Hispanics Extend Reach Beyond Enclaves

Miriam Jordan, Wall Street Journal, March 19, 2013

South Americans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans are settling among the existing U.S. population more readily than Mexicans, the nation’s largest Hispanic group, a trend with implications for politics, the economy and other areas of daily life.

In another finding of a study of U.S. Hispanics to be released Wednesday, the number of Hondurans, Guatemalans and others has been growing more rapidly than Mexicans, who still make up six in 10 U.S. Hispanics, since 1990. In all, 50.5 million U.S. residents trace their origin to Spanish-speaking countries.

South Americans, including Argentines and Venezuelans, have the highest levels of education and are the least segregated from other ethnic groups in the U.S., even if they are more recent arrivals, according to the study.

Every group except Mexicans has experienced a substantial decline in residential segregation from whites since 1990, according to the most common measure of segregation, the “dissimilarity index,” which measures the distribution of two groups in a neighborhood and how much one group is over- or under-represented in relation to the other.

“One would have thought that the newer groups, which are faster-growing, would be the ones maintaining boundaries and that Mexicans, with so many second and later generations, would be dispersing,” said John Logan, co-author of the report, “Hispanics in the United States: Not Only Mexicans.”

Instead, “some strong boundaries faced by smaller groups seem to be breaking down over time,” said Mr. Logan. {snip}


“Shared language is important, but it’s also important to be aware that most Mexicans are not immigrants, South Americans have relatively high education and income, and that many of the least-advantaged Hispanics are the rapidly growing number of immigrants from Central America,” Mr. Logan said.


There were nearly 32 million Mexicans in the U.S. in 2010, according to the census. The country also was home to four million Central Americans, triple the number in 1990, and 2.8 million South Americans, including Colombians, Ecuadorians and Brazilians, up from about a million two decades earlier.


The study found that Cubans and South Americans reside in neighborhoods where the median household income and share of those who are college-educated, at 30%, is on a par with neighborhoods inhabited by whites.


Distance from country of origin plays a role. South Americans are less likely to be economic migrants—they often are in the U.S. to further their education or flee unrest—than Mexican and Central Americans, who usually reach the U.S. by land.

“There are lots of poor people in Argentina,” said Jacob Vigdor, a Duke University immigration scholar. “But to get here all the way from the cone of South America, you need to have a certain income level.”

All told, there is a long way to go before Latinos are fully incorporated into mainstream society. “Only South Americans seem to be reaching what I would call modest integration,” said Mr. Logan.

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  • The__Bobster

    Of course Argentines assimilate better than Mestizos. They are primarily Spanish and Italian.

    Venezuelans, OTOH? I haven’t a clue.

    • Habemus Papam.

      This is not a Chicano/Mestizo/Indo.

    • crystalevans

      There are Germans as well who immigrated after WWII.

      • Alexander

        I live in Costa Rica and here it is widely agreed the most beautiful women come from a town in the mountains that was settled by Germans 100 years ago. Most of the people in that town are as white as a person could be. My girlfriend has red hair and green eyes and is about 5’9″ with pale white skin. Most of the town is mixed by now, but you see the huge impact the German settlers had on the genetic makeup of the population

      • Carlos Geary

        German immigration to South America, started before the 1800’s. Irish, scotts and welsh, arrived with the English invasions. They were taken prisioners and after a few days, sent free. Land was free of charge in the unpopulated pampas, so irish, welsh and scotts, instead of returning to GB, settled in South America and send for their families. After the famine, thousands of Irish immigrated to Argentina. A second wave of germans, arrived in South America, after I & II World War. Also, italians and Spaniards.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Hispanics from almost anywhere in Latin America can be racially just about anything. Most of the whites stay down there and run it, have a lot of N. American white and European old and new blood. Some do come, however. Many may have some native blood but if they live and act white, maybe with an accent…you know.

      The problem, as we know, is the VOLUME of overall immigration, including the…not so Castillan elements…

      I want to say to the hordes of Aztlan, “Hey, why did you come here? You came here because here is not there, there being from where you came. Now if only a few of you came…I don’t know Pepe…so what eh? But when so many of you come over here that eventually here becomes there…what’s the point, Pepe?”

      It’s in Pep’s real best interest, politically, to earn his stay by firmly closing the door behind him and keeping it that way. But Pepe has an average IQ of what, 90, Pepe being the browner of the mestizo/mulatto/zambo/whatever Hispanics, again not to be confused with the white Hispanics, who are white. And who are not the problem, in numbers nor in pathologies.

    • Carlos Geary

      Also, german, irish and welsh.

  • crystalevans

    I heard a story once about a Mexican and Cuban who started work as dishwashers. Fifteen years later, the Cuban owns the restaurant and the Mexican is still working as a dishwasher. That should tell you something.

    • Johnny Clay

      In Mexico, there’s a caste system depending on how much European blood one has. The less white blood, the further down the ladder they are. Mestizos spend their whole lives being held down, and if they come to the US and become a dishwasher in a restaurant making better money, they consider that a step up.

      • Bill

        They are held down for a reason. That same “held down” logic has been applied to blacks. There is a reason blacks are essentially unemployable, just as there is a reason mestizos are “held down”. They are uneducated, care nothing for laws, engage in corruption as soon as the opportunity arises, have massive chips on their shoulders, demand others provide for their subsistence, and when they fail, they cry “racism” and complain about being “held down”.

    • Felix_M

      Fifteen years later, the Cuban owns the restaurant and the Mexican is still working as a dishwasher.

      Yes, but I bet he was the head dishwasher. Who says they don’t have ambition?

    • pcmustgo

      I’ve heard stories of Mexican or Central American dishwashers saving up $70,000 and returning to their home country.

  • Scott

    Basically, the rule is, if the (fill in the blank ethnic group) demands a “pride day” parade down 5th Ave, they’re failing.

    • Dave McDermott

      So the gays are failing ? the Irish are failing (St. Patrick’s Day) ?

  • America First

    “All told, there is a long way to go before Latinos are fully incorporated into mainstream society.” Again, just what is a “Latino?” When my daughter commented about the election of a “Latino pope,” I responded , “Yeah, as Latino as we are.” (i.e., 100% European ancestry.) “Latinos,” or whatever the hell these people are, would be naturally and organically incorporated into mainstream society by assimilating like all other immigrants did before them. On the other hand, if they expect special treatment, expect US to speak Spanish, or look for affirmative action, then to hell with them: they can go back.

  • mobilebay

    Is there not another country in the world that might take these people? Are all their countries as vile and corrupt as Mexico? I pray each night that the Rio Grande turns into the Pacific Ocean, but I have a feeling that they would reach us anyway. When does it stop?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      It won’t stop until white liberals stop being the ones calling the shots. They import plenty of minorities who really are an ocean away (Somalis).

      • IstvanIN

        We have Sudanese refugees now in NJ! Sudanese! Ain’t that grand?

        • PesachPatriot

          The irony of this is that sudan is probably safer than camden….why did they import sudanese refugees? Maybe cars in newark weren’t being stolen quickly enough.

          • IstvanIN

            Why do we import any of these creatures? Because “our” government is suicidal.

          • Bill

            Not suicidal. Well, in the end their policies are suicidal for a viable America. But their importation policies are pretty discriminating…..only those likely to vote for a nanny state and more power to that state are invited or allowed to illegally enter and stay. That means, third world. I’m sure there are many Europeans, Russians, and English who would be willing to immigrate here. Fat chance that. No whites allowed. At some point, whites (even the liberal ones) will question why THEY are paying all the taxes, and the blacks and the browns are getting all the bennies. We should be allowing NO immigration from ANY source. We don’t need mestizos to pick our crops or do our services. Get the blacks off their butts to do those things, or cut their social welfare bennies. We have plenty of smart Americans (whites) who can do the science and technology jobs. We don’t need Asians and Hindus doing them for us.

  • dj2

    There are a significant number of people of mostly white (Spanish/Italian), or varying mestizo admixture immigrating to the country from Latin America. They are of course escaping their own failed countries, but the cause of this is a topic for another day.

    Back in residency, the academic departments were being taken over by them. I suspect recruiting white American doctors was getting difficult, or they were being shut out altogether.

    Alot of them are in many ways more cultured than American whites, but I think that’s more an indication of how far America has fallen vs. how good they are.

    And I don’t think at the end of the day they are going to save the country or anything like that.

  • jay11

    I know many south americans who are as white as you and me. Lots of italians, german and other white groups settled there in the last few centuries. They assimilate quickly because they can.

  • zimriel

    If you want to hear trash-talk against Mesoamericans, Chileans and Colombians are where to go.

  • bigone4u

    I once got into an argument with a liberal white professor colleague of mine over the houses that white people buy. He, with Marxist leanings, was highly critical of whites and their surburban “mansions.” (He lived in a tiny little house in a minority neigborhood. That made him feel superior to me and other of his fellow whites.) I explained to him that whites buy expensive houses in gated communities when they can because they want their children to go to a good school and they want to be safe. (He had no children. The idea that children are important to whites was news to him.) He had assumed that whites buy nice houses because they are vile materialists or hedonists. The idea that whites stretch to buy houses in safe neighborhoods had never occurred to this dumb ***.

  • LHathaway

    They travel thousands of miles across the entire Earth and end up in a neighborhood with exactly the same demographics they left. And whites are supposed to feel guilty about ‘segregation’ and housing patterns. Poor white neighborhoods don’t exist. People of color would rather ‘integrate’ a poor white neighborhood than they would a middle or uppermiddleclass neighborhood.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    No surprise there. Most Mexicans are filthy indios, while Argentina is 90% pure European. Argentina or Uruguay actually seem like attractive places to live if the US doesn’t collapse and we’re unable to carve out a homeland.

    • Guest

      I would advise young, conservative, traditional Americans to consider the option of moving and building a new life in Central (Panama or Costa Rica), or South America. Your children will benefit

      • pcmustgo

        Do you advise them to take a Latina wife? I visited Costa Rica recently. Liked it overall, people were nice, but yeah, not nearly as “white” as people claim it is demographics wise. Very much a brown country.

        • Carlos Geary

          You should ask for “german colonies”. I do not know in Costa Rica, but in South America, the “german colonies” are in the interior of the country.

  • Mariner33

    I live in Panama, as an American retiree. It is obvious, for those who know Latin America, that there are differences between the populations. The European descended keep their bloodlines intact in almost all cases. The population of mestizo (mixed), which is usually native Indian, with or without Negro blood, is a distinctly separate population. Black mixtures (mulattoes), depending on countries can be indistinguishable from mestizo depending on country. Of course, there are pure Indians who maintain their traditional and ancient ways.

    For those who come to the USA, there should be two groupings. One is Hispanics, which is a term for those of poor, semi or totally illiterate peasants with a high percentage of mixed blood, very simple with barely the rudiments of education. The other is Latino, the term for those of reasonably educated, IQ within the range of middle class/techical/upwardly mobile Americans. They can be Latin America middle class, those with mixed blood who nonetheless have European values and a self image and background of IQ, ambition, achieved education, and awareness of the world outside of the peon, rural, subsistence level.

    Marco Rubio’s and Ted Cruz’s parents were Latinos. They were not substantially different than those immigrants from Europe in the last century. Why? THEIR VALUES. I worked with engineers from Chile, Brazil, Peru and other countries. Middle class is a state of mind as well as an economic category. I have more in common with middle class anybody in the world than a lower class moocher, no account, shiftless, taker of American or any other nationality.

    In general, middle class Latin Americans are wonderful people. They are family centered, self sufficient, proud, and hard working. Their earnestness and sincerity are very endearing. They eliminate the chaff, noise, and drivel of “experts” on how to live their lives very easily. They have a culture that is faith based. Their children rarely get tattoos, dye their hair purple, or put staples in their ear or have a bone through their nose. They are more inner directed and don’t seek approval from the mainstream sewage overflow culture.

    • PiusAeneas

      Mariner33, thank you for this uplifting script. There is hope!!

      • Mariner33

        I would encourage young, conservative, traditional, and race conscious Americans to seriously consider the option of relocating to Central-Panama or Costa Rica-or South America. Especially if children are involved.

    • America First

      Ted Cruz is one-half Cuban, one quarter each Italian and Irish. Looking at his photos, he looks like a regular white guy to me. He was also born in Canada, for whatever that is worth.

      As to another comment about Dominicans having hostility to American blacks, most Dominicans are themselves at least one-half black. More black than say, most Puerto Ricans, and certainly more than most Cubans.

      • Mariner33

        Again, it’s cultural. A lot of Blacks from TRADITIONAL CULTURES look upon American Blacks as savages and appalling specimens. Recall Mia Love’s Parents’ story. From Haiti, with nothing. Father working 2 jobs, Mother working the max. Even so, they laid down standards, limits, and high expectations. All the 3 children turned out well. Mia’s father told her at her college graduation: “Mia, your Mother and I sacrificed to give you what you needed to succeed. From here on, it’s up to you. YOU WILL NOT BE A BURDEN. YOU WILL GIVE BACK TO THIS COUNTRY”.

        Did all you moochers and excuse makers get that? And by the way, the native language in Haiti is French.

        Regarding Cruz and Rubio: their ancestors are direct descendants of Spanish Iberian immigrants. They are Euro-Latino-Americans.

        • pcmustgo

          Affirmative Action doesn’t hurt… and all immigrants have this extra boost in terms of motivation, including white immigrants.

          No disrespect to Caribbean and African blacks, whom I prefer over American blacks… but there is the issue of them getting affirmative action.

          Rubio is not fully white. A trained eye would pick up those flaring , amer-indian/asiatic cheekbones.

          When you have tons of experience with mixed race people like me, including Latinos, you’d notice that. I’m half jewish, btw.

      • pcmustgo

        yes, but they are in denial about their blackness and still hate american blacks- as they should.

        View themselves as mixed race, not black. Or try to pretend they are mostly Indio.

        Have cornered the market on Black hair salons… Black customers prefer the dominican salons better because they get better service there. And Dominicans are experts on trying to appear whiter.

    • Alexander

      I live in Costa Rica and agree with your statement above. The same applies in CR

  • leito

    I’m from venezuela and it’s not surprising, chavez is driving off most of the educated people, I myself hope to leave after finishing my career, also mexicans have heavy amerindian admixture, here nobody says it but being dark is rejected as most as possible

  • gregCall

    I don’t think Argentines and Venezuelans are a typical example of South Americans. Being born in Miami, although raised elsewhere, I still spent a fair amount of time there as an adult.
    I have met many Argentines and can say I never met one who seemed remotely Hispanic rather looked pretty much entirely European and although they spoke what I assume to be Spanish it really didn’t sound like Spanish, I suppose it was their accent.
    Ive only known a few Venezuelans But while they spoke a more typical Spanish they were also seemed white with no outward signs of brown mixing.
    Of course in any population there are some mixed even among the US white population so my experience may not be typical.
    One thing I have noticed that I find funny is that Cubans, Venezuelans, Argentines, Dominicans, or really any other groups don’t have any use for Mexicans and are very hostile to blacks.

    • Mariner33

      “One thing I have noticed that I find funny is that Cubans, Venezuelans,
      Argentines, Dominicans, or really any other groups don’t have any use
      for Mexicans and are very hostile to blacks.”

      Yes, in the United Socialist States of America. That’s because it is cultural. African blacks in the USSA have little truck with American Blacks, whose culture they find crude and vulgar. The ones I have known keep their sons and daughters from socializing and picking up American Black Popular Culture. The Africans I have had working for me where thankful and felt blessed to be in America. I asked several of them if they felt discriminated against, and they said more so back in Africa.

      But in Latin America it’s different. Blacks have a Latin American identity with their particular country. The only ethnic particulars are music and some stray cultural derivatives from the Dark Continent. Blacks in South America are completely New World. They wouldn’t know or care about “Blackness”, the Social Marxist Crap Theories.

      • pcmustgo

        Dominicans , slightly Blacker on average than Puerto Ricans, are known for hating blacks and denying their blackness.

      • Alexander

        Dominicans are black black black … I live in Central America and every Dominican I know is as black as a African black

    • pcmustgo

      The only Venezuelans I’ve known are totally white or very upper middle class and white acting.

      • Mariner33

        And they have streamed into Panama, taking their wealth with them, escaping the Chavez dictatorship. It mirrors the flight of the middle class and educated from Cuba after Fidel. In fact Panama has benefited tremendously from the kleptocracies of Argentina, Ecuador, and before the economic and social programs of Columbia. The worse things get in other countries, the better it is for Panama.

  • The article has succeeded to avoid any mention of race. No comment needed.

  • pcmustgo

    I think the fact that Puerto Ricans are integrating more residentially is a mere coincidence, based on the fact that whites in Brooklyn and in Manhattan are gentrifying their hoods. Puerto Ricans only live in NYC, Chicago, Floridia and a few in Hawaii.

  • Alexander

    I am a White American of Scottish ancestry who lives in Costa Rica and I have been here for 5 years. I can tell you that Costa Ricans are not like Mexicans and Costa Ricans do not like Mexicans for many of the same reasons Americans tend to not get a long with them. Many Costa Ricans also have a very high amount of European genes.

    Back when CR was still a Spanish Colony the Spanish government gave large land grants to Europeans to come and maximize the agricultural potential of the land, because the native Indios were not capable of doing so. Consequently large groups of Germans, Swiss and Spaniards came to Costa Rica about 100 years ago. There are whole towns here with fair skinned light eyed Costa Ricans who dont speak a bit of any of their European ancestors language, but consider themselves Latino.

    You find them in the higher altitude agricultural areas and you also find them dominating the most intelligence driven professions. They are also the most responsible and capable of the different ethnic groups here. You will also find this same trend in many of the Latin American countries. The lighter skinned fairer eyed European Latinos some as blond and blue eyed as any Swede. It is shocking to meet someone who you think is a tourist and instead you find out they have lived in CR their whole lives and their family goes back to German grandparents.
    Incredibly many of these people are more adept and sane minded about race than most Americans. They understand how the darker races are very different than whites. Believe it or not, until about 40 years ago there was a law in CR that prevented Blacks from coming past a certain mountain range and mingling with the Europeans who were trying to build a country. The Blacks brought nothing but crime and chaos. Most Costa Ricans still feel the same way and are not afraid to say so.

    We need to open our arms and embrace our ancestral brothers and sisters in Central and South America. They carry the same blood and values we do and more importantly the values they have about family and having large traditional families is something us American and European Whites have turned their back on. If we dont reverse this demographic trend then the White race is going to die. It is that simple

    • Mariner33

      I agree completely. American whites may soon find that the United Socialist States of America degenerates into an unwelcome place for them. Their very existence seems to be ever devolving into the view that they are a permanent clean-up crew for Black government incompetence and venality, or subsidizing illegals and “minorities” (the very term is joke) for a life exceeding that of those who work and strive to pay bills. Who wants to live in a place where you are constantly vilified and considered more and more like a farm animal-kept in a stall and milked dry? Or a laboratory rat, as the sociopathic and increasingly demented carry out social experiments that are essentially introducing diseases to the body politic?


  • mexicutioner

    Quick question why do you people want mexicans/chicanos to assimilate w/e so fast? We dont need you …We dont want you…