look at these figures and say we need “Gun Control.”

    A Realist would say we need “Negro…er…ahem….Criminal Control.”

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Nutter simply said the article arose from Huber’s “misguided perception of African-Americans … as an ethnic group that, in its entirety, is lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, and largely criminal.”

    …Perception? Or, reality? I have stats on my side. All Nutter has is white guilt liberals and the race card. In fact it’s ironic that Nutter said the article implies blacks are “irresponsible” when his very reaction proves that Nutter can be counted among the irresponsible blacks since he denies any race issues and refuses to address the real issue: black people.

    • Secret Tribunal

      The White community does pretty good when in control of our own destiny, but when submerged under Diversity, we fall apart.

  • Extropico

    Nutter and Holder don’t want uncowardly discussions. They won’t rest until every last dollar and White woman has been handed over to them. They are the terminators of civilization and they absolutely will not ever stop until it is dead.

    • Funruffian

      Look at it this way, Blacks proportionately are victims of their on race more often than the other races. If Holder and Nutter really wanted to reverse that they would welcome the goodwill of honest citizens. But they don’t. They are stupid enough to allow their black brethren to die at their own hands than to be labelled as a savage race.

  • Secret Tribunal

    The FedGov mandated black invasion that causes white flight is a property crime against real achievement and earned privilege. Our White cousins who fled Philly sold their homes in declining markets, all because of emancipation, integration, civil rights, and affirmative action. We’s done been transformed already!

    Everybody once called it by it’s real name- PinkoJooBolshevikRedCommunism. We should settle for just calling it “racial Hatred against the White community”.

    Read White Man, Think Again! by Anthony Jacob, and visit his leading apostle at Cambria Will Not Yield, and then you’ll make no mistakes about what they are doing to you.

    “Dismantle anti racism, because racism saves lives. This wouldn’t be happening if the White community would win a country of our own.” -RevJed

  • IKantunderstand

    I have no idea why any Black describes race talk as a conversation. It is a lecture. We Whites are to sit dutifully and LISTEN only. There is no conversation possible between Whites and Blacks. The chips on their shoulders, actually prevent them from hearing. Add to that their low I.Q.s and savage tendencies, it’s pointless. Obama is funding studies on the brain. Is he working out a way to make Blacks smarter? Or a way to make Whites more accepting of their inferiors? The former isn’t going to work. The latter seems to be working due to intense propaganda in the schools and in the media. Fight Back Now!

    • Funruffian

      I agree. There was this race-baiting old biddy named, Jane Elliott, who used to teach Sensitivity and Diversity training. She was so cruel to the unsuspecting White participants that many of them walked out in horror at her race-baiting lecture. This is also the same person who designed the notorious school classroom simulation (A class divided) aka. “Blue eyes, Brown eyes” in which students of differening eye color were alienated and descriminated based on eye color alone.

  • Krn

    A few years ago the Philadelphia Daily News published the pictures of Philly’s most wanted. All were black or Hispanic. There was an immediate uproar that the paper was insensitive. The paper later apologized. Same old stuff and still not allowed to notice or talk about it.

    • edie

      newpapers and other media now go out of their way to portray white perps
      with the cheapening/coarsening of our white culture they are producing more white perps but we will never catch up completely in that department.

  • Jefferson

    Philadelphia, the city where it was reported that Hussein Obama LITERALLY won 100 percent of the Black vote in the 2012 presidential elections.

    No wonder that place is a dump.

    • edie

      140% and even more in some districts

  • George

    Nutter doesn’t want a conversation on race. What he wants is the freedom to use race when it suits his purposes. As a black, he can criticise other blacks for acting black and bringing shame on the few non-criminal blacks. If a white person offers similar criticism, he demands the freedom to cry foul and sic a Human Rights Tribunal upon the offender.

    What Nutter wants is a pulpit from which to bully, hector and lecture all and sundry. He wants to be able to blame others as he sees fit, but woebetide the white journalist who corroborates his claims that blacks bring shame to themselves. Only the chosen few may refer to the elephant in the room.

  • Funruffian

    The Black population of Philadelphia (Killidelphia) equals the same rate as Oakland, Ca. Oakland has the highest crime index in the entire state of California with Stockton trailing in 2nd place. HMMM. Do you guys see a pattern here?

    • Room101

      Massive Government failure to perform basic public safety.
      Leading to more violent crime.
      Leading to more demands by government crooks for billions and trillions more in tax money.

      No amount will ever be enough.
      Ask your government school how much they need? A billion? Tens of billions? Trillions in tax money?
      No amount will ever be enough.
      Public schools are affirmative-action slots for black retards who like to say racist stuff.

  • NYB

    Better to commute from Delaware than live in Philly. Getting far away from black schools is the greatest gift you can give your child.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Nutter wanted to have a conversaion on race.

    The last thing blacks want is a conversation on race.

    Any conversation is to be one-sided. Blacks idea of “dialog” consists of them screeching at Whites at the top of their lungs while Whites are blamed 100% for black failure and crime, told to shut up and pay up slavery.

    Over the last two decades, the city has lost 32 percent of its white population, or 263,254 people.</i.

    Philadelphia is a criminal, racist hell-hole. Whites are sick and tired of themselves and their children being targeted for black crime while the media and politicians look the other way and the mayor says stupid things like:

    White people who have used isolated negative experiences to draw perverse generalizations.

    There are no “perverse generalizations,” Nutter. Blacks are disproportionately violent, racist and criminal.

    There is a GOOD reason why the Philadelphia Police Have 1,356 Full-Auto M-16s.


  • LHathaway

    “You’ve damaged yourself, you’ve damaged another person, you’ve damaged your peers and, quite honestly, you’ve damaged your own race.””

    I guess it’s still Ok they’ve damaged whites. The ‘real’ problem is they have damaged their own race.

  • Keepin It Real!

    The truth is that Whites, including those many phony liberals, (and many of you bigots on this website) cannot stand to have an honest conversation on race. It would be far too brutal for them

    • I can. Let me start the rape apes commit All Crime at rates disproportionately high to their representation in the US populous; Whites at rates lower than there representation. What say you, chimp?

      NRA fo’ Life

      • alex

        Rates? Disproportionately?
        Keeping it Real! can’t possibly compehend such concepts.

        • Keepin it Real!

          Your mama could certainly comprehend my d*ck in her P*ssy! Boy!

          • Brent

            Awww. Your just mad because there a growing number of White guys in Philadelphia (and some other cities for that matter) who are dating Black (the hot looking ones) women and boning your ladies.

          • Keepin it Real!

            Kiss my ass!

          • Brandon

            What’s the matter homey? Truth hurt! Brent is right. Even decent Black women don’t want to be with you losers!

            P.S. For the record, I boned a few of Black chick in my mid 20s! Ouch, does that hurt boy or what?! LOL!

          • William

            Even though “Keepin it real” is a looney bin, this is a website where you will not get points for discussing your sexual conquests with black and other non-White women. Just a thought.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I am vaguely tolerated here only because I had the decency to marry mine.

          • Ed

            Many Black guys are hypocrites!

          • Diana

            So are many White guys for that matter.

      • Keepin it Real!

        Who you calling a chimp. You marshmellow, buttermilk, pale faced cracka!

        • PesachPatriot

          Bold words behind a keyboard…go talk the same trash to the first white guy you see riding a harley. I hope you enjoy your meals through a straw and full body casts.

  • Honkys,

    Unless you support abortion, STFU.

    An Abortion loving honky

    • Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America. Are we being targeted? Isn’t that genocide? We are the only minority in America that is on the decline in population. If the current trend continues, by 2038 the black vote will be insignificant. Did you know that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a devout racist who created the Negro Project designed to sterilize unknowing black women and others she deemed as undesirables of society? The founder of Planned Parenthood said, “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” Is her vision being fulfilled today?”

      God bless Margret Sanger!

    • Without black abortions, this country would have become unlivable long ago. The black population would be triple what it is today.

  • bubo

    Blacks know they are being left behind. Hispanics are taking the lower end jobs, the black only govt. jobs programs are starting to dry up. Some YT’s are starting to understand that nothing we do can save blacks from what they are. 60+ years of social engineering have produced nothing of note. Billions of dollars dumped down a black hole, no pun intended, of black education. Graduation rates are worse now than ever. Black crime has never subsided. Killing and aborting themselves out of existence.

  • whos to blame

    And neither did Obama’s good pal Eric Holder want to talk about race who had his bluff called and bitching America was scared to talk about race. Everything is a lie bogus and phony with the black race since the mistake of slavery that they were not responsible for thus can hold themselves blameless on what has transpired over 500 yrs. Tribal chieftain salesmen, slave brokers and slave owners were all too blame equally.

  • Bob Willard

    Blacks don’t want the conversation because the conversation may ultimately lead to the truth behind their violence, crime, and failure — inferior genes and culture.

  • Erasmus

    Blacks (and Latinos) don’t want a conversation about race. They’re afraid that still more whites will discover what so many of us here have already: Blacks and Latinos belong to dysfunctional subcultures, and no amount of taxpayer money thrown at them will cure problems endemic to who they are.

  • Michael Gregory

    Blacks refuse to have an honest conversation about race. I’ve tried numerous times, including back when I was a Liberal, to no avail. All they want is for them to talk and for you to listen. For them to take and for you to give.

    • Ralph

      Why even waste one calorie or spend one second talking to them? They are not our kind. You might as well go talk to a pig.

      • Michael Gregory

        I don’t anymore, haven’t for years. Simply responding to someone within the main article claiming that Blacks want to have an honest conversation about race, which they do not.

  • John R

    Great stats! I always knew that blacks were violent, and more likely to be criminals, but never by how much. These figures truly dispel the usual excuses-poverty, racism, etc. Thank you for the article.

  • Vikingbayjake77

    The liberal establishment in this country did an incredible disservice to the black community in this country. The paternalistic treatment of blacks. Telling blacks that they’re victims who are owed something. Basically treating them like children. Blacks should be outraged!! Something is going to give in this country when it comes to race relations. It’s only a matter of time!!