Top Democrat Warns Against Using Term ‘Illegal Immigrants’

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, February 5, 2013

Opening the first immigration hearing of the new Congress, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee warned his colleagues not to use the term “illegal immigrant” as the debate goes on.

“I hope no one uses the term illegal immigrants here today. Our citizens are not—the people in this country are not illegal. They are out of status. They are new Americans that are immigrants,” said Rep. John Conyers Jr., Michigan Democrat.


Many immigrant-rights advocates object to the terms “illegal” and “alien,” saying that people cannot be deemed illegal, and that the word “alien” makes them sound inhuman. {snip}


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  • Extropico

    Whites are not entitled to their own nation or to a majority of the population. Feel the power of this fully operational bankster UN consumer zone battle station.

    • ed91

      who are you to say who and what is entitled?

  • If no human beings are illegal, then no speech is illegal, and no rifle magazine clip is illegal.

    I bet there are still people who think we can make common cause with blacks on immigration. Back in the days when V-Dare was on that bandwagon, one of their writers took me to task by name (my blog’s name) for seeing through that load of garbage. Note that John Conyers is black.

    • Ulick

      While some blacks may be opposed to immigration because it takes what they view as their jobs, Liberal black politicians are not opposed to immigration. They’re for it. Black politicians are the most militant against whites and will do anything to lessen white power — even if it means cutting off their nose to spite their face.

  • Bill

    I suggest people write Conyers’ office and tell him what a rectum he is. They are NOT new citizens. They aren’t even immigrants. Immigrant implies somebody who came here with authorization and through legal channels. No, Conyers you rectum, they ARE illegal and they ARE aliens of another country who have broken our laws to get here, and break our laws while they remain here. P.S. just wrote him myself saying just these things. Go and do likewise and God bless you every one for doing so.

    • Daisy

      Do you think writing or ‘inputting’ from out of state has any effect on legislators. I’ve always assumed they don’t care to hear except from their own constituents. Maybe contacting pols among the offending party in one’s own state might be more effective. Kudos for concrete action.

      • Guest

        Most of them do not even care what their constituents think, except to pay them lip service come reelection time. Our system of governance, in its present state is simply a farce.

        • dukem1

          And this is probably x1000 for guys like Conyers.

      • Bill

        And YOUR suggestion is? Wring your hands, post here, and leave it go at that?
        Politicians recognize citizen firestorms. The reason the currently don’t care about us is because too many of us have adopted the defeatist attitude of believing we are powerless. Perhaps my suggestion was too narrow – write him, but write the same (essentially) to EVERY politician who is even considering amnesty. THAT’S what killed it previous times. Or, we could just sit and wring our hands this time.

        • Daisy

          Golly I was just wondering aloud as is my habit about which pols we might write to for maximum efficacy. I’m always the one trying to come up with and encourage action as opposed to just complaining so I wrote in that appreciative spirit. I hate defeatism, wallowing and inertia.

    • CharlesFinley

      I had two cars, but Hugh Jass wrecked ’em. (-:

  • purestocles

    Presumably, Conyers took an oath of office in which he swore to uphold the Constitution and Laws of the United States. This man is quite simply a traitor and a liar.

    • guest

      Either that or our Constitution has really become irrelevant for today’s America and the laws of this country have been changed to support this madness. But no matter what this democRAT says, if someone comes here illegally, that makes them an illegal immigrant. There’s just no nice way to describe it.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Conyers is right. We must not call them illegal aliens but “undocumented workers” who are “out of status”.

      Similarly, we must not call Conyers’ wife Monica a jailbird or inmate; she is merely a “detainee” awaiting parole status.

    • Joseph


  • wattylersrevolt

    Another vicious black elite waging a vicious race-war against the Native Born White American Majority. Conyers’ open intent is to import a massive high fertility nonwhite voting block that will out vote Native Born White Americans at election time..overwhelm Native Born White Americans…and vote enthusiastically to reduce the Native Born White American Majority to an ever dwindling and violently persecuted racial minority within the borders of America. It is nothing less than a declaration of an open race-war against the Native Born White American Majority.
    Keep this in mind:there are increasing returns involved here:as the number of aliens are legalized the nonwhite voting block increases exponentially increasing massively the vote for another amnesty..eventually..very soon..there will be no more need for amnesties because the borders of the US will be wiped away…for there will be massive nonwhite voting block that will want 0 enforcement…in fact, who do you think will be enforcing the “laws” of the former “America” with regard to illegal border crossing…mexican,indian,sihk and muslim “Americans”
    Keep ths in mind:we are very very rapidly crossing the line into irreversible hyper-exponential population growth….”America” will turned into a giant e-coli paradise…this the future that Native Born White Americans are going to have forced upon them by the massive demographic momentum that is built into the population structure of the “American” population. You can thank that passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and all the Ronnie Reagan-Democratic treasonous amnesties for this hellish dystopia.
    I believe that life in the very near future is going to so very unpleasant for millions of Native Born White Americans that no amount of Jesus Worshipping will reverse what will be essentially Hell on Earth. Christianity and the Jesus Cult will be completey discredited..I write this as someone who is very conservative socially and culturally.

  • David Ashton

    So anyone from anywhere who can get into the USA and stay there is a new citizen?

    • Essentially, yes.

      Interestingly, V-Dare is pushing everyone to repeat and promulgate a short mantra:

      Work permits are amnesty.

      What that means is that all the other arguments over what is and is not in an immigration bill, (phony) “border enforcement” schemes, “path to citizenship” or not, voting rights or not, etc. are inconsequential. The work permits are the holy grail for the amnesty crowd and the cheap labor crowd.

      This is a good time for me to make an exception to my own self-enforced rule.

      • jane johnson

        The ‘”social safety net”, free public education, sanctuary cities, and the whole concept of birthright citizenship are also de facto amnesty, and amount to a “not guilty” verdict, without benefit of judge or jury, for the CRIME of entering our country illegally.

  • Son of Abraham

    Illegal aliens are what they are, and illegal aliens are what they shoud be called.

    • MikeS

      And illegal aliens are how they should be “dealt with.”

  • mobilebay

    You gotta love this! Can’t you see the Border Patrol on their walkie-talkies: Alert! Alert! New citizens coming through!

  • MarcusTrajanus

    “I don’t know what you mean by ‘citizen,’ ” Alice said.

    Rep. John Conyers Jr smiled contemptuously. “Of course you don’t—till I
    tell you. I meant ‘all the people who reside in this country’ ”

    “But ‘citizen’ doesn’t mean ‘all the people who reside in this country’,” Alice objected.

    “When I use a word,” Rep. John Conyers Jr said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

    • Daisy

      Sounds like Obama explaining the 2nd Amendment to Alice. Well, make that the whole Constitution.

    • IstvanIN

      No, Mr. Conyers, words mean what Merriam-Webster says they mean.

    • David Ashton

      Humpty Dumpty becomes Big Brother.

  • They are still illegal immigrants. They entered this country without inspection or overstayed their visas.

    • The__Bobster

      They’re not immigrants at all. They are invaders or aliens.

      • Daisy

        And quickly becoming conquerors.

  • wattylersrevolt

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act built a Highway to Hell itself for millions of Native Born White Americans. Eventually the drug pushers on ESPN will have to stop injecting opiate into brains of millions of Native Born White American Males…ecological and societal collapse will make it a certainty that this will happen…and when it happens…millions of Native Born White American Males are going to have to behold the “marvelous” monstrosity that they gave birth to by their lack of racial civic vigilence…the tight spandex really wasn’t worth it after was it?

    • Tim

      I hate what you said because it describes me so well. Maybe not the NFL bit, but but I plead guilty to the lack of racial vigilence…And political etc. etc.

      • Tim, since all the “people of color” demand loyalty to the their own ethnic group, I solemnly pledge from now on to vote for only white, heterosexual, American Christian males.

  • The__Bobster

    This charlatan hates YT so much he’s willing to sell out his own people to get even with him.

    • dukem1

      Really..Even though he comes from a tribe not known for their far-sightedness, you’d think someone would mention to him that these illegals HATE people like him, and, you can tell just by looking, they do not have any kind of “white guilt.”

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Well, if you are in a country not yours ILLEGALLY, what are you?


    • wattylersrevolt

      You are allowing the race-replacement enthusiasts to define the terms of the debate, and you lose the debate as a consequence. Since Conyers does not make a distinction between illegal and legal immigant nonwhite, we shouldn’t either. They shouldn’t be allowed in..legally or illegaly..because they are nonwhite.
      It is shocking that so many people here at this late stage in the game play the foolish policy wonk legal-illegal distinction game. I roll my eyes back when I hear and read comments along the lines:”what is it that you don’t get…illegal means not legal” as if it were some great debating point. They know the conceptual distinction..they just don’t care..all Conyers cares about is race-replacing Native Born White Americans as rapidly a possible. Some people who post on AR really do have very low IQ scores..and you don’t have to adminster an IQ test to see this.

      • Liberalsuck

        I would tell him, ‘I will refer to them as I wish to. I have freedom of speech. My money is being used against my will to support these people, therefore, I have any right to say what I want to and I will speak my mind. You will not tell me what I can and can’t say. Your job is being supported by my taxes, therefore, I’m your boss.”

        • wattylersrevolt

          Don’t get caught up in the legal-illegal distinction. It is not the fundamental point and it is ultimately a losing strategy. As the treasonous race-replacement enthusiast Jessie Ventura used to say to restrictionist when he was Governor of MN:”what if they all had blond hair and blue eyes..would you still deport them”. Playing the nonracial illegal-legal immigrant allows the piece of garbage Jessie Ventura..who appears regulary on the insane conspiracy 9/11 truther Alex Jones’ radio show….to define the terms of debate, and as a consequence…he wins. And yes, Jessie, I would most defintely let the Swedish and Norwegian Female Bikini National Teams stay in America even if they are here illegally. If that means I am racist..well I am a hard core racist…and mighty proud of it!!!!

    • wattylersrevolt

      And if they come legally and legally vote for our race-replacement..its ok?..well if it isn’t knock it off with the illegal-legal distinction.

  • The__Bobster

    Communists believe if you can control the language, you can win the war. I refuse to call the invaders “new Americans”.

    • Liberalsuck

      You can control language all you want, but you can’t or kill an idea.

  • SintiriNikos

    I think undocumented workers and that stuff is racist. The new term should be ‘extended tourists’ or ‘long-term visitors’.

  • MekongDelta69

    John Conyers is a mentally deranged anti-white racist.

    What he said is the same as calling a drug dealer, an “unlicensed pharmacist.”

  • I, of course, use the term illegal alien, and in front of hispanics.
    Still, this John Conyers has a bigger backbone than 99% of the Republican Party.
    The barriors have all come down, nothing is stopping his kind now. In time, sites like Amren will be banned from the internet.

    • IstvanIN

      Heck, Hispanic citizens call them illegals. Most white liberals who use all these feel good terms.

  • bubo

    Entrenched black politicians and “leaders” have really gone all in with the Democrat push for Hispanic amnesty. They have to know that long term, blacks will be pushed even further down the economic ladder. People like Conyers, Jackson, Clyburn and others couldn’t care less. It will benefit them in the short term, which is reason enough.

    • Except they don’t see it as being pushed down the economic ladder. Hispanics take their jobs? Big deal. They never wanted to work anyway. Barack Claus is there with welfare checks.

    • mike

      Although I am vehemently opposed to amnesty and believe they should all be thrown out you have pointed out the only good thing about these invaders. As you note they will push blacks further down the economic scale. The less important they become economically the less clout they will have. We might even get back to the point that every commercial or TV program doesn’t have a black, especially one who is a genius.

  • liberalsuck

    Has he not heard of the 1st Amendment? Why is it liberals and nonwhites insist on what we can’t call them, but they are free to say whatever they want about us and then take our money? Eff them and the horse they rode in on!

  • Luca

    Obama likes to think of them as “Unregistered Democrats.” Almost all these black Democrats are buffoons and criminals not even fit for a minstrel show.

  • I fixed the Wiki entry for Conyers:

    Conyers’ wife, Monica, a former President pro tempore of the Detroit City Council, pleaded guilty to conspiring to accept out of status funds in June 2009. This is punishable by up to five years in prison; in March 2010 she was sentenced to 37 months imprisonment, followed by two years supervised probation.

    On June 16, 2009, the United States Attorney’s Office said that two Synagro Technologies representatives had named Monica Conyers as the recipient of out of status funds from the company totaling more than $60,000, paid to influence passage of a contract with the City of Detroit.

  • mike

    Just consider the source for Conyers-Detroit. Enough said.

  • pcmustgo

    All of these F-ING immigrants are “New Americans”… and all of the non-white ones hate us- and are taught to hate us.

    You drown in immigrants here in NYC.., you drown in them

  • Wonder of CONyers realizes that these “new Americans” will directly compete with the members of “The Community” for low end jobs, thus further exacerbating black unemployment? He cares more about votes than the well being of the former magical flying pyramid builders.

  • SmithandSmith

    Let them babble about the choice and definitions of words. As long as us Americans don’t play along with it, they won’t get nowhere.

    I call them Illegal Aliens ’cause that’s what they are. They are illegal and they practice foreign cultures and hold foreign allegiances and that makes them aliens so they are Illegal Aliens. Same goes for the legal Third World Aliens. They’re from Third Worlds and they practice foreign cultures and hold foreign allegiances too. They’re all just a bunch of Third World Aliens.

  • Greg Thomas

    I hope this traitor one day is called to pay for his crimes against this country. They are not “immigrants” of any sort. They are illegal invaders and should be called and dealt with as such.

  • LHathaway

    ‘new citizens’ it is. . . This should have been posted right after the beating story. . . wait, it was. They may talk friendly, but the beating is what they are really about.

  • odious liberal

    Better to inform the bantu in conyers district that their hero is giving away their jobs, welfare checks and obamaphones to illegal aliens.

  • Werdrix

    I wonder when these leftist will start to talk about undocumented gunowners. 68leftist=HYPOCRISYQUEENS

    • liberalsuck

      How doe these leftists think they can somehow disarm or disenfranchise 300 million firearms, yet they somehow can’t find 30 million illegal aliens?

  • NM156

    Conyers and all Blacks in Congress, knowing well that open borders kills jobs and lowers wages dramatically for Blacks, increases competition for affirmative action positions and govt. benefits, and greatly compromises Black political power at all levels of govt. just want to stick it to whitey. They may also be deluded in assuming that they can further pick the pockets of the white middle class if the rich have managed to spare themselves more responsibility.

  • bigone4u

    It is impossible for a black Democrat politician to say anything truthful or grounded in morality. Conyers, blow it out your …

    • Angry White Woman

      “Tourists” and/or “visitors” eventually go home. These invaders stay and breed here, they and their descendants want to stay here (supported by white, working taxpayers) forever and ever, amen.

  • Mister Conyers can blow it out his lazy black a**. I have news for him. The term illegal alien is not going away. People remember what a failure the 1986 program was. They know this one is also designed to fail.

    Opposition to amnesty cuts across party lines. If the democrats want to see how shallow their support is among Americans here legally, keep pushing.

  • Mulder

    Conyers is walking talking excrement; Mr Hanky goes to Washington.

    I use, and suggest others do as well- “criminal aliens”. They are not immigrants but they are criminals.

  • Xanthippe2

    I confess to being a lover or irony and sarcasm, so I think this is great! In some European countries in which free speech is prohibited and one can get 2 years in prision for saying something like “these Elbonians are turning our city into an Elbonian dump,” one is almost free to say something like, “did you hear how 5 Cultrual Enhancers punched a 82 year-old-women in the face and then robbed her apartment?”

    New Citizens. A lot of potential there.

  • Frank

    I don’t think this guy is very smart, but he does not need to be. He is from a safe district as far as him being re-elected. But, to call illegals “new citizens” if beyond belief.

  • vinn

    From a comment left a month ago about we are the boss.Yes we are but you will never know it. Not just the south american people are all over our nation illegal.But from all over the world the Russians, India,china We let them march in our streets and we sit at home watch them on tv and say nothing and do nothing.That should of never happen.Now they can do just about anything.They have their groups out there protecting them in courts.Give me a break.They broke our law and they get rewarded (food-shelter-jobs-health care and some take from your SS isn’t that nice) as americans we think the washington machine is going to fix it.Reagon try and he made the wrong choice.wake up America.You try breaking the laW AND SEE HOW FAR YOU WILL GET.We have laws and they are not working.The people of the senate are all bums you should know that.They do nothing to protect the welfare of the people of this United states.