The Obama administration reversed itself Thursday, acknowledging to Congress that it had, in fact, released more than 2,000 illegal immigrants from immigration jails due to budget constraints during three weeks in February.

The director of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, John Morton, said his agency had released 2,228 illegal immigrants during that period for what he called “solely budgetary reasons.” The figure was significantly higher than the “few hundred” immigrants the Obama administration had publicly acknowledged were released under the budget-savings process. {snip}

Morton told lawmakers Thursday that the decision to release the immigrants was not discussed in advance with political appointees, including those in the White House or Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. He said the pending automatic cuts known as sequestration was “driving in the background.”

“We were trying to live within the budget that Congress had provided us,” Morton told lawmakers. “This was not a White House call. I take full responsibility.”

The Associated Press, citing internal budget documents, reported exclusively on March 1 that the administration had released more than 2,000 illegal immigrants since Feb. 15 and planned to release 3,000 more in March due to looming budget cuts, but Napolitano said days later that the AP’s report was “not really accurate” and that the story had developed “its own mythology.”

“Several hundred are related to sequester, but it wasn’t thousands,” Napolitano said March 4 at a Politico-sponsored event.

On March 5, the House Judiciary Committee publicly released an internal ICE document that it said described the agency’s plans to release thousands of illegal immigrants before March 31. The document was among those reviewed by the AP for its story days earlier.


Morton said Thursday that among the immigrants released were 10 people considered the highest level of offender. Morton said that although that category of offender can include people convicted of aggravated felonies, many of the people released were facing financial crimes. Four of the most serious offenders have been put back in detention. Other people released include immigrants who had faced multiple drunken driving offenses, misdemeanor crimes and traffic offenses, Morton said.


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  • YT

    it’s all politics and graft, all the time with these monsters, and if they can hurt the country at the same time, hey? what’s not to like……..
    luv, axelrod and the gang

  • Grim

    As someone trapped behind enemy lines here in SoCal, I have to warn all of you north and east of where I am at that you have not seen anything yet. The illegals are pouring in and no one and nothing is stopping them. they are low bottom Amerindians who are thoroughly indoctrinated with revolutionary Marxism.

    Be warned.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The way I look at it is that we in Southern California already live in Brazil. We have our gleaming Whitopias that are surrounded by a sea of hostile, brown, third world invaders. In a few years time I predict that we will start to see Mexican levels of cartel violence in Chula Vista, San Diego and LA.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        “The way I look at it is that we in Southern California already live in Brazil.”


        Michael Barone in National Review agrees. Referring to the 2010 Census, Barone writes:

        “Coastal California . . . has had a vast inflow of immigrants . . . Metro Los Angeles and San Francisco increasingly resemble Mexico City and São Paulo, with a large affluent upper class, a vast proletariat, and a huge income gap in between.”

        He adds:

        “High housing costs [in areas with decent schools] . . . have made modest homes unaffordable to middle-class families who don’t want to live in Spanish-speaking neighborhoods or commute 50 miles to work. ” (March, 2011)

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          High housing costs are the White (and other) liberal’s way of enforcing residential segregation without saying anything racial. Poor Whites of course are thrown to the wolves, and/or strongly encouraged to flee. One of the cool things about Google Maps Street View is you can drive around and look at the neighborhoods without having to go there, and I must say, there appear to be more middle class Whites in Los Angeles than I expected from just looking at the Mexican-infested major streets. There are still pockets of actual Americans. Why they tolerate the absolute dysfunction of the city and its liberal fascism, its creeping cancerous black and mestizo neighborhoods, the racial spoils system, etc. is perhaps a testament to how Whites cannot even let themselves THINK about their own interests. They are living on tiny islands among quicksand.

          • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

            “Poor Whites of course are thrown to the wolves…”

            So it’s been since SWANN V. CHARLOTTE-MECKLENBURG BOARD OF EDUCATION (1971), the decision that launched a three-decade ethnic cleansing of America’s cities by forcing racial balance busing on the whites too poor to escape the ravages of the leftist social engineers in the courts, the media and academia.

          • Ella

            Our top elementary school this year has busing from other poorer, overcrowded schools within the district. You’ve got to recruit your non-speaking White students to get your Fed monies as part of the budget. (We’ve got higher property taxes-no cut here.) Now we’re forced to move or pay for private edu. Each day it’s getting worse in the burbs. Home school is an option too.

          • MikeofAges

            High housing costs also are the white elite’s way of forcing poor whites into a multiracial underclass. Eliminating without eliminating. I wonder how you say that in German? It would sound pretty cool, I’ll bet. Right up there with “life not worthy of life.”

        • MikeofAges

          Terminal demographic condition. Borrow my words, please. That’s why I put them in print.

      • Joseph

        “…I predict that we will start to see Mexican levels of cartel violence in Chula Vista, San Diego and LA.”

        -And the first response from our millionaire socialist rulers (after blame shifting to middle-class whites) will be to further disarm the peaceable population.

      • Ella

        Are the Mexican cartels really there or just a few “contacts?” Well maybe they fight it out with the Chinese Mafia then.

    • alex jones

      alex jones just made a yt video on exactly that he says billboards are up urging latinos to rise up violently. the vid is called

      The Race Based Liberation Theology

      • So CAL Snowman

        alex jones is a turd in the punchbowl

      • The NRA, which historically suffers from the same sort of race denying or racial revisionist idiocy as Alex Jones, also seems to be semi-waking up. They almost go there with this video:

        • somebody

          I am sure that Alex Jones knows the score when it comes to the reality of race in this country. I doubt he would ever come out and admit it though, just like anyone else who is generally well known and in the spotlight so to speak.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      You aren’t kidding about the mestizos steeped in Marxism. I used to work at a place that had an area reserved for “free to the public” papers like the LA Weekly, and two stacks were Revolutionary Communist Party rags, one in English, one in Spanish. The English ones were never taken, while the Spanish ones flew out of there like lettuce through a goose.

    • saxonsun

      I live in NYC–this infestation is all over this area and in upstate NY.

    • Ella

      Sadly when people wake up to “save their country,” it’s usually too late to reverse the damage done to its citizens. The East/West coasters are mostly Libs who don’t get it. There is such a thing as “self-hatred.”

  • Rational Being

    If it were possible to assimilate everyone who is currently here, there would still be no reason to allow illegal aliens who have already been apprehended to be released. At the minimum, they should be sent to the border with Mexico (if they are from Mexico or Central or Central America, as most of them are) and told to find their way south from there — at the point of a gun, if necessary.

    The problem with the Obama Administration is that their priorities are essentially private, not public. Public interest requires impartial enforcement of the law. Letting illegal aliens go free is essentially the enforcement of a private interest in a larger number of minorities within the body politic. Nor is this Administration the only one that is culpable, as the previous one was also uninterested in enforcing our border laws.

    When it comes to illegal aliens, the choice between major parties is bad, or worse. This matter is tantamount to a failure of our entire political system, to the downfall of this Republic and our posterity as a White civilization.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      More on the “failure of our entire political system”:

      “The collective death-wish that seized the European-derived civilizations sometime in the second half of the 20th century has hardened from mere wish to near-fanatical determination. The dogma of utopian egalitarianism, that has been used to justify the opening of white nations . . . to mass immigration from regions with very different civilizational attainment, or none, waxes stronger by the hour.” (John Derbyshire)

  • IstvanIN

    “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    So, has the President violated his oath or hasn’t he?

    • The__Bobster

      The Usurper certainly isn’t defending the country.

    • somebody

      Maybe he had his fingers crossed?

  • bigone4u

    What Barack and the Mooch spend on their vacations could have kept the alien invaders locked up for another few months, or better yet, paid to send them back to Mexico. The release is just another passive-aggressive move by a seething black man looking to pay back whitey for all the imaginary wrongs done to him. Barack and the Mooch need to see a shrink. Pronto.

    • high yellow

      because he is light-skinned he was never accepted by whites and he feels like blacks don’t accept him either. all the light-skinned blacks are the most bitter and hateful because they feel shame and self-hate so they project.

    • Nancy Thomas

      You nailed it. The Emperor is like a petulant child.

    • MikeofAges

      Interesting too, that if the objective merely was to reduce incarceration costs, federal prisoners near the end of their sentences could have been released early, or those with excessive sentences could have had their sentences reduced. Don’t let the subject get changed on you.

    • Xerxes22

      It is his handlers who call the shots and make the decisions. You don’t think that Obama really runs the country do you? He is just the front man, made to look good, gives a nice speech before a teleprompter in which he says absolutely nothing.The msm sees that he gets only the best coverage and his his enemies are demonized. Obama makes no major decisions on his own.

      • bigone4u

        You may be right that he’s a figurehead, but I suspect his handlers indulge him in his stupidity once in a while to keep him happy. In fact, I suspect they curry favor with him by coming up with ideas like this release of illegals.

      • Joseph

        Not only this, but as I was pondering the ongoing degradation the other day, I can foresee how, for the rest of my life, after this cocky fraud is gone the legend will rise to an apotheosis like MLK and we’ll hear incessantly about this god-man who changed America forever and saved her from the scourge of war, racism and economic turmoil in her darkest hour (pun sort-of intended).

        He will certainly be portrayed as one of the greatest humans who ever lived. Since he has no verifiable history they can just continue to build it as they go. Kids reading text books (assuming that they can read) in the future will be inundated by the unequaled contributions by this great and humble black man.

        Gawd, it is sickening to consider the future, given the present.

        • bigone4u

          I understand and sympathize with where you’re coming from. I hold onto the hope that the lefty historians and their nonsense get tossed onto a dung heap as society slowly wakes up. Things do go in cycles and we appear to be at the bottom of a cycle now. It’s darkest before the dawn and all that.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Just a reminder if you were a Reagan Youth..or is it “yuts”..and into Ronnie Reagan worshipping…you voted for this. Moreover, if you brought into the Cold War the Commies!!!! are hiding underneath your bed nonesense…you voted for this. Barack Obama’s father is a creation of the Cold War. He was allowed into America as a foriegn student from Africa as part of a Cold War program to educate and enlighten Africas youth about the wonders and joy of our economic system and way of life..the economic system and way of life where you get to be a violently persecuted racial minority within the borders of “America”. If millions of Native Born White Americans had not fallen for the Cold War propaganda…Barry Hussien’s father would never have been admitted to America, and Barry Obama would not be working as hard as he can to make you and your family a racial minority within the borders of “America”. Some of you were big time fools.

    • George

      Barry’s grandfather was a Mau Mau. His father inseminated a coal burner. That much isn’t a matter of debate.

      You’re conflating the threat posed by Comintern with some of the problems that arose from addressing that threat. Marxism is expansionist; its Cold War goal was to bring the communist system to the entire world. The Soviet Union was actively seeking to destabilise the West and to subvert as many third world nations as possible.

      To counter this threat, there were several approaches. The free world made many deals with the devil to prevent the spread of communism. Our ideals are far more velvet glove than iron fist.

      The theory was that promising natives in Ooga-Booga Land, if instructed in Western ideals in a western society would be inculcated with western values. This would help vaccinate the society in question against marxist encroachment. The Ook-Ook would see at first-hand how a modern, western, industrial society functioned; he would see that even the working class had a standard of living far beyond what was possible for all but the most elite in a communist nation. As a result, the Ook-Ook would, upon return to his native land, resist marxist incursions. He would know, from personal experience, that our system is inherently superior to marxism, as well as whatever Ghandiesque or KuntaKinteist theories that might be floating around back home.

      Barry is a product of both the Chicago Democrat political machine (one of the most corrupt organisations in the nation) and the fascist writings of William Ayers, et al. One can’t blame Reagan for this. One *can* blame the Democrats, who have actively sought to pander to minorities to gain power.

      • wattylersrevolt

        You are just repeating the Cold War Proaganda of the treasonous and degenerate JFK who set into motion the policy of race replacement of the Native Born White American Majority. The Cold War is inseparable from post-1965 race-replacement policy. And it was all embodied in JFK.

        North Korea posed no threat to America. The reason why it ended was because millions of White Americans got sick of the carnage that it inflicted on thousands of teenage White Males. Any further escalation and continuation of the Korean War was unacceptable to the majority White American Population. Which is just another way of saying that they knew the “Commies are comming!!! ” was a lie all along. Same thing happened during the Vietnam war and the Cuban Missle Crisis. The American people deep down inside always knew it was a lie. It was impossible for the Reagan to demonize Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas. This is why the Contra Terrorist War against Nicaragua was a Covert Operation….for which the the Reagan Administration was convicted of war crimes in the World Court for minning Nicarguas harbors.
        The Post WWW 11 Cold Warriors were the number one terrorists in the World. It is no exageration to say that they threatened the very existence of the human species. JFK started the Cuban Misslle Crisis..the human species came within 60 seconds of extinction because of the mania of an oversexed War Criminal. We can thank a lone Russian Submarine Commander for making the decision not to launch nuclear missles at the US in response to massive provocations by the US Navy. Millions of White Americans for a few days in Octobr 1962 knew that the Cold War was shear insanity

        • Bill

          Get lost, Marxist. This is no place for you. While I reject the knee jerk “my country right or wrong” crap, I also even more reject the Marxist crap about the Soviets being peaceable and the cold war was OUR fault, or that Reagan started this immigration crap. Teddy Kennedy started it. Reagan tried to end it, and was dumb enough and honorable enough himself to believe the Demo-liars that it would be the FINAL amnesty. That the Dems would close the borders. I am frankly astounded that a marxist of your bent comes here, but then you guys have been infiltrating governments, media, schools, churches, and boards like this for a very long time.

          • wattylersrevolt

            I’ll give a chance to make an intelligent response..
            Marxism is like really doesn’t mean anything other than “I don’t like your point of view”…and “I’m losing the debate.”
            Ronnie Reagan was a sociopathic corporate whore..and this is who you have a warm spot in your heart for. Facts:Vietnam,North Korea,Cuba, Nicaragua, the FMLM in EL Salvador posed 0 threat to America..none of these nations waged a terrorist war that resulted in the death of thousands of Americans. And fort this “great crime” of aggressiont various Republican and Democatic adminstrations waged a very violent overt and covert wars of aggression agains these nations. Wars of premption are legally considered war crimes against humanity. The Kenyan Foreigner in the White House is waging a pre-emptive war of aggression against Iran..this is most definitely a very serious war crime.
            Ronnie Reagan himself by the time he was elected was a senile fool of a figure head…a senile fool who threatened to inflict very serious destruction on the Nicaraguan Civilian Population during two major 8 o clock national addresses to the Nation. He was nothing to admire and worship. And, I would like to point out the very strong similarities between the Kennedy Administration..race-replacement immigration policy and massive increase in defense spending..two big goverment race-replacement enthusiasts adminstrations. Both were guilty of very serious war crimes and a treasonous race-replacement immigration policy.
            What many of you here need to understand is that Republican-Democratic Party foreign policy is inseparable from Republican-Democratic immigration policy…it is most definitely not a coincidence that the State of Michigan’s muslim population is exploding in size correlates with the Bush1 and 2 invasions of Iraq.
            The war criminals from the Ronnie Reagan adminstration are notorious race-replacement enthusiasts…Eliot Abrahms comes to mind..there were many others.

    • mobilebay

      Never heard anyone ask if we wanted to amnesty several million illegals at that time, or ever. Unfortunately, we don’t have a choice on that or many other issues that would get a resounding “NO.”

      • wattylersrevolt

        Don’t give your fellow Native Born White Americans excuses for their racial civic sloth. This is the fundamental issue. They trusted sociopaths..Ronnie Reagan a notorious example of one…who never should have been trusted. Native Born White Americans…for nearly 50 years….have been tuned into only one frequency:jock sniffing sports entertainment. This is why they are being rapidly race-replaced. Same reason 9/11 took place..9/11 was completely avoidable…9/11 didn’t happen because we didn’t pre-emptively slaughter thousands of Iraqi,Iranian, and Afgahni Civilians…as Peter Galliet would have us believe. This is the Big Lie of the spoiled WASP Sociopath Jorge Bush…that we have to go there….or they will come here and slaughter us. Nothing has changed since 9/11..same stupidity..same racial civic sloth.
        All nonwhite legal immigration should have been shutdown completly after WW2. If this had been done..Barack Obama would not be president of the US. This is why 100 percent of the comments in the thread about the H1-B visa program last week were 100 percent foolish:0 supersmart asians should have been allowed in post-WWW2..the scientific intellectal elite of asia agitated sucessfully with their wealth for our race-replacement…and absoute fact. This is why the US is being flooded with millions of high fertility asians in 2013.
        Unfortunately, many of you here have a long way to go in terms of your debating skills…you folks need to g through the learning curve a lot faster.

  • The__Bobster

    Once the secret liberation initiative hit the news, the word clearly spread like wildfire south of the border. In fact the world’s largest Spanish-language network—extremely popular throughout Latin America— interviewed one of the freed illegal immigrants, a man named Manuel who expressed shock that he was let go from Polk Detention Center in Texas. In the segment Manuel admits that many of the “muchachos” (young men) released from his facility have criminal records and all were in disbelief that they were let go.

  • Bill

    Ten highest level offenders released by Obama out of spite? I bet it’s more than that. We would have impeached this mulatto pretender long ago if the treasonous Senate wasn’t filled with Demorats and manchurian candidate republicans.

  • NYB

    Rubbing the nationalist’s noses in diversity.
    Played as one would expect from the vindictive left. They’d burn down the whole country to spite their adversaries.

    • libertarian 1234

      This community organizer has never stepped out of community organizing mode.

      He’s so childish he’s determined to show the GOP what a mistake they made for not roiling back the cuts in the sequester.

      He’s a disgrace as a president.

  • dd121

    He is willfully not upholding his oath of office. Why aren’t the gutless republicans at least TALKING of impeachment?

    • White Mom

      The Republicans and Democrats are on the elitist team to subvert Middle Class America. Poor or middle class whites have to live near these turds. The elites do not so they don’t care, until they get killed by an angy third worlder.

    • Xerxes22

      Remember when House Republicans were talking about impeaching Holder over “Fast and Furious”. Whatever happened to that idea?

  • Jim Bob Lassiter

    This guy here was recently released under no pretenses of budget sequestration issues:

    How did this happen? It just so happens that this cretin wetback (with multiple encounters with law enforcement/courts in at least three states) is on Thomas Perez’s DOJ Civil Rights Division witness list to testify against Alamance County, NC Sheriff Terry Johnson in a Jihad witch hunt case in which the DOJ CRD alleges that Johnson has engaged in racial profiling and abusive law enforcement practices against Latinos in Alamance County.

    Marty Rosenbluth, Esq. (AKA Pee Wee Herman) of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice convinced ICE Administrative Magistrates in an Immigration Court filing to release from a Georgia deportation detention center a cretin wetback with a long criminal record and recently accused of DWI and subsequently of a felony child sex crime involving his 7-9 year old step-daughter under the rubric that he was a star DOJ witness against the Sheriff.

  • Felix_M

    If we didn’t have to spend so much money on benefits for illegal aliens and their illegitimate anchor babies, we’d have enough to pay to keep the dangerous ones locked up…and on top of it, we’d probably have enough to provide our military personnel with tuition assistance and body armor.

    • George

      If they weren’t in the country in the first place, what the American citizenry has to spend on them would be completely moot.

      Canadian law sets out that if a person in authority (paid, e.g. teachers, doctors, or volunteer, e.g. hockey coaches, Scout leaders) over children so much as suspects the child is being abused, that person has a legal duty to report the matter to the proper authorities. How is this for an idea: Any person directly or indirectly paid by the taxpayer has a duty to report suspected illegals with whom they come in contact through employment or otherwise to the U.S. Border Patrol or ICE?

      Imagine if every teacher, social worker, cop, hospital floor scrubber, judge, doctor, etc. were required to report the roaches that infest American society. Imagine that the full force of the law was applied to illegals. Imagine if summary judgment could be applied by these organisations to load ’em on a bus and ship ’em back from whence they came.

      Imagine if there were a small monetary reward for other Americans, say, $1,000, to report illegals they know.

      John Lennon was a miscegonating, working class Brit, but he’s right. You can imagine. It’s easy if you try. So what can we do to get the relevant legislation passed?

    • mobilebay

      You’re right, Felix – taxpayers are forced to ante up over one hundred billion for the upkeep of people who broke into this country. We’d surely save that if Washington wasn’t determined to change this country. We also need to keep the money we send to foreign nations who hate us (or any, for that matter) and last, but not least, how about the billions that our government wastes and the fraud that takes place in all areas? The national debt would certainly be lowered if these three areas were addressed.

  • impeach the WH mutt treasonist

    Impeach the POS in the WH and his media whore wife who cant get enough of the spotlight like all the rest of them who way over do everything unable to understand what a low IQ race they are. This was an intentional act to harm American legal citizens and now he is secretly ordering ammo firearms to be halted or maybe buying it up.

  • mike

    We certainly can believe dumb as a fence post and just as homely, Janet Napolitano.

  • Ella

    Hmmm….the released criminals will just add more DUI fatalities on the road killing innocent Americans, around 5000 per year. There was no gun involved but a car. I don’t know when and how we’re going to force this joke govt to do its job. Voting did NOT work for 20 plus yrs—let’s quit dreaming next time will be better.

  • Shattered

    Obama teaching “whitey” a lesson for not supporting his amnesty and government handout programs.

  • But of course o’bungho will refuse to repatriate them to their former $hit holes. He has it in for white people’s, just like the zionists who put him in power.