Posted on April 9, 2013

‘Gang of 8’ Gives Middle Finger to Americans

John Rocker, WND, April 8, 2013

The good old “Gang of Eight,” those Republican and Democrat senators who have declared war on the American taxpayer, are hoping this is the week an immigration bill can be hammered out.

Though the Associated Press will no longer call them “illegal immigrants”–Jay Leno put it best when he said they would be called “undocumented Democrats”–the Gang of Eight is bound and determined to set in motion an amnesty that will remake all of America into just another version of the failed state of California.

But the Gang of Eight will go down on the “right side of history” by doing this charitable act, won’t they? Liberal academics will applaud the brave stance these statesmen, these architects of a more open and tolerant America took in opening the floodgates of cheap labor for businesses to instantly increase their profit margins.

All at the expense of the American worker, the American middle class and, worse, those Americans currently taking out student loans to pay for a college education that no longer offers a ticket to acquiring the so-called American Dream.


At a time when unemployment rates are still high, when large numbers of Americans are so discouraged in their job search they are dropping out of the labor market and when families are having to find every shortcut in their monthly budgets just to provide basic necessities to put food on the table, the Gang of Eight is prepared to give each and every one of the aforementioned groups the middle finger and say they’d rather have permanent cheap labor then help out Americans in need.

Who needs a middle class anyway, right, when increased profit margins due to decreased labor costs equal higher stock valuations?

So you no longer have a country, but your portfolio has never been better!

Were a smart Republican (or even a Democrat in a heavily blue-collar state like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, or Iowa) to survey the Gang of Eight push for amnesty and realize that these senators are proposing a traitorous piece of legislation that will flood the labor force and forever change the definition of “middle class” in this nation, they’d instantly position themselves to the right of this monstrous legislation.

No, not just to the right, but on the side of the American people.

  • They would then call for not just increased border security, but deportation of illegal aliens currently being held in our jails (at the taxpayers expense). Along with the deportation, they’d also send a bill to each nation where the offender originated from and demand remuneration for being held in our prison system.
  • They would push for a bill similar to Arizona SB 1070 to be passed in their state.
  • They would side with recent college graduates in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), who find themselves saddled with student loans and searching for jobs in an industry where businesses find using H-1B visas a cheaper alternative. They’d side with them by calling for an end to the H-1B scam.
  • More to the point, they’d reach out to the important under-30 vote by calling for student loan forgiveness. What’s worse–student loan forgiveness or amnesty for 11 million “undocumented Democrats”? Instead of paying interest toward a loan for a degree many can’t even use, why not let young college graduates save their income and invest it into the economy (or better yet, use it to help fund their own entrepreneurial efforts?)
  • They’d call for a five-year moratorium on legal immigration as well. America can be a melting pot again, but like any nation we have the duty to look after our people first.

The American people are going to need bold leadership to save this nation. That doesn’t mean the type of bold ideas that get you positive press and accolades from the radical left, liberal academics and the MSM, but the kind of bold ideas that work to help make life better for the American people.