Michigan to Appoint Emergency Fiscal Manager for Detroit

Monica Davey, New York Times, March 1, 2013

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan announced on Friday that the city of Detroit is so snarled in financial woes that the state must appoint an emergency manager to lead it out of disaster.

“There is probably no city that is more financially challenged in the entire United States. If you look at the quality of services for citizens it’s ranked among the worst. So we went from the top to the bottom over the last 50 or 60 years,” Mr. Snyder told Detroiters in a town-hall-style meeting that was broadcast live on local television stations across the city.

“It’s time to say we should stop going downhill,” he said. “There have been many good people that have had many plans, many attempts to turn this around, they haven’t worked. The way I view it, today is a day to call all hands on deck.”

The state-appointed manager, who could be selected later this month, would ultimately wield powers aimed at swiftly turning around the municipal government’s dire circumstances—powers to cut city spending, change contracts with labor unions, merge or eliminate city departments, urge the sale of city assets and even, if all else failed, to recommend bankruptcy proceedings.

After a state report that Detroit is carrying more than $14 billion in long-term liabilities and experiencing nearly annual projections of cash shortfalls, the decision was years—perhaps decades—in the making. {snip}

Some elected city leaders have widely criticized the notion of an outside manager as a takeover of their city and an affront to democratic principles, and they were expected to protest the governor’s decision. {snip}

While the State of Michigan has sent in managers to solve crises in other smaller cities over many years, the move is politically fraught in Detroit, the state’s largest city and a mostly black city dominated by Democrats in a mostly white state where the capital is now controlled by Republicans, including Mr. Snyder.

Some political experts in Michigan have speculated that Mr. Snyder will choose a financial expert who is African-American in an effort to calm racial dimensions of the move in a city that is 83 percent black. {snip}

Leaders of the local N.A.A.C.P. in Detroit vehemently denounced the notion. “This is anti-democratic, not needed, and it’s against everything that this nation was founded upon,” the Rev. Wendell Anthony, president of the local chapter, said in an interview. “For one individual to be able to wipe out the duties of our duly-elected officials, that’s more or less a dictatorship and it’s against everything that America is supposed to be about.”


Last week, a state review team issued a dismal report on the city’s finances, describing a cash shortfall here that could reach $100 million by June, not to mention general-fund deficits year after year (in 2012, reaching more than $326 million), often dealt with by issuing long-term debt.

The team also outlined “operational dysfunction” in the city’s record keeping, describing, for instance, how it was unclear even after the state’s review what percent of police officers were patrolling the city as opposed to handling administrative jobs. The city’s district court, which collects misdemeanor fines and fees, had only a 7.7 percent collection rate, the report said, even as the court system was employing dozens more workers than its budget allowed. And city officials have regularly overestimated revenues as they wrote their budgets, the team found.


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  • MobyWhite

    De Guv’nah will be put on the SPLC Hate Watch list.

    • Xerxes22

      No. They don’t mess with politicians. Too much chance of a blowback. They like nice easy soft targets that can’t fight back.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I don’t know how much they can target politicians.

        As a 501(c)(3) they cannot endorse politicians. By attacking a politician they are ipso facto endorsing his opponent.

  • Jefferson

    Why does Detroit even need a NAACP chapter when almost everybody in that city is Black ? There are barely any “evil White racists” left in Detroit to hold down the glorious Black race.

    • The__Bobster

      Hell, they probably still want to be called minorities there, with special minority rights.

      I suspect they want to keep the chapter alive so that they can dun the state and federal gubmints fo’ mo’ monies.

      • Jefferson

        I wonder if 97 percent Black East St. Louis also has a local NAACP chapter. I am sure Blacks there are being racially oppressed by it’s almost non existent White population.

        • Yes.


          Though in recent years, the “East St. Louis” NAACP has kinda shifted its “mission” to all of St. Clair County in general, as ESL itself depopulates and its blacks move on to devour…er, populate, greener…er, whiter (for now) pastures.

        • ken

          If they can hustle some easy money off the white tax payers then it its a done deal. Blacks will always be a parasitical race.

        • Whites could move to another planet and blacks would still claim oppression.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            Everyone is getting in on the action too. Mestizos and muslims, who have no history here, are coming over in droves and claiming oppression. I wouldn’t be surprised if a UFO landed and the aliens claimed to be oppressed by the White man.

          • ken

            Why not?

            If the UFO aliens can finagle some gibsmedat out of the whites then it is a done deal. It sure beats working for a living.

          • dulouz

            Yea, they do that don’t they?

          • ken

            No, blacks would want to follow them on the new planets so they can get some more gibsmedat and for all that white wiminz poontang.

            Blacks love following whites around because anything good, anything worth having, anything worth inventing has to come from whites.

            Other making some jungle noise which they call music, blacks don’t have the ability to create anything other than crime and grime and chaos and destruction.

    • Longing4abetter world

      Maybe Detroit is a good place to start a NAAWP chapter?

      • Morris Thecat

        The first order of business should be CONTAINMENT. To this end, the whites should BREAK Detroit into TWO separate municipalities. The animals will be happy “wit” “dis” because they would still have control of a government, although it will be the government of a MUCH smaller smaller area. Give them the areas they have TOTALLY destroyed. The new, white detroit should at first condemn all buildings still inhabited and force those people to move into the black detroit. Then you have CONTAINMENT. The new detroit also cuts off the roads leading to old detroit, isolating it. It walls it in, all the way around, and creates a strip of barren land around it that can be monitored, and monitored at night with night vision. Then you have CONTAINMENT. The state government after a short period of putting money into black detroit, to make them think they have achieved another scam of soaking whitey, which will attract hordes of them into the trap, then shuts off ALL payments, and tells it to survive off of the labor of it’s own people.

        • creates a strip of barren land around it that can be monitored

          Sort of like the DMZ between North and South Korea?

          • Morris Thecat

            or the death zone in the old East German borders.

          • capnmorgan5150

            I’d rather see an Escape from New York scenario.

          • ken

            Call it the DNZ in Detroit.

            In fact the whole of Detroit now looks to be the “DNZ” or the Destroyed Negro Zone.

          • Morris Thecat

            the “Island of Obsolete Farm Equipment”

        • Beetlejuice

          The current government will never allow whites to segregate. There will be a separation of the races eventually. The separation will be long and very bloody as it was in the former Yugoslavia after the Ruskies left or the partition to separate India, but it will happen. Multiculturalism and integration are unnatural. People, like animals and plants wish to be amongst their own.

          • Morris Thecat

            They want their “black city”. That is segregation. We can have segregation by giving them what they want. They just are not smart enough to understand that they are asking for segregation, that’s all.

      • Great idea ,but finding any white people in Detroit mite be a problem LOL

    • 48224

      They blame the blue-eyed devils from the burbs for all their problems. The NAACP protects them from them.

    • The Bogeyman

      The current state of Detroit is the ultimate outcome of the advancement of colored people.

      • MikeS

        The present Detroit is actually much better than it would have been if not for the city’s life support machine (a.k.a infusion of taxpayer money) that kept the body alive while he head died decades ago. The present city is a paradise compared to what it would truly be if not for YT’s misplaced generosity and patience.

    • John

      Every time that Blacks are involved, everything is ruin. If anyone can cite a single case of Blacks producing a positive outcome, I will admit that I am wrong.

      • There’s never been a strong black nation in history

        _____ President Richard M. DICK Nixon

      • ken

        They are a race that specializes in failure and chaos.

      • CharlesFinley

        They have helped many colleges win “da nashnuh-champ’nship” in b-ball and f-ball.

      • StillModerated

        Well, there are all those Black invention myths. Colored People have invented tons of things that Whites already patented.


      • They keep lots of police, EMTs, and prison guards employed.

        • And so the adage “Crime doesn’t pay” is not entirely true.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Save yourself the angst. No one can cite a positive outcome. Be comforted by your insight. Their isn’t a scintilla of “positive” in anything or anyone with which/ whom they come in contact in the US or in any other place on this planet.
        In a few words, you were 100% “spot on”.

    • StillModerated

      Indeed. But they are now second-generation survivors of Jim Crow laws.

    • Room101

      The Democrats can argue that (racist)-Whites are being RACIST again by not wanting to rent or buy next door to the government house full of generations of stupid illiterate criminals. The Government people.


      Change the color of the welfare checks sent out. In a few years every city in America will be a Detroit and War Parties will go into the unarmed white suburbs nightly to obtain loot and women (young white boys too). Its going to be like in the TIME MACHINE, the black Warlocks vs the white Eloy.

  • Debroleena Santiago

    The NAACP is still denouncing this? Why not give them what they want and let black-governed Detroit go down the toilet?

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Because they’d denounce that too. There truly is no coming to an agreement with the NAACP because nothing satisfies them…

      • StillModerated

        Park rangers at Yellowstone Park tell tourists not to feed the bears because bears have no concept of “no more.” The NAACP are apparently not quite so clever as bears, because wild animals CAN survive without YT.

        NAACP = ~egroes ain’t always cockin’ pistols.

    • BonusGift

      Exactly. Whether or not Detroit, the day that happens is the day we have a fighting chance to survive. The parasites need to face their own music and stare into the broken mirror they created.

  • The__Bobster

    Some political experts in Michigan have speculated that Mr. Snyder will choose a financial expert who is African-American…

    Does one even exist on the face of the planet?

    • Uh-Oh

      Yeah. Don King.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      For some reason I picture Kingfish from Amos & Andy:

      “Now, looky here. Ya needs to gimme dat money an’ Ill’s investimigate it for ya.”

      • Katherine McChesney

        out of control LOL.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Where is Bernie when we need him?

    • wayne

      Better yet, aren’t we supposed to be colorblind now? Can you imagine any scenario where a white man would be chosen for the same reason? Of course, Pawn Vannity, and the Republiturds will go along.

    • Jefferson

      Blacks and finances go together like oil and water. There is a reason why most Blacks have bad credit.

      Blacks run cities like they run their own household.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Times have changed. In the early 60’s I worked for two Savings & Loans. One in Nashville and one in Columbus, Ga. Our best customers were blacks who always paid their loans on time. Only whites were ever on our Board of Directors foreclosure statements.

        • guest

          Probably because, at the time, the very few blacks who could get loans were proud of their accomplishment and status and didn’t want to do anything to mess it up. Now, with preferential treatment and entitlements, they have nothing to be proud of, and they don’t care what happens.

      • R P

        I quit using a bank entirely because the branches closest to me had public transportation stops too near that went to black neighborhoods. Every black person in line in front of you generally meant 5 minutes wait time (10 black=50 minutes) while the single teller on duty explained to them why they were overdrawn. The managers were morbidly obese black woman who huffed and puffed (one faked asthma – come on being a bank teller isn’t running wind sprints) if they had to be a teller too. It was ridiculous. This bank has no locations in majority white areas anymore in Chicago.

      • John

        There is a reason why Black Africa is still in the Stone Age.

    • R P


    • Der Typ

      Is that what it says on the resume?
      Attributes and Qualities: I’m black yall. I’m blackityblack and I’m black yall.
      Yet we’re the racist.

      • BrentCar

        Awesome CB4 reference!

    • NO! NO!! LMAO

    • purestocles

      The head of the NAACP said that appointing a financial manager is anti-democratic and against everything this nation was founded upon.

      What naivety. Economics trumps politics. Your city is BANKRUPT! Can’t you get that through your head or grasp its implications? No one will loan you money–at any interest rate. You are not credit worthy. With no money you can not continue to function. This has nothing to do with democracy or founding principles.

      What uneducated, incompetent morons.

    • guest

      Why is Snyder pandering to blacks in Detroit? He will get NONE of their votes even if he resurrected St. MLK and made him City Boss of Detroit. They will hate him no matter what, because he’s a white conservative. They will still vote for a black Democrat. Why bother with this pandering? Why isn’t he openly saying, “I’m going to appoint an outsider who will come in and make painful changes. Detroit created its own disaster and we will come in as outsiders and do what needs to be done.”

    • Some of those drug dealers can do sums quite nicely.

    • K..

      Maybe they can get that “Systems Analyst” guy from The Onion?

  • Tom Iron

    The answer to this isn’t going to be good for the state of Michigan. Here in the peoples republic of new jersey, the state took over Camden. Same type of place as Detroit, just not as big.. That was one of the worst things that ever happened to the taxpayers of the state.

    • Beetlejuice

      What’s worse, Tom is they’ll start spreading the population around, i.e., moving blacks out into white populations through Section 8 housing. I call it spreading the misery. You’re gonna pay and whites are going to be punished no matter what.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Read “Into the Cannibal’s Pot”. I’m not getting a commission from ILANA MERCER. I just think that it’s one of the most important books out for racial realists. The South Africa that she describes will be the USA of the very near future unless we turn it around.

  • libertarian 1234

    “Michigan to Appoint Emergency Fiscal Manager for Detroit”

    Will he be working closely with the general who will be in charge of the National Guard troops when they’re going to be called into Detroit to help curb the crime and violence?

    And will the Michigan National Guard maintain a good line of communication with the Illinois National Guard, the Louisiana National Guard, the New Jersey National Guard, and the Pennsylvania National Guard, when they move into Chicago, New OrIeans, Camden, Newark, and Phildelphia?

    And will they all corrdinate their activities with the general in charge of US troops called into Southern California to stop the crime and violence there, but especially the black/Hispanic race war when it gets to the point where they’re openly shooting each other in a violent conflict?

    And, what about other cities that will continue to degenerate and become involved eventually? Will they have moles within the Muslim population to try to stop any terrorist attacks before they happen?

    And I wonder if all of them will all be placed on stand down for a brief period all on the same day for a moment of silence to celebrate this nation’s great gift of multiculturalism and multiracialism, while the politicians give speeches, telling us how fortunate we are to have such strength in diversity?

    • Longing4abetterworld

      Dropping a bomb on that town might be cheaper. Or consider it a total loss and displace the folk to other cities (or Africa) a la post Katrina N’awlins?

      • Morris Thecat

        I disagree. The left has, for some time, lived by the philosophy that no disaster should go to waste. I think this situation should be seen as a golden opportunity for white people to highlight the failure of blacks. Their failure to live like human being, their failure to create and sustain a community.WE can also use this as a golden opportunity to highlight the difference between black and white. Create TWO municipalities in the area now occupied by one. Detroit has been depopulated. If whites took over a large part of the city, under their own government, the success of the white part would be an undeniable contrast to the failure of the black part.

        • Beetlejuice

          Morris, you and I know that will never happen. Any white pointing out black failure is instantly slapped down and branded a racist and hater. Our current government will never allow whites to segregate themselves away from blacks.No city is safe from black, brown of Muslim infiltration. Destroying white communities is the prime reason section 8 housing was created in the first place.

          • Morris Thecat

            you need to grow a pair as well as get an antidepressant prescription.

      • Melanie

        God in heaven no, no to spreading the population around to other cities. What did these other cities ever do to Detroit to deserve that? The gov is already tearing down the projects and giving the fine upstanding former residents vouchers so they can spread their vibrant diverse pathologies to formerly safe, secure, successful white communities.

        • Morris Thecat

          I agree, to spread this population would be a disaster. Look, they wanted their “black” city. They got it. They one of the best cities this country ever had and turned it into one of the worst. One must understand their vanity. It is coupled with incredible stupidity. They will hold onto their “black” city, no matter what condition it is in. Let them keep a redefined, smaller detroit, and let them stay there.

      • StillModerated

        If I remember rightly, the black mayor of Philadelphia dropped a bomb on some radical black cult and burned down their house. The liberals in the gutter press got all sorts of confused.

        • The Mayor was Wilson Goode, the city’s first black mayor, and the cult was called M.O.V.E. The set of affairs is described as a Ghetto Waco, and I am inclined to agree.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            I too would be inclined to agree…if I gave one single damn about Bantu animals.

  • This will probably wind up being a full employment bill for auditors, forensic accountants, comedians and prosecutors.

  • So CAL Snowman

    There is a reason that the Robocop movies took place in Detroit. Where is OCP when we need them? You guys have to read some of the nauseating dribble over at the NY Times original. People are blaming Governor Snyder for the economic mess of Detroit! One poster even said Snyder killed the tax incentives for Hollywood to shoot movies in Detroit! This guy called Detroit the Hollywood of the midwest!

    Davi Napoleon
    Ann Arbor, MI
    “With the arrival of the film industry, Detroit was on the way to a comeback. Tax incentives had turned the city into Hollywood Midwest, with studios bringing in people who spent money at local hotels and restaurants; they also employed local talent. Little theaters started popping up all over the area, able to survive because artists could survive locally with income from movie work. Governor Synder killed the incentives that brought the movies here, and Detroit lost its momentum. Now he’s surveying the results of his efforts and using them to justify removing elected officials and taking over the city.”

    • Jefferson

      Detroit is the Hollywood of the Midwest ? More like the Haiti of the Midwest.

    • bigone4u

      It’s always whitey’s fault. The details vary from place to place, but whitey is the devil holding the noble black race down. Excuses, excuses.

      • Melanie

        I’d be willing to concede that point to them, if they would only let us evil oppressive YTs separate and segregate our evill oppressive selves away from them. Then there would be nothing holding them back, the sky’s the limit, they could be all they can be. Now WHY wouldn’t they want to have evil oppressive whites just live in a separate region away from them, so we won’t there oppressing them and holding them down? Why do they instead use the full force and power of the FedGov to force their way in amongst us? Surely they don’t WANT to be around us evil oppressing whites?

        • bigone4u

          Excellent points. Given the blame whitey mentality they would claim that even if whites were 10,000 miles away we were using voodoo on them to hold them back. I’m from New Orleans–lots of voodoo stuff going on there:-)

    • Paleoconn

      of course the Robocop movies had Whites as the criminal ringleaders.

      • Jefferson

        Whites criminal gangs in 83 percent Black Detroit ? Talk about pure science fiction. Even a film about a flying car that can do time travel is more realistic than a film about White thugs in Detroit.

        • Paleoconn

          Gotta love the chickenshit PC fantasy land that is Hollywood.

          • ken

            It is there to promote and produce anti-white propaganda.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Remember it was a Corporation.

        • How do they statistically nuance “white criminal gangs” in Dirt-Rot?
          Easy answer:


        • TeutonicKnight67

          The dad from That 70’s Show as the criminal kingpin? Hilarious!

  • Why are the white people of Michigan even complaining? The state went democrat last fall, so let them pay for Detroit’s mess.

    • Except where do you think the Democrats will get the money to pay for Detroit’s mess? A tax on the witchcraft studios south of Eight Mile?

  • TeutonicKnight67

    “an affront to democratic principles”
    No sir!!! The only “affront” here is how FedGov abandoned the productive white citizenry back in the 1960’s and allowed “The Paris of the Midwest” to become “Bantustan On The Lake” at the hands of thieving black savages

  • TheCogitator

    As long as the population of Detroit is overwhelmingly black, there is no hope for fiscal responsibility. It isn’t in their genes.

    • chuck_2012

      and never will be. Honestly blacks are so retarded that they will forever need the helping hand of whites.

  • Luca

    Whenever you allow blacks or Liberals to be in charge of any form of government or leadership position the “Detroit” outcome is inevitable.

    Can you imagine what would happen if we had a black Liberal in charge of the whole country?

    It’s too revolting to imagine.

    • jane johnson

      Sarcasm on? Seriously, though, send Russell Honore’ in there. He’d need financial advisors, but the man can make things happen, and would not be intimidated by the existing corrupt powers that be.

    • a multiracial individual

      You exaggerate how intrinsically bad liberal leadership is. Seattle, Portland, and Scandanavia are prosperous liberal places.

      • concernedcollegekid

        Exactly; this is why race is almost more important politically than liberalism vs. conservatism. You have to adapt the form of government to what the population is biologically capable of, which is not okay to admit publicly but is of absolutely dire importance right now. I bet Scandinavia would be working close to perfectly under its current brand of social democracy if it were 100% Scandinavian.
        The only issue with very liberal homogeneous societies (if we ever get such societies to exist) would be getting them to have high enough fertility rates that they would have enough laborers to take care of their elderly without immigration.

        • Luca

          Wrong, Liberals are the architects and enablers of most of America’s problems today. They rely on nice sounding programs, policies and phrases that fail the application and reality tests but attract simple-minded voters.

          Every program they have proposed is in some stage of failure. They could never be scientists because they promote theories that are proven failures and have no possible chance of success and yet they are our social-political scientists at the moment.

          Name a social-political program or policy enacted by a liberal in the last 45 years that has proven to be a resounding success. HeadStart? AFDC? Affirmative Action? Community Reinvestment Act? Green Energy? Cap and Trade? Immigration? War on Poverty? K-12 programs? Food Stamps? Section 8? TARP? QE2? NAFTA?

          Point is they all sound nice and they all fail. I prefer reality to failed theory.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Because the conservative causes of the War on Drugs and the War on Terror are such great successes.

            It’s not liberal policies, it’s government policies period.

          • Luca

            There are few things that the Government should be running but the military and national defense is definitely one of them.

            There is no war on drugs except in political theater.

            And the liberal policies are the worst because they are specifically designed to destroy White, heterosexual, Christian, males and tear down the country.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Most of what we refer to today as “liberal” is actually doctrinaire marxism in disguise. e.g. Intolerance disguised as “tolerance”, anti-white = “Diversity”. The Culture Destroyer has done a fine job infiltrating our education system, banking system and government media. Sort of reminds me of that old saying – “The greatest lie the Devil ever told was to convince the world he did not exist.”

          • Anon

            Why? For the first 150 years the US got along just fine with only a token federal force and almost all military citizen militias. One of the primary principles of this nation was staying out of foreign wars because they are all unjust. The world wars changed our country from a loose confederation to a massive totalitarian all encompassing state. National defense has always been the excuse to bring most of the wealth of this country under the control of a few but 1) we’ve never been legitimately attacked (all historical attacks are today, proven false flags…..treason no one was executed or even punished for) and 2) each time we get involved in a foreign war it turns out to be unjust….for the profit of a few warmongers while US interests are completely ignored.

            No…”national defense” is the LAST thing we should trust our government with. That’s MY job….me and my assault rifle….along with my neighbors.

          • Luca

            Remember Pearl Harbor? Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. You and your assault rifle (and I with mine) are suppose to protect against domestic enemies and tyranny. But when the scat hits the fan and a major country acting as a predator sniffs blood and weakness, such as an internally divided and militarily weak nation, they will strike with full fury. This has happened since the dawn of man. Then you will wish for a strong, organized, well equipped military. Those wars you speak of were due to the corrupt politicians who voted for them or abused executive power. The problem is the politicians not the military.

          • BonusGift

            Yes and no. One has to think long and hard about simple cause and effect here, and ask yourself some very basic and revealing questions. Clearly, and as mentioned, the primary cause are blacks themselves. Wherever they go western civilization is obliterated and hell follows. This is just simply a fact with Detroit being just another data point in an overwhelming set of data points. Also, and as mentioned, a homogenous European population can often afford to redistribute and generally mess with basic economics as long as the private sector can and will sustain economic silliness. Although, going as far as universal state control will generally result in a collapsing economy (i.e., even Europeans are not immune). Again, it is a fact that countries like Sweden (at least before the third world tsunami now engulfing it) was a pretty nice place to live even with socialistic policies.

            People that dwell on the politics and attempt to ignore or downplay the race part need to really be honest with themselves and ask a few basic questions (rhetorical for most of us on this site but obviously challenging for others). Firstly, not just what is more important (i.e., a population being dominated by blacks vs. political and related economic policies) but which is a necessary and sufficient condition for falling into third world hellhole status? Clearly, if you are honest you must answer that race is the necessary and sufficient condition for economic and social collapse. That is, for example, blacks universally cause death and destruction whether or not they vote as a block for a black Republican or a black Democrat, for they (i.e., the vast majority – say around 90%+) always strongly tend to vote for the black regardless of party and blacks tend to strongly identify, allow, and sustain corruption and thievery as long as it is their apparent kinsman doing it and regardless of party affiliation. Again, this is just a fact, for example, during “Reconstruction” in the South do you think that white Southerners were afraid of Democrat policies being imposed on them by blacks? No, at that time it was Republican policies of blacks being imposed on them that set them off. Today, just substitute Democrat for Republican, but the constant is the race part, not the party. Hell, today the difference between the party of evil vs. the party of stupid is not so great. For example, do you want to bet on the color of skin of the administrator the RINO governor of Michigan will select to guide Detroit or the net result? Does anybody doubt that the only reason Snyder might pick a white would be by accident and not intent; and that ostensibly white taxpayers’ money will be used to further subsidize another failed experiment in black governance? Honestly?

            Finally, and simply, there is basic causation. Who in their right mind (i.e., not brainwashed by Hollywood and the like) really thinks that with respect to the destruction of places like Detroit ideology is more important than race or group perceived kinship? Do you really think blacks will wake up one morning en mass and just say “wow whitey was right we just have to stop believing that socialism will work and embrace conservatism, and we just must stop acting like a voting block and think about what we are voting for beyond simple short-term spoils” (or for that matter Central American Indians that have invaded recently)? Really? Both causation and simple necessary and sufficient analysis strongly imply that blacks are a burden regardless of the political label applied to them. Obviously, it is matter of degree and for example Thomas Sowell is an exception, but the overwhelming majority have proven themselves to be an anathema to western civilization as well as hazardous to the health and well being of whites and just about any other group (i.e., both economically
            and physically).

          • Luca

            Blacks cannot achieve many things on their own, they must be enabled and empowered. The libs have been destroying this country full-time since 1965 and propped up every black cause possible to promote blacks as victims and to vilify Whites as oppressors. And who is there to help these hapless victims? Why the Democratic party of course, with every socialist handout known to man.

            The libs in Hollywood, academia and politics have an ongoing symbiotic relationship with all the phony victim classes. Blacks are constantly told they are poor and disadvantaged because of white racism. Has there ever been a bigger lie than that? Blacks are the perfect patsies for the libs, they are low IQ and easily led by handing out goodies with money stolen from the taxpayers.

            Blacks cause death and destruction everywhere … if you allow it. The best possible scenario would have been to never have participated in slavery or to have repatriated them after the Civil War. Instead they became permanent burdens on American Society. Starting in 1965 they have been given every gift and advantage possible (usually liberal programs) and every attempt has done nothing more than make them dependent on Government, given them an entitlement mentality, and taught them that if they don’t work, stay home and make more babies they are simply unfortunate victims and Joe Taxpayer will bail them out every month, as long as they keep voting the right people into office.

            Blacks could have never created the current Detroit with out Discrimination lawsuits,cries of racism, Section 8 housing, Affirmative Action, welfare, and Liberal benefactors.

            You say the problem is rats, I say the problem is the people who feed the rats, allow and encourage them to breed and let them have the run of the house instead of controlling the problem. The rats can only take over your house if you allow them to. The Liberals allow and encourage them because they want the current house to fall, so they can create a new one.

          • Beetlejuice

            Thread winner, Luca. Blacks are being used as a weapon against whites by an overlord class that fund them and keep them complacent through handouts using white money. Blacks didn’t even found the NAACP!

            As for socialism, it has failed everywhere it’s been tried, including in the new American colonies. It doesn’t work because it goes against human nature and creates hostility and resentment from those who think their needs aren’t being met by those those who do not “give enough according to their ability.” “Need” defined (by them) as free obamaphones, free housing, food and entertainment from cradle to grave. Resent the government redistributing a large chunk of my hard-earned salary so blacks don’t have to work and can enjoy the trappings of life at my expense? You bet I do.

            I’m surprised so many people here have fallen for the false promises of socialism. Shows what’s being taught in school these days, doesn’t it.

          • BonusGift

            You missed my point completely. I never wrote that policies don’t matter, they can and do matter, but typically to a degree. Therefore, they can be necessary but not a sufficient condition for what we see. Do you really think that Detroit would currently be the hellhole it is if it was 100% inhabited and controlled by Swedish socialists? Norwegians socialists? … My point is thet it is race that generates both the necessary and sufficient conditions for both economic and other forms of dysfunction and failure. You seem to want to talk politics, I want to save our race.

          • Luca

            Politics control our lives. Socialists, leftists, Liberals et al. use class and race as weapons. In a world without the “problem races” life would be better regardless of the political ruling ideology. But we live in the real world.

            Liberals need large groups of victims to push their agendas, that is why the Democrats wanted the Immigration act of 1965 and LBJ wanted welfare programs. As LBJ is reported to have said ” I’ll have those (N-words) voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

          • BonusGift

            No they don’t, people do. Again, you miss the point. The people are both necessary and sufficient, the politics are not. Politics don’t come from some politics fairy, they are the result of people, not the other way around. LBJ made the same mistake you are making; he assumed politics are the driving force, no it’s the people.

          • Luca

            I don’t miss your point, I disagree with it. We are living in a tyranny at the moment. A tyranny of big government, which Liberals love, that tells us that Whites and successful people are oppressors and must pay their fair share to the blacks and browns who are simply “unfortunate.”

            We the people have no say in the social engineering that is taking place in front of our eyes. We have political criminals exerting executive power working against the will of the people. How many people think wide open amnesty and immigration are good ideas? Did we vote for “Free Health Care” Solyndra, bank bailouts, automotive bailouts, veto the Keystone Pipeline, etc. etc.? No, big liberal government decided these things usually behind closed doors. These decisions are not the result of We The People.

            Politics are a driving force when fueled by the people, but eventually, if allowed to run amok it becomes big enough to fuel itself and do as it pleases.

            LBJ made many mistakes, his biggest was Vietnam which made him unpopular with the people. But he also used and abused politics and hoodwinked the people on a number of fronts.

          • BonusGift

            You did miss my point.

          • TeutonicKnight67


            Kennedy also acknowledged that his civil-rights record could turn off an average voter.
            “We’re the ones shoving the Negroes down his throat,” he said of the average voter.

          • a multiracial individual

            In places where there are no rats their (liberals) behavior does not lead to societal disfunction. In fact, all those liberal failures are easily explained. They thought race didn’t exist. All those programs would have worked fine on a white/Asian population.

            As to your preoccupation with sexual orientation, nearly all European nations (as well as Aus, NZ, and Argentina) recognize same sex couples in some capacity. Conversely, Places in which homosexuality is illegal are located almost entirely in Africa and the Middle East. What does this tell us? It tells us advanced white societies are very benevolent towards gays, while third world hell-holes are murderously opposed to them.

          • Luca

            In places where there are no rats the Swedes, Dutch, Danes, Brits and all other euro-socialists are importing them at full speed and demanding that everyone tolerate and embrace them as they suck the life blood out of their societies and culture through welfare, overpopulation and crime.

            I have no preoccupation with sexual orientation, nor am I religious. I believe in a free society everyone may do as they please without discrimination as long as they don’t harm anyone else. But our liberal media is forcing this deviant lifestyle into our homes, molding it into a political, minority, victim class and teaching it in our schools. It is a destructive agenda.

            Liberals create or exaggerate victim-hood through propaganda then campaign through media, academia and politics that rich, white, heterosexual, males are the ones who have victimized them and only socialist policies can save them. if you can’t see the truth in what I am saying there is no point in arguing.

          • MikeS

            “The Liberals allow and encourage them because they want the current house to fall, so they can create a new one.”
            Unfortunately, the current house must fall and will fall. Then, and only then, will the conditions be right for it to be reborn anew. The only difference is that it will be the Pro-White Whites who will be the creators of the new nation as the libs and the pets will not be among the survivors.

          • MikeS

            My comment should read: “…the libs and THEIR pets….”
            I swear my keyboard is trying it’s best to mimic the US Constitution.

          • concernedcollegekid

            As Jonathan Haidt wrote in The Righteous Mind, “the world’s secular societies are among the least efficient societies ever created at turning resources, of which they have a lot, into offspring, of which they have very few”. (I think we can interpret “secular” to mean “liberal” here.)

            I think that liberal societies will not be able to sustain themselves over the long term with immigration for reasons that I think are obvious to everyone on this site. But, I admit that a homogeneous liberal society also may not have what it takes to sustain itself over the long term the way very traditional religious societies like Islamic society or Amish society can sustain themselves. While there are liberal societies that look healthy now, I think it is still unknown if they could persist over the long term either with or without immigration.

            So, if we ever get a homogeneous liberal society, I think history may or may not prove you right about whether it can last. We don’t know yet.

          • Luca

            Liberals divide and conquer, pitting one tribe or group against the other to create chaos from which they claim that they have the solution. They don’t. They are idealists seeking more power, and as we know “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

            Secular and Liberal are not one in the same although most Liberals are secular. What is needed is what we once had. A large assimilated population that was patriotic and understood we came from different places but we gathered here to make a better life and a better country if we all worked togethe. We were built on ideals that are now laughed at as being formulated by “old White men.” We are losing our principles, and our foundations. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

            We don’t enforce rules, laws, principles and standards anymore. That is the problem in a nutshell.

            Liberals say everything is acceptable and everyone is entitled to equality of wealth and status without working for it. Liberals promote fancy theories that sound great but never work out. The larger the group of gullible people, the more popular the Liberals sound. They are creating more gullible people through academia, media and Hollywood and the politicians are importing them.

      • Luca

        Scale of 1 to 10, crime in US is: violent crime = 4, property crime=4; Seattle violent crime = 6, property crime = 7.; Portland violent crime = 6, property crime = 7. Over 50% worse than the national average.


        Scandanavia is not a country, however, the people are heavily taxed in Sweden and Norway so many people collect welfare and work under the table. They are also headed for self-destruction by importing blacks and muslims who account for almost 100% of all reported rapes. So what’s your point other than a general anecdotal retort?

        • a multiracial individual

          As you know, The South, and (black) cities skew national data. Many Scandanavian nations have a higher HDI than the US. Socialism works fine when the population is willing to work. So when you guys claim that liberal economic policies are a disaster you are only half right. They won’t work in the US because we have too many freeloaders. With majority White/Asian/Jewish populations liberal states will work (as long as they dont make loose immigration a policy).

          • Luca

            There is no comparing Scandanavian Socialism to our American democratic republic. We have poured trillions of military and foreign aid money into keeping the world a safer place, while the socialists you’re bragging about have a military budget of a Boy Scout troop.

            If we poured our money into subsidized healthcare and didn’t have hordes of black and brown welfare recipients and criminals to contend with our HDI would be light years beyond the Swedes. Try looking at the big picture for a change.

          • If we poured our money into subsidized healthcare
            Because we haven’t done a dime of that in the United States.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Yeah healthcare is 100% free as long as you don’t make that much.

            I’m a college grad looking for work doing part time work while looking for something good. I just had a medical procedure done that would have cost like 5,000 but I got it completely free.

            Our medical system is basically this: If you make good money you are assumed to have insurance. If you don’t you are assumed to not have insurance and get it for free.

            Obamacare is actually trying to hurt people like me who aren’t on medicare. It would force me to get insurance that would be crappy. If I was forced into Obamacare I would be paying thousands of dollars for that procedure.

            It’s just another transfer of wealth but this time from poor Whites to poor Blacks and Hispanics.

          • Luis

            Good point. For over 50 years, the U.S. poured billions into NATO to save Western Europe from the Soviet threat. The same countries who came to us hat-in-hand begging to be saved from the Kremlin menace, decry our “gun culture”. That same culture which kept them safe so they could worry about more important things like legalizing abortion, prostitution, narcotics and gay marriage in their own countries.

          • BannerRWB

            I would like to add a side comment here. At least one of the countries we “saved” from the Kremlin menace, Germany, was the primary country working to defend Europe from the same Kremlin menace before WWII. For their efforts, we basically destroyed them. Not only that, but we destroyed them by sending primarily German descendants as the main weapon. Even in the year 2000, we had the following demographic outline: http://tinyurl.com/dzm3rz
            As for our future, I agree moreso with the comments of concernedcollegekid above. Whether we have liberal socialism or conservatism, as long as we have an all White nation state, no matter what we do, in the end we would still be able to maintain our racial heritage.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Absolutely correct! The SS recruited entire divisions of non-Germans in the fight against Bolshevism and The Culture Destroyer.

          • Another alternative conclusion to your sighting the $trillions the US. wasted defending White Western Europeans from White Easten Europeans in the Cold War was that it was all….

            A waste!

            I live in Chicago , I’ve never been concerned that THE RUSSIANS were coming to get me. If anybody sees any Russsuans like Anna Kournikova or Maria Sharapova , please give these Russian gals my phone number.

          • The Russians, as it turns out, were never going to “get us” because we could “get them” as much as they could “get us.” That said, when the Soviet Empire was the world’s greatest practitioner of Marxist ideology, we did have a plausible case of being on guard against them, though as it turns out, we didn’t need to be as paranoid as we were. But once the USSR fell, all real justification for any serious long lasting anti-Russian foreign policy went away with it. For the life of me, other than old habits die hard, I can’t figure out why certain elements of our foreign policy establishment, especially on the “right,” still have a big axe to grind against post-Soviet Russia.

            Speaking of, do you know what new TV show is all the rave among lamestream conservative types? I said this here on AR several weeks ago, and since then, even Rush Limbaugh has mentioned this show in a laudatory sense. The show is on the cable network FX, owned by News Corp/Murdoch, but it is NOT the Fox News Channel or the over-the-air Fox. The show is called “The Americans,” with the “C” in “Americans” formed like the communist hammer and sickle. It’s a period drama set in 1981 Washington, D.C., and revolves around a husband-wife pair of Americans spying for the USSR in the early days of the Reagan administration.

            It’s part and parcel of certain people still living in the past and being unable to read a calendar and seeing that it’s not 1980 anymore. Of course, that’s not just a problem for lamestream conservatives, lamestream liberals are stuck on 1932 and 1964. In fact, so much of national politics is basically people arguing here in 2013 whether we should solve 1980’s problems or 1964’s problems.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            I would like to point out that the lead female character miscegenates with a Bantu in order to “recruit” him to the Soviet side. Disgusting, irrelevant and completely implausible given the early 1980’s setting and the characters need to “lay low” in American society. Perhaps this inane and gratuitous side story is an attempt to attract Bantu viewership away from BET. Good luck with that!

          • as long as they dont make loose immigration a policy
            And guess what Scandinavian nations are doing right now?

          • Agreed. read the classic Amren article “Don’t write off the Liberals”.

            The key is White cultural loyalty, “White collectivism” and racial sanity.

            Time for everyone reading Amren to get out of the Libertarian, Conservative sand box.

          • Unfortunately, Melinda Jelliby (the author of that article) might be the only one of her kind.


          • Luca

            The article deals with 19th century socialism, a time when all that mattered was rich vs. poor. Race was a non-issue, everyone back then had a better understanding of realism and weren’t indoctrinated as they are today.

            By 1965 the baby boom was over and there were not enough poor white voters who were procreating at sustainable rates to make socialist politics viable for the future. Something had to be done if the movement were to continue. The Immigration Act of 1965 solved that problem and made Race an issue. So now it was not only rich vs. poor and white vs. black, it soon added male vs. female, straight vs. gay and religious vs. secular.

            Liberalism has evolved since Eugene Debs and now relies heavily on Race. It is now their lifeblood.

            A modern Liberal realist is more rare than a black conservative.

        • JoeG

          Most of the violent and property crime in mostly Seattle is perpetrated by blacks and south of the border Mestizos. It’s amazing how liberal whites in Seattle are. They re-named King county after MLK. Originally it was named for VP William King. There is also a MLK blvd running through the “dangerous” part of town.

          • JoeG

            Should read “mostly white Seattle”.

      • Der Typ

        If ‘liberal’ is defined as open borders or unlimited immigration, what makes you think that these places days aren’t numbered? After all isn’t this article in regards to a once prosperous ‘liberal’ city? Or am I just serious lacking in the cognitive skills department?

        • a multiracial individual

          I am merely pointing out that liberalism works when no third worlders are around. Not all libs are open border types.

          • Beetlejuice

            Liberalism has never worked. You are putting your trust in the honesty and integrity of politicians you don’t even know — and they abuse that trust time and time again.

            Do you really think types like Hilary Clinton, Obama, Biden or any other lefty have your best interests in mind? Or are they interested in expanding their own political power and enriching themselves? Remember they exempted themselves from Obamacare.

            Can you name even one government program that has delivered on it’s promise? The only answer is to limit government, not to expand it and to never never never trust the government or the politicians that run it. Power corrupts and government is force, and we the people are the recipients of that force.

      • Luis

        So is San Francisco. It’s Bantu population is less than 7 %.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        As i’ve said before: Liberalism only works in a white monoracial society

        • a multiracial individual

          You don’t think East Asians could pull it off?

          • TeutonicKnight67

            I am focused on white countries and cultures. Liberalism is a white political construct. East Asians, with their gift for imitation could certainly pull it off since they don’t suffer from the white guilt complex that poisons the West. They don’t seem as racially suicidal, that’s for sure.

      • Morris Thecat

        They were not built by liberals, nor liberalism. They are also populated almost exclusively by white people. Socialism does not work with blacks, and capitalism requires people work, which also doesn’t work for blacks.

    • StillModerated

      I had a nightmare about it once, and it came true.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Cue the whining from black grievance groups. As is typical of even the poorest of black-run governments, there are lifelines of cash, usually extorted from Whites, that keep a small corrupt black “elite” in bling. An Emergency Manager is likely to reshuffle those cards, and of course, all those cards are the race card in Detroit’s case. I fully expect Obama’s feds to get involved as soon as the whining reaches critical mass.

  • bigone4u

    When Obungler finally puts the USA underwater with his irresponsible nonsense, I sure hope God is standing by to appoint an “emergency manager.” If God appoints a white, I expect that God will get the old NAACP treatment too: “Blah, blah, blah. Yak, yak, yak. Gibsusdat.”

  • brengunn

    Mr. Snyder will choose a financial expert who is African-American in an effort to calm racial dimensions

    Uh oh!

    Detroit is in desperate need of a lot of things but they just happen to have a surplus of black men. If they don’t want white men telling them what to do, if they’re too sensitive, let them fend for themselves.

    • Melanie

      It never works that way. They don’t want whites to have any authority or any say in “their” cities (and once they take over a city, it’s “theirs” for good, and is treated as if it were historically black from the creation), but they will take all the whites “gibsme” they can get.

  • Paleoconn

    Too bad the taxpayers of the state need to pay for this basketcase.

    • concernedcollegekid

      Over and over again into infinity each time it re-collapses, until we admit that this is all happening because of race.

      • Paleoconn

        The definition of insanity. But in this case it is intellectual dishonesty and willful ignorance in the sense that they are ignoring the real issue, not lack of knowledge. Amazing how afraid people are to mention race. We are a country of cowards.

        • Beetlejuice

          “We” are not afraid to mention race. We are not allowed to mention race, make that only whites are not allowed to. Blacks and other races can rant all they want against whites and nothing is ever done, and, in fact, this slandering of whites is encouraged.

          • Roninf9

            “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

  • APaige

    The fact that the Gov. has to appoint an emergency manager is not ‘anti-democratic’…black people do not have the ability to run anything close to a functioning democracy. The entire race is ‘anti-democratic.’

  • Barrack Osama

    Leave ’em. The city is a fitting testament to our societal collapse the way it is.

    • Morris Thecat

      It has turned into the classic “monkey trap”. A monkey trap is a coconut that is chained to a stake or a tree. A hole is cut into it and something such as candy or rice is put inside. The hole is just large enough for a monkey to put his hand through, but not if it is in the shape of a fist. So the monkey has to drop the bait in order to escape. The monkey never does. It’s greed coupled with its inability to think ahead prevents it from letting go of the treasure and freeing itself. Detroit is such a monkey trap. Blacks will cling to this no matter what it turns into and no matter how badly it hurts their “cause”.

  • Ralph

    Maybe we can force liberal Whites to move to Detroit–kind of like school busing.

    It’d be hilarious to hear their excuses in trying to get out of having to move to that sewer as they turn themselves into pretzels trying to avoid saying that they don’t want to move there because of all the Black people.

    • Yep. They would suddenly develop a newfound love for the personal freedoms they try to legislate out of existence.

  • TimesTheyAreAChanging

    Chicago isn’t far behind. $93 Billion unfunded pension liabilities. Liberal are mathematically illiterate and loved to be lied to. Promises made by these cities liberal leaders are unsustainable.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    I would suggest someone along the line of Anthony Williams (Former mayor of DC), Williams managed to tick off the NAACP while he was mayor because he cut a lot of dead weight from the budget (read: a lot of AA make work jobs).

  • Caucasoid88

    If they appoint a black financial expert, then Detroit will only fall deeper into crisis. Why? Why? WHY?!

    • ken

      Let them fail some more.
      They deserve to live in the filth that they created.

    • StillModerated

      Um, because they hired a financial manager?

  • Morris Thecat

    There are still great buildings standing in the financial district of Detroit and in the New Center area. Great art deco skyscrapers such as Cadillac Place, The Guardian Building, the Fisher building, and others. The blacks will decry a white/state takeover of Detroit. We should USE this. WE should offer to split the city into two municipalities. If we leave it as just ONE, then it will not be possible to segregate the city. The city NEEDS to be segregated if we are to save the parts that still remain. Black rule has DEPOPULATED the city. They do not need the vast territory that it now contains. The plan should be to break it into two municipalities. The state should take much of the territory while leaving the parts that they destroyed to the blacks. IN this way it will be segregated… but it will be done by using their foolish black pride against them.

    • chuck_2012

      what would you do with the blacks? they need to go somewhere if the city has a chance to recover. given the average intelligence of a black they are better off i n the cotton field or in some sort of manual labor not located in detroit. Henry Ford is rolling in his grave i bet.

      • Morris Thecat

        They aren’t residing in great numbers in the financial district nor the New Town area. Commercial areas like those do not have large resident populations. You take certain areas where they do reside, and break that off into a separate municipality. You take much of the vacant area and the financial district areas and make that the white detroit. White detroit should then shut all roads into the black detroit and build walls. The only solution is to “Gaza” the dumb animals.

        • PesachPatriot

          They would probably be fine with this…gaza has free food, running water and electricity from israel as well as generous food supplies from the UN…mohammed and fatima have it a little tougher than deandre or ladasha though…he has to wake up early (usually around 6 or 7 am) and head in to the town to where they actually distribute rice, corn, cooking oil and other foodstuffs distributed by do-gooders in sweden, norway, canada and elsewhere in the EU and fight ahmed, ali, suleiman and omar from the next refugee camp for the limited supplies…poor muhmmad living in gaza city doesn’t get to wake up at 2, jump in his hooptie with 22 inch rims and take his EBT card to Colonel Sanders….all the KFC’s are in Israel where the population doesn’t attack the place every other friday…

          Whoever is appointed emergency fiscal manager will also need a full time psychotherapist and bartender to follow him or her around….anyone who would even want the position needs to have their head thoroughly examined…I’d rather be the fiscal manager for zimbabwe at least they have 217 dollars and lots of platinum and diamonds in the ground…Detroit has burned out buildings(silent testimony to the devils night of yesteryear), rusting cars, and a very bad international reputation as the most dangerous city in america….I can just imagine the new tourist slogan “Come visit detroit…now safer than damascus, baghdad or camden”

          • Morris Thecat

            I’d rather be in charge of the monkey exhibit at the zoo. But back to the “Gaza” solution. This, for Israel, has been a grave strategic error. for one reason. That reason is that they allow the breeding of the palestini-apes on foreign charity. In one or two generations more Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish state because of the demographic victory of the moslems. We must not allow this.

          • PesachPatriot

            They’ll be just fine….its america I worry about. I used to love looking at the old pictures of the beginning of the car industry in detroit…its pretty bad that it has come to this

      • TeutonicKnight67

        How about Liberia? Haiti? Zimbabwe? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  • LaShaniqua

    Harare, Zimbabwe encountered similar problems when Mugabe’s thugs killed or drove out the Whites who actually had the initiative, intelligence, education, and work ethic to run things efficiently. There is absolutely zero hope for Detroit, and we all know it. The only question is how soon it will take Detroit to devolve into absolute chaos, how atrocious it will be, and what the greater US reaction will be. It won’t be pretty, and the reaction will probably not be benevolent. The people there – now almost all black, despite the more optimistic claims – simply don’t have anything close to the intelligence, knowledge, education, experience, sobriety, family values, or respect for law to even attempt to run a major city. Unfortunately, there’s no hope whatsoever for them. I feel sorry for them; in some ways it’s like babies being abandoned in a cold, hostile environment and expecting them to survive. They can’t. US society tried everything humanly possible to help them. They still failed. Most of US society now seeks to cordon them off. Sad. It seems we can’t think of a way to help, or a reason why we should. Michigan is going to have to look at a RADICALLY different model to running Detroit than has been done in the past. I truly hope it works, and helps the innocent poor folk trapped there (as few as they are, but every one!). I hope it’s not a purely custodial model of government, but some of the science behind this suggests that we’re heading this way. How did we get to this point? Patience for the hundreds of ‘chilluns’ running around in vicious black flash mobs on an almost daily basis, attacking whites, is wearing thin. God help us all.

  • Ken P.

    I read many of the comments in the original article. They obviously have a heavy-handed moderator.

  • Zackers

    Very true, concernedcollegekid. I rail about liberals all the time, however, the racial question ‘what’s best for whites’ doesn’t really exclude liberals or liberal ideas. Asking the question ‘what’s best for whites’ isn’t something that can be asked out loud right now all that often. That would be racism. The opposite question seems to be the nations number one concern.

  • odious liberal

    If they did their jobS they wouldn’t have these problems now would they Mr.NAACP.

  • Der Typ

    Every time I think of Detroit I can’t help but think of the 2nd World War. Never mind your opinion as to the causes or the justness of the conflict, and I don’t want to start that discussion. No, I really don’t want to do that.

    I travel to Europe somewhat frequently and I’ve become fluent in another major European language as a way to connect to something deeper. Well when one is touring places in Europe you encounter a lot of places that have been bombed or shelled and subsequently rebuilt. A lot of those bombs and shells, and the platforms that carried these bombs and shells came from Detroit. One doesn’t have to disagree or agree with the justifications for American participation in WW2 to still come to the conclusion, “They blew it all up for this?” Literally they blew up our history just to give everything away without a shot being fired. It boggles my mind and saddens my spirit.

  • 83% Black ,problem solved

  • It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that these government bail outs always fail. Detroit needs to be cut lose and fix their own problems. If it completely collapses, so be it.

  • RIN0Huner

    When do the riots start?

  • Fed Up

    With that Fiscal Manager to be a Black. Who very likely can be expected to skim money out of the budget into his own pockets as well as those of friends. Exacerbating Detroit’s problems even further.

  • white flight fight

    In other words when whites starting exiting also known as white flight …

  • FINE. Let Lansing stay out of it. BUT!!! From now on, Detroit is on its own. No more funding from the rest of the state of Michigan. No more welfare from the taxpayers of our state. You want it, it’s yours. Hypocritical pricks want Lansing to stay out of their affairs but keep funding them. NO MORE. Good luck.

    • BonusGift

      Exactly, nail meet hammer.

  • Guest

    The problem with bulldozing all those blocks is that it spreads the roaches elsewhere. At least, in Detroit, they are centralized and we know where they are.

  • Michigan Patriot

    The republican party ( mostly Caucasian ) will control the capital. well why not ? They created the capital; the leftist anti-white bigots will call this derogatorily as ” previledge” but it is a ” right “: instead.! If you create this capital with your intelligence,blood, sweet & tears, then you own it. I would wish that a ” sinkhole ” would just swallow up this racist slum instead of throwing more good white man’s money on this blackhole of destruction.

  • Morris Thecat

    Blacks in America have been doing one big “sorcerer’s apprentice”. They do not have the abilities, the brains, the morality, nor the self control that humans have. They do want the ego gratification of trying to get the “glory” that they think humans get. So they try to assume a role that they can’t nor ever will be able to fulfill, that role being the role of the white man. They want the political power to run a city, country etc. Every time they try this, everywhere in the world, they fail as miserably as the sorcerer’s apprentice did. The one big difference is that an “apprentice” may one day learn the sorcerer’s craft. Blacks on the other hand, can never be truly functioning humans, they are just something lower down on the evolutionary order that may have vanity and conceit and covetousness and rage, but that is all they share with humans, just the lower cerebral functions.

  • K..

    Silly me, I thought ‘this nation was founded upon’ ideals like hard work, self-reliance, independence, liberty, personal responsibility, freedom of association, freedom of speech, and other concepts largely absent from the rhetoric of Obongo’s acolytes.

  • Morris Thecat

    obsolete farm equipment never belonged in a city in the first place

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Correct. That explains most of their behavior in a nutshell. They are as out of place in a cityscape as a grain silo.

  • Viking_61

    I have a couple important questions for JT and the Amren community:

    1. Why doesn’t Jared Taylor practice civil disobedience like so many other civil rights leaders? In Chicago alone we have Congressman Bobby Rush, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, and of course Jesse Jackass who get themselves arrested in front of courthouses every few months. People respond warmly to those who voluntarily go to jail for standing up for a cause they believe in.

    2. Why doesn’t Jared Taylor form a $PLC-style legal wing of American Renaissance? All it takes is one or two sympathetic lawyers to file court briefs and sue government departments and companies who practice anti-white discrimination. I know there are many professionals who attend the conferences. Is anyone at those conferences a lawyer? I am not talking about a multi-million dollar monstrosity like the $PLC – you have to start out small. In addition to Amren’s great lectures and books, a “legal arm” of this organization would add a whole new dimension and in my opinion make our fight much more effective – if not for publicity’s sake.

    • IstvanIN

      Who’s going to back Mr. Taylor up? We have a terrible record of supporting our own.

    • Melanie

      Well, one major difference would be that Mr Taylor (nor any whites who are unapologetically white) doesn’t have the sympathetic and complicit media in his corner. During the snivel rights days, it was non-stop camera shots of poor innocent negros being set upon by evil racist whites. We can’t even get the national MSM to mention the heinous torture/murder of Channon/Newsome, a hate crime if anything ever deserves to be called a hate crime. Mr Taylor, and any supporters, would either be ignored, or framed as evil white supremecists who want to killsixmillionnegros. We all know there’s a double standard-there can be black this, negro that, but the first time whites try to have anything explicitly white, the media sets upon us like a pack of rabid dogs.

      • Viking_61

        If Amren were to file briefs and lawsuits in cases of obvious anti-white discrimination it would involve the legal system, not the media. Nobody (at this point) is saying anything about whites having anything “exclusively white”. If Amren or a similar group were to start challenging anti-white laws and fight for a “level playing field” the media could howl but with the sunset of forced affirmative action laws in the near future (SCOTOS is likely to strike down college admissions AA this summer) Amren could position itself as the SPLC for white people.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    So we went from the top to the bottom over the last 50 or 60 years.

    It’s the pride of America. It’s where Chryslers are made!

    Home of the 440 cubic inch engine…

    -Elwood Blues

  • Alexandra

    When I last lived in Detroit, almost 40 years ago (during my early infancy), it had already hit bottom, from what I’m told.
    My mom once told me about my dad seeing this black guy attacking this woman (don’t know if the woman was black or white). Dad shot in the air, black dude took off like a shot. This was in the early- to mid-70s.

  • andyvanm

    This my friends is the outcome of the so-called Civil Rights movement.