Fatter FDNY Recruits Failing

Brad Hamilton, New York Post, March 3, 2013

They’re New York’s Fattest.

The Fire Department’s new class of recruits—all current city EMTs or paramedics who want to become firefighters—are flaming out fast, failing the Fire Academy in record numbers, according to FDNY sources.

As many as 30 of the 318 probationary trainees—who are older, weaker and fatter than those in previous years—have already quit, and more are expected to drop out before their 18-week course on Randalls Island concludes in May, the sources said.

During the first week of the academy, 166 of the probies flunked the physical-fitness test—which requires four pull-ups, 30 push-ups in one minute, 30 sit-ups in one minute and a 1.5-mile run in 12 minutes.

Recruits are required to pass the physical-fitness test in order to graduate.

“There are a lot of people saying this is the worst FDNY class in the department’s history,” said a source.

The oversized and under-performing candidates will be given remedial physical training. They’ll also catch a break on the running requirements, according to one high-ranking FDNY insider.

“They’re allowing them to do it in 13 or 14 minutes,” he said.

The Academy class, the first in the FDNY since 2008, was formed after a federal judge forced the department to become more racially diverse, finding that its recruitment practices discriminated against minorities.

So FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano excluded applicants from the general population for this Academy class, limiting the pool to medics, whose ranks include a higher percentage of minorities than is found in firehouses.

This year’s class is the most diverse ever—42 percent are black, Hispanic or Asian, and six are women.

But they were rated only on a written exam. In years past, applicants had to score high on both a written and a physical test.


So instead of plucking the cream of the EMT crop, the department “had to keep going farther down the list,” a source said.

“On the open exam for the general public, only candidates who score a 97 are likely to be called,” said the source. “But because so many of this class flunked their StairMaster, [scores] went as low as 72.”



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  • YT

    ohhhhhhhhhh………. they’re so diverse and so cute…..

    just pass ’em all…………..


  • Triarius

    The mantra of the left: just because they are unqualified and could not do the job otherwise, regardless of race does not mean that we shouldn’t hire them.

    Keep your rainbow FD, ask SA and Rhodesia. I can’t wait for secession and war.

    • Snarky McGurk

      Damn right.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      But being white, competent, and able to do the job is more than enough reason NOT to hire them.

  • Rational Being

    No test of physical suitability? When will the National Basketball Association follow suit? Or is the pursuit of sports entertainment more important than the saving of lives?

    • Tom Iron

      For the most part, I’ve never been impressed with black physical fitness. But if you add ability to think fast on the move, they fall way behind standards.

      • alex

        Unless it’s inflicting great bodily harm/shooting/stabbing when victim is old and/or outnumbered.

  • Gee, I thought these blacks were superior “afawetes.”

    • Jss

      Exactly what I was thinking. You mean this whole time the t.v. studios and Hollywood were lying about how tough, buff and macho diversity is? Ends up not only are they not as smart they are actually not even in that great a shape either. That in fact, White privilege is in better physical shape then diversity. I’m sure being in shape will be declared racist and the physical test requirements done away with.

      I have mentioned this before but it’s so depressing how Orwellian this country is. Diversity is our greatest strength, yet this test is proving diversity is in fact physically weaker then White privilege and the physical thing is supposed to be where we accept with out hesitation that us Whites are inferior.

      I hope that this is something that the legitimate non MSM keeps exposing. Whites need to see that like everything else diversitys tough image is just a myth. The extra testosterone isn’t enough to make them anything except early into puberty and combined with low IQ a likely rapist.

      • brengunn

        yet this test is proving diversity is in fact physically weaker then
        White privilege and the physical thing is supposed to be where we accept
        with out hesitation that us Whites are inferior.

        No it’s not. 60% of the course were white and besides, even if all the blacks were fat slobs, it’s no proof of white physical superiority. That’s a bigoted, and more importantly, an incorrect point of view.

        It’s clear from objective tests like sprinting, long distance running and just general sports that blacks have an advantage over whites. This should be accepted with grace and then used as a debating point for the inequality of the races. For if physical differences are accepted as true, it will lead to, eventually, an acceptance of different mental capabilities.

        • Jss

          If I’m not mistaken the article is saying this is the most out of shape class ever and the most diverse.
          A coincidence i suppose? Like every other case were diversity means less quality.

          In any case I don’t accept your point of view. You can point to the NBA and I will point to the Marine Force Recon, Army Rangers, Delta Force, SEAL team 6, SAS, etc. Not mention in Pro sports I think the NHL is the most over all physically brutal.

          We will just have to agree to disagree.

          • brengunn

            If I’m not mistaken the article is saying this is the most out of shape class ever and the most diverse.

            Yes, but that says nothing of overall, physical superiority/inferiority of the races. It’s not even specific about who was unfit, just that the class was. It cold have been a class full of fat Chinese men or asthmatic Jews, we just don’t know.

            A coincidence i suppose? Like every other case were diversity means less quality.

            No, not a coincidence. It means the bar is being lowered and consequently there is a much higher failure rate amongst ‘diversity’ classes.This is the fault of the people who force quotas. They don’t care if the minority is a little too dumb or a little too heavy, they need to get the job.

            Of course, there are sports where whites are dominant. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. If ten white kids play the sport, for every black kid who plays, whites will naturally dominate.

            That is why sprinting and long distance running are such good measures for physical ability, every child naturally tries them during childhood, there is no specialist ability required, you just run. A (white) kid’s aptitude would be noticed and encouraged, but blacks still rise to the top.

            Look at countries where there are hardly any blacks until the second half of the 20th century. The overall percentage of blacks in European countries was small, yet they came to dominate these sports anyway. If that were reversed, with small white pops. in African countries, I would expect to see white domination in academic fields.

          • Jss

            You are implying that blacks are the macho alphas like on t.v. because they are good runners. Whites can swim better. Whites can climb better. How many blacks mountain climbers are there? How many great black swimmers?

            I’m not saying Whites are superior becaus of physical traits. I’m saying blacks aren’t either.

            As far as this article goes if diversity were as macho and manly like you and the t.v. are implying the physical standards would not be slipping along with the mental. If anything this should be the most fit class based on all the diversity if your assertions about how physically awesome they are is true. It’s not. It’s the opposite. So Ill take from that that inner city diversity is nothing special physically. As I said, we aren’t going to convince each other.

          • Jss

            And I get your point about population samples. I’m just assuming it wasn’t mainly Jews and chinamen applying but your average city dwellers. If it was mainly out of shape whites Jews and china men applying the mental standards wouldn’t have to have been lowered.

            As for diversity and pro sports my opinion is the heavy black presence has a lot to do with politics. Heavily White teams don’t do any worse then the black ones as far as I can tell even though I could be wrong as I don’t follow pro sports much besides hockey.

          • brengunn

            You are implying that blacks are the macho alphas like on t.v. because they are good runners.

            I’m not making them out to be macho alphas. I don’t think group dominance is judged by physical traits. Real human leadership is based on intelligence and bravery, physicality is mostly overrated as a means of control.
            Any acknowledgement of genetic differences is a positive for me, as they can only lead to greater openness about how varied we are as human beings.

            if diversity were as macho and manly like you and the t.v. are implying
            the physical standards would not be slipping along with the mental. inner city diversity is nothing special physically.

            Both ideas aren’t mutually exclusive. Genes are only part of the story. If Usain Bolt ate the diet of a professional buffet eater, I’m sure he wouldn’t win gold medals for fun. The same with black candidates for the FDNY, if they’re addicted to fast food, they won’t pass the test.

            You could make an argument about obesity, impulse control and the role race plays, if any, in both.

          • Jss

            Well I admit I agree with most of your last post. But based on the fact that the only physical thing blacks typically due better then whites in is running and jumping I still would argues they have no special physical dominance. Whites are still typically better competitive swimmers, which is a far better judge of over all fitness then running. Plus whites dominate MMA, strong man, climbing etc.

            So I would still maintain that inate black athletic superiority is a myth. Or rather a genuine “social construct”.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Food is cheap in the United States, and lots of us Yanks are world-class eaters. If I recall correctly, the highest rates of obesity here are not among blacks, but among Mexicans and Pacific Islanders (Polynesians and Samoans).

          • brengunn

            This is where I start believing in segregation. We’ve got to ship all these grossly overweight people to an island somewhere. I just find them offensive to the eye. If I’m having lunch and I see one wheezing past, that’s it, my lunch is ruined. It just brings to mind vats of grease and squelching sounds and rolls of fat. It’s disgusting.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m sympathetic to them, what with all the sweetener packed into processed foods having an addictive effect on their minds but they just disgust me. I hate having to look at them.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Thank you for making me laugh (bubble, bubble, squelch, squelch); I don’t do it often enough, but laughing feels good. At 6′ tall, I weigh 155 pounds, and I’ve never weighed over 170 in my life (Colorado has either the lowest or second-lowest obesity rate in the states, as the mountains here are so beautiful). My best friend from high school 30 years ago is about 300 pounds at 5’11” and a smoker. He looks old enough to be my father, though he’s less than a year older. As a software engineer, he makes $84,000 a year, but I believe he made a bad trade. As valuable as having a solid friendship for 30 years is, what he is doing to himself is heartbreaking. All that extra weight is destroying the connective tissue inside his knees and ankles; he’ll need replacement surgery eventually.

            I was once cynical in the extreme about corn-sweetener causing obesity, but I no longer am. I used to be a “plain vanilla” organic and metallo-organic chemist, so I thought “sugar is sugar”. I was wrong. Hear that everybody? I was wrong. Living organisms are a bit complicated, and different sugars are processed in different ways. In humans, most are absorbed directly through the stomach lining into the bloodstream, where they are regulated by insulin secreted by the pancreas. Corn sweetener is only metabolized in the liver.

          • brengunn

            Corn sweetener is only metabolized in the liver.

            The pressure they put on their livers is similar to alcoholics, the liver just cannot cope.

            These are billion dollar industries which now beget billions of dollars in healthcare costs. Personally, I’m in favour of a ban on the corn sweetener and tighter regulation for all processed foods. I’m not normally prohibitionist when it comes to personal choices like drugs, alcohol and tobacco etc. but these processed foods with corn sweetener are different as people are hardly aware of what they are consuming. It’s sort of like a Trojan horse where the meal is just a vehicle for the nasty stuff.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            My wife and I went shopping with one of the neighbors on Sunday, and Nicholas was looking at canned soup. I told him there’s too much salt in that: twice as much as in Campbell’s, and that is already too high. and had him sit down at the blood-pressure machine outside the pharmacy. His was 158/100. Not very good even at the age of 61. I did 85/45 on the same machine.

            Nick is a slender, fit-looking guy from Thailand. He had no idea until Sunday his blood pressure was high. He looks like an old injun (can I say that here?) and is as sweet as a summer day. He actually tried to warn us of a “Mr. Scott” whom the federal probation folks had told him about. Sayaka started braying like a donkey on laughing gas, and I explained that Mr. Scott was me.

            Most packaged, microwave-ready food is very unhealthy. Look at the sodium content per serving and the suggested number of servings in a can or bag.

          • brengunn

            I rarely eat any tinned soup and even rarer do I eat microwave meals. For one thing, they’re unhealthy but mostly because they’re so bland. My diet mainly consists of dried lentils and beans made into Indian dhals, eaten with Arabic flat breads. I also eat a lot of pasta with chilli/garlic/anchovie/almonds/herbs/extra virgin olive oil. Much cheaper than fast food and much tastier.

            A combination of South Asian and Mediterranean diets. Both regions are known for the health and longevity of their peoples.

          • Jss

            Oh and the article specifies having to wave the run test. Weird since blacks are supposed to be world class runners.

      • Big Daryle

        Blacks are inferior in every way. Everyone with a brain realizes this.

  • Puggg

    During the first week of the academy, 166 of the probies flunked the
    physical-fitness test—which requires four pull-ups, 30 push-ups in one
    minute, 30 sit-ups in one minute and a 1.5-mile run in 12 minutes.

    Those standards seem rather weak for the kind of people who we expect to fight fires and do search and rescue in a city with tall buildings innumerable.

    • StillModerated

      I’m 60 years old, a smoker, have bad knees, and am out-of-shape. I walk the dog for exercise. I can do 4 pull-ups, about 20 push-ups in a minute — 30 in 90 seconds, 25 sit-ups in a minute, and can easily walk a mile in 12 minutes, the running would leave me gasping, though. Maybe I should apply to NYFD after I get in shape.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        That 1.5 miles (three laps around a flat track) in 12 minutes sounds more like a brisk walk to me: 220 yards per minute.

        Stop smoking; it’s expensive and unhealthy.

        The reason for strength standards for firefighters is because their equipment tends to be a bit heavy. When my neighbor set a pot of cooking oil on fire on her rangetop, and the CSFD arrived (by then I had already carried the pot outside and covered it), they were a bunch of pretty big guys. They also looked ex-military. My only suprise was that they were all white or Korean – none of this nonsense about hiring Incompetoids.

        Puggg’s comment about tall buildings is an important one; rather than be stuck in an elevator when the power goes out during a disaster, firefighters use the stairs. In an office high-rise, that’s a lot of stairs. Wearing protective clothing and a Scott airpack, it sounds like a bit of work.

        My suspicion is that the fitness test in NYC is already too easy, but the pressure will soon be on to make it even less demanding, for the sake of “inclusiveness”. After all, some folks think we have fire departments to provide paid daycare for certain ethnic bloc voters, rather than for extinguishing fires.

      • Michael Harreskov

        SM, Stop smoking and your in like Flynn. Just don’t check “White” on the employment application…..

  • bigone4u

    If Hattie McDaniel of Gone with the Wind Fame was around today, she would qualify: “Glory be Miss Scarlett, I’z gonna be a firefighter. But dat ole runnin and pushin uppins ain’t fo me.”

  • So CAL Snowman

    What’s next , the blind and the deaf suing to become fire fighters and EMTs? I bet a blind, deaf black guy could sue the FDNY for billions.

    • sbuffalonative

      Stop giving these people ideas.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Next you’re going to tell me you disagree with my idea of employing HIV – positive individuals at blood drives and blood transfusion centers.

        • At the Bunny Ranches in Nevada.

    • [Guest]

      >>>I bet a blind, deaf black guy could sue the FDNY for billions.

      If he was a homosexual and had a felony conviction for arson on his record, he’d make chief.

    • Blind doctors: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/7318398/ns/health-health_care/t/blind-medical-student-earns-md/

      I am totally against it and I have been a very part-time employee of a blind retiree for the last 14 years, doing reading and helping him with assistive technology (computer stuff).

  • sbuffalonative

    It’s one of the doctrines of diversity: Thou shall not have objective standards nor should thou expect everyone to conform to any standards.

  • Grim

    We must protect the rights of the gravitationally challenged. If citizens who need help must suffer have to die to protect that freedom, so be it.

  • whiteyyyyy

    Unbelievable, all the negroe’s who can dunk go on to be criminals. The fat retards get to make life harder for White firefighters. Do they ever, even inadvertenly do anything thats useful for White people.

    • MikeS

      Well, the fat retards could burst into flames while “fighting” a fire and with all that excess fat they would burn like a grease fire for weeks. This could qualify as “useful” to White people in the sense that it would be a form of entertainment that would certainly put a smile on my face.

  • guest

    First it’s based on race, now it’s based on being fat. All for the sake of “diversity”.

    With this enforced diversity, so many will suffer. Not just qualified firefighters who can’t be hired because they don’t meet the standards of diversity, but also those who would be in dire need of these services, and the only ones who are sent to help them are those who are unqualified.

  • MekongDelta69

    “…which requires four pull-ups, 30 push-ups in one minute, 30 sit-ups in one minute and a 1.5-mile run in 12 minutes”

    Merit, Schmerit. C’mon – As long as they’re black, brown, yellow, red, women, gay, GBLTQXYZABC, Muslim, etc., etc. – In the words of our recently departed (and not missed) Secretary of State on the Benghazi debacle:



  • The__Bobster


    If the recruits are too fat, they will either flunk out or get fit, if their trainers run them hard enough. But if they’re stupid, they will stay stupid.

    Firefighting involves many tests of both knowlege and intelligence.

    If the question is “which is the safe way out of this building?” and they get the wrong answer, it’s pass/fail. They’re not graded on a curve, you’re alive or they’re dead.

    As one San Francisco fireman wrote:

    An inexperienced black lieutenant quota-hire lost his life because he didn’t recognize the signs of an impending back-draft (explosion). Eight other firefighters had thrown themselves to the floor to avoid the heat that was sure to come (later estimated at 2000 degrees), but the medical examiner’s report said the man had been standing, and had not properly used any of his protective clothing. Shouts from the firefighter bashing in the door to “hit the floor,” along with the eerie calm that precedes a back-draft were wasted on this unfortunate man, who was hired and promoted beyond his abilities. Affirmative-action literally killed him.

    • bigone4u

      At least his incompetence killed ONLY him. Often it kills many.

    • Felix_M

      Or maybe they shouted, “Get down!” and he stood up and began to boogie, instead.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      ” Affirmative-action literally killed him.”

      Good. At least nobody else got killed.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      When I was in grad school the first time, I received a full firefighting and EMT course before I was allowed to supervise undergrads in a chemistry laboratory. There was a lot to learn, and it included being driven to a vacant lot owned by the university to put out real fires. Anyone who failed the tests didn’t get a laboratory teaching assistantship, and that was that. One of my friends finished a state certification for EMT work that winter, just because most ski resorts in Colorado allow EMTs to ski for free.

      Firefighting is not a profession for the dim-witted.

  • I spent 30 years in a big city fire department. Basically, all you need to know to be a good Firefighter is the following: “Water goes into one hole and comes out the other” OR, “Put the wet stuff on the red stuff until the red stuff goes away”.

    Hey, just kidding. However, this could a great affirmative action tool.

    Just thought of something. How about a brain surgeon test…”Put the patient to sleep and cut out the tumor”. Case closed.

  • concernedcollegekid

    “Average-sized body privilege” is a thing, according to some of my Facebook friends who are into the privilege stuff. They say that society is socially constructed to benefit people who aren’t fat in the same way it’s socially constructed to benefit whites. I mean, I don’t think fat people are bad people, but “average-sized body privilege” is inherent, not something that can be eliminated. It’s just easier to engage in human activities when you don’t have lots of excess body fat. It’s an objectively more desirable state.
    I find that all the new kinds of “privilege” leftists are coming up with are getting more and more inherent-seeming, like “literacy privilege” (seriously; not making that one up). This is ironic because if they think that “white privilege” is as concrete and inherent as “average-sized body privilege”, then they have to be race realists… because if that’s the case, then “white privilege” would really have to mean some sort of inherent biological privilege.
    I wonder how long it will take these people to realize this…

  • black 85 iq

    whats funny is when a black or other minority calls 911 this is the crap that will show up, so they just screw themselves, like all blacks do anyway. 85 iq

  • Motive behind mayor’s ban of super-size soda

  • APaige

    It would be better for public safety if minorities were just paid to stay home.

    • StillModerated

      They only want the jobs so they can get access to brass which will be stolen and sold for scrap. This is the future of NYFD.


      Stick with it until the end.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        I just thought up a new show. Instead of the Keystone Cops they should have the Kiambu fire department.

    • AB7

      Or maybe each truck could have a minority on board sort of like the old Dalmatian. Diversity mascot. Maybe some of them could be the chef at the station, that sort of thing.

      • Do you know why fire engines carry male Dalmatians?

        To find the fire hydrants. Therefore, they cannot be replaced by minorities.

  • Big Bill

    It gets worse. Any test an employer uses that has a “disparate impact” on hiring will be challenged and thrown out in court. “Disparate impact” occurs if there is more than a 20% difference in passing between blacks and whites (or women and men, or Hispanics and whites) from a pool of otherwise qualified applicants. If, for example, 50% of whites pass a test and only 30% of blacks pass, then there is disparate impact. Throw the test out and write a new one. The only way to guarantee taht blacks will pass is to make the test so stupid and simple that a first grader can pass it. They now wind up giving qualifying tests that are so stupid that 99% of whites pass and 85% of blacks pass. You might as well not have a test at all.

    • Felix_M

      It gets worse. Any test an employer uses that has a “disparate impact” on hiring will be challenged and thrown out in court.

      When will the DOJ[sic] begin applying the disparate impact test to the NBA? Isn’t high time we see more Asians on the basketball court?

      • Northerner

        Blacks are already pissed off that Jeremy Lin is ballin’. There are probably more Asians trying to get into the NBA, but they likely have to face the same barriers he did.

    • saxonsun

      Now, really! Why should blacks even have to take a test?!

  • StillModerated

    The 6 women will be given clipboard jobs, and that will keep 6 older firefighters climbing ladders and hauling people out of burning buildings. They grunt work will be done by White men (mostly Irish).

    • dukem1

      “Mostly Irish.”
      Ah, my people.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat


        Would you be offended by this advertisement from Craftsmen?

        I got it in an email. It suggests that alcohol is associated with Irish. I wonder what would happen if Craftsmen ran a similar ad with a watermelon during Black history minuter. If you look in the background they show a negro building the box.

        • StillModerated

          What’s the difference between MLK Day and Saint Patrick’s Day?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, just as Saint David is for Wales, St. Andrew for Scotland, St. George for England, and St. Barbara for artillerymen (I’ve been to Artilleryland and didn’t like it. I guess it’s better to give than receive). Martin Luther King, on the other hand was a communist who liked to beat up white prostitutes.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          So what? Fighting is associated with the Scots. And we’re reputed to be skinflints. In my case, both of these are true, so I don’t pretend to be offended. Living inexpensively is how I was able to pay off my mortgage in only eight years, three of which I spent in prison, also because I have no sense of humor at all when it comes to money.

          My ethnic makeup is Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, Cherokee and Tuscarora, and there are commonly-circulated stereotypes about all of those except the Cherokee, whom other Amerinds dislike as being too “white”.

          I would have responded to that email by pointing out precisely your complaints, and in closing, I would have told Sears (the retailer of the Craftsman brand) that in future I would by making my tool purchases from Harbor Freight. That would get someone there riled, because H.F. sells fairly good tools, cheap, cheap, cheap.

      • StillModerated

        I was in Manhattan last weekend, and saw several fire trucks responding to calls. I did not see one black or Puerto Rican face. The Irish flags were on every pair of suspenders. A great bunch of men they were, too. This genertion will not be replaced. They were all aging.

  • joesolargenius

    Have any of you ever seen the photos of the firefighters whom died in 9/11 displayed anywhere , over four hundred and no group photo recognition , did you ever wonder why ? Perhaps it is because the liberals don’t wish to explain why there are no black faces shown at such a memorial , there was one news story which mentioned that the Black firefighters were refusing to help the victims of that so called terrorist attack. I have never heard anyone talk about the brave black firefighters whom gave their lives during that attack , why are there no movies about their heroism on that fateful day ? Affirmative action does not make things better instead it only lowers the standards so that the quality of services are diminished and more costly. I just found out today that a black doctor whom saw me in the ER over a year ago forgot to mention that the MRI they did showed a possible tumor in my brain and now I am experiencing some serious issues with that .

    • Never see a black doctor if possible. They are all AAs.

      • AB7

        With Obamacare you will have no choice.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          With diversity quotas at medical schools, you have no other choice.

          • AB7

            That is not true, you don’t have to use those doctors with private insurance or paying cash, but with Obamacare there will be fewer ways to avoid using the doctors the state selects for you, and they will make sure all of the diversity boxes are checked.

      • whiteuncleruckus

        I would rather go to a physican’s assistant who is White than a diversity “doctor”.

  • dj2

    And we take another step down.

    Things are starting to come to a head. This can only go on so long until the cycle of dysfunction becomes permanent and crippling.

    See this is the thing to understand…even without this nonsense we face alot of problems. Any society has to stay consistently organized and on top of its game in order to function. Even if there was no affirmative action and America was 100% white, there would be alot of problems to tackle.

    But America isn’t even afforded that chance anymore. It’s quite sad.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    They’re New York’s Fattest.

    Well, this is the result of too many 32 oz. sodas!!

    But they were rated only on a written exam. In years past, applicants had to score high on both a written and a physical test.

    Not for long. The physical test will be eliminated or “dumbed down” just like the written exam:

    Blacks and Hispanics scored significantly better on the newly revamped FDNY exam, a shift that could lead to firefighter jobs for a many as 42% of the minority-group test-takers, city officials revealed Tuesday.

    That’s much higher than top-scoring minorities who took the 1999 exam (14%), the 2002 exam (16%) and the 2007 exam (33%).


    Revamped is code word for dumbed down.


  • alesjone

    alex jones story on white armbands

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Slightly off topic, but tangentially close. Could you imagine if we had to fight WWII today! What would be our first priority? Building “Biggest Loser” style camps all over the country to get people into just enough shape to head off to basic? Using head start type programs to get potential recruits up to an 8th grade reading level? Making sure that every chow hall has the calorie count on each plate of SOS listed on easy to read forms? Forget that 15 mile march, we have diversity lectures for you today.

    Do not be surprised if a lot of these recruits end up hurting themselves or killing someone.

    • MikeS

      We could have all the “diversity” soldiers link arms and form “diversity barriers” to stop or rather, slow down, enemy tanks and what not. This way we get the most bang for our buck – we won’t have to spend the time, money and effort to teach them to read or right or do anything other than just stand there.

  • fireman academic tests a joke

    They forgot you dont need a Phd to be a fireman and a GED is all that’s required as far as education. Firemen put out fires using pick axes or climbing ladders using water hoses. Those so called “academic” tests must be a bitch to pass so those blacks not cutting the muster to pass and need help over whitey’s higher grades must sign their names with an X.

    • AB7

      Perhaps the exam could include pictures, for instance, an ax, hose, ladder, and a bucket. Then ask, which of these would be most useful to climb to a second story window?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        It depends on what one is going to do inside the house. The ax makes a lot of sense in some circumstances.

  • Alexandra

    I just can’t help but think of that one line from “Police Academy” where that guy says “they were the right weight, the right height, the right color–and they had johnsons, Lassard!”
    Of course you know that was made to look like a bigoted comment.

    • Michael_C_Scott


      Q: “Where did you get that gun?”

      A: “My mom gave it to me!”

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    So desparate are they to get “diversity”, they’re giving the failures “remedial physical training”.

    Very amusing. That’s almost as stupid-funny as me trying for that (can’t lift 40 pounds, and even having Mr Schwarzenegger training me wouldn’t likely change that. Not fat, usually underweight, actually, that’s just as bad sometimes.)