Natural Hair Offers a New Point of View

Breeanna Hare, CNN, March 27, 2013

Embracing the hair you’re born with sounds like it should be the easiest thing in the world, but for some, it’s a huge challenge.

Nikki Walton, a 29-year-old licensed psychotherapist whose own journey to hair acceptance has grown from a passion into a business, knows that hurdle all too well.

As the founder of, Walton now confidently boasts a lush, natural texture that lives up to her online nickname, “Curly Nikki.” On her website, she leads the charge for a community of women seeking a resource and a space where they can let their hair down, just as it is, no straightening required.

But Walton can vividly recall the days when straight hair meant beautiful hair, and if she couldn’t be seen with it straight, she’d rather not go out at all.

As a young adult, Walton would feel “gorgeous” and “ready” to take on the world when her dark hair’s natural twists and turns were straight, sleek and swinging thanks to a stylist’s heat tools.

But when that style fell flat and the frizz began to appear, “I would become an introvert; I didn’t want to do anything,” she said.

Eventually, the boyfriend who was driving her to and from hair appointments–and who’s now her husband and father to their 2½-year-old daughter–intervened.

“He said, ‘This isn’t healthy. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you need to step back and assess this. You’re pretty, and I want you to feel pretty no matter what the condition of your hair is,’ ” Walton recalled. “And he was right. My hair was running my life. My confidence was in flux with my hair.”

That conversation inspired Walton to take action, and she soon found herself researching ways she could work with the kind of hair she was born with. Once she unchained herself from her flat iron, she found not only a more genuine confidence but a new freedom to live her life as she chose — not as her hairstyle mandated.


Walton has been lending that helping hand on for the past four years, and she recently compiled her accumulated wealth of hair care know-how into a book, “Better Than Good Hair: The Curly Girl Guide to Healthy, Gorgeous, Natural Hair.”


By the time she was in middle school, Walton would want to “shrink into a hole” at the salon while she waited for a stylist to blow dry her freshly washed hair.

“I didn’t want people to see my hair. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror,” she recalled. “I didn’t even know what my real texture looked like. … I just knew that if it got a little bit wet, or if I sweat(ed) a little bit too much, I put my hands into my roots, and it felt terrible.”

As a result, Walton had to do both a habitual and a mental shift when she decided that having healthy hair was more important.


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  • By the time she was in middle school, Walton would want to “shrink into a
    hole” at the salon while she waited for a stylist to blow dry her
    freshly washed hair.

    A sixth grader (11-year old) should have more important concerns than her hair. Unless she’s a cancer patient.

    • Robert Binion

      No, QD, I feel her pain. How many of my brothers have been forced to hide deranged, Confederate coiffures under a hood of white?

      • jane johnson

        Those mullets were extremely unattractive.

    • MekongDelta69

      A slight correction, if I may…

      I think you meant to say:
      “A [black] sixth grader (16-year old) should have more important concerns than her hair. Unless she’s a cancer patient.”

      • The younger suspect in the Brunswick Horror is a 15-year old 8th grader, which means he either flunked a grade or started school a year later than usual.

        • mobilebay

          15-year old 8th grader? Sounds like he flunked more than one grade. When I was 15, I was in the first half of my Junior year in high school.

          • Foreman Scotty

            I’ve seen a couple of 15 year olds in sixth grade at W.E.B. Dubois Elementry School. Then there are many 20 somethings in HS sports programs.

  • pcmustgo

    Black women are OBSESSED WITH HAIR. It truly runs their life. They are very critical of one anothers hair… while constantly accusing white people and especially white women of looking down on their hair. Their hoods are full of one hair salon and hair supply store after the next.

    And it’s yet another way they waste money and bling bling while blaming whites for their poverty.

    • pcmustgo

      Don’t ever compliment a black woman on her hairstyle either… that’s considered offensive to them and warrants them lashing out at you.

      • Felix_M

        Most are going to lash out at you for one reason or another. Best not to say anything to them at all.

        • sbuffalonative

          Absolutely. Interacting with blacks is walking into a minefield. No contact, no trouble.

          • Ned

            And they smell funky.

        • Garrett Brown

          This. Don’t talk to them at all.

        • Cape to Cairo

          I made the mistake of bringing up OJ and his murder trial with 4 black women in a bar last week. The conversation just went south, as in South Africa. At least I’ll give one of them credit for actually arguing facts instead of just saying “We got even with the system.” Oh well, some of us learn the hard way.

      • Angry White Woman

        Better yet, don’t talk to them about hair, or discuss it with other white women where they might overhear and feel “dissed”. Don’t touch your own hair if there is a black female over the age of 10 in the same room, and don’t EVER, EVER comb or brush your hair within sight of one, not even in a public restroom.

        • ncpride

          Your post reminds me of one I saw on the Philly article from a black girl. She was ranting about how White girls like to ‘flip’ their hair or toss their heads as they walk by black girls, and she wanted to make it clear, they DON’T care and stop trying to ‘mess’ with them. I couldn’t help but laugh. Clearly, they DO care and are sick with jealousy. She obviously couldn’t see how childish and conflicting her post was.

          • Probably the young white women aren’t flipping their hair or tossing their heads. They’re probably not even acknowledging the black girls passing them by. It’s that black girls and black women are sometimes so paranoid that just the sight of an attractive white woman with nice hair sets them ballistic.

          • CharlesFinley

            They’re fully aware that they are last on the list.
            Or not ON the list.
            Groid males don’t want them either.

          • LordTim

            There are good reasons you often see a white woman with a black man but never see a white man with a black women. Most white women practice good feminine hygiene whereas a lot of black women have never been taught such things and don’t have a clue about the need to keep themselves fresh. Black women spend hundreds of dollars on styling their weaves and go nuts if a man touches their hair during sex. Well what man wants that? Even black men get turned by that kind of paranoia.

            I also think white men don’t want to date even beautiful black women for fear they will be scorned for the size of their endowment by women who are used to larger black penises. Black women are aware of the white male’s generally smaller size and, when scorned, gladly use it against them, as in the Duke University lacrosse team rape scandal where one of the black strippers sneered at the lacrosse players as “short-dicked white boys.” (One of them in turn told the stripper to be sure to thank her grandfather for his “nice cotton shirt.”) That last remark is what made the Duke University president turn against the lacrosse team, even though he suspected the rape charge was bunk. To his way of thinking, it’s not so bad when a whore sort of gets raped but a racial slur can never be forgiven.

          • robinbishop34

            I clearly recall seeing a documentary years ago where black girls said they hated when white girls tossed their hair.

        • brengunn

          Are you joking? Do you mean to say a black woman will confront a white stranger in public for brushing her hair? If that’s true, they’re even worse than I thought. Actually, no, that’s what I expect of some of them.

          • Daisy

            A friend reported to me that when she was in her mixed-demographic slightly ghetto NJ highschool bathroom back in I think the early 80’s, a small mob of black girls forced her blonde friend down and cut off her ponytail. It’s worse than you think, and that was a long time ago.

          • brengunn

            Do you know if they were disciplined by the school?

            Off topic, Daisy, I read in the Huff Post the other day an article about public schools in America. This teacher was saying that they’ve actually been banned from giving D grades to students. That they now have to give c grades instead or fail the student, which is more unlikely. How mad is that? It’s hard to comprehend how they come up with this stuff, it truly is bonkers.

            In the comments section, a commenter who is a teacher talked about how streaming is deemed to be racist and also that there were rumours that homework may also be banned for similar reasons. The thinking on this is all backward.

            One thing which is readily apparent from reading articles on the US education system is that there is no responsibility placed on the kids. The teachers are blamed for everything, like if the teachers worked harder or better these students would all be Einsteins. It really is all back to front.

          • Daisy

            They weren’t disciplined I’m pretty certain, because now I recollect that they were all in some local public bathroom – I think, which may have emboldened them. But in my public high school discipline was a joke, and I wouldn’t trust a lot of even middle class high schools in Jersey, particularly if it came to black-on-white violence.

            A lot of people forgo teaching for the reasons you cite (and more) although with the Recession it’s still tough to get a position. There’s an overall trend that began after my generation and has just gotten worse with time, which mandates viewing all kids as somehow equal and explaining the obvious innate disparities in abilities and work ethic as either some learning disability, etc., or the teacher’s or coach’s fault. What’s streaming? I think we call it tracking, grouping the smart kids in honor classes, etc. No kid is just mediocre anymore. This problem looms as almost as big an issue for this country’s future – and we’re seeing it’s fruition already in the 20-somethings and even 30-somethings – as the hatred of whites, the Israeli Lobby (which relates to that), Big Pharma, etc. I’ve feared for this nation ever since I hung out at a neighbor’s in my mid-twenties and witnessed a conversation amongst high school graduates who were all explaining that their ADD or learning disability, or what have you, was the reason they weren’t going to Harvard. Now it’s not even uncommon for parents to fight to have their kids put in Special Ed so that they get more attention and possibly some ‘disability’ status that can get them into some fancy school, and I’m not talking about the welfare hustlers here. In my day a parent would fight to keep their kid out of that track.

        • tgb

          This mixed girl at my daughters school offered to buy my daughters hair.She was absolutely serious.Her family doesn’t have money but were willing to pay $1000 for real white girl hair.

      • MobyWhite

        A zulu attack is more than “lashing” out. The White community needs to stop being polite.

        • Ned

          The White community needs to go on the offensive pronto !

          • MobyWhite

            They’ve lost the nerve because they can’t afford to hear Toure and Chris Matthews equate them to the KKK on TV.

      • I have complemented many black women on their hairstyle and it was appreciated.

        • CharlesFinley


      • Johnny99

        A few years ago, there was a black female at the company I work for, different dept. On occasion we had interaction on business matters and would engage in harmless chat. She had her hair about shoulder length and straight. One day she came in with it in long braids. I asked her if she lost a bet. The reaction was priceless.

      • Kathy M

        Uh huh, “Whatchu meen my hur look good?!”

    • MobyWhite

      I saw one today in a professional business setting whose nappy wool looked like a nest of snakes. If a White girl attempted to make her hair as ugly as the bantus make their heads, she’d be fired for insubordination.

      • convairXF92

        The poorer (relative to the black average) black women use yarn as hair-weave material instead of real hair. Sometimes they use reddish or tan yarn. It looks even more horrid as the natural hair it’s tied to starts to grow out.

        • Ned

          They should use shag carpet remnants, that is even cheaper.
          They would look 1970s superfly as an added bonus.

    • Black women are the largest purchasers of human hair in America, But the hair business is run by Koreans. Doesn’t that tell you something that Blacks cannot even control something that they are the predominate purchasers of?

    • I hate the last day of the month (and the first of the month but for a different reason).

      If it rains on the first of the month, cabs disappear from places where humans would normally wave them down and seem to concentrate on picking up black woman who will hail a cab just to avoid, even with an umbrella in hand, walking 3 or 4 blocks. The flag pull of a cab in Chicago is $3.25 so a bunch trips of 3 or 4 blocks blocks with 5 stop lights in between are much more profitable than a 20 or 30 block trip.

      On the other hand, I love the last week of the month.

    • Tom Iron

      I remember my sisters who were pretty young women preening in front of the mirror looking at themselves. My mother would tell them, “Beauty is as beauty does.” Black women can overcome their hair situation by being a beautiful person and doing good things. It’s the doing of good things that makes someone beautiful. My sisters now say that same thing to their daughters.

      • CharlesFinley

        “Whoopie Goldberg” can donate a kidney or give all her money to charity, and guess what? Still FUGLY!

    • Foreman Scotty

      In the old days, opposom fat was used to grease down that unruly hair of theirs.

    • Hugo

      They also have to worry about getting too close to water. Take a shower or a swim and their hair reverts back to kinks not to mention an oil slick.

    • Gereng

      You can add finger nails to that hair obsession..They will spend most of their welfare money on crack; then nails, hair and skin bleaches. If Leroy doesn’t beat the rest of the money out of her, the left overs will buy pizza for her 11 illegitimate ‘chilrens’

    • T_Losan

      It’s not rare for their follicles to cash in after years of trauma from extensions and them to be left balding in their thirties.

  • The__Bobster

    Female creatures who have steel wool in place of human hair are insanely jealous of White girls with “good hair”.

    • Katherine McChesney

      There’s one in my building with a strange cut. It’s the shape of Gumby’s head. Or an eraser.

      • ncpride

        I worked with one who came in with straightened hair, and it was dyed platinum blonde. I had to quickly walk away before I burst into laughter. It looked absolutely ridiculous on her.

      • MobyWhite

        You need to flee. That’s a zulu battle ornament. It’s coming. Don’t be there.

        • Veritas_lux_mea


      • There is one I see all the time that has a silver mullet, an honest to god mullet of silver straightened hair. It literally looks like some thing that should be in some “In Living Color” or Chappelle show clown skit.

    • Bernie

      Actually, almost all non-blacks have good hair. I think they have the most jealousy for women like Mariah Carey and Alicia Keyes who have what they call good hair. Of course, they have this hair texture since they are genetically mostly white.

    • That is why they spend lots of money getting a hair weave with hair that came from someone from India or Europe,

    • Tom Iron

      Yep, they’re jealous of everything about a good looking young White woman and why shouldn’t they be? They have eyes to see just like the rest of us.

      • WakeUpWhitePeople

        Yeah, but that doesn’t stop all these White ho’s from screwing these bantus at a record pace. My last job at Sprint, over half of the White girls there were dating blacks, had kids with blacks, or were married to blacks. one had 5 mulatto kids with two different blacks. Most White women these days aren’t worthy or deserving of a White man’s love or attention. Let them all go the way of Nicole Brown.

    • bayouboy

      And they’re peed off because they have velcro pubes that must itch all the time!

    • Randall Ward

      Black women have soft hair, sorry Bob.

      • Ned

        It is Brillo pad soft.

    • Kathy M

      Blacks, male and female, try everything to conceal their natural hair. Why? Because it is a stark reminder of just how different they are from us. They are the only creatures on earth lacking a hair shaft. How weird is that?

    • Most black women in the media have the kinky hair straightened—the desire to become White-like is overwhelming with blacks…..they just don’t like to admit it..

      You don’t see many women with natural negro hair much…..proof positive..

  • MekongDelta69

    If someone’s THIS shallow, then they’re not even worth talking about…

    • sbuffalonative

      She’s come to accept the genetic realities of her hair. Good for her.

      • SargeInCharge

        I agree. Race-realism is accepting genetic differences and that those differences may present limitations or advantages. In a way this women’s acceptance of her natural hair and the limitations it presents is a microcosm of what we wish people would do in gereneral regarding racial differences.

        • MBlanc46

          Nicely put.

    • jane johnson

      I saw a segment on GMA or one of those other morning shows where obese black women were claiming that they were unable to exercise because sweating would ruin their ‘dos, and their ‘dos were very expensive to maintain.

      • I’m sure there is one group of people who are glad that these kinds of black women don’t like to work out in fear of their precious hair: White women who do like to work out. Because such black women not working out means the women’s locker room environment will be all the better for their not being there.

        That is, until LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH get their way and the he-she people that are really men but pretending to be women barge their way in…

      • Daisy

        I wish I had an excuse to get fat.

  • Triarius

    It is beyond me why these things want to dress up as human. Their texture is unnatural and is even funnier when they dye it red or blonde.

    That is like me having green or purple hair. I would feel like a fool because I, and everyone else, know that this is not even possible and completely fake.

    And as for making them more attractive? Even put tinsel on a turd?

    • David Ashton

      The difference in hair form is an indicator of race variation, but there is no need to be abusive about women who are thereby born differently and who feel uncomfortable in an aesthetically uncongenial white environment to which their ancestors should never have been forcibly imported.

      • Daisy

        Are you really falling for this thinly veiled guilt trip? ‘Aesthetically uncongenial white environment?’ Like its our fault they don’t like their own hair? Nobody liked mine as a kid and I could’ve cared less, I guess the northwestern european boys teasing me about my freckles were really thinking they were cute but I didn’t realize it yet never felt ‘aesthetically oppressed’ that no redheads were on the cover of Vogue. It was the 70’s and while anyone without a tan was a persona non grata dork I was way too busy getting good grades and setting swimming records to worry about ‘aesthetic uncongeniality.’

        • jane johnson

          Daisy, I saw where you responded to my post, but it was deleted before I could read it. If you didn’t delete, pls rephrase, as the judges say.

          • Daisy

            Well it was a snarky comment about wishing I had an excuse to not watch my weight, in reaction to the GMA segment you posted on, which isn’t to suggest I always do or have, just that no one’s provided me an excuse not to!

          • jane johnson

            Honestly, you should’ve seen these huge women (300+ lbs.) with fingernails like talons, and hair that looked like mannequin hair. Ugh.

        • David Ashton

          Hello, Daisy. You and your red hair….!
          Not just a matter of hair, which black women can plait or present in a fairly presentable way. It is the whole facial appearance, which seems more primitive than that of whites among whom they move and of which they can be acutely conscious (especially if their men ditch them for white or whiter or more European-looking women). This is reflected indirectly in some of their magazines. Of course, some mixed race women can be attractive also to white men, because of the sexual signals of wide eyes, flared nostrils and large lips.
          I don’t feel any guilt, but just try to understand how some young black girls must feel when looking in a mirror – not such a problem for them if they lived in an African environment.

      • SargeInCharge

        I agree with you. I’ve worked with many black women, and it’s obvious that they’re very uncomfortable with their hair. I’m critical of the black community because of the things that they do or the things that the government does on their behalf that negatively affect white people or white nations: high crime, affirmative action, lowering standards, interracial crime, whitey is evil narrative, the list goes on. Black women being self-conscious about their hair, however, doesn’t adversely affect whites so I feel no reason to react negatively to that self-consciousness.

        • Daisy

          Maybe because you’re a man you don’t sense the stealth guilt trip being foisted on us white women. This is just another iteration of ‘white privelege.’ I know white women who claim oppression because they’re not on the cover of magazines; black women aren’t the only whiners in the left’s aesthetic victimology contest. Ever heard of ‘lookism?!’

      • Kathy M

        True but forcible exportation is needed now.

  • Felix_M

    Nikki Walton, a 29-year-old licensed psychotherapist…

    29 yo and a licensed psychotherapist…either she’s a genius or didn’t have to satisfy the criteria most mental health professionals must. I vote for the latter.

    • Katherine McChesney

      A psychotherapist with a mental illness.

      • freddy_hills

        You’d be surprised. Most of the psyche majors I knew in university were completely mental. I always figured that’s what attracted them to the field.

    • It’s psychotherapy, not psychology:

      Psychotherapy may also be performed by practitioners with a number of different qualifications, including psychiatry, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, clinical or psychiatric social work, mental health counseling, marriage and family therapy,rehabilitation counseling, school counseling, play therapy, music therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, dance/movement therapy,occupational therapy, psychiatric nursing, psychoanalysis and those from other psychotherapies. It may be legally regulated, voluntarily regulated or unregulated, depending on the jurisdiction. Requirements of these professions vary, but often require graduate school and supervised clinical experience.

      • Felix_M

        IOW, a witch doctor.

        • Daisy

          The witch doctors only peddle superstition; these esteemed sycophants push drugs and superstition for an even spookier combination. I give the average ‘unlicensed’ drug dealer more credit; at least they sell an honest product.

  • As a young adult, Walton would feel “gorgeous” and “ready” to take on the world when her dark hair’s natural twists and turns were straight, sleek and swinging thanks to a stylist’s heat tools.

    They think they can go to the salon and have “white hair”. Mean while that nasty stuff is breaking off everywhere as if it was pretzel sticks.

    My hair was running my life.

    And it was all whitey’s fault for having hair instead of “hurr” like her. Whitey was ruining her life.

    They could all go the way of Queen Moochelle though with her “hurr” ….

    Unbelievably the media eats this crap up too: michelle+obmas+new+hair+style

    But lets be honest, her “hair” comes out of a bag because she is insanely jealous of white women.

    • Morris LeChat

      Asian women are able to eat and feed their kids thanks to these apes who want to masquerade as humans

      • freddy_hills

        Are insults really necessary?

  • bigone4u

    Blacks, men and women, adopted the natural “Afro” hairstyle back in the 1960s as part of the “black is beautiful” theme promoted by the blacks and the media. That black is beautiful nonsense is what led me to understand that the newspapers, TV, and magazines blatantly lie and I would have to think for myself to make it through our PC culture.

    • But that hairstyle is healthier for their hair than all those chemicals that they use to straighten it. These relaxers that they use contains sulphuric acid. Those who have hair weaves done have problems with baldness because the hair used for the weave is sewn onto their natural hair and that can cause pulling.

      • bigone4u

        I knew a female college student whose mother was a very dark black and whose father was a very blonde white male that she never met. She was an albino, with pale white skin, black features (wide nose, thick lips), and very bad, thin, splotchy short natural red hair. I suppose that she could have used chemicals on it and thus ruined it permanently, but I thought at the time it was just a genetic response to her biracial origins. BTW, in spite of her mother and siblings being very dark, she never realized she was half white until she was in college.

        • josh

          Glad that fool who sired her got away!!

      • Morris LeChat

        the relaxers do not contain sulphuric acid. The active ingredients are caustic sodas such as lye, calcium hydroxide or lithium hyudroxide. They are caustic because they are very alkaline, not acidic. Some acid may be added to adjust the alkalinity but they are not putting sulphuric acid on their heads.

  • Morris LeChat


  • Morris LeChat

    The most fearsomne thing to black people is a regular comb……BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ……AHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • MobyWhite

    Just like pants on the ground, ebonics, rap “music,” and voodoo, anything that genuinely reflects who blacks are “as a people” we encourage and celebrate, so we definitely want them growing out dey nappy haided wooly kink just as hideously as possible, and it doesn’t take much.

    The White community must embrace the idea that blacks shouldn’t be asked to assimilate. We resent when blacks talk all articulate up en heeah, and wear J. Crew, and attend college, and we are especially offended when they read books written in the English language or drive cars invented by blue eyed Germans (have you seen the TV commercials recently? only grinning n’groes buy cars now).

    Blacks are a separate species, and whenever they have anything better than a bone through the nose, a dirty loin cloth, a filthy village of mud huts and malaria infected pickaninnies, they are acting out a lie and trying to make compassionate Whitey women believe that “we are all one people because we in common to bring us together than differences that divide us away from sacred communion with one another.”

    And as a member of the White community in good standing, I m deeply offended that this article uses the word “hair” to describe what is on top of their repulsive heads. I have hair, and they don’t.

    In other news, maybe one day in Brunswick, Georgia, the White community will come together and pass the only resolution needed right now: Racism Saves Lives.

    • The one in the State Farm commercial with the blonde and the Frenchman must have bought a car, after all he was busy using their app to map his latest accident.

      • MobyWhite

        Boycott General Auto Insurance. Offensive ad shows Diveristy putting a lampshade on head of doofus Whitey who goes along with it because Whites are supposed to abase themseleves to overcome their privilege.

        Boycott Ace Hardware. Offensive ad shows upper middle class picnic with black Diversity in the lead who then wears a bright yellow J. Crew sweater and kahki pants while returning the propane tank to the store. Blacks never steal.

      • Garrett Brown

        I hate State Farm with a passion. Only use local insurance companies.

    • If they do not have hair on top of their heads, what would you call it then?

      • thoughtcrime


      • CharlesFinley

        Okay…sorry. You’re right. Pubic or otherwise, it really IS hair. Okay?

  • dd121

    If I were black, I think I’d have an overwhelming sense of inferiority too. Lots of reasons.

  • brengunn

    I actually like the look of some black women when they have their natural tight afros. I also think some of them look great with short dreads but when they iron their hair straight it just looks ridiculous. Dead rigid with no give in it whatsoever, they look comical.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      If I were a black guy, I would embrace hedge topiary as a hairstyle, except that if I were a black guy, I probably wouldn’t know what “topiary” is. They don’t know what of much of anything else is, either, like dental care.

      We’re down to one car again, so I took the bus downtown for some paperwork I wanted, and my trip back home was quite elucidating. Two old black (apparent) friends on the bus met each other and were jointly celebrating their teeth, the originals having rotted out and replaced with complete top-and-bottom dentures. The male, younger than my 46 years was in pretty bad shape and walked with a cane, after having needed surgery to save his life from a tooth abcess that had resulted in general systemic septicemia. He still needs heart surgery, because of this. I had to listen closely to understand what they were saying.

      Obamacare wants me to go back to work to pay for this. My answer is and always will be “No.” If they want to take care of their own selves that way, they’re absolutely free to bear the consequences. I’ll just avoid sugar and take good care of my teeth.

      • brengunn

        I would embrace hedge topiary as a hairstyle

        Some of them are so outlandish, I’d be surprised if it’s not been done already. I’ll google it.

        Obamacare wants me to go back to work to pay for this. My answer is and
        always will be “No.” If they want to take care of their own selves
        that way, they’re absolutely free to bear the consequences. I’ll just
        avoid sugar and take good care of my teeth.

        Cutting off your nose to spite your face, Mike. You and your family would be much better off with a decent public health care system, the fact you would deny yourself what could be life saving health cover because of your antipathy towards blacks astounds me. Sometimes I find it hard to fathom my American cousins.

        As someone wrote here the other day, they’ve turned a safety net into a hammock.

        Great quote, snappy and witty. It’s a shame I’m uncomfortable with it’s meaning, or more precisely, I’m uncomfortable with the safety net being removed and denied to those in need because blacks are seen to take advantage.

        • You and your family would be much better off with a decent public health care system
          You called ObamaCare “a decent public health system.” Fail that. In reality, ObamaCare is a nightmare that will either die from its own bureaucratic inertia or from the fact that it will be way more expensive than its proponents claim.

          • brengunn

            Well, I don’t know much about Obama care but I do know that a good public healthcare system is vastly better for ordinary people than private healthcare. In my opinion, our health is too important to be left to the market.

          • Daisy

            I get Michael’s point but can’t understand why he’s alternatively so content to fund Israel’s socialist system, however, I agree with your premise. The problem is the american people would need to form some majority support of it and that’s a way’s off. I’m also leary of abandoning the profit-motive model of medicine completely, but haven’t done enough comparative research.

          • brengunn

            I’m also leary of abandoning the profit-motive model of medicine completely, but haven’t done enough comparative research.

            I think the profit motive is a perversity when it comes to health. It doesn’t say much for our humanity when our willingness to heal the sick is dependent on their ability to pay.

          • Daisy

            It is but I fear complacency and a lack of R&D and innovation, which in any class system requires both money for capital and the motivation to make money. Has the UK medical field come up with any pioneering treatments or procedures lately? I had a canadian neighbor as a kid who had to go home to Canada for state of the art back surgery so maybe socialized medicine allows for this, but I just don’t know enough to form a conclusion.

          • brengunn

            Yes, the British do very well in medical innovations, with a large number of nobels in physiology. There is still money for research and development because the drug companies are for profit but the actual healthcare is free at the point if use.

            I don’t know if what innovation would be like were the drug companies also publicly run. My guess would be fewer innovations but that’s not to say the private DC’s are perfect, they’re far from. I think it’s important to strike a balance between public and private, too much of either is destructive.

          • Daisy

            Do they come up with new procedures though? I’d think the drug companies focus on medications.

          • brengunn

            Yes, they’re amongst the best and most innovative in the world.

          • True, but it also doesn’t say much for our humanity when we expect people to go through the years of schooling required to become doctors but expect them to be willing to earn very little money in return. When that happens, we get doctors from third world countries with questionable training. There were other avenues to explore before going to socialized medicine “lite” – letting people purchase health insurance across state lines (i.e. let them buy insurance that covers only the things they want to), or tort reform that would in theory reduce the insurance doctors must carry, which is a huge factor in the cost of their services. But the left were too afraid that somebody might not be able to buy a policy that covers gender re-assignment surgery, you know, because all the time people decide they want to change sex, and trial lawyers just happen to be a large democrat donor pool, they had to come up with Obamacare instead. A law so awesome that the very people who passed it are exempt from it.
            Let me put it this way – when some high school kid is washing my car to raise money for charity, I don’t worry about how motivated they are to do a good job because they are not getting paid. If somebody has to treat my wife or kid, I want them motivated by profit so they do a good job, because if they do a good job they keep my business, and they make more money.

          • brengunn

            The doctors will be remunerated very well, just not rock star money. Despite our socialised medicine our hospitals aren’t full of third world doctors, there are a lot of Indian doctors but they’ve been trained in this country. The threat of being struck off is always there as an incentive to do the job well. So, our doctors are motivated without having to go private.

            You also paint the profit motive as without flaw when it’s clear that there are many charlatans drawn to American medicine because of the astronomical profits to be made, I’m thinking in particular some of your plastic surgeons, though that seems to happen in a lot of places.

            It works very well as a system.

          • Daisy

            Charlatans, hucksters and Big Pharma run ours. My friend dropped out of med school when she realized medicine was a business designed to make money through keeping people sick as opposed to a discipline designed to heal the sick.

          • [Guest]

            >>>…willingness to heal the sick is dependent on their ability to pay…

            That would be a good point if it had been true pre-Obamacare.

            In any case, I’m opposed to putting scalpels in the hands of a federal government that is openly hostile to white men in favor of blacks because they’re black, browns because they’re brown, females because they’re female, foreigners because they’re foreign, and so on and on. We’ll not get equality in healthcare from an entity that treats some people as more equal than others.

          • Veritas_lux_mea

            I think a gov’t funded healthcare system would be optimal if:

            1. We were in a homogenous or near-homogenous country, and
            2. The system actively encouraged and incentivized healthy behavior.

            I’ve observed a lot of surgeries, and I’d say a good 70% of them are caused by completely preventable things like smoking and obesity. A guy who’s smoked for 40 years (shocker) needs his esophageal cancer removed. A 5’10, 400 lb. lady needs a total knee replacement because she’s been putting 400 lbs. of pressure on it every day. There would be free healthcare for all citizens, but the smoker would have to pay a (reasonable) healthcare fee every month until he stops smoking, and the lady would also pay a fee until she got her weight down under 250 or something. Of course that would probably be seen by our liberal elite as “immoral,” but it would save many billions of dollars on healthcare costs every year and make the system more sustainable.

          • They already charge me more because I smoke.

            But they will never charge the 400 pound woman more because she is most likely BLACK.

            And they will never charge the homosexual more because he is GAY.

            Do you have a clue?

            I am funding morbidly obese negroes’ and HIV positive homosexuals’ healthcare / lifestyle and I am the only one allowed to be charged more.

            Both are are generally a more costly customer to the insurance system, but I am charged more.

          • Veritas_lux_mea

            I agree. Obesity is just as detrimental to someone’s health as smoking, if not more so, and is now much more prevalent. They should be charged more too. Charging homosexuals would be problematic I think.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I looked that up, and the results will suprise you. In 2011, US provided 31.3 million dollars in non-military assistance to Israel. With a total Israeli population of about 8 million, that’s enough to buy everyone there a fast food meal once that year, provided not too many of them “supersize” their orders. That same year, we paid 9.7 million Haitians 1.2 billion dollars, or $123 each, to do whatever it is Haitians do with money, like leaving parts of dead chickens as “hex” items on the Dade County courthouse steps in Florida. Sadly, they’re probably using it to build more seaworthy boats now. Somalia received 203 million, because there are apparently 10 million remaining who haven’t moved to Lewiston, Maine, and they need money for khat, an addictive drug that produces most of the same effects as methamphetamines. Dey gots to be haben dat, gnome sayin?

            Israel also received three billion in military aid in 2011, nearly all of which was spent in the United States by military contractors. In the case of companies like General Electric, which usually pays no corporate income taxes, this is really just corporate welfare. That said, Egypt received 1.3 billion in military aid the same year, Iraq 963 million, Pakistan 673 million and Jordan 319 million.

          • Daisy

            I’ve wanted to provide figures too, and at one point a couple of years ago I owned a cache of books on this subject, but no longer have them. What source are you citing? I read authors like Greg Felton, canadian journalist and author of The Host and the Parasite, Paul Findley, the 11 term Illiinois congressman who was run out by the Lobby for criticizing our ‘special relationship’ with Israel, Phil Giraldi, retired CIA operative who runs a foundation devoted to bringing some accuracy to the coverage of the Arab Israeli conflict, Norman Finkelstein, author of the Holocaust Industry, etc. etc.
            I remember reading that we actually are paying at least 8 times the amount of money per capita to israel than to any other country in the region and that it was among the highest of all our beneficiaries, non-military. 2011 was possibly skewed for Haiti if you pay any attention to current events.

            Mostly, though, I have to question your source; the american government has been lying to its citizens about where their money is going. Findley’s book (and possibly others) cited various polls taken which reflected how profoundly at odds the americans were with the *actual* amount of aid they’re sending to Israel – but voters don’t see them just as they don’t hear about black Alabama state reps threatening to annihilate whites for eg. The lies the Lobby propagates are endless. One jewish poster on here actually parroted the tired old myth about a jewish diaspora; I clarified this just yesterday with a friend who’s a jewish historian and will provide more actual facts soon, although common sense is all anyone would need to see through it.

            The notion that the three billion in military aid, if you even take that as fact, was spent “in the US* also needs to be fact-checked. On the surface it sounds absurd, which is not to say that the Lobby isn’t comprised of various elements, the US military industrial complex being intrinsic to it. You also seem woefully ignorant of the reality that there isn’t a real dividing line between our government and the Israeli one.

          • anarchyst

            Our U S tax dollars are “loaned” to Israel, and then conveniently at the end of the fiscal year the “loan” is “forgiven”.

          • Mr Plankton

            so something as important as our healthcare should be left up to the government to administer? Healthcare is very important. That’s why it’s so important to keep the government as far away from it as possible.

          • anarchyst

            O’bamacare is DESIGNED to FAIL and push everyone (but the anointed) into a single-payer system.

        • Veritas_lux_mea

          “You and your family would be much better off with a decent public health care system…”

          If we lived in an all white nation, or even 90% white like it used to be, then yes we would. I’d still want safeguards and incentives for people not to take advantage of it though. But with the way things are now, a gov’t health system like the NHS would/will be a disaster here. We just have too many spongers and illegals. The vast majority of whites here already have health insurance in the highest quality healthcare system in the world. I see no need to alter that.

          • brengunn

            The vast majority of Whites here already have health insurance in the
            highest quality healthcare system in the world, and I have no desire to
            alter that.

            I don’t know how true that is, but you can’t call it the highest quality healthcare system in the world if it allows people to die because they lack insurance or their insurance company fails to pay for treatment, which happens.

          • Medicare and Medicaid have a higher procedure rejection rate than the aggregate of private insurance plans. Caveat: Maybe there’s a good reason for that, and no political implications should be inferred from that. The reason I bring it up is that “public” plans and the public health system also rejects or refuses to fund treatments and procedures.

            And also…at least from my vantage point, I read NHS horror stories about once a week. The worst I ever remember is that a circa 12-year old boy died because the NHS facility he was in wouldn’t give him any water (he died of dehydration). The boy called the cops from his bedside phone, but the NHS doctors and nurses blocked the cops from doing anything.

          • brengunn

            The Daily Mail hate the NHS and see it as their mission to demonize it when ever it has the chance. The NHS is huge, if there weren’t problems it would be a miracle. Things do go wrong, mistakes are made but on the whole it is a superior form of healthcare. Certainly superior for your average middle class man in the street.

          • Daisy

            Michael Moore’s movie (I know, people, instead of being named Sicko it should have been called Fatso) featured a story of a woman’s daughter who died leaving the ER waiting room with a high fever after she was denied care for having no insurance.

          • “Mistakes are made”

            Not giving a 12-year old patient water isn’t a mistake, it’s practically homicide, and in this case, it was. BTW, the doctors and nurses in that matter were Indian (dot, not feather), so I think it was a sub rosa racial hate crime.

          • brengunn

            I don’t know about that case but I’d first question the veracity of the report, before I believed it. If it did happen in the way you describe, then it should have meant they were struck off immediately and criminal charges brought against them.

          • convairXF92

            There was also an NHS case of a premature baby being left to die because it was born 3 days before the NHS cutoff age for treating preemies. No amount of pleading by the parents could help. The doctors could do no more to delay its birth.

            A friend of mine who went to grad school in Canada had stomach symptoms that could have indicated gastric cancer. He was put on a waiting list for tests and had to wait months.

          • Veritas_lux_mea

            I meant that the treatment given by our healthcare system is the highest quality. I should have specified.

          • Figure out what side of the fence you are on.

      • StillModerated

        As someone wrote here the other day, they’ve turned a safety net into a hammock.

        In that case I recommend switching out the net for excrement-smeared punji sticks!

    • concernedcollegekid

      Black people may have gotten screwed over in terms of hair manageability and texture but at least they definitely look the best bald out of any race, and that goes for both genders.

  • splitsing

    What is it with the Leftist / Diversity / PC crowd? They try to force us all to participate in their sick fantasies.

    Just look at the “transgender” folks that are fighting to get into restrooms of the opposite sex and suing any and everything to get “equal rights.” Why do I have to partake in their perverted fantasy? I refuse.

    Same goes for ethnic hair. Just like the nappy headed bantu that works down the hall. One day she comes in with dreadlocks down to her bum and another day with a Dolly Parton blond wig. It’s pathetic. Why should I have to tell this zulu that her weave looks pretty? I refuse.

  • jay11

    “Walton now confidently boasts a lush, natural texture….”

    Note descriptive words.

    They always blame white people, specifically white women, for somehow giving blacks an inferiority complex about heir hair and looks. Stupid white liberals bought into this boo hoo story lock, stock and barrel. The infamous Barbie experiment only cemented this erroneous view.

    In years past when it was 90% white in America and 10% black, indian and some mestizos, of course white culture would set ‘the norm.’ China is currently about 90% Chinese, so of course they set the tone there and non-Chinese minorities feel they must conform on some level. This is majority/minority dynamism at work.

    To say that black women feel low because white men (the real meaning of mainstream society in this case) do not find them attractive is ludicrous. It has been black men for many decades who have decided to move towards long hair, slimmer body types, etc. If you go a step further, for those hair activists who blame white imagery in society, don’t latino an Asian women also have straight hair, finer features and lighter skin?

    I know of neighborhoods where only non-whites live, and you will have a black section over here, an Asian section over there and a latino section on the side. There is nearly no presence of whites at all now in those places. Lots of black kids grow up never seeing a white person outside of TV or some of their teachers. No interaction at all on personal level. How can they blame whitey endlessly when whitey don’t come ’round no mo’?

  • There was a black janitor in the building I used to work who ….


    I almost couldn’t handle seeing. About a year ago he gave up and became a shaver.

    • This comment disappeared and then came back ……

  • jay11

    The other day I had to visit a city agency for some paperwork. I saw more black women in that place than I have seen together in a long, long time. I felt like there was some kind of a special gov’t program for black females or something. 20 black women in on dept. How did hat happen? One of them had dreadlocks, but every other one of them, and I am not making this up, had that no hair black woman look. You know the kind where they have their hair really short to the point of being a thin sheen of hair. They were all like clones of each other.

    • Xerxes22

      Whenever you see a women of any race with very short hair it usually means they are lesbian. They are trying to look like men.

      • Daisy

        With black women it’s more of a way to deal with their african hair as opposed to a lesbian thing. With most short haired lesbians, it’s just an indifference to conforming to a heterosexual norm of beauty. Also, there are plenty of straight women with short hair.

      • convairXF92

        Careful here–it could also mean the woman is recovering from chemotherapy.

        • Xerxes22

          No. I did not mean to include cancer patients in my statement. I mean those women who deliberately choose a short hair style like Janet Napolitano, Elena Kagen and Janet Reno.

          • Djangotamer

            Ah-I believe you’re referring to the Bulldyke Brigade. Three of the straight up ugliest “women” on the planet! Is Shrillary a member as well?

          • Xerxes22

            No. She is straight. That Gay rumour was started by Dick Morris. I don’t believe anything he says.

  • 1776is1984

    the answer….pure jealously of our White women. nuff said.

  • I forget what it feels like to have hair.
    My brother in law told me, “You’d be pissed off too if you were born with pubic hair on your head.”
    I know! I’m a bad boy.

  • Digitoxin

    The superficial and dumb are strong in this one.

  • frederickdixon

    I don’t see anything wrong with natural African hair; that “nappy” look is fine on black people, because it is what is natural for that sub-species. What looks wrong is when they try to look white, just as it’s wrong when whites try to imitate black looks and fashions.

  • There was a black janitor in the building I used to work in that colored his receding hairline with a permanent magic marker, like 1/3 of his head. The first time I saw it I had to look away as it was so comical. He became a shaver about a year ago.

    • jane johnson

      I used to ride the bus with a black woman who actually had a hairline tattoo. It looked really strange.

      • They do them “weaves” and all the hair starts falling out eventually.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        You mean like this?


    • IstvanIN

      I saw a black male at the Philadelphia Auto Show several years ago who had obviously used magic-maker to draw in his hair. Completely bizarre. It was difficult to stop starring.

      • josh

        You stare too long at a black male ,he gonna get the wrong idea! You may have an unwanted friend!

        • IstvanIN

          That is a good point. Of course I tried to be subtle, as I was nudging my buddy to “get a load of that”.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    “He said, ‘This isn’t healthy. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you need to step back and assess this. You’re pretty, and I want you to feel pretty no matter what the condition of your hair is,’ ” Walton recalled. “And he was right.

    Th writer is trying mightily to make this into a black aggrandizing article, but no matter how she spins this, blacks come out of this whole thing far from smelling like a rose. It reveals the subject (and by extension, all black women) to be obsessed almost to the point of psychosis about their hair. Not a pretty picture!

    • StillModerated

      You’re quite right. When blacks treat their ‘fros to make them “good,” they usually smell like pee.

  • Unperson

    Enjoyers of irony will note the authoress of this insightful and essential piece of contemporary journalism is one Breeanna Hare. I’m no expert on “good” vs. “bad” black hair, so I don’t know which Hare’s own hair is. You decide:

    BTW, some of us are old enough to remember when black people first started making the argument that the Chia Pets that naturally sprout on their heads should not be permed, marcelled or conked into Caucasian-ness, but rather should be allowed to grow wild and free like the fervent foliage of Mother Africa. This was in the 1960s, and that new/old hairstyle was of course called “the Afro.” So all’s we really have here with Hare is the Afro, Redux.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Walton has been lending that helping hand on ‘Better Than Good Hair: The Curly Girl Guide to Healthy, Gorgeous, Natural Hair.’

    Trying, trying, trying….nope…I JUST DON’T CARE!!


  • honest-to-goodnessracemixer

    I date a black woman. It too a loonnnngg time, but I actually prefer kinky hair now. I prefer even that. Um, don’t tell her, though. lol, she might think I’m dating her for her kinky hair and that would be the end of it. girls just don’t like pervs of any kind.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I just don’t care for women with pubes on their head. Personal choice.

  • potato78

    I’m a naturally blonde Asian and my hair isn’t thick but very very
    soft. I remember the schools I went to were mostly white people and they
    were so fascinated at how soft my hair was, and I grow about an inch
    every month which is very fast but the ends are very prone to breakage

    You missed à fact : asian hair is the best

  • potato78

    There are many reasons why you might want to look Asian: maybe you’re
    playing an Asian person in a school play, maybe you’re going to an anime
    convention and want to look like a certain character, maybe you’re
    dressing up for a costume party or for Halloween, or maybe you just want
    to change your appearance for fun, or to disguise your appearance to
    evade the law. In any case, this article will allow you to (sort of) go
    from looking White to looking Asian, without much fuss or money needed.,-Convention,-Etc.%29

  • refocus

    When Oprah gave the key note graduation address at an uppity white girl university a few years ago… she would up talking about her hair !

  • Todd

    Live and Learn!
    I never realized they considered that nasty, stinking mess on the top of their peanut heads, HAIR.

  • [Guest]

    >>>…journey to hair acceptance…

    White people are inclined to build civilizations. Sadly, we’re also inclined to bring in outsiders who, with the proper training and special considerations, produce paeans to nappy hair.

  • generalquagmyer

    Anyone who cares to know why blacks will never stop hating and envying us need look no farther than the topic of “black hair.”

  • Daniele Dubroca

    “m a naturally blonde Asian and my hair isn’t thick but very very soft.” A naturally blonde Asian? Huh? You mean you are Asian/European? Because if you are a “naturally blonde” Asian, you should be on youtube along with the blue-eyed, rather dark, obviously photo-shopped black baby who gets millions of hits. I did see a blue-eyed Chinese boy on youtube, and he was for real as they interviewed people around him and filmed him among other kids in his village. So I knew it wasn’t photoshop. Nor did he look mixed. So it happens.

    Actually Asian hair, as in Chinese or Japanese, is not the ” best”, if by that you mean coveted. It’s too coarse and flat. Needs a lot of deep conditioning and oiling. It is very straight though, and I happen to like that feature. Wig makers most prefer Indian (South Asian) hair as the best, being a sort of cross between Mongoloid Asian and Caucasian. It is quite strong and has some wave.

    My personal greatest admiration has always been for Italian hair. I never saw such beautiful hair as there, whether blonde, brown, red or dark–no split ends., glossy with highlights. That’s the beauty of European hair–the gloss and way it catches the light. No other hair does that. It is, however, prone to falling out in males and turning gray rather early in both sexes.

  • Tired

    It still reminds me of when I was on a bus (big mistake) going home fro my classes when a horde of African youth came aboard. Naturally they caused chaos. I kept my sister secure away from the horde and I sat in the aisle seat. Now, both my sister and I, being European Americans have inherited the straight to wavy hair that one finds in our race. I cannot forget the remarks of the negro girls who sat behind us.

    “Look at dem’ with that white people haairr”

    “Thinkin’ isss all dat”

    There is such a ridiculous level of jealousy among blacks. It is even more pathetic when they mimic European features. I went grocery shopping the other day and came across a group of black girls with straightened bleached yellow hair. It looked ridiculous.

    The nappy hair found in the African race is not found desirable by many, but what I do not understand is when the very members of that race do not find it attractive on each other. I don’t find kinky hair attractive, but I don’t find ostrich feathers particularly erotic either.

  • Cesare

    “But when that style fell flat and the frizz began to appear, “I would
    become an introvert; I didn’t want to do anything,” she said.”

    “And he was right. My hair was running my life. My confidence was in

    flux with my hair.”

    Goes to show the usual black self-absorption. We have an ongoing economic

    crisis, war without end, and politicians chipping away at constitutional

    rights. But in the end that doesn’t matter, no, none of it matters, only this morons

    stupid hair. How the ignorant 13 % of our population really are in bliss.

  • josh

    I am disturbed by the nasty attitude towrads black females re their hair,and their african features too,for that matter. Some posters sniff,with pride, that black women are jealous of white women. I think it would be much more advantageous for our race if black MALES envied us white males. We are in a subordinate position in our own society.

  • Gereng

    Black and nappy is the New Negro look for the 21st century. In South Africa female negroes
    bleach their skin in a frequently painful and dangerous effort to look white. They can’t make up their tiny minds about what they want to be called, by non blacks; they don’t like their own color, nor their hair. They wanted integration, and now they have it, they want to stay in their “hoods”. They wanted to go to our schools and when we allowed them in, they set about destroying them and have the lowest graduation rates of any race.

  • Whirlwinder

    White womens straight hair is all the rage with black women now. Moochelle’s hair probably cost 25,000 and the do lasts about 3 months. The hair salons just glue straignt hair onto the black hair and when it grows out it really looks nasty.

  • [Guest]

    It looks as if the “natural hair” movement is growing out of control, just like the hair itself.

    “Girl says Florida school threatening expulsion over her ‘natural hair’”

    A Florida school told a 12-year-old African-American girl that she either does something with her hair or should start looking for a new school, WKMG reported.

  • [Guest]

    It looks as if the “natural hair” movement is growing out of control, just like the hair itself.

    “Girl says Florida school threatening expulsion over her ‘natural hair’”

    A Florida school told a 12-year-old African-American girl that she either does something with her hair or should start looking for a new school, WKMG reported.