Suburbs Secede from Atlanta

John T. Bennett, WND, March 11, 2013

As Detroit—beset by violence, debt and social woes—prepares to undergo a historic takeover by the Michigan state government, the city of Atlanta could be sliding toward a similar fate.

Some are quietly wondering whether Atlanta is in danger of becoming “the Detroit of the South.”

The city has experienced an ongoing succession of government scandals, ranging from a massive cheating racket to corruption, bribery, school-board incompetence and now the potential loss of accreditation for the local DeKalb County school system.

For several years, problems of this sort have fueled political reforms, including the creation of new cities in northern Atlanta suburbs. Due to the intensification of corruption scandals in DeKalb, some state-level reform proposals could become national news very soon.


As a result of the unsavory politics in urban Atlanta, northern suburban communities acted to distance themselves. Beginning in 2005, many communities began the process of incorporating into cities.

Thus far, Milton, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Chattahoochee Hills and Johns Creek have done so.

These cities, after breaking away politically from urban Atlanta, have become so successful that a libertarian think tank, the Reason Foundation, has featured Sandy Springs as a model of effective government. The Economist has also applauded the northern Atlanta cities for solving the problem of unfunded government pension liability and avoiding the bankruptcy that looms over some urban areas. The new cities may soon be able to create their own school districts, which would free them even further from the issues besetting Atlanta.

While incorporation has been popular with residents of the new cities, not all of Atlanta is as satisfied. The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus filed a lawsuit in 2011 to dissolve the new cities, claiming they were a “super-white majority” and diluting the voting power of minorities.


The lawsuit would have canceled incorporation and tied the cities back into the very county that they purposefully left.

State Rep. Lynne Riley, a Republican who represents one of the new cities, called the lawsuit “frivolous” and “disrespectful to the citizens of these cities who are most satisfied with their government.”

The federal trial court rejected the lawsuit, and the court of appeals affirmed the dismissal. However, an attorney for the Black Caucus plans to file an amended lawsuit.


DeKalb County contributed to what the New York Times called “the biggest standardized test cheating scandal in the country’s history” in 2011.

Now, the county is faced with losing its regional accreditation. {snip}

When nearby Clayton County, Ga., lost its regional accreditation in 2008, it was the first school system in the country to do so in 40 years.

The result in Clayton, according to the Pew Foundation, was that thousands of students left county schools, the district lost millions of dollars and hundreds of teachers were fired.

In response to the Clayton County crisis, after witnessing the fallout and the harm to the state’s reputation, the legislature acted to prevent a repeat. In 2011, the Georgia legislature essentially gave the governor authority to remove board of education members when a district was placed on probation by the accreditation agency.

Last December, DeKalb was placed on probation. Then, in January, the governor of Georgia used his new authority and removed six members of the nine-member DeKalb Board of Education.


This week, a federal judge sided with the governor and agreed that the six suspended board members can be replaced. The decision places the dispute into the Georgia Supreme Court’s purview.


Recently, at the helm of the DeKalb school system stood Crawford Lewis. The former superintendent has been indicted on racketeering charges.

Along with several of his associates, Lewis is accused by the DeKalb DA of fraud, theft by a government employee, bribery and a web of racketeering. {snip}


One of the numerous complaints about the DeKalb school board was that it voted to pay for Lewis’ legal defense. There had been a $100,000 cap on the costs allowed for legal defense, but the school board waived it for Lewis’ benefit.


At the very top, the head of DeKalb’s government is the position of CEO. The current CEO, Burrell Ellis, is being investigated for a list of concerns, including alleged bid rigging. Police searched Ellis’s home and office recently, and local news outlets report that while no charges have been filed, search warrants are reportedly aimed toward potential extortion, bribery, theft, conspiracy, and wire fraud in connection with private vendors who contract with the county.

Most recently, Ellis sought approval from the county ethics board to establish a legal defense fund to benefit himself. The board rebuffed the request.


Instead of being treated as a story about rampant, inexcusable corruption, the school board fiasco has morphed into a civil rights issue. Atlanta’s NBC affiliate reports that the Georgia NAACP “accused Republican Governor Nathan Deal of being part of an alleged conspiracy to get rid of black office holders and deprive black voters of their rights.”


DeKalb has changed from majority white to majority black over the last several decades. As the Atlanta Journal Constitution gingerly put it: “The county’s transition from majority white to majority minority was politically rocky.”

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  • John

    Blacks belong in Africa, not civilization. It’s really that simple. Any questions?

    • MikeS

      All blacks belong 72” under the ground.

      • a multiracial individual

        Genocide eh? I thought people around here resent this kind of vile rhetoric.

        • MikeS

          ask around

        • AB7

          He meant their skills and aptitude best suit them for a job working in the sewers. Sort of jumpy of you to jump to genocide. But as long as you bring it up, why don’t you comment on the FACT that whites in South Africa are now OFFICIALLY on genocide watch by the worldwide organization that monitors that sort of thing. Guess you will say they deserve it after all those years of evil white racism! NOT.

          • stewardofthemystery

            Even the Dalit (untouchable sewer workers) in India have an IQ and work ethic that is far above most blacks. Blacks would even screw the sewers up if given a job in the pipes.

          • Token Finn

            Though indian gypsies are worse than blacks.

          • MikeS

            Thank you kindly. That is exactly what I was implying.

          • a multiracial individual

            Yes Mike, we buy that. No need for subterfuge.

          • MikeS

            It’s MikeS, not Mike.

          • The Ripper
          • Sherman_McCoy

            Who gives a rat’s rear what you buy or not? And by the way, who is “We?”

          • a multiracial individual

            Perhaps you should be more concerned about the accuracy/inaccuracy of of a given statement, instead of how much you like the source of it. Also, “we” meant anyone that read MikeS’s comment. There was little wiggle-room for a non-violent interpretation.

          • a multiracial individual

            Give me break, we all know what 6′ under the ground means. Of course, I would not support the genocide of whites (or anyone else). You think Im some unfair lib?

          • The Time Traveler

            “Give me break, we all know what 6′ under the ground means.”

            It means they are Morlocks.

            definition: 1) A dumb blind retarded ape-like creature that loves to chow on human flesh and lives in a far future. 2) Delinquent Chav who sponges from the state. Intelligence far lower than the average human. They spend most their time drinking, swearing and shagging and hate society.

            Here is a picture of what they look like. One is attacking a white woman.

          • a multiracial individual

            Yes, I’m sure MikeS had H.G. Wells in mind when he made that statement.

        • newscomments70

          His comment will most likely be deleted by the moderators. That kind of language is not allowed on Amren. Amren does not support those statements, but they can’t control what every visitor to the site writes and thinks. It will be deleted though. If you see hate speech or anything that is against Amren policy, flag it.

          • a multiracial individual

            I will not flag something unless it is spectacularly vile.

          • Joseph

            Killing an entire race seems to rise to the level of “spectacularly vile”. I agree that it doesn’t belong here.

            I did find the “sewer worker” recovery attempt by AB7 somewhat funny.

          • MikeS

            I did find the phrase “Killing an entire race” in your comment a somewhat odd and ironic statement since I advocated no such thing in my original post.

          • prettycelticwarrior

            MikeS, brother it’s sort of provocative and probably written out of frustration in response to all the bs directed at white people today, especially the white man. Our brothers and sisters make good points about sticking to the facts as not to discredit or disrespect the AmRen site. My emotions get the better of me most of the time and I spout off. On occasion I’ve had to go back and delete or edit my comments!
            Much love, brother 😉 White unity!

          • MikeS

            Thank you for your kind reply. I certainly do not wish, nor is it my intent, to discredit or disrespect the American Renaissance organization, its website or the people on this blog. Mr. Jared Taylor is a very courageous man to go head-to-head with those who seek to oppose anything they consider “racist.” His superhuman ability to remain calm and rational while his opponents fly off the handle is priceless. This skill infuriates his opponents which makes him that much stronger. I have nothing but respect for this man and the way he just destroys his adversaries by simply remaining calm and factual. I would also like to thank AmRen for providing this platform for rational and logical discourse which allows us to gain knowledge and insight as we face the anti-White battering ram that is just outside of everyone’s front door. Respectfully, MikeS

          • Sherman_McCoy

            The celt has it nailed. White “hate speech” is simply a reaction to the constant barrage of PC nonsense we are forced to endure.

          • Gunrunner1

            No one ever said “Killing an entire race. Removing them from the Continent of North America is Repatriation.

          • Joseph

            “…all belong 72″ underground” certainly implies killing them all. Neither multiracial nor I were responding to anything about repatriation. Please try to keep up.

          • a multiracial individual

            Burying them 6′ under the ground is not removing them from the continent.

          • Guest

            I do

          • anonymous

            I don’t want that kind of talk either. The only violence I condone is in self defense. I don’t want KKK rhetoric anymore than I want the New Black Panther or La Raza rhetoric. All those “kill them all” speeches do is turn off normal white people from our prowhite message.

          • Non Humans

            I agree with that. It’s what brought me onto this site. I was already all for our cause, but Jared & Associates’ angle has a very broad appeal, and is effective as well. I find it encouraging how he is able to so gracefully disarm the arguments of libtards and nonhumans alike.

          • anonymous

            While I know the anti-white peddlers will never give us any credit, the mainstream regular white people will be turned off hearing racial slurs or swastikas. They’ve been taught to equate being prowhite with nazis, burning crosses, harming nonwhites, screaming racial slurs and all that. If they can see we are normal, hold jobs, aren’t druggies, aren’t criminals, we pay our bills, we pay taxes and all that, then they’ll think, “Oh, ok.” Most white people only do something if lots of other white people give them acceptance. Just like with smoking. At one point smoking was cool, now it’s not. At one point, wearing tattoos was considering low class, whereas I am seeing more and more people of all economic levels wearing tattoos. You have to find a way to make your messages mainstream and appealing to them.

          • MikeS

            “They’ve been taught to equate being prowhite with nazis, burning
            crosses, harming nonwhites, screaming racial slurs and all that.”

            Taught by who? Please be as specific in you answer.

            “If they can see we are normal, hold jobs, aren’t druggies, aren’t
            criminals, we pay our bills, we pay taxes and all that, then they’ll
            think, “Oh, ok.” Most white people only do something if lots of other
            white people give them acceptance.”

            After all, this has worked out wonderfully in the past, right? After reading this comment, I have come to the conclusion that we are headed to complete and total subjugation in the USA faster than I had originally thought.

          • anonymous

            Me, too. I’ve been going to this site for ten years now and I wanted to make sure this wasn’t swastikas and KKK stuff. I thought, “Oh? So there are white people like me who don’t like multiculturalism who aren’t all white-sheet wearing, cross-burning nazi lovers?”

          • MikeS

            Who said anything about violence. That word only appears in your comment.

          • Wharton

            All white people belong 72″ in the ground!

          • anonymous

            Somebody on this thread did.

          • MikeS

            Then please direct your reply to that somebody.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Survival is always moral, is it not?

          • anonymous

            There’s a difference between personal survival and harming people who aren’t bothering you.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            I’d be fine with “send the 95% who voted Obama to Africa.”

          • anonymous #3

            I love how you want to propagandize your message so that “normal white people” will jump on board. It proves that your “white pride” message is just bullshit. If it was legitimate, you wouldn’t need to preach it. Get over yourself.

          • MikeS

            “The only violence I condone is in self defense.”


            You’re making a rather large assumption here. You assume that you will see it coming and will have time to react. “Knock-Out Game, anyone?”

          • Thor Bonham

            LMAO, it’s still there .. Blew you’re whole argument out of the water ..

          • a multiracial individual

            It was deleted you are correct. Unfortunately, my innocuous reply was deleted as well.

        • Gunrunner1

          Like all controllers, Liberals, etc. You want to suppress certian ideas, even if in reality those ideas are being played out against us.

          The Whites in the USA are going to have to shove and shove hard to make sure they have a homeland. We can do it the easy way or the hard way.


        • Michael_C_Scott

          Not all of us do. Obviously what we’re doing now isn’t working out.

        • Anonymous

          No, I think he really meant 720′ under the ground. You know, African Americans are potential particle physicists who would work in the LHC tunnels.. At least that is what I think Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington will portray in a future Hollywood movie..

          • convairXF92

            OK I’m going to suggest the movie idea to some people I know in the industry, people who already like (1) physics and/or (2) tunnels. Probability is close to 0 that these guys would cast a black as research head. An Asian, perhaps, but not a black. Some years ago I did actually suggest to a local film-video guy with an eye for tunnels to do a work on the proton-decay experiments under Mont Blanc and in salt mines. Maybe time to pull that up out of the ground again (pun intended)….

        • blight14

          By no means, extinction isn’t always a bad thing, quite the opposite on occasion….this scenario being one of the occasions.

      • Alexandra

        I’m against genocide. Just ship ’em back to Africa. They have the right to life too, it would just be better for everyone if they exercised that right in their own homeland.

        • Jack Donovan

          Sure, let’s just ship our white women with them back to Africa and have gay sex with each other.

    • Lygeia

      Actually, they may have chased white people out of Africa.

      The pharoahs of ancient Egypt are the racial forerunners of modern Europeans. The mummified remains of these ancient pharoahs have red and blond hair.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Black Africans were not capable of driving them out. Most likely it was a combination of droughts, internal corruption and warfare with the peoples of Canaan that ended classical Egypt. Whites did return when Alexander conquered Egypt and controlled Egypt for hundreds of years, through the Roman occupation and finally ended when The Muslim Arabs conquered Egypt… and made it into the third-world hell hole it has been ever since.

        I guess diversity didn’t work out so well for Egyptians of antiquity.

      • Nate Miller

        While Ancient Egyptians were by no means negroid, there were certainly NOT white Europeans by any chance. Lets stop kidding ourselves, shall we!
        Also, I know many Pakistanis and Afghans in the Swat valley when I was in the air force with natural red hair, does that make them Europeans? Nope.

        Egyptian Pharohs were non-Negroid-non whites – FACT!

        • Scandza

          The bright hair found in central asia most probably comes from genetic remnants of earlier indo-aryans who lived there bevore the current ethnic groups, so thos red haired guys were your distant cousins :).

          • pcmustgo

            I have heard the red hair on these mummies might have really been black hair that turns red after 1000’s of years of rotting?

        • BonusGift

          We all believe in fairy tales, but at some point we must grow up or just wallow in adolescence. Writing and/or repeating a lie doesn’t make it fact. The tests show that genetically those ancient Egyptians seem to share the closest DNA match to modern day Western Europeans (see, e.g., not Arabs, and certainly not Pakistanis. Also, I bet you believe in unicorns and Atlanta’s and Detroit’s problems have nothing to do with race and will turn the corner any day now without needing to leach off of whitey.

        • Rob

          Egyptian Pharaohs were non-black, non paleface – FACT!!!

          You worded it wrong, lowlife.

      • pcmustgo

        Jews have red and blond hair too. Ancient Israelis were multi-racial in that regard… so were those pharoahs really “white” to you or some kind of lighter Semite, like the Jews and the current president of Syria… I am half jewish, btw.

        • josh

          jews didnt get red hair,genius,until they absorbed the genes of the hated “goyim”,thats white people!! Red haired Celtics were the people who introduced technology to the ancient Chinese.Their bodeis have been found and DNA checked. Who the hell else would be capable–and willing–to build a freaking pyramid? US,thats who!

      • Rob

        The Nubians surpassed the “white” Egyptians so far as culture, education and the construction of pyramids. The Nubians were black; look up the history.

        • Theron

          Where are these great pyramids?

    • MobyWhite

      “Under the circumstances, racism really is the best option.”

    • What would it take to urge them to leave the USA? They tell us 24/7 that they hate America and were brought here against their will. They even threaten to kill our children and us. LEAVE

      None of them will leave even though no one is stopping them. Its the Welfare Money that keeps them here.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        It is the White civilization that keeps them here. To Obama and his African disciples regarding America… you didn’t build that!

        • Sherman_McCoy

          They’ve never created much, except perhaps for grass huts?

          • Crack houses?

          • Tucker

            Millions of illegitimate black babies, all born on the White man’s dime.

            Oh, and now that a scary number of White females have allowed their TV sets and Hollywood to brainwash them into think hopping into bed with IQ of 80 black males is the ultimate display of their feminist independence, I can seldom venture out in public without seeing White chicks pushing strollers or shopping carts that have their mulatto crumb cruncher(s) inside them, and seldom will there be any wedding ring on their finger.

            Which means, these illegitimate mulatto crumb crunchers were also born on the White middle class taxpayer’s dime.

          • Anonymous #3

            I support race-mixing.

          • ken

            And jenkum.

          • ken +2

            And coalburners. Mi gusta!

      • Tucker

        It is not in the instinctive nature of a parasite to voluntarily separate itself from its host.

        Example: A dog doesn’t simply ‘bark’ at the fleas on its body that are becoming a nuisance, and then see the fleas obediently leap off..

    • Correction: they belong to sub-Saharan Africa. Take note that northern Africa has very few natural resources yet never has famines. Could it be because they are technically Caucasians? Regardless of how much aid is thrown at black Africa, they still manage to live one step up from wild animals. Even IF black Africans built the Egyptian architecture; they didn’t design it.


    Measures like this are a temporary solution at best.

  • But, but, shouldn’t the black folk of Atlanta be happy that whe white people are distancing themselves from those racist white rebels? Now, black Atlanta can run things as they see fit.
    It’s too bad the Republican Party won’t even bring this issue up.

    • Nathanwartooth

      “Get out of our city Whitey! We control this now! Black political rule forever! Oh btw, we can’t sustain ourselves because too many Blacks depend on government jobs and handouts to survive. Can you please come back and pay high taxes while never having a political voice?”

      • IKantunderstand

        You are correct sir. We Whites have become the new slave class of America. We will be eternally and incrementally deprived of our rights as time proceeds. We are the official second class citizens of our country. We are being forced to not only finance our own demise, but are being brainwashed to accept and embrace it. Anything and everything we say, or do, is examined under a microscope, while the powers that be, search for even an amoeba’s worth of racism. I would just like to point out, right now at least, there are more of us. Let’s DO something.

        • Joseph

          Blacks (the semi-literate ones), their fellow travelers, and billionaire puppetmasters are activists because they want to GET something. Whites are mostly passive because they just want to be left alone. There is little motive to defend oneself actively but there is much motive for positive activity on the part of the robber. Until the thief has breached their door so to speak, most whites are not even thinking of any positive action. Whites will begin acting en masse when it is too late and the thief is living in their home.

        • Gunrunner1

    • sbuffalonative

      You must be white because you appear to reason like a white person.
      If you believe someone is the source of all of your problems, the solution is to get away from the people who are the source of your problems. This is how the white man thinks.
      Blacks think differently. They love to be around the people they blame for their problems.

      • Alexandra

        Especially when those people are extremely susceptible to being guilt-tripped.

  • bigone4u

    Black rule always leads to chaos. Whites have in effect established their own efficient, pleasant “white homelands” outside the stinking black homeland of Atlanta. Since the federal court ruled this to be legal, whites now have a role model to follow. The reason I would not move to Georgia is that the STATE will soon turn majority black. Then, there will be no escaping the crime, corruption, and chaos that always follows blacks around like a black cloud.

    • Robert Binion

      Still, it is nice to see the good guys find a little relief in dem ol’, appellate courts back home.

    • joesolargenius

      Black students from many Southern States flock to Alanta to go to school because they know the black schools will guarantee them a degree as long as they pay the price , many of them stay afterwards because the job market is biased in their favor and at last count it was 75% black population.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      It doesn’t follow them, they are the black cloud.

  • 48224

    Once again, whites displaced from a major city by black behavior. I wonder more and more how long whites will put up with this?

    • MikeS

      Your question is one of two that when finally answered, will determine the future of this country, its rightful citizens and, above all, the legacy we leave to the next generation.

      • IKantunderstand

        What is the other one of two questions?

        • MikeS

          I like to compare our current situation to a hot water tank with a faulty temperature and pressure safety valve (Mythbusters style). The tank represents the collective anti-White experiences that Whites are forced to endure day in and day out. Normally, we can blow off our excess anger through outlets such as this site, for example. But, as PC and other intolerable restrictions increases, it interferes with Whites’ ability do vent harmlessly and periodically in order to maintain our sanity and self control. However, with the exponential increase in anti-White propaganda that we are experiencing this has had the effect of slowly and subtlety disabling this critical safety device and we all know that this is now going to end badly. Just like the water tank we can only take so much. And in an instant, a failure occurs deep inside the tanks’ structure at the atomic level and expands outward at an incredible speed. And, in an instant, the tank is no more and everything changes forever and there is no going back. Now the two questions are: 1. What will be the last indignity that we will be forced to endure before our internal safety valve is irrevocably damaged and no longer functions as designed? and 2. What actions will be deemed necessary and perhaps even harsh or extreme but nonetheless necessary in order to once and for all destroy the anti-White machine.

    • Joseph

      They nearly always think it is “unfair” when blacks are convicted of, or killed in the commission of a crime.

      Why folks always blames us fo da stuff we do?!

  • Howard W. Campbell

    I’m sure Atlanta had its problems during my mom’s childhood (primarily during the depression), but it was a functioning city and she received a reasonably decent education. All the AA in the world cannot make this dysfunctional hell hole livable now. Good for those cities to break away and take matters into their own hands. How long they can survive without the Obama machine rolling into town and threatening Leonard Sand type fines remains to be seen. (Google Leonard Sand Yonkers NY).

    I’m sure that the federal government will start shoving the undertow into Eastern Montana sooner or later. Trust me, there are enough deadbeat Indians out there already.

    • joesolargenius

      I was working in a wild land fire fihting camp in Montana in 2007 and someone took out a full page ad in the local newspaper lambasting the citizenry for not making blacks feel welcome in that state .

      • liberalsuck

        Of course the white Montanans are going to cave in and let them in. I’m more sick of the whites who don’t put their foot down and say NO than I am the people who push this stuff on us. We can only be the victim for so long and can only blame others so much. The fate of white people falls on our shoulders.

        • Non Humans

          As true as that is, it seems that we can only resist so far before the nonhumans run to the gubbamint, NAACP, SPLC, etc and those who resist are stripped of their proerty, business, or livelihood otherwise. I honestly feel that it’s going to take an economic collapse and the ensuing civil war before this issue will be adequately addressed.
          The libtards have too tight a stranglehold on the social atmosphere and governmint. It doesn’t help that the pet groups listed above have a strong influence on them as well.

        • Nathanwartooth

          It’s so easy to think that Blacks are just like Whites because of all the propaganda on TV and the media.

          If you had never had contact with them, it would be very easy to believe.

          Also it gives them the “moral high ground” to call everyone racists.

          • fakesnake

            The only whites who support multiculturalism don’t live around it day to day. The only whites who have white guilt are the liberal types who have never had to earn their own money or support their kids on their own dime.

  • Ah, the “Black City That Works”… long as YT is in control.

  • The__Bobster

    I’ve yet to see a spoonie-controlled gubmint that wasn’t corrupt.

  • Mr_Blootarsky

    Atlanta now—

    • Nice video. They need to play this at the next Republican Convention.

    • robin

      how the hell do you deal with people like that?

      • ncpride

        Exactly the way she was delt with. They only understand violence. Did you see her small children getting into the act? They wll grow up to be little thugs too.

        • lshwi

          I like your quote of “They only understand violence.” Did you ever see Last King of Scotland about Idi Amin? The young Scottish man there, or maybe it was the middle aged British man living there, was referring to being forceful with the Africans with this, “This is Africa. If you don’t act like this with them, you’re dead.” Or something like that.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Batons, dogs and firehoses.

      • Non Humans

        I didn’t see any people in that video… Did I miss one walk by in the background?

        • observer

          I think the guard was a person. No, he wasn’t white, but he was actually earning money in a difficult job that had to be done.

    • mike

      Great video, really enjoyed watching that foul mouthed thing bounce off the pavement.

    • MekongDelta69

      The combined IQ of EVERYONE in that video, all added up, HAS to be at LEAST 104 1/2…

      …with the literacy rate hovering somewhat below that exalted number.

  • NYB

    Incorporation is good, but areas should be able to vote themselves ‘white only’. Schools and neighborhoods without Asians, Blacks, Arabs, Jews, or Hispanics should be a choice.

    • Non Humans

      I see the hopeful possibility for that in the future. I do not believe whites will tolerate this pattern of Displacement and Forced Redistribution of Wealth indefinitely. It’s coming more out into the open by and by, as the part of this article about the newly separated and incorporated areas clearly demonstrate.

      • Joseph

        They should just establish areas by covenant or incorporation or whatever which do not allow any person with a criminal conviction. This would keep out a large number of blacks since almost every person is only removed two degrees of consanguinity from some convict, many of course themselves convicts or living with one. Wouldn’t be racial, ethnic nor gender discrimination so I don’t see any gummint protections for them.

        • Strider73

          Another option: follow the lead of Kennesaw, GA, and require every household to have at least one gun. Felons can’t legally own guns. A huge number of blacks are felons. Result: blacks are de facto barred from the city.

          • anonymous

            So how does the fact they have laws preventing ‘felons’ from owning guns prevent them from doing it? How long is this ‘de facto’ segregation barring blacks from that county going to last before the powers that be and stupid white liberals notice this and try to change it? What are the white conservatives in that county going to do to resist? Trust me, these same nonwhites and lawyers will find ways to repeal firearm laws that bar felons (especially if they are blacks and browns) from owning guns while making it harder for white people to own guns; just like they are forcing employers to hire felons (mostly black and brown) and other ways to displace and neuter white males for almost the past 50 years now. Eric Holder, Obama and other leftists and blacks and browns in power are thumbing their noses at us and our laws. The question is, What will most white people do when the threat is right in their face threatening to kill them and their family? What are they going to do? What are they going to do when armies and thugs are at their door threatening to kill their families if they don’t surrender their weapons? You can bellyache all you want about your ‘rights’, but that means nothing if you aren’t willing to stand up for them. This country is breaking apart and there will come a time where most of will have to be like our ancestors were in 1776.

  • mike

    Suing a successful city. So typical of blacks. If you can’t duplicate it, destroy it.

    • ken

      They are the most envious and the most incapable race on the planet.
      Now combine that with their legendary violence and laziness and you have a recipe for the opposite of civilization.

  • APaige

    I always thought that true freedom was not to be at the mercy of other’s liberty. It is to be separate from blacks-its that simple. We build, they destroy, we move, they follow, we move, etc.,-the cycle needs to be broken. Standing your ground, using legal options, declaring independence and instituting effective government. Thank you to the suburbs of Atlanta for showing the way.

  • Mr_Blootarsky

    Atlanta African Queen–

    • Wings, tax refunds, hair braids, tattoos, and a metro stop all within the first 100 feet of the mall.

      Sounds like a great place.

      • Who Me?

        Where’s the nail salon? Gotta be at least one close.

  • Lorin

    Obama will not allow this to stand! He is already pushing for “regional taxing” to stop this sort of white action.
    Even if the courts rule in the favor of whites; the Federal Government will immediately rule that the white race must continue funding black governments.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Here’s a novel idea. Ignore the federal government.

      • Tom in MI

        You can ignore the federal government, but the federal government will not ignore you.

      • Nathanwartooth

        States: Leave us alone Federal Government!

        Federal Government: Don’t make me drone strike you!

  • Fed Up

    Years ago, Blacks wanted/demanded a state of their own, within the U.S.A. It sounded ludicrous then. But makes sense now. The only problem being that Blacks would not stay within their territory, but raid their White neighbors, looting, raping killing. But then with Blacks, it’s a CULTURAL THING! We Whites would not be able to understand it.

    • Salarino

      I read somewhere that that was one of the demands of the black panther party. I see your point about them being pillaging their neighbors, but think that a heavily fortified DMZ/buffer zone surrounding it could have fixed that problem.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The way it is working with Mexico? Remember, the border with Mexico is an inhospitable desert which poses a barrier to foot travel all on its own.

        • Salarino

          Since when do we have a heavily fortified border with Mexico? If we did we would not have millions of illegal Mexicans in this country.
          The desert acts as an obstacle, but there are lots of spots that are still less treacherous.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Exactly. The same liberals who have actively prevented us from having one with Mexico would also prevent us from having a fortified border with a black US successor state. Don’t expect any fortified borders in this story so long as there are any leftists remaining.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Of course they wouldn’t stay there. That’s entirely the point. What the Black Panthers were demanding was a sanctuary, where they would be safe from white police, but from which they could operate against the white remnants of the US. When you decide to form a “vanguard army” like the Black Panthers, a complete ideology and strategy come with it for free.

      The main thing the Black Panthers chose to ignore was that there already was – and is – a black homeland. We call it “Sub-Saharan Africa”. In land area, this is larger than South America and Europe combined.

    • chuck_2012

      it makes sense to have a black state within the the US but would it be a ghetto? blacks cannot get out of their own way and to give them a state, or part of one is non-workable. without continued infusion of money they would be reduced to begging. But, in your opinion where would you have put them?

  • Bobbala

    It’s funny how all of the failures of black people can be traced back to two sources. #1 presence of white people and #2 the absence of white people.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Very apt. Whenever I hear Blacks complain about everything and how it is someone else’s fault I respond by asking, so what about 100% Black nations, why are they so awful? They say because of colonialism. I say first off, colonialism is the only thing that kept them out of the proto-neolithic age and secondly, if your argument is that no matter what Blacks have never been in control of their own destiny ever doesn’t that make a statement about their inherent weakness, lack of intelligence and overall inferiority?

      Listen, when they make these arguments just challenge them on their all-time inability to ever be in control of their destiny… if that is the argument they are making. Let them walk right into the reality of racial weakness.

      • Non Humans

        Very Well Put, Bobbala as well.

      • Joseph

        I commented on a YouTube video (yes, always a mistake) involving that idiot Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and was challenged with something like: Whites have always been a tiny minority in the world and thus have always been jealous of the people of color because we are a minority and our white “genetic melanin defect”. That is why whites enslaved blacks and keep them in poverty and addicted to drugs etc.

        I asked how is it then, that this admittedly tiny racial minority who is genetically inferior is able to subdue superior people in vastly superior numbers and keep them enslaved the world over for many hundreds of years.

        The answer – whites had guns. Such is the intellect of the superior black race.

    • sbuffalonative

      As I say, ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’.
      It’s a no win situation with blacks.

    • Mr Plankton

      I used your quote in response to an article on philly mag while rebuffing some idiot. Thought I’d give you a hat-tip here. Thanks!

      • Bobbala

        I am honored.

  • smedley

    Former mayor Bill Campbell was convicted on federal corruption charges. One only needs to look at the airport, when they built a new runaway about ten years ago, the dirt contract, the hauling and grading of dirt, was $400,000,000, that is right, four hundred million dollars worth of dirt for a single runway. Four hundred million dollars.

    Then there is the murder of the Dekalb county sheriff over ten years ago. He was shot in his driveway. Charges were brought against former cops and the former sheriff who allegedly hired them. OJ jury 2 found the former cops NOT GUILTY of killing the sheriff. In a separate trial OJ jury 3 found the former sheriff GUILTY of hiring the guys – who were found not guilty of killing the sheriff – who killed the sheriff. So the jury found a guy guilty of hiring guys to kill someone but the guys who he hired to kill him were found not guilty of killing him. If that ain’t African logic I don’t know what is.

    This is the same bunch who allowed Ray Lewis to walk away with felony littering charges after allegedly killing someone.

  • Lygeia

    I always wondered if this would happen.

    But this follows the pattern: we build it, they come to what we have built, they destroy what we have built, we leave, build elsewhere, they follow.

    Rinse and repeat.

    • Joseph

      This is the way they have done things in Africa. They move into an area, strip the land of any value, then move along to a new area. Agronomy, husbandry and resource development and maintenance are not the strong suit of Africans there nor here. Slaves could not even be trusted to operate simple machinery, tools, nor care for animals, let alone a city.

  • Those guys need to build a wall on their southern flank.

    Or a moat, or something. Big one.

    • Non Humans

      Build a Library and a Career Center and that will do the trick.

      • stewardofthemystery

        Hide their foodstamps/gub checks under their workboots: they’ll starve to death.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Where’s the safest place to hide during a race riot? Bookstore

  • In the comments below the AJC article:

    “Dekalb county needs a major house cleaning. It’s completely corrupt and
    everybody knows it – it’s common knowledge. As a Dunwoody resident
    with children in Dunwoody schools, I wish they would create their own
    school district. If they don’t do SOMETHING, I’ll be moving – too much
    is at stake. I’ve already been thinking about that. And for the
    record, DHS is a very diverse school and I think it’s one of the great
    things about it.”

    *sigh* Good lord, sometimes I think white people deserve every bad thing that’s coming to them.

    • Bobbala

      Did ya catch all them fish?
      Nope, talked em into givin up.
      Here’s your sign.

    • Greg Thomas

      It’s corrupt because of diversity. Some Whites simply cannot come to terms with that.

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    Reminds me of those times when something gets wedged between my teeth and I can’t get it out, and someone else has used the last of the dental floss.

  • MobyWhite

    He’s masking the real facts.

    Georgia is turning to a Blue State through relentless demographic change, i.e. the crushing out of White privilege through sheer numbers of non whites.

    Diversity will build up enough critical mass that it will take over the State Government and change the Constitution to outlaw private cities. All communities, mostly the Whites, will be forced to pay taxes to the nearest Majority Diversity citiy.

    There is nowhere to run. The demographic change will eventually reach out and grab you no matter where you are or what you do. Secession is temporary and a false narrative, because it won’t last.

    Even before the State outlaws privitization, HUD will do the same to Sandy Springs that they did to Westchester, NY, and attack the White privilege with govt. funded Diversity swarms.

    If the White community believes that their defensive tactics will make a difference in the long run, they are a worse enemy to themselves than the Black Civil Rights politicians and lawyers spawned in the Section 8 ghettos and slums of da nast’ee ATL.

    Do you want to see the future? Then read this:

    When the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and Civil Rights Living Legend and Icon Rev. Joseph Lowery sued Sandy Springs to break it up, Lowery said it was “too White.”

    Just wait. Whiteness in general will be deemed “too White,” and then what’s the fate of your beautiful White daughters?

    What was the fate of Brittny Watts in Atanta when Nkosi Thwandie deemed her “too White”?

    • Howard W. Campbell

      The only things that will bring this nonsense to a screeching halt are a breakup of the US into several smaller countries and/or the day the dollar crashes and is only good for toilet paper. Blacks generally cannot function above a goat herders level without Whites around.

      • libertarian 1234

        I agree. I don’t see how this country can EVER function successfully with a black population.

        And if sovereign areas do occur they have to be under a system wherein all important issues are voted on by referendum by the people.

        Representative government doesn’t work. It only creates an elitist political class and career politicians whose main concern is doing whatever they can to enhance their careers and live off the public dole.

        • anonymous

          The problem is not only getting most white people to see that nonwhites will never be able to create or maintain the societies that we can, but getting them to put their foot down and carve out areas for us only.

    • crystalevans

      Remember when Hosea Williams and the like went up to nearby Forsyth County and complained that it was all white. I remember going up there with my husband in 1990 and spoke with a real estate agent who told us flat out that blacks were not welcomed there. She could not say that publically because that would cost her her real estate license.

  • IKantunderstand

    We can’t escape. We move. They move next door. We move again. Again, they move next door. The laws of the land are against us. Our government is against us. And, sadly, all too often, our fellow whites are against us. My relatives are all brainwashed. (Although, they all do move out when the ‘hood’ changes). Here’s my favorite line from a White co-worker who castigated me about a comment I made about Blacks, after I pointed out to her that she avoided Blacks like the plague. This co-worker lives in Grosse Pointe Woods, a very affluent White area. Her comment (from the great White liberal): “Really, I don’t know what you mean by that comment, I am not in a position to appreciate urban culture.” She actually thought that this was a real explanation for her antipathy to Blacks. Turns out, she was right; the White liberals here in Michigan, actually consider that reason to be legitimate. So, move away from Blacks, avoid them like the plague, and if challenged? Just respond the way she did. Because as far as I can see, there is gonna be a lot more moving and avoiding in our futures. Until, we can’t. Then what?

    • ye ol’ swampyankee

      That’s a typical attitude of northern progressives. They love diversity, but never in their communities. “We” live here and “they” live elsewhere is a normal expectation to them. They insist upon this separateness while paying lip service to diversity as long as they don’t have to live with it. Their version of diversity is a token percentage of nonwhites among an overwhelmingly white population. I’ve got an aunt in Massachusetts who lives in a typical suburb that’s 96.5% white which is common in New England. She once asks me what I have against black people? She then concluded by saying “well” they don’t bother me”.
      Now here’s a reasonably intelligent women who can’t establish a link between her 96.5 white suburb and the fact they don’t bother her.Very white places seem to facilitate total disconnect.

      • Who Me?

        Blacks “don’t bother” your elderly aunt in a white New England suburb. Well, isn’t that nice.
        Wild tigers don’t bother me either. Of course, they aren’t too common around here…….

      • racismschmacism

        I didn’t mind bees either until I was stung by one as a child and as an adult sitting outside during my break at work. I didn’t see a problem with coyotes until one tried to kill my puppy a few years ago before I charged after it with a baseball bat in my hand. I didn’t see a problem with liberals and how nasty they were until I started to question some of their ideology as a young college student and until I saw how they’ve been acting the past few years as they’ve gotten more power. The point is, it’s really easy to say you like someone or something (or say “I don’t have a problem with them”) until you’ve actually experienced these things up front.

  • Digitalis Purpurea

    Quit being racist and get back here, Whitey! These handouts aren’t going to pay for themselves!

  • Paleoconn

    The City too busy to hate has chased away its productive citizens. Black attack causes White flight. Every time.

  • ImnotracistohwaityesIam

    I am born and raised in Atlanta. My father is from Atlanta and my mother is from Aiken, SC.

    My father went to high school in Atlanta and graduated during the 70’s. His stories Od “having to take off my belt to fight black guys with knives” stick with me. So do the stories of my mom talking about working with contractors (Atlanta government appointed under Young) that were the most racist, shadiest scum she ever met.

    I need to write an article and submit it to Amren. I said I would last week, but work curtails that effort. My only drawback is that it will be seen as anecdotal.

    I have been twiddling my thumbs for years as a hbd-believer, but I have yet to traverse that wall of Marxism of political correctness into a Jeffersonian field of truth.

    I post this with a name not linked by e-mail out of respect to my family. But I am realizing that complacency to a culture in which it does not reflect my beliefs is exactly how a man came to power called Hitl…Stalin.

    We truly live in a time where telling the truth is subversive.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Amren has published anecdotal stories before.

      Statistics is just a bunch of anecdotes added together.

    • With our current media, anecdotal is the closest we’ll get to reality based journalism

    • BonusGift

      I think Orwell had the best take on this: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

  • crystalevans

    I used to live in Atlanta. These white suburbs were paying for nearly everything in Atlanta. We used to wish that Milton County, where Alpharetta and Roswell were part of would return.

  • libertarian 1234

    Today it is areas seceding from black run cities.

    Tomorrow it will be areas seceding from a black run federal government.

    • Brian

      Correct. The USA is now only a few steps away from a Civil War.

      Areas seceding from Cities is a huge step. So is Sheriffs openly refusing to enforce the new Federal laws restricting firearms.

    • liberalsuck

      Nation of Islam demanding black-owned property, Hispanics demanding the Southwest belongs to them and more whites seceding from nonwhite states and nonwhite suburbs now. All of this predicted in Thomas Chittum’s Civil War 2.

  • Shattered

    Misery loves company.

  • Black People: Can’t live with them, can’t ………

  • The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus is never going to allow Atlanta’s northern suburban communities to take their tax revenue away (the “gibsmedat”).

    They will be forced into a regional tax sharing plan like the one used in Minneapolis/St Paul.

    SCOTUS will make sure of this, just as they are making suburban school districts pick up failing city school districts – Shelby County, Tennessee.

    • liberalsuck

      If the counties and towns break off, there will be no more money for them to enforce their will on the white suburbans. The white suburbans and rural folks control the food supply for the most part; they also have most of the firearms and ammo.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus filed a lawsuit in 2011 to dissolve the new cities, claiming they were a ‘super-white majority’ and diluting the voting power of minorities.

    The black caucus wants to keep their economic slaves on the plantation.

    The feds are on their side and will stop any breakaway city dead in its tracks either through the courts or regulations.

    Remember “Building One America?”

    Forbes reports:

    President Obama’s plans for a second-term include an initiative to systematically redistribute the wealth of America’s suburbs to the cities. ..But like a lot of his major progressive policy innovations, Obama has advanced this one stealthily–mostly through rule-making, appointment, and vague directives. Obama has worked on this project in collaboration with Mike Kruglik, one of his original community organizing mentors. Kruglik’s new group, Building One America, advocates ‘regional tax-base sharing,’ a practice by which suburban tax money is directly redistributed to nearby cities and less-well-off ‘inner-ring’ suburbs. Kruglik’s group also favors a raft of policies designed to coerce people out of their cars and force suburbanites (with their tax money) back into densely packed cities.

    All cities will become Detroit. It’s only a matter of time.


  • You can’t fix n*i66er.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Breaking away from Atlanta is the smart thing to do. But the potential problem of affordability is ever present. Because of the lower cost of housing, blacks can more easily penetrate affluent all- white suburbs in the south when compared to affluent suburbs outside this region. The same cost of desirable suburban housing in the northeast for example, usually is double of what you’d pay in Georgia and the Carolina’s.This of course serves to keep black numbers relatively negligible as the cost alone acts as an insurmountable barrier. The same goes for the dregs within our own ranks.

    You definitely get more house for your money down there but the trade off is potential invasion. Those same economic barriers just aren’t there. Plus, significantly higher numbers of blacks who seldom seem “very far away” adds to the instability of affluent suburbs within range of places like Atlanta.

  • Greg Thomas

    All cites will become Detroit when enough blacks and mexicans move in.

    • Setting up new cities only postpones the inevitable because they will follow wherever whites settle. It will take a drastic change to the constitution to permanently fix the problem

  • rebellisMMXII

    In Texas we have extraterritorial jurisdiction powers given to large cities…you can move but the city can find a way to gobble you up (from my understanding (see Houston-Kingwood)).

  • bubo

    The boom times are gone, never to return. It was easy to sell and move when you didn’t lose your ass with every home purchase. Not anymore. When you have no other choice even comfortable middle class white people grow a backbone.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Something much like this happened in Colorado, but for a very different reason. The City of Westminster seceded from surrounding counties to became its own county. The reason was much more mundane. Westminster police were having trouble keeping their court dates, as these were in a variety of the counties that had parts of the city split between them.

    With this as an example, these municipalities could secede from DeKalb county and form their own new county.


    The problem for whites is that GA will be under control of a non-white controlled Democratic party soon. A much larger percentage of GA’s nonwhite population is black, who vote more, as opposed to Hispanic, so Georgia wont be able to stay white controlled as long as Texas.

    • liberalsuck

      The white enclaves will be surrounded by them. Sure, they can possibly try to secede as a town or county, but that won’t last long. What will they do when the feds, military and blacks come in and force their way in there? You’re going to start seeing lots of states fight with states, states vs. feds, counties vs. states, etc. It won’t be pretty.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    A word comes to mind: Gibsmuhdat!

  • Fire Eater

    All of these cities are on the wealthy, low-crime White northside but have the unfortunate problem of being fastened to majority Black Fulton and Dekalb counties. Until 1932 “North Fulton” was another county, Milton. It was abolished at that time for financial reasons. Today it is one of the wealthiest areas of the country and is the cash cow for ghetto politicians in Atlanta and crime-ridden south Fulton.

    Efforts by the cities mentioned here will be ineffective simply because they remain in majority non-White counties with all of their growing problems…White people who must pick a home in the Atlanta vicinity would do well to buy in Forsyth or Dawson counties in the northern exurbs…still mostly White despite be worst efforts of liberals. Intown living is for liberals.

    Ghetto Democrats have thus far prevented efforts to re-create Milton county with cries of “racism.”

  • redistribution

    Good to see whites standing up for their own rights from these extortionist socialist blacks who intend to inflict unending pain sucking all tax dollars down their black hole bottomless pit the same way Obama has done 4 years creating the 6 trillion redistribution for himself in the same way Castro, Chavez and all other South American dictators have done using Carribean banks.

    • liberalsuck

      Funny, our destruction has come from a mixed race, anti-Christian, anti-white president, the very opposite of what this country stood for all these years. Egypt fell when they had a mulatto president, too. Coincidence?

  • Facts are facts: we have the civil right to protect ourselves and distance ourselves from those who seek to steal our money by legal means (taxes) or theft.

    • liberalsuck

      You might have a right on paper, but that means nothing to people in power who ignore it.


    You Can’t Run, You Can’t Hide from these Savages

  • cali

    Got to love how they wish to force us to live with their behavior and criminal activity. High crime, poor control, higher rate of political corruption, continuous complaints about other ethnicities, continuous need for more of our tax assisted programs. We can never do enough. Why can’t they understand why we wish to live separately?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      They *DO* understand that we wish to live as far away from them as we can get and our finances allow us, hence forced busing, Section-8 scatter housing, Affirmative Action hiring, preferences for college admissions, etc. ad nauseum.

      It takes seriously demented individuals to force their presence on people who don’t want them, but then they also commit a lot of rape, which is the ultimate in forced, unwelcome presence. What blacks are doing by imposing themselves on us is the socio-cultural equivalent of rape.

  • You can’t fix n*i66er.

  • Epiminondas

    There’s a whiff of hypocrisy here. Those northern suburbs are made up largely of northern whites who tend to be liberals on social issues. However, when faced with the reality of being governed by corrupt and incompetent blacks, their first reaction is to segregate themselves. This is precisely what white southerners were doing before the noxious civil rights laws were passed. Whites will not willingly live in areas dominated by black politicians. The school integration fiasco should have alerted white liberals to this problem a generation ago. I guess it took a local dose of integration to help them see the light.

    • liberalsuck

      Yep. These liberal whites will criticize Southern whites or conservative ‘Red State’ white Republicans, yet they live in the same type of–if not more–white environment. “Oh, I hate white supremacists! Get out of here!!! We don’t need fu&!ing racists pieces of s–t here!!!!” Those liberal whites get mad at you for pointing that out because they’re too scared to admit it or they deny it.

  • The white men messed up first by bringing the blacks here. But, who really screwed up is the people after the civil war, Like Abe and his boys. They had a plan in effect to expatriate the blacks to liberia, but NO, they decided too much effort and besides the blacks who were free would be kept under control. So now here we are, 99% of us, or our fathers never having anything to do with slavery are the scapegoats for the blacks. I wish a visionary could have seen all this coming, or mayhaps they did and just said, not our problem. There needs to be a resolution other than surrendering America to the blacks. They want reperations , fine.. Give them all several thousand dollars apiece and let them build a nation in liberia or anywhere in Africa. I am not a racist or a hater, but from observing for 60 years now , and being robbed and beaten by 3, and see the worse coming. They are rude , crude and obnoxious and swagger around and dare anyone to try and correct their behaviour. This is not our founding fathers idea of a free America, and it isn’t mine.

    • USA2013

      They act that way because they know most whites are going to respond violently to them. Did you see a video with white Texans running out the New Black Panthers? These NBPs all talk tough and want a race war, but see how they reacted to these good ole’ boys standing up to them:

  • pcmustgo

    I guess America will eventually secede from California, the South West and the South too… the whites in other states will begin to resent sending endless welfare there.

    • liberalsuck

      But what are they going to do to stop those nonwhites, especially blacks and Hispanics, from coming into their states? What are they going to do if they have feds and military come in forcing them to integrate? What will they do if sanctions are placed on them? How do you insure some future white politician doesn’t get sucked in my fear of boycotts or seduced by getting more money to make a ‘multiracial’ society?

    • Bobbala

      If the South did secede, the ensuing freedom would drive the black/ hispanic population into the arms of the people that are still forced to see to their care and feeding.

  • Ralph

    Let me state the obvious. White communities are safe and prosperous. Black communities are not. The reason is genetics.

    But, more, why must we Whites continue to have to put up with all the non-White crime and social dysfunction that is not of our making by people who are not of our kind? We really must teach our fellow Whites to understand that there is not one lumpen “human race,” but that there are several and they are all different inside and outside.

    Race is real. Race matters. We Whites must separate ourselves from non-Whites in order to pursue happiness and live in communities with our own kind. This is my religion. This is my belief. This is my faith.

    • AB7

      What is amazing is how white gun owners are allowing their rights to be taken away without bringing up that it is not whites who are causing the problems. White gun violence rate in America is same as for Europe, which everyone always compares America too, it is the blacks and hispanics that drive up the rate in America, but whites end up losing their gun rights over it. The average white gun owner in America would rather have his gun taken away than be called a racist.

      • Ralph

        Well, of course, you are right.

        And, about this phenomenon of Whites preferring that their guns be taken away or even of dying rather than being called a racist this involves basic psychology.

        Feeling shame and guilt and being an outcast over being called a racist (or any other term that causes such shame and guilt) can cause some among us to prefer anything–even death–to being shamed. Suicide is one way that these poor souls sometimes find a way out of their self-imposed ubershame.

        We need to start teaching our people that strength comes first in the mind and that there is not only no shame in being a so-called racist, it is something to be praised; because a person who is a true racist–a scientific racist, i.e. one who understands the reality of race and evolution and who has some basic understanding about the nature of existence–is one who will help ensure the survival of himself and our kind.

      • liberalsuck

        Not only could most white gunowners stand the accusations of racism, BUT even if most blacks could agree they themselves had a gun problem, they won’t allow others to have rights they aren’t responsible of having. Much like spoiled brats. “If I can’t have it, so can you.”

  • josh

    “TayShaun! Tarcell! Shitavious!Pack yo stuff up–we MOVIN!!!” “Where we movin’ momma?” “WE movin’ to where da white folks is! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!”

  • MacingFacing

    The white man’s pride. They know it is falling apart. Everything that they worked for. To keep themselves on top is falling down. You got the KKK shooting (white) political figures in Texas. White people going on rage mode. The obvious racism. They are starting to turn the guns on themselves and look more ignorant in the process. They should have seen it coming, but being white…you never see the other side of the effect that your race has caused. Deal.

    • MacingFacing

      I love how white people continues to keep the black in their mouth. Just like when they used to suck on mammi’s titty. I had to lol