Snyder’s Vision for Detroit Under EM: Turnaround, Not Invasion

Nolan Finley, The Detroit News, March 1, 2013

If you think Gov. Rick Snyder is naming an emergency manager for Detroit so he can impose his will on the city, listen to how he answered a question about whether he’ll now push ahead with the state takeover of Belle Isle:

“I have some concerns about if we were to do it in the emergency manager context,” Snyder said in an interview prior to Friday’s announcement. “It would be viewed as we’re ignoring the fact that the city didn’t want it. I really don’t view it as something appropriate for an emergency manager.”

Snyder says this even though he cites the city’s refusal to accept his offer to run Belle Isle as a state park as one of his greatest frustrations in dealing with Detroit, and also sees it as an opportunity to post an early success for the takeover.

But the governor is not coming into Detroit as a bully. He’s a turnaround expert, not a takeover artist. He did not want this day to come. That’s why he went through the doomed-to-fail consent agreement exercise.

But since he first started discussing a gubernatorial bid with his wife, he knew Detroit would someday be his burden.

“I knew I had to be a participant somehow, going back to the time Sue talked to me about running for governor,” Snyder said. “I knew if I were fortunate to be elected governor, I’d need to be a key supporting resource in taking Detroit from going downhill to growth. I’ve had this in my passion and my fire since the time I took this job.”

Now he’s got Detroit in his lap, and the self-described relentlessly positive governor admits that reality brings the likelihood of sleepless nights.


Snyder didn’t actually expect to have to appoint an emergency manager. He had hoped presenting Detroit’s elected leaders with a step-by-step turnaround plan nearly a year ago would avert a takeover.

But, “they didn’t execute their part of the agreement. I’m saying that as a factual statement,” Snyder said.


The governor says he realizes that his decision will be viewed by many in the city through a racial prism.

“I try to be sensitive to that,” he said. “I always try to learn and be sensitive to others, to appreciate it and understand it. But if you look at the financial review team’s report, it’s pretty clear that the city’s in an emergency. I mean, this is a crisis.”


Looking out 10 years, what does the governor see because of the action he took today?

“I see a place that is still coming back, but that’s growing,” Snyder said. “Where young people are saying, ‘This is a cool place to come hang out and start your career.’

“Just think of how much time and energy goes into people fighting or blaming someone. If we’re able to take that energy and be able to say ‘this neighborhood is great, this school is really cool now, or we solved that crime,’ what that would do for the city, the metro area and the whole state.”

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  • Eagle_Eyed

    I’m one of those “let it burn to the ground” guys when it comes to Detroit, but of course Detroit failing just means that Detroit’s problems move elsewhere. So, once again, whites are left with a lose-lose situation. I’m at a loss. What should Snyder and Michigan do here?

    • The__Bobster

      Neutron bomb testing? Release a new strain of Ebola?

    • So CAL Snowman

      Sell it to the Chinese and wall it off. If anyone can get something going in Detroit it would be the slave masters from China.

      • NYB

        The Chinese only profit parasitically from our wealth. China is the global convenience store, and we are their free-spending customer. Without us they’d be stuck in the last century.

        • Bob

          That is exactly right, and why China is no threat. 100% of their economic growth is due to the Stupids in the West sending them our wealth – which they could never create on their own.

    • 48224

      Offer all black women $5000 to have their tubes ties. They will be lined up.

      • blight14

        I’ve said that for years, but MY version offers $25,000 tax free cash to anyone that submits voluntarily to sterilization, male or female……that 25k would likely be a fraction of the savings in the short and long term…..I fail to see a downside in the proposal……

    • brengunn

      Contraception, contraception, contraception.

    • John

      After the Hurricane Katrina fiasco, a colleague mentioned that the storm exposed New Orleans for what it really was. A second colleague remarked that the storm produced the same effect as an imbecile stomping on pile of dog excrement. It simply splatters everywhere and gets on everything. The contents of “chocolate city” splattered to many other towns, spreading the ill-effects associated with the presence of Blacks far and wide.
      The deleterious effects associated with Blacks is well documented. The disastrous consequences associated with Blacks can be empirically measured in many ways.

      • Howard W. Campbell

        One of my brothers lived near Atlanta when Katrina hit New Orleans. In short order, the ATL had to contend with a fair share of new derelicts who could not get along with the local derelicts.

      • eavesmac

        I was here in New Orleans for Katrina, and was glad the rest of the nation got to see what whites have had to endure quietly for decades. One way street racism while being accused of the same. I had the same car, 81 cutlass, stolen 3 times, and each time the perps were black. Now what are the odds of that happening if they are the minority?

    • Room101

      Gov. Snyder should think about turning the expense and liabilities of Detroit over onto the Federal tax rolls, if possible. Maybe such areas could be legally designated some sort of racial reservation propped up by trillions from the productive and worthwhile to the criminals, parasites, and non-productive.

    • Tom Iron

      Gov. Snyder made a fatal mistake by taking over Detroit. Now he’s tied the state taxpayers to a losing proposition. We here in n.j. know all about this type of thing. We have the festoring sore named Camden. We did the same thing and it bled us for years. Now we’re out from under, but not until billions went down a black hole, never to be seen again.

      • IstvanIN

        And yet our Republican Governor wants to do away with home rule and consolidate municipalities so the entire state can be one giant Camden, Newark or Trenton.

    • HamletsGhost

      Of course, Detroit burned to the ground long ago, thanks to several decades worth of Devil’s Night celemabrations.

      There’s nothing to do with the cause of Detroit’s Niggerdammerung, since the causers are still around to cause more mayhem. The best we can hope for is to pull the plug on the massive pensions that the Negro controlled public employees unions helped themselves to. Default on all the city’s public debt, that will send a signal to anyone else foolish enough to lend money to such a dungheap. Bust everyone’s pension down to what a teacher retiring after 20 years would get.

      Send them a message.

  • nobody special

    “I see a place that is still coming back, but that’s growing,” Snyder
    said. “Where young people are saying, ‘This is a cool place to come
    hang out and start your career.’

    “Just think of how much time and energy goes into people fighting or
    blaming someone. If we’re able to take that energy and be able to say
    ‘this neighborhood is great, this school is really cool now, or we
    solved that crime,’ what that would do for the city, the metro area and
    the whole state.”’

    These are the kinds of thing a man in his position would be expected to say. However, the only way to revitalize Detroit is to induce hundreds of thousands of middle-class white people to come live there. No white person in his right mind is going to invest time and money fixing up a property only to have black neighbors and have to send his kids to a school where they will be preyed upon by black kids.

    Entire swaths of the city could be brought back to life in several years if restrictive covenants could be written into deeds and leases restricting ownership and occupancy to whites. This, as you all know, is just wishful thinking . . . as is any hope Mr. Snyder has for Detroit.

    • NYB

      The only substantive careers in that environment are police, fire, and first responders, who will vote with their feet and depart if the money isn’t there.

      Personal investment in urban renewal is a non-starter. Private sector ‘careers’ in a ghetto are a mostly a pipe dream.

    • purestocles

      I was going to lift the same paragraph, “I see a place….start your career.”

      Funny, I moved from Ann Arbor to Seattle in 1978, just ahead of the big boom in the Pacific Northwest that turned Seattle and Portland into fun, exciting places to be. There was then and is now no compelling reason for any young person to “hang out” in the Detroit area. This guy is dreaming.

  • This is why I preferred Mike Cox in that primary for Michigan Governor (Republican) in 2010. He was the state AG who was the only statewide politician to come out for MCRI. When you’re dealing with Detroit, if there’s any slim chance of success, you don’t need a corporate munchkin like Rick Snyder, you need a prosecutor.

    • jane johnson

      MCRI? Help, please.

      • guest

        I had to search for it, but I found it’s the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (wiki).

        Usually anything called “civil rights” is code for “preferential treatment for blacks”, or more simply, “make whitey pay”.

        In this case, the MCRI is a real civil rights initiative, which makes preferential treatment illegal, as part of the state constitution. This type of law (if it could stand up in court) would result in no more hiring of blacks in civil service positions, because there are always more qualified whites.

        The MCRI passed and became law but was blocked in court in 2011. I assume the case is being appealed.

        If the MCRI can be upheld and become law of the land, I believe that Michigan will become a whiteopia. I will move there because it will be the only large state with an all-white civil service workforce. Even in Detroit, the 3% who are white would get all the city government jobs if racial preferences were not allowed.

        Whether MCRI will be defensible in court is another issue. Especially if Dear Leader gets to appoint one more judge on the Supreme Court, laws like the MCRI will be hopeless.

        • jane johnson

          Thanks for the information. We could sure use something similar in my state, especially if it would apply to the quasi-government bureaucracies like the transportation authority and the port. Both are a complete mess, and with very few whites in top positions, incompetence, nepotism, and corruption are rampant. And, no, the busses do NOT run on time.

      • Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, i.e. the Ward Connerly initiative to prohibit affirmative action in admissions, hiring and promotion in Michigan state public affairs, including the state-run colleges and universities.

  • 48224

    As a suburban Detroiter, I know that the usual drill is to to put a bunch of highly visible blacks out front as figure heads, then put a bunch of white men with accounting degrees behind the scenes to do the actual thinking and working.

    • Jefferson

      Black men with accounting degrees are mostly found in fictional Hollywood television shows and films.

      In real life there are extremely few Black men with accounting degrees.

    • newscomments70

      They should recruit Jordy from Star Trek.

      • Alexandra

        You mean Geordi.
        BTW he was chief engineer when the Enterprise-D got destroyed by Klingon ships. Go figure. Didn’t you see Star Trek Generations? And they wanted to blame the woman (Deanna Troi) at the helm. LOL

    • Room101

      But Government has failed again, so hundreds of millions in tax money will be required to “fix” it.
      What are ya, some kind of ‘racist’?

    • MikeofAges

      Politics is political.

  • bigone4u

    At every step along the way, the governor’s plan will be met with cries of racism by liberal elites in our universities, the media, and in the federal government. With every layoff, unions will howl. MSNBC will be all over this. The NY Times will pontificate about the horrors of loss of black self-rule. The effort to sabotage the plan will be necessary or otherwise the myth that blacks are capable of governing will be plain for all to see. This is going to be fun. I do hope, however, the governor realizes that when the emergency is over and the black pols take over again, that the same old, same old will rear its ugly head again.
    There is NO permanent fix for the chaos of black rule anywhere on earth.

    • ken

      Yes there is, genetically modified food engineered to sterilize and neuter a specific race.

      • bigone4u

        You mean KFC and watermelon? 🙂

  • brengunn

    “I see a place that is still coming back, but that’s growing,” Snyder
    said. “Where young people are saying, ‘This is a cool place to come hang
    out and start your career.’

    And reading between the lines, all these new people who will rejuvenate the city will be white. The people making the good schools and safe neighbourhoods and the new businesses will all be white with maybe a few Asians. No blacks. Therein lies the problem. There is no internal answer to Detroit’s problems, moving whites in, means moving blacks on. On to recreate all their problems somewhere else. It’s not really a solution at all.

    • ken

      This is what the human resource department does in any large company where they are not allowed fire anyone. Just move the problem.

      • brengunn

        In a company it may work because putting someone in the basement neutralizes their threat, bar paying their salary they’re no longer a problem. Moving a troublesome population along doesn’t neutralize it, it just moves it to someone else’s backyard and ruins a fresh neighbourhood.

        So it’s maybe better to contain the problems there, rather than let them spread.

        • ken

          Unfortunately they will spread regardless, like locust moving on to a field teeming with just ripe produce from a field that they just finished devouring its hard grown leafy edibles. Since they have freedom of movement in the USA then they will do just that.

          The trick is to not sustain cities anymore and make social services non existent so to deprive them of their beloved gibsmedat.

          The age of the white-man building cities and sustaining them should be a thing of the past.

          They love cities for good reason.
          As it is easier to be a parasite in a large city.

          They move to where white people have made it good and they proceed to plunder their hard work and lay waste to the place with their natural dysfunction.

          • SmithandSmith

            Not if they’re not allowed to. Blacks aren’t the problem, Freedom is. You just can’t allow blacks to do and/or move wherever they want.

            What we really need is to start up that Repatriation Program again.

        • SmithandSmith

          Thank You. Detroit needs White Rule and that’s it. I believe that with a little Tough Love, blacks can be mostly well-behaved and most importantly, “contained”.

          • Ed_NY

            We need Jim Crow and his friend Apartheid to help fix this mess.

          • SmithandSmith

            I’ve always been a Segregationist. I don’t know where I got that from, I’ve just always been that way. Maybe “racism” is a gene after all…

  • guest

    “Michigan’s governor is optimistic about Detroit’s future.”

    Any city that has been voted as one of America’s worst, miserable, and dangerous cities sounds like a total lost cause. The damage that has been done to give Detroit its negative reputation seems irreparable.

  • Mike

    The black comedian Dick Gregory once complained that “urban renewal means negro removal.” How too, too true!

    Nothing can save Detroit, or East St. Louis, or Gary, or Camden, or any other black-ruled city other than “negro removal.” And whence can they be removed? Too bad Liberia is not an option.

    • ken

      Put them in special internment camps where all their needs will be met with no effort on their part. Give each a gun with some ammo and a machete and let them fight amongst themselves over a scanty supply of free drugs and booze and fat white whores shipped in for their entertainment. It will be Bantu heaven.

      • SmithandSmith

        Only the ones who have non-white children. Fat White Girls can lose weight but “white” girls with non-white children can never be White.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “Just think of how much time and energy goes into people fighting or
    blaming someone. If we’re able to take that energy and be able to say
    ‘this neighborhood is great, this school is really cool now, or we
    solved that crime,’ what that would do for the city, the metro area and
    the whole state.”

    Yeah, wouldn’t that be a nice dream! Unfortunately, that’s all it is, a dream. The problem is not the city, it’s the residents and they will not stop fighting, blaming, or spending all their energy trying to game the system. The school will not be cool and when one gangbanger shoots another nobody will have seen anything when they talk to the po-leese.

  • Room101

    Gov. Snyder probably wants to mend fences with the Media after the bruising Right to Work legislation fight the Governor has won so far in the courts against the Government Unions and the Media.
    Immediately after Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s tenure, Michigan becomes a Right to Work state.
    Lots of court fights ahead, but WTG Michiganders!

  • you can’t fix anything until you recognize what the problem is, and in this situation they will never admit what the problem is, even if they do recognize it.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    There’s a blog I like to read called StuffBlackPeopleDon’tLike. One of the posts, naturally, was about Detroit. The author asserted that nothing should be done to reverse Detroit’s decline, but rather, it should be left to crumble and suffer depopulation (black flight is in full force now back to their native South). After that, the ruins of the city should be left standing as a reminder of what BRA (Black Run America) will do to a metropolis.
    In a sane world, that’s what we’d do.

    • Several things that impress me most about SBPDL’s author (pen name Paul Kersey from the Death Wish movie series), are his eidetic memory relating to past news events, and his prosecutorial presentation of his case.

      • ConcernedYoungAmerican

        Does he write every post? For some reason, I thought it was a multitude of authors. Either way, you’re right, the guy’s brilliant. I love the comments section, too. There are lots of people aware and sick of what BRA is “accomplishing.”

      • Nathanwartooth

        He also pumps out books like nobodies business. Even though the books need a better editor they are kind of decent.

        About 6 months ago he talked about making a billboard advertising campaign that showed what Blacks do to cities. The last I heard he was working with a lawyer to make it happen.

        I really hope that some day it does happen.

        • Ed_NY

          I would donate to that effort.

          • Nathanwartooth

            If you don’t know the site, just search for “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” on Google. It’s the name of his blog.

  • Melanie

    Invasion? INVASION? Like, when the gov gives blacks vouchers so they can move into safe secure white flight neighborhoods and destroy the neighborhood and its schools with their high crime, academic standards which must be dumbed-down so they can meet them (then they still fail), vandalism, gangs, carelessness of the houses they live in, etc? That kind of invasion?

  • Joe Sewell

    I don’t think the state can ‘turn around’ Detroit unless an entire demographic group is replaced. Can the 1965 Civil Rights Act be repealed?

  • Fed Up

    If the governor is “optimistic” regarding Detroit, a fair question to him would be: What is he smoking? Certainly nothing legal.

  • Whirlwinder

    What kind of a turnaround is this man talking about. All of the white folk have gotten out of that hellhole over the past 50 years. The black “leadership” has made Detroit a living hell. What would bring white folk back to Detroit? You are going to leave the black “leadership” in place with a ‘financial manager’ running things? What planet did you come from? Detroit should be bulldozed into the river. I do not know what to do with the black folk, but they will destroy the next city that they occupy. See Birmingham, Camden, Memphis, East St. Louis, Atlanta, Savannah, Gary, New Orleans, Oakland et al.

    • Luis

      As I see it, the ONLY haoles that venture into Detroit do so for the sports – Tigers, Lions and Red Wings. But they’re not worth going to Detroit to see. I’ve said it before – if whitey stopped going to Detroit sports, virtually no money would be coming into the city.

  • SmithandSmith

    If one of your concerns is about being “sensitive” to non-whites because they’re not White, you’re not qualified to turn around a non-white town.

    Blacks need Order and they need people in charge who aren’t afraid to enforce it. You need White People to run the Government, Schools, Police and anything else of Importance and you must make them keep their neighborhoods clean and you can’t allow them to have fatherless/welfare children. You can’t allow them to have the same Freedoms as us because, as history and current events show us, they just can’t handle it.

    • Skincognito

      Yeah, in the 20’s and 30’s White order in Detroit was adorned with a hood.
      I’m Catholic, thus not an unequivocal Klan supporter, but in the years before Pearl Harbor, when Detroit was climbing out of Depression by building engines for the Zionist RAF, the Klan actually embraced Poles and Micks in an effort to keep the trades and working class communities White. Race over religion.
      Detroit was as sensitive to blacks then as it is to Whites now.
      Yucky place, but I strangely miss it.

      • SmithandSmith

        So you hate The Klan. What do you want me to do about it? Go live with your ever so “sensitive” to White People non-racist non-whites and then you won’t have to worry about those racist Klan Members.

        I’m not the one you want to complain about The Klan to.

  • MekongDelta69

    The only way you’re ever going to change things is to go back to the way things were done, pre-1964. Period.

    When whites had spines and didn’t give a rat’s ass if blacks were ‘offended’ – and said it loud and clear. There was law and order and no handouts or special treatment. Crime was contained to their areas.

    It’s like a zoo. When 1964 came, all the animals were let out of their cages. What did they expect would happen, except for exactly what has happened?

    The Malboro Man has turned into the Emasculated Wimp, who is terrified of minorities and even more terrified of being called a ‘racist.’

    Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution completely devolved in 50 years. Unbelievable…

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    reality brings the likelihood of sleepless nights.

    Why am I hearing the Twilight Zone theme?

    From Business News Daily:

    A new car costs more than the average, median-income family can afford, new research shows.

    The study by revealed that households earning the median yearly income can afford an average-priced new car or light truck in just one of the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S.

    Detroit — 
Affordable Purchase Price: $17,093; Maximum Monthly Payment: $332

    Only in Washington D.C. could such families afford the average price of $30,550.

    Whatever has happened to Motor City?


  • Alexandra

    The other day my mother and I were talking on the phone. She still lives in the Detroit suburbs, and we were discussing this issue. She said Detroit needs to be turned around. I told here that there’s a solution, but she won’t want to hear it–deport Detroit’s residents back to Africa.
    She said something about racism and I said something to the effect that I’m not afraid of being called a racist, and I pointed out that blacks can’t claim racism when they have a black city council, a black mayor–and they’re proving that blacks can’t run a blessed thing. I also told her how Lincoln and others back in that day were all for shipping them back.
    Interestingly enough she started saying how corrupt Kwame Kilpatrick is and everything. Thought it amusing…she prides herself on teaching me to think for myself, and she’s probably scratching her head, wondering how she managed to have a racist (actually, race-realist) daughter. And yet it’s like she’s trying to find common ground here.
    I hate when she gets on the “Amerinds weren’t treated well” trip. Throw into the mix our Cherokee heritage (I am sure we have it, she looks Amerind and you can tell by looking at my eyes that I have a few drops). Never mind that we’re predominantly white, ya know.