Here’s Why Black Voters Might Be the GOP’s Secret Weapon

Deroy Murdock, Human Events, March 21, 2013

“What have the Democrats done for you lately?”

Republicans should start asking black Americans that question–early and often. Here’s why engaging black voters could become the GOP’s secret weapon.

Republicans need not win the black vote. Securing 15 percent of the black electorate severely erodes the stalwart Democratic base. If 20 to 25 percent of blacks vote GOP, it’s curtains for Democrats.


Campaigning among black voters would help Republicans stop resembling “stuffy, old white men,” as an RNC focus group described them. Listening to and speaking with black Americans refutes the notion that Republicans are just country-club Caucasians. Shaking black hands and kissing black babies would reassure nervous white voters that Republicans are not bigots, and it’s OK to support them.

Democrats would be badly disarmed without the race card. Democrats would have to double down on their phony “War on Women” and stoke class hatred even harder.

Bored by cautious GOP nominees, Republicans and Right-leaning independents likely would become electrified, knock on doors, and turn out for Republicans who deploy this strategy. Had Mitt Romney Romney visited black neighborhoods, unenthused conservatives would have become inspired and, at least, voted. That might have been Mitt’s margin of victory.

The Republican message should combine opportunity-related themes with historical facts about Democrats’ largely shameful record towards blacks (from stymieing Reconstruction, to launching the Ku Klux Klan, and filibustering federal anti-lynching legislation and the 1964 Civil Rights Act). {snip}

Besides addressing the NAACP, Mitt Romney did little to win black votes. Nonetheless, against Obama, he won 6 percent of black voters, 50 percent more than Arizona Republican Senator John McCain’s 4 percent in 2008.

What if Romney had fought for black votes? He barely lost several swing states. With mildly stronger black support and a modestly tighter embrace among decreasingly “nervous” whites and energized GOP-base voters, Romney could have delivered an Electoral College squeaker.


A muscular, year-round appeal to black voters would benefit the GOP and black Americans alike.

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  • The Republican Party getting the black vote is just around the corner. And also…the Cubs could win the World Series this year.

    Seriously, Jack Kemp was the biggest black panderer in the recent history of the Republican Party. What good did it do Boob Dole to pick Kemp as his running mate in 1996, when Bill Clinton got the usual 95% or more of the black vote that Democrats running for President always get?

    • MikeofAges

      Still, the greatest fear of Democratic Party is of slippage in the minority vote. If they black vote fell to under 90 percent Democratic and the Hispanic vote and Asian vote to under two/thirds the Democrats would be in a heap of trouble. One thing for sure, their percentage of the white vote has fallen and may fall yet more.

      • I’m sure they fear that. I fear being kidnapped by space aliens and taken off to the planet Fezelinigiblauten. Get my point? Unless you don’t, what I mean by that is that they’re irrational fears, because they’ll never happen.

        I should walk that back: It could happen, if the Republican Party becomes a more welfare and more big spending party than the Democrats. But then it’ll be a Republican Party I would want no part of.

  • William

    Q: What do you call a black person who is lecturing to an all-white audience?

    A: Keynote speaker at a Republican convention.

  • “What have the Republicans done for you lately?”

    Mitt Romney did little to win black votes
    He sure didn’t do much to win white votes either. I went for the lesser of two evils…AGAIN!
    I learned my lesson, I’ll vote liberal democrat over moderate republican, just to let them know this SAME OLD strategy no longer works. The sooner it all falls apart, the sooner we can get down to business.
    I’m tired of being a subject of an old song by the Who.

  • Bernie

    Ahhhh yessss, my friends … I made this magical elixir in the back of my wagon with ingredients straight from Siam by way of Mesopatamia … This tonic is so potent it will make blacks vote Republican – along with curing dropsy, tin ear, goiters, pimples, women’s complaints, bad breath and milk leg.

    This exotic serum sells for $2,000 but for you – my dear friends – I am practically giving it away at $19.99.

    Just see my assistant at the back of the wagon. Hurry while supplies last! Oh, and I give you my word that you will get a full refund in the unlikely event this divine serum fails to live up to its promises.

    • Ted

      I will make the same proposal here that I made in a posting to National Review a few weeks ago. It would be easy to win substantial black support away from the Democrats. All that is necessary is for the GOP to claim that as affirmative action was originally, back in the sixties, (yeah, I’m that old) sold as a means of assisting blacks to recover from the effects of slavery, Jim Crow, etc., that a plank of the Republican platform is that henceforth, only black Americans whose ancestors were slaves will be eligible for any of these programs in the future. That will make real headway as blacks are growing very resentful of the left’s anointing of illegal immigrants and latinos in general as their new darlings. A black guy at work was angry that all these programs became simply a tool of the Democrats to buy votes from people who aren’t white, and that his people were dragged here on slave ships and enslaved for centuries only to see “the julio’s”, as he referred to the latinos, getting it by sneaking into the country. Divide and conquer does work, the Democrat’s have been winning for years using these means. Black against brown battling for the racial spoils system is already a reality. Use it.

      • MikeofAges

        Amen. If you have to have affirmative action, then only for blacks descended from chattel slaves, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders. Everybody else goes into the same pool. If you have programs for “disadvantaged” applicants, all can apply under them.

    • Steven Bannister

      The article suggest that Republicans should ask blacks “What have Democrats done for you lately?”

      The answer they hear back will be as simple as it is resounding: THEY GAVE US A BLACK PRESIDENT YOU DUMMY !!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    More liberal propaganda trying to convince us to take actions which would forever terminate ANY white, conservative maintenance of culture, financial welfare of the nation, and keep the Dems in power forever. Can Republicans really be that stupid to listen to this obvious claptrap? Yes, they can, and they are.

  • The only way to get the plurality of the black vote is to pander and offer freebies.

    This country can no longer afford to do that though. I think a small segment of blacks will transition to the GOP once the freebies start getting trimmed, but for those whose entire existence depends upon government largess, the Dems will always be their party of choice.

    • Frank

      Freebies Freebies Freebies Freebies Freebies Freebies Freebies Freebies Freebies Freebies Freebies Freebies Freebies!

      That’s the only thing Blacks want! As long as the Dems keep promising Free this and that, the Republicans are Doomed

  • Guest

    We need a candidate who will say ‘no’ to blacks. These people just want their purple arces kissed and I am tired of it. What gave the contributed to our society? They have done everything possible to tear it down.

  • bigone4u

    The only realistic way to court blacks is to demean yourself by dressing as a black Santa Claus, while offering blacks more goodies. The black mind is often both mean and child-like. Black Santa might pick up a few votes for the elephant, but the donkey’s Santa would just respond with a bigger sack full of goodies. Stupid idea, but desperation inspires stupidity.

  • gregCall

    If the Republican party keeps running candidates like Mclown and Rumney they better get votes from somewhere because they’re throwing away the conservative vote and the race conscious vote even more so.

  • Nathanwartooth

    “Had Mitt Romney Romney visited black neighborhoods, unenthused conservatives would have become inspired and, at least, voted.”


    You showed your true intentions, sir. This is just a satirical piece that I think was copied from The Onion.

    Blacks have voted 70%+ Democrat since 1930. They see Republicans as “White” which is why they don’t vote for them. Really that simple.

  • The__Bobster

    What have the Democrats done for you lately?”

    How about social programs and make-work gubmint jobs? Hey, Republicans, can you match that?

    Oh, you’re offering them hard work instead? Let’s see how that works out.

  • SheikYerbouti

    Always we hear how “complex” black lives are when the obvious truth is that they are the most simple on the planet. Secrecy is about their only asset. Remember “it’s a black thang, you wouldn’t understand it”? Hah. It was yet another way for them to avoid exposure. In the information age they are powerless except for their white advocates. Republicans have NO chance until they return to their BASE: White Americans. Through white Americans they could potentially rule for the next century regardless of the demographic shifts. Only republican stupidity shields them from success.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Blacks are even less likely to vote Republican than Hispanics. The Republicans’ only chance is to start defending the white, historic American nation, their natural base.

  • IKantunderstand

    Don’t get me started on what the Democrats(and Republicans) have done for Blacks lately. What? The EBT, WIC, TANF, Section 8 vouchers, Obama phones isn’t enough? What’s next, 50″ TVs? Shoot, they can probably just use the EBT for that. (Also, I know how commenters are, I truly do not know if TVs come in 50″, if they don’t, please substitute a big ass number of your own choosing). My beef is with Deroy, I may call you that, Deroy? Lovely name. So, listen up, Deroy : What exactly is your beef with “stuffy old white men”? Stuffy old White men founded this country on a new concept of governance never before tried in this world. Stuffy old White men invented electricity,the telephone,telegraph,internal combustion engines, sliced bread. I mean, everything. Please, not interested in the minute contributions from Arabs, etc. So, don’t feel compelled to tell me. (I will stipulate their minor contributions). Stuffy old White men created the U.N. Stuffy old White men were willing to risk their lives to make the world better for everybody. Umm, Deroy, is this article a joke? Do you really think all White voters are afraid that Repubs are bigots? Because, I think White voters are put off because they are not. White people want politicians who are bigoted, bigoted in favor of White people. You know, Deroy, to counteract all the anti -White laws and legislation we have been enduring for the last forty eight years. I yearn for stuffy old White men to rule my country again. I would be even happier with stuffy young White men.

  • crystalevans

    Romney lost the black vote but not really addressing their concerns and turned off Hispanic voters by promising to veto the Dream Act, if it ever reached his desk if he was president and would also cancel the DACA program that Obama started for young illegals.

    • Dave4088

      White racial concerns are never addressed by either major party other than to decry our valid concerns as hateful and, of course, racist.

  • PesachPatriot

    I’m pretty sure the last republican black voters were enthusiastic for wore a top hat and allegedly fought vampires…..i stopped caring about donkeys and elephants a long time ago both are very good at driving expensive, beautiful cars into ditches.

  • blarg

    So we’ll pander to blacks in the hope they perhaps vote in small numbers for republicans? I guess its the same logic of amnesty for millions of illegals, maybe 10 % of these immigrants will vote republican!

    Not quite sure how that math works out, but i’m sure they wouldn’t be lying to us.

  • LHathaway

    “A muscular, year-round appeal to black voters would benefit the GOP and black Americans alike”

    Are we still talking about politics and an appeal to ‘voters’?

  • Puggg

    A muscular, year-round appeal to black voters would benefit the GOP and black Americans alike.


    This is the kind of blubber brain rhetoric that is uttered because people think it sounds oh so clever and tolerant and open-minded and broad-minded to say and they think others will think the same as it goes into their ears. But nobody really knows what it means, or can explain why or how it’s true. Just between you, me and the fire hydrant, we know it’s not true.

  • Seek

    An utterly cliched, naive and stupid article by Deroy Murdock. At least he’s black. Even worse are white “conservatives” who say the same things. News flash: The GOP has been “reaching out” to blacks for over 40 years, ever since Nixon. It has availed the party nothing. As for that Democrats = Klan nonsense, virtually every white in the South was a Democrat, regardless of where they stood on the Klan. And it was Northern Democrats who were the most anti-Klan of all. But don’t expect to read as much much in this, the Age of Jonah Goldberg.
    Human Events, if I may add, used to be a great newspaper until it went into full race-denial mode. Maybe that’s why it’s not even a newspaper anymore. It ceased its hard copy version recently. Good riddance.

    • ATBOTL

      The “Democrats are the real racists” line is so ludicrous it defies comprehension. A related conservative whopper is “the Nazis were leftists.”

  • potato78

    GOP is of short term chaser.
    So deduce that white race in US is of short term chaser. The more short term you chase, the more hurt you will have for your long term.

    SO deduce that US is of short term chaser.

    The more short term you chase, the more hurt US will have for US long term.

  • potato78
  • Proof positive of why I stopped reading Human Events and other Conservatism Inc websites. Blacks will never vote for Republicans in meaningful numbers. They have been hit harder than any other group during this recession yet they all lined up to vote for Obama again. Say what you will about Romney, but at least he had ideas about how to turn things around in terms of ghe economy. Obongo offers nothing. Blacks dont care, they vote for their own and whomever will give them free stuff.

    My father in law has workd on numerous successful political campaigns for republican candidates, including several elected to the Presidency, he is now retired. I told him at Christmas that the only hope for Republicans to ever gain control again is to overtly court white people. He smiled and agreed, but said the old guard will never allow it to happen, even though in private they know its true. They enjoy the morning talk show circuit too much They’d rather go down with the ship than try to plug the leak.

  • freddy_hills

    “What have the Democrats done for you lately?”

    What have the Republicans done for ME lately?

  • whatever

    If Republicans started kissing black babies they would be accused of being pedophiles. Democrats who kiss babies are pedophiles but get a free pass.

  • Dave4088

    Sorry, blacks voting Republican by 20-25% just ain’t gonna happen no matter how many black hind ends and black babies Repub pols can attach their lips to. Blacks want set asides, free stuff and anti-white polemics and not “free” markets, individual liberty, race neutrality and self determination. After all, dat stuff be for duh white man. Besides, blacks didn’t come a flocking to the GOP when wacky black man Michael Steele became RNC chairman several years ago.

    I notice the name of the author of this article is Deroy except he doesn’t have an apostrophe like baby murderer De’Marquise De Sade Wilkins. I don’t know what it is with black people and the “De” prefix, but it seems in order to assert their racial identity they take a normal name and just add the De prefix to it. It’s obviously an African thing.

    • IstvanIN

      They are just not terribly creative.

  • if the GOP starts playing up for the non white vote this is one WASP who will stay home on election days

  • Well, The GOP is going to have to reach out to Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, Gays, women, overall poor people. Demographics are changing and we’re not going back. Thus, this strategy is the best for the GOP plus conservatives, in general. If not, then it’s curtains for the GOP/conservatives. Have a good day now!!