Neurosurgeon’s Speeches Have Conservatives Dreaming of 2016

Trip Gabriel, New York Times, March 20, 2013

Dr. Benjamin Carson was a political unknown just weeks ago.

Then with a single speech delivered as President Obama looked stonily on, he was lofted into the conservative firmament as its newest star: a renowned neurosurgeon who is black and has the credibility to attack the president on health care.

In his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last month, Dr. Carson criticized the health care overhaul and higher taxes on the rich, while warning that “the P.C. police are out in force at all times.”

Overnight, he was embraced by conservatives including those at The Wall Street Journal editorial page, which proclaimed, “Ben Carson for President”—a suggestion Dr. Carson helped feed at a high-profile gathering last weekend, the Conservative Political Action Conference. He was interrupted by sustained cheers when he coyly said, “Let’s just say if you magically put me in the White House…”

In an interview in his office at Johns Hopkins University, he said he had been told for years that he could have a political career. It would be built on his compelling personal story that began in poverty in Detroit, leading to fame through pioneering work separating conjoined twins and his own self-help and inspirational books, including “America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great.”

While Dr. Carson, 61, said that there were better candidates out there, he did not rule out a presidential run in 2016. “Certainly if a year and a half went by and there was no one on the scene and people are still clamoring, I would have to take that into consideration,” he said in the interview. {snip}

He is in some ways a dream candidate for Republicans. But he also fits nicely into the realm of fantasy where the very early jockeying over 2016 now plays out. No modern contender without a political résumé has ever gotten close to a major party nomination.


“If you are calling with remarks regarding that speech, please do not leave a message on this voice mail,” his office recording instructs callers, referring them to a fax line and e-mail address. The recording, nearly seven minutes long, also includes instructions for speaking requests, media interviews, school visits and autographs, as well as how to buy Dr. Carson’s books “and other merchandise.”

Sales of “America the Beautiful,” his latest book, soared to 46,000 in the six weeks since his prayer breakfast speech, from fewer than 1,000 sold this year before to the speech, according to Nielsen BookScan.


In speeches and writings, Dr. Carson describes growing up with a divorced mother whose education stopped at the third grade and who worked two, and sometimes, three jobs. He was teased as “dummy” because his grades were so bad. But his mother insisted that he and an older brother turn off the television and read, writing weekly book reports that she could only feign understanding.

He went to Yale and the University of Michigan Medical School, and at 33, became director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins. He gained fame for a series of operations separating conjoined twins, long and risky procedures that did not always succeed. His 1996 autobiography, “Gifted Hands,” became a movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

“He is one of the acknowledged leaders of pediatric neurosurgery,” said Dr. Donlin Long, a retired chairman of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, who first brought Dr. Carson to the department.

Dr. Carson said he was a “flaming liberal” in college but became conservative through his own climb to success. “One thing I always believed strongly in was personal responsibility and hard work,” he said. “I found the Democrat Party leaving me behind on that particular issue.”


Although Dr. Carson is a registered independent and has declined to identify himself as a Republican, his views are solidly conservative. He belongs to a Seventh-day Adventist church and says churches are better mechanisms for taking care of the poor than government.

He draws on the Bible’s description of tithing to argue in favor of a flat tax, a perennial favorite of conservatives. “You make $10 billion, you put in a billion; you make $10, you put in 1,” Dr. Carson explained at the prayer breakfast. “Now some people say that’s not fair because it doesn’t hurt the guy who made 10 billion as much as the guy who makes 10. Where does it say you’ve got to hurt the guy?”


{snip} At CPAC, Dr. Carson told conservatives that he would retire this year, because “there are so many more things that can be done.” The hint of a political future drew appreciative cheers.

But he said in his office that he had decided a while ago to step back from medicine after noticing that neurosurgeons he knew died young, which he attributed to stress. His immediate plans include public speaking and promoting his education foundation.

As for politics, he said, “I would like to have a voice.”

[Editor’s Note: For more on Dr. Carson, including his support of homosexual marriage, illegal immigrant amnesty, and “socio-economic affirmative action,” see here.]


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  • acorn0101

    Well, I do agree that he is indeed talented, but he is NOT an “exceptional” scientist or doctor. If you want, look up his published papers–you won’t see any; he has not published any major papers. He is not the first author of any paper. Their are many neurosurgeons, but he gets all the attention because his is black! Of course, he is smart, but so are thousands of other doctors. Any black person who accomplishes a little is worshiped in this society.


    • ben carson

      he was the youngest chief of the neurosurgery dept in the history of johns hopkins the top hospital in the world.

      • Tom Iron


      • acorn0101

        Yes, but that was because of Affirmative action. how do I know? Because, chief of departments are chosen on clinical expertise AND research. Virtually all chiefs have a great deal of research papers. This man has NO papers. Do you understand? Yes, he did some new procedures, but so have many other people. He did not do any original research, develop new drugs, devices, etc. He is a man of affirmative action.

        • MBlanc46

          The man’s a surgeon, not a researcher. Surgeon’s are the cowboys of medicine, not the philosophers.

      • BonusGift

        But, but, but … and Barry Soetoro was editor of the Harvard Law Review yet never wrote an article (which BTW was unheard of at the time) or actually understood Constituional Law (of which he is supposed to be an expert). Do you really think this guy earned his position? I’ll bet he didn’t any more than Barry did his, wanna bet?

    • a multiracial individual

      Let’s not BS, here. He is not a researcher, I’ll give you that. However, he is a prolific and talented surgeon. There is no need to lie about a person’s talents (or lack thereof) simply because one does not approve of something about them.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        One of the biggest problems for you I venture to guess. AA poisons all, including truly qualified minorities – like you seem to be.

        Always that question lurking somewhere. Is it MRI, or is it AA?

        Have you ever seen that Nick Nolte movie, “Farewell to the King”?

        There’s this scene in there where the white British officer and his kind of blackish batsman NCO (can’t remember whether he was Caribbean or…Melanesian or something – looked like the black GI Joe from the old days with eagle eyes and kung fu grip) first see nick, all barbaric and surrounded by his darkie women and warriors (what has become his family). Without looking back, the white officer exclaims to the batsman something like, “My God. He’s as white as us!” There’s a great shot of the batsman’s slightly confused reaction before the action moves on.

        I suppose one could attribute the officer’s choice of expression in many ways, but I always thought it meant he had somehow implicitly accepted the batsman as truly one of “his own”. A libtard I knew took exception to the scene for reasons I’m sure you can imagine, but I always thought that was a really cool commentary on how people can come to accept genetically others as their own. In a good way, of course.

        Therefore, MRI, in the grand tradition of rich, white libtards – but for different reasons – I hereby adopt you. You are bright, genuine, certainly highly articulate (YEAH), and as a Phd candidate in something other than victim studies, I hope, at a real university…

        I can come live in your garage one day in a nice neighborhood. Gimme money! (LOL)

        Welcome to the family, son. It’s hard for a white man out here…especially a descendant of Neanderthals and Loki, like me, har har.

        Now gimme money!

        • a multiracial individual

          Occasionally, I have gotten the look, “Wow you’re pretty smart for a darkie.” Iol……..I am not Hispanic, but I certainly look Hispanic (especially living in California). I resemble Andre Ethier in appearance. As a teenager, I occasionally wore Hip Hop gear, and went to a friends’ house were a group of us would have “rap battles.” Fun stuff. I had several ethnic friends who were infatuated with “snow bunnies” (white women). They were not rapists, but their attraction was a tad excessive in my mind.

          Is it possible that I might someday benefit from affirmative action? It certainly is possible. Although it is not my intention to play the game unfairly. I wish to work and contribute as much as the next person. You are correct about affirmative action annoying the hard working minorities. We have to start with the assumption that we are some AA hire. I understand this assumption. Most people in office settings are reasonable enough to see when someone is not an AA hire, and the preconceived notions will quickly evaporate.

          • Katherine McChesney

            ‘They were not rapists, but their attraction was a tad excessive in my mind.’

            That means they are ‘developing rapists’.

          • a multiracial individual

            I am talking about Asian guys here…so not likely.

      • francis crick

        He has published over 100 articles in scientific research journals….

        • a multiracial individual

          My apologies. I erroneously assumed that acorn had done the appropriate research. Bad M.R.I!

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          In a magazine called The Johns Hopkins BLACK Pediatric Neurosurgery quarterly, and it has a worldwide circulation of 3.

    • Xanthippe2

      I don’t see how he has any time to do surgery or even tell people to “get rest and drink fluids” when they have a cold — he seems to be on Fox and various “conservative” radio stations 24/7!

    • White Mom in WDC

      I agree. A black farts sideways and a gold cast is made of his arce. And I do not not want churches involved with the handling of taxes to deal with the ‘poor’ which anymore is a word that is overused. The poor in this country are the fattest poor in the world.

      • liberalsuck

        Carson didn’t say anything that was anymore earth shattering than any normal white economist would say. Why would they foam over Carson yet not Ron Paul? I’m sick of the GOP’s pandering to black and Latinos while constantly alienating their white conservative base. No more votes are they getting from me when it comes to national elections. I will vote for a Republican at my state level, but not at the national level for presidency. Besides the point, isn’t it a little early to be making presidential election nominations or bids, GOP Leadership? It’s not for three years, and that’s assuming the system won’t collapse by then. When will the GOP leaders and other traditionally white conservative groups (NRA, ie) finally get it and stop the pandering? Most of us are very sick of it!

        • White Mom in WDC

          It is warfare on white middle, working, and professional class people. These minorities are just pawns being used to ‘block’ us by the elite. It is imperative that we procreate, take care if our own, stop paying out to banks, go to a cash system, and start our own movement/ party.

        • Cado

          They are desperate for an example to show young blacks how they should behave. Unfortunately they don’t realize that the majority of the young black population is incapable of learning from example. I went to a black school and they praised this guy up one side and down the other. I saw with my own eyes how their own people who got educations returned to their communities and tried to beat their youth into submission and nothing would take. A hefty speech was almost a daily occurence, and several administrators couldn’t take the unruly nature of their charges so they flipped out on them. I was constantly used as an example simply because I tried to read during my spare time and keep my head down. It was rediculous and a huge waste of my learning time. I don’t mind the ones who try to live right, but we’re getting to the point where we need to burn the trash.

      • StillModerated

        I watched a poor family get evicted from a rat’s nest in Bladensburg MD. There were about 20 stained mattresses, a dozen TV sets, several ghetto blasters, at least 50 garbage bags full of clothing. There were also 3 gigantic pyramids of shoes at least 6 feet high, all sorts of cheap, broken particle board furniture, and a couple of aluminum pots and pans. These low-lives had way too much junk, but couldn’t be bothered to pay the rent.

        • You forgot to tell us about the boxes upon boxes full of books taken out of that apartment.

          • nobody

            Not to mention all of those college diplomas he had to scrape off the walls.

      • saxonsun

        I don’t want churches involved in anything like that either. And religious people scare me. If someone uses the Bible, the bet is good he’s a nut.

        • Sloppo

          Churches and charities often support needy people using money given to those organizations by people who wish to have their money used for those purposes. People who abuse those systems can be cut off by people who manage those systems. I like that kind of arrangement much better than poor people being paid to have more children by a government that confiscates wealth from people who earn it.

    • John

      I completely agree with you, my friend. He is nothing more than another affirmative-action token without legitimate credentials. It’s no surprise to see the self-serving White parasites and traitors in the Republican Party glowing with adoration for him, in the same manner as they did with Alan Keys, Colin Powell, JC Watts, and, most recently, Senor Rubio.

      • liberalsuck

        The modern day desperation the GOP establishment or any traditionally white conservative group (NRA, for example) for blacks and browns is so pathetic I can’t even explain it. You know, when I see Dr. Carson interviewed on FOX, I’m sure he’s thinking, “Why do these guys suddenly think I’m a GOP presidential nominee or a talk show host all because I publicly had some disagreements with a black president? President? Jesus Christ! It’s not even for three years and most blacks aren’t going to vote for the GOP no matter how many blacks they march out.”

        • John

          You’re exactly right, my friend.

          NASCAR went Black and I turned them off. Recall also that Disney, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Girl Scouts of America went gay. Consequently, I turned them off in my life as well. None of those groups will get one penny of donations, commerce, or support from me or my wife. The same is true for the Republican Party, which has also gone Brown, gay, and Black, and they’re not coming back! Good riddance.

          Instead of flushing our money down a rat hole in support of radical ideas like homosexuality, affirmative action, and civil rights, we opt to occasionally visit an all-White private schools and ask the headmaster, whom I personally know, if the school needs any supplies. We contribute to cases like that and hopefully make a small difference. During major holidays, we visit a local all-White Church and ask the pastor, whom we also personally know, if he knows of a very good and decent White family that probably won’t have a good Christmas due to money problems. My wife and I personally deliver a truck load of groceries and other supplies to their home. In both cases I am virtually certain that my charity is used as intended, not squandered on promoting homosexuality, affirmative action, and other such nonsense.

          As for the GOP, its leaders are making a concerted effort to kill off millions of White voters from their rolls. They are doing everything in their power to attack and denigrate conservative Whites, while glorifying gays, Browns, Blacks, and Muslims! Good luck to them in convincing gays, Browns, Blacks, and Muslims to contribute to their political campaigns. They will not receive one more penny from me or my wife. We are completely through with flushing our money down the GOP toilet when they do everything in their power to destroy the interests of conservative Whites like us, our family, our friends, and millions of like-minded people. To hell with them.

          The GOP is nothing more than a party of parasites! Good riddance!

          • Mlly

            Holy frick I can’t even tell if you’re serious or not. There are people like you in existence??? You being alive validates every human rights movement in a major way. You’re disgusting.

    • Bill

      While I agree that our affirmative action culture fosters undue attention on many minorities with subpar accomplishments, I have to object to your misrepresentation of Dr. Carson’s work. I don’t know where you searched for his publication record, but his CV shows that he has 150 publications in many reputable, peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Journal of Neurosurgery, Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, Neurology, et al.) for which he was first author of 22. He also authored a spate of book chapters, most of which were in medical publications.

      Now, I personally think that Dr. Carson is a very talented surgeon and do not feel that he is among those in academia and medicine who were handed their appointments based on their ethnicity. Others may disagree – and that’s fine; I certainly agree that there are many other doctors out there who may have accomplishments that rival, or even surpass those of Dr. Carson in importance or service. While I sympathize with the tenor of your comment, I have to say that asserting blatant untruths (“he has not published any major papers; he is not the first author of any paper) about anyone should not be condoned.


      • Veritas_lux_mea

        “Now, I personally think that Dr. Carson is a very talented surgeon and
        do not feel that he is among those in academia and medicine who were
        handed their appointments based on their ethnicity.”

        I read a biography on him several years ago in which it was clear that he
        benefited IMMENSELY from AA. If he was white, he would not be a
        neurosurgeon, and maybe not even a doctor. When he got to Yale he
        thought very highly of himself, but was quickly humbled when he
        overheard a group of students talking about their SAT scores, which
        dwarfed his own. He also came within a hair’s breadth of flunking out.
        He said in this biography that were it not for a dream in which he saw
        the answers to an upcoming test on a chalkboard, he would have.
        Neurosurgeons (white ones anyway) are almost always at the top of their
        med school class. He obviously wasn’t. Not only was he accepted into a
        highly competitive neurosurgery residency, but they made him the Chief of
        Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, one of the most, if not THE
        most prestigious neurosurgery position in the country! Believe what you want, but the odds of him attaining that position purely on merit are incredibly small.

      • acorn0101

        You sound earnest, but unfortunately what you say is not true. If you look closely, the papers where is is first author were case studies, not research papers. Case studies are completely different, and are widely considered to be “fluff” work.

        Now, some research papers were real ones, but he was never the first author, becasue he did not do any work. so why was his name listed? Because those studies were about his patients. if a researcher does a paper on your patient, you (the doctor) automatically get your name listed as a co author.

        So, my point was quite valid. He presented some posters, and some case studies, but those are hardly achievements worthy of a such celebration. Those other papers were other people doing research on his patients.

        • Bill

          Ah, my apologies then. I’m not in the sciences or medicine, so I’m none the wiser when it comes to identifying a good research history there. Thanks for the clarification.

          Wow, I wasn’t aware that he had such interesting experiences at Yale. I suppose I can’t deny that affirmative action may have helped him gain a foothold in admissions to college and residency, and perhaps even his directorship at Hopkins. But I guess I feel a bit differently about Dr. Carson compared to other affirmative-action beneficiaries because he eventually did accomplish something noteworthy as a neurosurgeon rather than pump out bad research or otherwise fail to live up to his handouts, as happens so often.

        • Wayne

          I could care less. He is what we would call in statistics an outlier. It is not about him, it is about the treasonous Republitards looking for a minority skirt to hide behind. It is sickening. And I tell you know, this guy will be another Colin Powell if morons like you keep shoving his sunshine up our derrière!

      • Steven Bannister

        The terrible thing about Affirmative Action is that it automatically makes the accomplishments of people like Dr Carson suspect. I would NEVER trust a black surgeon (even Dr Carson) to operate on my body precisely because of AA. There is no way to be sure that he accomplished everything on merit alone.

        Now – if Affirmative Action was abolished, I am sure there would be WAY less black doctors, attorneys and scientists. BUT at least you would know that a black doctor, attorney or scientist was the REAL DEAL because he would have had to meet the same standards as everyone else.

    • sbuffalonative

      Yet another “Great Black Hope”; the conservatives “magic negro”.

      • nobody

        Why don’t they just get Morgan Freeman to run? He is the most magical negro of all.

  • The__Bobster

    Not another Great Black Hope! I wonder how long it’ll take for this one to turn on us. He’s already hinting that he doesn’t totally agree with our side.

    • Xanthippe2

      Depends on what you mean by “our.” I dare say he IS a good mainstream Republican beholden to the usual “special intrests.” Is he a White Nationalist? Obviously not.

    • Just when you thought being force fed black luminaries who are going to save of with their blackness wasn’t enough of a repellent.

    • Melanie

      I keep telling people about this, but for all the screaming the right has done recently about 2A infringement, it’s being completely ignored. I just don’t understand it-we don’t want our guns confiscated, but it’s OK if the black guy does it? Just incredible.

      I won’t vote for a black to have power over whites, on principle. If I could vote for him to head the NAACP, I might do that. This country is still app 70% white, why are some thinking the whole government needs to be black or other minority? I suppose we whites are just here to work and pay the taxes?

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        You hit it head on. I often finish my discussions with Leftists, Blacks and Mexicans with, “my and my families lives are most certainly not your social experiment. The culture of me and my ancestors is not your colony.”

  • BonusGift

    Watching his speach I get the impression that he superficially seems a pleasant affirmative action candidate/person who no doubt took a spot from a qualified white whom shall likely never be known to the world and certainly never fawned over for stating the obvious. Let’s not magnify that error by electing him to office over someone who actually wants to return us back to a Constitutional Republic with a bloodline and culture that matches the form of government. He even states during the speach that he never would have gotten to where he is but for affirmative action (i.e., as his grades sucked). The “magic negro” thing really has to stop. This whole thing is insanity, what’s his name again, Colin Powell? Making a speach is not the same as leading or solving real problems.

    • pcmustgo

      I had a “right-wing” seeming half Latino friend. Let’s just say we aren’t friends anymore after bringing up affirmative action.

    • Great Black Hope my foot, that is the same thing they asid about Bowel Powell, Coondi Rice, JC Watts, Hweman Cain, Allen West and the Great And Amazing Mia Love that could not even win a Seat in the House Of Reps in a Rigged Mormon District……

    • acorn0101

      Negros and Hispanics may be conservative, UNTIL it comes down to affirmative action and welfare. Take that away from them, and you’ll see their true colors.

      • liberalsuck

        Blacks might MIGHT be socially conservative, but they aren’t economically conservative, they hate whites, and they want what we have. Oh, but we should welcome all of them because ONE of them said they liked to shoot guns or because one of them said they believed in God, etc?

    • Scratch the surface and you’ll find that Ben Carson is basically a black Jack Kemp slash George W. Bush type.

    • Tom Iron

      Just to set the record straight on Colin Powell, they had to fudge the records to get him the combat infantry badge. Otherwise, he was just another staff officer.

  • Luca

    He is a nice person with an abundance of common sense. He got where he is today through study and hard work so I commend him for that. I really appreciate him sticking it to the Kenyan on national TV, that was a big plus as well. But let’s not got hysterical now. He’s a nice hard working black guy and that’s it. I wish there were more like him but he is not Presidential material. A good spokesman to lecture blacks… maybe.

    • acorn0101

      He should replace Al Sharpton, but nothing more.

      • Djangotamer

        Except for the facts that Al “opportunist” Sharpton is a left of liberal Dem. He won’t replace Sharpton; he’ll be the Right’s version of Sharpton.

    • Anon

      I have yet to see a black person put forth like this that didn’t turn out to be a complete fraud, with a string of victims in his wake. Did you learn nothing from Herman Cain? They tried so hard to sell him until he finally opened his mouth and said something so stupid and disconcerting, they couldn’t hide what he was anymore (he opined on national TV that, if the US doesn’t do something, the chinese might develop a nuclear bomb… Not quite as bad as the last negro genius in congress who was concerned that guam might tip over if too many people were on one side of the island.

      A black person who has a normal intelligence is very, very rare. One that can legitimately handle neurosurgery? Yeah…..I would advise passing if you ever have need of one.

      • mike

        It is pathetic how the Republican party jumps on the band wagon of every black that comes along and can actually put together a sentence without sounding like a fool. It is as if they are trying to convince themselves that blacks are just like whites and are really going to make good Republicans if just given time. How delusional.

        • Nathanwartooth

          What is really sad is that Blacks wont vote for him no matter what. They will just call him an “Uncle Tom”.

          All that will happen is that they will lose White voters.

          He seems like a smart and stand up guy but I know that he will be fighting for only one groups interest, his. I want someone who will stand up for my groups interests.

        • liberalsuck

          Exactly! Remember how Rush Limbaugh jumped all over Ice-T (the rapper) all because he made a pro 2nd Amendment remark, yet Ice-T called Rush a ‘racist’? When….will…the….GOP….FINALLY….get….it????

        • nobody

          They have had plenty of time. If blacks were going to evolve into normal humans it would have happened by now.

    • Xanthippe2

      He is a media darling — for Whites.

    • SargeInCharge

      I agree that Carson is a highly intelligent, high quality man. I don’t know enough about the medical field to have an opinion on whether Carson warrants being Chief of the Neurosurgery Department, but I do know that Carson, like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, tries to steer the black community away from the “It’s all whitey’s fault, I hate whitey” mindset. That should be applauded.

      While I don’t see a reason to malign the man, I do agree that Republicans and Conservatives are likely fawning over Carson more than they would if he were white. Liberals have so affixed the ‘Racist’ label to white people that most white people, including Conservatives, will try to do anything to prove they are not racist. This often entails overly promoting black individuals.

      • Confederate Gentleman

        I agree with you. He is an good person. How many of us have the capacity to be neurosurgeons? Not me.

      • Wayne

        Again, it’s not about Dr Carson, it is about the treason and sheer cowardice if not downright collaboration of the Republican Party. The Retard Party needs to die, die, die!

      • nobody

        I imagine that he is a pretty skilled and intelligent guy. But could he have gotten to where he is today on his own merits? If he were born white would anyone care? That is the real question. Would a white with completely equal abilities to this man be able to get to where he is today? I really don’t know.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I think you have the right perspective. We need to make sure that we don’t see or read more into him than what’s really there. Sometimes conservatives, in order to show they are not ‘racist,’ will align with and go overboard on conservative blacks who, in almost all instances, just happen to be intelligent blacks. If they were white, they would only be viewed as average or slightly above.

    • liberalsuck

      I don’t doubt that he might be smart man or be a good guy. What I am talking about is the GOP’s desperation to get all the blacks and browns to suck up to them. They won’t. They consistently vote against white conservatives historically nine times out of ten and it’s not going to change. The GOP’s desperation to not be called racist is worse than my younger days when I would fall in love with any female who so much as said hello to me.

    • Ralph

      He got where he is today by affirmative action. Because he was selected due to his skin color, some poor White kid didn’t get the college seat.

      • D. H. Andrews

        Some poor White kid with a higher GPA and MCAT(medical college admission test). That’s what burns my butt. I was a pre-med student with a 3.2 GPA and decent(500 at the time – in the mid seventies) score. Needless to say, that wasn’t good enough for admission – after 4 years of hard study with the hardest of the hard science courses most couldn’t pass at all, let alone make A’s! If I had been Black, I would have been a doctor for many years now.
        Don’t get me started. I’ve been there and done that. I personally saw a Black female get offers from THREE medical schools – including Baylor – with a 2.2 GPA! I don’t know what her MCAT score was, as I was not her friend, but I’d bet you dollars to donuts it wasn’t as near 500. The faculty was outraged as well as the students, as affirmative action was relatively new at the time. So new, in fact, that didn’t even know there was such a thing. In fact, it was the beginning of my racial awakening.
        I met a fellow student I hadn’t seen in many years and who followed one of our friends through the years said he told him she had gotten married after one year of med school and dropped out. We joked about it and said she got one of our seats(144 at LSU Medical School in New Orleans).
        This is the only affirmative action story I know of but I’m sure equally outrageous instances happen every year.
        AA is nothing more than racial discrimination against Whites and was meant to be only a temporary measure to “level the playing field” that got out of hand. Conservatives weren’t able to do away with it altogether due to the strong influence of liberal groups. It should never have happened in the first place, some 40+ years ago.

        • cali

          If you had made it into med school you would have continued to see the system at work. We started to here rumors in our program that the black students had actually met 6 months before us (via a state funded program) to help prepare them. They had access to special tutors and was retested on certain test that we did not have an option to do. I finally met with our program director and she told me it was true. I was told if they did not graduate a certain percentage of minorities it cut into their funding. I dealt with this knowing my best friend did not make it into med school and was much brighter than these “special” students.

          • nobody

            It really is a shame because that friend would have likely made it into med school, graduated, and made a difference in thousands of lives if it wasn’t for those AA students. When it comes to something as serious as health care we shouldn’t be cutting corners like that. It honestly seems like AA does much more harm than good.

  • AutomaticSlim


    No thanks.

  • pcmustgo

    “But he said in his office that he had decided a while ago to step back from medicine after noticing that neurosurgeons he knew died young, which he attributed to stress. His immediate plans include public speaking and promoting his education foundation.”

    Yeah, because it’s easier to just be an affirmative action figure head.

    • pcmustgo

      or maybe he was sued

  • sbuffalonative

    Herman Cain II?

    • StillModerated

      Let’s see: Herman Cain ran Godfather’s Pizza, just as Domino’s was starting home pizza delivery nationwide. Boy, he failed to jump on that bandwagon! And Colon Bowel: appointed by the lamewad Bush clan to fight Gulf War One, who (due to military incompetence) immediately tried to dig in and replay World War One. Result: bring in Norman Schwartzkopf, an experienced fighter to win the fight by replaying the Battle of Cannae. So they made Powell Secretary of State just to show there are no hard feelings. And then there’s perennial loser Alan Keyes; who only knows which side his bread is buttered on.

      Some years back, when Doug Wilder was governor, the Virginia GOP ran token black Maurice Dawkins for senate. He lost.

      Wow, the Republican Party has such a great track record in choosing minority leaders.

  • JohnEngelman

    A black man who is reasonably intelligent, reasonably likable, reasonably attractive, and who has no felony convictions and/ or illegitimate children, will have doors opened to him which remain securely shut for an equally worthy white man.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      BING BING BING BING! You are so correct sir!

    • jane johnson

      Black privilege?

      • JohnEngelman

        Yes of course. Blacks still face some discrimination in small businesses. Nevertheless, government agencies, universities, news media, and even private corporations go to considerable lengths to attract blacks who are even marginally capable of performing adequately.

        • Nathanwartooth

          How much would it cost to have a lab fake paperwork that says I’m 1/8th Black?

          Whatever it is, it would be completely worth it.

          I kinda want to get a DNA test done anyway. Curious about my roots and I have a chance to win the diversity lottery.

        • liberalsuck

          Considering we pay for their welfare, their babies, their housing, their incarceration and have to put up with their young blacks attacking us and killing us in the streets, the fact “blacks still face some discrimination in small businesses” is a very small trade off as far as I’m concerned.

          • JohnEngelman

            I think everyone who contributes to this website in any way agrees that slavery and the slave trade should never have existed, and that Southern whites should have grown their own tobacco and cotton.

          • nobody

            John I do suspect that you are some type of oriental, and I don’t like that, but sometimes you hit the nail right on the head pal.

    • Will

      You mean like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush jr?

      • JohnEngelman

        I like President Obama. I don’t know where this “Messiah” business came from. I have never heard of an Obama voter who called him that. I voted for him in 2008 because he was the not Bush, and the not John TheSameAsBush. I voted for him last November because he was the not Romney.

        During the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression we need a second Roosevelt. Instead we have our first affirmative action President.

        • Thor Bonham

          You’re a moron ..

          • JohnEngelman

            Morons are incapable of composing intelligent arguments that contain facts, logic, and insights. They are only able to post insults.

        • John

          You’re insane. I personally believe you should be banned from posting in this forum.

          • JohnEngelman

            This is written at the top of this page: “We welcome comments that add information or perspective, and we encourage polite debate.”

            My comments are consistent with this.

        • Robb

          “Like the vast majority of voters I am dissatisfied with Obama’s economic performance.”

          So you voted for him again? Which part of his performance in his first term satisfied you enough to vote for his second term?

          • JohnEngelman

            I did not specifically vote for President Obama. I voted against Mitt Romney. His economic policy consisted of more tax cuts for the rich and spending cuts for domestic spending programs that I support along with most Americans.


            At the same time most Americans favor raising taxes on the rich.


            I would have rather voted for someone with the political savvy of Franklin Roosevelt. Unfortunately, to paraphrase Don Rumsfeld: we can’t vote for the candidate we want; we vote for the candidate we have.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Actually if you put your x next to obamas name, you voted FOR obama.

          • JohnEngelman

            Yes, and I would vote form him again.

          • nobody

            You could have always voted against Romney by going third party. Hey, it’s not like our votes really matter anyway.

        • HKwills

          After 7 years of FDR’s “New Deal” unemployment was essentially unchanged at 17%. FDR’s final, but unacheived goal, was national health insurance: not to different from “Obamacare”. Cost ? CBO estimate is 1.6 trillion dollars.

          • JohnEngelman

            When Franklin Roosevelt was elected in 1932 unemployment was 23.6 percent. Seven years after he was inaugurated the next year unemployment had declined to 14.6 percent.



            How much is good health care worth to you? $8,233 per year? That’s how much the U.S. spends per person…

            That figure is more than two-and-a-half times more than most developed nations in the world, including relatively rich European countries like France, Sweden and the United Kingdom…

            Life expectancy at birth increased by almost nine years between 1960 and 2010, but that’s less than the increase of over 15 years in Japan and over 11 years on average in OECD countries. The average American now lives 78.7 years in 2010, more than one year below the average of 79.8 years.

          • HKwills

            In 1939 the U.S. unemployment rate was 17.05% (source: U.S. Bureau of
            the Census). I should have said 6 years. Unemployment did fall in 1940,
            but that is not surprising as defense spending began increasing in 1938
            ($1.65 billion), 1939 ($1.91 billion), 1940 ($2.16 billion). Source:
   At no point during his administration, prior
            to the war, did unemployment drop to pre-depression levels.

            With 52% of the uninsured non-white (source:, Obamacare is not in the interest of whites. The $719 billion dollar cut in Medicare, to help fund it, came largely from whites who make up at least a plurality of recipients. Obamacare’s main beneficiaries are non-whites. Evolutionary Biologist’s would call that intra-specific parasitism.

            See also “Top 10 Things About Health Care Most People Do Not Know” at

  • anon

    Call me crazy, but shouldn’t a neurosurgeon serve best by being… oh, I don’t know… a neurosurgeon?

    • Nate Miller

      That is a daft opinion. Ron Paul is a medical doctor by profession. Are you insinuating that he should have stuck to the medical career instead of venturing into politics? I’m sure you will end up making a significant number of young white social conservatives and libertarians mad!

  • Katherine McChesney

    Republicans are grabbing at straws. They’re just looking for a ‘token’ to run. He sounds like a conservative but we need to vet him.

    • Tom Iron

      C’mon, no need to vet the guy. Just don’t have anything to do with the stinking fedgov elections.

      • Johnny Clay

        Dr. Carson will serve a better purpose by speaking out about the issues.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Let the GOP shout about being a party for Blacks and Latinos, let them have their own taste of diversity. Then, as the GOP dies off into nothingness we can start a new, White focused party that isn’t bent on alienating it’s base to carry the torch of PC anti-White tyranny.

    • White Mom in WDC


    • Vote White!

    • robin

      we need to get rolling on a party to replace the repubs………
      soon…….. 2014 is getting closer.
      Tea Party is fine with me. Others?

    • Ralph

      Where’s your country? It’s inside you. You are a countryan with every other White and you are not a countryman with any non-Whites. Our genes are our country no matter what piece of dirt we were born on. Whites from all of our present artificial nations are linked by their genes–and that’s the only link that is natural and essential.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    He refuses to identify himself as a Republican and yet the Repubs want him to lead them. Pathetic.

    • Johnny Clay

      Ever since President Reagan finished his term, the GOP has been looking for a solid leader. They were so enthralled with Reagan that it never seemed to dawn on them to groom a logical successor to lead the conservative movement. Too many politicians adopt the Reagan mantle to pacify the conservatives, but they don’t sound very sincere.

      • robin

        Reagan had a very unique personality. I’m not sure you can groom that.
        and the media tears apart every white man we put up
        and white woman for that matter

    • fakeemail

      Many intelligent and clean-cut non-whites realize there is less of a line to stardom if they join the GOP.

      Forget the Republican Party, people. They are equally as dedicated to your dispossession and deteriorated quality of life as the Dems. FORGET THEM.

  • Mogibs medats

    White people voted obungler into office. No democrats will vote for a black republican. I don’t see that many republicans voting for someone because of their skin color.

    • Johnny Clay

      Obungler won re-election because millions of whites stayed home and refused to vote for Romney, even though he was he nominee and ousting the Kenyan was priority one.

      • robin

        lots of fraud in that re-election

  • mobilebay

    Well, the last paragraph made the decision for me. Anyone for amnesty would never have my vote. Do the pro-illegal, amnesty contingent ever get as excited about unemployed Americans having jobs as they do the foreign lawbreakers? I like the movie on Dr. Carson very much, and he sounds like a talented man, but he’ll have to be elected without me.

  • Dave4088

    Wonderful. Whites are being conditioned to entrust their future and their very lives to non-whites like Dr. Carson and Bobby Jindal or white on the outside but Latino on the inside Marco Rubio. At best these men are indifferent to the interests of whites but are doing cartwheels to appeal to non-whites in the case of Jindal and Rubio.

    I guess in 2016 the rallying cry for the GOP and conservatives (so called) will be “our non-white presidential candidates are better than yours.”

  • dj2

    Do any of you need more proof? The GOP is not a party that represents the interests of white Americans. They are a cynical, opportunistic corporate party.

    But, keep on voting and hoping things will change. Yep, any day now immigration will stop, the debt will be reduced, welfare will be capped, the wars will end, and pandering to blacks will be a thing of the past.

    Yes, any day now.

    • robin

      new party please……… the sooner the better

    • Xerxes22

      It’s like Lucy and Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic strip. Lucy holds the ball and tells Charlie Brown to kick it. She promises that this time she won’t pull it away. Gullible Charlie Brown belives her, tries to kick it and falls flat on his back. Charlie doesn’t learn from his mistakes and neither do a lot of Whites.

  • dd121

    No matter how attractive a black guy looks to conservatives or republicans, eventually they always double cross the white hand that feeds them.

  • Ralph

    Weak seed Whites are always looking for a Black or other minority to hide behind.

    Rush Limbaugh did a riff on this guy today and asked the rhetorical question about why this guy was getting so much national attention. As is often the case, Limbaugh missed the real reason because Limbaugh didn’t even mention that this guy gets the attention because he’s Black. Instead, Limbaugh went off on a tangent about how this guy isn’t threatening and is calm in his approach. Look, most of us here realize that if this guy were White he would be getting almost no press at all.

    • Xanthippe2

      I don’t think Rush misses much but as he says himself he is a “bought man.”

    • BonusGift

      You are right; today an equivalent white guy would either get no press or negative press.

  • I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but it seems like America’s brightest conservative minds have concluded that in order to eradicate and inoculate ourselves from the black plague, we must now embrace and become the black plague.

  • concernedcollegekid

    He sounds like an admirable guy, but people like him are used by conservatives as evidence that other blacks can “do it too” if they just “work hard enough”. This idea is false and pretending it’s true is counterproductive.
    Race realism is a more empathetic philosophy than colorblind conservatism. According to colorblind conservatism, it’s blacks’ fault that they’re not all like this guy, and until blacks do as well in life as whites and Asians, they are worthy of criticism and scorn. According to race realism, this is a black guy on the far right of the bell curve and it is unrealistic and inhumane to expect that a lot of black people can be like him. There is no “soft bigotry of low expectations”. There is a bigotry of having high expectations that are impossible to meet. I think a society that accepted race realism would be a more empathetic society then our current one. We would recognize that you can’t punish whites for the black-white achievement gap (as liberals believe) and that you can’t punish blacks for it (as conservatives believe). We would recognize that the person responsible for the achievement gap is not a person but EVOLUTION, and act accordingly by instating humane eugenic policies such as paying low IQ people to be sterilized.

    • a mulitracial individual


      I have said almost this exact thing on verbatim. Honest race realism should be corrosive of hate. They are who their biology allows them to be.

  • David Brims

    Isn’t it strange when a black man says something remotely sensible like ” stealing is wrong”, Republicans so desperate ( suicidal ) are they for the black vote, go into euphoric exaltation and gush ” He should run for President ! “”

    • Strange? No, I would say it’s so predictable that we should be setting our clocks by it. What’s strange is that it’s obvious that all of these colorblind conservatives are paying attention to color just as much as any Racist like me. The difference is that at least I’m blunt and honest about my motivations.

  • Kayla

    Freerepublic morons will nominate this guy only for him to lose because minorities will vote against him for being an Uncle Tom. Then what will they do?

  • Does anyone know of any White leaders that have been elected or thrown into a position to even be elected in a majority black country?

    • zWsA

      As far as I’m aware, the only other nation in history to elect a head of state from a minority race/ethnicity was Singapore, which has elected Indian presidents despite being a nation that is 75% Chinese.

      That being said, I wound’t count on South Africa electing a White head of state anytime this century. Dominant minorities, such as Whites in SA, are left to fend for themselves. Yet, despite having no government support or serious political representation, Whites still own 90% of SA and keep the economy afloat. And politicians will never bite the hand that feeds them, even if that hand is a different color from their own.

      So even with minority Presidents, the US will continue to do business as usual. Whites will enthusiastically bankroll elections dominated by a motley crew of minority candidates. For those with serious monetary power, democracy is a sideshow–a WWE wrestling tournament–where the outcome might as well be rigged for the sake of entertainment.

      • Wayne

        The global standard, enforced worldwide by our Glorious Union and it’s servile bootlicking European allies, is that where there is a white majority, the narrative must be about minority rights, where whites are a minority, the narrative must be about majority rule. It is all about making our children nationless.

        • zWsA

          Indeed. Despite their collective achievements, Whites are the only self-loathing race in the world today. All other groups are encouraged to have “pride.”

  • paul

    he can be as exceptional as he likes. If I need any brain surgery (and possibly some commenters may say I do) I will choose a white guy any day of the week.

  • libertarian 1234

    This black adulation exhibited by do-gooder whites makes me utterly sick.

    When Colin Powell was going to run for president, long lines of whites formed outside the auditorium where he was scheduled to speak. A reporter interviewed several of them. One in particular was shown on t.v. and was asked why he would vote for Powell to which he replied, “I like what he says.” The reporter asked, “What does he say?”

    A long period of silence. So the question was asked again. Same thing.

    There was never an answer of course, because the white fool wanted to vote for him, strictly because he was black, probably just like the others standing in line.

    That’s what is going on here with this doctor, although he IS a cut above Powell.

    All we need is 8 more years of another black administration to increase our speed toward third world status like Detroit. While this guy might not appoint rabid Marxist, self-hating whites and anti-white racists, I’m betting he would have his administration packed with blacks, just as this one does.

    We would be a giant step closer to being South Africa North.

  • Here we go again.

    Blacks are figuring out that all they need to do is put on the conservative/Republican/Tea Party colors and they will be lauded and lofted into political office with zeal.

    He went to Yale and the University of Michigan Medical School, and at 33, became director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins.

    Director of pediatric neurosurgery at 33? A white physician couldn’t have expected to hold that post for at least another dozen years. Affirmative action all the way to the top.


    Carson says he believes in socio-economic affirmative action — what he calls “compassionate action” — not affirmative action “attached to any ethnicity.”

    “You know we’ve always pulled for the underdog, but I don’t think the underdog has a particular ethnicity attached to it,” he said.

    “If we’re talking about applying to Yale University and, you know, my son is applying and, you know, the son of coal miner …. and they have similar academic records, I’m going to give the edge to the coal miner’s son because he’s had a much harder road, and that’s the way the program should work. It should not be attached to any ethnicity.”

    I call bullsh*t on his “beliefs”.

    Carson declined to say if he voted for Clinton.
    “I don’t want to say whether I voted for him or not,” he said.

    Because he did ….

    As for President Obama looking stonily on, more than likely it was a stoned President Obama that looked on.

    • Carney3

      No, Obama -was- glaring at him. This is one case where I’m actually on Obama’s side. The National Prayer Breakfast is NOT an appropriate venue to vent one’s opinions on disputed political matters, certainly not to blindside a sitting president. It’s supposed to be one of the last places where people across the spectrum gather and take a break from the partisan warfare and talk about their faith and such. I’d sure have resented it if a president I liked had come and some leftist keynote speaker had ranted about his disagreements with the president’s policies, instead of just sticking to custom.

      • Yeah, that’s what everyone needs to do — to be appropriate in the face of such concentrated hatred and contempt for American principles. You’re in a warzone in case you haven’t bothered to look outside your window, so to hell with the delicate sensibilities crap. God ain’t saving you and no amount of praying helped the millions that came before you.

        • Carney3

          I get the issue we face are extremely serious. But if you view the president as being so bad he doesn’t merit your participation in a convivial, friendly social occasion, then don’t go. Don’t pretend you’ll play ball and then back-stab and blind-side.

          There are have been plenty of people who were tough as nails but still honorable.

  • Kaffirsmasher

    Presidential politics are getting to the level of sports – “Our blacks are better than your blacks”.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    It won’t be long until the NY Times drops all coverage of Dr.Carson. He’ll be called an oreo, uncle tom and sell out soon enough for escaping from the lib plantation. There’s probably dirt being dug up on him right now, a la Herman Cain

    I will reserve judgement until I know more about his overall positions on all the issues. Remember when whites fawned all over Colin Powell? How did THAT turn out?

  • Confederate Gentleman

    I am huge fan of Ben Carson. He is the classic example of hard work, decency and all the qualities that are American at heart.

    • Thor Bonham

      You sound lost .. You haven’t by any chance taken a good dose of liberal indoctrination,have you ?

    • Ralph

      Right, you’re a Confederate Gentleman. Sure.

  • Carney3

    I watched his prayer breakfast speech. He has a pleasant speaking voice appealing to mush-heads and women, but the content, egad. The most warmed-over, cliched, pablum, which would make the ordinary modern politician sound like Lincoln or Churchill. His closing anecdote about how the flag and Fort McHenry was surrounded by the corpses of soldiers who had died to keep it flying because they believed in the Pledge of Allegiance (which he then actually recited) was incredible in its hokey fakery, the worst kind of mass-forwarded email garbage with zero connection to reality (the flag was NOT surrounded by bodies propping it up, the Pledge of course is a 20th century invention, etc etc).

    Finally he preceded his remarks with a lengthy diatribe against Political Correctness, but then proceeded to say nothing politically incorrect! Other than the glaring inappropriateness of introducing disputed political ideas into the Prayer Breakfast in the first place, which is supposed to be a “safe” place where politicians show up and share nice talk about faith etc without being ripped as at the Gridiron Dinner.

  • bigone4u

    That this man is being touted as presidential material is a mark of how far this nation’s standards of excellence, forged in the sweat and blood of our white ancestors, have fallen. I’ll chalk it up to a temporary mass psychosis and hope for the best.

  • Honest J

    Say what you will, but I would choose a genuine black conservative anytime of day over a toxic, white liberal. The black conservative has no chip on his shoulder and can fight against affirmative action, destructive welfare policies without being accused on being “racist”.

    • Thor Bonham

      You can share my comment to Confederate Gentleman with him..

    • Wayne

      So what it boils down to then, for you, is fear of being called a racist. You, sir, are a coward and a worse threat to our people than the worst libtard. People like you put us in our current situation because of the complete lack of moral courage.

      • Tucker

        There is NO SUCH THING as a genuine ‘black’ conservative, Honest J.

        Here’s the measuring stick: The definition of ‘conservative’ is someone who favors ‘conserving’ things. Such as customs, traditions, values, freedom, liberty, and national sovereignty, and – drum roll please – the absolute MOST IMPORTANT thing worthy of conserving is one’s own race and species of people. Try this experiment with any of these so-called faux ‘black conservatives’ who’s toes you and far too many other Whites seem to lust to lick and worship so passionately.

        Ask them what their opinion is of a White man or woman who does NOT approve of race mixing between Whites and non-Whites. I will guarantee to you that 99.99% or higher of these faux black conservatives will express extremely NEGATIVE views of Whites, their fellow “conservatives”, for their desire to conserve their own race of people. This experiment will prove that blacks or you-pick-any-other-non-white minority – have so little respect for White European people who have conservative views that they are 100 percent convinced that any effort or behavior on the part of White men and women to avoid behaviors that will accelerate our racial extinction from this Earth and which might increase, rather than decrease, the number of White babies who are born – that this behavior is a clear sign of ‘racism’. White survival = racism.

        And, that attitude PROVES that Whites can never find any allies among any of the non-white minority groups – who all think that breeding with our race is now one of their sacred Civil Rights and that our racial existential survival should not be allowed to enter into the equation or discussion.

        Just ask Herman Cain. Just ask Thomas Sowell. Just ask Clarence Thomas. Or that old black conservative talk-show host, Ken Hamblin. Just ask Tiger Woods, who’s not a conservative by any stretch – but he (and the others named) are a perfect examples of non-whites who think it’s their “right” to fish in another man’s pond.

        So, how can White conservatives ever ally themselves with blacks who refuse to acknowledge that we have a perfectly legitimate right to survive and to preserve our White European genes?

        • Ken Hamblin actually had various white race realists and white nationalists as guests on his show. But that doesn’t mean he should be President, and it doesn’t mean that whites should have ever hidden behind his suit.

  • Seek

    Another case of competitive altruism. As always, Poor, Helpless Suffering Blacks serve as love objects for white “conservatives” as well as white liberals. Dr. Ben Carson is the latest in a line of Conservative Political Magic Negroes. And, of course, because mainstream conservatives are as fearful of being called “racist” as anyone else, they’re hyping this neophyte as their best hope. He has about as much chance of being elected president as Herman Cain.

  • Djangotamer

    He will be the Republican version of Al “race card hustle” Sharpton.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    At some point, white conservatives in North America are going to have to answer a simple question: do we really want to CHOOSE to maintain and foster a future White America or a future Mixed Race (Mulatto & Mestizo, “Pardo”) America? It almost doesn’t matter whether Carson is qualified or not. He is black and all we are talking about, right now, is whether we really want a “true American” black Republican President to succeed the “Kenyan Black” East African President we have right now.
    (Obama is Kenyan by family origin or birth, it isn’t 100% clear, although I’m still a “birther” I guess and I am still inclined to believe Lucas D. Smith’s reasonably conclusive evidence that Obama was born at the Coastal Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya).
    I firmly believe in that, as beautiful as the map of the British Empire was to me as a child, Colonialism was a terrible mistake, almost as great a mistake as slavery and the way to correct both of these mistakes, for the sake of world cultural and biological evolution, is to restore segregation.
    So I support Black Supremacy for Black Africa (and Haiti, if it ever becomes an economically and politically viable nation) and White Supremacy in White Europe, North America, and Australia (unless our populations REALLY choose otherwise—after discussing the questions of evolutionary and historical consequences in great detail—greater detail than has happened recently, anyhow).
    There can and should be fully autonomous and self-governing Black African, Hispanic Mestizo, and Native American enclaves in North America. Maybe there should even be autonomous and self-governing French-White and Spanish-White enclaves in North America such as Quebec and maybe certain parts of Mexico where the true Creole White population predominates. DIVERSITY IS GOOD. All the Indian Tribes (including the Native Nations of Mexico) should be guaranteed their autonomy and identity.
    Political and Social Separation to maintain and promote diversity is REALLY GOOD. But Obama and Mr. Carson both represent a future that I just can’t find myself endorsing: a white American majority ruled by black Africans.
    I suggest that American Renaissance sponsor a poll, both within this website and nationwide: do we want to MAINTAIN racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity or obliterate them all?
    If we want to maintain diversity, and even competition among the races and ethnic groups and cultures of the world, how can we do this except by political, cultural, and ethnic segregation?
    Why should we be afraid of the “S” word?
    Was the real problem with “Separate but Equal” in the Old South and in the Republic of South Africa up until 1994 the plan to maintain groups as “Separate” (which was marginally successful) or the failed plan to allow groups full competitive equality?
    I would submit to you that Apartheid in South Africa would have succeeded if the Blacks had been allowed a greater percentage of the productive land in South Africa and given the real tools to develop themselves economically.
    I would submit to you that progressive Southern “Segregationists” such as Governor Strom Thurmond of South Carolina earnestly desired REAL and EFFECTIVE competitive equality for Southern Blacks, so long as racial separation was maintained.
    By “Competitive Equality” I mean equality of opportunity, not results. I mean equality before the law, not mandatory equality of achievement. I would submit that there is no such thing, that there can never be any such thing, as true equality of results and achievement.

    • David Ashton

      The case for fairer partition in south Africa, which was begun by Dr Verwoerd, dwindled after his assassination because of the continuing explosion of Bantu birth-rates, their presence in the cities, the self-interest of whites at all levels in conveniently cheap labor, the propaganda of the communists and the collapse of segregation in the USA. We have comparable obstacles in western countries today, and these must be countered with persuasive arguments, while the whites remain in the numerical majority (not the case in southern Africa) and a number of non-whites can feel comfortable to get on board with us for similar ultimate objectives. Tricky, but in my view still possible.

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        I am very happy to see your comment and I appreciate your reasoned feedback—-I had begun to think that absolutely everybody on this website was of the opinion that we could reconquer the world without any cooperation or negotiation. Most people here who read AmRen are angry terribly frustrated, so frustrated they cannot think logically, practically, or rationally about how to develop politically viable solutions that lead us from here (where we really and truly are) to somewhere better. I totally agree with you, “a number of non-whites can feel comfortable to get on board with us for similar ultimate objectives.” Very well put. The ONLY way we will ever get back to any kind of racially pure or segregated society (or societies) is if we engage in reasoned, practical, dialogue with all segments of society about how such societies benefit ALL CONCERNED. When members of our movement myopically say that ALL that matters is to improve the status and standing of our own race, we are playing into the hands of the mainstream media that we are selfish, irrational, racist bigots. But if we start saying and then SHOWING that ALL CAN BENEFIT from “Neo-Segregation” or “Neo-Apartheid”—then we have a chance. Politics and Law are 100% about dialogue and dialogue has to be rational and fair to the position of one’s debate partners, which in this case do clearly outnumber us and even have a number of us on THEIR side…

    • Wayne

      The answer to that was determined way back when gullible whites bought into the “nation of immigrants” scam. From that point on, America was no longer white or Western, but a multicultural paradise of diversity and vibrancy. That America is majority non-white is a given and a plus for the elite.

    • Wayne

      Wrong! Equality before the law and equality of opportunity are as much of a farce as equality of outcome. Do mentally ill people and minors receive equal punishment as adults for the same crime? No! Because they cannot be held to the same standards. Now apply to blacks and whites and it is the same. Blacks cannot be held to Western standards withou disparate impact.
      Regarding equality of opportunity, my children will never have the same opportunities as a millionaire’s children. That is life. Equality is a false god, a blatant in your face lie that needs to be killed off entirely.

  • Ernest

    Here we go again. The list is certainly long. Right leaning whites who insist that ‘race doesn’t matter’ fawn over any black that gives an inkling of so called conservative values. From Colin ‘I love Obama’ Powell to Michael ‘Hip Hop’ Steele and JC ‘Black TV News Station’ Watts. Too many whites must have black benediction and willingly dive head first into white displacement and disenfranchisement to have it. Even the much touted Allen West is a member of the Black Caucus. But again they don’t care about race!

    Wonder what the National Black Republican Association thinks about race?

    • Katherine McChesney

      Why don’t you google their website?

      • Ernest

        Maybe I should have used the sarcasm tag…

  • David Ashton

    Credit where it is due, please. I share the general position of Jared Taylor on black-white differences, which conforms to my personal experience also in inner-city “England”. However, when a teacher the cleverest pupil I ever had in the 13-14 age group was of Nigerian origin, a ladylike girl, who wrote virtually faultless essays of the cuff in beautiful handwriting, and eventually went on to take a science degree at a major university. One swallow…but they do exist. Their best role is to set an example to their own people, and to lead them.

    • saxonsun

      Yes they do; I have some of them in my classes.

    • Ralph

      They are not my people, so I don’t care about them at all. Let them go their own way.

    • Wayne

      Exactly! Lead them back to Nigeria! Stop robbing the turd world of all that talent.

  • Thor Bonham

    No more black presidents, period .

  • jeffaral

    Dr Carson is an ideal conservative candidate: He is black, Christian and likable; the braindead christian Whites will vote for him in droves.

    • StillModerated

      I am White, and I am Christian and I will not vote to put any GOP candidate in the White House — especially black candidates.

  • anonymous

    It doesn’t make any difference how smart and accomplished this guy is. He could be a black version of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson and it wouldn’t matter. The Republicans are only interested in him because he’s black. This is obviously just another attempt by the GOP to “attract more diversity.” As a result, the minority voters they’re trying to appeal to will automatically dismiss Carson as an Oreo and Uncle Tom whether he deserves it or not. The Stupid Party doesn’t seem to understand how blatantly obvious their desperate pandering tactics are. The sooner they vanish into the ash heap of history, the better.

  • Tucker

    Saw a headline on a web page somewhere this morning that mentioned this guy’s name, and a quote that said something like: ‘If called, I would run in 2016’ or something to that effect. I didn’t waste my time clicking on the link.

    What I definitely sense is going on here – is that the Cultural Marxist enemy is feverishly working 24/7, 365 – to make ‘Whiteness’ literally radioactive. To endlessly and relentlessly promote the notion that White politicians can no longer be allowed to run for office, starting of course, at the national level – but eventually, this racial prohibition will expand and be extended to the state and local level. If, that is, Whites are stupid enough to allow it.

    This, I believe, is a clear sign that our enemy is entering into a very dangerous mine field of hysteria and paranoia. They read the forums and the comments which are being posted all over the Web by an increasingly awake and racially aroused White European majority – and the one thing that our enemy fears most and has horrific nightmares about most often, is the idea of a White leader emerging who will be openly pro-White and who will become a lightening rod that will attract millions of angry and racially healthy White European voters.

    Thus, by constantly trying to foist one magic minority after another upon the Conservative White voters, they are apparently trying to head off the emergence of a legitimate White leader for our people.

    Let’s see now. The GOP has had Michael Steele (black), one other guy who’s name I cannot recall but who was both a jew and a homosexual, and now this Priebus fellow who boasts he wants to perform surgery on the GOP and remove the ‘white cancer tumor’ that he believes is hindering the GOP’s ability to attract minority parasites….oops….I meant to say minority voters. The idea seems to be to purge White males completely from all top party leadership positions and replace them with non-Whites who all uniformly hate the White conservative base of the GOP.

    No doubt about it, folks. The GOP needs to lose 100 percent of its White conservative base. They despise us and plan to disenfranchise us and force the GOP to be driven and lead by non-Whites and you can bet the farm that White interests will NEVER be addressed when they are under the control of our racial competitors.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I think that was Newsmax with that headline.

      • Tucker

        I remembered the name of the jewish homosexual who spent time as the RNC top dog. Ken Mehlman.

        And, i should clarify: The idea seems to be to purge all straight, normal, heterosexual White males from all top leadership positions and replace them with non-Whites or homosexuals or lesbians or Whites who’ve been coal burners.

  • StillModerated

    Oh yes, the Democraps had a black president, so now the Repooplicans have to do the same thing. It’s a classic case of “monkey see, monkey do.”

  • He’s not just “Republicans” greatest hopes. We who are willing to judge people by the content of their character and the soundness of their logic realize Carson’s ilk are part of this country’s solution. Those unwilling to concede his brillaince should drink from the water fountain labeled “for dummies only.”

    • Isn’t it funny how “content of their character” always seems to revolve around White people needing a token black to justify and vindicate their views? It’s not so much what he says, but it’s the fact that in order for one to say it and get away with it, one has to be black or at least attach themselves to the notion that we are all one race.

    • Ralph

      Put him in whiteface and no one would pay any attention to this guy.

    • Wayne

      That’s just it, Skippie! Republitards are not judging by the content of character (which is a total line of crap and a one way street anyway), but are performing slobbering all over him because he is not white. Republitards like you are cowards and gullible tools.
      Equality is a monstrous lie, wake up!

  • Shattered

    I certainly don’t agree with all of Dr. Benjamin Carson’s views but find him intelligent, moral, and thoughtful and agree with enough of his views to welcome him into the political arena.




    NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!

  • baabaaboooy

    2 blks just executed a white baby being walked in a stroller brunswick georgia…

  • anarchyst

    “Dr.” Carson’s pro-gun control stance is a deal-breaker for me. . .


    Never Again !!!!!

  • cali

    I agree with so many of the comments here. The GOP finds a smart black man that happens to agree with several of our policies and we start salivating. For every Ben Carson there are thousands of whites that are equal. So giving him any political power would be because he is black. We are trying to solve one of our countries biggest problems by contributing to the problem.

  • Paleoconn

    I dream of Kobach/Brewer 2016

  • Steven Bannister

    Ben Carson would be a GREAT leader…. for blacks.

    He’s intelligent, charismatic, a family man and a Christian. He’s exactly the kind of black man that black people SHOULD be listening to and hopefully, if blacks ever get their own country, he’s exactly the kind of leader they should elect.