Video: Black Mob Beats Man Until Skull Breaks

Colin Flaherty, WND, February 6, 2013

Kyam Washington must have done something: He raped somebody, stole something, hit someone, or was just a bad guy with bad intentions who deserved a fractured skull.

That is what the lawyer and the newspaper said. The rape thing turned out not to be true. Whatever.

But that is why a mob of black people in Manhattan beat him with fists, kicks, a traffic cone and wooden board until they fractured his skull. And why they were in the middle of doing the same to a Good Samaritan before the police arrived.

All on video: Where at least 10 black people assaulted Washington, accompanied by the laughter, cheers, clapping, and encouragement of the nearby crowd.

A woman in a dress is seen taking off her high heeled shoes to take part in the beating. Others yell, “We are from Yonkers, n——” and provide blow by blow commentary on the assault.


The assault took place in 2010, but the case did not come to trial until last month, when police released the video.

Assistant District Attorney Lucy Cutolo told the jury: “I need to warn you that the video you’re going to see in this case contains graphic disturbing footage of possibly the most prolonged and brutal assault that you have ever, or will ever, see,” reported the New York Daily News at the January trial.

Four were convicted of assault, others remain at large, unknown.


The Yonkers beat down crew is set for sentencing this month.


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  • Obviously cause by poverty, or society doing wrong by these future nuclear physicists.

    • Or, if you really want to get outside the box, you could pin it on the whiteman holding the blackman down for 62,000 years

      • The__Bobster

        That reminds me of a certain movie scene:

        • Some Guy

          Ironic, the man who created that make up died today, Stuart Freeborn…and yes I see the resemblance.

        • dhs

          No, that powerful movie scene shows mankind on the way up; the video shows mankind on the way down.

      • Speaking of which, humans evolved in the Middle East. Our long dead ancestors didn’t come from Africa. Even today, most blacks are actually homo erectus. This is why they destroy environments down to their level. A black who is civilized (.1%) is usually a hybrid.

    • pcmustgo

      Whites are “racist” and therefore deserve this… this is the thinking.

      • These dudes that were beat were black. I saw no whites anywhere except for the fool that tried to protect the African ex-con. Anyway, those white chicks screaming from across the street were hilarious.

      • Garrett Brown

        They were black… Are you always intoxicated when you post on here? Never seems like you know what’s actually going on.

  • OnGuard

    Couldn’t be sure if the victum was white, but apparently the only one that tried to protect the severely beaten man was a white guy, who then received some blows for his heroism!

    • ed91

      The last 30 seconds showed the person’s back and long hair and there’s little doubt he/she was white.
      People—– this stuff is not going to cut it. All these videos are getting more frequent and absurd and brutal.

      • Ulick

        The victim’s name is Kyam Washington. Odds are that’s a light-skinned black guy with long braids or dreads.

        • The Ice Queen

          I think there might have been two victims. The first one black, the second one white. The hair seemed too silky to be that of a black person. I can’t bring myself to watch it again right now, so I’ll rely on other posters to decipher it. Maybe I’ll watch it again later. Maybe.

          • DanteMX

            I believe the second victim was asian, but that is only a hunch based on the apparent jet black hair of said victim.

          • CaptainCroMag

            At around the 1:30 mark you can see that they are simultaneously beating two persons, one laid out near the curb and the other who is down on the ground next to the wall. They drag this second person out into the middle of the street at the end of the video. We can see a glimpse of his face and he looks like an Asian man with long hair. .

    • And it was quite foolish of him to intervene without enough muscle or firepower even to defend himself much less stop the lynch mob. All he could do was beg them to stop. Utterly pathetic.

  • Garrett Brown

    Why aren’t there any white or Asian mobs? Hmmmm. Better update that study on genes from mice to homo sapiens. I think we’ll find the eugenics answer to what we at Amren already know.

    • The__Bobster

      We USED to have mobs when it was time to mete out justice. What has happened to us?

  • “Kyam Washington must have done something: He raped somebody, stole
    something, hit someone, or was just a bad guy with bad intentions who
    deserved a fractured skull.”

    The author is really naive, everyone knows blacks do these attacks for sport, and robbery is just a secondary motive.

    • Liberalsuck

      Yeah, for sure, like, cuz’ I really think most white guys go around to black hoods and, like, you know, like rob and rape and kill, like, you know. (Sarcasm)

      • MadMax

        This isn’t a ‘black hood’, it’s in the heart of Manhattan.

    • NYB

      Public lynching’s are common up and down Africa. African mob blood-lust takes the form of beatings, stonings, and the infamous ‘neck-lacing’ with a burning tire. The weakness of the victim seems to stimulate more horrific amounts of violence.

      Even in an urban landscape far from home, African behavior imitates the carnivorous pack animals indigenous to the Dark Continent.

      • Luis

        That’s why it takes around 50 Zulus with spears to attack one rhino. It takes around 100 to attack an elephant. There’s a video on You Tube – set to the song “Africa” by Toto – that bears this out.

    • pcmustgo

      Kyam Washington is the victim’s name? So he is black, right? Mixed?

  • Barrack Osama

    Imagine a carefree young woman and her daughter living in a civilization where this is not newsworthy. I can take care of myself. Brainwashed innocents won’t be so lucky. That is why race realism is growing. Even if you don’t care about white nationalism or the makeup of western countries, surely every human being with sense can see that the suicidal leftist ideology that brought us to this point must be stopped at all costs.

    • Viv Jasper

      I believe that our natural survival instinct inclines us to watch our backs when we’re in the presence of blacks. It’s a real shame that so many are compelled to bury their own drive to survive under the bombardment of white guilt we’re subjected to every day. Hopefully videos such as this will awaken the brainwashed innocents who continue to put themselves in harm’s way.

    • pcmustgo

      No, they don’t…

      • pcmustgo

        They have to be victimized themselves.

  • The Ice Queen

    This is so disturbing, I just feel sick to my stomach. I was going to watch it a second time because it was hard to determine the race of the victim. There was what appeared to be a white person with long hair getting beaten near the end, but it was so disgusting I couldn’t bring myself to watch it a second time. These people are morally, psychologically, socially, and eternally lost. Going to the polls and throwing money at them will do nothing to stop this insanity. It’s past time to cut the ties. God help ’em, because we sure can’t.

    • Garrett Brown

      I thought that as well but at the end when he’s at the front of the car you can see his dreads. He was black.

    • The dude getting beat was a black male with dreadlocks. No doubt about it.

  • George

    So, the mini riot took place in 2010, but police have only NOW released the video, at trial?

    Everyone in the Western world had seen (at least the last four inflammatory seconds of the) Rodney King video. I’d like to be able to say that police forces have learnt that such things on the news only result in backlash and this is now their consistent policy. I’d like to be able to say that they’re making an effort to prevent race riots.

    The reality is, though, that as usual, had the races been reversed, this video WOULD have been splashed all over the national networks, for weeks on end. 21 years after the video had been shot, the Jacksons, Sharptons and other dross would harp on about racism in White America.

  • No one cares. OK? The Republican Party will not bring it up. White women support the political party that condones this behavior, and white boys believe their grandfathers were the cause of all of this.
    It wasn’t me out there, and I’m sure not enough white people got their “aha” moment when they saw this video, if they even saw this video.

  • Luca

    You will see this behavior in US prisons, Liberia, New Orleans, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Oakland etc. I believe the street vernacular for this is “chimp-out.” I am sure some liberal will tell you it has something to do with white-privilege, slavery, poverty, discrimination and under-funded schools. Is it any wonder why previous generations (especially in the south) had vigilante groups to keep certain people in line and administer street justice? This video should be shown in anthropology classes and compared to the behavior we have seen in Africa through the ages. You can take the African out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the African. All the welfare, Affirmative Action, food stamps and liberal in excuses in the world will never make a dent in this behavior. Only the 2nd Amendment will.

    • George

      Or a repeal of Amendments 13 through 15, inclusive.

      • MBlanc46

        And in so doing, permit the states to violate 1-10.

  • George


    It’s a shame it’s already the 6th of February.

    This video would have made for an excellent start to Black History Month…

  • Mark

    The insolence and savagery of blacks is unrivaled by any other race on earth, blacks have acted with impunity for too long, they speak freely and openly about their intent to harm us while politicians’ look the other way. It’s time for Europeans to show are displeasure and let our representatives know; it’s ok to discuss race problems, in fact we insist upon it.

  • brengunn

    At first, I thought, here we go more black adults acting like ten year olds in the playground again, all but shouting ‘fight fight fight’. Then they turned into brutal animals, even the girl was appalling. That was a difficult watch.

    Notice that it’s a white guy who stops it and the girls in the background shouting for them to stop were all white.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Those darkie thugs look like they could be Obama’s sons.

    • Cherry Bomb

      Please stop using this trite cliche. Thank you.

      • HenryHolliday

        She can say what she wants. We can’t forget what has been and is being done to Zimmerman. We are too easily distracted, and too easily forget outrages that don’t merit forgiveness..

        • Cherry Bomb

          How exactly do mindless phrases repeated ad nauseam…”If Obama had a son,” “Looks like one of Obama’s sons,” help us “not forget” the Zimmerman travesty?

          If you truly believe such “profound” statements such as “If Obama had a son…” “Looks like one of Obama’s sons…” “adds information and perspective, and encourages polite debate” and helps us to “remember outrages” who am I to say otherwise?

          That’s what the scroll function on computers are for.

          • HenryHolliday

            Then scroll. Repeating such word bytes to those who see them for what they are keeps the issues associated with them fresh in our minds. Censorship is for socialists.

            In a message dated 2/8/2013 8:38:22 A.M. Mountain Standard Time, [email protected] writes:


            Cherry Bomb wrote, in response to HenryHolliday:
            How exactly do mindless phrases repeated ad nauseam…”If Obama had a son,” “Looks like one of Obama’s sons,” help us “not forget” the Zimmerman travesty?

            If you truly believe such “profound” statements such as “If Obama had a son…” “Looks like one of Obama’s sons…” “adds information and perspective, and encourages polite debate” and helps us to “remember outrages” who am I to say otherwise?

            That’s what the scroll function on computers are for.

            _Link to comment_ ( :hqd5LKgfIZBVlwotFUBDu-33upk&imp=219ecd58-b7b3-4029-a0f5-8c73881a6d2f&zone=n otifications.clicks&forum=americanrenaissance&thread=1069350943)

  • redfeathers

    Moderator, my comment is off-topic, so if you delete it, I understand. Did anyone see Investigation Discovery’s positive portrayal of Crystal Mangum, the Duke Lacrosse liar? Coming soon, their version of the Zimmerman/Martin case with Keith Beauchamp’s series “The Injustice Files”.

  • brengunn

    More real people conforming to stereotypes.

  • Why George Zimmerman Is the Best Argument for Gun Ownership.

  • Nate Miller

    To be fair, I do see even some white blonde men joining the blacks in beating up the lone white man in the video. Watch out for 1:08 in the video.

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, this video is confusing…

  • fakeemail

    The white good samaritan is no hero; he’s a damn fool.

  • And liberals still ask me why why I always travel armed.

  • pcmustgo

    IS THE VICTIM WHITE? HE LOOKS DREADLOCKED TO ME ? CONFUSED… Yonkers is a very dangerous place. Been gentrified lately, but yeah, all the bad elements that don’t make the cut for the NYC housing projects get shipped up there.

    • pcmustgo

      Kyam Washington looks like a biracial mulatto with dreadlocks. Perhaps an “uppity” black they felt needed to be taught about the hood?

      Funny, they are the Yonkers beat down crew but were doing this off their own turf in Manhattan.

  • pcmustgo

    Kyam probably did do something if the white guy is beating on him.

    Kyam is not a white name… Washington is the most common black last name in America.

  • seek

    The Republican Party isn’t going to bring up the subject of mass black attacks. Who, then, will? I propose the equivalent of the British National Party.

    • Skincognito

      I propose the equivalent of a Golden Dawn. The BNP’s been wearing kid gloves for a while now.

  • AB7

    It is just so sad that someone didn’t have a gun to blow away the attackers right there on the spot to send them to Hell where they are going anyway.

  • AB7

    No pun intended, and no joking about their race which is black, but it is true that blacks seem to swarm in attacks like this in the manner of a pack of monkeys in the jungle. And the kicking of the head of the victim when they are down is another common aspect of their group attacks. From the standpoint of humans it shows extreme cowardice. The same tough talking trash are in actuality bloody cowards who must attack in swarms. How utterly pathetic. Then they go cash their goobermint check and eat goobermint cheese. Disgusting vermin lower than worms, truly not worthy of living on American soil.

  • George

    People are wondering about the victim, Kyam Washington.


    The suspects — Andrew McCray, Martrell Terrell, Shadia Brackman and Christopher Montanez, all friends from Yonkers who had been drinking Hennessy at Libation on Ludlow St. for a friend’s birthday — are accused of carrying out the savage attack at Essex and Rivington Sts. about 4a.m. on May 8, 2010

    Washington began the melee, they argued, by robbing McCray, taking his fake chain.

    Washington also has a lengthy record of his own. You can check out our friend Kyam’s meeting with the New York Supreme Court here… . It turns out his second felony conviction made him something of a precedent-setter…a Mr. Washington goes to Albany, if you will.

    The only sad matter in this case is that the white Samaritan might have been hurt. He was certainly inconvenienced. Oh…and we’ll be paying the incarceration costs.

  • Vanessa

    I noticed a lot of comments on here expressed at least some modicum of pity for the victim, even though he is black. Yet I’ve been told in all my history books that the white race is singularly the most inhuman, bloodthirsty race on the planet. I heard they whipped their own slaves just for fun (so badly it even made them unable to pick the cotton they were bought with money to do), beat and tortured poor blacks in the south for giggles and hung them from trees just for pleasure. But that’s not what I see today. Based on the manners we observe in white people now, is it so unreasonable to extrapolate that back in time and conclude our nature was probably very much the same then as it is now? It’s a pretty safe bet that whites have always been the decent, hard-working people we find today and not the caricatures that people see in the movies and in NGE and NOI literature. But look at this video, look at the animals we’ve had to fight. I think’s a pretty safe bet that these people are the same now as they’ve always been! It’s a fact the white race has actually done more (naively imo) to help every other race on the planet than ALL the other races combined (even at our own expense.) I’m inclined to believe that the great majority of whites have always been kindhearted people, rather than believe the narrative that says whites suddenly stopped our violent ways because of the benevolent influence of Michael King Jr., splc, and the civil rights movement.

    • MAJ

      Don’t ever believe hollywood propaganda, TV, or the MSM. They are run by morally repugnant, deluded fools. I have yet to figure out their motivation – I believe they are mentally ill.
      Also, protecting your own kind, your property, your family is not bloodthirsty. It’s inherent and it’s called suvival – especially against attacks by lesser life forms.
      Killing a deranged animal bent on essentially eating you is what Whites are dealing with in a “diverse” culture.

    • brengunn

      No, people’s attitudes and morals do change over the course of time. Just look at how animals are treated now compared to 50 years ago or even 20 years ago. Totally different.
      But, that’s not to say anything about slavery or how we conducted ourselves.

    • “Yet I’ve been told in all my history books that the white race is
      singularly the most inhuman, bloodthirsty race on the planet.”

      This is a necessary component of our brainwashing. If whites were portrayed as caring, compassionate giving people, how could they present blacks as victims of evil oppression? The scenario is evil whites are the sole cause of black failure.

  • Cherry Bomb

    One of the attorneys claimed the entire thing was a miscarriage of

    “It’s unfair for a bunch of kids that may have gone a little bit too far to
    be facing unbelievable amounts of jail time …….”.

    This idiot along with the black vermin deserve a dirt nap.

  • LHathaway

    Interesting that the white women bystandards are the only ones screaming for it to stop. Then again, it looked like another pretty white woman was assisting in the beating.

  • LHathaway

    “The Republican Party isn’t going to bring up the subject of mass black attacks. Who, then, will”?

    They’re too busy apologizing for white brutality that took place 100 years ago. The funny thing is the brutality was mostly likely a response to a mass black attack in the first place.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I’ve been to Yonkers…one part is pretty nice and just suburban. The other looks like Africa. Someone probably called them “soft” for being from there since a good amount of whites live there. That’s probably how this started. Funny, one of the richest areas in the nation is right next door to Yonkers: Bronxville. Imagine having a tommy gun in this scenario? I would probably yell something at them and when they came after me just open up and spray. Then we can see how “hard” they really are.

  • bigone4u

    If I did not visit this website everyday I would be unaware of the extent and viciousness of crime in America today.

  • Out of Africa.

  • One day we will have had enough. I wonder what the judenpress will say when they are shot down like the animals they are.

  • I particularly like the comment at 1:45, ‘we f*ck*n’ got this n*gg*’.

  • Cherry Bomb

    OK folks.

    Can we have a moratorium on the following phrases:

    “If Obama had a son…”
    “Looks like one of Obama’s sons…”

    These have become overused, trite cliches that were possibly amusing months ago when Obama actually made the statement about Trayvon Martin looking like a possible son he might have had. After that, it has become tiresome and repetitive to read it on every single article on black crime. Please come up with something different. I know of one forum that has already banned these phrases. Give it a rest already.

    • brengunn

      Hear, hear.

    • George

      I’m inclined to agree with you.

      I read the comments hoping for some additional insight into the original article. Perhaps someone has an update, or other information. Perhaps they can compare it to another, similar item in the news, past or present. Perhaps they can provide a link to relevant statistical data. Even calling attention to a specific point in an article or video.

      I don’t particularly mind when one of our cliches is used as part of this; I do wish, however, that in addition, posters would add something of substance, rather than just repetitious, carbon copy ‘dittos’.

      Granted, black crime in and of itself is repetitious, and fully of carbon copies. Even so, don’t waste your time with the ‘Gee? And we’re surprised why’? comments. Instead, use that time to post links to the original article on other news sites, and help get our message out to the mainstream. That would be more productive, and help make a difference.

      • We moderators are supposed to delete the kind of posts that merely state, “I agree with you/that.” They are merely the commenting equivalent of empty calories.

        • George

          I believe that Cherry Bomb was concerned with the sort of comments that run, in their entirety along the lines of ‘If Obama had a son, he would look like this particular black’, or ‘Typical black behaviour. Are we surprised’? rather than ‘Gee, George, your post is brilliant. I want my daughter to have your babies, I agree with you so much’!

          Both are the equivalent of empty calories, agreed. If I wanted a dinner of Doritos, I’d read these articles on other nationalist websites. I come to AmRen for the steak and lobster.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Thanks for your support. Maybe I was wrong and posters on this site actually enjoy reading “If Obama had a son…” “Looks like one of Obama’s son…” ad infinitum and ad nauseam -and think this is a “profound” statement or “adds to the perspective” of the thread- or maybe it helps some posters “remember” the Zimmerman travesty as another poster told me. Seems so because of the dislikes.

            Who am i to say otherwise?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “Can we have a moratorium on the following phrases:”


    • Michael_C_Scott

      Can we have a moratorium on the following phrase?


  • TheTRUTH

    I feel for the attackers. I’m sure most or all of them were just months away from obtaining their Masters Degree. They go and take their fun just a little too far and now they are going to lose out on what would have been a bright future.

  • I surprised that they actually had an article. Usually black, on everyone else crimes, are no longer news worthy.

  • Canadian White Guy

    All that was missing was the tire and the gasoline

  • Jesse May

    This video reminds me of why I don’t think white people need to focus as much on non-black issues for the time being. The most devastating thing in the USA’s existence is that all other races were forced to live amongst blacks. Nothing could be more dangerous and idiotic to allow this population freedom in a civilized society. All people are at risk and all people suffer when blacks are in their vicinity.

  • Felix_M

    Out of Africa.

  • RaceWoman1768

    Why must it always be black youths…disappointing a it is agonizing.

  • JeromeFJ