Posted on February 6, 2013

Black Mob Beats Man Until Skull Breaks

Colin Flaherty, WND, February 6, 2013

Kyam Washington must have done something: He raped somebody, stole something, hit someone, or was just a bad guy with bad intentions who deserved a fractured skull.

That is what the lawyer and the newspaper said. The rape thing turned out not to be true. Whatever.

But that is why a mob of black people in Manhattan beat him with fists, kicks, a traffic cone and wooden board until they fractured his skull. And why they were in the middle of doing the same to a Good Samaritan before the police arrived.

All on video: Where at least 10 black people assaulted Washington, accompanied by the laughter, cheers, clapping, and encouragement of the nearby crowd.

A woman in a dress is seen taking off her high heeled shoes to take part in the beating. Others yell, “We are from Yonkers, n — — ” and provide blow by blow commentary on the assault.


The assault took place in 2010, but the case did not come to trial until last month, when police released the video.

Assistant District Attorney Lucy Cutolo told the jury: “I need to warn you that the video you’re going to see in this case contains graphic disturbing footage of possibly the most prolonged and brutal assault that you have ever, or will ever, see,” reported the New York Daily News at the January trial.

Four were convicted of assault, others remain at large, unknown.


The Yonkers beat down crew is set for sentencing this month.