BET Founder: ‘This Country Would Never Tolerate White Unemployment at 14 or 15 Percent’

Melanie Hunter, CNS News, March 29, 2013

Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder Bob Johnson said Tuesday that the nation would “never tolerate white unemployment at 14 or 15 percent” and yet unemployment for the black community has been double that of white Americans for over 50 years.

“This country would never tolerate white unemployment at 14 and 15 percent. No one would ever stay in office at 14 or 15 percent unemployment in this nation, but we’ve had that double unemployment for over 50 years,” Johnson said while speaking at the National Press Club about the gap between whites and blacks in America.

“The national average is 7.7 percent, and African-American unemployment is 13.8 percent. To be honest, it’s probably greater than that when you count the number of African-Americans who have simply given up on finding employment,” said Johnson, who is also founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies.

In 1972, the unemployment rate for African-Americans was 11.2 percent in January of that year and as low as 9.4 percent in December of that same year. It dipped as low as seven percent in April 2000. The unemployment rate for blacks in February 2013 was 13.8 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Johnson said the challenge was to figure out why the unemployment rate for blacks has been so high, “and if that doesn’t change, somebody’s going to have to pa—34 million African-Americans are not going to leave this country, millions of African-Americans who don’t have jobs.”

“Somebody’s going to have to pay for them. Somebody’s going to have to take care of them, and if somebody’s going to have to take care of them, that money’s got to come from somebody. And whoever’s paying for it is going to be upset about it, and they’re going to start looking for somebody to blame,” Johnson said.

According to the poll Johnson commissioned, which was conducted by Zogby, 50 percent of African-Americans blame the “failure of the education system for minorities/African-Americans” for high unemployment among blacks, while 48 percent say the “lack of corporate commitment to hiring minorities/African-Americans” is to blame for unemployment in the black community.

Twenty-five percent of respondents blame the lack of government policies for the high rate of black unemployment. Eighteen percent don’t blame anyone or anything, and twelve percent aren’t sure.


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  • MekongDelta69

    The real unemployment rate is 14-15% (b/c they don’t count all the people who have used up their unemployment bennies, can’t find a job and simply dropped off the workforce roles).

    But then again – it’s so much more fun to blame whites for everything – even if you’re a black billionaire, living in a (once) majority white country.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, and we’re tolerating this high unemployment rate because we’re being bought off by da gubmint,just like the Zulus.

    • I am “not unemployed” because I was a 1099 employee …..

  • Puggg

    Everybody now, in unison:

    Because they’re unemployable.

    So, easy, even a dog can do it.

    “Somebody’s going to have to pay for them. Somebody’s going to have to
    take care of them, and if somebody’s going to have to take care of them,
    that money’s got to come from somebody. And whoever’s paying for it is
    going to be upset about it, and they’re going to start looking for
    somebody to blame,” Johnson said.

    That’s what we have been doing since just about the first day they were here. We’ve been taking care of them collectively in one sense or another — Slavery, Freedmen’s Bureau, “40 Acres and a Mule,” civil rights laws, welfare, affirmative action, quotas, racial pandering, B.R.A.

    • khesanh67-68

      Doing a bit of reading on the Freedmen’ Bureau and Reconstruction in general. Very, very interesting topic. But, as you say, just the beginning of what we see nowadays. I plan to give a lecture on that period of our history in 2015 (150 yrs since), and i’ll mention the Freedmen’s Bureau of course.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Whites have adjusted to the changing job market and the rise of the service economy over the 50 year period mentioned in the article. Blacks have not, and in fact graduate high school in fewer numbers than they once did.

    • The__Bobster

      Aren’t make-work AA gubmint jobs part of the service economy?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        No, they’re really just another form of welfare.

      • dhs

        To an some extent: White men are being “serviced” in the agricultural sense.

  • Paleoconn

    As if Whites have to wait for gummint to do something about their lot. Whites scrap and struggle and find solutions, and above all are not afraid to do something they know is beneath them, just to get by until things get better. for blacks, everything is beneath them, the world is owed them.

    • khesanh67-68

      Agreed, but I will add they never see anything through once started. It doesn’t matter, at some point, they just to seem to walk away. That’s the very few who will even attempt anything in the first place.

  • freddy_hills

    “and yet unemployment for the black community has been double that of white Americans for over 50 years.”

    Yep. Ever since LBJ’s “war on poverty”.

    • dukem1

      It’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. I wonder what the black unemployment rate would be if there were not a whole mess of young black men working at Mickey D’s, etc., minimum wage jobs, in order to pay court-ordered child support under the threat of going to jail otherwise.
      It’s not as if they are looking to get a career started, get established in life, etc. .
      Remove all these guys that are just treading water and the unemployment would probably be 30%…
      And higher, if the stats included those that are for all intents and purposes unemployable.
      Maybe President Obama will propose a program for them..
      Oh gee whiz I hope so!

      • Whites Only

        Very good point. And let’s not forget all those working government and entry-level jobs to fulfill AA quotas both in the public and private sector. Remove all these guys too and the unemployment rate would be way above 50%…

        • Nathanwartooth

          Ever wonder why even Blacks making 100,000 a year want more government and higher taxes?

          It’s because they know that their job requires it. Without government jobs, sports and diversity quotas for everything Black unemployment would be insane.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I think most Black women just don’t have the father sign the birth certificate.

        The government is a lot more reliable and generous with the checks.

    • The__Bobster

      Before Elephant Ears’ war on poverty, mudflaps had a lower unemployment rate than Whites because they were willing to work for what they were truly worth.

  • wattylersrevolt

    It really is depressing to think of how large a percentage of the Native Born White Male Population was slaughtered and maimed between 1861-1865 to liberate blacks. I write this as someone who hates the institution of chattel slavery. In the case of blacks, it wasn’t worth it.
    The liberation of blacks….the 1964 Civil Rights Act…the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…the installation of a Kenyan Foreigner as POTUS by a very large nonwhite voting block…racial minority status for Native Born White Americans….very nasty racial persecution of Native Born White Americans…comming up this summer.

    • The__Bobster

      The war was NOT fought to liberate worthless Bantu a$$es. Do you really think poor Irish inductees wanted to free people who would move north and undercut their wages?

      • Daisy

        Do you really think they had much to say about it? Besides states’ rights as a principle, not solely or even specifically regarding the right to uphold slavery, what do you think it was fought for?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I can tell you exactly. The War Between the States was fought between the Southern Planter Robber Barons and the Northern Industrialist Robber Barons to decide who would profit from the opening up of the American west.

    • Sloppo

      So … the 75% of southerners whose families didn’t own slaves fought to preserve their slave owning rights against an army led by this slave owning fellow who opposed slavery (Grant). Do you believe there were any unicorns involved?

  • SargeInCharge

    “Johnson said the challenge was to figure out why the unemployment rate for blacks has been so high”

    Oh, I could list a myriad of reasons, but you and the media would just call them racist, Bob. Besides you and the media prefer the oppressor narrative, anyway.

    There can never be peace in a society with large numbers of blacks and whites because blacks will never admit why they are less successful. Ever.

  • ViktorNN

    And yet it’s funny how the Black Congressional Caucus is all for giving amnesty to illegal Mexicans and for an open borders policy on illegal immigration. Many of the jobs Mexicans are stealing – pot washers, bussing tables, landscaping, security guards, door men, parking lot attendants, slaughter house workers – all used to be good jobs for blacks.

    But blacks have calculated that it’s better to increase the non-white proportion of the overall population than to hold on to their traditional jobs.

    The non-white orcish agenda in the US seems to be to form a huge voting bloc that will vote itself more and more public benefits financed off an ever shrinking, economically-productive white middle class. The orcs would love to raise taxes on the rich as well, but the rich own the political class, which essentially means that its the endangered species known as middle class whites who are getting it from both sides.

    • The__Bobster

      Well, they’ve made a bad calculation, but it was to be expected. They believe that money to support their social programs grows on trees and YT has nothing to do with it.

    • jay11

      As far as immigrants ‘doing jobs americans won’t do” let me tell you, I see latinos in supervisory positions all over the city I live in. They work in all the stores and restaurants in every position, in hotel lobbies, car salesmen, computer repair associates and on and on and on and on. These are jobs americans used to do, until greedy employers wanted to save a buck and hire cheaper latinos. Blacks were never really an option because of poor work habits.

    • America First

      ViktorNN, you are absolutely correct about the ignorant and racist BCC. Their support for and of illegal immigrants only underscores their collective stupidity. But let’s face it, most blacks truly do not want jobs, they just want the benefits of jobs.

  • bigone4u

    A combination of the minimum wage (blacks are not worth $8 an hour so aren’t hired), illegal immigration, and outsourcing manufacturing all contribute to high black unemployment. However, there is a noneconomic factor that never shows up in academic studies. Blacks are often incompetent and lazy. A friend tells me a story of a black engineer he hired while working at a major electronics firm in Texas. The married black guy had all the credentials, but on the job he spent most of his time chatting up two ladies he was bopping (I hope I can say that word–having affairs with). He also didn’t know much of anything. My friend, like many white males, kept up with engineering as a hobby–he stayed up to date and educated through ham radio and other related hobbies in the evening rather than partying. The black employee just never did any work and had to be let go. Repeat this story over and over and you have the real reason no rational business would want to hire a black.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Why do you think customer service call centers tend to be located in India? This is one form of off-shoring of which I completely approve. I find the Hindi accent less annoying than ebonics and far easier to understand, the subcontinentals seem to actually know what they’re talking about, and they’re not trying to move into my neighborhood on Section 8 vouchers. If they have a flash mob riot, it’s in Bangalore or Mumbai and not here!

      Africans were brought here to pick cotton and tobacco, not to be Fortune 500 CEOs, and Bob Johnson needs to cowboy up and get over it. One could actually say that his BETV’s success was on the backs of white cable TV subscribers, because of the refusal of cable providers to provide a-la-carte service in which customers could pay only for exactly those channels they wanted, rather than being usually forced to pay for BETV as part of their “basic” cable bill. This is one reason (among many) I won’t have cable in my home. Another reason is that even the Discovery Channel has devolved from useful programming of the “Mythbusters” type to unmitigated drivel like “Punkin’ Chunkin”. Even “Deadliest Catch” was watchable only a few times before it all looked the same. Ditto “Swamp Loggers”.

      • back in the saddle again

        I have noticed that almost ever place I call for information has a black person to answer questions. They sound black, so I think it is safe to say they are black. Places like my medical insurance, car insurance, gas and electric company, bank(s), credit card companies, and other stuff like that. Places like mail order gun shops, fishing shops, and truck shops have white sounding people on the phone.

        • I know it sounds ridiculous but hang up and keep calling back until you reach someone that can speak English, or change companies.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            We timed on target with our responses, but for the ultimate in funny, when you get an ebonics-speaker on a customer service line, fake a Hindi accent, tell them your name is “John” (or some other unbelievably Western name) and ask to talk with someone who can speak “English”.

            That’ll probably red-line Laquesha’s already high blood pressure and otherwise seriously mess with her day.

            If you can imagine her gyrating her head around while she completely loses it on the phone, you’ll be smiling so much for the rest of the day that your face will hurt.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          When I get one of those, I hang up and try again a few minutes later.

      • Ding! Ding! Ding!

        Bob Johnson needs to cowboy up and get over it. One could actually say that his BETV’s success was on the backs of white cable TV subscribers, because of the refusal of cable providers to provide a-la-carte service in which customers could pay only for exactly those channels they wanted, rather than being usually forced to pay for BETV as part of their “basic” cable bill.

        We have a winner folks.

        My comment on another website a day ago:

        Johnson allowed BET, then a NYSE listed company, to be acquired for $3 billion by Viacom in 2003. He knows the day is coming when TV channels are offered “a la carte” and he knew damn sure that BET wasn’t worth $77 per negro (based on 2010 census) in the United States, when today, BET is a network that only reaches 90 million households in the United States, Caribbean, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and with most of them being white and not wanting the channel.

        • MikeofAges

          It’s the dream of jump starting a separate black market a la the Hispanic and Asian market. Thought it was happening in recent years, but right now I think it is and and always will remain a phantasm. The problem is, American blacks have just never been able to maintain their own commercial infrastructure, unlike everyone else. The overwhelming number of blacks who have an earned income earn it by working for someone else, and spend it with someone else. Economists have the terminology to describe the situation. Someone who knows said terminology can check in.

          In the meantime, America today is headed for a terminal demographic condition. That means that eventually, outside of the historic Black Belt and the Southeast, blacks will either return to the South or be subsumed into a multiracial underclass and effectively disappear as a separate entity. Not that things will be so peachy in that future two-tier society, mind you.

      • bigone4u

        Right you are sir. Africans that were brought here had brawn, not brains or even motivation. The smart ones escaped capture so we were stuck with the dumb muscle bound ones.

        • shmo123

          Perhaps. But among a population that did not farm, lived in grass huts, and chased their food down with spears, you might have to consider just how many might be considered “smart”.

          • MBlanc46

            They certainly farmed.

          • MikeofAges

            Whatever happened, there were no food stamps, welfare and unemployment checks or special admissions. And people still lived. They had to be doing something to be able to grow up into full-sized adults.

          • MBlanc46

            Absolutely. There was no one to support them so they supported themselves. And they supported themselves (as laborers, slave, sharecropper, or wage) here for 350 years. It’s only been 50 years that they haven’t had to support themselves. There’s no reason whatever that they can’t do so again, if work they can do is provided and someone sees that they do it.

  • Bobbala

    I have to agree with him. People with one hand out and the other clenched in a fist demand stuff not excuses …
    Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder Bob Johnson said Tuesday that the nation would “never tolerate white unemployment at 14 or 15 percent”
    The slaves’ dream (whether or not they are actually slaves) is never freedom. It is to enslave others.
    — unknown

  • Alexandra

    Where was this joker during the Great Depression? (Part One, that is.)

  • Bobby

    Would never tolerate white unemployment at 15 percent,etc. Hahahaha………..that is what the true figure already is for whites, and possibly higher. Give me a break. Just look into how umemployment is defined by the phonies at the beaurocracies concerned with this. Whites are tolerating this AND A LOT MORE. This black bigot entertainment clown is deluded and doesn’t know the real extent as to how low whites have allowed themseves to go in the good old USA..

    • MikeofAges

      Adult unemployment is the world’s biggest social problem, bar none. China has 120 million unemployed adults. In some countries the unemployment among young men 18-40 years old is as high as 70 percent. In others countries, male unemployment may be lower but only because women are not allowed to work at all either by law or on account of social stricture. In America, the adult unemployment rate, counting all adults who should be working — that includes persons on social security who would rather work than not and persons who are unemployable due to hiring rules rather than incapability, and excludes only voluntary homemakers — might be as high as 30 percent. Probably, in America, we need 15 million minimum wage jobs alone.

  • Xerxes22

    If Bob Johnson believes the Black unemployment rate is too high, well then let him wait a few years. Wait till they pass the anmesty bill and you have millions of third world immigrants competing legally for all those jobs. If an employer has to choose between a Black and a Hispanic he will choose the Hispanic. They work harder, cause less trouble on the job and work for less pay than Blacks.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      And the Congressional Black Caucus is going to vote for amnesty!

      • MikeofAges

        Remember one thing. When the NAACP was started around 1900, their charter position was that the goal of the organization was to “end white supremacy”. Nothing in there about improving the life of blacks as such. I suppose if you end white supremacy by ending “whitey” in the process and blacks are likewise subsumed along the way in you have been successful. Thurgood Marshall was the NAACP’s attorney for many years. Marshall ultimately succeeded in making many of the organization’s positions part of law in America, largely through court precedents. And look where we are now. Anyone who is an ancestral American whose forebearers were here before 1970 is at risk of never being hired into a credible job. Not everyone is affected, but many are.

        One thing I do agree with the NAACP on is that there should be outside control of graduate and professional school admissions and programs. But that’s one small issue, though potentially an important one. The NAACP is no longer an important organization, but it once was very influential and, above all, the leader in litigation. We should take a page from the book and lawyer up big time. I’m not interested in taking away anything from anyone else. Nothing for everyone will never work as political agenda. But we have to try to get some control over what happens to us, just like others have done. If we fail to push back on that front, then we’ll be pushed out.

  • potato78

    If “This country would tolerate white unemployment at 14 and 15 percent and
    Let Black unemployment go down to 1%.
    Then the country’s GDP will be negative.

    The country will be going down to a third world.

  • More of the somebody has to take care of me because I am black and poor. I guess if these poor blacks were taught how to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps, people like Bob Johnson would be out of a job because most of the programming he shows is rap videos that have no redeeming value. Of course, their viewers know no different.

  • webspin

    Well black politicians certainly tollerate it in all our big cities and in all of Afree’ka

  • jay11

    The country tolerated it in the Great Depression, less than 100 years ago. My grandma lived through that and is as frugal as pie.
    When will blacks realize that the unrestricted immigration of millions of latinos every year is bad for them after all?

  • This education thing is left up to the government. I say BS and the government is useless in its so-called education department(s).
    At this time I am attempting to get some education into a 22 year old kid who has no idea what is going on in this world. I ask him if he knows anything about compound interest or anything about a plan on retirement whatever comes to mind. Just starting.
    He has zero clue as to what to do in order to employ himself or get a job. At the moment he cuts firewood and clears lots for fire protection. This can be a means of self employment, however I quizzed him on the idea of doing some real work to get real money. His focus is wood cutting as mentioned. I mentioned that in order to really get a small business going he needs some capital. “You can sometimes start out very small but if you’re going to make some money for the family you’ll need some capital as an under capitalized business usually fails.” (much depends on the individual)”
    His reply was, “What is capital?”
    Any way the so-called schools don’t teach much. These things can be taught by parents if they would take a few minutes to explain things to the kids. My kids listened to me to some extent and they are doing a lot better than myself which was my goal. I told them in so many words that they would be better off if they set their minds etc. to the task.
    So far I’m happy to say that I’ve helped at least two young men (other than my sons) better their lives and thus their families lives. Both are earning in excess of $30.00 per hour.
    This whole mess we are in can be set straight by parents willing to invest of few minutes, hours, days teaching their children. This goes along with teaching them of our heritage and everything our Founding Fathers fought for. We have a very high calling as fathers. God is watching you and I. He is their if we want His help. We need his help now.

  • Detroilet Pundit

    I blame the racisssst high schools, heck they won’t just give a diploma to anybody.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    A slightly twisted JFK quote really sums up the black community: “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what whitey can do for you!”. There is a ton of failure in every aspect of black culture. Most logical, high IQ individuals will be upset and think to themselves “What am I doing wrong? What can I do to get over this burden?”. Blacks rather, think this way: “Da white man must be holdin me down mang…dey need to stop bein raciss yo let a brutha get a job fo real doe!”. In the black community following failure, blaming whitey is the norm. It’s the knee-jerk response they learn from the liberal media assuring them “it’s not you, it’s them”. It’s not you, it’s the system. It’s not you, it’s just racism. It’s not you, it’s just corrupt police. It’s not you, it’s just because of slavery 150 yrs ago. It’s not you, it’s just because you had no father. If excuses were a legitimate corporation, blacks would be making millions churning them out.

    What do we not hear? Stuff like this aka reality: “Why is crime so prevalent specifically in the black community?”, “What needs to be done to fight against hip hop culture promoting this black violence?”, “Why are black fathers abandoning their kids so often?”, “Why was the black community better off right after slavery than they are now?”. Those are the REAL questions an introspective, self-responsible race of people would be asking. You even hear blacks claiming they CAN’T be racist! They are so absolved of responsibility and any wrong doing, that they literally do not even have the human capability to be racist or prejudiced. Yet, all the media does is convince them that they are still slaves and whites are the gatekeepers. Little do they know, they can create their own keys, they are just too lazy and brainwashed to blame whitey.

  • LAZY

  • sbuffalonative

    I guess our government isn’t producing enough government jobs to employ every black in need of a job.

  • dd121

    Memo to blacks: if you don’t like the unemployment situation then start your own businesses and hire your own kind. Stop blaming whites, stop whining, and start taking some responsibility for your own situation in life.

    • Whites Only

      Bingo ! But that of course is much too deep of a thought for them to have. It’s the exact same thing with feminists (I said feminists, not women my beloved White sisters) who keep blaming men for supposedly making less money when they don’t even think about encouraging women to create jobs in the first place…

  • Luca

    “Twenty-five percent of respondents blame the lack of government policies for the high rate of black unemployment. Eighteen percent don’t blame anyone or anything, and twelve percent aren’t sure.”

    We now have a solid figure of the percentage of sub-Saharans inclined to tell the truth: 12%. The other 88% are either lying or know nothing.

  • IKantunderstand

    We are already paying for them. Nobody wants to hire Blacks because they are stupid, lazy, and undependable. Seriously, with rampant capitalism the force de jeur in this country, does anyone really think that if Blacks were all that smart, innovative and hard workers, that selfish capitalists wouldn’t be lining up to hire them? Do you really think that capitalists care what color their workers are? Hell no. They don’t hire Blacks because Blacks suck at working.

  • George White

    The major reason for black umemployment is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

    • a multiracial individual

      Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton stand for immigrant rights!

  • Jss

    Seeing as how this country has made saints out of the likes of “Dr” king and Rosa Parks and turns a blind eye to its large and violent African population I think we will tolerate any indignity.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I should write a counter article entitled: “Blacks Would Never Tolerate Whites Being 85% of the NBA”.

  • I am from West Virginia:

    West Virginia 2010 high school graduation rate: 78 percent
    West Virginia 2010 poverty rate: 15.8 percent

    I live in Chicago:

    Chicago 2010 high school graduation rate: 55.8 percent
    Chicago 2010 poverty rate: 22.5 percent

    I guarantee I went to a better public high school in West Virginia than anything public in Chicago (although I have been told it is not as good anymore), and I am willing to bet most public schools in West Virginia are better than public Chicago schools.

    Point is, a ~7% increase in poverty can not account for a ~22% decrease in the graduation rate (unless twins are very common to CPS parents).

    • a multiracial individual

      You forgot the figures comparing per pupil spending.

  • Shattered

    The unemployment rate as been trending away from being a meaningful benchmark of the domestic labor market in the U.S. for many years.

    If every American made one dollar a day, the media organs and politicians would throw a celebration and congratulate themselves on ending unemployment in our time. That’s how ignorant they are.

    The numbers of unemployed, underemployed, and underpaid are astronomical today and the worst seen since the Great Depression.

    The mainstream media and government organs could care less.

  • LHathaway

    “You forgot the figures comparing per pupil spending”.

    No one responded to this? Please. . . answer the man. Someone put up the figures for spending per child for the chicago public schools and spending per child in WVirginia. I would gather Chicago public school spend at least twice as much per child as does the state of WVirginia. This is true even within states. Large cities spend more per student than do the outlying suburbs and smaller towns. You’d never know this if you ever took a course in school teaching in college, and this very funding issue is discussed. You’d ‘learn’ the opposite thing. Same as if you read a newspaper article on the subject.

  • As a HR director I can tell you that when I see a resume with a black sounding name, its gets filed right away…the circular file. I throw it away. Then I wash my hands

  • bigone4u

    Well said. White persons will do anything to keep off the dole. Since blacks waste their benefits on things you mention I’ve always said they should have to either report to a soup kitchen to eat or go to a warehouse to pick up preselected healthy grocery items.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      A lot of them won’t use EBT cards in Colorado because one is required to (1) work community service jobs and (2) actively seek work and list contacts for one’s case manager in order to be eligible for the gibs me dat food deal.

      My approach was simpler; I depopulated my neighborhood of rabbits last year.

      My sneaking suspicion is that Colorado’s “workfare” management for the SNAP program (or whatever they call it now) is intended to drive professional moochers out of the state. N’DeShawntavious and LaTrine are hardly likely to be willing to sort donated clothing at a Goodwill store in exchange for their menthol cigarettes and malt liquor.

  • KenelmDigby

    Of course, Bob Johnson would NEVER BUT NEVER criticise the mass uncontrolled Mexican immigration which has destroyed black American job prospects.

  • BonusGift

    You can’t make this stuff up: “Somebody’s going to have to pay for them. Somebody’s going to have to take care of them, and if somebody’s going to have to take care of them, that money’s got to come from somebody. …”

    As I read his comments I felt like I was caught in some cross between Dante’s Inferno and Doctor Seuss’s Cat in the Hat. And who might that “somebody” be? He is an idiot; but idiot or not he seems to be right about those ‘Americans’ he is referring to not moving to their mythological Africa without the required motivation. As somebody here mentioned a few days ago they should be corralled into sub-Sahara Africa and fenced in with zero trade or contact with western/white civilization and then signs posted warning about what happened the last time humans erroneously assumed equality.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Dey gots ta be haben dat!

      • MikeofAges

        Sounds like Chaucerian English. Speak it slowly “Deyzzzz gotzzzz tou bee habennn dattt.” Did African Americasn somewhere along the line learn to speak good Middle English? And then get ticked off because no one else did anymore? Don’t get me wrong. I like Middle English better than our cold blooded, soulless modern English. But modern English is what we have.

  • is obama not president?

    These negros try to pretend that Obama is not the president and there is still a white man in the Oval Office? Negro logic means anything can be said at any time that make them right about everything regardless of the truth. Zimmerman is still a white man and Jesus is a black jew. Everything is the opposite. They are also pathological liars with very very low intelligence quota. They are idiots to the max.

  • bj a total pos

    The gumint gave Bob Johnson and former black Charlotte NC mayor Harvey Gant who ran against Jesse Helms and lost crying racism once, a couple million each in the 1980s. Gant sold his tv cable even before it opened for 5 million and doubled his money at taxpayers expense. Johnson used his to form BET but sold out to the white man at Viacom for 1.5 billion in a fee yrs and then bought an NBA franchise called the Bobcats in Charlotte that failed and cost him most of his fortune but still owns 20% after selling 80% to Michael Jordan.

    Johnson in his 50s then made a white enemy list in Charlotte but used to throw lavish large parties where he picked up on 21 year old young white females all the time. He was run off after the city refused to give him tens of millions to make up for his losses. He is a total POS.

    Apparently he wants to forget Obama is president and responsible for unemployment?

  • AugustusAlexander

    Lets all complain about poverty and the growing gap between rich and poor…..and lets vote left wing so they can let in hordes of more poor and uneducated people and then we can turn around and complain some more.