Wisconsin Education Program Attacks ‘White Privilege’ in Classrooms

M.D. Kittle, Wisconsin Reporter, March 18, 2013

“(R)acism is caused by white people, by our attitudes, behaviors, practices, and institutions … How do you justify it for yourself?”

That’s the heavy-handed question asked of Wisconsin’s public school teachers, one of many similar assertions found in a conference handout from a controversial state Department of Public Instruction initiative to combat “white privilege” in the classroom.

The four-year-old CREATE Wisconsin education initiative was ostensibly designed to help public school educators reach disadvantaged students. Now, thanks to an EAG News expose, CREATE , the acronym for Culturally Responsive Education for All: Training and Enhancement, may be more notorious for its racially charged teaching points, including:

  • From Examining the Dynamics of Oppression and Privilege, found in a 2009 CREATE conference handout: “In this country the institutional system supports the dominance of white people” and “More frequently than not, white people take advantage of privileges generated by a racist society.”
  • From Paul Kivel’s 2009 CREATE conference handout, The Costs of Racism to White People: “We are given a false sense of superiority, a belief that we should be in control and in authority, and that people of color should be maids, servants, and gardeners and do the less valued work of our society.” According to his website, Kivel is a “social justice educator, activist, and writer, has been an innovative leader in violence prevention for more than 35 years.”
  • In her 2009 CREATE conference presentation, Wisconsin DPI employee Dr. LaVerne Jackson-Harvey said, “There appears to be a national trend that can be attributed [to] the conservative agenda that currently exist[s] with former closet racist[s] leaving the closet and entering the light to write policies that support covert and overt racism that impact[s] students of color.”


(See the EAG video expose on CREATE Wisconsin here and here.)


CREATE Wisconsin hosts an annual conference and various workshops for Wisconsin educators.

Steve Gunn, author of the EAG expose, said it appears the goal of the initiative “is to build up guilt among white educators.”

“On the flip side of that are the resentments among minorities and minority students… They would have them feel like the entire system is against them. That isn’t going to make any kid feel like he stands much of a chance,” he said.


DPI spokesman Patrick Gasper defended the program, which is funded through the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act program, commonly known as IDEA.

“The CREATE Wisconsin initiative aims at reducing disproportionality in special education programs, increasing achievement for all students, and closing gaps which are serious issues facing Wisconsin schools,” Gasper wrote in an email to Wisconsin Reporter. He went on to quote from the initiative’s web page.

“CREATE begins with one question: Why? Why don’t students from diverse backgrounds achieve at the same level as their peers?

“Why are students from diverse backgrounds enrolled in special education more often than their peers?

“To answer these questions, CREATE mobilizes educators to reflect on their educational practices.  The objective is to identify strategies that contribute to eliminating the achievement gap and utilize those approaches through professional development, training and technical assistance.”

The achievement gap among minority students and white students is very real and very pronounced, particularly in Wisconsin’s urban schools.

In Madison alone:

    •  45 percent of 10th grade black males are proficient in reading, while 87 percent of white males are.
    • The graduation rate for black males is only 52 percent, while the rate for white males is 88 percent.
    • Blacks comprise 24 percent of the student population but 29 percent of special education students. Native Americans comprise 1 percent of the student population but 20 percent of special education students, according to the EAG report


For the record, CREATE Wisconsin operates on about $890,000 in taxpayer funding per year, according to the EAG expose.

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  • So what, Wisconsin! You deserve every bit of CREATE’s horse manure! Eat it up, and stay away from my state!

    Why stop at $890,000? I suggest you should go for the whole $1,000,000.

    Do you want some of my state’s bantus? Why not advertise that minorities are welcome to relocate to Wisconin, free of charge?

    Put up a huge sign on the outskirts of Port au Prince, so they know where to come when they flee. Embrace diversity! Live it!

    • Wayne

      Well that is the rub–they won’t stay in their own states and our States cannot keep them out because of our Glorious Union. The South was right and the Union was and is suicidal.

  • The__Bobster

    What a load of commie claptrap once again emanating from the great socialst state of Wisconsin. Is it in their DNA or in their water?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Well, I’m not so sure about Wisconsin, but if they had the same white settlers as Minnesota (lots of Swedes), then that might explain it. Swedes do the same thing in their home country too, so it’s probably partially genetic.

      • freddy_hills

        The term is “ecologically naive”. It means that when a population has been isolated from threats long enough its not prepared to deal with them when they appear. If you’ll notice, its the whitest areas that are always the most naive. Whites living in the lion’s den aren’t like that.

      • YngveKlezmer

        I disagree on this being genetic. My ancestry is German/Norwegian/Swedish (no, I’m not Jewish), with family roots in the Upper Midwest. The old Generations of Scandinavians were very racially aware. My Grandma had no use for for Italians, let alone Blacks or Hispanics. She even felt a twinge of superiority to the Irish, saying that the Irish and Scots always started unnecessary fights when they were drinking. As far as Blacks, She felt that they were far too unlike us to live amongst us, and felt that they needed to stay down South, but admitted that She felt bad for the Southerners, that She couldn’t imagine living around so many Blacks.

        The problems started with the 60’s Generation with Scandinavian Americans. Young adults at places like Madison, WI, on college campuses, became entranced by Liberalism, and chose to listen to the talking heads in the media, instead of their parents. They were entranced by Kennedy and Johnson. When their parents voted for Wallace because of what Blacks had done to Milwaukee and Chicago, they wrote their parents off as old and “racist”, choosing to listen to the media instead of to their parents, who had living experience to tap into in making an informed decision. Like typical youth, they wanted to be cool, and cool was not listening to old Mom and Dad, who knew something about life. Mom and Dad, who had watched first hand as Blacks wrecked Milwaukee during the course of about 25 years, were written off. This was the source of the problem. Youth have always been like this. John Lennon’s talk about “Peace and Love” was new and hip, and the youth chose this over Mom and Dad’s realism. After all, these young folks were too young to remember the days when Milwaukee was mostly crime free, and men fought with their fists instead of with guns. This is the kind of stuff that created goofy Liberals in Wisconsin, not something genetic. We are descended from the Vikings, but the 60’s Generation fell under the trance of Kennedy and Johnson, and The Beatles, Cat Stevens, and Timothy Leary. I blame John Lennon as much as anyone for this stuff, an Englishman endorsing everything non-English and non-European, glorifying non-White culture and drug use for a whole generation of youth. Bear in mind that the whole culture that entertainers such as The Beatles were endorsing was a Black Culture, and yes, I blame Blacks first and foremost. Blacks provided the tree roots, and men like John Lennon and Elvis chose to be turncoats, and fertilize and water the tree of Black culture. Without the Blacks providing the roots, though, none of this would ever have happened.

    • Triarius

      DNA, it’s the Northern European “altruistic” gene. There is a reason Sweden and Minnesota are both white guilt havens and both are importing Somalis.

      The one side affect of the cold winter evolution, whites try to care about everyone, even their enemies. We had to, to make sure our tribe survived the winters we all helped the helpless.

      • ouwwpnupwinie

        I live in Madison, and this nonsense is not being promoted because of any kind of genetic predisposition among whites here. It’s pushed by just a few fringe zealots in this town, tolerated by many, ignored by probably as many. And that’s just the city — Wisconsin, outside of Madison, and maybe Milwaukee, is different kettle of fish.

        • YngveKlezmer

          The “tolerated” part, I think, is key. My Grandparents abhorred the Liberal culture that had developed on the UW Campus in the 1960’s, and plenty of students probably abhorred it as well, but they were afraid to speak up, and compromise their social standing with their peers. As a result, the loudmouth, Hillary Clinton types from Chicago had their way. These types had upper crust parents, and thought they were better than farm kids from places like Monroe or Dodgeville.

      • gemjunior

        Well now it’s time for these altruists to figure out who is or is not a member of the tribe because we have been carrying various outgroups on our backs for a long time and to our extreme detriment. Our rewards for our trouble have been assault, rape, murder, gang-rape, flash-mobbing, using us as knockout kings, punching bags, etc.. Nobody in their right mind would look at this white privilege trend and not see a huge danger sign. Surely when evolutionary traits such as altruism are found to be destructive in a different environment, (like importing Somalis) a mutation in the DNA would take place? Anybody know? I would love a really strong mutation that makes previous instances of white “racism” look like a day at the spa. It is high time we really began to be plainly outspoken of our plan to defend ourselves. Putting the white privilege term on whites is like putting a yellow star on a Jew. It’s a separation tactic and it’s meant to dehumanize us. So whites should understand that this is the beginning of “official” anti-white policy, in your face, blatant and obvious to the dumbest white lib.

        • YngveKlezmer

          It is a dehumanization tactic indeed. So many Liberals seem like they would just as soon make us Conservatives wear a proverbial yellow star, and would exterminate us first for daring to speak out against Black, Mestizoes, and Muslims. They insist that Islam is a religion of peace, that Hispanics should be granted citizenship, and excuse Black depravity and hatred towards us resulting from some bogus racism that obviously doesn’t exist. They have already silenced us from speaking the truth about these minorities, while the minorities are free to spew hate against us. They enable groups like La Raza, and call Farrakhan a human rights activist, but write Jared Taylor off as promoting hate. These Liberals should be forced to spend some time in Detroit, Philly, or in South Africa, and not be allowed to return to us, their European American brethren, until they have apologized to us. After watching Phil Donahue’s interview with Jared Taylor from 2003, I would say he would be a prime candidate for spending several weeks in some South African village. He would come home, apologize to Taylor, and sing Taylor’s praises from the rooftops.

      • 5n4k33y35

        Wrong. It’s about Judaism and Christianity, not any kind of “altruistic genetics”.

        • Nathanwartooth

          Religions are what people make them.

          If Arabs were Christian and Whites were Muslim it would be the same thing. There is enough content in both to support violence and peace.

          When people say “Islam is dangerous” what they are really saying is that Arabs and Black Muslims are dangerous.

          • YngveKlezmer

            I agree. Christianity is a European religion. The Bosnian Muslims, who are obviously of Slavic descent, do not create any problems in St. Louis, Missouri, and are an asset to that city. Their neighborhood is clean and safe, and crime free. Quite a contrast to the Arab scum that is wrecking Europe. Arabs do have a significant Negro admixture in their gene pool.

          • Nathanwartooth

            “Arabs do have a significant Negro admixture in their gene pool.”

            Can you link to data supporting that?

            I have personally theorized that this is true. The two groups act so similarly that I was thinking that was the case. But I haven’t found anything to support that yet.

        • Wayne

          Yes, right on! Christianity and Judaism are all about sacrificing self for the other to a masochistic extreme. Half are driven by an unfounded faith in the god of equality, the other half outright hate God and think they can create utopia on earth.

      • YngveKlezmer

        I don’t know if we Scandinavian Americans have an “altruism” gene or not, but I sincerely doubt it. We are Teutonic Europeans, just like the Germans, Dutch, and Anglo-Saxons. I do think that we are obsessed with fairness, though, and that this frequently becomes perverted. Hitler certainly exploited this in WWII to get Germans to kill 6 million European Jews and 4 million Gentile Poles. I wonder if Blacks have any clue how lucky they are that we have not had a true leader for our people, a man like George Wallace, encourage our people to avenge the wrongs Blacks have committed against us.

    • YngveKlezmer

      It is in neither. They have been brainwashed by a Left Wing Liberal media that hates Whites, and wants to tear down our European American culture. Liberalism is a cancer. Blacks will still be violent and uncouth without Liberals babying them, not doubt, but at least they would get what they deserve, like in the old days, that being an appropriate place at the bottom of our society.

      • Wayne

        Christians and Jews are predisposed to the brainwashing though, because of their do-gooder religion.

        • YngveKlezmer

          Very true. We are told to be humanitarians at church, and most churches, these days, are obsessed with helping the third world. Dare to tell other folks at church, though, that Blacks, Mestizo Hispanics, and Muslims will not maintain our culture, and one finds fellow Whites accusing one not being Christian. So many Whites these days actually think that all races are alike, and that believing in racial realism is unchristian, it is absolutely staggering. The old generations believed in racial realism as common sense, and knew that the races are different, and that God made them different, and meant for us to be segregated. They knew that, if God meant for the races to be mixed together as they are in the United States these days, he would have mixed all of us together from the start. I just wish that Christians would think about where God put the different races, and how segregation is key in his plan for humanity.

  • “CREATE begins with one question: Why? Why don’t students from diverse backgrounds achieve at the same level as their peers? “Why are students from diverse backgrounds enrolled in special education more often than their peers?

    One of these if not most will have the answer to that:


    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I bet Jared Taylor or any other intelligent race realist could create a very thorough and enlightening curriculum dedicated to answering that question.

  • pcmustgo

    The more lily-white a place is, the more this kind of magical thinking on race goes on.

    Talk about whites being TARGETTED.

    Hey whites- you deserve to be hated!

    • freddy_hills

      That’s so true. SWPLs run to gated communities and private schools. Then they demand integration. There’s an easy way for them to change the situation. All they have to do is move to integrated communities and schools. But they don’t want that for their children. They want it for YOURS.

  • WmarkW

    White privilege:
    Wherever there are blacks intelligent enough to complain about institutional racism, you know the white population is 75% college educated.

  • sbuffalonative

    45 percent of 10th grade black males are proficient in reading, while 87 percent of white males are.

    The graduation rate for black males is only 52 percent, while the rate for white males is 88 percent.

    Blacks comprise 24 percent of the student population but 29 percent of special education students. Native Americans comprise 1 percent of the student population but 20 percent of special education students, according to the EAG report

    Whose responsibilty is this? How is my “racism” causing this to happen?

    These people need to look in a mirror instead of pointing fingers.

    • Unperson

      How is my “racism” causing this to happen?

      This could be a useful “angle of attack” for us in challenging the anti-white agenda of BRA.

      Whenever we whites are accused of “causing” bad behaviors by blacks via our “racism” we need to demand an answer to the question of exactly HOW we’re managing to accomplish this negative influence on our subsaharan citizens. Considering the Civil Rights Act, Affirmative Action and similar “set-asides” for minorities, easier college entrance levels etc etc, that would seem to suggest we’re actually treating black people very well these days, by precisely which means are we transmitting our “oppression” of them? What method of transmission is being used to do this? Is it a kind of osmosis, maybe? Are we doing it through telepathy? Are whites pumping some dysfunction-causing flouride, through the plumbing in heavily-black ZIP codes? Or maybe putting it into their grape soda? Please tell me HOW this phantom disease called “white privilege” gets spread, because I don’t understand the process at all.

      • refocus

        Your racism is causing it because you are white.

      • Defoe

        The very existence of Whites causes the racism. They see you, want to be you, and cannot. Ipso facto, racism

    • Wayne

      Because the average American moron, Republitard and Democrat, believes 110% in the lie of equality. Equality IS America. Therefore, since they all believe we are equal, any difference in outcomes among groups MUST be due to foul play, that is the only option.
      Kill equality and it all dies.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Exactly!! The answer to this issue lies in the mirror for Blacks. We all know the nature of their temperament, though, and self criticism is not in their make up. We Whites look in the mirror when things go wrong, but Blacks always blame someone else.

  • JackKrak

    Good to know that kids in Wisconsin schools have already so thoroughly mastered everything expected of students their age in terms of academics that they have the time to invest in battle against white privilege.

  • JohnEngelman

    “CREATE begins with one question: Why? Why don’t students from diverse backgrounds achieve at the same level as their peers?

    “Why are students from diverse backgrounds enrolled in special education more often than their peers?

    – M.D. Kittle, Wisconsin Reporter, March 18, 2013

    Providing an honest answer to these questions is dangerous to a teacher’s career.

    • Room101

      I forget the name of the guy (Voltaire?) who remarked that where the whole society is built around absurdities, atrocities-by-Government is the inevitable result.

    • Anders

      Are they pretending they don’t know ‘the dreadful truth’, or are they stupid, or lying?

      • JohnEngelman

        Political correctness is lying on behalf of social harmony, and forcing others to lie. I doubt many people really believe that the races are intrinsically equal.

        • YngveKlezmer

          I think you have a good point, in a painting over the rust manner of thinking. In the current social climate, yes, we Whites must practice political correctness at work to keep our jobs, and frequently behave in this fashion socially to avoid conflict with Liberals. Behaving this way when we are not going to be persecuted for our beliefs, though, is not good, to say the least. When speaking to those we consider friends, for example, we should speak about our beliefs. This is the only way we can make begin to repair the broken spirit of our society. A friend who is not going to get us fired, for example, is the kind of person we should tell about our beliefs. If they are swimming in the mental auto-pilot oblivion of thinking all races are alike, and that Black behavior is actually due to racism from us, we should challenge that person. By challenging their adherence to what the media tells them to believe, we just might catalyze their racial awakening.

    • Finn Jameson

      Simple answer. Whites are racist and they have kept black people poor for centuries. First by enslaving them, then using Jim crow laws and keeping them in poor neighborhoods with poor schools. They prevented them from going to good schools, good colleges and getting good jobs. What else do you expect was going to happen if you keep black people under your heel for so long ? Give them all houses and send them to college for free using taxpayer money and see how well they manage to get out of poverty. America has a history of giving people land that belongs to other people against there will (read about the Genocide that Whites perpetrated on Native americans for over two centuries). I’m sure America can afford to do it today. Kick 3% of white people off their homes and colleges. Give it to the people that deserve it – Black people. See them flourish and prosper.

    • jarogne

      I’m affaid that, in your Country, just like Ours, they just downgrade the level to be granted by a downless diploma.

      They just want a big army of robot/slaves/consumers/borrowers to keep their f….n business go round, no more.

  • Wayne

    Notice Asians and Jews are conveniently left out. Hey, what are we doing to close the gap between whites and Jews???
    Oh, silly me. Jews are just better than us.

    • White Mom in WDC

      No they are not. There is just less of them to spread their money around. Sorry , but I don’t buy the Jews’ thinking that they are the chosen people. Just propaganda spun out their manipukative minds to justify their need to try to dominate others. Same applies to Asians

    • freddy_hills

      I agree with your point that CREATE is being selective in which gaps they make an issue of. But Amren used to have a number of Jewish supporters before comments like that scared them away. Nice job! #sarcasm

      • Jim G

        What about Tim Wise?

        • freddy_hills

          What about Duke? Does he represent you? He certainly doesn’t represent me. I figure a lot of Jews feel the same way about Wise. Especially since he’s not observant, has mostly gentile ancestry and frequently criticizes Israel. If you want to call him despicable then have at it. But I’m fed up with anti semites using Wise to bash Jews. I don’t recall Jews electing him their spokesman.

          • Tom Iron

            D.B. Cooper – Sir, Dr Duke doesn’t represent me either although he is in agreement with most of what I think. Your thinking, as if people like Dr. Duke and myself are White trash types isn’t helpful to our cause. It’s that thinking that helped get us in this mess to begin with. When all this gets rolling and the minorities are coming down your street, you’ll be happy to have people like Dr. duke and me standing at your side. Our minds are fully made up.

          • Jim G

            How about Abby
            L. Ferber
            . She writes

            As a Professor of Sociology, and Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies, all of my work is committed to advancing social justice. My
            first book was White Man Falling: Race, Gender and White Supremacy and most recently I co-edited Sex, Gender, and Sexuality: The New Basics direct The Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion work with the national White Privilege Conference, and co-founded and co-facilitate the Knapsack Institute, a national curriculum transformation project.

            How about Noel Ignatiev and George Lipsitz. These Tim Wise type anti-White activists are susceptible to the double standard employed by the many pro-Jewish / anti-White activists when it comes to their loyalty to Israel. In actuality they spend 99.999% of their energy attacking White people while wink, wink criticizing Israel.

            Their anti-White activities inflict great harm on White people while their limp-wristed criticism of Israel has no intention of harming Israel.

          • YngveKlezmer

            If they love Blacks so much, they need to head to an all Black neighborhood, walk down the street as if they are totally safe, and have a seat in the first rib shack they can find. Will they be treated with “colorblindness”?? If they think so (which they might), they are mired in myopia. We know that they will be “Whitey”, and most likely, their food will be spit in, for no other reason than that they are White.

            The problem is, these Left Wing goof balls would blame this type of egregious hatred on some supposed “White racism”. Instead of learning an excellent lesson in what Blacks are really like, they would just write off this jungle savagery as evidence of White racism, instead of seeing it for what it is. Black racism. Period. First hand evidence of Black racial inferiority, first hand evidence of why Blacks are the number one enemy of Western civilization, first hand evidence of why Abraham Lincoln’s Liberian Resettlement Project should have been carried through to the end, until every African was removed from our land.

          • PesachPatriot

            Thank you….I certainly did not vote for tim wise to be some sort of official jewish spokesperson….I’d love to take him on a drive down miami’s MLK boulevard after midnight and leave him there….the only color privilege anyone has in this country is green privilege…people who have lots of green pieces of paper have it, everyone else doesn’t. All the useful idiots in academia should write their next books while living in detroit or the south side of chicago

          • YngveKlezmer

            I’ve been saying this about Liberals for years, and say it to their face when not at work. I tell them that, if they love Blacks so much, they should head over to the ghetto, and just walk down the street like nothing is wrong. Usually, they do not answer me, because they know that I’m right. If they do, they just give that lame argument that not all Blacks are dangerous criminals, as if that is supposed to be anything we don’t already know. Jewish heritage does not seem to be a prerequisite, either, for Liberalism. Being Middle to Upper Middle Income does, as does having little to no exposure to Blacks, and/or having a low moral fabric, so that one does not take proper offense at the uncouth behavioral patterns of Blacks. Whites who have no morals usually love Blacks. Liberals are spokespeople for the uncouth. As us racial realists know, uncouth and Black go hand in hand. Blacks focus first and foremost on gratifying their urges. That is why they, and the Liberals who worship them, refer to their sexual desires as their needs. To them, desires and needs are one and the same.

          • PesachPatriot

            To be fair the modern terms liberal and liberalism mean very different things than they did during thomas jefferson’s time….i am actually fairly liberal on a few things….but not the first or second amendments….those are plainly stated in very clear and concise language and should not be compromised on by one inch….i’d rather see every anti-jewish slur imaginable online and in print and allow the Nazis and the KKK to hold a parade down my street than have the speech codes of the EU, UK, Australia and Canada….There is a difference in my book between uncouth, like belching in a pub or restaurant(which I have been guilty of when younger) and things like blasting rap music after 9 pm, littering in nice places(i don’t care if they litter in their own hoods), hyper aggressive behavior towards women and abuse of animals are far worse than being merely uncouth….

          • refocus

            I will let David Duke represent me.

          • Wayne

            David Duke could easily represent me.

          • YngveKlezmer

            Exactly!! There are significant numbers of Jews who identify with Robert Weissberg and Michael Hart, instead of Left Wingers. There are plenty of folks of European Jewish extraction in the old Northern cities who identify with Weissberg and Hart, have no use for Blacks and Mestizoes, and also have strong feelings on restricting Muslim immigration. The only reason we don’t hear more about racial realist, pro-White and pro-European American Jews in the media is because of the Liberals. LIberals don’t want us to read about Micheal Hart’s excellent 2009 conference on preserving Western Civilization, any more than they want us to read about any pro-White activities. Everything is about worship of Blacks, foremost, with the Liberals, but also worship of Mestizo Hispanics and Muslims. European Americans, including Jews of European extraction, are supposed to feel guilty for our accomplishments. Liberals want us to pretend that we are holding Blacks back, instead of being honest. Blacks are holding us back.

            I have no use for Duke, as he is so obsessive with his anti-Semitism, that he enables Blacks, Mestizoes, and Muslims by his anti-Semitism. Michael Hart has done far more for White Nationalism than Duke ever will. Hart focuses intensely on Black intellectual inferiority. Duke comes off as nothing but a conspiracy theorist with his anti-Semitism, as his allegations against Jews are allegations which can be applied to all Liberals. I don’t see where this does anything to preserve European culture, this “naming the Jew” stuff he is so focused on. I think that he should just “name the Liberal”, admit that Left Wing Liberalism is not a Jewish conspiracy, and get down to the real business of defending, and preserving our European Heritage.

        • CMLiu

          Or Howard Zinn? Or Mark Potok? Or Franz Boas? Durheim? Adorno? Gramsci? Susan Sontag? Chomsky? Marx? Betty Friedan? Jeff Cohen? George Soros?

          There’s way too many to list. Sure, not all Jews are leftists. But there’s a Jew behind practically every leftist ideology, and these ideologies wreck societies all over the world.

      • kilroy

        Oh yeah, nothing to see here, Jews have nothing to do with it, moving right along…

      • freddy_hills

        Rather than spam this thread and start a flame war by responding separately I’ll address each of you in a single reply to my original comment.

        I never said there were no racist or xenophobic Jews. Of course there are just as there are racist and xenophobic blacks, hispanics, asians, arabs and eskimos. Rattling off a list of names is irrelevant. I’m aware there are a number of Jews in the ant-white industry. Some of whom are genuinely self-hating while others are simply xenophobic and make just enough muted criticism of Israel to avoid the charge.

        By all means, criticize Wise, Zinn, Sonntag, Potok, etc. They’re all despicable and I don’t like them any more than you do. But I could just as easily rattle off a list of white gentiles who are just as self hating and/or anti semitic. They don’t represent me or most white gentiles just as the bad actors you named don’t represent most Jews.

        As for me, not only did I go to school in a housing project in one of the worst cities in the country but I have an IQ north of 150. My point being I’m neither naive, squeamish nor stupid. I’ve read all the same books and had all the same thoughts you have. I even share some of your concerns. So I won’t say your instincts and loyalties are completely wrong.

        What I will say, however, is that you’re painting with much too broad of a brush. By doing so you not only do many good Jews a disservice but you shoot yourselves in the foot. My mind is no less made up on the situation we face than than yours. The only difference is that I would find room in my foxhole for someone like PesachPatriot and JewAmongYou.

        Now, let’s end this discussion.

        • YngveKlezmer

          Right on the money, Freddy!! You see the big picture. These Left Wingers do not represent Jews any more than Ted Kennedy and Phil Donahue represent Irish Americans. Liberalism is a cancer, and it has infected our Judeo-Christian culture. Blaming liberalism on Jews, as Duke does, it too similar to the ideologies of Hitler. Those of us who know our history know that Hitler did immense damage to the White race, and to Europe, and very little good. He did nothing to help America solve our “Negro problem”, even though we, at that time, would have been very willing to enlist his help in this issue. He was on an anti-Semitic tangent, like Duke, and nothing was accomplished with regards to dealing with the truly inferior races. If anything, Europe’s current Liberal guilt issues, which are allowing hordes of Africans and Muslims to take over and permanently alter Europe’s culture, have their roots in Hitler. Too many Germans, for example, were brainwashed into interminable guilt over WWII, for them to stand their ground, and slam the door on the third world hordes that are destroying their land right here, right now, in 2013. Most Jews have no problem slamming the door on Muslim immigration, and more and more Jews in this country are having racial awakenings from dealing with Blacks, and changing their Liberal views.

    • refocus

      well they are gods chosen people and you should be happy to carry their water and chop their wood.

  • JohnEngelman

    For the record, CREATE Wisconsin operates on about $890,000 in taxpayer funding per year, according to the EAG expose.

    – M.D. Kittle, Wisconsin Reporter, March 18, 2013

    This kind of nonsense should be a political issue. Politicians who allow it to continue should be required to explain why on the campaign trail.

    • Room101

      Any taxpayer that dared to ask a government official or a politician why all the White kids in the government schools should have to wear wristbands that identify our kids as “racists” will be denounced as mere parents-of- “racists”.
      The schools will need several trillion to extirpate all the “racists”, by any means necessary.
      For the children.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “DPI spokesman Patrick Gasper defended the program, which is funded through the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act program, commonly known as IDEA.”

    So…are they admitting that compared to whites, blacks are disabled? I love how they can’t even see the implications here.

  • humura

    The myth of white privilege is used to justify all the preferences and privileges given to lesser qualified minorities – in getting accepted into univ., in scholarships, in jobs, in promotions. And if you object to such Black racist privilege, you are condemned as a racist.

    • jambi19

      Wanting your grandchildren to look like you and share the same ethnicity as your own is explicit racism/white privilege as well. So I have been told.

      • Melanie

        Oh well, too bad. As of now, they can’t force us to marry blacks or force our children to do so, though they’re trying more and more to keep them away from their parents who might teach them such “heinous” things as it’s OK to want your children to have your blue eyes, your wife’s blonde hair, the white skin of you both, etc. The parents might teach them to believe in the faith of their fathers-the left abhors that, so they’re trying to come up with programs to get people’s kids at younger and younger ages.

        • saxonsun

          As of now.

          • Melanie

            The film “The Birth Of A Nation” exemplifies the proper response to any such coercion. If possible, extermination of those doing the coercing. If not possible, self-extermination. I cannot see allowing myself or loved ones to be subjected to the horrors which Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were forced to endure, and if it were a matter of force, I have no doubt that that would be the case.

        • Anonymous By Necessity

          They’re doing much worse than forcing our children to mix with them, they’re successfully using school indoctrination and propaganda machines (TV and film) to actually make our children think they WANT to, and that to think otherwise would be wrong.

          • Melanie

            This is true, which is why I’ve said for the longest time that white parents have got to bite the bullet and make whatever sacrifices they have to make to homeschool their children. Private school is a far second choice, because many private schools, even-or especially-the religious ones are right in there with the multi cult indoctrination.

    • StillModerated

      I’m OK with being labeled “racist.” Hell, I love it!

    • Wayne

      The insane idea of white privilege rides on the back of a much bigger absurdity–equality.

  • Dutchman

    “(R)acism is caused by white people, by our attitudes, behaviors, practices, and institutions … How do you justify it for yourself?”

    With only about 5,000 years of recorded history.

    • Room101

      What the government is trying to do is encourage White people and their kids in the government schools to question their right to live, from the earliest grades.

  • Mogibs medats

    Special treatment for your skin color or aa equals privilege. Nothing white people ever get. The lies are getting to be stupid.

    • Room101

      But the telling of any truths will always be rayyyyycis.

      • Wayne

        So what????

  • Bobby

    One simple comment. In the light of everything that’s anti-white– TV shows, movies, songs, racist hispanic and black activist groups, the daily anti-white pounding from leftists, this RACIAL ATTACK AGAINST WHITES, FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS, that are paid for by the taxes of hardworking whites should be equivalent to a five alarm fire. What would it take, for white people in this country, to ever understand, that what is being undertaken against them, is diabolical in its implications and is coming at them from every area in the nation they or there ancestors created.!!! It’s utterly SURREAL, it’s utterly mindboggling, that there has been little to no backlash.

    • Beetlejuice

      What would it take for whites to wake-up? Having ALL property and wealth confiscated from them by government edict then lined up against a wall facing a government-sanctioned “white extermination squad.” Even then, after decades of brainwashing some whites would gladly turn over everything they had and then march willingly in front of a death squad claiming we whites deserve our fate for all the bad things we’ve done to other races. Surreal doesn’t being to explain it.

      It is EVIL beyond words what is being done to whites. There is no more grievous crime against a people than the crime of genocide being committed against the white race.

      • refocus

        The whites will never wake up. Its over. Too many vaccines and made for TV movies and programs have finished them off. Its over.

    • blaize27

      The essence of “white privilege” are the benefits given to whites from the various institutions in the United States. Those institutions – political, economic, religious, educational, everything – were created by whites. So why should whites not receive the benefits from the institutions their ancestors created? The real privilege though is actually given to the minorities who receive the benefits from those institutions which were never intended to benefit them by those who built them.

      • jambi19

        These people are disgusted of that fact. They can’t conceive a notion that a society created by white people would *gasp* reflect white people.

        • Wayne

          Deep down they know whites are special and our discoveries and civilizations are the envy of the world–it drives them to hate (when leftists hate the call it “rage” or “indignation” because, of course, their hate is righteous).

  • sarah stein

    DPI is inciting hatred of whites. Your children will be attacked, beaten and killed because of this program, and DPI couldn’t care less about your children’s safety. Remember that.

  • YngveKlezmer

    What a bunch of garbage CREATE is!! Wisconsin was an almost entirely White state not too many years ago. The Blacks have already wrecked Milwaukee, and will wreck any other Wisconsin city in which they are allowed to gain a foothold.

    The myopia of liberals is absolutely astounding. How can they possibly think that the pervasive violence permeating every sizable Black community on this earth is due to some supposed White racism? Blacks get preferential treatment every time they go for a job, apply for college, etc., yet huge numbers of them still choose not to work. They are not victims in the least. They exercise free will, and choose to not work, to deal drugs, and to live lives mired in violence, depravity, and deceit. The blame for these bad decisions belongs with the decision makers, not on Whites. The whole notion of White privilege is bogus, as is the notion of Whites somehow holding Blacks back. If anything, Whites unfairly advance Blacks and give them unfair advantage these days. A little bit of fairness would be refreshing, so Blacks barely working in jobs if they do work, and living off of welfare checks paid for with our hard earned tax dollars, could come to a screeching halt. If we use the term privilege properly, it refers to unfair advantage, and that is just what Blacks have these days. If CREATE lived in reality, they would be referring to Black privilege, and denouncing the horrible racism Blacks harbor against us Whites, not picking on us. CREATE is doing nothing but bullying us Whites, and they should be denounced by every White parent in the great state of Wisconsin, and stopped in their tracks.

    • Bobby


  • Beetlejuice

    Yes, I have White Privilege. I have the privilege of paying enough in taxes to support the average welfare family for a year while facing the very real possibility that MY MONEY will not be there when I retire.

    I did this while non-Whites enjoyed racial set asides, H1-B visas, race-based scholarships, racial set asides and advanced at my expense through lowered standards.

    I’ve worked for years facing increasing taxes to support a bunch of non-whites who sit around drinking all day. I’m not doing one thing to excuse my whiteness. F-’em.

    • Wayne

      Weak argument!! Our white privilege comes from the fact that our white ancestors built America for themselves and their posterity, aka white people. Same as Mexicans did for Mexico, Japanese for Japan, etc
      We have absolutely got to get off our knees and say “America was built by whites for whites!” Until we can do that, it is simply playing footsie.

      • Beetlejuice

        I’d like one of those White privilege bracelets to put on my assault rifle.

  • White Mom in WDC

    All the more reason to homeschool.

  • bigone4u

    I too am against white privilege. As a white I have the dubious privilege of paying half my income in taxes to support lazy blacks and lying thieving Mexicans. I hereby renounce my white privilege and in exchange expect my taxes to be cut to 10 percent of my income.

  • LHathaway

    “We are given a false sense of superiority. . . .”

    I believe this is at least partly true. The major cause of this, however, are all the black and brown power group on these same campuses whose sole existence seems to be to find people of color with problems. It’s constant. Every, school, newspaper, and HR department talks about the problems people of color, and only people of color have. The unconscious message being sent to whites is ‘everythings going great for me’ and even ‘i’m superior’. Of course push that farther and ‘complaining about white problems equates to Nazism’. Even complaining about this blatant double standard or complaining about affirmative action is generally seen as a kind of hate.

    Maintaining a leftist outlooks, benevolence toward (inferior) people of color reinforces the same dichotomy? Well, there are times when I just say ‘who cares what leftists think’. ‘Except to know what not to do’.

    • Wayne

      No!! The error in the statement was use of the word “false” when speaking of superiority.

  • LHathaway

    “CREATE begins with one question: Why? Why don’t students from diverse backgrounds achieve at the same level as their peers?” “Why are students from diverse backgrounds enrolled in special education more often than their”?

    What gets lost are problems that white students face. And to push that further, racial attacks against whites are not even considered problems. They are even something whites apologize for.

    • Andy

      “Diverse” is their favorite word, and they can’t even use it properly.

    • StillModerated

      Why don’t students from diverse backgrounds achieve at the same level as their peers?

      Errm, because they are not peers?

  • Andy

    My question is: why are blacks less likely than Indians to be in special ed? Maybe because of pressure on teachers, but I would think the same pressure exists not to put Indians in special ed.

  • Hans Schneider

    one cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear….

  • Being white is AWESOME. maybe if you buckle down and work really hard, they’ll promote you to white in the future

  • Donald Lew

    I’m not convinced that they are but shouldn’t White people be privileged in America.

    After all White people created the great nation of America. Before White people discovered America it was a vast wasteland of savage tribes spending most of their time stealing each
    others’ women and killing one another.

    Blacks are privileged in African nations; Asians in their nations of China, Japan, India; Arabs in their Middle East nations. Only in White nations are the native White people put upon to share and give up their privilege position.

    • Wayne

      This is the right view, not the white taxpayer drivel.

  • refocus

    … meanwhile… the Government of China is breeding geniuses.

    • Defoe

      Hey, we breed everything else for traits why not humans? We breed cows for milk production, dogs for all kinds of traits.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        That’s a long-standing double standard that isn’t about to be broken soon.

        We can manipulate other life forms to please ourselves and make nature match our own tastes and expectations and wants … but never apply that kind of thinking to the human animal. It’s special, somehow, and exempt from all the rules other creatures must deal with.

  • Wayne

    This is yet another example of the fruits of the equality farce. Equality is the American high God.
    The destruction was sown by Jefferson’s very short-sighted “all men are created equal…” A lie from the beginning–THE lie that sustains all others.

    • Defoe

      If you read the rest of Jefferson’s sentence it says: “, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. It’s the unalienable rights that are equally shared by men, not the “men” who are equal. Jefferson was not a stupid man; but many who read his writing today are stupid. And there’s no fix for stupid.

  • eyeslevel
  • Dr. Shockley

    The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction does have a facebook page, if anybody else would like to troll it. They’ve banned me after I demanded they apologize to white people for their “White Privilege” propaganda.

  • Paleoconn

    That can’t be, the governor is a conservative.

  • Aaron

    “Racism is caused by white people, by our attitudes, behaviors, practices, and institutions … How do you justify it for yourself?”

    Well, privilege should come from doing good things. What percentage of the total privilege do whites have? What percentage of the good things in our country’s history have whites done?

  • Al Gator

    This nonsense comes to you from the “fear whitey” crowd. They suffer from terminal white envy. Western civilization brought the whole world with them into modernity. Some people just CAN’T reckon with that, and the hatred rots their stomachs.

    So, this “white privilege” nonsense was cooked up by those same white hating racists and other assorted bigots, to excuse and explain away certain people’s INABILITY to produce and achieve.

    Other societies have embraced Western civilization and education with tremendous outcomes. Many countries that were as backward as Africa just a short 100 years ago are now building their own space craft and planning on going to the moon and beyond.

    I don’t see a lot of asian kids whining about “white privilege.” I see them putting their noses to the stone and taking full advantage of what “evil whitey” has provided. And succeeding in great numbers.

    If you CAN’T MAKE IT, don’t blame whitey, just go look in the mirror.

  • Fed Up

    Ah, yes. That wonderful fraud again. Other than liberals, who is really stupid enough to believe the myth called “White Privilege?” Is liberal thinking a form of insanity or what?

    It’s like they can’t create enough excuses for Black crime, Black laziness, the unwillingness or inability of Blacks to avail themselves of a public school education and actually get off their backsides and work for a living.