Alaska Congressman Apologizes for Using Ethnic Slur

Michael O'Brien, NBC News, March 29, 2013

Alaska Rep. Don Young, R, issued a new statement late Friday formally apologizing for his use of a slur to describe immigrant laborers.

Young, who had endured demands by Democrats and other fellow Republicans–including House Speaker John Boehner–to apologize for the use of the term “wetbacks” in a radio interview on Thursday, issued a statement doing just that.

Young said in a statement:

“I apologize for the insensitive term I used during an interview in Ketchikan, Alaska.  There was no malice in my heart or intent to offend; it was a poor choice of words. That word, and the negative attitudes that come with it, should be left in the 20th century,  and I’m sorry that this has shifted our focus away from comprehensive immigration reform.”

Young had appeared on KRBD radio on Thursday, where he made his initial remark.

“My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes,” Young said. “It takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. It’s all done by machine.”


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  • I agree the use of the “wetback” term is soo racist. I think it would be more appropiate to decribe them as “Illegal Invaders” instead., that way does not offen dthe undocumented immigrants.

    • dukem1

      I like to say “Foreign nationals in our country illegally .”

    • Greg Thomas

      Illegal invading wetbacks need to be “offended.”

  • freddy_hills

    I don’t see this as so much offensive as stupid. Things like this rank right up with Akin saying raped women don’t get pregnant. All it does is give their enemies fodder. Why does the GOP keep fools like that around?

    As an aside, I’ve yet to hear an apology for someone saying “gringo”.

    • Ahem.

      Anyway, Don Young is for Puerto Rican statehood, or at least he was one of the big pushers for it the last time it was considered seriously. And he’s always been on the side of amnesty and open borders generally. That said, if he admits that what used to take 50-60 people now takes a machine and a few people, this kinda puts doubt on all these “crops are rotting in the fields” horror stories we get from the cheap labor lobby.

      That means the goal here isn’t to legalize illegal aliens for the sake of picking crops, this proves that the goal is to legalize illegal aliens for the sake of more legal workers in the work force in order to drive down salaries and wages overall.

      • freddy_hills

        I think you replied to me by accident. But I agree with you. About 3 percent work in agriculture; 33 percent have jobs in service industries; and substantial numbers can be found in construction and related occupations (16 percent) and in production, installation and repair (17 percent).

      • Room101

        Why would foreign criminal invaders have to work?
        Working on the books and filing state and federal tax forms is for the “racist” chumps footing all the bills.
        Many jurisdictions have passed laws and regulations based on US Supreme Court decisions forbidding denial of government benefits due to the applicant’s status of being a foreign national/criminal invader parasite.

    • sbuffalonative

      Unfortunately, the language police have told us the word ‘wetback’ is an offensive slur and shouldn’t be spoken in polite company. It seems we have to live with it for now.
      While I believe we should be able to speak freely, for the life of me I don’t understand how these people are so out of touch with these forced social standards that they keep slipping up. Are they not aware of how other politicians have been crucified over similar comments?
      One has to live in a cave not to know which words are and aren’t permitted.

  • ArmenianWN

    “I apologize for the insensitive term I used….”

    That’s funny, I believe most Americans would rather hear an apology from all the Mexicans and Hispanics for hijacking the country, bringing down the American Healthcare System from being the best in the world to the worst in the world, making schools, universities and workplaces bend over backwards in order to provide Spanish language accommodations, destroying the beautiful cities of the American Southwest into third world hell-holes due to massive crime, activating and accelerating the illegal drug trade, lobbying the government to break their spine in order to take away more and more from the American tax payer and into the hands of some Enrique Gonzalez or Jose Martinez so that they can buy some drugs, bang up some prostitutes and then steal some guns in order to start a bloody race war with the Bantus who live on the other side of the city, etc……

    • libearlsuck

      With cowardly white “conservative” leaders like him, who needs liberals or anti-white nonwhites?

  • Paleoconn

    The deportation campaign under Ike was known as Operation Wetback. Anyway, this is nothing compared to the gringos or other derogatory names these people reserve for us.

    This person’s only mistake was apologizing. There is no forgiveness, and in fact they thrive on weakness which is clear when you apologize thinking it will make amends. it only makes things worse. I would get up and say, I could have called these parasites a lot worse things but I let them off easy. Don’t tempt me.

    • purestocles

      “Anyway, this is nothing compared to the gringos or other derogatory names these people reserve for us.”

      As far as that goes, I never particularly liked being called “White”. I’m caramel, or butterscotch.

      And I’ve never seen a black person either. They’re umber or sienna.

      The fact that we’ve had to modify our labels for colored people according to their whims shows who wields real power. Once we adopted the 60’s radical black men’s White/Black branding, the social fabric began unraveling. There is no compromise in a worldview that sees everything in terms of white and black.

      • Daisy

        What type of terminology do you propose? I found it interesting to re-watch Matt Heimbach’s and Jared Taylor’s debate with some black commentators who kept insisting that because some jewish Phd wrote a book “How The Irish Became White” that somehow various obviously ‘white’ ethnicitiies weren’t really or truly ‘white.’ The black news commentator kept saying ‘they’re not really white’ and I wish that Heimbach or Taylor had simply asked, “How do you define white?”

        I’ve said this before: making white an elusively definable yet all pervasive essence – a shape-shifting avatar – disables it’s material defense against accusation. Since you can’t nail it down you can’t defend it from attack, which is what they want.
        Increasingly, white is simply a catch-all repository for any crime or failing in a black or hispanic. I also think that the hysteria surrounding ‘whiteness’ imputed evils is enabled by this sense that it’s nowhere but everywhere, like the 70’s horror film The Fog.

      • Room101

        A strong case can be made that we’ve come full-circle.
        I don’t see or hear any White people calling black people the names they call themselves and their spawn.

  • khesanh67-68

    A wisenheimer could make a lucrative living selling made up apologes.

  • Simonetta

    So why does a representative in Ketchikan, Alaska care about ‘wetbacks’ enough to make a public comment about them? Are ‘wetbacks’ are problem in Ketchikan? Wouldn’t ‘frostbacks’ be a more appropriate term? Is this yutz going to lose the next election because all the ‘latinos’ in Ketchikan going to switch their votes away from this guy because of his great insult? Dollars to donuts that this guy isn’t going to be saying ‘eskimo’ instead of ‘inuit’ in an interview.

    • Greg Thomas

      Illegal invading wetbacks are a problem just about everywhere in this country. Not one city been left unscathed by their invasion.

  • ViktorNN

    Meanwhile, black Congressman Joe Mitchell from Alabama calls one constituents’ white relatives a pack of “murderous, adulterous, incestuous, inbred, snaggle-toothed” freaks – essentially every stereotype of white Southerners in the book – and when called to apologize, flat out refuses to do so. The media response? Thunderous silence.

    • storibund

      Yep. I really wish whites would learn from his example, and start refusing to behave like whipped curs whenever we say something the Left doesn’t like… which covers just about everything we say, actually.

      We whites really need to get over being approved of by the Left. I suggest every white politician hang a picture of Joe Mitchell over their desk to give them courage and direction…

    • Alexandra

      Sounds to me that congress critter was projecting big-time. When I think of a group that goes around murdering, cheating, and creating mayhem, I don’t think of hillbillies….

    • Room101

      Congressman Mitchell’s descriptive and focused rhetoric could easily have been written by Julius Streicher.

      • jeffaral

        Was Julius Streicher black??!!!

  • The old adage exists for a reason: Never apologize for being right.

    White America deserves real men who are real leaders.

    • Room101

      This is one of the biggest games in politics/media.
      Turn the screws until an apology is extracted from a White person in public life, or one who at least nominally purports to represent them. Look @ the firestorm of media and political ‘outrage’ from the Left that descended upon Dan Cathy, CEO of Chik-fil-A, just last summer for saying he would donate to a certain Christian charitable organization that doesn’t agree with homosexuals being allowed by Government to counterfeit their relationships as marriages.

      Young should resign.
      Not for being right or even for his mere re-telling of an anecdote from his past using the vernacular of the times.
      He should resign either for being a duly-chastened PC insufferable t**t who truly believes he has “sinned” against die-versity, or announce that to regain his manhood, dignity, and credibility, he can no longer suffer the company of such lying slimy crooked fools as the speaker.

  • Minorities are never sorry when they make racial slurs.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    That word, and the negative attitudes that come with it, should be left in the 20th century

    The expression refers to illegal immigrants crossing of the Rio Grande to get to the US, and I would be only too thrilled if the illegal activity it describes were confined to the 20th century. Unfortunately, the illegal activity continues and, in fact, has only intensified. Therefore, the expression is perfectly appropriate, and is, in fact, in my view a little mild.

    • The__Bobster

      Now that it’s the 21st Century, aren’t the Mestizos still crossing the border illegally? Well then, why should we call them something else? Oh, yeah, it’s because the leftists control our language. Hell, they don’t want us to use the term “illegal” either. Screw them. I’m still calling them what they are.

      • Room101

        What Congressman Young should’ve said in his original statement he apologized for, referring to ‘wetbacks’, is that’s what the Government used to call them officially back in those days; today, everybody’s just a Nigga.

        Hilarity ensues.

  • bigone4u

    The word “wetback” refers to crossing the Rio Grande someplace where there is no bridge. Its use throws a monkey wrench (no racial intent by the use of the word monkey here; just so I don’t have to apologize) into the Republicans plans to court Hispanics. Rep Young would face all kinds of punishments without that apology, including being defunded by the party the next election cycle. I can also picture a move by Dems to impeach him. Realistically, most of us would kowtow to keep our jobs.
    A real leader on issues relating to race is going to have to come from a third party or be an independent. An independent could use mildly descriptive terms like wetback, “pepper belly,” or “beaner” without throwing the pols into a tizzy of groveling at the feet of minorities. However, to be honest, I believe that so long as the great majority of whites are repulsed by what they consider “mean” words like wetback, it’s much better for anti-immigration leaders to focus on real issues rather than name calling.
    At the University of Texas at San Antonio there is a giant statue of an illegal immigrant wading across the Rio Grande with a child on his soldiers. It’s in the quad, seen by 40000 people a day. I despise the glorification of illegality funded by taxpayer dollars. That’s an issue worth fighting for.

    • bigone4u

      Here’s a link to an attractive white female UT San Antonio student writing about the glorification of illegality on the campus by the presence of the offensive statue of the “wetback.” Amren should recruit her. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to blow up the statue. Meanwhile, in Memphis the parks named for Confederate generals are being renamed for blacks. WE ARE UNDER SIEGE EVERYWHERE.

      • Room101

        Mostly by the one institution with the monopoly over the legal use of force, Government.

        Funded by extracting/borrowing against the future productivity @ gunpoint against the targeted demographic, We the People.

  • Alexandra

    This Pollack wouldn’t have apologized. (Yes, I’m half Polish.)

  • The__Bobster

    I want this clown removed from office, not for calling the ugly squat monster invaders “wetbacks”, but for being a spineless wimp. A 75-IQ Bantu politician wouldn’t apologize for saying things far worse about YT.

    • bluffcreek1967

      He should also be removed for the sorts of policies he’s pursued over the past 40 years he’s been in office. He’s not only a RINO, but he’s currently under investigation for all kinds of shady and unethical practices.

      “Rep. Don Young Used a Naughty Term,”

  • Bobby

    Cowardness and self interest personified. NOW, what should happen next? Can anyone guess? His A– should be voted out of office as a further reward for his lickspittled cowardness. When in Gods name are European-Americans ever going to grow a pair?

  • 1proactive2

    I work in a state prison. For the benefit of whites who read stories like this think of the felon culture regarding titles for prisoners. They label each other as it fits the personality. When someone doesn’t or won’t stand up for himself, he is known as a “bitch”. It will stick in the population until he proves his antagonists wrong. It looks like this representative and the editor of the Philadelphia weekend news magazine who nearly begged forgiveness from professional black complainers for an article on White citizen’s perception of blacks qualify for that handle. White have got to stop being one and stop the ridiculous apologizing.

    The felons who are passed around for sex are known by another title. That one for another article.

    • Room101

      Are cellphones/sayle-phaaones contraband in your facility?
      If not, they should be.
      The thugs can continue to coordinate their criminal empires on Facebook and other social media.
      They can order all their little thugs on welfare to stream out of the ‘hood in their hundreds and thousands all across the USA territory and hit Whitey hard, in violent fast-moving swarms.

      • 1proactive2

        No, they aren’t allowed by prisoners or staff. It’s a felony to bring a cell phone into a prison.

        • Room101


          You should look @ a website Charleston Thug Life regarding all aspects of the ‘benefits of die-versity’ in South Carolina, written by folks from a law-enforcement normal-person taxpayer perspective.

          The prisoners doing 30 or 40 years for multiple murders are allowed their cell phones in South Carolina prisons. The corruption is obviously rampant.

          • 1proactive2

            I’m in a blue state, Michigan, and benefits for those who would harm the law-abiding are plentiful and generous. But cell phones are not allowed by anyone “inside the wire”.

    • Daisy

      I know this sounds naive but why do prisons allow this ‘passing around’ aka raping of inmates?

      • 1proactive2

        It’s not allowed. A small white male is prime sexual meat for most blacks, and they will either intimidate them into sex and then pass them around for a fee such as junk food or Ramen noodles. Another method used is the black will “offer” to protect them from other prisoners, but as in the first scenario, the white will be used for fun and profit. Felons spend every waking hour learning how to get around rules. For black felons, it’s a lifestyle and status, and in the latter, the better the hustle the greater the standing in the felon population.

        • Daisy

          Well how do they intimidate them…are the showers really where this violence unfolds? Aren’t prisoners either in their cells or under surveillance in groups? I just don’t get how besides by a cellmate this is allowed to happen, unless the guards just decide to let it. Is there race informing that?

          • 1proactive2

            In the housing units they live in groups, and no, there is no camera on them. Blacks quietly explain to their potential f***boy that they will be beaten senseless or even killed unless they willfully give oral and anal sex. If the young white boy doesn’t stand up to them, he’s toast – with butter.
            The white boy may get beaten senseless by a group of them, but the blacks will leave him alone figuring he’s too much a hassle. If they’re discovered in the act by officers, the white male had better say that it was consensual. If not, he’ll likely end up in the hospital or dead. They’re sanctioned for a while, but then they’re back at it.

            Along with being sexually gratified, the black will then rent their white boy toy to others for junk food. Sex acts take place in the bathrooms where custody officers make only occasional rounds.

            I’m absolutely convinced the average street black, which is to say those in prison, are at least bi-sexual. Young white males, especially slightly built ones, are the Kim Kardasians and J-Los of the yard. At the risk of sounding vulgar, I have to say that it appears that most black males with copulate with just about any mammal that walks, crawls, or hasn’t been dead too long. They measure themselves as “real men” by their sexual conquests.

          • I hear that prison rape is very rare in our antipodean prisons, while we have relatively very low numbers of Bantu’s at less than 1% of our total population.
            Even our local indigenous peoples such as Polynesians and Aborigines, seem to prefer raping woman or very rarely engage in same sex rape to more so to prove dominance, rather than for sexual gratification.

            Yet when you see any place where Bantu’s are prevalent such as in South African prisons, rape just seems like a way of life, with the usual homosexual, down low denials.
            See quote in this video @ 40:50mins
            Q: Does having sex with men for 19 years make you gay?
            A: “No because I am ‘the man’ and they (the victim) are the woman”

            Do you know if these trends regarding the correlation between Bantu’s and prison rape follow world wide?
            Hollywood shows me that prison rape is an a-racial phenomenon, somehow I doubt this.

          • 1proactive2

            There are white sexual predators in prison, but they are not aggressively so. They take the “friendship” approach and attempt to talk the young boys into sex over time. Sometimes it works, and when not, it’s no big deal to them so they let it go. White sexual predators are also very much in the minority among the general population of sex trollers. Blacks are completely in the majority, overwhelmingly so.

            Black sexual predators measure their status as a “man” through brute force. To be able to humiliate and harm a white prisoner gets them status among other blacks. As far as homosexuality, blacks think if they’re pitching and not catching, they’re not homosexual, but most all will occasionally take the female role according to custody officers who catch them doing the nasty.

            Regarding homosexual rape in prison as an act of dominance, maybe so, but the rapist still gets sexually excited to include an erection. That alone is convincing enough to say that a man being sexually aroused by looking at another constitutes homosexuality.

            Since there are so many questions regarding this topic and my post, maybe I should write an essay on it and submit it to the Amren editors. Didn’t think it would draw this much interest. If one reads this he or she can drop me a line.

          • Hey I’m just one of the unwashed masses, but I think that the first person perspective stories are some of the most powerful.

            For instances see Jack Krak’s recent…

            (500+ comments)

            Or some of the other Amren classic articles…
            “Dispatches from the go slow zone”.

            Or similarly to your essay subject matter….
            “White Man in a Texas Prison”

            (Surely incidents of prison rape internationally has to increase/decrease due to numbers of Bantu’s in custody).

            “Blacks and High Steel”.

            Or some of the articles that came out from Hurricane Karina.
            “Brit’s Hell inside the Terror Dome”.
            “Karina Diary”.

            “Africa in our Midst”.

            Hey any perspective that helps to document our inherent differences, surely ought to help and you sir are in a unique position as a witness.
            So I hope the editors/moderators here do tap you on the shoulder, maybe I should flag your comment above to get their attention? (Joking).
            Either way, thanks for your insights.

            See this video at 6.00mins.

            Strange that after the video above has been on line for years, it disappears one night after I link it.
            I’m not implying anything, just strange.

  • 1proactive2

    Okay. We’ll stop using “wetback”. How about, “social parasite”? There, that’s more 21st century.

  • Room101

    Speaker Boehner is mortified and outraged that this fellow GOPer just put @ risk maybe 15% of the “hispanic” demographic that supposedly votes for Republican’ts.

    Of course the appropriate apologies must be issued so the important business of granting amnesty to tens of millions of criminal invaders can proceed and get them signed up for all the welfare benefits and get them registered to vote.

    Unsurprisingly, border patrol agents are reporting (as heard on the Jason Lewis Show, 4/1/2013) that since news of the huge new amnesty is in the offing, they’re seeing double and triple the numbers of criminal invaders swarming across the border.
    The GOP must be overjoyed.

    They might get as much as 15% of that vote!

    • Foreman Scotty

      I do not know why everyone keeps pronouncing his name as “bay ner”. The real pronunciation is “bone ner”. He is kind of one of those too.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    We really need more leaders for whites like Jared Taylor who can be taken seriously and speak eloquently. The Philly article “Being White in Philly” author looked like a great candidate until he held a town hall meeting and essentially gave into the blacks saying he would hire black interns to be more diverse. GROW A PAIR OF BALLS! Better yet, let me speak to these idiots. I won’t throw sugar at them I would be a straight shooter.

  • Greg Thomas

    Illegal invading wetbacks need to be offended!

  • BAW

    This polack dago hunky yid (I have Polish, Italian, Slovak, and Jewish ancestry) is sick and tired of this PC ka-ka!

  • Diamond_Lil

    Using this term wasn’t a problem before:

    I hate PC culture.

  • IKantunderstand

    We talk about wetbacks, perhaps the talk needs to focus on “drybacks” ie. White Americans. Where are our jobs to come from? It doesn’t matter that we created all the businesses, all the major corporations, all the public utilities, all the government jobs, and, sadly, our brains and philosophy created “jobs of activism” . The fact of the matter is: where do people go as we continue to automate? We talk about what is going to happen to White people on this website. But what is going to happen to all of us? Do you really think that the people who are behind the genocide of White people and the mass propaganda that encourages miscegenation between Whites, and only Whites with other races isn’t doing this on purpose? We all know, mixing White with Black, improves the Black race. However, the same mixture, dilutes, and makes worse, the White race. Every race that Whites mix with dilutes the White race. We mix with Blacks, we have brown skin, brillo pad hair, wide nostrils, big lips, and a dumbded down I.Q. We gain nothing, except a stupid child/grandchild who is less concerned about sunburn. We have children with Asians? We get black straight hair and screwed up eyes. Yay, once again White features DISAPPEAR!!!!!This is something to celebrate? Derbyshire? We Whites don’t have enough DNA to go around. It only works when we have children with one another.

    • Maude Amee

      Whites have recessive genes. Other races don’t. Our white skin, blue eyes, aqualine features etc etc, are all recessive. What this means is that miscegenation destroys these features and the darky’s genes will dominate. The white race would be by far the esiest race to breed out of existence because recessive genes are easily lost.


    We did it once, and we can do it again, but apparently, this has become as hard as going back to the moon.

  • archer

    exactly, let’s hear them apologize for the billions they stole from us while making parts of this country unlivable to anyone that’s civilized.