Reminder: How Mexico Treats ‘Undesirable’ Foreigners

Michelle Malkin, CNS News, March 27, 2013

American politicians in both parties are stampeding all over themselves to pander to Mexico and adopt mass illegal alien amnesty schemes. But while the Mexican government lobbies for more “humane” treatment of illegal border crossers from their country into ours, Mexico remains notoriously restrictionist toward “undesirable” foreigners who break their laws or threaten their security.

Despite widely touted immigration “reforms” adopted in 2011, Mexico still puts Mexico first—as any country that is serious about protecting its sovereignty should and would.

Article 33 of Mexico’s constitution establishes the right of the president to detain and deport “any foreigner” and prohibits foreigners from participating “in any way” in the political affairs of the country.


Article 32 of Mexico’s constitution unapologetically bans non-native born residents from holding sensitive jobs and joining the country’s military. Preference is given unabashedly to Mexicans over foreigners.

While you read this passage, contemplate the inexorable push by open-borders groups to secure illegal alien “rights” to American jobs, American military assignments, American driver’s licenses, discounted U.S. college tuition and Obamacare:

“Only Mexicans by birth can perform all government employments, positions, or commissions in which the status of citizenship is indispensable. During peacetime, foreigners shall neither serve in the Army nor in the police bodies. During peacetime, only Mexicans by birth can serve in the Army, in the Navy or in the Air Force as well can perform any employment or commission within such corporations.

The same condition applies to captains, pilots, skippers, ship engineers, flight engineers and, in general, to every crew member in a ship or an airplane carrying the Mexican flag. In the same way, only Mexicans by birth can be port harbormasters, steersmen and airport superintendents.

Mexicans shall have priority over foreigners, under equal circumstances, for all kind of concessions, employments, positions or commissions of the government in which the status of citizenship is not indispensable.”

While amnesty advocates and civil liberties zealots in the U.S. decry “police state” tactics against illegal aliens, Mexico fiercely maintains laws against illegal border crossings; “verification visits” to enforce visa conditions; requirements that foreigners produce proof of legal status on demand; and enforcement and cooperation between and among immigration officials and law enforcement authorities at all levels in Mexico. Native-born Mexicans are also empowered to make citizens arrests of illegal aliens and turn them in to authorities.

Mexico’s National Catalog of Foreigners tracks all outside tourists and foreign nationals. A National Population Registry tracks and verifies the identity of every member of the population, who must carry a citizens identity card. Visitors who do not possess proper documents and identification are subject to arrest at any time. And for those seeking permanent residency or naturalization, Mexico requires that they must not be economic burdens on society and must have clean criminal histories. Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam and prove they can provide their own health care.


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  • betsy

    thanks, Michelle for writing this truthful article that reveals and magnifies the insanity of

    the U.S.
    We are ruled over by criminals and psychopaths. At all levels.

    • The__Bobster

      Alan Wall of has been writing about these hypocrites for years.

      If I were a Congresscritter and the bigots of La Raza came a-visiting, I’d have a large poster of the Mexican Constitution sitting on my desk.

  • BonusGift

    We just need to adopt their system, case closed.

  • I bring up Mexico’s immigration policy all the time to liberals. They often get that blank look on their faces, trying to come up with something to tear my argument apart. They have failed 100% of the time.
    This is powerful ammunition, and the GOP is too afraid to use it.

    • John R

      Good point. Mainly the last: The GOP is afraid to use it. I don’t know which angers me more. The anti-White Democratic “liberals” (radicals, really) or the so-called Republican “conservatives” (actually behaving more like liberals).
      My take is that the GOP must think long term. Sure, to take a stand may cost them in the short run. People would be shocked at a major party openly appealing to White majority voters. But, in the long run, it would become more accepted, and even most of the media would climb on board. Remember, the liberal, anti-White racists didn’t get their way overnight. They used years of steadily growing propaganda, at first saying that all races just wanted some rights (desegregated schools, lunch counters, etc.); thensome immigration “reform” (which they assured would not change America’s demographics); then, they said “minorities” deserved some special “affirmative action”, only to remedy “past injustices” (and soon that became permanent). Next, they attacked the culture of “White privalege” and poured on the guilt. They changed our schools, and even our language (Negroes are blacks, no, African Americans; American Indians are now “Native Americans”; Whites are just “Caucasians”, ) Over time, we White people got beaten down, and accustomed to our subservient status. This is what must change over time. It is not enough for the Republicans to resist the changes engineered by the racist anti-Whites; they must roll them back. And no apologies.

  • David Ashton

    Very important article whose implications need constant pushing with Republican congresspersons.

  • NYB

    Mexico is just doing what is the norm all over the world – except in white countries.

  • dd121

    I have friends who live in Mexico and tell me all about the Mexican immigration policies. When I mention this to liberals they have an expression that indicates they’re having trouble focusing.

  • bigone4u

    Mexico’s immigration polices clearly signal that Mexicans are racist. Libtards, answer me this: Why do you want 50 million new racists becoming American citizens? I thought you morons were against racism.

    • John R

      Don’t be naive: They are not against “racism.” They are against White people. How much more evidence of this do we need?

    • StillModerated

      You’re correct, sir! Mexico is run by about 40 families — White families. Not so long ago there were protests by Indios and Mestizos to share the power, but apartheid prevailed.

    • Bossman

      I’ll let you in on a little secret. If Mexico has a seemingly tough immigration policy , it is because they may have been pressured by the U.S. to do so. Just imaging if foreigners could freely move to Mexico, guess what would happen? Most of them would just use Mexico as a stepping stone to enter the U.S. When the U.S. passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, Mexico and Canada did the same thing. Do you think that was a mere coincidence? Mexico wants a migration accord with the U.S. so that citizens from both countries could move freely between the two countries. The leaders of Mexico have mentioned this many times.

      • dmxinc

        Maybe so, but we could still do what they do as far as employment – favor our own over foreigners.

        Instead, our government gives job preference to foreigners in the public sector and mandates the same in the private.


      • Bobby

        Maybe, but I doubt it. I believe it is the actual expression of the will of the Mexican elite. Afterall, a foreigner cannot own property on a permanent basis in Mexico, no matter how rich he/she is. And then, the extreme degree of nationallism (that I personally have no problem with) shown by Mexican polticians and the Mexican citizenry, also makes me believe that what is done in Mexico, is done quite deliberately and freely by Mexican nationals. We citizens in the U.S. are discouraged to have nationalistic feelings, because unlike Mexico, which is a nation, the U.S. is an Empire. And an empire has very little need of citizens. That’s the root of our immigration problems and a host of other problems. It’s those KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Shell Oil, Wal Mart, etc.etc. signs one see’s in every nationa in the world when watching travel shows,etc. That is where Mexican citizens,have an advantage over U.S. citizens. And things will get worse for U.S. citizens, the more the empire tends to its real concerns, everything but citizens.

  • Now there’s something I’d like to import from Mexico!

  • I read where Mexico was going to build a border fence near the Suchiate River on the border with Guatemala.

  • She forgot the part where: The Mexican Constitution regulates the ownership of land and declares that …within a zone of 100 kilometers from the border or 50 kilometers from the coast, a foreigner cannot acquire the direct ownership of the land.

    Meanwhile the USA government encourages illegal immigrant property ownership and then finances it for them through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  • Xanthippe2

    And Mexico doesn’t have birthright citizenship, correct? So these Mexicans are really Mexicans.

  • guest

    When people go to their country illegally, they’ll do something about it as should any country that has illegal immigrants coming in. But when they come to our country illegally, we’re expected to act welcoming and accepting as they receive free handouts and special treatment? There’s just no way to rationalize this at all. Even liberals couldn’t possibly be able to rationalize this. Try to ask them, they’ll most likely just give you a blank stare.

  • kjh64

    Furthermore, I want to add, that Mexican immigration law is race based and clearly states that immigration can NEVER threaten Mexican ethnicity in Mexico. In other word, Mexico only allows a VERY small amount of foreigners to become Mexican citizens. Mexico also stipulates that Spanish is the language of the country and all affairs and business will be conducted in Spanish.

    • So why can’t we specify that English is the official language of this country and all business will be conducted in English?

      • Greg Thomas

        Because that would be “racist!”

    • Eddie Willers

      Indeed, when I took Mexican nationality in 2008 (required to complete legal formalities on business ownership in a coastal city), the local State delegate of the SRE (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriorores – Department of Foreign Affairs) didn’t seem to know what to actually do. He presented me with my ‘Carta de Naturalizacion’ (Letter of Naturalization) and had me stand at attention before the Mexican flag to recite the ‘Juramenta a la Bandera’ (Pledge of Allegiance).

      I got the distinct impression that he had never actually done any of it before – perhaps because so few foreigners actually gain citizenship.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Our politicians do not care. They take on millions of Mexiturds into our country so rich Congressmen can fly down to Mejico and shag some Mexiturd ho’s. Sex and money are the only things that motivate these Congressmen. Cheap labor. 1 dollar blowjobs.

  • Whiteman

    “Mexico’s immigration polices clearly signal that Mexicans are racist. Libtards, answer me this: Why do you want 50 million new racists becoming American citizens? I thought you morons were against racism”.

    Ok, this has to be the post of the week, so I don’t mind repeating it.

  • StillModerated

    We need to make Mexico believe in both multi-culturalism and The Tooth Fairy

  • phwich

    At least we should ask Mexico to reciprocate any new immigration laws we pass here. That would promptly end the discussion from their side of the fence.

  • Recovering Republican

    The US-Mexican border is 1,969 miles long. A few weeks ago I visited India, which built a fence along its 2,500-mile border with Bangladesh. The “Indo-Bangladeshi Barrier” is considered a success at stopping illegal immigration and cross-border terrorist attacks. Of course, the
    USA can’t hope to do what India has. India is a modern country!

  • Bobby

    Americans, at least millions of them, have unfortunately proven themselves to be nothing but a bunch of “hayseeds”. How can anyone who examines closely, the reactions of millions of Americans, to the way Congress and the Senate, both abuse their nation and them as citizens, and then reach any other conclusion? Millions of Americans have become eligible for the FORREST GUMP AWARD, inscribed lovingly ……………STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.