Margaret Thatcher Was ‘Unabashedly Racist’, Says Australian Foreign Minister Bob Car

Jonathan Pearlman, Telegraph (London), April 9, 2013

The death of Margaret Thatcher has triggered a political brawl in Australia, with foreign minister Bob Carr facing calls to apologise to the Thatcher family after describing her as “unabashedly racist”.

Mr Carr has recounted his astonishment at Baroness Thatcher’s tirade against Asian immigration in the presence of his Malaysian-born wife, Helena.

“I recall one conversation I had with her in her retirement where she said something that was unabashedly racist,” Mr Carr told ABC television.

“She warned Australia – talking to me, with Helena standing not far away – against Asian immigration, saying that if we allowed too much of it we’d see the natives of the land, the European settlers, overtaken by migrants.

“She said, ‘I like Sydney but you can’t allow the migrants to take over, otherwise you will end up like Fiji where the Indian migrants have taken over.’ I was astonished.”

Mr Carr, the former premier of New South Wales, said the comments were made by Lady Thatcher after she left office.

“I was so astonished I don’t think I could think of an appropriate reply,” he said.

“It reminded me that despite, yes, her greatness on those big questions, the role of the state, the evil nature of Communist totalitarianism, there was an old-fashioned quality to her that was entirely out of touch and probably explained why her party removed her in the early 90s.”

The opposition criticised Mr Carr’s comments as a cowardly and “graceless” attack on Lady Thatcher just hours after her death.

“His decision to make these claims after her death is a crude attempt to slur the reputation of one of the 20th century’s most outstanding leaders,’’ said Julie Bishop, the opposition’s foreign affairs spokeswoman.

Ms Bishop said Mr Carr should apologise immediately to the Thatcher family.

Another federal Liberal party MP, Eric Abetz, attacked a state MP from Tasmania, David O’Bryne, who said on Twitter that Mrs Thatcher was a “war criminal”.

Mr O’Byrne cited the sinking by Britain of the Argentine navy ship, the General Belgrano, during the Falklands War. Mr Abetz said the comments were “vile” and a “national embarrassment”.

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  • Anon12

    Well then I am in good company.

    • 48224

      Me too.

  • Libtard

    Mr Carr can make inquiries into how many immigrants Malaysia, from where his wife is, allows in the country and then come back and apologize to Thatcher’s family because Thatcher only said what Malaysia and other Asian rountinely and unapologetically do in the national interest.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      A very good call. Malaysia is openly hostile to Israelis and other Non-Muslim Asians. The government practices overt racism against Non-Malays but grizzles when people in Western Democracies try to get their spawn to remove their head scarves. My mother is openly contemptuous of these people, which is saying a lot.

      • guest

        In Malaysia, they have a Sanskrit term called Bumiputera, which means “son of the earth”, or native Malaysian. Look it up on Wikipedia for a list of all the privileges guaranteed to Bumiputeras. They have financial, employment, ownership and legal privileges. Someone told me that in a court case of a bumiputera vs. non-, the bumiputera always wins.

        Mr. Carr’s Chinese wife must have suffered under Malaysia law due to her non-bumiputera status.

        • Ngati Pakeha

          Thanks for that clarification. It just seems incredible to me that these people, the bumiputera, can act in such a manifestly ‘racist’ way, yet if we try and act with a comparative fraction of self-interest we are literally sent to the Gulag. Even more galling is watching them come to ‘our’ countries and them forcefully imposing themselves on us. I’m telling you we need to ‘man up’ and sort this lot out!

  • romulus

    Wonder how londonistan is doing these days? Did you no that the only differences between V. Lenin and J. Lennon is the spelling of their last names and vocations?

    • The__Bobster

      Did Lenin have Engelman’s taste in women?

      • Anon12

        Yes, and I will bet Engleman’s gf looks just like her. But they would probably look good together in that case…anyone here ever seen Engleman?

      • Mr Potato

        He did Bob. That’s why he’s got an ugly-looking son.
        He ran off with a Chinese (I think) secretary while he was married to Yoko. Then he went back, I suppose she must have been more odious than Yoko.

        Old John ‘power to the people’ Lennon used to biff ’em as well when he’d get drunk, or so I’ve heard. And then, he wrote ‘Imagine’, my vote for the worst and most nauseating song in history. When all the ex-hippies and assorted baby-boomers finally die off, this asshole (Lenin) will finally topple off the phony pedestal that he was put upon.
        That’s my bit for tonight. Good night all!

      • David Ashton

        The original Lenin had a very ugly wife, but his mistress wasn’t bad looking.

    • Anon12

      Yes, remember his song, “IMAGINE?” Promoting the NWO! I hated the Beatles after I found out who and what they really were.

  • edie

    common sense and racism are hard to separate

    not that the left will ever quit trying

  • Gwynn Ap Nudd

    But did these views influence her policy or were they merely private? I’ve heard that immigrants poured in during her term in office.

    • Dirk_Pitt

      They did. Not poured flooded.

      • The__Bobster

        An email friend with whom I was discussing Lady Thatcher’s passing asked me how sound she was on immigration. Not bad, I eventually replied; and got better across her career—sufficiently better for Simon Heffer, in his biography of Enoch Powell, to refer to “the Powellite-Thatcherite wing of the Conservative party” (p. 934).

        Doing some rudimentary fact-checking before giving that reply, I turned first to this very handy app on British immigration (and emigration): “Long-Term Migration into and out of the United Kingdom, 1964-2011.”

  • Puggg

    I heard that Richard Nixon made anti-black jokes and anti-Jewish jokes in the White House. But that didn’t prevent him from starting affirmative action for all practical purposes.

    • Funruffian

      Was Nixon’s AA bill the reason why so many of his supporters turned on him?

      • HamletsGhost

        Not the only reason. He severed the last links of the dollar to gold in 1971. You only need to look at what things cost in 1971 to see how that turned out.

        He instituted wage and price controls at the same time, creating enormous havoc on the economy until price controls were fully lifted in 1981.

        He helped to lower the voting age to 18, helping to stuff the voting booths with college-indoctrinated nitwits you see on university campuses today.

        These things and more caused more lasting damage to this country than a botched burglary at the Watergate ever did.

        • The__Bobster

          A lot of Nixon’s actions were very liberal, but the liberal media could never forgive him for outing a commie.

          • HamletsGhost

            He actually outed three commies. And helped to kill two of them.

            The Rosenbergs are STILL held up as martyrs by the liberal press. This even AFTER the Venona transcripts positively identified them, along with Alger Hiss, as Soviet spies.

            Once you cross a line with these people, they will never forgive you. Never, ever. This is the lesson that Nixon’s political career we should learn.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            With the fall of the USSR, the Russians admitted Julius and Ethyl really did it.

        • Anon12

          And here I was defending him back then! I didn’t know all this stuff about him at the time. Shame on me.

        • Anon12

          And here I was defending him back then! I didn’t know all this stuff about him at the time. Shame on me.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Congress did most of these things. He only signed the bills they had passed.

          • HamletsGhost

            He could have vetoed them.

    • Katherine McChesney

      LBJ made racist jokes. He called a spade a spade. He wasn’t for blacks. He just wanted votes for Democrats. He probably called blacks ‘n1883rs’ to their faces. He was a very crude man.

      • The__Bobster

        So he had a lot in common with the Clintons.

      • Anon12

        He was also a criminal. I have never forgiven him for what he didn’t do about the USS Liberty. Traitor to his core.

      • eunometic

        Yet LBJ like Lincoln, who also told tasteless jokes about Blacks I find grating, was an idiot and a disaster for the White race (as were the people that brought Black slaves to the USA). At this point only those prepared to make the White race their primary commitment will do us any good. Idiots parroting liberal economics as their highest goal or abstract libertarian ideas rather than the specific tangible goal of the survival of the White race have not only done nothing for us in the past but have brought us to the precipice. Enough. Such people and really are useful idiots that live in lala land created for them to advance our demise.

        Certainly some duplicity is required so that others find our ideas acceptable and attractive. We have to play the game as well. We need to respect others so that they respect us.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        LBJ used to pick up dogs by their ears, and for that I will never forgive him.

    • HamletsGhost

      He did more than just tell jokes. He had at least one conversation with Rev. Billy Graham about Jewish media control choking the country to death. Both Graham and Nixon were of the same mind that something needed to be done or that the country would go “down the tubes”.

      Well, nothing was done, and the country has duly gone down said tubes. So much for political power when the President of the USA and the most famous Evangelical leader of millions of professing Christians have to keep secret their true beliefs.

      • RisingReich

        Have you noticed what happened to anti-Communist (anti-Jew) public figures in history?

        Nixon was forced to resign, JFK was assassinated (wanted to end the Fed), Lawrence McDonald was shot down on an ‘errant’ JAL Flight 007 over Russia, and General Patton who witnessed jewish debauchery first hand experienced ‘an auto accident’ and mysteriously became ill in the hospital and died before he could get back to the States and widely disseminate his message.

        It is highly unlikely all these are ‘coincidence’.

        • Anon12

          How right you are. But try telling this to some on this site and they will get hysterical. Thank you for doing that…..

        • Snowhitey

          You are so right. They ought to listen to a few YouTube clips of Eustace Mullins or Antony Sutton. They wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep afterward… of course they wouldn’t even attempt to verify anything, they’d just dismiss it all. And, that is why we all are in such a mess.

          The problem with politics isn’t politicians but voters. The vast majority simply do not want to hear the truth. So, in the end, they get b*ll*hit artists and that’s all they deserve!

        • Mr Potato

          What exactly did General Patton witness RR? That’s if it’s fit to document via a reply. Was it bad enough for certain parties to want him dead?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Patton utterly hated communists, and did say to reporters what we had been on the wrong side of the war all along.

            That said, Douglas MacArthur did his level best to provoke the Soviet Union into fighting in Korea – because he wanted to nuke the USSR – and nobody had him killed.

          • HamletsGhost

            Read Patton’s diaries. There are passages regarding the Jews that could have been written by Himmler.

            As for MacArthur, it wasn’t necessary to kill him, as he was dismissed from his post by Truman and faded into obscurity after that.

          • HamletsGhost
          • ZB

            HamletsGhost, you have opened my eyes. I simply did not know this at all; I was, however, favorably disposed to Patton

          • RisingReich

            Well – just see if you can search up some writings from Patton back to his wife and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

            He had plans to run for office upon returning to the US and his wartime reputation would have made him a landslide victor.

      • Anon12

        How right you are. Men of no moral convictions.

        • robin

          maybe, but the media had already raised it’s ugly head and destroyed Nixon over a trivial nothing. The media was patient and very thorough in their planning through the first half of the 20th century……In the 2nd half of the 20th century they were very effective in demolishing their opposition and then came clinton and now you have the one who is driving the final nail.

    • Anon12

      Yes, him and Billy Graham…too bad they both heed their own gut feelings at the time. Billy Graham has been groveling at the “masters” feet ever since.

      • Anon12

        meant to say, too bad they both DIDN’T heed thiir own gut feelings…

    • Jane Johnson

      LBJ wasn’t crazy about the “nigras” either, and look what he unleashed!

  • K

    In other words, she told the truth. Politicians hate that. It is actually the libtards and their discredited ’68-er ideals that are sadly outdated. The truth is simply the truth; it doesn’t come with an expiration date.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Oh sure, Margaret Thatcher was a racist because she didn’t want to see Western nations and whites, in particular, become flooded with non-white, third-world immigrants. For crying out loud, all she did was express concern for her nation and other white nations! She didn’t want to wake up one day only to discover that she became an alien in her own land.

    The multicultural Left is so insane that they actually view any attempt by whites at self-preservation as ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted.’

    • Racist isn’t a dirty word. If you believe in, voice concerns about, adhere to, or just simply give off an indifferent vibe to the notion that Race is a foundation for some type of building, then you are a Race-ist. The politically correct illness has afflicted people to the point that they will deny the obvious and even chop off the legs of their own arguments. If a person is not a Race-ist, then they are anti-Race-ist. There is not a recognized word/label in English that is the opposite of anti-racist, other than Racist.

      • Anon12

        Thank you for saying what you did.

      • freddy_hills

        The appropriate response to being called a Race-ist is not to acknowledge or backpedal either one. I don’t go around looking to rabble rouse but if someone starts that name calling I tell them straight out, “Sorry, buddy, but that doesn’t work on me.” If they ask if I’m racist I say, “Yeah, I hate white people.” Which is a very clever way to call them on their BS. If they get aggressive I throw the F-bomb. And if they don’t get out of my face after that then they get what they deserve.

        • Appropriate is relative to your audience and your own personality. I go through most of my life taking the Zen approach to conflict. The race issue is a subject where I refuse to be a wallflower and allow ignorance to spread like a disease. I say if your personality hinders your ability to be vocal and persuasive at the same time, then please play the part of wallflower by staying quiet and avoiding labels you have a hard time explaining. But if your personality and interpersonal skills give you an advantage over the anti-White crowd, then please be a Peacock and make sure you are heard loud and clear.

          • freddy_hills

            Yeah. If someone doesn’t know their audience or limitations they’ll end up with egg on their face. If someone can’t pull it off then they may be better off not making it worse.

        • Jane Johnson

          Tell them that you are not a racist, but a “raciste”, as in an aficionado on the subject of race. I made that up, but you’re probably arguing with a moron, anyway, and it sounds good; kinda like “artiste”.

          • freddy_hills

            The problem with saying “raciste” is it’s still playing their game. When you play by the other side’s rules you only legitimize them. If you’ll notice, I don’t confirm, deny or make excuses. Every one of my responses is a rejection of their standard. Being called “racist” is just the adult version of “cooties”. The proper response is not to play the game. Start off rejecting it and, if they don’t back off then you treat them the way you’d treat any other bully — you fight back.

    • Kathy M

      Embrace your inner racist. This is good.

      • Thomas Katt

        Here on the Left Coast, we call that “getting in touch with your inner Nazi”.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          In my own case, it is probably just Asperger Syndrome.

      • generalquagmyer

        During army years, I had a kind of detatched, cerebral way about me that seemed to drive blacks insane. They were forever telling me I didn’t like them, thought I was better than them, was racist etc. etc. It bothered me a bit at the time because I was too busy solving problems to have much of an opinion about them one way or the other. Maybe I knew instinctively that a good approach to problem-solving was to keep blacks out of the equation. At any rate, nowadays I’m rather proud that they felt that way.

        • Erasmus

          Lefties don’t like anyone with a detached, cerebral way.

      • SoCal LoCal

        I love my inner racist! <3 No more denial for me. 😀

      • Erasmus

        My already high respect for Mrs. Thatcher has gone even higher.

    • Nathanwartooth

      White Rabbit Radio just made a great video that was about Hitler coming back and becoming an Anti-Racist.

      His new plan was to allow unchecked immigration in Israel. It’s actually pretty great.

      For any of those who have not seen it, here you go.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Diversity is strength!

    • Sue

      We need more like her.

  • rebelcelt

    Mr. Carr you are a coward and a stupid one at that. You attack a woman after she is dead. Then if what you say is true, you are stupid not to heed her advice. Do you think that other races will treat you kindly once they take over? You are a stupid man and will never approach the greatness of Lady Thatcher.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Bob Carr is a sexist idiot.

      • GM (Australia)

        Mr Carr has an Asian wife. In a rather bizarre incident a fellow politician referred to her as “his mail order bride” while at a social function. Of course that politician had his very promising political career destroyed in an instant.

        As for being sexist, Mr Carr is very PC, he is also very intelligent. (I do not agree with his politics however)

        • jambi19

          Australia is an interesting country. The toilets/tornados spin in opposite directions while the Liberal party is the right wing party!

          • Ngati Pakeha

            Just to clarify when they say Liberal they mean in the liberal economic sense, which means in US parlance that they try to shun away from the recipients of “gibsmedat”. Apologies if you already know that.

          • eunometic

            They “pretend” to be the right wing or conservative party just like left wing part pretends to be for the workers.

          • GM (Australia)

            Exactly! We have a general election in a few months and I don’t think either party will risk being called racist by making immigration an issue. It was the conservative side of politics under PM Fraser that opened the floodgates to Asian immigration. PM John Howard did make race an issue when he said “we will decide who comes to this country” and did stop the boats for a while. Opposition leader Abbot has gone soft on his fiery rhetoric on stopping the boats.

            Yet only 2 generations ago both sides of politics accepted the white Australia policy as being the status quo.

            This post is about Bob Carr, he is generally regarded as being “right wing Labor”. He was not elected but appointed to his present position. He was also a former NSW Premier (equivalent to your State Governors). He is a very experienced politician with all the necessary skills needed to do well in that job!

            As for Margaret Thatcher, she defended her country, very bravely so against Argentinian aggression but did not really stop the influx of foreigners into Britain but I still regard her as an outstanding leader.

            As for our next election, my vote would go to any party that makes an issue of inappropriate immigration to this country.

        • psbindy

          Hi GM. I remember hearing that a lot of Americans emigrated to Australia after the riots in American cities in the 60’s, 70,s & beyond. Did that in fact happen? If so did they remain and assimilate? Do native Aussies accept them as worthy additions to the nation? Do they have a nickname (besides “Bloody Yanks”)? Are they so few as to not be noticed? My computer research skills are lacking (if it doesn’t come up on a google search I’m stuck). Thanks in advance if you see this request and can reply. P.S. The few Aussies I “collaborated” with in ‘Nam were true badasses in a matter-of-fact sort of way.

          • GM (Australia)

            Hi Psbindi

            I am not certain if a great number of Americans did emigrate to Australia after the 60s race riots. However a substantial number of Americans have made Australia home over the years. One of the most interesting success stories in this regard is how a number of American families pioneered the irrigated cotton industry in the northern inland of NSW back in the 1960s. They have become most respected members of the local communities there.

            The only nickname applied to American imports were to your BIG cars, they were called Yank Tanks with derogatory comments such as “fat cars die young”! (But get a 1930s Ford V8 or a Model A and they are most sort after classics)

            The only real souring of Australian/USA relations that I can remember was during the Vietnam war era. (I was very anti-war)

          • psbindy

            Thanks GM. Good info on the irrigated cotton industry in NSW. That will probably turn up in a google search for me. The Yank Tanks are often called dinosaurs or boats over here and treated as pampered week-end toys. If you were anti Vietnam war back in the day then you were ahead of the curve compared to me. Some of us are just slow learners. The English speaking world needs elites/politicos like Lady Thatcher. I don’t see them. Again thanks.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Yet Australia sent troops to Vietnam as well. I think the war was a complete shame, but the reds really were as bestial as so-called alarmists here in the states said; exhibit A being their conduct in Hue during the Tet Offensive. That said, the South Vietnamese government was obscenely corrupt and we as Americans ought to have held our client state to a higher standard than we did.

            We propped up Taiwan and South Korea as well, and these have evolved into functioning democracies.

          • Luca

            Nah. The S. Vietnamese were very apathetic about who ran their country. All the Nixon “Vietnamization” and all the billions in support and logistics provided from Eisenhower on up didn’t do diddly squat. The corruption was monumental, a country of majority Buddhists run by a minority of colonial Catholics with cronyism and nepotism gone wild. The war never had the popular support of the people of South Vietnam. They knew all governments are corrupt, they just wanted the war to be over. They handle subjugation quite well, it’s their survival skill.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            “Septic Yanks” or “Seppos”.

        • Mr Potato

          Bob Carr is a simpering PC idiot. Every time I hear his school teacher / headmaster-like voice the bomb-throwing anarchist in me bursts out.
          When you vote Labor or Green, that’s what you get.

  • David Brims

    Bob Car sounds like the village idiot, a real simpleton,” Sydney could end up looking like Fiji , nah, it could never happen !!” Of course it couldn’t, just look at London, Paris and Berlin.

    • Mr Potato

      Naaa, it didn’t end up looking like Fiji Dave, more like Beirut.
      About twenty years (or so) ago, Colonel Rabuka staged a military coup in Fiji due to the unsavoury fact that his own people (the native Fijians) were becoming second-class citizens in their own country. He wanted to place restrictions Indians and what they could own etc. Caused quite a stink down here in the Australia / Oceanic region.

      The media here in Australia didn’t know where to look, I mean, ‘he (the Colonel) can’t be racist…can he? You know he’s…ahh, black. Then it turned out that Colonel Rabuka used to play rugby for Fiji and was well liked in sporting circles in Australia.
      Lucky for him that he wasn’t Joerg Haider from Austria instead eh?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Look at Detroit.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I admire her even more.

  • QueFah

    Reminds me of the filthy yellow hoards infesting California

    • a multiracial individual

      You don’t live in California. If you did, you would have selected a different color on the spectrum to make such a statement.

      • Anon12

        Really? There are millions of mexicans for sure but there are also alot of yellows.

        • Jerrybear

          There in pockets but Mexicans dominate California. They now outnumber whites.

      • QueFah

        Yes, there are plenty of brown hoards to compliment the yellows. And I lived in California for 16 years, so yes, I know what the hell I’m talking about. The motto was, last American to leave, take the flag.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        He also doesn’t know the word is “hordes”.

        How many boards could a Mongol hoard if a Mongol could hoard boards?

        Orientals haven’t ruined California; hordes of greasers and blacks did.

        • a multiracial individual

          Eye noticed that two, butt eye tri knot too give people a hard time about there righting. After all, wee all make mistakes don’t wii?

  • HamletsGhost

    This guy waits till the old woman is dead before saying anything. What a typical example of modern political cowardice.

  • cb

    “unabashedly racist” in lefty speak means the Iron Lady had a rational admiration and respect for her own people, the people of Shakespeare and Newton, and wanted to preserve the social (and necessarily racial) composition that made the English one of history’s greatest and most gifted peoples. In this respect, she is no different from Churchill. As Jared Taylor says, it is simply absurd to presume that you can swap third world peoples with first world peoples and expect the same results. English civilization is a result of the particular gifts of the English people. Period. Pakistani, Kenyan, and other “Englishman” of today simply lack the talents to sustain so great a civilization. Long after PC is dead, the philosophical historian of the future, surveying the ruins of a once great Britain, will locate the rot in the breakdown of racial solidary in the face of egalitarianism.

    • David Ashton

      This Englishman thanks you for your initial compliment, but refuses to surrender.

  • Fed Up

    “Mr Carr has recounted his astonishment at Baroness Thatcher’s tirade against Asian immigration in the presence of his Malaysian-born wife, Helena.”

    Old Maggie was my kinda gal! Said it right to his face with Helena present!

  • APaige

    Three rules to succeed in politics:
    1. Don’t be caught with a dead woman. (unless you are a Kennedy).
    2. Don’t be caught in bed with a man. (unless you are a woman or a old Republican)
    3. Don’t tell the truth.

    • Jane Johnson

      4. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  • Luca

    And Mr. Carr is an “Unabashed” Leftist, Liberal, Progressive, far-left, Politically-Correct Marxist.

    Ms. Thatcher was a Realist, in essence stating that moderation is a good thing. As in: Too many foreign immigrants, who will probably never assimilate but will probably become permanent welfare and crime burdens on society.

    Not once did she insinuate one race should dominate over the other, nor that one was superior to the other.

    But like all Lefties Mr. Carr takes the slightest shred of potential opportunity to twist it into that magical, all-purpose, lefty term “Racist”. A term which no longer has a real meaning but is used instead to club an opponent over the head.

    I suspect deep down he’s jealous of her leadership qualities; something he can only aspire to.

  • The__Bobster

    She told me that she was thinking of buying a house in Dallas—she loved Texas and her son was then married to a Dallas woman. I had spoken at the conference about immigration, in the wake of my 1992 National Review cover story, to her apparent approval, and commented that I was concerned about the demographics of Texas, right on the front line of out-of-control legal and illegal immigration, especially of Mexicans.

    She reacted with horror. “I don’t like Mexicans,” she said. “Mexicans will be the ruin of America.”

    At least, that’s what I remember her saying. Obviously I wasn’t recording the conversation and memory can play tricks. But of her instantly grasping the Reconquista threat, and of the intensity of her reaction to it, I have no doubt whatever.

  • Young Man

    The more I learn about Margaret Thatcher the more I like her.

  • DailyKenn

    I’ve always found it disturbing that when white missionaries improved the lives of Indians, Africans, etc., with education, health care, and many other life enhancements, liberals criticized the missionaries as racists who were committing genocide.

    Yet, when non-whites invade the Eurosphere and establish parasite-host relationships, whites again are accused of racism for protesting. Bob Car is an example of such an accuser.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Outstanding point! I’ve heard the same sort of thing from liberals when white missionaries try to improve the lives of Bantus and other groups – yet, when these same groups invade white nations, whites are expected to remain silent and somehow be happy about our racial and cultural demise!?

    • The host is not allowed to criticize the parasite.

      • Jane Johnson

        Now that’s funny! Thank you. I can visualize white civilization as a curled up, sleeping dog. When that big dog wakes up and begins to shake off the fleas…

    • White is Right

      Improved the lives ?? Heard of the genocide in Bengal ? The african holocaust ? How about the aboriginal or native american holocausts ? How about the firebombing of Japan and the annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?? Whites have been systematically wiping large brown and black populations off the face of this earth for centuries now. They deserve everything that’s coming to them.

      • rightrightright

        Which is why third world populations have never, ever been as vast as they are now? Or did white $billions of aid and white science have something to do with the exponential population growth of blacks and browns?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Systematically wiping them off the face of the earth?

        Last I checked, Japan started the Pacific War, and we did in fact stop bombing them after they surrendered. White US army general Douglas MacArthur wrote much of Japan’s postwar constitution, which gave women there the right to vote. As a western-aligned country, Japan is prosperous and stable and has suffered no repeat of the 1936 military putsch that led to the China war and eventually the Pacific War. In the United States, ethnic Japanese have assimilated, and marry whites at twice the rate of other east Asians: 2/3 of the women and 1/3 of the men.

        As for the American Indians and Australian Aborigines, the worst damage to them was inflicted by imported Old World diseases – especially smallpox and tuberculosis – to which they had no immunity, and at a time when germs and microbiology were simply not understood by anyone. The nomadic plains Amerinds were problematical only because they wouldn’t quit fighting. The forced relocation of southeast tribes to Oklahoma was intended to prevent a genocide. Northeast tribes assimilated, and I am the result of this.

        While African blacks were brought to the Americas involuntarily as slaves, who was it that sold those folks to European slavers? Other African blacks! The kingdoms on the west African coast became quite powerful by trading slaves for muskets, which made them more effective at taking more slaves from among their enemies farther inland. While the importation of blacks to the New World was one of the greatest tragedies in human history, it was a tragedy for us and not them. Their descendants get to live in developed nations they could never have conceived of, let alone created, where they prey on innocent people like Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome.

        Bengal – now modern Bangladesh – is still one of the most densely populated areas on earth, with 245 million people crammed into an area a bit smaller than Oregon. Whatever “holocaust” occurred at the hands of the also-nonwhite Indian Maratha empire in the late 1700s doesn’t seem to have hurt the place much; their biggest problems seem to be cyclones and the fact that neither Burma nor India wants them as illegal aliens. White influences on Bangladesh, however include government by a multiparty parliamentary democracy in which women can vote and a legal system based on English Common Law, modified to suit Muslim religion and local ethnic traditions.

        • Nathanwartooth

          Very elegant post. I’m not sure what you were responding to because it got deleted but I enjoyed it none the less.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Someone was badgering whites over our “genocidal” treatment of nonwhites. He picked out Bengal so I let him have it.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Apparently you aren’t even supposed to notice that posts get deleted, since mine got deleted as well 🙁

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The really amusing aspect to Carr’s getting bent out of shape over this is that while his wife was born in Malaysia, she was born to an Indian father and a Chinese mother. Ethnic Malays hate both groups. It is also peculiar that a successful businesswoman would hook up with a socialist Labour Party weasel like Carr, unless of course Carr’s mail-order bride simply wanted Australian citizenship.

  • bigone4u

    When I was a teenager, before the current madness that has overtaken Australia, I wanted desperately to live there because it was all white, clean, orderly, energetic, and a bit old fashioned in its values. The kangaroos looked like fun too. Australia was there for millions of years but was not settled by Asians. Now the liberal government brings them in by the boatload. Why? Australia was perfect without them. You can’t do better than perfect.

    • Anon12

      They have been infected with the White only disease known as Anti-White-ism

    • GM (Australia)

      Get away from the poorer parts of our main cities and we are still a very white country with lots of traditional values.

      • psbindy

        Hi GM. I remember hearing that a lot of Americans emigrated to Australia after the civil rights & voting rights acts of the mid 60’s, and the riots in many American cities through the 70’s & beyond. My attempts to research their experience is thwarted by my lack of computer skills (if it doesn’t come up with a google search I’m stuck). Is there an American ex-pat community “Down Under”? Did they remain and assimilate? Do the Native Aussies accept them as desirable additions to the nation? Do they have a nickname (besides “Bloody Yanks)? Any replies about this subject from you or anyone else will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. P.S. The few Aussies I “collaborated” with in ‘Nam were true bad asses in a matter-of -fact sort of way. Looking forward to your reply.

        • GM (Australia)

          (Also see my previous reply) Yes, there are a lot of Americans here in Australia, they do assimilate and most of them love it here and most are just like us. The last American that we had a lot to do with, a female health care professional, said she loved it here and fitted in totally.

          As for Vietnam, I am sure you would have gotten on famously with our guys, did you try and out-drink them?! I think a lot of our farm boys went over there and truly lost their innocence in every way but sadly often came back destroyed. I also think Vietnam was the beginning of the end for society as we once knew it.

          But seriously Vietnam divided this country. The government tried to justify our involvement by warning us of the “yellow peril” and warned us that there were six hundred million Red Chinese waiting to take over this underpopulated resource rich land. We still had the “White Australia” policy in those days. It was only a few years later that we virtually opened the door to Asian immigration. I still feel that a lot of returned servicemen just wonder exactly why or what they did go to war for.

          Keep on using Google and all its vast resources (including maps, photos & street view etc) and you will find out lots about this great and still mainly white country.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I could easily out-drink Ozzies when I was there. I’m used to drinking at 6100 feet elevation, so down at sea level there are no problems (it seemed somewhat unfair). One of my older friends who had been a navy F9F Panther pilot in Korea until he got burned up right proper in a flight deck crash after flak damage used to get drunk before missions; alcohol had been banned in the US navy by Josephus Daniels in 1914, but torpedoes (like those supplied for ASW work for carrier aircraft) ran on potable ethanol. Those guys would go onto pure oxygen while waiting for their catapult launch and sober up. Back on the ship and breathing real air, they’d be drunk again.

    • eunometic

      Both the “left” (Australian labor party or ALP) and the “right” (economic libertarian “Liberal” party bring in millions of immigrants. (The donors control policy) They play games with Australians pretending they are about to reduce immigration but never do. Some time ago the prime minister Kevin Rudd advocated a big Australia by immigration. It caused some consternation and he was deposed by Julia Gillard who sounded much more sober and cautionary on the issue but has in fact actually increased it. Liar, traitor.

      It can be guaranteed that in the USA, UK and Australia that the main parties lie on immigration 100% of the time.

      Do not ever trust them.

      • StillModerated

        How ironic! I remember when an Aussie bureaucrat said “two wongs don’t make a White.”

        • Mr Potato

          That was a Labor politician back in the ‘White Australia Policy’ days early last century. Yes…Labor! Then came the sixties…

    • Fredrik_H

      I get that feeling about many places I haven’t had the money or time to visit nowadays.

      Just take London for example, where the english is now a minority. If I wanted to see brown and black muslims I can just visit one of the urban wastelands filled with native-hating settlers we have in my own country. If anything I kick myslelf for not taking the time to visit it while it was still english.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I loved the place in the late 1990s, and if the gun laws Down Under had not changed, I’d have stayed.

    • HamletsGhost

      It was perfect for white people. Far from perfect in the eyes of the nation wreckers. They sneered that Australia was too boring, white bread and old-fashioned and needed to “spice up” their country with all sorts of flotsam and jetsam from every dusty nook of the world.

      Now Muslim rape gangs roam the streets of Sydney, attacking any uncovered girl as fresh meat for their cooped up libidos. Chinese immigrants crowd out native-born whites at the universities and even now they’ve imported the most primitive Africans to turn formerly safe cities into no-go zones for all white people.

      Ain’t diversity grand?

  • sbuffalonative

    “She said, ‘I like Sydney but you can’t allow the migrants to take over, otherwise you will end up like Fiji where the Indian migrants have taken over.’ I was astonished.”
    Astonished by hearing the truth?
    Facts cannot be racist.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I loved Sydney, and two of my three best friends there were Chinese. The third was Scottish, Russian and… aborigine. My main concern for Australia over immigration is that the country is really just a desert the size of the US lower 48 states, with a thin ring around it. People like living in this beautiful coastal area, with rather disastrous effects on wildlife found nowhere else in the world. More demands on this can’t be beneficial. I think the only animal in Oz that has benefited from human presence is the coastal taipan, which apparently does quite well hunting rats in the sugar cane fields up north.

  • eunometic

    For what its worth Bob Carr is married to a Chinese woman. Perhaps Racism is essentially defined as wanting the White race to continue to exist in some form. In reality however racism is defined as not acting proactively enough to blend and mix out the White race.

    I say this advisedly, the psychotic liberal left “doublethink” has essentially defined racism in such a way that this “crime” can only be committed by Whites.

    Kerry Bolton’s thesis in his new book “the psychotic left” that much of the left leadership has mental illness, often undiagnosed, is surely correct. The behaviour of the left (and neoconservative liberals) is maladaptive and self destructive to their own gene pool. This surely is mental illness in its atavistic form.

    Margaret Thatcher did nothing in regards to stopping or slowing non White immigration. Tory Party donors who are pro immigration are way too strong.

  • bubo

    Silly leftists with no balls are always astonished when someone puts the truth right in their face with no apologies.

    • gemjunior

      It would have been awesome if she were still in office and she said it loud at a state function and some liberals “demanded her apology” (LOL!) or “called for her resignation” ROFL; it’s always the same. And she would refuse to do either and would come down even harder on the left. Thank God she was completely senile at the end and didn’t see what happened to England. She probably agreed with Enoch Powell. She was from a better time – like he was. Just look at that hair . The Iron Hairdo.

      • saxonsun

        Ditto on her senility–she was spared the horror.

  • Secret Tribunal

    More reasons to admire Margaret Thatcher, and also why you will be charged with a racist Hate Crime if you don’t mention Hitler and David Duke in the same breath as her name.

  • ViktorNN

    For some odd reason, it’s only whites who are called racist when they advocate preserving the racial character of white countries.

    When non-whites do it, everyone agrees with them at once and lauds them for being “proud.”

    • GM (Australia)

      Proud yes, but “arrogant” is is another word that comes to my mind.

  • RHG

    So Thatcher wasn’t a “multicultist”, how dare her.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Bob Carr reminds me of one of those ridiculous caricatures of anti-racists from “anti-racist Hitler”. His kind would love to see Australia 100% populated by Asians and Negroes.

  • LHathaway

    Another whammy statement inside a whammy article. Margaret Thatcher’s statements are true. you could be black, white, brown, yellow, red, blue, any human mind can see that her statement is true. The rub is, I guess, whether or not one thinks it’s a good thing for whites to become minorities.It wouldn’t be considered a good thing if whites made any people of color minorites. Apparently, there is a double standard, at minimum, concerning those of white skin color.

  • Thomas Katt

    The Tongans rose up and drove the Indians out of their kingdom. The Fijians waited too long, now Fiji is 37% Indian, and will never come back.

    • GM (Australia)

      The present leader of Fiji is often regarded as a military dictator and is not accepted in PC society. If he were to allow free elections the Indian based parties would win and the Fijians would be subject to Indians. The situation in Fiji shows why multiculturalism is unworkable, a totally flawed concept and will always fail. (And in the Balkans it can be quite deadly)

  • freddy_hills

    First, there’s no evidence Thatcher said any of that. Car could be making it up or exaggerating to pursue his own interests. Notice the little rat waited until after she was dead and couldn’t refute him to say anything.

    And, second, So what if she didn’t want her country to become a third world colony? That’s a good thing. It’s a shame Car has sold out his own country on his wife’s behalf. That only goes to show how marrying out tends to compromise one’s own perspective. Car is a disgrace.

  • Greg Thomas

    She wasn’t racist enough it seems.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “I was so astonished I don’t think I could think of an appropriate reply,” he said.

    “It reminded me that despite, yes, her greatness on those big questions, the role of the state, the evil nature of Communist totalitarianism, there was an old-fashioned quality to her that was entirely out of touch and probably explained why her party removed her in the early 90s.”

    Race traitor. Jackass. Take your Malaysian negrito and move to effin Malaysia you sick bastard. Pollution.

    • Mr Potato

      Why run off to Malaysia with her when he can move her whole family over here. He earns big money you know. They can open up a much-needed Malaysian restaurant in the swank area where he lives. The general Australian couldn’t care anyway. They are obsessed with sport and obey what the television tells them to think.

  • NeuBismarckian

    Admittedly, I’m not too familiar with Lady Thatcher’s dealings with Australian officials, but she apparently told Peter Brimelow, in 1992, “I don’t like Mexicans; Mexicans will be the ruin of America.” Prophetic woman.

  • thatcher hated liberal scum

    How about China and its leaders? Are they racist? They have 5 times the population of European and its satellites and only allow Chinese to be citizens and no other races allowed.

    What about the same for Japan? African nations even in such 3rd world stench wretchedness conditions? Pakistan? India? Most of South America?

    Terrible mistake made when African slave rejects were bought off the tribal chieftains beginning 500 yrs ago and shipped west to the new world as labor performing menial soft chores picking cotten or harvesting sugas cane or coffee or cleaning house in exchange for everything free.

    Slaves thought they were in heaven compared to the cesspool of African jungles but then pc liberalism seeped in with Jefferson Madison Marx Lincoln and the rest is putrid history..

    • “Slaves thought they were in heaven compared to the cesspool of African jungles but then pc liberalism seeped in with Jefferson Madison Marx Lincoln and the rest is putrid history..”

      Can you explain how Jefferson and Madison were representative of pc liberalism?

  • Mr Sarcastic

    Lets See How NOT To Be A RACIST:
    1. Always put down your own White Race and lift all other races above yours.
    2. Always give credit for any invention or improvement in life to a minority or a white who stole the idea from a minority.
    3. Never assume you have the right others do for a Preference in who they choose as friends or associates. You must always make a minority your first choice.
    4. A preference to spend the bulk of your time around others like yourself is the most evil of white devil caracteristics, whites should be your last choice if no whites are available.
    5. Only non whites can have any type of preference to who they associate with or choose to put down.
    See — Obey these rules and you Might Not be considered a racist, but don’t count on it if you are white.
    Isn’t RACISM really the understanding that there are racial differences?
    Please forgive me I didn’t me to think or say that..

  • fakeemail

    Tirade? That’s no tirade. Thatcher just stated she did not wish to see Australians get overwhelmed by foreigners within Australia. Sounds pretty calm and reasonable to me.

    A tirade would be if she went off and said how one group was better/worse, etc. It would still probably be true, but that would be a tirade. To a leftist ass like Carr, acknowledging that you’re white is a hate-filled tirade.

  • John L.

    Amazing. It is a common sense apprehension based on reams of historical precedent. “Nothing factual can be racist and nothiing racist can be factual” What’s the objection here?
    Seems to me the Aussie chap is waging war against realism. Shouldn’t be confused with “raaycizzum”.

  • Paleoconn

    Either he knew she was right and couldn’t counter her statement, or, more likely, he didn’t have the balls to spar with her. Or perhaps a bit of both.